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									                        The Austin Report
2011 Silver Profit Report
Silver Profits Ahead - Important to Buy Now
    In July of 2008, we published an exclusive Austin         In our opinion, it’s not too late to defend yourself
Report strongly recommending Silver as the next hot        against the coming years of inflation by acquiring Silver.
investment. Inside that report, we stated–                 Experts continue to argue the advantages of holding at
    “The price rise from $4.06 in 2001 to today’s price    least a small portion of your money in real, Silver Coins.
of $13.48 (in mid 2008)                                                 The reasons remain grounded in the short
reflects that industries are                                            supply scenario driven by rising demand from
willing to pay ever higher                                              both industrial users and investors locking in
Silver prices to manufacture                                            precious metals ahead of imminent inflation.
their products.”                                                        Key Reasons to Buy Silver Now
    Any event could trigger                                             1. Record Silver Buying from China –
a sharp rise in silver prices.                                          In 2010, the Chinese imported a record
Just the fear of a currency                                             3,475,394 kilos of Silver. This was a massive
crisis (and not a crisis itself)                                        four-fold increase from 2009 and may continue
is all it would take to repeat                                          to increase in 2011.
windfall Silver profits like
those we saw in the 1970s                                                2. Investors Still Willing to Buy Over
when Silver peaked at $50                                               $40 – China imported 245.6 metric tons of
per oz.                                                                 silver in February of 2011. The figure is close
    Like many of our                                                    to the 260.6 metric tons imported in February
forecasts for Gold, our                                                 2010 and suggests the Chinese are more than
advice on Silver proved                                                 willing to buy silver at over $40 per ounce.
hugely profitable as Silver is                                          This demand is likely from the private sector
trading today over $35.00 an                                            rather than official.
ounce after prices tripled in                                           3. Asians Understand Hyperinflation
less than five years in a wild                                          Buying Silver – The Chinese experienced
and crazy bull market for precious metals.                              the collapse of their paper currency and
In April 2011, Silver hit a 30 year all-time                            hyperinflation as recently as 1949. They
high of $48.70 an ounce.                                                understand and appreciate the unique value
    While many missed the early gains, you don’t want      of hard assets like Silver (and Gold) as currencies which
to wait any longer to get in on the stages of the Silver   cannot be debased by an out of control Government.
Bull Market. Historically, the second and third stages
                                                           4. Silver is Money to Americans Too – In uncertain
are the most profitable in a runaway Bull Market.
                                                           times like these, Americans trust Silver as a form of
                                                           inflation-proof money. Silver was used in the first Silver
                                                           Dollar the U.S. Mint issued in 1794 up until the last Silver
                                                           Coins were removed from circulation in 1964. Older
                                                           Americans especially can relate to Silver as money, as real,
                                                           tangible; physical wealth.
                                                           5. Silver Unbeatable as “Crisis” Money – A core
                                                           holding of physical Silver is often recommended as money
                                                           that should be kept accessible at all times in a crisis. Silver
                                                           money you can spend on day-to-day necessities if the
                                                           ATMs are closed and no one will accept paper money. By
                                                           comparison, Gold in a crisis would be priced too high for
                                                           daily use as money, but Silver would retain its spending
                                                           money status.
        The Austin Report – SILVER’S FIVE BEST KEPT SECRETS
6. Silver Has Been More Profitable Than Gold –                 Market. At $35 an ounce, all of the world’s above ground
Silver has outperformed gold since 2001, increasing in         Silver Bullion supply is valued at a paltry $22.2 Billion.
value 656% versus 450% for Gold. Both are increasing           Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, could buy all of the
in value for many of the same reasons.                         world’s supply of Silver Bullion and still have Billions
7. Potential Currency Crisis Brewing – The U.S.
Dollar has lost 96% of its value since 1913. Today the         12. Silver As a Hedge – We have inside information
U.S. Dollar is falling in value and at risk of a crisis this   that several hedge funds stepped into the Silver Market
year or in 2012. The “fear” of a currency crisis alone         prior to and during 2011. You might be surprised to learn
has been enough to drive up investor Silver demand             that Austin Rare Coins & Bullion has several billionaire
worldwide amidst turmoil for both the Dollar and Euro.         investors and investment managers as clients who are
                                                               buying Silver Coins.
8. Industrial Silver Demand Growing Again – In
its industrial consumption role, silver demand has been           We often share research and opinions with them.
so strong for the past 60 years that it has depleted           The word from these sources is that $50 Silver is a lock.
inventories that took hundreds of years to accumulate.         While we can’t guarantee their opinions (or ours), it is
Silver is used in Industrial applications, photography,        comforting to know that Silver at today’s price levels still
jewelry, and silverware.                                       looks to be undervalued to many insiders.
    Surprising, innovative uses for Silver virtually           13. Silver as The Ultimate Hedge Against Global
guarantee a higher future demand for years to                  Turmoil – We don’t know one single investor who is not
come. Silver is often consumed in new technologies             worried about Government spending and debt. People
like smart cell phones, iPads, refrigerators, water            know the Government will use inflation to pay for their
purification, lubrication of jet engines, and numerous         spending binges. That has triggered a rapidly rising “fear
medical uses.                                                  of inflation” in recent months. There is no other driving
                                                               force which can explain the upward trend in Silver.
9. Silver in Deficit Supply – Silver is in short supply.
Not enough Silver has been mined in the past 17 years          14. Silver for Inflation Protection/Wealth
to meet growing industrial demand. Above-ground                Preservation – In a world awash in fiat currencies, many
Government stockpiles once filled that demand but are          investors have turned to Silver and Gold for protection.
now becoming exhausted.                                        Based on our wide range of clients buying today from
    In 1959, the U.S. Treasury held two billion ounces         Austin Rare Coins & Bullion, we’re convinced Silver
of Silver. Today, it owns no Silver at all. The U.S. Mint      buyers today are focused on long-term preservation of
has been purchasing all of the new Silver supply from          buying power of their savings.
U.S. mining efforts and been forced to import additional          The dollar value today of one ounce of Silver is not
Silver to make coins. Because industrial nations no            nearly as important as how many gallons of gas a one
longer stockpile Silver, there is little overhanging           ounce American Eagle Silver Dollar will buy five years
Silver supplies currently holding down Gold prices.            from now after inflation takes over the economy.
10. Investor Demand Has Triggered a Silver
                                                               If You Don’t Own Silver, Will You Live to Regret It?
Rush – As we predicted in 2008, word spread of the
                                                                   Demand for Silver exceeds the available above ground
shortfall of Silver. Investors rushed in bidding up
                                                               supplies. Buyers are trading paper money for Silver
Silver prices more than 80% in 2010. Silver today is
                                                               money. As with Gold, Silver is an ideal hedge against
a very small investment market. A relatively small
influx of new investors has doubled the demand and
                                                                   Our Final Thoughts: If inflation hits the levels we
driven up Silver prices 157% since our 2008 Silver
                                                               expect, you should not be thinking of Silver as a way to
                                                               get rich. Instead, think of it as a defensive investment. If
11. Physical Silver is in a Tight Market – The                 gas is ten dollars a gallon and a Silver Eagle will buy ten
Comex exchange buys, sells, and trades Silver as well          gallons of gas, YOU WILL BEAT INFLATION! It won’t
as Silver futures contracts. In mid-February, Silver           really matter that Silver is $100 an ounce in inflated U.S.
futures hit the first backwardation since ’97-’98. That        Dollars. Silver will have proved its value by preserving
means there are relatively few Silver owners that              buying power.
will part with their bullion while there appears to be             If a scenario anything like that comes true, we’ll all
an increasing amount of demand for bullion. Even               wish we had bought a lot more Silver at today’s prices.
a single buyer could step in and buy up the Silver

        The Austin Report – SILVER’S FIVE BEST KEPT SECRETS

Silver’s Five Best-Kept Secrets for 2011
The White Metal Determined to Outperform Gold in Today’s Bull Market
    As we look forward to where Silver is headed in
2011, we continue to feel the coming years will mirror
the bleak economic times of the 1970’s.
    The 70s was a decade of back-to-back recessions,
high unemployment, financial upheaval, rising oil
prices, hyperinflation, huge Gov’t spending, and
uncertainty for U.S. Stocks and Bonds.
    Back then, investors took the flight-to-safety into
precious metals. Silver profited handsomely as prices
roared from $1.29 in the mid-1960s to peak at $50.00 an
oz. in 1980. Silver prices outperformed Gold across
the decade and soared by 3,775%.
Is History About to Repeat Itself?
    For many of the reasons we’ll detail in this exclusive
Austin Report, we believe Silver is poised to take off
                                                                 One thing is certain, Washington will dictate the
past the $50 high in 1980 and past the inflation-adjusted
                                                             direction of stocks, bonds, real estate, and the U.S. Dollar
high of $132.
                                                             for years to come as America has been forever changed.
    Today, the U.S. economy is struggling out of a deep,
prolonged recession. Unemployment is near 10%,               What You Must Know Now to Maximize Returns
over 149 U.S. banks collapsed in 2010, and 2.9 million           The last radical crisis of confidence was in the 1970s.
households received a foreclosure filing. All of this is     Wealth moved from paper assets to hard money, from risk
expected to increase during 2011.                            to safety. That created huge profit opportunities for those
    The too-big-to-fail Wall Street banks survived           individuals willing to take a position in Gold and Silver.
thanks to an injection of $700 Billion of taxpayer               Inside our Austin Report, we’ll share Silver’s five
money. Massive government spending and money                 best-kept secrets... and why Silver may outperform Gold.
creation for bailouts has us convinced that Americans        Whether or not you’ve profited from the rise so far, don’t
face years of inflation, possibly hyperinflation.            miss the next leg up in the booming Silver market.
    Silver has multiplied in value nine times from 2001–         Silver could very well become one of the most
and that’s before we had even a hint of inflation.           profitable investments of the decade. We feel that Silver
                                                             will continue to outperform Stocks, Bonds, and
How to Survive a Stagnant Economy with Inflation
                                                             even Gold. When you look at the facts, Silver remains a
    We cannot over-emphasize to investors that the
                                                             bargain under $50 an ounce.
world economy has shrunk dramatically. The consumer
driven U.S. must be reshaped and restructured.               • April 2011, Silver hits a 30-year all time high at $48.70
                                          That will take     an ounce.
                                      time. To preserve      • Silver’s all-time high was $50 in 1980.
                                      wealth and thrive
                                      we must re-examine     • The inflation-adjusted Silver high is over $132.
                                      carefully the risks    • Based on the historic relationship of Silver to Gold,
                                      and rewards. In the    Silver outperformed Gold in 2010. In 2010, Silver soared
                                      coming decade of       80% while Gold increased 28%. Silver is up 95% over the
                                      social and economic    past 12 months while Gold increased 26%.
                                      uncertainty,               While we believe Silver and Gold will mutiply in value
                                      precious metals        in the coming years, and at this moment in history, Silver
                                      remain poised as top   may be the best buy you can find compared to any
                                      performers.            asset– even Gold.
    During the 1970s, the secret to avoiding losses and          The coming “Double Profit” opportunity is quite rare
prospering was to hoard away Gold and Silver Coins           for precious metals. The sooner you discover the five
early before inflation hit. Today, that requires many of     secrets and buy Silver, the better off you’ll be.
us to change our thinking and adapt to a new world of                                        (Turn the page and read on)
rising inflation, higher taxes, and government control.

        The Austin Report – SILVER’S FIVE BEST KEPT SECRETS

Only Silver and Gold Are Real Money
Unique Advantages of Adding Silver to Your Gold Portfolio

    There are Five Secrets very few people know that
explain Silver prices are on the verge of a historic rise.
    As we reveal them one by one, we’ll explain why
we believe Silver is better to own today than any
other asset class– Stocks, Bonds, homes, real estate,
or cash. Finally, we’ll share why Silver will ultimately
outperform Gold in the coming flight-to-safety.

Silver Secret #1                                                      “No state shall enter into any treaty, alliance, or
   Silver and Gold were money, are money today, and                   confederation; grant letters of marque and reprisal;
will be recognized as the only real money before the                  coin money; emit bills of credit; make anything but
current banking crisis and economic collapse are over.                gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts.”
    Since the first U.S. coins were minted, our country
used Silver dollars, half dollars, quarters, and dimes               U.S. Constitution Defines Silver & Gold As Money
as circulating coinage– real money avoided inflation,                       You may be surprised to learn the founding
stabilized wages, and controlled prices.                                fathers were so concerned with creating a stable,
    For convenience sake, Silver Certificates were                      reliable currency that they defined money in the U.S.
issued and used in daily commerce. Gold Certificates                    Constitution. (see above.)
were for large international trading transactions.                          They knew that Kings, Dictators, Presidents, or
    By law, the declaration found on each Silver                        Congress would find it an irresistible temptation to print
Certificate was a promise to pay in real money–                         excess paper money and use inflation to transfer wealth
                                                                        from the citizens to the government.
“This certifies that there has been deposited                               Today, the massive U.S. budget deficits, the banking
                                                                        crisis, and the $9.7 Trillion in taxpayer bailouts would not
    in the Treasury of the United States of                             have happened if Gold and Silver were still money.
          America... One Silver Dollar                                  Inflation Destroys Wealth Quickly
      Payable to the Bearer on Demand.”                                     Silver and Gold have always been and are today a
                                                                        stable, reliable storehouse of wealth over long periods
    Silver Certificates were backed by Silver held at                   of time. Let’s suppose the 1957 - $1 Silver Certificate at
U.S. Mints, Assay Offices, or Fort Knox. Every paper                    right was still honored by the U.S. Gov’t today.
dollar was backed by Silver or Gold, real money.                            In that case, you could walk into any bank and demand
    The use of Silver money as a storehouse of wealth                   the teller give you a Silver Dollar for the $1.00 bill. At
dates back 2,400 years. The Ancient Greek city –                        current prices, a Silver Dollar has over $35 in buying
state of Athens was the first to widely                                 power. A paper dollar bill is worth– well, a dollar.
circulate Silver Owl coins as trade                                           In this simple story, you can see how 90% of a paper
currency.                                                                                dollar’s buying power has been inflated
    Across the centuries, Silver Coins                                                     away since the 1960s. Sadly, that’s
were used as money by Egyptians,                                                             nothing like the hyperinflation coming!
Persians, Romans, the Chinese, and                                                               The Federal Reserve bailouts
trading nations worldwide.                                                                  doubled the U.S. supply of paper
    Silver and Gold Coins were real                                                        dollars. We feel inflation will be the
and honest money always worth their                                                       inevitable result– years of wealth
weight in precious metals– difficult to                                                  destroying inflation.
counterfeit and free of inflation.                                                          Do you wonder how to beat this hidden
    To this day, U.S. Gold and Silver                                                    Government inflation tax? It’s simple, just
remain as the currency of last resort,        Morgan Silver Dollars and $10 Eagle       convert your paper dollars in the bank into
                                               Gold Coins were legal tender money.
always easy to buy, sell or trade.                                                      real Gold or Silver Coins.

             The Austin Report – SILVER’S FIVE BEST KEPT SECRETS

Massive Silver Stockpiles Disappeared
Huge Demand, Short Supply Scenario Ahead

     Sooner or later, millions of people will be buying                New uses continue to grow year by year, putting
Silver to avoid the inflationary death spiral. People            pressure on the tight supplies!
will buy Gold first, then Silver is likely to see waves of            New Silver uses have one thing in common: All of
buying. When that happens, there won’t be enough Silver          these new industrial applications consume millions
to meet the demand because the Silver has vanished.              of ounces of Silver each year that end up in a product or
                                                                 landfills– and the Silver is gone forever.
Silver Secret #2
                                                                 Newly Mined Silver Can’t Meet Current Demand
    The Massive U.S. Government stockpiles of six billion              Since 2001, industrial uses for Silver rose a whopping
ounces of Silver were sold. They’re gone forever and will not    36%. While demand was rising, net Gov’t Silver sales
be available to fill the coming demand for Silver. Most of the   plummeted– 57% year over year in 2007 alone.
stockpiles have been used up in industrial applications and            With demand for Silver already 200 million ounces
are unrecoverable.                                               a year more than mines supply, any increase in investor
                                                                 demand will raise Silver prices.
    Today, we love Silver just for the supply and demand               When demand soars and meets a limited supply, that
fundamentals. At some point, inflation will rise quickly         creates the perfect scenario for increases in Silver prices.
and unexpectedly as a result of printing paper money for
                                                                 Silver Stockpiles Were Depleted by 2002
bailouts. As the world supply of Silver left government
                                                                     By 2002, the massive U.S. Silver stockpiles that once
stockpiles, it was manufactured into industrial devices
                                                                 totaled six billion ounces were gone! The U.S. Mint was
and used up!
                                                                 forced to go on the open market and bid-up prices for the
  In fact, the Silver Institute reports, the total               10 million ounces they needed to mint Silver Eagles.
industrial demand alone for Silver gobbled up                        This was a huge problem. Without the U.S. supply,
more than 40% of global supply.                                  Global Silver mines alone were short some 200 million
Silver is a Must-Have Industrial Component                       ounces needed each year to meet the on-going demand.
     In recent years, Silver expanded beyond traditional             This shortage was before investors started to dive into
uses in photography, jewelry, and coins where it could           the Market! With Silver in short supply and demand rising,
be recycled. It is now used in cell phones, iPods, iPads,        Silver prices increased seven times since 2001. Yet, it’s
portable devices, computers, televisions, electronic             still not widely known Silver has outperformed U.S. Stocks
appliances and batteries. Today, only petroleum has              and Bonds every year since 2001– and Gold in most years.
more industrial uses than silver.                                Silver profits so far are just a hint of what’s ahead.
     Silver is also part of water purification devices and       The Biggest Secret of All About Silver
linings of refrigerators to keep food fresh. Silver is used          Our research into the Silver Market leads us to what
in dentistry, medical apps, and Bandaids which are as            may be the most powerful and unbelievable Silver Secret
effective as antibiotics. Yes, Silver has gone “green” and       of them all– one that may very well cause the price of
is found extensively in solar cells.                             Silver to explode overnight….

By 1968, Silver Certificates like
this were replaced by Federal
Reserve Notes, a fiat paper

Fiat means the Government just
says it’s money and is no longer
obligated to give the holder a
Silver Dollar in exchange for this

The Treasury Department then sold
off the Silver that had once been
the backbone of world currency.

        The Austin Report – SILVER’S FIVE BEST KEPT SECRETS

Futures Market Manipulation
What is the Real Price of Silver?

Silver Secret #3
   We discovered that the COMEX has, through options
contracts, promised out over 650 million ounces of Silver
when in reality, they only have approximately 105 million
ounces in their vaults to physically deliver!

    During the 2008 Silver shortage, the price of Silver         Now is the time to buy Silver and secure your safety,
on the futures market surprisingly fell from $20 to $10      before Silver prices rise higher.
per ounce in a matter of a few months. Yet, when the
Silver price fell, demand exploded and supplies were         Silver Secret #4
nowhere to be found.                                             During the massive surge of fresh investment demand,
    This defies all logic of supply and demand and made      the U.S. Mint was completely overwhelmed for months and
us seriously question the overall integrity of futures       unable to fill all the orders for Silver Eagles.
pricing in the Silver market.
    What does this say about the futures price of Silver?        As the Stock Market unraveled throughout the past
What, then, is Silver really worth?                          two years, our phones were ringing off the wall. There
     Remember, a futures contract is a paper agreement       was panic buying of Gold and Silver alike. No logic to it,
between a buyer and a seller which expires on a specific     no consideration of the facts, money was moving into
date at a specific price. In most cases, at the expiration   physical Silver in a panic.
of a contract, the buyer doesn’t actually take possession        Demand was unprecedented. Investors paid high
of the Silver, but liquidates or takes out another           premiums and we waited weeks for delivery of Silver
speculative contract. No metal trades hands.                 bars, Silver coins, anything Silver.
     However, given the recent economic turbulence               Now, let’s consider what that means to us:
and lack of confidence, we’re seeing evidence of more
and more sophisticated investors taking possession of           The U.S. Mint could not produce enough
their Silver at the expiration of their contracts. At some   finished Silver Bullion Coins meet the
point, the COMEX could potentially run out of Silver
                                                             demand from investors.
they have promised to fulfill.
     Currently, Global ETF holdings are under $15                  Despite Silver prices falling on the futures market,
Billion. In the ocean of liquidity and fiat currency, this   no dealer in America could fill the rush of new demand for
is a drop in the bucket. Consider this: One aggressive       Silver Coins in the flight-to-safety.
hedge fund or investor, if they so chose, could                    This was the first moment in history we can
potentially corner the market!                               recall where there were no Silver Bars or Silver Coins
Silver Prices Could Turn Parabolic                           anywhere, period. The stockpiles were gone and newly
     When inflation begins to take hold, we anticipate       mined Silver simply could not arrive fast enough for the
never before seen demand for physical Silver. Given          U.S. Mint to strike enough Silver Eagles to meet demand.
the existing shortfall of supply and ever-growing            Wealth is Money from Paper Assets to Hard Assets
pressure on physical stockpiles, we feel Silver prices             The most fascinating part of this story is that the
can only go in one direction– up.                            demand for Silver Coins has been higher in the past year
     There’s the distinct likelihood of an absolute price    than it was back then. Wealth continues to flow from bad
explosion in Silver. That’s why we urge you to buy           money to good money, from cash to Silver, from Stocks to
Silver now, before the breakout, and most importantly,       Silver.
before premiums begin to rise on world bullion coins.              This year, the supply of new American Eagles has
     While there’s always downside risk, Silver seems        barely kept up with the demand. At any time, the U.S.
like a real bargain to us. Silver hit a 30-year all-time     Mint can delay Silver Eagle production for 2011, due to
high of $48.70 an ounce in April 2011. Seeing this           diminishing supply. We’ll see what happens to physical
lets you in on another reason why Silver prices have         prices then as we continue with the best kept secret of
increased nine times since 2001.                             all...

        The Austin Report – SILVER’S FIVE BEST KEPT SECRETS

Could Silver Really Be Rarer Than Gold?
This is the Ultimate Double-Profit Opportunity for Silver

    Since 2001, precious metals have been in a roaring
bull market! In search of value and opportunity,
we began to recommend Silver as one of the most
undervalued, overlooked ways to make money.
    Three years ago, the Austin Report warned readers
of a coming Stock Market crash and possibility of an
implosion of the world’s financial system in an article
titled, “The Coming Perfect Financial Storm.”
    Back then, we knew more about the impending
Sub-Prime mortgage debacle than most people know
today. We warned of the growing risk in Stocks and that
readers needed to insure against a Stock Market crash.
    We increased our recommendation for holding Gold
and Silver from 10% to 20%. We also urged readers to
acquire a larger core holding of Silver.
   In the last nine years, Silver investors have                Silver outperformed Gold in six of the last ten years. After Silver’s
really cleaned up with average annual gains of                 28% correction in 2008, prices soared 57% in 2009 and 80% in 2010.

52%, holding steady with Gold’s 42% rise.                        When we discovered this fact, our first thought was–
    Stock brokers and financial advisors could not           “It’s critical to urge clients to put away more Silver now
understand how a nearly forgotten precious metal like        before the true rarity of Silver supplies becomes widely
Silver could outperform almost every other asset class.      known.” We’re sure this could prove very valuable.
They don’t understand that the supply fundamentals           Gold is Precious Because It’s Rare
for Silver have changed dramatically!                            Silver, like Gold, is valued as a rare, precious metal.
    Silver prices took off in 2003 because the U.S.          If you stacked up all Gold mined in recorded history, you
government vaults had run out of a cheap, readily            could fill up only one-third of the Washington monument.
available supply of Silver. Ultimately, that led us to the       Gold is rare indeed. However, the research shows
most important of all secrets about Silver.                  95% of all Gold ever mined still exists today. Gold is
                                                             never used up or destroyed.
Silver Secret #5                                             Silver is Different
    When we compare the readily available above-ground
                                                                 Unlike Gold that is saved, the vast majority of all
supplies, it’s obvious that Silver is rarer than Gold.
                                                             government Silver is gone. After 1964, most Silver coins
                                                             were also pulled from circulation around the globe.
    We first found this hidden nugget tucked away in
                                                                 That left the world with huge Stockpiles of Silver.
a boring 250 page Silver report. As we fact-checked
                                                             The idea that Silver might one day be “rare” was
this with other trusted sources, we’ve come to agree–
                                                             dismissed– Silver coins were everywhere! In the 1970s,
Silver today is rarer than available Gold!
                                                             Washington got the bright idea to sell off the massive
                                                             3.5 billion ounce U.S. Silver hoard that had accumulated
                                                             since 1859.
                                                                 Central Banks dumped massive Silver stockpiles
                                                             over the next 40 years. This drove down prices so low it
                                                             became unprofitable to keep primary Silver mines open.
                                                             Why is Silver So Cheap?
                                                                 That leaves the world with the smallest above-ground
                                                             supply of Silver in centuries (far less than avaialble Gold).
                                                                 Yet, Silver is trading under $40 an ounce while Gold
                                                             commands an $1,500 - $1,552 price. By our analysis, the
                                                             price of Silver could easily multiply by 3x, 5x, or even 10x
                                                             today’s price and still be a bargain.

        The Austin Report – SILVER’S FIVE BEST KEPT SECRETS

Inflation and Hyperinflation Are Coming
Unstoppable Government Forces Are Stealing Our Wealth

    Inflation is a destroyer of wealth, dreams, and              U.S. backed dictators in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain,
retirement plans. As a gallon of gas has risen from          and Yemen are in trouble. South America’s and India’s
$3.00 to $4.00, you can just feel the economy slowing        populations are rising against alleged government
down. As money manager Barry Ritholz computed                corruption.
for us, every penny rise in the price of gas pumps $1.5          In America, a conservative movement labeled The
Billion out of household cash flow.                          Tea Party is likewise demanding that Washington stop the
    Sadly, rising gas prices are about to kill any                spending, stop the borrowing, and stop stealing the
hope of the U.S. recovery, if there was one.                      nation’s wealth through inflation. We have no one
But rising gas prices at the pump are just                        rioting in the streets, no lack of food in the stores, at
the beginning of the inflation problem. The                       least not yet. But many of us have growing concerns
American economy runs on energy. High                             as to how the nation will ever get out of debt. .
energy prices drive up home prices and halt                       Inflation and Deflation Are Destroying America
automotive sales.                                                     Surprisingly it’s a combination of deflation and
    The U.N. Food and Agricultural                              inflation that are killing America’s future. Home
Organization reports food inflation is up for                 prices are deflating, the number of working Americans
the seventh consecutive month. World food                    are falling, wages are deflating, and our future hopes are
prices are up 3.4% from the month before                     fading fast.
hitting a level that was “the highest in                         For those of us who have accumulated wealth and a
both real and nominal terms” since they                      retirement savings, the Federal Reserve has deflated
began keeping records.                                       what we are paid on interest.. We can remember earning
    Meanwhile, the U.S. Government                           8-9% interest on our bank CDs. Today, we are being
reported inflation for all of 2010 was only                  robbed as the Federal Reserve has deflated what we
1.8%. That “official” figure conveniently                    should earn on our money down to 1%, ½%, or less.
leaves out rising food, housing, and                             The rule of sevens tells us that money earning 10%
energy costs. Bernanke claims inflation                      doubles every 7 years. Today, money earning 2% in
is under control, but it’s not and he knows it.              a Government Bond or Bank CD will take 36 years to
    Along with steep increases in raw material costs,        double.
John Long, a retail strategist at Kurt Salmon, says labor        The Fed, in turn, has inflated the Stock Market,
costs in China and fuel costs for transportation are         prices are rising. But what happens when the Ponzi
weighing heavily on retailers. He predicts prices will       scheme deflates the U.S. Stock Market again like it did
start increasing at all retailers in June.                   in 2008? All the Government Trillion Dollar bailouts in
    "Every single retailer has and is paying more for        the world will not be able to blow up the Stock bubble
the items they sell, and retailers will be passing some      again. Meanwhile, they will try to use inflation to make
of these costs along," Long says. "Except for fuel           Americans “feel richer” by keeping Stock prices as high
costs, U.S. consumers haven't seen much in the way of        as they can for as long as they can. Thanks to inflation,
inflation for almost a decade, so a broad-based increase     what your money can buy in the future will be falling
in prices will be unprecedented in recent memory."           faster than the Stock Market can rise. Are you prepared
    “U.S. consumers face "serious" inflation in              to exit bonds, get out of fixed income investments, and
the months ahead for clothing, food and other                defend your life savings from Washington’s inflationary
products,” the CEO of Wal-Mart, Bill Simon warned            policies. If not, prepare to live a dramatically reduced
Inflation Causes Rioting                                     lifestyle in the coming years.
    Food inflation in the past year has driven millions      How Powerful is Inflation?
to starvation, out into the streets across the Arab and          Inflation is the most powerful political force in
Asian nations, causing riots like it did in 2008 in more     existence today. Inflation destroys the wealth of its
than 30 countries. Revolutions across the globe are          citizens and transfers their buying power to the Central
the end result of inflation created by the world’s central   Government. Governments throughout history have
bankers which created the commodity inflation in the         created inflation so they might spend more than they take
first place.                                                 in from taxes.

        The Austin Report – SILVER’S FIVE BEST KEPT SECRETS

    Sadly, inflation strikes without obvious warning             We could be wrong. Maybe
to most people who blindly listen to Government’s            gas prices will start falling.
fake inflation numbers. In certain historic situations,      Politicians could roll back
like we are in today, inflation can move higher and          Government spending to Pre-
faster than most investors believe is possible. Once         Obama levels. The economy
entrenched, it’s too late to take action.                    could take off. There could be
    Throughout history, Kings, Rulers, and                   a worldwide flight-to-safety
Governments have stolen the people’s wealth by               into the Dollar, driving up the
creating fake money, pretend money, paper money–             price. The NASDAQ stocks could
stuff like you and I have in our pockets and wallets.        double in price this year and return to the
The U.S. has had Greenbacks, Horseblankets,                  historic level they were in 2,000 of 5,048. The 6.9 million
Confederate Dollars, Gold Certificates, Silver               empty homes currently in foreclosure could suddenly find
Certificates, and now the I.O.U. that calls itself a         qualified buyers creating a wave of new home building
“Federal Reserve Note.”                                      and buying. Millions of Americans could go back to work
The Immediate Solution to the Inflation Crisis               and banks could start paying us 6% interest next week.
    I don’t want inflation to destroy your life savings          However, I could not find one Government official,
or mine. Millions of Americans have wisely chosen to         one member of Congress, one Wall Street analyst,
exit the Government’s control of their money. They           or even a wildly neurotic blogger who optimistically
will simply deny Washington the opportunity to steal         believed America’s problems could be easily fixed. The
their wealth through inflation.                              Great Depression of the 1930’s is one of the few guides
    In our opinion, real money, tangible money, sane         we have to accessing what really happens to a free
money is the only way to defeat the Politicians who          market after it crashes completely. In fact, from the Stock
create paper money out of thin air. Gold and Silver          Market Crash of October 1929, it took until the 1940s
Coins are the only alternative forms of money– the           when nations increased their production of war materials
only sound money guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.        at the start of World War II for the economy to recover.
    You and I both know that Federal Reserve                     You, as an affluent American, are in a position to deny
Chairman Ben Bernanke is now in his second program           U.S. policy makers, politicians, and the Federal Reserve
of counterfeiting trillions of dollars out of thin air. He   the right to control all of your hard earned savings. You
called his latest schemes QE2. Since when did the            have the legal right to acquire assets, detailed in the U.S.
phrase Quantitative Easing come into existence?              Constitution as the only money– Gold and Silver Coins.
    Mr. Bernanke, just be honest and admit that to keep          It’s perfectly legal to buy Gold and Silver. It’s legal to
up the outrageous levels of Government spending, you         own both in your private possession. You can keep them
just printed up the money... trillions of new dollars.       in a bank safety deposit box, at home, or buried in the
There’s a word for that– inflation. Your actions have        back yard in a Mason jar. Maybe you will never need to
ignited a raging bull market in food and commodities         use this emergency stash of real, honest, tangible, Gold
driving up prices 28% in the past six months.                Coins and Silver Dollars.
    More money floating around always makes things               More likely, this form of wealth will grow in value as
more expensive… duh. But at some point, perhaps              the inflation scenario unfolds over the decade. The U.S.
later this year or next, there may be so many U.S.           Dollars will be replaced by one with lots of zeros on the
Dollars floating around that people begin to realize that    end. The time is at hand to defend your portfolio from
holding them or U.S. Government Bonds and Treasury           the coming years of inflation that threaten to destroy the
Debt. That could unleash a wave of selling and drive         buying power of the American Dollar.
the U.S. Dollar’s value into the dirt.
    Considering that for most of us our personal well-
being is closely tied to the prosperity of the United
States, we would all be losers. A crashing Currency
Market will take the Bond Market and Stock Markets
down with it. That is biggest risk inflation poses– the
world losing confidence in the U.S. Dollars, foreigners
withdrawing money from our markets, the rest of
the world refusing to loan us money, and Americans
taken to the cleaners once again by Wall Street and

        The Austin Report – SILVER’S FIVE BEST KEPT SECRETS

Get Ready for Silver to Get Even!
When Silver’s Gone and Demand is Soaring, Prices Could Multiply Quickly

    For decades, newly mined Silver was promptly                Maybe it’s time for Silver to get even with Gold!
used in photography, jewelry, silverware, and industrial    Clearly, all markets are in the process of price discovery.
processes. The freshly mined Silver was not enough to       People are looking to alternative places to invest which
meet the growing demand and up to 200 million ounces        explains the growing interest today in preserving wealth
a year came from the stockpiles                                                 and profiting with precious metals.
mined over the past 2,400 years.                                                   Despite prices multipling seven
    In the 1990s, Charles River                                                 times, most people are just learning
Associates estimated Silver mining                                             about the fundamentals of Silver.
for all of recorded history yielded 38                                             As more of us discover demand is
billion ounces. That sounds like a lot.                                        growing while stockpiles of Silver are
    But only about one billion ounces                                         disappearing, we feel the free market will
remain in above ground supplies– and                                          ultimately put a much higher value on
that Silver is disappearing quickly!                                          Silver. In short, Silver is on sale today!
    There are some 4 billion ounces of                                       The Rare Double Profit Opportunity
Gold in existence today as 95% of all                                             As we’ve shown, both Silver and Gold
the Gold ever mined in the history of                                        have been big winners in the 21st century.
mankind still exists. Very little Gold has                                   At times, Silver outperformed Gold.
been lost or used up.                                                       The reverse is also true. The swings and
    Today, there’s a four times larger                                      tension between the two precious metals
supply of Gold than Silver. Most of that Gold is locked     means they are seeking a long-term equilibrium price.
up in Central Banks to stabilize currency.                      Back in 1980, the last time the world financial markets
Demand is Overwhelming Silver Supplies                      were in such upheaval, both Gold and Silver hit all-time
    With a limited and diminishing supply of Silver,        highs. Gold reached $850 and Silver topped $50.
demand for Silver continues to grow.                            At the market peak, an ounce of Gold would have
• The world now consumes about 1.7 ounces of Silver         bought 17 ounces of Silver. However, in this bull market,
for every ounce of Silver mined.                            Silver remains quite undervalued. A Gold coin today will
                                                            buy 40 Silver Dollars, making Silver a far better buy!
• Since Silver peaked at $50 in 1980, 2 billion more
consumers have arrived, mostly in China and India.          Diversify, Diversify, Diversify
                                                                Let’s assume the Silver to Gold ratio eventually
• In 2007, investors accounted for a mere 6% of the         ends up back at 17 to 1. If that happens, you will profit
demand on the Silver supply. After the Stock Market         handsomely by owning Silver at current market prices.
Crash, Silver demand from investors began soaring.          could trade your Silver Dollars for 3.5 ounces of Gold!
• In the coming months, as inflation kicks in, investor         That would be a 350% profit if the value of Silver only
demand is sure to double or triple easily.                  returns to the mean and Gold doesn’t go up a dime. Keep
                                                            in mind, past performance is no guarantee for the future.
Silver Poised For An Upside Surge
    In Business 101 Class, we learned free markets set         We hope you’ve learned a valuable lesson.
prices based on supply and demand. After Silver was         Having a vital missing piece of information
pulled from coinage in 1964, the massive overhanging
Silver supply kept prices from rising.
                                                            can make you a ton of extra money with little
    Silver prices were cheap, dirt cheap. But then, after   or no extra risk.
2003, the supply/demand numbers changed radically.             Let’s say you’re thinking of investing $10,000,
Stockpiles were vanishing and the new uses for Silver       $100,000 or a million dollars in Gold today. Listen to
used up the metal as less and less was recyclable. As a     what the Silver to Gold ratio is screaming– “Diversify,
result of falling supplies, Silver prices went up!          diversify, diversify”- and put at least a portion of that
    Silver has increased from a $4.06 low in 2001           money into Silver immediately!
to trade today six times higher– far outperforming             If you just want to trade Gold coins that you already
returns on traditional assets like Stocks and Bonds.        own for Silver Coins, that too makes good sense.

        The Austin Report – SILVER’S FIVE BEST KEPT SECRETS

A Convincing Case for Silver
“It’s Time to Buy Physical Silver Coins”

    We feel the Silver to Gold ratio is an ideal indicator
for deciding when and how much Silver you should
buy. In addition, there are several important facts about
Silver you’ll want to consider before buying.

• Silver Rises With Gold – The primary technical
                                                              Questions? Please Call Us
driver for Silver is nearly always the price of Gold. If
Gold’s up next year, Silver’s likely to rise with it.            It’s really easy to buy Silver, much easier than
                                                              you might think. All you have to do is call. Our Silver
• Silver is Small Change – Gold trades today over             Specialists know you’ll have some good questions for us:
$1,500 an ounce. Thinking ahead, if the price of Gold
                                                                 • How much Silver can I buy today?
triples to $4,500, that’s lots of money. If you need hard
                                                                 • When can I expect delivery?
money for survival in an emergency, you’ll need Silver.
                                                                 • Where do I wire the money?
• Silver is Barter Money – Silver was money used                 • How soon can I lock-in prices?
by the masses in Greece, Rome, Europe, China, the                • What’s the best cash/quantity price?
British Empire, and the United States. If Silver goes up
3x, 5x, or 10x today’s $35-$45 price, you can still barter       Our team of Silver Specialists at Austin Rare Coins &
a Silver Dollar for a basket of groceries or a tank of gas.   Bullion is working overtime from 9am till 9pm seven days
                                                              a week to assist you. Call us at 1-800-928-6468.
• Silver is Affordable – Tens of millions of people           This is Our 22nd Year of Business
worldwide can’t afford a $1,500 Gold Coin but can afford         We know the Silver, Gold, and Rare Coin industries
one ounce Silver Coins for under $40.                         very well. You’ll find we run our business on a very
• Chinese and Indian Demand– There are 2 billion              personal and confidential level with clients who purchase
more new consumers to buy Silver than when it last            from $1,000 to several Million Dollars at a time.
traded at $50 an oz. As these people purify their water,         Over the past years of serving collectors, investors,
buy cell phones, electronics, TVs, and refrigerators,         and fellow coin dealers, we’ve never had one outstanding
they inevitably use up more Silver every year.                complaint with the Better Business Bureau.
• Silver is Cheap – The final reason to buy Silver is         We Promise To Serve Your Needs
price. Silver is a screaming bargain! My intuition tells         At Austin Rare Coins & Bullion, we promise that we
me most people will eagerly pay $75-100 in years to           will never make you fill out paperwork to become a client.
come for one of these big, beautiful, Silver Coins.           • We will keep your Silver purchases confidential by
                                                              never asking for your Social Security number.
Demand Continues to Be Fierce
                                                              • Our staff is a team of professionals who will always be
    Also consider, Silver tends to be more speculative
                                                              polite and treat you like family.
than Gold and the price more dependent on sentiment.
This anomaly creates ideal short periods when Silver is       • And finally, we’ll deliver your Silver orders as quickly to
underpriced compared to Gold before the next leg up.          you as we can in blind packaging, U.S. Postal registered
    However, we must warn you about waiting to                and insured that says only–“ARCI” on the outside of the
buy Silver. Demand is still fierce for Silver in 2011. A      package. Even your postman won’t know the contents.
client recently left our offices wanting $10 million in           One quick reminder on shortages– The U.S. Mint
Silver for his family. He’s an ex-investment banker who       could announce halting Silver Eagle releases at any time.
got his money out of the Stock Market and avoided all             Last year when this happened it froze the physical
the losses.                                                   Silver market for weeks. While we’re better prepared
    Like us, he and his wife are absolutely convinced         this year, it’s important to lock-in Silver prices before
that, without precious metals, the government will            premiums rise and everyone is sold out completely.
be transferring wealth out of our pockets and into the            To discuss price and availability, call 1-800-928-6468.
Treasury with higher taxes AND inflation. You can beat        This Double Opportunity to profit in Silver is a timely one
inflation by moving paper money into Silver now.              that we hope you will take advantage of immediately.

        The Austin Report – SILVER’S FIVE BEST KEPT SECRETS

Silver is still on a Roll
Now is the Time to Diversify with Silver

     In 2011, week after week, the demand for precious
metals continues to surprise us despite the volatility in
prices. In March, an investor walked in wanting to buy
$2 million in American Eagles for her family.
     We have several huge investors who’ve just
jumped into the Silver and Gold Market. They include
hedge fund managers, ex-investment bankers, financial
advisors who manage billion-dollar portfolios for
retirement funds, plus many doctors, lawyers, and
successful businessmen.
Uncertainty in Stocks
     From where we see the world, the demand for
Silver is higher right now than it has been since 2008.
Silver is now trading at $35 a ounce and Gold has
peaked over $1,552 an ounce.
     Since the U.S. Stock Market crash there is a
growing uncertainty that lurks in everyone’s mind– “Is
there any stock or bond that’s really safe to own?”
     In addition, there is an ever-growing fear factor
plaguing wealthy Americans. We know that liberal
Washington politicians are about to tax and spend us
into the poor house.
     Not one single change that President Obama has
proposed will encourage the wealthy to take any more
risks in Stocks or to ever buy another bond.
Wave of Demand for Silver
     As a result of the uncertainty, we see a tidal wave
of investor demand coming at us for physical Silver–
                                                            Disclaimers - Investing in Silver
Silver Coins, Silver Dollars, and Silver Bars. This
                                                            In the late 1970s, the Hunt Brothers cornered the Silver market
demand will continue to be driven by people like you        and drove up prices to the $52.50 mark – an all-time record high
looking for safe, alternative places to park wealth.        for Silver. Remember that Silver prices and Silver dollar prices
     We feel the incoming dollars into this relatively      can be volatile due to the size of the market. Risks and rewards
                                                            vary depending on the kind of Silver investment you make. Be
small market will have a dramatic impact on prices          especially careful when investing in Silver futures, Silver mining
in the coming flight-to-safety scenario. At some key        firms, or Silver ETFs– exchange traded funds.
moment in the future, we’re convinced Silver prices         Understand the risks and rewards before investing. Remember
could easily double– quite suddenly and unexpectedly.       that the price of Silver once traded as high as $52.50 an ounce.
                                                            That was for a short time only and due to the Hunt Brothers
Balance and Diversify                                       manipulation and cornering of the Silver market in late 1979/80.
    Once you’ve read all about Silver’s Five Best Kept      That was a unique event that may not be repeated in our lifetimes.
Secrets, you’ll probably be ready to move all of your       However, with such a past market high, this makes the present
                                                            price around $35–$45 an ounce very attractive to us.
retirement funds into Silver.
    Don’t! The secret to investing has always been          Investors should be aware that the all-time high price for U.S.
                                                            Silver Dollars had no relationship to that event at all. The all-time
about holding a balanced, diversified portfolio. To us,     highs for Morgan Silver Dollars occurred during 1987, a time when
that has always meant a 10%-20% core holding of Gold        spot Silver traded between $6.76 and $7.93 an ounce.
and Silver along with traditional investments.              By adding the precious metal Silver to your core holdings, you
    In our opinion, you can’t truly diversify a portfolio   are helping to balance and diversify your portfolio, increasing the
unless you include the safety, security, and defensive      potential for profit, and protecting yourself from volatile downside
                                                            movements in other assets like real estate, stocks, or bonds.
assets of precious metals. Call us today and we’ll show
you the best ways to accomplish these goals.


Today’s Best Silver Buys
Three Great Ways to Invest in Official Legal Tender Silver Coins

       AMERICAN EAGLES                        AUSTRIAN PHILHARMONICS                         CANADIAN MAPLELEAFS

• Minted in .999 Fine Silver, each          • Minted in .999 Fine Silver, each         • Maple Leafs are issued by the Royal
2011 American Eagle is struck in            2011 Austrian Philharmonic is struck       Canadian Mint and have become one of
99.9% pure silver.                          in 99.9% Pure Silver. These coins are      the world’s most popular Silver
                                            crafted with intricate details and are     bullion coins.
• Authorized by an act of Congress          almost identical to the Gold version.
and signed by President Reagan, each                                                   • They are unique among bullion coins
American Eagle Silver Dollar is Official    • Guaranteed Silver Content for each       with a $5.00 face value.
Legal Tender with a guaranteed $1.00        Silver Philharmonic Coin is 1 troy
face value.                                 ounce of Fine Silver.                      • Canadian Maple Leafs are Official
                                                                                       Legal Tender coins minted in the highest
• Guaranteed Silver Content - By law,       • Beautiful Unique Design on the           quality 99.99% Fine Silver.
each American Eagle Silver Dollar con-      obverse bears the inscription 1 Unze
tains 1 troy ounce of Fine Silver.          Feinsilber (1 ounce pure silver) under     • By law, each one contains precisely
                                            the “Great Pipe Organ” of Vienna’s         1 troy ounce of Pure Silver.
• Magnificent Design on the obverse         Golden Concert Hall, home of the
features “Miss Liberty walking to the       Philharmonic. The obverse also bears       • Maple Leafs have a Proof-Like look
dawn of a new day,” a design origi-         the country of issue– Republic of          created by a meticulous minting process
nally on Half Dollars. The reverse is       Austria, the date, and a face value of     with Queen Elizabeth II on one side and
a Spread Eagle surrounded by the            1.5 Euros.                                 a Maple Leaf on the other.
words United States of America, 13
stars for the 13 colonies, and 1 oz.        • The reverse displays an incredibly       • As soon as these coins are minted,
Fine Silver.                                popular design– a bouquet of musical       each one is placed in a sealed mint roll.
• Available in Original Mint Rolls of                                                  • Available in rolls of 25 coins and in
20 Silver Eagles and in sealed U.S.         • Available in rolls of 20 coins and in    Canadian Mint boxes of 500.
Treasury Mint boxes of 500.                 Austrian Mint boxes of 500.
 Click here to order Silver Eagles:         Click here to order Silver Philharmonic:   Click here to order Silver Maple Leaf:

            RARE COINS & BULLION • 1-800-928-6468 • THE TO 9PM CENTRAL TIME

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