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 In this issue ...                                                                     Robotics Trends Returns to Osaka City
 • JETRO Around the Midwest: Indiana State Fair                                                                                                            Sciences, where I was to give a briefing
   Preview ... page 2                                                                                                  Guest View                          on major robotics markets. Meeting
 • Butler University Class takes a business-focused                                                                                                        attendees came from Germany, the
   Japan tour ... page 3                                                                                                                                   United States, Taiwan, Korea and, of
 • Abercrombie & Fitch sees retail success in Japan ....                                                                                                   course, Japan. The fact that a large
   page 3                                                                                                              Dan Kara,                           multi-national company headquartered in
 • High-Speed Rail Seminar attracts hundreds in                                                                        Founder and                         Germany would hold a robotics meeting
   Chicago ... page 5                                                                                                  President,                          in Osaka, attracting attendees from
                                                                                                                       Robotics Trends                     throughout the world, speaks to the high
                                                                                                                                                           regard in which the Osaka area is held as
                                 From the                                              During the week of June 6th, I had the                              an international robotics center.
                                 Chief                                                 privilege to travel to Osaka, Japan. As                             When the Bayer meeting was confirmed,
                                                                                       President of Robotics Trends, a company                             it was clear to me that I should meet with
                                 Executive                                             that is focused on business development,                            others from the Osaka robotics community.
                                 Director                                              investment and innovation in the robotics                           However, there was only a short time
                                                                                       industry, I was pleased to be visiting one of                       between when the Japan meeting was
                                 Tatsuhiro Shindo                                      the leading robotics clusters in the world.                         confirmed and when it would take place. I
                                 Chief Executive Director,                             The last time I visited the Osaka area was                          do know a number of Japanese roboticists
                                 JETRO Chicago                                         in 2005, and I was eager to see how the                             from the Osaka area, but the compressed
                                                                                       robotics initiatives underway in the area had
“Teamwork” matters most                                                                progressed in the intervening five years. I
                                                                                                                                                           schedule, time differences and language
                                                                                                                                                           barriers would have made it very difficult to
                                                                                       was duly impressed.
on earth and in space                                                                  My trip highlighted the prominent position
                                                                                                                                                           confirm meetings in Osaka before I would
                                                                                                                                                           leave for Japan.
One of the words I treasure is “Teamwork.” The first                                   Osaka has in the robotics world. Visits                             Robotics Trends had worked many times
message I gave to the members of JETRO Chicago                                         to local Osaka robotics groups were                                 in the past with the Japan External Trade
after I became the Chief Executive Director was “Value                                 coordinated to coincide with a meeting                              Organization. Typically, we work together
teamwork, work together, and bring about our total                                     at the Osaka offices of Bayer-Material
power.” Our motto is ‘Let’s move forward!’ ‘Work hard,’                                                                                                                   See “Robotics Trends” on page 4
and ‘Stay healthy’.” These are the principles that are
backed by my experiences from working hard for the last                                Top Speakers set for Midwest U.S. - Japan
30 years.
I had a chance to meet and talk with an astronaut, Dr.
                                                                                       Association Meeting, September 12-14 in Detroit
Koichi Wakata, in person when he visited Chicago. Dr.                                  Attendees of the 42nd Annual Joint Meeting of The Midwest U.S. - Japan Association and
Wakata is a well respected leading Japanese astronaut.                                 The Japan - Midwest U.S. Association, in Detroit, Michigan will enjoy an agenda filled
He boarded NASA’s space shuttle three times and all                                    with leaders from government and industry, at the conference being held at the Detroit
were successful missions. He was the first Japanese                                    Marriott at the Renaissance Center. Leaders from Japan, including JETRO Chairman
to qualify as a Mission Specialist (MS), an astronaut                                  and CEO Yasuo Hayashi will be on the program. Mr. Hayashi will moderate an executive
who operates the space shuttle. He boarded the                                         panel on “Growth and Sustainability,” featuring Mary Ann Wright of Johnson Controls
Endeavor and succeeded at a very difficult mission as                                  Power Solutions, Inc., Takeo Inokuchi of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, Takeshi
he beautifully operated the robotic arm, which requires                                Uchiyamada of Toyota Motor Corporation and Director at Toyota Technical Center, and
complex and delicate operational skills. Moreover, in                                  Kichisaburo Nomura of All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.
2009 he became the first Japanese to stay 4 months at                                  The welcome reception is on Sunday evening at the Henry Ford Museum, with the official
the International Space Station (ISS), building the first                              Opening Ceremony on Monday morning, featuring opening remarks from Hon. James
Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) known as “Kibo”                                       R. Thompson, U.S. Conference Chairman, Senior Chairman, Winston & Strawn & former
(translates to “hope” in English)”, Japan’s first human                                Governor of Illinois, along with Yuzaburo Mogi, Japan Conference Chairman, Chairman &
space facility.                                                                        CEO, Kikkoman Corporation, and Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, the Conference
                            See “Chief Executive Director,” page 2                                                                                                      See “Midwest U.S.-Japan” page 4
This material is distributed by JETRO Chicago on behalf of Japan External Trade Organization, Tokyo, Japan. Additional information is available at the Department of Justice, Washington, D.C.
                                                              In this issue ...                                   • Butler University Class takes a business-
                                                                                                                    focused Japan tour ... page 3
                                                              • Guest View: Robotics Trends in Osaka...
                                                                page 1                                            • High-Speed Rail Seminar attracts
                Midwest Newsletter                                                                                  hundreds in Chicago ... page 5
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Chief Executive Director ... from page 1
                                                                                                           JETRO Around the
I asked Dr. Wakata, “What is most important                                                                Midwest
in relation to the activities in space?” He
immediately answered “It is teamwork.” At the
space station, astronauts successively work
minute by minute using the finest technologies                                                             Seminars, Meetings and Events
from the participating countries, such as the U.S.,
Russia, and Japan. However, the greater amount
of specialized work an astronaut executes tends
to be completed as individual work. Therefore,
they make sure to secure time together, even if
for a short time, to gather around the captain,
have meals together, and communicate in order
to strengthen their teamwork. Dr. Wakata clearly
stated, “Activities in space will not succeed without
good teamwork.”
He also told me that the most effective way for
astronauts to deepen a trusting relationship was
to exchange and share space food between the
Japanese, American, and Russian crews, which
I thought was heart-warming. He said that                   Seminars for Japanese Business presented in
the relationship that we in Japan describe as
“company that shares rice from the same pot”                Chicago and Detroit
(means to “break bread together” in English), can           On Tuesday, July 20 in Chicago, and Wednesday, July 21 in Detroit, JETRO Chicago presented
                                                            seminars for Japanese businesses reviewing business opportunities in Brazil. Among the
also be established in space. According to his              presenters were Mr. Rei Oiwa from JETRO Sao Paulo (above left), and Mr. Tatsuhiro Shindo of
astronaut team members, the Japanese space                  JETRO Chicago (above right).
food was more delicious as compared to the
American and Russian space food. Therefore, the
astronauts from the other countries appreciated
                                                                                               Reception and luncheon preview Japan
that he shared the Japanese space food, and by                                                 exhibit at Indiana State Fair
doing so, it deepened their trusting relationships.                                            The Indiana State Fair is featuring the “Bridges to Japan” Exhibition
It was another precious opportunity for me to learn                                            during its run from August 6-22. A media luncheon and a preview
about the importance of teamwork.                                                              reception on August 4 provided an advance look for VIPs and the press.
                                                                                               At left, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels and JETRO Chicago’s
Needless to say, I think you have experienced the                                              Tatsuhiro Shindo preview the pavilion. at the August 4 reception.
importance of teamwork in real life through work,                                              Below left: At the preview reception, Governor Daniels with the
social activities and so on. Japan and the U.S.                                                I-Fairy robot from Kokoro Co., Ltd., and Theresa Kulczak, Executive
competed well in FIFA World Cup Soccer and it                                                  Director of the Japan America Society of Indiana.
was truly the victory of teamwork. I am glad to                                                Below right: At the media luncheon, Eiji Ogiyama of Kokoro Co., Ltd.,
see the victory of teamwork and total power, which                                             Tomonori Shibahara of JETRO Chicago, First Lady of Indiana Cheri
                                                                                               Daniels, Kevin Kalb of JETRO Chicago, and the I-Fairy robot.
I emphasize and repeat, happening in various
                                                                                               Look for more coverage and photos from the Bridges to Japan Exhibition
areas. Things one cannot accomplish by oneself                                                 in the next issue of the JETRO Chicago Midwest Newsletter.
can be accomplished if everyone comes together
and contributes as a team, bringing about total
power. Teamwork. What a great word.
                                      On his visit to
                                      Indiana for the
                                      State Fair, JETRO
                                      Chicago Chief
                                      Executive Director
                                      Tatsuhiro Shindo is
                                      welcomed by Mitch
                                      Roob, Secretary
                                      of Commerce,
                                      Indiana Economic
                                                               In this issue ...                                    • JETRO Around the Midwest: Indiana
                                                                                                                      State Fair Preview ... page 2
                                                               • Guest View: Robotics Trends in Osaka...
                                                                 page 1                                             • High-Speed Rail Seminar attracts
                 Midwest Newsletter                                                                                   hundreds in Chicago ... page 5
July/August, 2010, Page 3                                      • Midwest U.S.-Japan Meeting attracts
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Butler University (Indianapolis, IN) MBA students combine corporate
visits, campus lectures and cultural activities in Japan
By Noriko Yagi, Ph.D., Butler University                                              At the Ninen-zaka, on the way to
                                                                                        Kiyomizudera temple in Kyoto.
Roberto Curci, Ph.D., Butler University                                                     Students from Ritsumeikan
                                                                                      University guided the tour. Front
In today’s globalized business environment, leaders need to develop an              row: Mari Fukuda (Ritsumeikan),
international business perspective and a global mindset. In response to            and Prof. Noriko Yagi (Butler). Back
such a calling of the age, the MBA Program in the College of Business at          row: Natsumi Maeda (Ritsumeikan),
                                                                                        Nathan Bobay (Butler), Mindy
Butler University provides various opportunities for overseas study trips to           Schoeff (Butler), Yuta Okumura
students. This past May a group of five students took the opportunity to         (Ritsumeikan), Matt Girardi (Butler),
visit Japan. The one week trip included lectures at affiliated universities        Katrenia Reed-Hughes (Butler), and
                                                                                           Prof. Roberto Curci (Butler).
in Japan, corporate visits, and cultural activities, both in Tokyo and Kyoto.
The theme of this trip was “Japan in Transition.” Students were assigned        Also important was the students’ observation of Japan as a significant
to read articles that discussed the current state of Japanese economy,          market, especially in contrast to China. Nathan Bobay, a marketing and
business and culture before the trip. Many of the articles emphasized           international business major, wrote, “One gentleman at JETRO noted
current changes in Japan. What did the students find? Below are their           that Japan is still the second largest economy in the world despite
reflections after the trip.                                                     their twenty year recession. In the U.S. we have such a pre-conceived
One focus of interest was lifetime employment. Michael Lochtefeld, a            notion that Japan’s economy is in shambles, but to be there and witness
leadership major, wrote, “Although we discussed in our pre-trip meeting         it firsthand you quickly realize it is not. There is still plenty of money
that the concept of lifetime employment was declining or reserved for           moving around and being spent there.” A visit to Eli Lilly Japan also
larger companies, my interaction with some people we met indicated that affected the students’ view of Japan as an important market for the
the practice was still strongly supported and rooted in Japanese culture. U.S. For Lilly, Japan is the second largest market next to the U.S. Mindy
For example, when I was talking to Yuta, one of the students we met in          Schoeff, a marketing major, noted, “The growth of the pharmaceutical
Kyoto, he had a job lined up at Kyocera. In talking with him he expected        market in Japan was surprising to me. Mr. R. Byron Siegel, Senior
to work there his entire life.” Matt Girardi, a finance major, joined this      Director, Corporate Affairs, Eli Lilly Japan K.K., identified growth
line of observation by noting that “During our visit to OMRON’s research        opportunities in areas like treatment of cancer, diabetes and depression. I
and development facility in Kyoto, we learned that of the 250 employees hadn’t considered these diseases as exclusively Western, but I also hadn’t
working there, 95% of them were hired right out of college. Numbers like given much thought to how they would be treated in Japan either.”
that are unheard of in the United States.”                                      One issue which was aligned with the pre-trip reading was the necessity
                                                                                of change toward the better use of labor in Japan. Female workers are
                                            At the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Front  an example. One of the things that caught students’ attention was the
                                            row: Matt Girardi, Prof. Noriko     receptionists who greeted them at every corporate visit. They were all
                                            Yagi, and Mindy Schoeff. Back row
                                            Prof. Minoru Kasori (Seigakuin      women, young and beautiful. Katrenia Reed-Hughes, a leadership major,
                                            Univ.), Prof. Roberto Curci, Nathan wrote, “What was their career path? When they started to age, or God
                                            Bobay, Katrenia Reed-Hughes,        forbid, eat too much western food and became a size 8, what would their
                                            Michael Lochtefeld, and Prof.
                                            Kazuko Hara (Seigakuin Univ.).      next job be at Dentsu?”
                                                                                 In conclusion, we believe that the study trip to Japan achieved its goal.
                                                                                 Michael’s closing remarks in his report says it all. “In summary, I believe
                                                                                 that the study trip improved my cultural intelligence and gave me greater
                                                                                 insight into the global business community.”

JETRO assists Abercrombie & Fitch, as they open Tokyo Flagship store
Tokyo’s Ginza neighborhood has long been famous for its exclusive                and t-shirts as they entered the store. By the end of the day, more than
shopping. Upscale department stores like Mitsukoshi and Wako and                 5,000 shoppers visited the store, resulting in the company’s highest
luxury boutiques from Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior and Gucci line the             grossing opening ever.
streets. Abercrombie & Fitch (A&F), the casual clothing retailer, joined these
high-end stores when the company opened its first Asian outlet in Tokyo          The new building was designed by Selldorf Architects to echo the New
in December. The Tokyo store will serve as the company’s flagship in the         York flagship. With 11 floors of retail space plus two top floors of offices,
region as the retailer expands the A&F brand in Japan and Asia.                  the A&F store is now the tallest building in the Ginza. The glass & steel
                                                                                 exterior and rich wood interior combine with heart-pumping music
When the doors opened on December 15th, more than 800 people                     and the scent of A&F’s signature fragrance to create a unique sensory
were lined up outside the store, including many who waited overnight.
Shoppers were greeted by muscular male models dressed in A&F jeans
                                                                                                                           See “Abercrombie & Fitch” on page 4
                                                             In this issue ...                                • Abercrombie & Fitch sees retail success
                                                                                                                in Japan .... page 3
                                                             • Guest View: Robotics Trends in Osaka...
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                  Midwest Newsletter                                                                            hundreds in Chicago ... page 5
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Guest View: Robotics... from page 1                                                                        Abercrombie... from page 3
to bring Japanese government officials and           Robot Laboratory, an entity set up by the city of     experience.
representatives from robotics companies to           Osaka to support the development of a robotics        A&F is eager to grow their brand more in
the United States to speak at conferences            cluster. Multiple groups and companies were           Europe and Asia. In late 2010, the company
and demonstrate technology and products              represented at the meeting. Actually, the             expects to open its second Japanese store in
at robotics tradeshows. We have found that           meeting was more of a series of exchanges             Fukuoka, which the company hopes will help
it is in the interest of all, and benefits all, to   regarding robotics markets and shared                 them penetrate China and Korea. Ahead of the
educate the international marketplace, share         opportunities. It seemed to me that compared          Ginza store opening, the company had already
information and form partnerships.                   to my earlier visit, the current Robot Laboratory     hired more than 1,000 employees in Japan.
                                                     projects were more focused on developing
I contacted Kevin Kalb at the JETRO Chicago          products for near term commercial release, as         The December grand opening was the
office, and he was able to quickly confirm           opposed to programs in 2005 that emphasized           culmination of almost four years of planning.
meetings for me in Osaka. Takayuki Toriyama,         highly advanced robotics systems, but                 In 2006, the decision to expand into Japan
Manager of International Relations in the Osaka      technologies which would not be commercially          was finalized and A&F began scouting site
Mayor’s office, was kind enough to escort me         viable for decades to come. The final Osaka           locations in Ginza and Omotesando. JETRO
to a number of meetings (see below). Matthew         robotics company I visited was Vstone, a maker        worked with the A&F team in the United States
Fisher, Chief Technical Officer of Texas-based       of humanoids for the research and consumer            and Japan, providing guidance on setting up a
KumoTek Robotics, a company that has                 markets. Again, the meeting was a forthright          corporation in Japan and regulations affecting
partnered with Tokyo’s Kokoro Co., Ltd. and other    information exchange about products, markets,         clothing retailers. A&F also took advantage of
Japanese robotics firms on various products          partnerships and opportunities.                       free temporary office space at the JETRO Invest
and projects, also assisted me. Of course, none                                                            Japan Business Support Center (IBSC) in Tokyo.
of the meetings would be possible without            It is clear that the relationships, often personal,
the willingness of local robotics companies to       that Robotics Trends has developed over time          A&F was originally founded in 1892 as a
rearrange their busy schedules on very short         with JETRO, the City of Osaka and Osaka               sporting goods store and outfitted customers
notice to accommodate my schedule.                   area robotics companies, have worked for the          like Teddy Roosevelt, Charles Lindbergh and
                                                     benefit of all concerned. The city of Osaka           Ernest Hemingway. The company, which is
My first stop after the Bayer meeting was at         and Osaka area robotics companies are very            based in New Albany, Ohio, is today known as
the office of the Mayor of Osaka where I met         open to working with North American firms to          a youth brand, with its jeans, shirts and t-shirts
with the Director of International Relations and     create partnerships, build robotics products and      popular with teens and young adults.
others to discuss business and investment            expand the robotics industry.
opportunities in the Osaka area. Next up was                                                               In addition to A&F, the company has three
                                                                                                           offshoot brands: abercrombie, Hollister Co.,
                                                                                                           and Gilly Hicks. In total, the company operates
                                                     Midwest U.S.-Japan... from page 1                     more than 1,100 stores and had revenue of
       Contact JETRO Chicago                         Host. Other VIPs scheduled to offer greetings         more than $3.5 billion in 2009. The Tokyo store
                                                     include: Hon. Kuninori Matsuda, Consul General        follows successful launches of flagship stores
                                                     of Japan in Detroit; Gov. Mitch Daniels, State        in New York in 2005,
 JETRO Chicago is located at 1 East                                                                        London in 2007, and
 Wacker Drive, Suite 600, Chicago 60601.             of Indiana; Gov. Yukiko Kada, Shiga Prefecture;
                                                     Gov. Jim Doyle, State of Wisconsin; Gov. Kiyoshi      Milan 2009.
 Phone: 312-832-6000; Fax: 312-832-
 6066; website: www.jetro.org                        Ueda, Saitama Prefecture; Gov. Dave Heineman,         The opening of A&F’s
                                                     State of Nebraska; Gov. Mark Parkinson, State         Ginza flagship is
 For general information, call the number            of Kansas (invited); Gov. Pat Quinn, State of         representative of the
 above, or for a specific inquiry, use the form      Illinois (invited); and Gov. Jay Nixon, State         new trend towards
 at www.jetro.org (select “Contact JETRO”            of Missouri. Among the Monday keynote                 value in Japan. Sales
 from the menu bar at left).                         speakers is H.E. Ichiro Fujisaki, Japanese            of luxury goods are
                                                     Ambassador to the United States. A luncheon           declining sharply,
                                                     keynote address will be presented by Dr. Phillip      with more Japanese
                                                     Hessberg, President of the Detroit Institute of       consumers embracing
 For Invest-in-Japan and robotics                    Ophthalmology.                                        reasonably priced        The Abercrombie & Fitch
 information contact Kevin Kalb, at                                                                                                 Tokyo store
                                                     Among the Tuesday speakers during the closing         goods. A&F joins
                                                     ceremony will be Hon. George Hisaeda, Consul          companies like ZARA, H&M and Forever 21
 For biotech information, contact Robert             General of Japan at Chicago                           that have also expanded into the Japanese
 Corder, at robert_corder@jetro.go.jp                                                                      market, eager to take advantage of this new
                                                     The overall theme of the conference is                trend. JETRO has worked extensively with these
                                                     “Powering the Future: Transformation & Growth         retailers to assist them as they set up their Japan
                                                     Strategies.” Look for the latest program              operations. To learn more about how these
                                                     information and updates, including the                companies utilized JETRO services, contact
                                                     registration page, at www.midwest-japan.org.          Robert Corder at robert_corder@jetro.go.jp.
                                                                In this issue ...                                   • Butler University Class takes a business-
                                                                                                                      focused Japan tour ... page 3
                                                                • Guest View: Robotics Trends in Osaka...
                                                                  page 1                                            • Abercrombie & Fitch sees retail success
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Hundreds Congregate in Chicago to Learn About High Speed Rail
Japan’s Transportation Minister Visits Chicago in Hopes of Revolutionizing Midwest Rail
             Reported by Steve Huynh, JETRO Chicago Intern
             Over 500 business people from around the world attended
             the High Speed Rail Seminar in Chicago, held on June
             28th at the Union League Club of Chicago. The seminar
             was organized by Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure,
Transport and Tourism (MLIT), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), the
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), the Japan Institution for
Transport Policy Studies (ITPS), the Council for Global Promotions, the
Japan International Transport Institute (JITI) and JETRO to encourage
implementation of high speed rail (HSR) in the Midwest and showcase
Japan’s Shinkansen, or HSR, technology.
                                                                                    Approximately 500 people attended the event.
                                                         Seiji Maehara,
                                                         Minister of Land,
                                                         Infrastructure,            impact that HSR technology could have on Americans because it is far
                                                         Transport and Tourism
                                                         (right center)             more advanced than any rail technology currently in use in the US today.
                                                                                    Congressman Lipinski was highly impressed with Japan’s HSR system,
                                                                                    especially its on-time performance and high level of comfort and safety.
                                                                                    Minister Maehara stressed the Shinkansen’s extraordinary safety
                                                                                    record, pointing out that in 45 years of operation, there have been zero
                                                                                    passenger fatalities due to derailments or collisions. Also, the amazing
                                                                                    efficiency of the Shinkansen technology has resulted in an average delay
The seminar and exhibition of Japanese rail technology demonstrated                 time of less than a minute. Along with the ability to travel at high speeds
how HSR would benefit the Midwest. Seiji Maehara, Japan’s Minister of               even in the harshest weather conditions, the Shinkansen has achieved
Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, explained how Tokyo’s main             unprecedented accomplishments in railway transportation. Minister
Shinkansen hub helped facilitate economic growth. Ichiro Fujisaki, the              Maehara stated that HSR not only delivers efficiency, safety and comfort
Ambassador of Japan to the United States, and Minister Maehara both                 but that it is also environmentally friendly. The advanced technology
stated their belief that the city of Chicago is a suitable location for a HSR       and light-weight materials used to make HSR trains allow for everyday
hub, which could help revitalize the Midwest economy as it did for Tokyo            transportation using significantly less energy and producing lower carbon
decades ago. Ambassador Fujisaki said that the Japanese government’s                emissions, providing a cleaner, greener way to travel.
objective is to give back to Americans by sharing their knowledge and
experience with HSR. The success of the Shinkansen in Japan has not                 Belief that High Speed Rail May Rejuvenate the Economy
only provided an improved method of travel, but many other economic                 HSR has shown significant economic benefits. Speaking on behalf of Gov.
benefits that accompany a HSR deployment. Satoshi Seino, the President              Pat Quinn, Illinois Department of Transportation Secretary Gary Hannig
and CEO of JR East Railroads, said that Japan wishes to collaborate with            said that the governor is working to secure funding for HSR in Illinois as
the American government in order to make the implementation of HSR a                part of his economic recovery plan. The state government is currently
positive experience, and not as a mechanism to sell the American people             hoping to increase the speed of several Amtrak trains from 79 mph to
a railway system.                                                                   110 mph. Over time, Illinois expects to have fully operational railways by
High Speed Rail in the Midwest Region…                                              2035, with designated HSR trains operating at speeds of over 200 mph.
Why Now?                                                                            With more Federal funds, the state estimates that approximately 42,000
                                                                                    new jobs would be created by HSR projects in Illinois. Gov. Quinn hopes
In January 2010, President Obama allocated                                          that the development of a HSR hub in Chicago would resurrect the area’s
$8 billion in federal funds toward the creation                                     manufacturing sector as well as decrease traffic congestion. Connecting
of HSR in the US. Currently, the state of Illinois                                  Chicago with other cities in the region such as Indianapolis, Cincinnati
qualifies for $1.2 billion in grant money for                                       and Minneapolis will also help rejuvenate the greater Midwest economy.
this major endeavor. The success of Japan’s
Shinkansen has convinced many federal and                                           JITI Director of International Affairs Yuki Tanaka described the positive
local government officials to support HSR in                                        impact of a HSR station on a local economy. The presence of a
the Chicago region, including Congressman                                           HSR station can lead to an increase in tourism, consumption and
Daniel Lipinski and City of Chicago Department                                      manufacturing. She explained that as more people travel and consume,
of Transportation Commissioner Bobby Ware,           Satoshi Seino, President and
                                                                                    more businesses and shopping centers will be created near the station
who represented Mayor Richard M. Daley at the        CEO, East Japan Railway        to meet this demand. This not only satisfies consumers, but also creates
                                                     Co., Deputy Chairman,          employment opportunities for local residents. Ms. Tanaka cited a
seminar. The design of the Shinkansen alone          Council for Global
has created a high sense of optimism about the       Promotion of Railway
                                                                                                                                   See “High Speed Rail” page 6
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                                                                                                              in Japan .... page 3
                                                             • Guest View: Robotics Trends in Osaka...
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High Speed Rail ... from page 5                                                JETRO Chicago assists Link Japan in opening
                                          Midwest Regional Rail Initiative
                                                                               Shizuoka office
                                          report that estimated the                                  Link Japan KK, the representative office for Link
                                          overall economic benefit of the                            Engineering of Plymouth, Michigan, has recently
                                          proposed Midwest HSR hub to                                opened their office in Shizuoka Prefecture,
                                          be $23.1 billion. Despite the                              with the assistance of JETRO Chicago and
                                          projected benefits to the region,    the JETRO Tokyo IBSC (Invest Japan Business Support Center). Link
                                          the most challenging issue is        Engineering Company is a multinational company dedicated to the
                                          developing a plan to finance         design and manufacture of precision test equipment and a provider of
                                          HSR in the Midwest. Gov. Quinn       comprehensive testing services for a wide variety of vehicle components.
Central Japan Railway Company exhibit     is currently exploring options       Link’s office for equipment and service in Japan will
                                          into ways to bring this project      be headed by General Manager Hidetoshi Shimizu.
to fruition.                                                                   While Link has been selling test systems in Japan
Companies such as Kawasaki Rail Car Inc., Nippon Sharyo U.S.A. Inc.,           for years, they believe their new presence in Japan
Mitsubishi Electric Power Products Inc. and Toshiba International Corp.        will enable them to further strengthen their support
have all shown interest in building HSR components in the US. These            of the Japanese market, as well as Japanese
organizations helped to build Japan’s rail network and possess the             companies throughout the world.
know-how necessary to create HSR in the US. With large manufacturing                                            Mr. Hidetoshi Shimizu
and warehousing facilities in the US, these companies have the ability
to manufacture the rolling stock and equipment needed to build a HSR
The creation of HSR would change the American economic and
                                                                               JETRO at BioJapan 2010
                                                                               The Japanese government has identified the life science sector as
transportation systems for generations to come. Japan has more than 50         one of the key strategic areas that are essential for the country’s
years of experience and knowledge with HSR systems. The governments            economic future. The life science industry encompasses biotechnology,
of the US and Japan, in partnership with the private sector, should work       pharmaceuticals, medical devices and health care, all areas where
together and collaborate on the planning and construction of the HSR           Japanese companies are on the leading edge. JETRO continues to play
system in the Midwest, which will ensure the smooth implementation of          an important role in connecting the life science communities in Japan
this unprecedented project.                                                    and the United States.
To view the presentations from the Chicago HSR seminar, visit JITI’s           In May, the Biotechechnology Industry Organization (BIO) held their
website at www.japantransport.com.                                             annual conference and exhibition in Chicago. JETRO Chicago organized
                                                                               the Japan Pavilion at the 2010 BIO International Conference and
 Special thanks to our summer intern                                           Exhibition, where 18 companies and research organizations from Japan
 Steve Huynh, a senior at Indiana University, interned with JETRO              showcased their technology.
 Chicago’s business development team in late June, July and August.
 Steve is majoring in Public Financial Management and is considering a         In September, JETRO will present the BioLink Forum during BioJapan
 career in the public sector. While at JETRO, Steve worked on a range          2010. Held annually in Yokohama, BioJapan is Asia’s largest biotech
 of different projects, including the Service Robot Demonstrations at          event. The highlight of JETRO’s BioLink Forum is the Cluster Networking
 the Indiana State Fair. All of us at JETRO Chicago greatly appreciated        Reception, which will be held in the evening on Thursday, September
 Steve’s hard work and wish him the best as he heads back to school            30th. Biotechnology clusters from around the world will exhibit poster
 for his senior year.                                                          displays, highlighting the attractive features of their clusters and
                                                                               key companies in their region. In 2009, 70 biotech clusters from 20
                                                                               countries participated in the event, which was attended by almost 400
JETRO to have a booth at IMTS in Chicago
                                                                               The BioLink Forum is free of charge however advance registration is
In September, JETRO will participate in the 2010 International                 required. Visit www.jetro.go.jp/form/fm/iab/biolink2010_visit_e to
Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS), to be held at Chicago’s                  register. For more information about BioJapan or to learn more about
McCormick Place. Manufacturing professionals from all over the world           JETRO’s biotech activities, contact Robert Corder at 312-832-6000.
will attend IMTS to see the newest technology in metal cutting, machine
tooling, welding, heat treating and finishing. The show, which runs
from Monday, September 13 through Saturday, September 18, is                    CORRECTION
organized by the Association for Manufacturing Technology. IMTS is held         In the June edition of the JETRO Chicago Midwest Newsletter, an
every two years in Chicago and is the largest industrial exhibition in North    incorrect date appeared in the feature on the City of Osaka, concerning
America. More than 1,100 exhibitors and more than 92,000 people from            the year in which the Chicago Chamber of Commerce and the Osaka
116 countries are expected to attend the 2010 event. Visit JETRO in the         Chamber of Commerce will be entering the 40th year of their sister
West Building at Booth 1946.                                                    chamber agreement. That anniversary will take place in 2011.

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