Proprietors of Greater Rose of Sharon Baptist Church - DOC by wulinqing


									            Proprietors of Greater Rose of Sharon Baptist Church
             Brought to you by the Greater Rose of Sharon Business People Association

Bowman & Associates                                       Task Force Security & Investigati ve Services
Proprietors Dea. Keenan & Sis. Luewander Bowman           Proprietor Br. James Jordan
“All your financial needs such as term life insurance,    “Specializes in licensed and bonded private security,
mutual funds and second mortgages.”                       complete protection, security guards and mobile
(248) 569-9696 or (877) 719-1151.                         patrolling.”
                                                          (313) 839-4408 or (313) 839-6648
Certified Car Salesman
Proprietor Dea. Keenan Bowman                             TVT Trucking Systems
“All Chrysler employees and those interested in           Proprietor Troy Taylor
buying a new or used Chrysler vehicle, do business        “We serve your commercial demo lit ion hauling
with a sales man of honesty and integrity.”               needs.”
(734) 947-2340                                            (313) 715-7255

D.R. Davis & Associates                                   Uni que Creati ons
Proprietor Denise Davis                                   Proprietor Sis. Lavonne Williams
“Specializing in small business income tax,               “Offers keepsake gifts for all occasions.”
accounting and notary services.”                          (313) 892-4676
(248) 594-9918
                                                          Stewart & Sons
“Mr. C’s” Barber Shop & Upscale Hair Salon                Proprietor Wilmer Stewart
Proprietors Dea. Charles & Sis. Felis Betts               We aim to please, providing residential and
“Some of the finest barbers and hair stylists in town.”   commercial cement, v inyl sid ing, sidewalks,
(313) 368-0040 or (313) 368-0074 (Ask for Felis)          driveways, and electrical work.
                                                          (313) 892-6371
“Mr. C’s” Fashion & S ports wear
Proprietor Dea. Charles Betts
“All the latest styles in the finest men’s and wo men’s
(313) 372-5268

Paper Pushers
Proprietor Sis. Velma Nance
“Specializing in small business records management,
municipal bid, form preparation and account
(313) 893-2986 or (313) 368-6268

Phillips & Philli ps Cement
Proprietor Dea. John Phillips
“One of the best cement contractors in the city,
serving both residential and commercial contracts.”
(313) 868-1551

STEJ Consulting
Proprietors Bro. Shawn & Sis. Elena Smith-Moulden
“Offers financial, small business development, &
personal health consulting.”
(248) 943-3688

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