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					Profile of SAAG RR Infra Ltd. April 2010      Private & Confidential 




                     SAAG RR Infra Limited
                              Regd. Off: No. 51, R. K. Mutt Road,
                                Mylapore, Chennai – 600 004.
                                     Ph: 044 - 4295 7777

Profile of SAAG RR Infra Ltd. April 2010      Private & Confidential 

1.0 Executive Summary

1.1 Name of Company                                 SAAG RR Infra Ltd.

1.2 Registered Office                               No. 51, R. K. Mutt Road,
                                                    Mylapore, Chennai – 600 004.

1.3 The Business:
SAAG RR Infra Ltd. was incorporated on 27th January 1995. Subsequent to the joint
venture with SAAG Consolidated (M) BHD Ltd., Malaysia, in May 2004, it was
named as SAAG RR Infra Ltd. The main objective is to add value and excellence to
development and maintenance of infrastructure across India and to perform an important
role in enabling the industry to excel.

The sectors under assessment in which SAAG RR operates, are as follows:

                • Civil, Mechanical and Electrical works
                      Specialized Buildings (Industrial, commercial & residential)
                      IT Parks
                      Water and Sewer Projects
                      Oil & Gas Pipeline Construction
         Oil & Gas
                   Work over and Drilling Services
                   Project and Engineering Consulting
                   Manpower Consulting

1.4 Name of the Board of Directors:
   SNo.       Name of the Director                                      Designation
     1        Mr.V.Vasudevan                                            Chairman

     2        Mr. R. Sriram                                             Managing Director

     3        Mr. G.V. Satish Narayana                                  Executive Director

     4        Mr. CA. V.Sivakumar                                       Director

     5        Dato' Abu Bakar Bin Abdul Hamid                           Director

     6        Makhtar Bin Mohamed Director                              Director

Profile of SAAG RR Infra Ltd. April 2010      Private & Confidential 

1.5 Shareholding Pattern:

   The Shareholding Pattern of SAAG RR Infra Ltd. as on 31st March 2010 is as

                                                           Clearing Members
       Private Corporate              3.17%
       Bodies (including                                     Indian Promoters
            f oreign)                                              3.73%
                                                                                 SAAG (Mauritius) Ltd

                                                                                    Persons Acting In

            NRI and f oreign                                     Indian Public
               nationals                                            30.66%

   1.6 Bankers:

         State Bank of India, Overseas Branch (MID Corporate Group)

Profile of SAAG RR Infra Ltd. April 2010      Private & Confidential 

2.0 Business Overview:

SAAG RR Infra Limited (“SAAG RR” or the “Company”) is a company engaged in
execution of infrastructure projects in the areas of Civil, Mechanical and Electrical
works involved in Construction of specialized buildings (Industrial, commercial and
residential), IT Parks, Water & Sewer, Oil & Gas pipeline construction and has
positioned itself to take advantage of the growing demand in the Oil & Gas sector.

The company specializes in executing Civil, Mechanical and Electrical contracts both
for the Private and the Public sector. The USP of the company has been its ability to co
create with the customer to best suit the needs of the customer. This has been possible
due to the strong technical support the company draws from its Management.

SAAG RR Infra Limited is professionally managed and is headed by R.Sriram. Sriram is
a B.Tech, Civil Engineering from IIT Madras and M.S in Construction Management
from Oklahoma State University, USA. Sriram is supported by the Executive Director,
Mr.Satish Narayana, a Metallurgical Engineer from IIT Madras and an M.Tech from IIT
Madras. They are ably supported by an excellent team of engineers who have been
trained to execute projects with a proactive approach.

SAAG RR is a subsidiary of SAAG, a key player in the oil and gas sector in Malaysia
for over 25 years. A company principally operating as a holding company and providing
management services, SAAG through its group companies and strategic partnerships is
engaged in upstream and downstream activities in the oil and gas industry. SAAG,
incorporated in Malaysia under the Companies Act, 1965 is listed on the Kuala Lumpur
Stock Exchange (Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad).

SAAG is an innovative player in the supply, manufacture and servicing of machinery
and equipment in the oil & gas industry in Malaysia. It represents more than 20
established manufacturers of oil and gas equipment and machinery. SAAG has already
expanded operations to Singapore (1989), Brunei (1992), India, Australia, Thailand and
Korea (2004).


SAAG CONSOLIDATED (M) BHD (“SAAG”) is a key player in the oil and gas sector
in Malaysia and the region, since its inception in 1982. As a company principally
providing investment holding and management services, SAAG through its group of
companies and strategic partnerships, is involved in upstream and downstream activities
in the oil and gas industry.

SAAG Group has also expanded its horizon from traditional trading and turbo
machinery servicing activities to niche sectors involving onshore gas pipe-laying,
provision of work over services as owner/operator of Telaga Usaha work over rig,
manpower consultancy, Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) and finally the

Profile of SAAG RR Infra Ltd. April 2010      Private & Confidential 

exclusive use of Spiral Lay, a state-of-the-art revolutionary technology in offshore pipe

Strategic alliances in potential growth areas have provided SAAG with the competitive
edge to offer technical expertise, equipment and manpower to undertake sophisticated
projects in the industry

2.2 Core Competencies of SAAG :
          Specialized in pipe-laying and horizontal directional drilling services (HDD).
          The only owner/operator of a workover rig in the region after acquiring “Telaga
          Usaha” workover rig.
          Providing workover and well maintenance services, consultancy, project
          management, drilling, manpower and technical training services.
          After sales service using latest equipment and trained staff.
          Provision of control systems in the area of SCADA (Supervisory Control and
          Data Acquisition).
          Engaged in the construction of infrastructure projects ranging from Civil,
          Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation.
          The exclusive use of Spiral Lay, an offshore pipe-laying technology saving time,
          cost and risk.

2.3 The Board of Directors of SAAG comprises:
  S.No.      Name of the Director                                       Designation
     1.      Dato' Abu Bakar Bin Abdul Hamid                            Chairman / Independent
                                                                        Non-Executive Director
     2.      Loganathan K. Ramanujam                                    Managing Director

     3.      Anand Subramanian                                          Executive Director /
                                                                        Chief Executive Officer
     4.      Ir Hon Hin See                                             Independent Non-
                                                                        Executive Director
     5.      Tengku Daud Shaifuddin Bin Tengku Zainudin                 Independent Non-
                                                                        Executive Director

2.4 Subsidiaries of SAAG:
          SAAG Consolidated (M) Bhd has expanded its operations & presence in a
          number of countries through the following Subsidiaries apart from SAAG RR
          Infra Limited in India:

Profile of SAAG RR Infra Ltd. April 2010      Private & Confidential 

2.4.1 SAAG Oil and Gas Sdn Bhd (SOG)
         Established in 1996, SAAG Oil and Gas Sdn Bhd, a 51% subsidiary of SAAG is
         licensed by Petronas to provide value-added services, information technology
         solutions and equipment to the oil, gas and related industries in Malaysia . Its
         range of products includes seals, pumps and rotating equipment; electrical and
         metering systems, and condition monitoring, mechanical and plant turnaround

         Through the introduction of an innovative matrix structure, SOG has applied
         effective and proven operational and marketing techniques to identify the right
         equipment and service solutions required to meet the specific needs of its
         customers. SOG's technical service managers are trained and equipped with the
         highest level of product & technical knowledge to identify the right solutions
         while its customer relationship managers will strive to build a complete
         understanding of customer needs and issues.

         The Oil & Gas (O&G) division currently operates from seven offices i.e. Dataran
         Prima (P.J.), Brunei, Singapore, Miri, Bintulu, Kemaman Supply Base
         (Terengganu) and Jakar(Terengganu).Its service centers at the Kemaman Supply
         Base and Jakar provide routine, emergency and stand-by maintenance, repair and
         overhaul of rotating equipment, flow-meters, injection pumps and electrical

2.4.2 SAAG Infrastructure (M) Sdn. Bhd. (SAAG-Infrastructure)
       (Formerly known as SAAG-Embah Engineering Sdn Bhd)

         An 80 % subsidiary of SOG, SAAG-Infrastructure was incorporated in 1995 to
         undertake construction activities related to the O&G industry such as fabrication,
         installation, testing and commissioning of O&G production, processing,
         transmission, distribution and utilization facilities and related infrastructure.

         Today, SAAG-Infrastructure specializes in engineering, procurement,
         construction, commissioning and maintenance of O&G pipeline and process
         piping works. Apart from owning a Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)
         machine, its survey, and GPR Mapping facilities, cleaning and testing equipment
         and fabrication facilities, are all available in-house. SAAG-Infrastructure’s work
         quality and safety conforms to all local and international standards applicable in
         the BS EN ISO9001:2000 accreditation as “Main Contractor for Oil and Gas
         Infrastructure Works.”

Profile of SAAG RR Infra Ltd. April 2010      Private & Confidential 

2.4.3 SAAG-Drilling and Well Services Sdn Bhd (SDWS)

         (Formerly known as SAAG-Ecodrill (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

         A subsidiary of SOG, SDWS provides consultancy services to the O&G industry
         apart from being the only Malaysian firm to own/operate a work over rig. Since
         its inception in 1988, SDWS has built an enviable record by specializing in work
         over and well services, consultancy and project management services, and
         technical training services.

         SDWS has designed and built a conventional work over rig, which meets the
         demanding specifications of the world's largest oil companies enabling the
         provision of full work over and well services. It is poised to acquire more related
         units including coil tubing and other well service units to widen its service range
         in this niche area. The future will see SDWS evolving as a major regional work
         over and well services company.

Profile of SAAG RR Infra Ltd. April 2010      Private & Confidential 

3.0 Growth Vision, Quality policy, Safety policy

3.1 Vision & Mission Statement:


         SAAG RR will be the most preferred, in execution, design and consultation
         services for infrastructure projects.


         SAAG RR co-creates infrastructure projects by providing value added execution,
         design and consultation services to benefit the customers

3.2 Quality and Safety Policy

Quality Policy

         SAAG RR is committed to provide effective solutions in the field of construction
         and infrastructure by continually improving the quality of its product.

         We achieve this by involving the client and all the employees through co-
         creation and adopting latest technology for timely completion of projects and
         adopt process improvement measures to enhance customer satisfaction.

Safety Policy
         We are committed to safety by providing a safe working environment and
         inculcating safety practices upon employees.

         We are committed to prevent unsafe conditions and unsafe acts so that it forms
         the basis of safe and hygienic running of business in the work place.

         We are committed to the above by building systems and procedures to drive
         business operations and work towards constant up gradation of our knowledge
         base to improve our safety standards.

Profile of SAAG RR Infra Ltd. April 2010      Private & Confidential 

4.0 Membership, Registration & Accreditation:

4.1 Membership:
Builders Association of India.

4.2 Registration:
    I. Government of Tamil Nadu, Public Works Department as Class I Contractor;
    II. Highway Department of Government of Tamil Nadu as Class I Contractor;
    III. Indian Oil Corporation.

4.3 Qualified by:
           1.    Southern Railway, Chennai
           2.    Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited
           3.    Gas Authority of India Limited
           4.    Department of Space, Bangalore
           5.    Army, Mumbai
           6.    Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd, Kudankulam
           7.    Metro Water Chennai
           8.    HSCC, Noida
           9.    HAL-Concor, Bangalore
           10.   National Thermal Power Corporation
           11.   Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Trichy, New Delhi & Bilaspur
           12.   Integral Coach Factory, Chennai
           13.   I T Express Way Limited, Chennai
           14.   Bharat Earth Movers Limited, Mysore
           15.   Tamil Nadu Water Investment co. Ltd, Chennai
           16.   Tata- Dhan , Dhan Foundation Madurai
           17.   Atomic Energy

5.0 Location of Offices:
5.1 Registered Office:

SAAG RR Infra Limited,
No.51, R.K.Mutt Road,
Chennai – 600 004

5.2 Proposed Office:

The company plans to open an office in Mumbai to handle the Oil & Gas related
projects, more specifically projects with ONGC.

Profile of SAAG RR Infra Ltd. April 2010      Private & Confidential 

6.0 List of Major projects completed

 S.No    Name of Client                  Location                 Project Description             Year/Project     Project   Photos
                                                                                                  Duration         Cost in

 1       M/s. Madan Architect,           Velachery –              Construction of                 January 1995‐       30 
         Chennai                         Chennai                  residential complex. This       October 1996 
                                                                  is a framed R.C.C. 
                                                                  structure of 30000 square 
                                                                  feet accommodating 36 

 2       M/s. Rajappa Shobana            Velachery –              This commercial cum             May  2002 –         50 
         Architects, Chennai             Chennai                  residential complex             March 2003 
                                                                  consists of 16 retail outlet 
                                                                  show rooms and 12 
                                                                  business chambers with 
                                                                  all amenities and ample 
                                                                  car parking facilities. of 
                                                                  37,000 sq.ft. in area  

Profile of SAAG RR Infra Ltd. April 2010      Private & Confidential 

 3       M/s. Madan Architect,           Mylapore Chennai         This project comprises of     April 2002 –    80
         Chennai                                                  show rooms and business       Feburary 2004
                                                                  chambers, enabled with
                                                                  easy scope for furnishing
                                                                  in high-tech appearance.
                                                                  This building is of RCC
                                                                  framed structure with
                                                                  Ground + 3 Floors. The
                                                                  building also houses
                                                                  certain living

 4       Southern Railway,,              Ayanavaram,              This Project consists of 9    Completed in    35
         Chennai                         Chennai                  blocks each comprises of      June 2005
                                                                  20 dwelling units. This is
                                                                  of load bearing
                                                                  construction and a sprawl
                                                                  of 60,000 sft floor area.

 5       Southern Railway,,              Teynampet,               This Deluxe type officer’s    Completed in    30
         Chennai                         Chennai                  quarters of 2 blocks each 7   March 2002
                                                                  storeyed type of 12
                                                                  dwelling units of RCC
                                                                  Framed structures on Pile
                                                                  foundation. Built up area
                                                                  of 40,000 sft..

Profile of SAAG RR Infra Ltd. April 2010      Private & Confidential 

 6       M/s. Madan Architect,           Valsaravakkam,           This is of RCC framed          2003 - 2004   20
         Chennai                         Chennai                  structure, built with in-
                                                                  house design. This is a
                                                                  four storied apartment
                                                                  construction in a total area
                                                                  of 20,000 sq.ft.

 7       M/s. Degreemont,                Chembarambakka           Construction of various        2005 - 2006   42.6
         Chennai.                        m, Chennai.              type Staff quarters for
                                                                  CMWSSB Department

 8       Nuclear Power                   Kudankulam,              Construction of 44 Nos (4      2007 - 2008   51.5
         Corporation of India            Nagarcoil, Tamil         Blocks) of B Type and 15
         Ltd.., Kudankulam               Nadu.                    Nos of E Type Residential
                                                                  quarters at Anuvijay

Profile of SAAG RR Infra Ltd. April 2010      Private & Confidential 

 9       M/s. Madan Architect,           T. Nagar, Chennai.       Project of Luxury             2003 - 2004    16.5
         Chennai                                                  Apartments for NRI’s.
                                                                  This is of RCC framed
                                                                  structure of 4 storeyed
                                                                  with the sprawl of 8200

 10      M/s. Madan Architect,           Madippakam,              This project is of RCC        2003 - 2004     35
         Chennai                         Chennai                  framed structure with
                                                                  34,000 sq.ft floor area
                                                                  with rich furnishing

 Total value of Residential / Commercial Projects                                                              390.60


  1      CPCL, Chennai                    Manali , Chennai        Construction of RCC RAW          Completed    70
                                                                  Water Reservoir, Fire water      in 2003
         M/s. Shriram                                             Reservoir with pump house
         Engineering Construction                                 and overhead tank with
         Co. Ltd., Chennai                                        capacity of 35 MLD.

Profile of SAAG RR Infra Ltd. April 2010      Private & Confidential 

  2      TWSSB, Tamil Nadu                Gudiyatham town         Construction of ground level      Completed     20
                                          in Vellor Dt.,          reservoirs, rising mains,         in 2003
         M/s Almech Engineers,            Tamil Nadu,             construction of over head tank
         Chennai                                                  and laying of pipes lines about
                                                                  11,000 Metres length.

  3      Southern Railway,                Madurai                 The work consists of minor        2002 - 2003    8
         Madurai                                                  bridges at various locations in
                                                                  the Madurai region.

  4      CPCL, Chennai                    Manali, Chennai         The project consist of Effluent   2002 -2003    40.2
                                                                  storage Tank Pad, Treatment
         Ms/ Paramount                                            tanks & allied works such as
         Engineering, Vadodara,                                   approach road for about 500
                                                                  Metres, drains, ancillary
                                                                  buildings, bio tower for gas
                                                                  emission, etc.

  5      Air port Authority of            Ariport, Trichy         This project is of RCC            2003 -2004    1.7
         India, Trichy                                            structure with Steel truss
                                                                  roofing with other internal
                                                                  finishes like flooring, false
                                                                  ceiling, etc

Profile of SAAG RR Infra Ltd. April 2010      Private & Confidential 

  6      M/s. Degreemont,                 T.K. Halli Near         100 MLD Water Treatment         2006 -2007   31.8
         Chennai.                         Bangalore.              Plant at the premises of
                                          Karnataka.              existing 270 MLD Water
                                                                  Treatment Plant

  7      Cairn Energy India Pty           Oil Drilling site at    Construction of well site,      2008 -2009   73.7
         Ltd, Gurgaon                     Bihar                   Camp site, Approach Road &
                                                                  Strengthening of existing
                                                                  Roads and other structures

  8      CMWSSB, Chennai                  Vadakuthu near          Design, Construction and        2005 -2006   49
                                          Neyvel                  commissioning of 22.5 Million
                                                                  Ltrs under ground water
                                                                  reservoir including all
                                                                  Mechanical works.

  9      BEML Ltd., Bangalore             Mysore                  Widening and strengthening of   2006 -2007    5
                                                                  roads from Major Assembly
                                                                  Hanger to testing area entry
                                                                  gate including culverts etc

Profile of SAAG RR Infra Ltd. April 2010      Private & Confidential 

  10     District Rural                   Kanchipuram             Construction of WBM Roads      2001 -2002    12.49
         Development Agency,                                      with Asphalt treatment
         Kanchipuram                                              including culverts

  11     BEML Ltd., Bangalore             Bangalore               Construction of Emulsion       2007 - 2008    7.2
                                                                  Track for BEML Bangalore

  Total value of Infrastructure Projects                                                                       319.09

  6.3 Institutional Buildings

  1      Sri Chandrasekharendra           Kanchipuram,            Academic complex            1997 - 98         17
         Saraswathi Viswa Maha            Tamil Nadu              building, which is a
         Vidyalaya, Kanchi Mutt                                   multipurpose utility
                                                                  building, culverts,
                                                                  drainages and internal

Profile of SAAG RR Infra Ltd. April 2010      Private & Confidential 

  2      Indian Institute of              Adyar, Chennai          Academic building such as    1998 - 99    35.16
         Technology, Chennai.                                     (1) Mechanical Science
                                                                  Block (2)IC & SR
                                                                  Building III floor, (3)
                                                                  Library Canopy Extension
                                                                  work, (4) Lecture Hall
                                                                  Complex II & III Floor

  3      Saveetha Engineering             Mavallur                The work consists of         2008 -2009    69.1
         College                          Kuppam, Near            Foundation, Ground and
                                          Chennai                 1st Floor work. Total area
                                                                  of 142680 sft

  Total value of Institutional Buildings                                                                    121.26

  6.4 I T PARK

  1      M/s.Bhawan Cybertek Pvt.           Thoriapakkam,               Construction of        2006 -2008    96.2
         Ltd                                Chennai                     1,76,221 sq. ft. IT

Profile of SAAG RR Infra Ltd. April 2010      Private & Confidential 


  1      M/s.Lotus Beauty Care              Haridwar U. P.              Construction of           2004 -2005    26
         Products (P) Ltd, Haridwar                                     Factory Building of
                                                                        Lotus Beauty care
                                                                        products at

  2      M/s.Hindustan Petroleum            Loni, U. P.                 Construction of           2005 - 2006   40
         Corporation Limited,                                           various Industrial
         Mumbai                                                         Sheds, LPG Pump
                                                                        House, Equipment
                                                                        foundations, Internal
                                                                        Asphalt roads,
                                                                        pavements etc..
                                                                                                                     Shed work during construction

  3      M/s. EDIFICE, Chennai              Maraimalai nagar,           Construction of           2004-2005     20
                                            Near Chennai                Factory Building and
                                                                        addition and alteration
                                                                        to existing Factory
                                                                        Building for Saralee
                                                                        House Hold & Body
                                                                        care India Private
                                                                        Limited, Chennai

Profile of SAAG RR Infra Ltd. April 2010      Private & Confidential 

  4      M/s. K. T. Lau, Architects         Mahindra Industrial         Construction of         2005 - 2006   60
                                            Park near Chennai           Office cum Factory
                                                                        Building including
                                                                        plumbing, Electrical,
                                                                        Fire fighting system
                                                                        etc at. B. Braun
                                                                        Medical India (P)

  5      BEML Ltd. - Bangalore              Mysore, Karnataka           Construction of         2007 -2008    21.8
                                                                        extension to major
                                                                        assembly hangar at
                                                                        equipment division.

  6      BEML Ltd - Bangalore               Bangalore,                  Construction of a new   2008 - 2009   62.5
                                            Karnataka                   Hangar adjacent to
                                                                        Rear Traverse at

  7      BEML Ltd - Bangalore               Bangalore,                  Construction of         2008 - 2009   34
                                            Karnataka                   Covered Shed S-1 at

Profile of SAAG RR Infra Ltd. April 2010      Private & Confidential 

  8      ISRO, Department of                Bangalore,                  Construction of         2007 - 2008    27.3
         Space, Government of                                           Canteen Block,
         India.                                                         Administration Block,
                                                                        reception cum
                                                                        Security Building at
                                                                        Maratha Halli,

  9      Bharat Heavy Electricals           Trichy, Tamil Nadu          Annual Maintenance      2007 - 2008     53
         Limited, Trichy                                                for One Year and
                                                                        Construction of their
                                                                        Factory, township,
                                                                        roads public
                                                                        buildings, railway
                                                                        sidings etc

  Total value of Industrial Structures                                                                         344.6     

  Grand total of Major Works completed                                                                        1271.75    

Profile of SAAG RR Infra Ltd. April 2010      Private & Confidential 

7.0 List of Major Projects under Execution: 

    1.        Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd, Mumbai.
    We received an order from Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited Mumbai to deploy two
    nos of modular rigs with 6” drain hole drilling capacity at Mumbai offshore for 3 years. The
    total value of the order is Rs.2880 millions. The work is in progress

    2.        National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health, Mumbai.
    The order for Construction of quarantine buildings including roads for up coming National
    Center for Primate breeding and Research at Mumbai is awarded to us and work is at final
    stage. The total order value is Rs.91 millions. The work consist of RCC framed structures,
    roads, fire fighting systems, water supply and sanitary arrangements, Effluent treatment
    plant, water treatment plant etc.

    3.        Hiranandani Realtors Pvt Ltd, Mumbai.
    The work of construction of mutli storied building (2 basement + ground + 28 floors) is
    entrusted to us by M/s. Hiranandani Realtors Pvt Ltd, Mumbai. The work is in progress and
    current status is as per the Photos given below. The order is for Rs.184.7 Millions. (Excl.
    Cost of Materials)

Profile of SAAG RR Infra Ltd. April 2010      Private & Confidential 

8.0 Ownership & Management

The entire management team of SAAG RR has vast experience in the construction industry. The
Board of Directors play a vital role in strategy and risk management. Responsibilities are
assigned according to expertise of key managers. The effort is focused on building a dynamic
organization to sustain growth. The organization structure is broad-based and ensures optimum
utilization of skills and resources. The operations and marketing teams complement each other
and the emphasis is on delivering comfort and quality to the client.

Brief profiles of the Board Members are elucidated as below:

Mr. V. Vasudevan, Chairman:

Mr. Vasudevan is a qualified B.L. and ACS. Mr. Vasudevan has more than 20 years of
experience and he has been associated with SAAG RR right from its inception and has assisted it
in setting up the business and also helped in the Company's public issue. He has been advising
the Company in its general administration and human resources development, including
recruitment and training. He also advises on scrutiny of titles of the properties the Company
proposes/proposed to take up for its projects, drafting the agreements with the parties, drafting
sale deeds and other documents.

Mr. R. Sriram, Managing Director:

Mr. Sriram is the Managing Director of SAAG RR and he is involved in day-to- day affairs of
the Company. He is a qualified, B.Tech. (Civil) from IIT, Madras and M.S. in Construction
Management and Soil Mechanics from Oklahoma State University, USA, engineer. He has more
than 15 years of experience in management and execution of large size construction projects. He
has also dealt with various technical experts across the globe and developed strategies for the
growth of the Company.

Mr. G.V. Satish Narayana, Executive Director

Mr. G.V.Satish Narayana is a B.Tech. and M.Tech. - Metallurgical Engineering from IIT (1985-
89). He is a Lead Auditor for ISO 9000 Quality System and has over 10 years of experience in
design, documentation and implementation of Quality Systems in Automobile, Construction and
Software industries. He heads Lucid Software Limited, a company focusing on Engineering and
Systems Integration Software in the European market. His experience in systems spans from
developing simple database applications to large-scale multi-user multi- environment systems.
He gives direction to SAAG RR in IT related areas.

Mr. CA.V.Sivakumar, Director:

Mr.CA.V.Sivakumar is an Independent director on the Board of the Company. He is a Fellow
Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and is a Partner of Suri & Siva,
Chartered Accountants for the past 25 years. He has got wide experience on Statutory audit and
Internal audit. He is the Chairman of the Audit Committee and advises the Company on financial

Dato’ Abu Bakar Bin Abdul Hamid, Director

Profile of SAAG RR Infra Ltd. April 2010      Private & Confidential 

Dato’ Abu Bakar Bin Abdul Hamid is Malaysian national. He has a Degree in Bachelor of
Economics (Hons) from the University of Malaya, Malaysia and Diploma in International Trade
from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade in New Delhi, India. He is currently the Chairman (Non-
Executive) of the Board of SAAG Consolidated (M) Berhad. He is also the Chairman of the
Audit Committee, Remuneration Committee, Option Committee and Nomination Committee of
SAAG Consolidated (M) Berhad.

Makhtar Bin Mohamed, Director

Mr. Makhtar Bin Mohamed is a Malaysian national. He is Chartered Accountant registered with
the Malaysian Institute of Accountants. He is currently an Independent Non-Executive Director
on the Board of SAAG Consolidated (M) Bhd. He is also a Member of the Audit Committee, of
SAAG Consolidated (M) Bhd.

The detailed Organization Chart of the Company is enclosed.

8.2 Human Resources:
SAAG RR’s core competence is its human resources, which comprise experienced professionals
in engineering, project evaluation and financial management. They function under the able
guidance and direction of the Board.

The Company gives precedence to teamwork and quality management. Moreover, the strategy of
sustained relationships with clients, consultants and suppliers, cost control & cost reduction
methodologies and completion of projects on schedule has served SAAG RR well. SAAG’s
operating structure allows for participation in core sector projects and the association with global
leaders in the area ensures quality output and an international perspective on project execution.
Access to capital, technology and human resources enables SAAG RR to operate in a wide-
ranging area of construction activities - roads, oil & gas pipeline, water resource management,
urban development and other construction sectors and thus serving a larger clientele.

8.3 Brief profile of Key Managerial Personnel:
    •    M. M. Karunakaran, Senior Manager (Technical Services) - in charge of Tender,
         Estimation and Monitoring is a Veteran Engineer with more than 35 years experience in
         execution of large scale industrial projects with heavy foundation, commercial &
         Residential projects, Bridges and Roads, Construction of oil and gas storage terminals.
         He also has exposure in hardcore construction, structural design etc.

    •    S. Abishek, 25 years old is the Company Secretary of SAAG RR. He joined the
         Company in July 2009. Apart from being an Associate Member of the Institute of
         Company Secretaries of India, he is also a Graduate Cost and Works Accountant. He
         oversees the Secretarial Department of the company.

    •    S. Ramabadhran, AGM (Commercial) is a Cost Accountant and was serving BHEL for
         30 years and retired as Executive Director (Finance). He has also worked as the General
         Manager for a 100 Crores repute Manufacturer/Exporter of home textile. He currently
         oversees the Finance, Accounts and Budget Departments of the company.

Profile of SAAG RR Infra Ltd. April 2010      Private & Confidential 

    •    Inbarajan, Senior Manager (Legal) of the Company has got vide experience working at
         International law firm at Chennai. He is an university rank holder in MBA (HR) and has
         chosen as the Best student advocate in the state during his academics in law. He has got
         exposure in handling various litigations as to civil, criminal, consumer, labour Debt
         recovery and intellectual property and other corporate structuring.

Profile of SAAG RR Infra Ltd. April 2010      Private & Confidential 

9.0 List of Equipment:

 Description                                                            Nos

      1. SAAG Pacific (Off shore Modular Work Over Rig)                  1

      2. SAAG Bentec (Off shore Modular Work Over Rig)                   1

      3. CP-30 Schwing Stetter Batching Plant                            1

      4. SP 350 Concrete Pump                                            2

      5. Ashok Leyland – Transit Mixer                                   3

      6. JCB                                                             1

      7. Tower Crane (50m X 50m)                                         2

      8. Bob Cat                                                         1

      9. Vibratory Roller                                                1

      10. Weigh Batcher – Scale Type                                     20

      11. Earth Rammer                                                   6

      12. Hoist- Electrical                                              5

      13. Acro Span-Set                                                 1864

      14. Jack- Set                                                     4926

      15. Jack- Additional Inners                                       668

      16. APS units                                                     2936

      17. H-Frame                                                       1250

      18. Ledger Pipe 6m                                                1537

      19. Coupler                                                       9387

      20. Stirrup Head                                                  2126

      21. Shuttering Sheet 3’ X 2’                                      4362

      22. Shuttering Sheet 4’ X 2’                                      5372

      23. Adj. Sheet 1150 X 350                                         1182

Profile of SAAG RR Infra Ltd. April 2010      Private & Confidential 

      24. Adj. Sheet 900 X 350                                          684

      25. MS. Column Boxes various sizes                                405

      26. Mixer Machine                                                 13

      27. Sand Sieving Machine                                           5

      28. Office- Container                                              9

      29. Materials- Container                                           2

      30. DG Set 25 KV                                                   1

      31. DG Set 45 KV                                                   3

      32. DG Set 125 KV                                                  1

      33. Bar Cutting Machine                                            4

      34. Bar Bending Marching                                           4

      35. Stirrup Bending Machine                                        2

      36. Bar Cutting Machine                                            4

      37. Maruti Omni                                                    3

      38. Tata Crew Cab                                                  1

Profile of SAAG RR Infra Ltd. April 2010      Private & Confidential 

10.0 WHY SAAG RR ?

There are many companies in this field competing against each other. But very few, a handful of
them are managed by experts with a sound technical background in Civil Engineering. SAAG
RR is one such company with its Senior Management being qualified engineers from a reputed
world famous engineering institute, the IIT. This is one of the major value add that SAAG RR
provides to its customers apart from the others mentioned below:

•   Focused on delivering quality product with utmost safety at work

•   Quality Project Mangers and engineers with good communication and engineering skills

•   Ability to co create with the client by understanding the Architect and consultants
    instructions, drawings.

•   Constant customer feedback to improve the efficiency and productivity, which enables us to
    perform beyond customer expectations

•   To err is human and we do not feel shy to accept our mistakes and rectify the same

•   Enthusiasm to learn everyday and improve our skills, be it from a project consultant or from
    a worker at site.

•   Open to suggestions and ideas

•   Active involvement of the Senior Management in project progress

•   Easy to communicate and reach.



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