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                             St. Edith Stein
                        The Rite of Marriage
•   Parish Wedding Coordinator
       o A Parish Wedding Coordinator will be provided to each couple and will
           assist them in preparing the wedding ceremony, assist at the rehearsal and be
           present at the wedding. The parish Wedding Coordinator will initiate the
           contact early in the marriage preparation process and set up a meeting to
           begin planning the wedding. General guidelines and a planning instrument
           will be used by the parish Wedding Coordinator.

       o Professional Wedding Coordinators are often hired to assist with many details
         – flowers, dress, reception The Professional Wedding Coordinator may
         attend the Wedding Rehearsal and may assist at the request of the Parish
         Wedding Coordinator. A letter outlining the ritual guidelines and requirements
         will be given to the Professional Wedding Coordinator at least one month
         prior to the Wedding.

•   Visiting Clergy
       o Visiting clergy who will witness the marriage vows must receive delegation
           from the pastor. This may be accomplished by a phone call, letter or email at
           least one month prior to the scheduled celebration.
       o Non-Catholic clergy are welcome to participate and take a significant role in
           the wedding.
       o Visiting clergy will conduct their own rehearsal with the help of the parish
           Wedding Coordinator.

•   Civil Marriage License
       o A valid Marriage License is to be presented at the time of the Wedding
           Rehearsal to the parish Wedding Coordinator or the Officiating Clergy.
       o In Harris County, a Marriage License may be obtained at:
                  Harris County Courthouse, 1001 Preston (713-221-6405)
                  West Houston Annex, 16402 Clay Road (281-859-0685)
       o Please note: the Marriage License becomes valid 72 hours after being issued
           and remains valid for 30 days. An immature or expired Marriage License will
           be cause for postponing the wedding. No wedding may be celebrated without
           a Marriage License.

•   Wedding Music
      o Guidelines for liturgical music are included in the Wedding Music at St. Edith
         Stein section.
•   Liturgical Ministers
       o Musicians & Organists
                 See guidelines in the Wedding Music at St. Edith Stein section.
       o Lectors
                 The parish will provide trained Lectors if needed. Those chosen for
                 this ministry should be adults with experience reading in parish
                 worship services or at Sunday Eucharist.
                 Non-Catholic Lectors must attend the Wedding Rehearsal.
       o Altar Servers
                The parish will provide trained Altar Servers if needed. Visiting Altar
                Servers must attend the Wedding Rehearsal or arrive at least 30
                minutes prior to the ceremony.
       o Eucharistic Ministers
                The parish will provide trained Eucharistic Ministers if needed.
                Visiting Eucharistic Ministers need not attend the Wedding Rehearsal.
                Parish Guidelines will be sent to them prior to the ceremony.
       o Ring Bearer & Flower Girls
               Children chosen for these ceremonial roles must be 5 years of age or
               older. Flower petals may not be used or dropped during the

•   The Wedding Rehearsal
       o The Wedding Rehearsal is conducted by the parish Wedding Coordinator or
         by the presiding clergy.
       o Wedding Rehearsals are scheduled for 60 minutes on Friday at 6:00 p.m. and
         7:00 p.m.
       o Wedding Rehearsals may start late but must finish at the scheduled time.
       o The Marriage License is to be presented at the time of the Wedding

•   Attire
       o The sacramental celebration of marriage at the wedding is a sacred event with
           its own dignity. Attire for all members of the wedding party, groom and
           bride included, should be modest and reflect the dignity of the sacrament and
           demonstrate respect for the Assembly gathered.
       o In the unlikely event of inappropriate attire by any member of the wedding
           party, including the groom and bride, the parish Wedding Coordinator and
           the Officiating Clergy may require a wrap, cover or even prohibit
           participation in the ceremony.

•   Alcohol/Drugs
       o The use of alcohol/drugs is not permitted at any time in any dressing room or
          on parish property.
       o Alcohol/drug impaired members of the wedding party will be prohibited from
          participation in the ceremony.
       o Church law prohibits an alcohol/drug impaired groom or bride from
          exchanging vows and calls for the postponement of the marriage ceremony.
   •   Flowers & Decorations
          o Guidelines for flowers and decorations are included in the Decorations &
             Flower section. Please give a copy of this section to your Florist and to your
             professional Wedding Coordinator if one has been hired.
          o Unity Candles are a custom but are not part of the official Wedding Ritual.
             The use of a Unity Candle is discouraged. If a couple wishes to incorporate
             the use of a unity candle in the ceremony, they are responsible to provide the
             candles and the stand. Unity candles may not be placed on the altar.

   •   Photography
          o Guidelines for wedding photography are included in the Photography at St.
             Edith Stein section. Please give a copy of this section to your chosen
             Photographer and or Videographer.

   •   Fees
          o A $400 payment is required no later than the time of the wedding rehearsal.
            The payment should be in the form of two (2) checks: one for $300.00 and
            one for $100.00; both made to St. Edith Stein Catholic Church.
          o The $300 payment is a fee to cover the cost of air conditioning, cooling and
            normal cleaning of the Church. The $100 payment is a security deposit,
            which will be refunded after the wedding, provided no repairs or professional
            cleaning is needed as a result of damage caused by the wedding ceremony.
          o A $50.00 payment is needed for couples being prepared for the sacrament of
            marriage at St. Edith Stein, who will celebrate their wedding at another
            church location.
          o The suggested offering for Altar Servers who assist at the ceremony is $15.00
          o The fee for organist and cantor is covered in the Wedding Music section.
          o Organists and cantors graciously offer their services and ask that all fees be
            presented prior to the Wedding.

   •   Offering
       Engaged Couples are encouraged to consider an offering made to our parish /or/ their
       preferred justice/charity organization as a special gift on the occasion of their
       wedding and the pattern for married life. A good guide for this gift is 10% of the
       cost of the wedding attire: the wedding dress and the groom’s attire.

_____________________                        _____________________
Groom                                        Date

_____________________                        _____________________
Bride                                        Date

Please sign a copy of this document and return it to the Parish Office
                            St. Edith Stein Marriage Inquiry Form

Bride’s Name:       ________________________________________________Age:____

Address:            ________________________________________________________

State: __________         Zip: __________            Email address: ______________________

Home Phone #: _________________                Work Phone #: __________________________

Cell Phone #: _________________                      Previously married: ___ (yes) ___ (no)

Religion: _____________________               Parish (if Catholic): ____________________

Groom’s Name:         ______________________________________________ Age: ____

Address:            ________________________________________________________

State: __________         Zip: ___________           Email address: ______________________

Home Phone #: _________________                Work Phone #: __________________________

Cell Phone #: _________________                      Previously married: ___ (yes) ___ (no)

Religion: _____________________               Parish (if Catholic): ____________________

REQUESTED WEDDING DATE:                     _____________________
.     Unavailable Dates for 2011:             .            .     Unavailable Dates for 2012:                   .
January 1, 2011 (Weekend after New Years Day)              January 7, 2012(Weekend after New Years Day)
April 16-April 23, 2011(Holy Week)                         March 31-April 07, 2012(Holy Week)
May 28, 2011 (Memorial Day Weekend)                        May 26, 2012 (Memorial Day Weekend)
July 2, 2011 (July 4th Weekend)                            July 7, 2012 (After July 4th Weekend)
September 3, 2011(Labor Day Weekend)                       September 1, 2012 (Labor Day Weekend)
November 26, 2011 (Thanksgiving Weekend)                   November 24, 2012 (Thanksgiving Weekend)
December 17, 2011 (Weekend before Christmas)               December 22, 2012 (Weekend before Christmas)
December 24, 2011 (Christmas Weekend)                      December 29, 2012(Weekend before New Year)
December 31, 2011(New Year Weekend)

REQUESTED TIME:                    12:30 p.m. ____        3:00 p.m. _____        8:00 p.m. _____
Requested dates & times are tentative - not guaranteed. Confirmation will be made after the Initial Meeting.

Date Submitted: ____________
                   Please complete this form and return it to the Parish Office

Callback Date: _______________    By: ______________________

                          PHOTOGRAPHY AT ST. EDITH STEIN
Wedding Date/Time: ______________________             Wedding: _______________________________

The Pastoral Staff and people of St. Edith Stein welcome you and thank you for your professional assistance.
Weddings are very special to us and are a memorable occasion for all present. We have worked to ensure that
the sacrament is celebrated with dignity and grace and that all professional trades are informed of the ritual
guidelines. We ask that you make contact with the Parish Wedding Coordinator upon your arrival at St. Edith
Stein. Please sign and present this document to the Parish Wedding Coordinator or the presiding minister prior
to set up.


Photos are permitted no earlier than 45 minutes prior to the scheduled ceremony. All photos inside the
sanctuary must be completed 20 minutes prior to the scheduled ceremony. There are no exceptions.
Existing furniture, decorations and flowers may not be moved at any time for the sake of photos


The ceremony begins when the wedding party arrives at the doors of the sanctuary. The photographer should
make every effort to ensure that he or she does not impede or stop any movement once the ceremony begins.
The photographer may not ask a member of the wedding part to stop in the center aisle for a photo. The
photographer may not stand or jump out into the center aisle during the procession and should never stand
between the bride and the groom once the ceremony has begun.

The Parish Wedding Coordinator or the presiding minister reserves the right and will ask uncooperative
photographers to cease all activities and will not permit them to continue with any photos. The parish will not
be responsible for any loss of income or photos.

Photos and videos are permitted from fixed positions during the ceremony. The photographer is not permitted
to walk around during the ceremony nor to use flood lights, flashes or bright lights.


Photos are permitted for 25 minutes only after the wedding. The Wedding Coordinator will notify you when
the time is completed. Please heed their advice. This will allow us to prepare the sanctuary for the next
scheduled wedding or liturgical event.

Photos with the married couple and the presiding ministers are best taken first. Please remove all equipment
and residue within 30 minutes after the wedding.

I have read and agree to the above stated ritual guidelines

         _____________________________                                  ________________________
Name                                                           Date

Please copy this letter for your files and return the original to

Wedding Coordinator
St. Edith Stein Catholic Community
3311 N. Fry Rd.
Katy, TX. 77449

The use of flowers, candles, seasonal color and decorations add a festive quality to the wedding ritual and
compliment the beauty of the wedding couple who stand before the Assembly. A few simple suggestions are
offered to assist and guide couples in their preparation of the wedding ritual.

Flowers, candles, seasonal color and decorations are prepared by the Liturgy Committee at St. Edith Stein each
week for Sunday Eucharist and are placed with care throughout the sanctuary. The environment set by the
Liturgy Committee is available for your use during the wedding ritual at no cost if you choose.
Flowers, candles, seasonal color and decorations provided by a professional or prepared by family members
are welcome and may be left as a gift to St. Edith Stein or may be removed following the wedding ritual.
These arrangements will be in addition to what has been put in place by the Liturgy Committee for Sunday
Eucharist. The arrangements set in place by the Liturgy Committee may not be moved or replaced.

Diana Arnold (281-578-1085) serves as the Art & Environment Ministry Leader on the Liturgy Committee and
is responsible for all floral decision at St. Edith Stein. You must contact Diana to coordinate any of the above
flora options. Please do this at least one month prior to the scheduled wedding ritual.

The following guidelines are offered in order that the integrity of the wedding ritual and the beauty of the
sanctuary are protected.

    •    Arrangements may be placed in the sanctuary near the altar but never on the altar or in front of it.
    •    All candles must be placed over plastic.
    •    Potted plants must have waterproof covers or saucers
    •    Silk or artificial flowers are not permitted, if they are to be used for subsequent weekend Masses.
    •    Existing plants, candles, floral arrangements, furnishings, color, etc. in the sanctuary are not to be
         moved under any circumstances.
    •    Adhesive, tape, screws, staples or clamps are not permitted for pew end decorations.
    •    Aisle candles are not permitted.
    •    Throwing rice, confetti, flower petals, birdseed or other items in the sanctuary or on the Church
         grounds is not permitted.
    •    An aisle runner (plastic or any material) is not permitted due to safety concerns.

These simple guidelines will ensure that each couple who stands before the Assembly does so in an
environment that is respectful of their presence and mindful of the beauty of the ceremony. Two additional
guidelines will ensure that other couples are provided the same opportunities:

    •    The sanctuary will be available for decoration 30 minutes prior to the wedding ritual for set up.
    •    All arrangements and decorations must be removed within 30 minutes of the completion of the
         wedding ritual in order to prepare for the next event.

I have read and agree to the above stated ritual guidelines

_____________________________                                    ________________________
Name                                                             Date

Please copy this letter for your files and return a signed original to

Wedding Coordinator
St. Edith Stein Catholic Community
3311 N. Fry Rd.
Katy, TX. 77449
       Music plays an important role in the wedding liturgy and we hope the following
guidelines will assist you in the music selection process. Please contact Emily Gorman,
Coordinator of Music, at least two months in advance of your wedding to schedule a
meeting to select music for the liturgy. Her phone number is 281-856-8534 and her
email address is


        Your music serves to enhance the liturgical ceremony in the church. Music
selections should express not only the faith of the couple, but also the common faith of the
whole church. It is best if the music during the ceremony is strictly sacred in nature, i.e.
those songs taken from the church hymnal or another source of accepted sacred music.
Secular songs are more appropriately suited for the reception.


        The coordinator of music can assist you with all the aspects of the music selection
process. St. Edith Stein has a number of excellent singers, male and female, and many
talented instrumentalists who regularly serve as music ministers and are very willing to sing
and play at our parish weddings. It is important that all musicians be very familiar
with the Catholic liturgy in order to ensure that a prayerful celebration is achieved. Use of
musicians outside the Parish is acceptable, but must be approved by the Music Coordinator.


        Pianist/Accompanist: $150.00
        Cantors/Soloists: $125.00
        Parish Instrumentalists (Trumpet, Flute, etc.): $100.00

Please note that fees for musicians outside the Parish may vary according to the amounts
governed by Musician Unions. Payment for all musicians should be made before the day of
the wedding ceremony.


       You have the option to prepare a Wedding Program. This acts as a worship aid for
those assembled and can contain the different parts of the Wedding Mass, the songs and
hymns chosen, and a listing of the Bridal Party. The Music Coordinator is happy to help
you organize this and to ensure that copyright rules and restrictions are followed.

                                                                     Last Revised: Fall 2009
                               THE WEDDING REHEARSAL

                                        Groom’s Family

Father __________________________                    Mother ___________________________

                                        Bride’s Family

Father __________________________                    Mother ___________________________

                                      The Wedding Party

Groom                                                              Bride

Eucharist ___ (yes) ___ (no)

Eucharistic Ministers   ___________________________________________________


Altar Servers           ____________________________________________________

Reading 1 _______________________________    Reader _____________________

Reading 2 _______________________________    Reader _____________________

Gospel __________________________________

Introduce as: ____________________________________________________________

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