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									                                                            SNOW PLOWING OPERATIONS

                                                          The following is a general description of
                                                                                                          A RESIDENT’S
  Feedback                                                Winthrop’s Snow Fighting Plan.
                                                                                                        GUIDE TO WINTER
                                                          STEP ONE                                           SNOW
                                                          When snowfall begins, the DPW                  OPERATIONS IN
                                                          responds by salting main roads.                  WINTHROP
                                                          STEP TWO

                                                          Plowing begins when there is an
Plowing snow from Winthrop’s streets is a                 accumulation of approximately three
complicated and formidable task. The hours can            inches of snow. Town employees
be extraordinarily long and in Winthrop, unlike           operating Town equipment do all
most communities, all snow and ice control                plowing. No outside contractors are
functions are preformed by Town employees. We             used to plow Town streets. The
                                                          Department’s policy is to plow the full
realize that in an operation of this nature there are
                                                          width of the street, curb to curb, during
bound to be complaints and requests for additional        each storm.
                                                          STEP THREE

All complaints are tracked by DPW. Calls for              Once snowfall has stopped, salt trucks
service should be avoided early in the storm since        begin post-storm salting. Main streets are
                                                          salted to achieve bare pavement and
it may take several hours for plows to make their
                                                          residential streets are salted if slippery
way to the street. Keeping this in mind, if you feel      conditions exist. Plows also widen streets
a request for service is warranted, please call the       not plowed from curb to curb. Town
                                                          parking lots are also cleared.
DPW at 846-1341. Calls to other Town                                                                   Winthrop Department
departments will not result in quicker service.         Important Telephone Numbers                      of Public Works
Remember driving in winter snowstorms should be         Police/Fire Emergency       911                 100 Kennedy Drive
avoided whenever possible. In every winter              Towed Vehicles            846-1212
                                                        Parking Clerk             539-1100
storm, there are times when road conditions are
                                                        Snow Plowing/Snow
hazardous despite everyone’s best efforts. Our          Emergency Inquiries       846-1341
work to restore safe road conditions is completed       Massachusetts Electric    800-542-2031
                                                        Keyspan                   469-2300
more quickly and efficiently when roads are free of
                                                        Keyspan/Gas Leaks          800-233-5325
traffic and illegally parked vehicles.                  Verizon                   800-870-9999

                                                                                                          Phone: 617 846 1341
Winter Snow Operation in Winthrop
                                       BROOKFIELD ROAD          EVEN SIDE
 When snow falls, it is imperative                                                                              DRIVEWAYS
that we clear the streets and          SEAVIEW AVENUE           EVEN SIDE
sidewalks as quickly and effeciently                                                           While plow drivers try to minimize the amount of
as possible to ensure transportation   WALDEN STREET            INGLESIDE PARK SIDE            snow that gets plowed into driveways, clearing
safety as well as to restore our                                                               driveway openings is the responsibility of the
already limited curbside parking.      VETERANS ROAD            GOLF COURSE SIDE               owner. Plows cannot be lifted as we pass by
Plowing and snow removal will                                                                  driveways.
always be impacted by such             MORTON STREET            MARSH SIDE
unavoidable impediments as                                                                     Residents should realize that snow may be
                                       WINTHROP STREET          ODD SIDE FROM
equipment failures and breakdowns,                                                             plowed into driveways several times during snow
equipment maintenance and                                       MAGEE’S CORNER TO
                                                                BANKS STREET                   plowing operations. You may wish to clear your
refueling, necessary crew breaks,
                                                                                               driveway several times during the storm or wait
vehicles disabled in deep snow, and
the unpredictable severity of New
                                       BOWDOIN STREET           ODD SIDE FROM                  until plowing activities have concluded.
England’s winter storms.                                        BUCHANAN TO BATES              Shoveling snow into the street is prohibited by
                                                                                               town by-laws.
                                       SIREN STREET             ODD SIDE
Effective each year from December      Vehicles must be removed from these streets
                                       immediately upon cessation of snow during daylight      Snow and ice makes walking difficult for school
15tht to April 1st, winter parking
                                       hours, or in the case of a storm occurring at night,    children, mail carriers and elders. Clear openings
regulations are in effect. These
                                                                                               at corners and crosswalks so pedestrians can
regulations    state   that  upon      by 8:00 a.m. the next morning.
                                                                                               cross safely. Property owners or tenants are
announcement of the U.S. Weather       As is stated in the regulations, the Town               required by Town By-law to remove snow and
Bureau     or forecast in      the     may impose parking restrictions in advance              ice from abutting sidewalks within 6 daylight
newspaper, on radio or television      of the storm. It should also be noted that              hours.
of an EXPECTED OR IMPENDING            parking restrictions generally stay in effect
snow storm, all motor vehicles         after snowfall has ceased. This allows the
must be removed from Town              DPW to widen streets narrowed by snow
streets.     Motor vehicles not        duris g the storm.
                                           n                                                          DUE TO EXTREME COLD
removed will be subject to fines       Information on Snow Emergencies is carried on
                                                                                                      WEATHER, THE WATER
and/or towing. The vehicle owner                                                                      DEPT. WOULD LIKE TO
                                       WCAT channels 3 and 16.
                                                                                                      INFORM RESIDENTS THAT
is responsible for fines and tow
                                       Town By-Laws also prohibits anyone from                        PIPE FREEZES ARE
charges including tickets lost or                                                                     PREVELENT. TO AVOID
                                       obstructing a public street or sidewalk without a
damaged by the weather condition.      permit. Therefore, any chairs, barrels, traffic cones          FROZEN PIPES, WE
                                       or other objects placed in the public way to                   SUGGEST THAT YOU RUN
Parking is prohibited on all streets                                                                  YOUR WATER AT A TRICKLE
                                       “reserve” parking spaces will be removed and
with the following exceptions.                                                                        SO THAT FREEZING CANNOT
                                       disposed of immediately.

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