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					                                     USER REGISTRATION FORM
                                                ALESCO HR Information System
                                                            HUMAN RESOURCE SERVICES

Applicants for user registration must complete the user details section below and have it authorised by their
Head of School/Organisational Unit.

Name:                                                                             Staff No:
        Family                               First/second

School/Organisational Unit:

Position:                                                                         Phone No:

Email Address:                                                       Staff User Name (abc123)

I have read and agree to abide by the terms governing the use of the University’s Computing &
Communications Facilities.
Signature:                                                   Date:

This section must be completed and authorised by a Head of School/Organisational Unit or an authorised
Tick the access required.                                                   Access Required

        HR: Client Service / Recruitment
        HR: HR data processing
        HR: Payroll Processing

        HR: Leave Processing

        HR: Superannuation

        T&D: Training and Development module

        MFP Data Processing
        Records Management – Staff Enquiries
        Research Office – Staff Enquiries

Other – Please Specify:
                                    USER REGISTRATION FORM
                                             Alesco HR Information System
                                                       HUMAN RESOURCE SERVICES

This request is: circle one of the following.

  1.       Permanent until further notice.

  2        Temporary and is to revert back to current privileges on the following date:      ___/ __/______

  3        Temporary and is to cease on the following date:       ___/ __/______

  4        Cease access from        ___/___/________

I hereby request these access privileges for the above University Staff member and approve their use of the
Alesco HRIS and the data stored within it.

Supervisor’s Signature:                                                               Date:
Name:                                                                                              Phone

Position                                                         Dept

Return this completed form to: HRIS Coordinator, Human Resource Services, The Chancellery.

OFFICE USE               Access Type                          Group             Select/All    Menu

Impromptu                Yes / No
Catalogue access ?
Added to user            Yes / No
group email list ?

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