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                         SAVING YOU TIME                      SAVING YOU MONEY                 REDUCING TAX WORRIES
                         Easy Trucking Software is            Tracking income, expenses        Easy report printing
                         easy and user friendly. Just         and fuel tax to be sure you      for year end.

                         point, click and enter your          are getting every deduction
                         information. It’s just that          possible at year end.

                                                                                                    Discover how to slice
                                                                                                    through trucking pa-
                                                                                                    perwork using proven
                                                                                                    easy to use trucking
                                                                                                    software, giving you
                                                                                                    more free time, saving
                                                                                                    you money, and reduc-
                                                                                                    ing your tax worries!

Bookkeeping software that slices through trucking paperwork like magic!
    If you’d like to get rid of trucking paperwork                            mind. Created by a trucking company owner, me, with
headaches, save time and money, and reduce your                 FREE                over 15 years experience in the trucking industry.
tax headaches, then this might be your most im-             TRIAL DOWN-              We back Easy Trucking Software up with outstanding
portant read.                                                   LOAD                 customer service and a 90-day iron-clad money back
    Easy Trucking Software is designed for the                                       guarantee.
                                                           LIVE CUSTOMER
owner operator and small fleet owner and will give
you the information you need to be successful and
save time and money in the trucking business. It is very
easy to use and was designed with the first time computer user in

3 REASONS TO BUY                                     REASON 1                          REASON 2                    REASON 3

                                                     This software was designed        Omni Communications,        Easy Trucking Software
                                                     by me Allen Limberg who suc-      makers of Easy Trucking     has been reviewed by
                                                     cessfully owned and operated      Software, has been in       several major trucking
                                                     a trucking company for over       business since 1993         magazines and we are a
                                                     15 years and grew up in the       and has thousands of        member of the Better
                                                     trucking business.                truckers worldwide us-      Business Bureau.
                                                                                       ing our software.

                                                                                           The Statistics Screen will show your
                                      Profit Per Mile                                  income total, expense total, net profit,
                                                                                      revenue per mile, loaded miles, empty
                                          The Trip Entry Screen will track each
                                                                                      miles, total miles and percent of deadhead.
                                      load hauled, the to / from destinations,
                                                                                      All this information appears on one easy to
                                      trailer number, driver, mileage, plus any
                                                                                      read screen and is broken down by; This
                                      notes you would care to make concerning
                                                                                      Month, This Quarter and This Year. The
                                      that load. The mileage you record here will
                                                                                      For Brokers Only section will show Total
                                      also appear in your Profit Per Mile program
                                                                                      Revenue for the listed load, minus any
                                      so there is no need for double entry to pull
                                                                                      advances and the net owed, the settlement
                                      the reports you need.
                                                                                      check amount and what balance is due the
                                          The Income Screen will track your
                                      cash advances, and income from each trip.
                                                                                           The Reports Screen is really awe-
                                                                                      some. Here is where you can really find
                                          The Expense Screen will log all your
                                                                                      out how your business is doing. Complete
                                      trip expenses, such as food, hotel, truck
                                                                                      the information you are requesting by Be-
                                      repairs, tires, tolls plus more. You can cus-
                                                                                      ginning / Ending date. From here you can
                                      tomize the expense list to include ex-
                                                                                      pull reports by Shipper ID, Receiver ID, Bill
                                      penses not listed, which is a real plus!
                                                                                      To, Truck Number, Trailer Number or Trip
                                                                                      Number. The Reports available are State-
                                          The Invoice Screen will display an
                                                                                      ment, Profit & Loss, General Ledger, Driver
                                      invoice for you to print and provide to
                                                                                      Instructions, Trip Recap and Truck Mainte-
                                      other companies for your services.
                                                                                      nance. Slice and dice the reports as you
                                                                                      need them.

Super Easy Reports
You can print a customized In-
voice, Profit & Loss Statement and
much more with just a few clicks of
the mouse. Knowing how your
business is doing is key to being a
successful businessperson.

                                                 the Profit Per Mile section. No need to
Fuel Manager                                     enter the information again. This not only

    It’s hard to keep track of all the details
                                                 saves you time but also eliminates any
                                                 potential errors that can occur when du-
                                                                                              FUEL REPORTS
and Easy Trucking Software works hard to
                                                 plicating information.
keep things simple and easy and to help
save you time and money.
                                                     Fuel Manager also includes the fol-
                                                 lowing reports: Total Report, IRP Report,
    Easy Trucking Software keeps a sepa-
                                                 Audit Report and Fuel Cost Report. With
rate tax table for each quarter for fuel
                                                 just a click of your mouse you are able to
taxes. You can even enter the tax table
                                                 pull needed reports quickly and easily.
rates yourself.

                                                     Pull reports for each truck separately
    Other companies charge as much as
                                                 or for your entire fleet. It’s as easy as
$400 a year for this service. Easy Trucking
                                                 selecting a quarter, the year, truck and
Software lets you do it yourself so you can
                                                 report. Everything at your fingertips.
put more of your hard earned money in
your back pocket where it belongs. A link
                                                     Quarterly taxes won’t be something
is provided on the Tax Tables page to take
                                                 you dread doing any longer when using
you to the tax rate website.
                                                 the Fuel Manager feature of Easy Trucking
    All the fuel information comes from
your Trip Entry screen you completed in

                                                                                              Fuel Manager Reports

                                                                                              Pull reports with just a click of your
                                                                                              mouse, easily and quickly. You
                                                                                              don’t have to dread quarterly taxes
                                                                                              any longer. Fuel Manager Quar-
                                                                                              terly Report feature puts the
                                                                                              needed information at your finger-
                                                                                              tips. If you can point and click
                                                                                              with a mouse, you can pull reports.

Easy Trucking Software keeps track of              All the calculations are
all the information about your business       done for you automatically to
such as shippers and receivers and            give you the cost per mile for
income and expenses and IFTA tax in-          the expenses category such
                                                                                     Easy to
                                              as fuel and tires. You can
                                              find this information with
    You have one place to find informa-
tion. No more looking through piles and
                                              just a few clicks of the
piles of paper looking for that one receipt
                                                                                                      On the List View Screen, each field
or load info.                                 Easy Trucking Software prints
                                                                                                 is clickable and will find all the similar
                                              your Profit & Loss Report.
                                                                                               trips. For example, if you click on truck
Easy Trucking Software keeps track of
                                                                                               number 1001 it will instantly find all the
Shippers and Receivers and what you                With just a few keystrokes you can get
hauled.                                                                                        loads that truck 1001 hauled. This also
                                              a Profit & Loss statement that breaks down
                                                                                               applies for date, shipper, receiver and load
                                              all income and expenses by dollar amount
                                                                                               status. Being able to list and view specific
    You can instantly look up past loads      and by mile. You can do this for any time
                                                                                               categories puts your whole business at
and know what they paid so you can make       period and any truck or all trucks. You will
                                                                                               your fingertips and you can find anything
better decisions on what you want to haul     know how your business is doing and what
                                                                                               with just a few clicks of the mouse. Saving
and how much it paid. It puts you in the      trucks are making money.
                                                                                               you time and aggravation is what Easy
driver’s seat and puts the information you
                                                                                               Trucking Software is all about.
need at your fingertips. If you add the        Easy Trucking Software has super easy
shippers and receivers to your address        invoicing.
book you can fill in the shipper and re-
                                                                                               Drivers Name
ceiver category automatically, which saves         With just 4 clicks of the mouse, you
you a lot of typing.                                                                               You can assign a driver’s name to
                                              can print an invoice allowing you to get
                                                                                               each trip. This allows you to pull up a
                                              your money faster.
                                                                                               Profit & Loss Report for any time period for
Easy Trucking Software keeps track of
all of your income and breaks it down                                                          that driver. You will easily know how much
                                              Load Status                                      that driver is making or costing you. This
by mile.
                                                                                               can mean the difference between success
                                                   You can assign load status to a load        and failure of your business.
    You can see what a load paid and
                                              like; called in, picked up, in transit, deliv-
what additional revenue you received for
                                              ered, invoiced, or paid. This allows you to
that load which will allow you to make                                                         Bill of Lading Number and Seal Number
                                              use Easy Trucking Software as a mini dis-
more profitable business decisions.
                                              patch and you can easily tell the status of
                                                                                                   When the carrier or broker needs to
                                              the load. This can save you a a lot of time
Easy Trucking Software keeps track of         and headaches.
                                                                                               know the bill of lading number or seal
all of your expenses and breaks it                                                             number 6 months from now, you can easily
down by mile.                                                                                  find it with a few key strokes, saving you
                                              List View                                        countless hours of searching.

Keep Notes for Each Load
                                                Keep Track of All of Your Expenses           Fuel Tax Tables
    You can enter up to 8 pages of notes
for each load that you haul allowing you to         You can keep track of all of your ex-        Easy Trucking Software keeps a sepa-
keep track of all the details that often slip   penses for each load by category allowing    rate tax table for each quarter for fuel
through the cracks. This gives you the          you to go back and see what you spent on     taxes. You can even enter the tax table
ability to make more profitable decisions        previous loads. This gives you the timely    rates yourself. Other companies charge as
which adds to your bottom line.                 information you need on what trips cost      much as $400 a year for this service. Easy
                                                you money. The Profit & Loss Report will      Trucking Software provides you the quick
Keep Track of All of Your Revenue               separate each category and give you not      link to do it yourself and put more of your
                                                only the dollar amount but also break eve-   hard earned money back in your pocket
    You can keep track of all of your reve-     rything down by the mile. This is the in-    where it belongs.
nue for each load by category allowing you      formation you need to be successful in the

to go back and see what you made on             trucking business.                           Unlimited Income and Expense Catego-
previous loads. Having timely information                                                    ries
on what trips made you money helps you          Super Flexible
make smart business decisions. The Profit                                                         With Easy Trucking Software you can
& Loss Report will separate each category           Easy Trucking Software was designed      keep track of all your income and ex-
and give you not only the dollar amount         for the owner operator and small fleet        penses and you can enter as many cate-
but also break everything down by the           owner to give you the information you        gories as you want. Each category entry
mile. This is the information you need to       need to be successful and save time and      will be broken down by dollar amount and
be successful in the trucking business.         money in the trucking business. It was       per mile amount on the Profit & Loss Re-
                                                designed by a trucking company owner         port.
                                                with over 15 years experience. Designed
                                                with the first time computer user in mind     Real Live Customer Service
                                                and very flexible.

                                                                                                 You can call us at 800.459.6664 any
                                                                                             weekday between 9 AM and 5 PM CST
                                                                                             and talk with a real live person.

  RISK FREE TRIAL!                                System Requirements                         Easy Trucking Software
                                                  • Windows 98/NT/ME/2000, XP or
                                                    Vista.                                           3120 S Business Dr Suite 296
  Try it before you buy it. Download
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