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   Franchise Option Informational Packet

                                           fran app letter 10-8-26
                            THREAT DYNAMICS
                           FRANCHISE OPTIONS

                            Table of Contents


1) Table of Contents

2) Introduction

3) Franchise Summery and Franchise Requirements
4-5) Simulators and Facility Options

6) Goals and Contact Information

7) Application

                                                  fran app letter 10-8-26

Page 1
Thank you for considering a new future with Threat Dynamics. Our company was founded by
a combat veteran of the war on terrorism - Sergeant Ryan Tuttle. SGT Tuttle’s vision is simple.
Build a state-of-the-art firearms and self defense training facility using the most advanced
training equipment and techniques available, and make it open to law enforcement officers,
military personnel and civilians alike. Make this training safe, cost effective, entertaining, and

The world continues to ask more and more from those who protect us on foreign and
domestic soils and even in our own homes. SGT Tuttle’s goal is to provide access to the
highest level of training possible. Not only training with firearms and self-defense, but also in
decision making skills under high stress and in the difficult situations that happen every day.

America is built on a foundation of freedoms; with the right to bear arms being one of ever
growing controversy. With this in mind, it is important now to train our citizens (including law
enforcement officers and military personnel) to safely use firearms and defensive tactics. We
each have the right to own and carry firearms, but it is the responsibility of the individual to be
properly trained on how to use them. This characterizes the need for many more Threat
Dynamics simulator training facilities around this great nation.

                                                                                     fran app letter 10-8-26

Page 2
                                  Franchise Summary

Threat Dynamics facilities are owned and operated by highly motivated entrepreneur
franchisees who share a passion for shooting firearms, self defense and related training to the
highest standard. Each franchisee is trained by the Threat Dynamics Master Level Instructors
to teach the most updated standardized curriculum. Each franchisee undergoes stringent
background checks and ongoing training. Threat Dynamics facilities are much more than just
firearms and self defense training facilities. Depending on the options chosen, these facilities
can include retail stores (featuring Tactical Guardian products), martial arts training, public
safety training and much more. With the proper initiative and with support from our proven
management team, each Threat Dynamics facility can be a flourishing and highly productive
business. If you qualify to open a Threat Dynamics center, we will provide you with marketing
and merchandising that’s suitable for your specific location and we will help you develop
superior customer service and product consistency. This gives your customers confidence
that their expectations will be met. Threat Dynamics is without a doubt a great business to buy
into at the ground level.

                                  Franchise Requirements

Requirements for ownership

At least one or more persons in your organization must meet each of the following
       -    Have a Military, Law enforcement, NRA instructor or shooting background
       -    Be NRA Instructor Certified
       -    Pass a criminal background check (No felons, or history of domestic violence)
       -    Pass a credit check (min of 650 score and no Bankruptcies)

Note: Some exceptions may be made for these requirements. Please ask if you have a

Each franchise has an initial investment depending on the franchise option chosen:

                                                                                  fran app letter 10-8-26

Page 3
The IVR 300 simulators require a minimum space of approximately 30 feet by 40 feet (1200
square feet). More room in front of the simulator is recommended for spectator seating. The
IVR 100 simulator requires a minimum space of approximately 15 feet by 25 feet (375 square

Simulators are priced at $75,000 for an IVR100 and $175,000 for an IVR300. These
simulators are generally not available commercially and these prices are exclusive to Threat
Dynamics facilities only. Simulators may be leased at a monthly lease rate that ranges from
$1,500 to $2,500 per IVR100 and $2,500 to $4,000 per IVR300

Threat Dynamics Training Facility:

         (1)   This is a full size location averaging about 5,000 square feet of space, at least
               three employees and one IVR300 (five screen or 300 degree system) simulator,
               two IVR100 (single screen systems) simulators, a classroom, a workout area,
               and a retail storefront/ lobby.

         (2)   This option requires an initial investment of about $91,120 to $199,000,
               including a $50,000 Initial Franchise Fee (training for up to four operators).*

Threat Dynamics Simulator Center:

         (1)   This is a full size location averaging between 3,500 to 4,500 square feet of
               space, at least two employees and one IVR300 simulator, one IVR100 simulator,
               a classroom, and a retail storefront.

         (2)   This option requires an initial investment of about $77,320 to $172,550,
               including a $40,000 Initial Franchise Fee (training for two operators).*

                                                                                  fran app letter 10-8-26

Page 4
Threat Dynamics Range Center:

         (1)     This is a smaller facility (usually about 600 to 800 square feet) that focuses on
                 our self defense training and interactive CO2/Laser weapon simulator programs
                 and can be located in a free-standing building, shopping center or co-branded in
                 complimentary facility such as a self defense club or gun sports store. It has one
                 or more IRV100 simulators – either mobile or stationary (no IVR300).

         (2)     This option requires an initial investment of about $52,720 to $134,250,
                 including a $25,000 Initial Franchise Fee (training for two operators).*

         * The Initial Franchise Fee includes the franchise access fee, one week of training, marketing and
         administrative support, point of sales equipment and site development assistance. In addition to the
         Initial Franchise Fee you need to pay for the cost of training simulator leasing down payments,
         furnishings, design of interior spaces, 8 gun recoil kits, working capital and retail merchandise inventory.
         Some of these may be purchased through us, companies affiliated with us or through other approved

These options can be modified upon request and approval. Regardless of the option you
chose, you as the franchisee control your Threat Dynamics center with support from us. This
includes operational and program training, web site access and publicity, marketing tools,
advertisements, and ongoing technical support.

Each franchise facility pays a monthly franchise royalty fee of 2% of its gross revenue with
certain minimum monthly payments applicable for the first year and 5% every year after that.

                                                                                                    fran app letter 10-8-26

Page 5
                                 Threat Dynamics Goals

         Our goal is to become the standard name for firearms and self-defense training
         through the development of highly standardized training environments that anyone can
         experience anywhere in the world. You as a Threat Dynamics franchisee will become a
         professional industry-leading trainer regardless of your initial skill level and knowledge.
         This business can be very rewarding but is also very demanding. If you think that you
         have what it takes, please fill out an application and return it to begin your future as
         part of our team.

         After we review your application you will receive the full Threat Dynamics franchise
         disclosure document. This is a detailed document that is only intended for serious
                                             Thank You.

                               Threat Dynamics Franchise Company LLC.
                                      5831 NW Cornelius Pass Rd.
                                          Hillsboro OR. 97124


                                            Ph: 503-597-7033
                                            Fax: 503-597-7037

                                                                                      fran app letter 10-8-26

Page 6

Applicant’s Name
                                 First Name                   Middle                           Last Name
Mailing Address
                        Street or P.O. Box            City             State           Zip
Home Phone (            )                      Business Phone (                )
Cell Phone (            )                      Fax Number (            )
Email Address                                                   Best time to contact
Social Security Number                                 Gender                          (M or F)
Date of Birth                           Are you a U.S. citizen or legal resident?
Marital Status                   Spouse’s Name                         Number of Dependents
Current Employer
                        Name of Company               Address                  City            State
Job Title                                      Dates of Employment: From                       To
Job Responsibilities:

Previous Employers
Company Name                                           City                            State
Position                         From          To               Reason for Leaving
Contact Person                                         Phone Number
Company Name                                           City                            State
Position                         From          To               Reason for Leaving
Contact Person                                 Phone Number
Please circle highest grade completed and list educational institutions and schools and details.
Grades                  1 – 12                 College 1 2 3 4                 Additional Degrees

                                                                                               fran app letter 10-8-26

Page 7

 Name                        Address                 Telephone                Relation to You

 Name                        Address                 Telephone                Relation to You
 Investor/associate who will join you in this venture. Please have each fill out one of these forms.
        Name                   Address                        % Ownership                   % Time


 Salary, Wages $                                             (Annual, Monthly, Hourly, please explain)
 Bonus, Commissions $
 Dividends, Interest $
 Real Estate Income $
 Notes/ Accounts Receivable $
 Other Income (Specify source) $
 Total Monthly Income $
          Assets                                           Liabilities
Cash on Hand                   $                     Secured notes payable to others    $
Marketable securities          $                     Unsecured notes payable to         $
Non-readily marketable         $                     Accounts Payable                   $
Accounts and Notes             $                     Margin Accounts                    $
Net cash surrender value       $                     Notes Due: Partnership             $
of life insurance
Residential real estate        $                     Taxes Payable                      $
Real estate investments        $                     Mortgage debt                      $
Partnership/PC interests       $                     Life insurance loans               $
IRA, profit sharing, other     $                     Other liabilities                  $
vested retirement
Deferred income                $                                                        $
Personal property              $                                                        $
Other Assets                   $                                                        $
Total Assets                   $                     Total Liabilities                  $
                                                     TOTAL NET WORTH                    $

                                                                                            fran app letter 10-8-26

 Page 8
Will the franchise business be your sole source of income?
Total unencumbered liquid capital readily available for use in the franchise business? $
What is the source of this unencumbered liquid capital?
How do you anticipate financing the balance of the total initial investment?

Describe any past retail leasing or real estate development experience.

Do you now, or have you ever owned or had financial interest in an operation similar to the opportunity
we are offering? Please describe.
How many hours per week do you anticipate working in your business?
In what city and state would you like to open your franchise?
Are you willing to consider other areas to open your franchise?                   Please describe.

How soon would you be prepared to open your franchise?
When would you be available to meet with one of our representatives?
What questions would you like answered during your meeting with our representative?

Have you ever considered or been involved in other franchise opportunities?
Describe your experience?

Why are you interested in developing a franchise operation in our system?

What specific skills and qualifications do you feel would make your franchise a success?

I certify that the information supplied in this Franchise Evaluation Form and other financial statements
made by me are true and correct. I agree to a full investigation of all information by one of your
company representatives to verify and I authorized you to check references and conduct such additional
credit checks as deemed necessary. I further understand that submission of this information does not
obligate either of the parties to purchase or sell a franchise.

Applicant’s Signature                                        Date
Please complete and fax this form to: T.D.F.C LLC, fax # 503-597-7037.
For more information, please call Ryan Tuttle at 503-597-7033.
                                                                                           fran app letter 10-8-26

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