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					 American Airlines & Tulsa: Working Together
    The American Maintenance and Engineering         for bankruptcy and were selling off their               As a result of voter approval authorizing
Center, which has been located in Tulsa for 60       maintenance facilities. It was clear the same      Vision 2025 funding, a number of products
years, employs 6,945 people and impacts an           thing could happen in Tulsa.                       have been brought to the Tulsa Base or
additional 12,084 jobs in the surrounding                                                               transferred here from other American
communities. American purchases $72 million                                                             Maintenance Centers to aid with employee
annually from local vendors and suppliers,                                                              retention. These products range from engines,
and has a total economic impact of about                                                                landing gears and components to entire fleets
$2 billion.                                                                                             of aircraft.
    The Tulsa base is the largest private aircraft                                                          In early 2004, Tulsa executives and union
maintenance facility in the world. It’s a full-                                                         officials launched the “Working Together”
service aircraft repair and overhaul facility that                                                      process. The strategy is to use a permanent
hosts tremendous capabilities and can                                                                   collaborative structure to allow the company,
manufacture, repair and overhaul many of             Vision 2025 Sales Tax Overview Committee           unions, and frontline employees to function as
its own landing gears, engines, components           visit projects at American Airlines.               true business partners. This process provides
and airframes.                                           County officials were already working on a     the means for cooperative teaming on business
                                                     program, yet to be named, that would provide       objectives from daily decisions to annual
What if it disappeared?                              tax dollars to fund Tulsa County economic          budgets. The goal they’ve set is to lead the
    As all airlines struggled following 9/11,        development initiatives which, as a public         Tulsa Base to become a profit center and
American Airlines, the world’s largest airline       program, became Vision 2025. When offered to       achieve $500 million in cost savings and
and the largest private employer in Oklahoma,        voters as a “stand alone” choice, Proposition 2    revenue by the end of 2006. At this writing, it
was not immune. In early 2003 American               for Capital Improvements/American Airlines         appears they will make that goal.
officials and the general public knew the            provided $22.3 million (2.5% of a penny) to
company was on the verge of bankruptcy. City,        retain existing jobs and attract new ones at the                               Continued on page 2
county and state officials approached American       Tulsa Base by providing funds for capital
to see what they could do to help.                   improvements, equipment and tooling.
    Internally, American was working to
significantly cut operating costs and four
aircraft fleets (types of airplanes) were retired.
Without this work, more than 2,200 jobs at the
Tulsa Maintenance and Engineering Center
were in jeopardy as was Tulsa’s most
significant private employer. American
executives, the Transport Workers Union, and
frontline employees shared with elected
officials a number of things that could be done
to bring additional work to Tulsa to preserve
these jobs, but retooling was costly and
American had no available capital.
    City, county and state officials recognized
the positive impact American had on the local
economy and realized what would happen if the
airline minimized or ceased operations here.
Several other legacy carriers had already filed
American Airlines continued
    Currently, all funds from Vision 2025            units, which include Flight Management
issued to American have been assigned to             Computers, Auto Throttle Computers, Traffic              “American now has
specific projects. Incredibly, most of these have    Alert and Collision Avoidance Systems, ATC
been completed under budget. As a result,            Air Traffic Control Transponders, and various          new technologies and
additional items are now being reviewed to
utilize these funds made available through
                                                     Navigation/Communication transceivers. With
                                                     acquisition of the two IRIS 2000 Automated
                                                                                                          capabilities that allow us
under-spending. American takes this program          Test stands, American has been successful at         to in-source many of our
very seriously and scrutinizes every project         in-sourcing several avionics units that were
carefully. Each project must meet stringent          previously serviced elsewhere. American is             own components and
criteria for return on investment or operational
need. If a project doesn’t make the cut, it is not
                                                     now realizing significant savings and
                                                     aggressively pursuing new customers for this
                                                                                                           attract outside customer
included. In short, the objective is spending        additional capability.                                      work as well.”
each penny wisely.                                                                                          Steve Glime, American Airlines Manager
                                                                                                           of Product Support and the on-site Vision
A Sampling of American’s Projects                                                                                    2025 Project Manager
Funded by Vision 2025
CFM56 Gantry: $2,809,722
                                                                                                         “American now has new technologies and
    This unique locally engineered system for
                                                                                                         capabilities that allow us to in-source
disassembly, repair and assembly of engines
                                                                                                         many of our own components and attract
was designed by Tulsa employees. It provides
                                                                                                         outside customer work as well. The
American the ability to bring those engines
                                                                                                         equipment purchased through Vision 2025
in-house. The engine overhaul business is very
                                                     Gene Beaver operating the 5-axis Router.            has provided a significant boost for our
competitive, and changes are required as fleets
                                                                                                         Tulsa employees and we are all extremely
mature through their life cycle. Within the          5-axis Router – Plastic Shop: $287,938              grateful for what the company and
industry, this is a young engine program in              With this unit, American now produces           community have done together.”
common use worldwide, powering many fleets           many of its own cabin and interior parts in a           The transformation of the Tulsa Base
which provides for much opportunity. To              fraction of the time. As a result, they expect to   from cost center to profit center appears
capitalize on this, a team of mechanics in Tulsa     save over $1 million annually on parts.             to be working with the help of Tulsa
designed a system capable of producing 500
                                                                                                         County Voters who approved Vision 2025.
engines annually, at competitive cost                Paint Booth Expansion and Ventilation: $674,025     While most airlines have off-loaded their
targets and world-class turn times. Vision 2025         With 737 out-of-warranty work and thrust         heavy maintenance work, American, by
funds made this team’s creative ideas a reality.     reversers from the 757 fleet, shop volumes          truly choosing a different path, has kept
                                                     have nearly doubled this year and additional        this work in Tulsa and stabilized Oklahoma’s
                                                     capacity meeting EPA regulations was needed.        largest employer while positioning the
                                                                                                         company, work force and the community
                                                     Future Growth
                                                                                                         for future gro w t h .
                                                         According to Steve Glime, American
                                                     Airlines Manager of Product Support and the
                                                     on-site Vision 2025 Project Manager,

G i l b e rt Sanchez at the ATEC 6 Avionics
test stand.

ATEC 6: $1,983,278
    The ATEC 6 is an Avionics test stand for
American’s 737 and 777 Digital Flight Data
displays. This equipment has provided
American with the technology they needed to
in-source these and other cockpit instrument
repairs. As a result, American is saving
approximately $40,000 on every unit

IRIS 2000 RF ATE and IRIS 2000 TCAS:
$1,976,000 and $1,039,099, respectively.
    The IRIS 2000s are test stands for 737,          Jim Jespersen runs tests
757, 767, 777, MD80, and A300 Avionics               on the IRIS 2000 RF ATE.

2                                                                                                                                VISION 2025 REPORT
Oklahoma Aquarium:                                                                                                  “The aquarium is truly an authentic scientific
                                                                                                                    accomplishment,” Bramsch said. “We have the
                                                                                                                    largest bull sharks in captivity – anywhere in the

AVision 2025 Project?
                                                                                                                    world – and we’re working with the National
                                                                                                                    Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on
                                                                                                                    research projects.” NOAA research provides early
                                                                                                                    warning of dangerous weather conditions develop-
    Fresh water that gently meanders down the           e v e ry day they give directions to restaurants,           ing over the oceans. The NOAA’s National Data
Arkansas River through Tulsa County wasn’t              shopping centers, and the airport. They really serve        Buoy Center utilizes the Oklahoma Aquarium
always so unhurried. It once splashed down              as a catalyst to send visitors out into Tulsa County.”      sharks to test “bite proof” cables used for weather
mountainsides, raced along Colorado trout                    “I don’t think people realize that this isn’t just a   buoys vital to the study of weather patterns. If not
streams, and carved its way through deep valleys.       Tulsa County attraction,” Bramsch said. “We                 stronger than a shark bite, expensive buoys and
From its icy beginnings, the journey is far from        receive visitors from all 50 states. In the month of
over in Tulsa as it will continue to weave its way to   June alone, we had visitors from 38 countries –                  “We receive visitors
the Mississippi River, spilling into the Gulf of        and that’s just one month. So the Aquarium truly is
Mexico and out into the open sea. The Oklahoma          a tourism destination and good for economic                   from all 50 states. In the
Aquarium is the story of this water told through the
beautiful and diverse life forms it sustains.
                                                             The Oklahoma Aquarium is credited with
                                                                                                                      month of June alone, we
    Did you know the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks         significant and numerous unique contributions to                 had visitors from 38
is a Vision 2025 project? Proposition 4 included        science. From display concept and design to
$12 million to support the facility. Susan Bramsch,     animal husbandry, the Aquarium staff has estab-                 countries – and that’s
Chief Operating Officer/Director, said, “Vision 2025
has been instrumental in helping to secure our
                                                        lished a reputation for innovation. The Discovery
                                                        Channel, Dateline NBC, and the British
                                                                                                                          just one month.”
                                                                                                                            Susan Bramsch, Chief Operating
future. While the Aquarium was already built, it is     Broadcasting Company have all filmed inside the
partially but importantly capitalized with Vision       Oklahoma Aquarium. Scientific innovations include
2025 funds.”                                            design of unique filtration components to reduce
    “The Aquarium has a staff of 60 full- and part-     costs and increase effectiveness of the display             detailed data are lost.
time employees and 200 volunteers instrumental in       systems, the first breeding and fertilization of a             Bramsch says the future of the aquarium
our day-to-day operations,” said Bramsch. “In           captive bull shark, the first successful molting of an      includes exciting plans, pairing with other Tulsa-
addition to serving as guides, our volunteers act as    Alaskan red king crab in captivity, and the first suc-      area attractions to draw visitors. “ She added,
ambassadors and are trained to know the area –          cessful long-distance transport of adult bull sharks        “There is a synergy between the different attractions
                                                        weighing over 250 lbs.                                      and a growing economic development impact.”

OCTOBER 2006                                                                                                                                                               3
TASM Lands New Director                                                                                      Projections can be made of tonight’s stars
                                                                                                       f rom any vantage point on this planet or fro m
                                                                                                       any year in history, or even what the night
       The opening of the new Sky Theater                Pagan said many opportunities for the         sky will look like over Tulsa in September of
brings the Tulsa Air and Space Museum                community are available with the new              5006. “You can even go to the vantage point
(TASM) its first Planetarium Dire c t o r,           Planetarium. “We can do live shows and            of another planet and see what their star
Christopher Pagan. With a degree in Physics          shows about the planets and the universe          p a t t e rn is like,” Pagan said.
f rom Valparaiso University and pre v i o u s        with digital video that brings the science in a          “ We have one show now from the per-
experience as Planetarium Director of the            most personal way to the audience.                spective of fish living in the ocean and it
South Florida Science Museum, Pagan leads                                                              e x p l o res how the moon affects tides here on
the educational mission of Tulsa’s newest
science attraction.
                                                       “Professionally, this is                        earth. You can have what almost seems like
                                                                                                       u n related topics and still draw the audience
       “My wife and I joke that after three           a state-of-the-art facility.                     i n t e rest to an astronomy-based idea.”
hurricanes in three years, we are delighted to                                                                Currently TASM is enjoying strong
be in Tulsa,” Pagan said, “but it is really the         There is none better                           attendance and much of that from school
higher level of friendly cooperation in Tulsa
that is so wonderfully remarkable. People
                                                            in the world.”                             tour groups. The majority of those groups
                                                                                                       a re from Oklahoma, but students from south-
                                                                 Christopher Pagan,
will go out of their way to help you here                                                              western Missouri, southern Kansas, western
                                                                 Planetarium Director
and that makes Tulsa County a marvelous                                                                Arkansas, and beyond have traveled here to
place to live.”                                                                                        learn. Approximately 15 percent of atten-
       “Professionally, this is a state-of-the-art        “In the older systems,” Pagan continued,     dance is from outside Oklahoma. In the first
facility. There is none better in the world and      “you might see a little planet in the sky         two months of operation the Planetarium has
t h e re are only two others presently like it       sitting up on the dome. With this Electric Sky    hosted over 12,000 people.
a n y w h e re else. Here I can use-cutting edge     Theater system, we can bring that planet all
technology and that was a huge draw.”                the way up to where it fills the whole dome,
       TASM is dedicated to pre s e rving not        so the audience can see the details of the
just general aviation history, but Tulsa's           diff e rent features of the planet as we talk
aviation history – most people don't realize         about them. It’s so much better that just
how rich, diverse and important a role the           looking at a point of light in a dark sky.
city has held in the field since 1928.                    “When people go to a movie they expect
       Tulsa’s collective aviation enterprises are   more and more special effects so
a $3 billion per year industry and, as a             Planetariums had to change the same way.
result, corporate and community support for          We couldn’t keep showing people little
TASM is strong. Completed just prior to the          points of light. With a facility like this, the
completion of the Planetarium, Hangar                science comes alive at its most entertaining,”
One – a 43,000-sq.-ft. main museum –                 Pagan said.
f e a t u res interactive, museum and airc r a f t        The unique theatre is designed to display    Vision 2025 Sky Theater.
exhibits.                                            images on a 360-degree dome screen.
                                                                                                           TASM will be adding new full dome
                                                                                                       shows continually. The most recent, titled
                                                                                                       “Big,” pre m i e red in September and explores
                                                                                                       the size of the universe from very small
                                                                                                       things to very big things.
                                                                                                           “When you can show students science
                                                                                                       rather than just presenting abstract ideas,
                                                                                                       they retain the information better – it
                                                                                                       becomes real to them,” Pagan said. “Full
                                                                                                       dome video shows run just like a movie.
                                                                                                       With our live shows we can have pre-
                                                                                                       planned features, but still interrupt at any
                                                                            Tulsa Air and Space        point to draw up a universe or planet for full
                                                                            Museum Campus.             view to answer an audience question or bet-
                                                                                                       ter illustrate a concept.”
                                                                                                           For more on TASM visit their Web site at


4                                                                                                                                VISION 2025 REPORT
Vision 2025 Projects:                                                                                       enhancements to the project, which demonstrates
                                                                                                            the need for these facilities.
                                                                                                            Allocation: $8 million; 95% complete

Progress at a Glance                   Estimated % Complete at September 1, 2006 by funds expended
                                                                                                            7. Common ED Funding for Instructional
                                                                                                            Material: Funds have been allocated
                                                                                                            pro p o rtionately to all of Tulsa County’s public
                                                                                                            school districts based on the student populations
Proposition I: Boeing                                   5. Langston-Tulsa: P resently the architects are
                                                                                                            within each district at the time the initiative was
As a result of Boeing not choosing Tulsa for the        proceeding with the preparation of construction
                                                                                                            approved. Each district receives funding for
7E7 assembly plant, the incentives which were           bid documents. The University has scheduled
                                                                                                            needed instructional materials and equipment,
approved by voters were not utilized and this           construction to begin in Febru a ry 2007.
                                                                                                            such as computers, books, science kits and
portion of the Vision 2025 sales tax did not go         Allocation: $8 million; 3% complete
                                                                                                            student furniture, as the individual districts assess
into effect.
                                                                                                            their individual needs. Approximately
                                                                                                              $8 million has been dispersed to the school
Proposition II: American Airlines
                                                                                                              districts to date.
1. American Airlines is continuing to progress on
p rojects. Intended to stabilize and enhance jobs at                                                          Allocation: $11.3 million; 71% complete
the Tulsa base.
Allocation: $22.3 million; 70% complete                                                                         8. Morton Health Care: The clinic is
                                                                                                                  complete. The Morton staff is presently
Proposition III: Economic Development /                                                                            moving in and preparing to serve patients
Educational / Health Care and Events                                                                                in a 60,000-sq.-ft. primary care medical
Facilities                                                                                                          clinic. Meanwhile, work is beginning on
2. OU-Tulsa: Vision 2025 funds, paired with                                                                         an ancillary building to support the
University funds, are constructing a 98,000-sq.-ft.                                                                  clinic’s patient transport fleet. These new
Research and Medical Clinic which integrates
                                                                                                                        facilities will offer additional services,
teaching, research, and community service.
                                                                                                                                including medical, dental,
Allocation: $30 million;
                                                                                                                                    behavioral health, pharmacy,
80% complete
                                                                                                                                               x-ray, optometry
                                                                                                                                               and podiatry.
3. OSU-Tulsa:
Vision 2025                                                                                                                                    Patient education,
funds, along                                                                                                                                   WIC services,
with University                                                                                                                                patient
funds and                                                                                                                                      transportation, and
significant                                                                                                                                    after-hours care
private                                                                                                                                        are available.
contributions,                                                                                                                                 Providing
are constructing and                                                                                                                           opportunity for
equipping The                                                                                                                                  low-income
Advanced Technology Research                                                                                                                   Tulsans to reach
Center. This unique, 110,000-sq.-                                                                                                              both preventative
ft. facility will house laboratories                                                                                                           and full-service
and educational programs for the                                                                                                               health care reduces
development of future composite materi-                                                                                                        the burden on area
als and technology that will continue to be                                                                                                    emergency rooms
in demand for applications in the aerospace,                                                                                                   and the general
biotechnology, telecommunications, and man-                                                                                                    cost of health care
ufacturing industries.                                                                                                                        in Tulsa.
Allocation: $30 million; 37% complete                                                                                                         Allocation: $14
4. NSU-Broken Arrow: Phase II of the NSU-                                                                                                    92% complete
B roken Arrow Campus expansion project, primarily
funded by Vision 2025, includes the construction        6. Tulsa Community College: Southeast
of separate classroom, science and library buildings,   Campus: Construction is largely complete. The
the first of which is complete and being utilized.      new 39,500-sq.-ft. Medical and Biotechnology
When fully complete, the Vision 2025 campus             Learning Center will begin training students for
expansion will accommodate an anticipated               employment within these growing fields in the
4,000-student increase in the next few years.
Allocation: $26 million; 83% complete
                                                        spring. TCC announced having rapidly reached
                                                        the mid-point of its private fundraising goal for
OCTOBER 2006                                                                                                                                                        5
9. Arena / Convention Center: BOK Center:               LaFortune Park Recreation Center:                     12. Broken Arrow Community Center and
Construction on the BOK Center continues with           Landscaping and site development is underway.         Swimming Pool: Masonry work continues on
structural concrete work on the inner portions of       The building package bid was accepted and             the Community Center and roof decking is
the stru c t u re. The City has awarded additional      construction will begin this fall on an exciting      complete. Construction on the Swimming Pool is
construction packages. Convention Center: The           project combining the center with the new Herman      scheduled to be complete in 2007.
Design Development phase of architectural work          and Kate Kaiser Library which is separately funded.   Allocation: $6 million; 33% complete
is complete and has been presented to the
Convention Center staff for review.                                                                           13. Collinsville City Hall & Fire Station /
                                                        LaFortune Park Par 3 Golf: The project
Allocation: $228.5 million; 19% complete                                                                      EMS Station: P rojects complete.
                                                        schedule prioritizes this with other park
                                                                                                              Allocation: $2.3 million; 100% complete
                                                        improvements to avoid adverse impact during golf
10. Expo Square: The first series of projects
                                                        season surrounding the upcoming 2007 PGA
which feature the livestock complex is complete.                                                              14. Owasso Community Center Projects:
                                                        Championship being hosted in Tulsa.
The Central Park Hall, a new upscale, multi-use                                                               The Community Build Park and significant HVAC
facility proposed to front the racing grand stand, is                                                         improvements to the Community Center are
being readied for construction bids.                                                                          complete. The Veterans Memorial is complete.
Allocation: $40 million; 78% complete                                                                         The new multi-source funded YMCA is complete.
                                                                                                              Allocation: $1 million; 92% complete
11. Tulsa County Parks:
Allocation: $12.7 million; 52% complete                                                                       15. Skiatook Community Center and
                                                                                                              Swimming Pool: Construction of the Swimming
Jenks/Glenpool Community Center: The                                                                          Pool project, which is jointly funded by the Town
project which includes a multi-function community                                                             of Skiatook and Vision 2025, is underway and
center and outdoor pool is complete and in use.                                                               construction of the Bathhouse is complete.
                                                        O’Brien Park: Construction of the Baseball Area       Allocation: $600,000; 65% complete
Haikey Creek Park Improvements: The Parks               Restroom and Concession Building is complete.
Department is presently evaluating improvement          Construction on the Practice Golf Course and Golf
options for this area.                                  Operations Building continues. The training Golf
                                                        Course is in the grow-in period and the new main
                                                        park roadway is complete.

6                                                                                                                                       VISION 2025 REPORT
16. Sperry Community Center: This project is              20. Arkansas River Low-Water Dams: The               elements identified in the Route 66 Master Plan.
complete. The community will be able to enjoy             U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is presently in the     Allocation: $15 million; 13% complete
this enhanced former WPA constructed arm o ry             selection process for consultants to assist with
building for many years.                                  the Planning Assistance to States (PAS) study        23. Oklahoma Aquarium: T h ree annual
Allocation: $500,000; 100% complete                       that will develop the baseline data necessary to     payments have been made for a total of
                                                          obtain the permit for the proposed facilities.       $2,769,230.
17a. Tulsa Air and Space Museum’s Sky                     Allocation: $5.6 million: 3% complete                Allocation: $12 million; 23% complete
Theater: The project is complete and in
operation with TASM providing all operating funds.        21a. Zink Lake Shoreline Beautification:             24. Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame:
Allocation: $2 million; 100% complete                     Identification of the specific project to benefit    C o n s t ruction in the Union Depot is scheduled to
                                                          f rom these funds is pending. It is possible that    begin in the fall of 2006.
17b. Mohawk Park: Construction on the Oxley               this project could proceed in conjunction with       Allocation: $4 million; 60% complete
Nature Center continues with remedial work to             proposed private funding pledges to the community.
c o rrect deterioration of the stru c t u re discovered   Allocation: $1.8 million; 0% complete                25. American Indian Cultural Center: The
during the roof replacement. The majority of work                                                              Vision 2025 portion (public infrastructure to the
to date has been funded by the City of Tulsa.             21b. Zink Lake Upstream Catch Basin and              site) of this project is on hold awaiting results
Allocation: $6.4 million; 1% complete                     Silt Removal: Development of the project             of private fund raising activities necessary to
                                                          scope and implementation schedule is underway        c o n s t ruct the Center.
18. Osage Trail: The project is under budget              and will be coordinated with potential down-         Allocation: $2 million; 0% complete
and 100% complete. Remaining funds in this                s t ream improvements, which are presently being
project account are being reserved for future             studied by INCOG.
improvements to the Trail as Tulsansutilize it and        Allocation: $2.1 million; 0% complete
n e c e s s a ryenhancements are identified.
Allocation $3.7 million; 99% complete                     22. Route 66: Historic route markings are in
                                                          place.The Av e ry Plaza design is approximately
19. Midland Valley Downtown Trail                         75% complete and is scheduled for construction
Extension: Advertisement for construction bids            in 2007. In addition, the City of Tulsa released
is scheduled to occur in late 2006.
                                                          consultants to proceed with the design of several
Allocation: $1 million; 10% complete

OCTOBER 2006                                                                                                                                                          7
26. Downtowns/Neighborhoods:                       26f. Owasso: Design and coordination of the        28. Owasso Medical Complex: The new
26a. Bixby: The Downtown Streetscape               underground utility relocation is underway with    two-million-gallon elevated water tank and the
Project construction is complete. The construc-    overall project completion scheduled for early     Phase I water transmission line are in use.
tion and installation of security improvements     2007.                                              Construction of the Phase II water transmission
in the public parks are underway.                  Allocation: $1,143,463.90; 93% complete            line is presently underway.
Allocation: $852,941.40; 98% complete                                                                 Allocation: $4.5 million; 93% complete
                                                   26g. Sand Springs:
26b. Broken Arrow: Design for the proposed         Applications for a downtown Façade                 29. Sand Springs Keystone Corridor
Farmer’s Market and Broken Arrow H i s t o ry      Improvement Grant program have been                Redevelopment: Property acquisition is
Museum are complete. Potential projects            received and reviews are underway. The bids        89% complete. Relocations and demolition
identified for the Neighborhood funds include      for the Internally Lighted Street Identification   activities are already underway.
new street lighting, neighborhood entrance         Signs (Streetscape Enhancements) have been         Allocation: $14.5 million; 69% complete
sign replacements, drainage and street             accepted. The City Council authorized PSO to
improvements and various park improvements.        construct the Downtown Street Lighting project     30. 61st Street (US 169 to 145th E.
Allocation: $3,972,953.93; 8% complete             and construction is underway. The Triangle         Ave.): The City of Tulsa Portion has been
                                                   Park project bids have been received and are       complete for some time, and the Tulsa County
26c. Collinsville: Design for the Main Street      under consideration. The Design for Spring         Portion is nearly complete with both coming in
Master Plan and Phase I Main Street                Park Phase I is underway. New entrance marker      under budget.
Enhancement project is underway. Preliminary       signage has been installed at River City Park      Allocation: $13.5 million; 98% complete
designs for the Community (Park) Shelter have      and landscape improvements are underway.
been approved and construction bid                 Allocation: $969,396.51; 21% complete
advertisement is scheduled for the fall of 2006.
Allocation: $239,286.73; 41% complete              26h. Skiatook: A local Boy Scout has
                                                   volunteered to make park improvements in
                                                   cooperation with the Town’s project. The Town
                                                   is soliciting proposals from landscape
                                                   architects for improvements along Main Street.
                                                   Allocation: $99,507.03; 1% complete

                                                   26i. Sperry: Construction of the Main Street
                                                   and the 2nd Street Sidewalk Projects are
                                                   Allocation: $58,954.70; 83% complete

                                                   26j. Tulsa: The Centennial Walk Conceptual
                                                   Design is complete and includes the                31. 36th Street North (Cincinnati
                                                   streetscaping of more than 20 blocks as well as    Avenue to the Osage County Line): This
                                                   the construction of “Centennial Green,” a half-    project has been bid and awarded. Pre-con-
26d. Glenpool: The first downtown/                 city block park on 6th Street from Main Street     struction utility relocations are underway with
neighborhood project, paving and sidewalk          to Boston Avenue. Fifty-four applications for      roadway construction beginning this fall.
improvements, is complete. Work has begun          the neighborhood enhancement programs have         Allocation: $4 million; 1% complete
on the Elwood Roadway Improvement Project.         been awarded and nine are presently being
Allocation: $459,388.00; 43% complete              implemented. The Downtown Housing                  Questions or Comments?
                                                   Developer Assistance project is in contract        Call Your Commissioner.
26e. Jenks: Construction is beginning on the       negotiations between the Developers and the
Veterans Park Playground and Restroom              City of Tulsa.                                     Wilbert E. Collins, Sr., District 1
Pavilion Projects.                                 Allocation: $21,591,348.09; 6% complete            (918) 596-5020
Allocation: $612,759.72; 65% complete                                                       
                                                   27. Haikey Creek Flood Prevention:
                                                   Development of the U.S. Army Corps of              Robert N. Dick, District 3
                                                   Engineers’ Feasibility Study continues.            (918) 596-5010
                                                   Allocation: $12.2 million; 1% complete   

                                                                                                      Randi Miller, District 2
                                                                                                      (918) 596-5015

8                                                                                                                                  VISION 2025 REPORT
Take me tothe

                                                                                                             least partial funding.
                                                                                                                  In addition to the Arkansas River Master Plan,
                                                                                                             funds from the Oxley Foundation have been used
                                                                                                             to start a whitewater study proposed by a group of
                                                                                                             avid local kayakers. They urged the construction
                                                                                                             of a whitewater park below Zink Dam in the area
                                                                                                             called the Tulsa Wave. The Tulsa Wave is not
                                                                                                             well-known – to most Tulsans – as an area for
                                                                                                             recreation on the water. But to kayakers in the
                                                                                                             know throughout the U.S., it is one of the best
                                                                                                             summertime areas for whitewater competition in
                                                                                                             the region and with help could be significantly
                                                                                                                  For this evaluation, INCOG contracted with
     Tulsa County is embracing our 42 miles of the        The Arkansas River is home to three                Denver-based McLaughlin Whitewater Engineers,
Arkansas River, and river development has             endangered species and one threatened species.         a consulting firm that has designed a number of
become the prime priority with planning by            The Interior Least Tern requires the most diligent     major whitewater attractions. During their visits
several groups rapidly moving forw a rd. At press     p rotection, because they nest and raise their         to Tulsa, they discovered that the area below Zink
time, here is the latest.                             young here. The American Bald Eagle nests and          Dam has tremendous potential for a major world-
     Planning Phases 1 and 2 are complete with        winters here. The Piping Plover and the American       class facility.
the finalization of the Arkansas River Corridor       B u rrowing Beetle are the other two species in the           Public Service Company recently improved
Master Plan, which has been approved and              a rea that must be considered when developing          the river bank and access to the Tulsa Wave – and
adopted by the Planning Commission, Tulsa City        river projects.                                        they’ve also put up “Tulsa Wave” signs near the
Council, Indian Nations Council of Governments                                                                  power plant. The next idea that goes along
(INCOG), Tulsa County Commission, and the                                                                       with that – and PSO is very interested in the
City of Jenks. The City of Sand Springs and                                                                     possibility – is to convert the Tulsa power
other municipalities are expected soon to adopt                                                                 station to a community facility, a gathering place,
the plan for their areas.                                                                                       and an observation point focused on kayakers.
     Presently, with the exception of Jenks, most                                                                    Another component is development of an
of the comprehensive plans in the communities                                                                   extended waterfront in Sand Springs that would
along the river do not have a river corridor                                                                    c reate a lake for additional park facilities,
component to them, with most treating river land                                                                educational facilities, natural habitats, etc. The
as flood plain. The river corridor needs special                                                                South Tulsa/Jenks low-water dam will provide
guidelines, along with comprehensive plans, to                                                                  water for an already-vibrant commercial area.
guide the quality of development along the                                                                      Water taxis are expected to run between
river, but development is both proposed and                                                                     attractions along the river.
beginning.                                                                                                           There were reasons why Tulsa turned its
     Unfortunately, many do not really understand                                                               back on the river in the past. It’s been a
how long it takes to develop something on an                                                                    dangerous river for flooding. It’s been a river
environmentally p rotected river like ours. Both                                                                dominated by industrial activity, as waste would
public and private o fficials are working                                                                       go in the river without any care. Now the waste
quickly with diligence and ask for the                                                                          has been removed and future pollution
community’s patience.                                                                                           forbidden. The fish are safe to eat, but the water
     INCOG sponsored Phases 1 and 2 on behalf                                                                   will always look a bit brown since it is moving
of the area communities to develop the plan with          The level of water in the river is one of the      vast amounts of soil. However, with those
the Army Corps of Engineers. Now Tulsa County,        prime factors needing improvement. While the           concerns now alleviated, both residents and
through Vision 2025, has stepped up to be the         Arkansas is a great river, it naturally doesn’t have   visitors are embracing the Arkansas River as a fun
overall sponsor of the corridor plan and has          much water. Plans focus on building a                  place to be. The momentum from the upcoming
provided the 50 percent funding to the Corps to       consistency of water in the river by adding low-       public infrastru c t u re projects has sparked the
undertake Phase 3 with Vision 2025 funds. This        water dams and pools at selected locations.            imaginations of private investors who will drive
phase is primarily focused on collecting field data   Overall, the 42 miles of Arkansas River in Tulsa       f o rw a rdtheir own plans for many new projects –
for environmental clearance of the major public       County will be a healthy mix of natural habitats,      which means the best is yet to come for all of the
venues along the corridor, such as the low-water      recreation, and development opportunity.               42 miles of Arkansas River within Tulsa County.
dams and walking trails and so forth. Obtaining           The first two areas to be studied are the               For more information related to the Arkansas
the federally required permits involves the           sediment accumulations behind the dam in Zink          River Corridor visit
collection of vast quantities of specific             Lake and shoreline beautification. The third is the
environmental data, a process which will take a       building of the low-water dams. All three of those
little over a year.                                   efforts were included within Vision 2025 with at
OCTOBER 2006                                                                                                                                                     9
NSU&Vision 2025:
                                                                                                                  respected degree programs that have become
                                                                                                                  synonymous with NSU throughout its nearly
                                                                                                                  100-year history.

A Perfect Match
     T h rough the generosity and support of the
                                                                                                                  INNOVATION FROM THE GROUND UP
                                                                                                                       Heating and cooling a facility as large as
                                                                                                                  NSU-BA is an important part of building and
                                                                                                                  operation costs. The architects and engineers
                                                                                                                  e x p l o red every option with Northeastern
B roken Arrow community, Northeastern State                    “The foresight of                                  o fficials, opting for a unique geothermal system
                                                                                                                  which uses approximately half the operating
U n i v e r s i t y - B rokenArrow opened its doors in
August 2001 with three buildings and the                    Tulsa County voters is                                e n e rgy required to heat and cool campus
p romise to provide quality educational                                                                           buildings when compared with traditional
o p p o rtunities to the citizens of the Greater Tulsa
                                                            helping NSU-BA reach                                  systems.
M e t ropolitan Area.                                          its full potential.”                                    The system utilizes water source heat pumps
                                                                                                                  either to dissipate heat into the earth for summer
     The Vision 2025 package approved by voters                          Dr. Larry Williams,
in September 2003 provided for a $26 million                                                                      cooling or to pull heat from the earth for winter
                                                                           NSU President
package to complete Phase II construction on                                                                      heating. The closed loop system stretches
the campus which includes science, library and               “We greatly appreciate the faith the people of       290,000 feet, or 55 miles, and uses a series of
c l a s s roombuildings. Once completed, the             B roken Arrow and Tulsa County have placed in            wells 300-ft. deep as a heat transfer medium.
expanded campus will be able to accommodate              our university by approving Vision 2025,” said                In addition to cost efficiency, the system
8,000 students annually, providing for increased         NSU President Dr. Larry Williams. “The project           is exceptionally quiet with no cooling towers,
economic growth for the Tulsa metropolitan area          is a valuable investment in the future for the           boilers or condensers. Equipment for the
t h rough a well-educated workforce. This talented       Tulsa area.”                                             system is located within the peaked roof of each
workforce, in turn, will provide incentive for new           The new NSU-BA facilities provide re s i d e n t s   building and the well fields are under the
employers to establish businesses in the region.         of the Tulsa area access to many of the 80 highly        parking lots.

10                                                                                                                                           VISION 2025 REPORT
Arena Update                                            the re s t rooms, the mechanical rooms, show
                                                        o ffices – and crammed them into little slots all
                                                        a round the arena bowl. Instead, these activities
    With construction in full drive, the BOK Center     a re pulled away from the center of the arena
is changing daily the skyline of downtown Tulsa.        to the outer area. This will open up wider
You can watch construction pro g ressing live           sections of view to the bowl from anywhere
online from two cameras                                 a round the concourse.
p roviding both an east                                       Another feature is the house-darkening
and west view at                                        system. For a large concert or convention, or                                  t h e re would be no house-darkening necessary.          the construction packages are bid and work is
simply drive by on                                      But for smaller events, the entire upper bowl            going on, is a flurry of private economic
Denver from 1st to                                      can be blacked out, or the house can be                  development all around the arena. Several
3 rd Street.                                            divided in half for a black-box type of                  major private contracts are in negotiation. The
    This facility has some interesting innovations.     performance.                                             face of downtown Tulsa is changing in many
Arenas generally have taken the ancillary functions –         What’s already been happening, even as             positive ways.

Expo SuccessDraws                                                                                                    “It’s a wonderful, dynamic, challenging
                                                                                                                 business to work in, and I’m spoiled by a work
                                                                                                                 environment that literally changes by the day and

Growing Interest
                                                                                                                 the hour,” Bjorklund said. “I’m talking different
                                                                                                                 languages with diff e rent people at diff e rent times
                                                                                                                 – by that I mean that the language of the horse
                                                                                                                 show industry is diff e rent than the language of
                                                                                                                 the boat show industry, or the stage and
    With nearly 30 years in public facilities           disrepair – they’re large, public facilities, and        entertainment industry, or the sporting industry –
management, Rick Bjorklund, Expo Square’s new           they do depreciate. The anomaly is that our lead-        and I get to touch them all. That’s fun and I’m
President and CEO, is excited about the                 ership did Vision 2025 right. They were strong,          excited about our role and expanding our place
o p p o rtunity to lead what he knows is the best       they were right, and they took it forw a rd. They        in the community.”
facility of its kind in the nation. That’s why he       were visionary and statesmanlike. That doesn’t
moved to Tulsa.                                         happen every w h e re – it’s the exception that
                                                        our community leadership ‘gets it’ and gets it
                                                                                                                     “It is unquestionably
                                                        so well.”                                                 being developed into one
                                                                                                                    of the best equestrian
                                                                                                                   facilities in the country,
                                                                                                                  but beyond that, it is the
                                                                                                                  model across the country
                                                             “I foresee more events coming here, now that
                                                                                                                  that everyone else wants
                                                        the improvements have come out so well,”                        to subscribe to.”
                                                        Bjorklund said. “The paying public doesn’t want                         Rick Bjorklund,
                                                        to attend events at old, decrepit facilities and the             Expo Square President and CEO
                                                        promoters and the producers certainly don’t want
                                                        to bring their events to old decrepit facilities.            “Tulsans are renowned within the industry for
    “In public facility management circles, Tulsa            “Growing our event base is an absolute              embracing this facility – they love the Golden
is known as ‘The One,’ ” Bjorklund said. “It is         priority. The wonderful thing about Expo is that         Driller (known throughout the country as one of
unquestionably being developed into one of the          it’s multi-dimensional. We produce horse racing          the best icons in the business) and the Expo
best equestrian facilities in the country, but          and the state fair, but we don’t produce all the         Building which was built during Tulsa’s oil boom
beyond that, it is the model across the country         events that take place here. We work with                days,” Bjorklund continued. “Building from that
that everyone else wants to subscribe to and            promoters and we lease or rent the facilities,           base with the new additions and parlaying it all
wants their governments to subscribe to, as to          depending on what the event needs are. We                for the best interests of the metropolitan area is
how to fund a public facility and take it forw a rd.    produce the racing events and the state fair in-         going to be great fun and good business.”
    “When I address civic groups and other              house with outstanding staff recognized nation-
organizations, my usual opener is that it’s not an      wide as second to none. If somebody doesn’t
anomaly that facilities across the nation like Expo     want to produce an event we have the strength, 
S q u a reor the convention center can fall into        the talent, and the capability to produce it for them.
OCTOBER 2006                                                                                                                                                              11
Chairman’s                                                                                                    project. The successful model Tulsa County

                                                                                                              developed is working. In less than three years,
                                                                                                              the program at this time is 40% complete and
                                                                                                              taxpayers are able to follow its progress each
                                                                                                              step of the way.
                                                                                                                  While the Sales Tax Overview Committee
                                                                                                              meets monthly to review each project in open
By Commissioner Wi l b e rt E. Collins, Sr.                                                                   meetings, taxpayers are also welcome to review
                                                                                                              the program Web site at,
    When I was first elected to the County                                                                    peruse annual newsletters, and visit the Vision
Commission in 1998, it soon became clear that                                                                 2025 booth at the Tulsa State Fair. While at
public improvement needs were greater than                                                                    Expo Square, see for yourself the
the operating budget. The Commissioners                                                                       improvements there, and as you have the
debated and I argued for a citizen’s vote on                                                                  opportunity, visit OU-Tulsa, OSU-Tulsa, the
capital improvements. Several packages have                                                                   new Morton Health Center and other Vision
since been passed for the betterment of Tulsa                                                                 2025 projects throughout Tulsa County –
County. Thank you.                                                                                            the projects you approved that are making a
    Our families deserve safe roads and                                                                       difference for a better life countywide.
bridges, nice parks and community amenities                                                                       This public report is a direct effort to keep
and local businesses need the infrastructure to                                                               you current on all the projects and includes
be successful– to build prosperity for future                                                                 program highlights. Tulsa County’s forward
generations.                                                                                                  momentum will continue as more major
                                                        Commissioner Wi l b e rt Collins
    I believe Tulsa County has and should                                                                     projects open to the public. I invite you to
continue to unite cities and towns, and cooperate           When Vision 2025 was developed, the               review these details and if you have any
with the state and the federal government and           leadership demanded attention to specifics.           questions, call me.
the Indian Nations to work together. There is           Tulsa voters have rallied to support local
no better example of this cooperation than              growth packages, especially when presented in

Vision 2025.                                            specific detail with results clearly visible to the
                                                        public. Those results are listed here in every

                      Commissioner Wilbert Collins, Chair                                                                                     PRSRT STD
                      Board of County Commissioners                                                                                           US POSTAGE
                      Tulsa County Offices
                      500 South Denver                                                                                                          PAID
                      Tulsa, OK 74103                                                                                                           TULSA OK
                      Tulsa County Commissioners: W l b e rt Collins, Bob Dick and Randi Miller
                                                   i                                                                                             PERMIT


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