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SOA _ Business Integration Essentials


									SOA & Business
Integration Essentials
Michael Jenkins
Senior Product Architect
SOA / Business Integration
Sun Microsystems

 ●   SOA & Business Integration Basics
 ●   Integration Patterns
 ●   Technology
 ●   Product Vision
 ●   Java CAPS Product Line
 ●   CAPS Release 6 Highlights
 ●   Product Roadmap

 ●   Feedback code 1601
SOA & Business Integration
Business IT Landscape

     Packaged   Custom   Databases &   Application   Operating   Hardware    Business   Trading
     Apps       Apps     Warehouses    Platforms     Systems     Platforms   Units      Partners
Complexity Builds over Time

     Packaged   Custom   Databases &   Application   Operating   Hardware    Business   Trading
     Apps       Apps     Warehouses    Platforms     Systems     Platforms   Units      Partners
Creates IT Silos in the Enterprise

     Packaged   Custom   Databases &   Application   Operating   Hardware    Business   Trading
     Apps       Apps     Warehouses    Platforms     Systems     Platforms   Units      Partners
     Systems Need to Interact

                                                                                       Track                       Retek
                     Broadvision New Order                                             Order                      Retailer
                     Web Server                                                                       Retailer
JD Edwards                                                                     Legacy                                              IBM Logistics
Order Mgmt.                                        Change SAP
                                                        Procurement         General Ledger   Bank      Contact                    Service Provider
                                             Supplier                                                 Customer
                                          Order                                                Hold
                                          Status                                               Order                              Distribution
    Sales                                  Trading
       Call Center
                      Retek                                        PeopleSoft
                     Retailer                                   Human Resources

                                                                                                    Check                             Accounting
                          Oracle                                        Supplier/BEA
                      Inventory Mgmt.                                                               Inventory        Change
                                                          Job Status                                                Destination
        Manufacturing                                                                                                                   SAP
                                                                                                                                   Warehouse Mgmt.
                                                                                 EDS PLM
                                                                            Schedule                         Confirm
                                                                            Production                       Delivery
                       Limited Visibility                                                                        Transparent
                        Manual & Batch                                                                           Real Time
   Today                                                                                                                                    Future
                                        Reactive                                                                 Proactive
                                    Inflexible                                                                   Flexible
The Result - an “Accidental Architecture”

      Packaged   Custom   Databases &   Application   Operating   Hardware    Business   Trading
      Apps       Apps     Warehouses    Platforms     Systems     Platforms   Units      Partners
Top 10 Drivers for Business Integration

  1.Flexibility/Faster time   6.Customer
    to market                   satisfaction
  2.Cost savings/Shift        7.Single customer
    from maintenance to         view/cross-sell
  3.Extending legacy            integration
                              9.Easy access to
  4.IT application              customer data
                              10.ERP migration
  5.SOA initiative
Integration Challenges
●   Dispersed Data / Functionality across Disparate
    ●   Multiple Lines of Business / Departments
    ●   Ongoing Mergers and Acquisitions
    ●   Persistent Data Quality Issues
    ●   Complex Supplier, Company and Customer
●   Relationships
    ●   Organizational Politics and Application / Data Ownership
●   Issues
    ●   Ineffective Middleware Infrastructure
    ●   Governance and Compliance
Some Definitions

> Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
   > Enables course grained re-use of business functionality
   > Package business function as services
   > Uses standard protocols and transports
   > Services compose into larger units: Composite Applications

> Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
   > Common messaging infrastructure and interface
   > Enables separate applications to work together in a
     decoupled fashion
   > Does not implement SOA but provides the infrastructure
     on which SOA can be built
Some More Definitions

 > EAI – Enterprise Application Integration (aka A2A)
    > Integrating independently developed applications
    > ESB is used by progressive companies and analysts
    > Frequently measured in seconds
    > Real-time (request/reply, publish/subscribe)

 > Workflow / Business Process Management
   > Orchestration, monitoring and management
     of multi-step manual processes
   > Frequently measured in days, weeks, months...
   > Persistence for “long-lived” processes
Even More Definitions

> Single Customer View/Master Data Mgmt.(MDM)
   > A single consolidated view across multiple data repositories
   > Regarding people: SCV (Single Customer View),
     CDI (Customer Data Integration)

> ETL – Extract, Transform & Load
   > Bulk data consolidation (mostly batch)
   > Used to populate business intelligence (BI) structures
     such as data marts and data warehouses
   > Used as part of migration/convergence projects
The Evolution of Integration
Custom Point to Point Integration

                        ●   Costly to Implement
                        ●   Difficult to Manage
                        ●   Impossible to maintain
The Evolution of Integration
Hub and Spoke Model


                            ●   Performance
                      C         Bottleneck
                            ●   Single Point of
 App.      Message
  A         Broker              Failure
                            ●   Doesn't Scale

The Evolution of Integration
Enterprise Service Bus Model

                      Views and

                                     ●   Distributed
                                     ●   Flexible
                                     ●   Highly Scalable
ESB - Enterprise Service Bus

●   Definition:
    • A distributed integration middleware infrastructure
      providing Web (and non-Web) services support,
      transformation, routing, and orchestration.
    • “…a lightweight integration broker…” - Gartner
●   Benefit
     ●   Separation
          ● Mediates between sender and receiver to create

            “connectionless” links between services.
     ●   Extensible Architecture
          ● Allows plug-ins for external applications, messaging,

     ●   Lower Cost
          ● An entry point to SOA
Before SOA – IT Silos

                 Inventory               Order Processing        Account Management
                                              Check                      Check
Applications                              Customer Status           Customer Status

                   Check                  Check Inventory            Check Inventory
               Customer Status
               Check Inventory              Check Credit              Check Credit

                                         Check Order Status          Create Invoice

Data           Marketing         Sales    CRM          Finance
                                                                 Data                 External
Repositories                                                     Warehouse            Partner
SOA, SBI, and Composite Applications
 Reuse, Enhance and Extend


 Composite                        Inventory               Order                     Account
                                                        Processing                 Management


 Reusable           Check                Check             Check                  Check           Create
 Services       Customer Status      Customer Credit     Inventory             Order Status      Invoice

 Data                 Marketing          Sales         CRM           Finance
                                                                                     Data          External
 Repositories                                                                        Warehouse     Partner
SOA & Business Integration
Enterprise Integration Patterns

   ●   Message Bus
   ●   Message
   ●   Messaging Bridge
   ●   Message Translator
   ●   Message Router
   ●   Publish / Subscribe
   ●   Splitter
   ●   Aggregator
   ●   Process Manager
Message Bus

  ●    A Message Bus is a combination of a common data
       model, a common command set, and a messaging
       infrastructure to allow different systems to
       communicate through a shared set of interfaces
  ●    This is analogous to a communications bus in a
       computer system, which serves as the focal point for
       communication between the CPU, main memory, and
  ●    In Sun's ESB products, JBI provides the core message
       bus functionality


 ●    Represents a set of information (data) that is
      passed between two or more systems
 ●    By defining a common message structure, common
      utilities may be employed
 ●    In JBI based systems, the Normalized Message is
      the common structure
 ●    In other systems the message structure may be
      defined by:
        ●   XML / XSD Schema
        ●   Enterprise Canonical Message structures
Messaging Bridge
  ●    A messaging bridge is used to replicate or transport
       messages between messaging systems
  ●    Typically defined by channel adapters which
       connect the otherwise separate systems
  ●    Messages available on one system can be made
       available on other systems

Message Translator

  ●    The Message Translator is the messaging
       equivalent of the Adapter pattern described in [GoF]
  ●    An adapter converts the interface of a component
       into a another interface so it can be used in a
       different context
  ●    Examples include:
         ●   XSLT
         ●   BPEL Mapper
         ●   OTDs
         ●   JAXB
Message Router

 ●   Consumes a message from one message channel
     and republishes it to one or more different channels
     based on a set of conditions
 ●   Differs from pipes and filters in that it allows
     multiple output channels
 ●   Decouple individual processing so messages can
     be passed through different pathways
 ●   Can be static or dynamic
Publish / Subscribe

  ●    It has one input channel that splits into multiple
       output channels, one for each subscriber
  ●    Each output channel has only one subscriber,
       which is only allowed to consume a message once
  ●    When an event is published into the channel, the
       Publish-Subscribe pattern delivers a copy of the
       message to each of the output channels
  ●    Each subscriber only gets the message once and
       consumed copies disappear from their channels

Splitter / Aggregator

  ●    A Splitter breaks apart composite message into a
       series of individual messages, each containing data
       related to one item
  ●    The Splitter publishes a one message for each
       single element (or a subset of elements) from the
       original message
  ●    An Aggregator collects and stores individual
       messages until a complete set of related messages
       has been received
  ●    The Aggregator publishes a single message
       distilled from the individual messages
Process Manager

  ●    A Process Manager maintains the state of a
       sequence of processing steps and determines the
       next processing step based on intermediate
  ●    Provides functionality to support error recovery
  ●    Business Process Orchestration
         ●   BPEL SE
         ●   Sun Business Process Manager (eInsight)

SOA & Business Integration
Release 6 – General
●   Unified Development and Runtime
    ●   Alignment with GlassFish and NetBeans
●   Backward compatibility with 5.x
    ●   Projects built today with 5.0.5 and 5.1.x will continue to
        work as-is in Java CAPS 6
●   Provide new and enhanced capabilities
    ●   Innovation from Open ESB
    ●   Full Java SE 6 and Java EE 5 support
    ●   First to market with leading Web Services stack
    ●   New visual web page development
    ●   Introduce event processing
Greater Development Capabilities

                                          IDE Support in Java CAPS 6
               JBI          Composite App Editor       Enhanced Web Service Editor             Data Profiler

                                                       Multiple Language                                 Java EE, ME, SE, SOA, MDM...
        BPEL 2.0            BPEL2.0 Mapper
                                                       Java, C++, Jruby, etc
                                                                                       Distributed Debugging

                     Integrated Runtime            IDE Support in Java CAPS 5                 Data Integrator        Versioning
              Master Index Config                                                                               Data Cleanser
                                          WSDL Editor (Rep)     BPEL Debugger           Connectivity Map
Profiling       Deployment
                Profile                                                 Java Collaboration                       BPEL 1.0
                        Page Flow                  Impact Analyzer
                                                                                                        OTD Editor

            Update Center                                                      WS Interoperability              UML Modeling
                                             Enhanced WSDL Editor
 Web 2.0: Phobos, JRuby, REST                 Unified Project View                Component /App                          Visual Webpack
                                                                                  Life-cycle management
      Database Access Editor          Enhanced XML Schema Editor                                                 Integrated Test Env
Need for an Extensible Platform

         User                                   Vendor                                Extensible
      Assemblies                                Suites                                  Suites
        (Best of Breed)               (Application Platform Suites)                (Pluggable Platforms)

            1990                                  2000                                      2010

  Source: Gartner Inc., " The Battle for Platform Domination: Application Servers, SOA and Platforms Suites",
  Y. Natis, December 2006
Java Business Integration (JBI)

  ●   JBI is a Java Platform integration 'micro kernel'
      standard that provides an open architecture in support
      of multi-vendor Java Composite Application Platform
      tools and infrastructure.
  ●   It defines a set of service provider interfaces for
      middleware providers to implement if they want to
      install new service engines (which correspond to SCA's
      implementation types) or binding components (which
      correspond to SCA's bindings) into a JBI-compliant
JBI – A Universal Plug 'n Play Layer
                       ●   A standard way to add
                           new functionality to an
                           existing platform
                       ●   Standard installation and
                           lifecycle for components
                       Standard WSDL-based

                       communication across
                 Composite Application
                 Platform Suite
                       ●   Standard deployment
                 Suites    model for all
                       ●   Result of the experience
                           we had with our own
                           Products: Integration
                           Server EAI, B2B,
                           SeeBeyond ICAN
Extensibility – Gartner Quotes

   “The stage of large-scale one-vendor suites
                       is an
           unstable transitional stage...
 The emergence of extensible platforms”
           These will be suites composed of interchangeable parts, based on a
           microkernel-style, extensible platform architecture and open, if not
           standard, pluggability interfaces.”

 “Action Item:
           Users should give preference to platform products that have the best
           support for pluggability, allowing removal, addition or substitution of
           featured components as needed — explicitly exposing the interfaces for
           extensibility of their platforms.”

 Source: Gartner Inc., " The Battle for Platform Domination: Application Servers, SOA and Platforms Suites", Y. Natis, December 2006

●   Description:
    ●   Extensibility provides rapid plug-in of
        partner components into the
        Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
    ●   OpenESB / Java CAPS supports Java Business Integration
        (JBI) - the only standard dedicated to standards-based plug
        and play component integration
●   Why it matters:
    ●   No single vendor can provide all possible SOA suite
    ●   Incorporate components too specialized to be included in a
        single vendor platform (i.e. financial rules engine)
JBI Architecture

                   Composite Application
                   Platform Suite
Communications Adapters

●   These components provide different methods of
    communicating with other components of the
    Enterprise Service Bus and external systems

    ●   ADABAS         ●   SAP BC          ●   UDDI BC
        Natural        ●   SWIFT BC        ●   XMPP BC
    ●   CICS BC        ●   HL7 BC          ●   LDAP BC
    ●   CORBA BC       ●   HTTP BC         ●   JMS BC
    ●   File BC        ●   SIP BC          ●   MQ Series BC
    ●   FTP BC         ●   SMTP BC         ●   DCOM BC
Data Access and Manipulation

●   Database connection       ●   Data Extraction,
    components that allow         Conversion and
    connection to and             Transformation
    inspection of databases       ●   ETL SE
    ●   JDBC BC                   ●   XSLT SE
    ●   Informix                  ●   SQL SE
    ●   Oracle
    ●   Sybase                ●   Data Integration
    ●   IMS BC                    ●   ETL SE
    ●   SAP                       ●   Data Mashup
Business Logic Implementations

●   Application Mashup   ●   Event Processing
    ●   AOSD                 ●   IEP SE
●   Aspect Oriented      ●   Java Enterprise Artifacts
    Programming              ●   Java EE SE
    ●   Aspect SE        ●   Scripting
●   Business Process         ●   Scripting SE
    Orchestration and
    Collaboration        ●   Work List Management
    ●   BPEL SE              ●   WLM SE
BPEL 2.0 Service Engine
●   Standard JSR 208
                               ●   Implements endpoint
    compliant JBI 1.0 engine       status monitoring
    component.                 ●   Supports mutliple-thread
●   Supports BPEL 2.0              execution
    Language Constructs        ●   Supports debugging of
●   Provides and consumes          business processes
    web services defined by    ●   Supports database
    using WSDL 1.1                 persistence of business
●   Exchanges messages in          process instances for
    JBI-defined XML document       reliable recovery from
    format for wrapped WSDL        system failure
    1.1 message parts          ●   Supports load balancing
●   Supports long running          and failover when
    business processes             clustered
Intelligent Event Processor SE

                       ●   Real time business
                           event collection and
                            ●   Such as aggregation,
                                filtering, partitioning,
                                correlation, etc.
                       ●   Event provider to other
                           tools such as BI and
                           Reporting tools
                       ●   Real time business
                           event notification and
                           event triggers
XSLT Service Engine

●   The XSLT Service Engine is a JBI component capable
    of provisioning XSL stylesheets as web services
●   XSL-based Transformation Processes
●   XSL Parameters
●   Multiple invocations and transformations
●   Limited Variable Support
●   Call Java extension functions that are packaged in the
    XSLT project as Jar files.
Data Mashup Service Engine
●   Integrating Information from heterogeneous sources to
    provide unified view.
     ●   Relational databases, flat files, DCOM documents,
         spreadsheets, XML, HTML, RSS/Atom, Xquery RowSet
     ●   Time bound View Caching for improved response
     ●   Extensibility through the ability to consume JBI Services
●   Creating a Data Mashup Services capability in SOA(JBI
    based) using OpenESB and Netbeans
●   Exposing the Aggregation of Enterprise Data Sources to
    Mashup Client frameworks
●   Ability to view the ResultSet using the Mashup editor,
    Mashup View Cache Management
Java EE Service Engine

●   The Open ESB runtime packaged into
    GlassFish leverages its transactional and
    clustering capabilities to provide a robust
    solution for deployments
●   Transparently registers your EJB or Web
    Application web service endpoints with the
    Open ESB runtime
●   Allows new services to communicate
    seamlessly with existing EJBs or Web
  ●   SCA allows multiple technologies to be used to
      implement services (e.g. Java, BPEL, C++) and
      multiple bindings for communicating with services
      (e.g. Web services or JMS).
      ●   However, SCA does not describe how you would
          introduce a new implementation type or new binding
          into a runtime. This is exactly where JBI is targeted.
  ●   JBI defines a set of service provider interfaces for
      middleware providers to implement if they want to
      install new service engines (which correspond to
      SCA's implementation types) or binding components
      (which correspond to SCA's bindings) into a JBI-
      compliant runtime.
  ●   The two Do not Compete
Highlights of R6
  ●   Enabling multiple styles of development:
       ●   SOA, MoM, EAI, EDA
       ●   Scripting and Web-Tier
       ●   Extensible through NB ecosystem, e.g: Java ME
  ●   Agility and productivity
       ●   Faster code-build-deploy-test cycle; 10x faster
  ●   New multi-platform support
       ●   Solaris, Mac OS X, Linux
SOA & Business Integration
●   Establish Sun as a leader in the Software Middleware
    segment using a differentiated strategy
    ●   Deliver platform through open source
    ●   Drive adoption through community
    ●   Encourage collaboration through embracing partners
    ●   Differentiate to encourage monetary reward
●   Combine SWI middleware products into differentiated
    product chain
    ●   Adding in “new value” as core technology becomes
    ●   Simplifying packaging and pricing models
    ●   Continue to expand attractive licensing and support models
●   Drive towards agile platform for SaaS
Long-term Vision towards SaaS ...

    DataGate         ICAN &        Java               Beyond
     e*Gate         CAPS 5.x      CAPS R6               R6

  “Best of Breed”   Application      Modular        Dynamic Service
    Assemblies       Platform       Application      Composition
                      Suites      Platform Suites      Networks

    1990            2003             2008             2013
Java CAPS Competitive Positioning
Open Source of Core SOA Components

 Open/             MuleSource                   Sun
 Transparen   ServiceMix
 t                                      JBoss

 Closed/                           Microsoft TIBCO IBM
 Proprietar                Sonic       SAP
 y             iWay
                                        Software AG

                      Niche            Comprehensive
Next Step in FY09

  ●   Leverage Sun's investment in building
      open-source communities and the new
      core of CAPS R6 to deliver a 100% open
      source, fully supported, light-weight ESB
      ●   GlassFish ESB, November 2008

  ●   Rapidly innovate to deliver a range of
      new components and capabilities for our
      CAPS, ESB and MDM customers
SOA & Business Integration
Product Line
Missing part of product chain ...

                                                                                            Composite Application
                                                                                            Platform Suite
                                                                                     ell    Low volume, super-suite
                                                                                  ups       Highest value rating
                                                                                            Combines multiple products

                                                                 ESB Suite
                                                  ups            More value, higher price
                                                                 Lower volume

                                     GlassFish ESB
                          s   e ll
                                      More value, higher price
                                      Lower volume
 GlassFish Enterprise Server
 High volume, core platform
 Higher commodity rating
 Lower average rpu
Middleware Product Packages



                            ESB Suite    MDM Suite                ... Suite

                                         Focused on more specific
                                         business problem or domain
            GlassFish ESB                e.g. single-customer-view
                                         but still with rich needs e.g.
                                         multiple products, etc.

Community and Products

      Products                                       Inbound
                          Suites with
                          Added Value

                             ESB                      Products

                 Server                 Open ESB

GlassFish ESB – 100% OSS
 ●   Added value only available to paying customers
 ●   Differentiated support and information

Value                        Limited
                           OSS Support            24x7 Support

             Best Practices,
               Ref Archs                                     Hot Fixes /

                                Complete, deployable,
                               pluggable open-source
                               integration platform for
          Knowledge Base                                         Updates
                               developers to deployers
Enterprise Suites – CAPS, ESB, MDM
 ●   Combines closed-source, OEM and other products
 ●   Differentiated by features and support services

Higher Added                        Clustering,
                                    Enterprise Enterprise
Value              Bundles w/ Sun Adapters      Manager
                 or Partner Products
                                                         “ICAN” / 5.1
              OSS Support

                                                              24x7 Support
          Best Practices,      Complete, deployable,
            Ref Archs
                              pluggable open-source             Hot Fixes
                              integration platform for
                              developers to deployers
          Knowledge Base                                       Updates
Simplified “sales” view ...

            $22.5K $60-100K $250K            $500K        $400K
                     “5-year TCO for 4-socket or 1000 person”

             Illustration only, subject to change
“Why pick Sun's CAPS Product Line?”

    ●   Unified
        ●   One development environment
    ●   Complete
        ●   Built from the ground up as a pre-
            integrated suite
    ●   Built By Industry Leader
        ●   Integration specialists since 1989
    ●   Commitment to open source & standards
        ●   Open source and plug-in standards leader
Scalable Service Platform
  Community Contribution                               Sun ESB Suite
          Open Source                         AGGREGATION | PERSONALIZATION

                                                 Business Services
          OPEN SSO
          OPEN DS                              Service Orchestration
          NETBEANS         Composite Application
                           Platform Suite ESB
                             Technical Services                                Data Composition
          MYSQL                   RULES, EVENTS &                               MASTER DATA, MASHUP
                                SERVICE COMPOSITION                             AND SYNCHRONIZATION

                                                     Service Enablement
                                         MEDIATION     |   EVENT PROCESSING        | ROUTING

                             PACKAGED APPLICATIONS |       PROTOCOLS       |   DATABASES |     WEB SERVICES

                             SERVER      |     APPLICATION
                                               SERVER                  |        DIRECTORY
                                                                                SERVER          |    SINGLE
Data Management
 Community Contribution                           Sun MDM Suite
         Open Source                          AGGREGATION | PERSONALIZATION

         MURAL                              Master Data Management
         OPEN ESB                                     Master Index
         OPEN DS
         NETBEANS         Composite Application
                                         Probabilistic Matching
                                Initial Suite
                          Platform Load
                                 HIGH PERFORMANCE/
                                                            Data Quality
                          Suites  PRE-MATCH & LOAD

                                                 Data Integration
                                            EXTRACT    |   TRANSFORM    |


                                             Enterprise Service Bus
                                 ORCHESTRATION | MEDIATION | ADAPTERS | ROUTING |

                              SERVER    |     APPLICATION
                                              SERVER           |      DIRECTOR
                                                                      Y            |    SINGLE
 Other Vendors Have Patchwork Integration

• How many different installations do you have to manage?
• How do you do version control? Impact analysis?
• What happens when the product is rewritten?
SOA & Business Integration
FY08 Highlights

         ●   Revitalized Java CAPS!
         ●   Gartner AADI
             ●   Positive feedback from key
         ●   New MDM Suite
         ●   Positive Press Coverage
         ●   Customer Highlights
         ●   Full Collateral Refresh
             ●   With new differentiation
    Launch Date- Gartner AADI Conference
    June 9 2008

• Sun Sessions
    > Sun Vendor Session
       > “Move Beyond Proprietary ESBs”
    > Customer Case Studies
       > Medavie and Carrefour
• Sun Booth
    > Highlighting New
●   Strong Attendance
    to Sun Session
Revitalized Java CAPS

• Gartner now positions Sun SOA as a Megavendor:

     Pre-Launch                                                Post-Launch
  No mention of Sun                                      Sun an SOA “Megavendor”

                    May 2008                                                      June 2008

                                  Jess Thompson, Gartner Inc.
    Selecting Integration Technology That Will Support your SOA & BPM Initiatives; June 2008
Analyst Relations – Recent Highlights

 Java CAPS 6 is “Sun's first true    "IMHO Sun seems to be right on with
    application infrastructure       this vision. A pluggable open source
 suite...the attitude toward open   platform that provides comprehensive
source has definitely changed in    services to build SOA solutions on is
the recent past… Sun might be          exactly what the market needs.”
  poised to take advantage of
           that change."               "I really believe Sun’s integration
                                           of MDM into the platform is
                                        industry leading and visionary”

“With MDM Suite, Sun would vie        “Melding SOA and MDM at the ESB
with rivals like IBM and wants to    level is “a very pragmatic approach
 make master data management        that’s been missing from SOA since the
simple and easy to use instead of       beginning. It’s not just about the
       being complicated.”                    transaction anymore.”
Recent Java CAPS Customer Success
●   Notable Wins                      “With Java CAPS, we can easily dynamically
                                      deploy one application into more than 650 stores”
    ●   SWIFT OEM
    ●   Future Group                                            Frank
    ●   AXA Australia                                         Lacroix
    ●   Texas Medicaid
    ●   Softway Medical (first   "Lock-in with any vendor is a top concern for us and
        CAPS OEM win in          Sun's implementation of the pluggable Java Business
                                 Integration (JBI) standard combined with their open
        EMEA)                    source strategy within Open ESB/Java CAPS has
                                 addressed this concern for us"
    ●   Telecom NZ

                                                                  Vince Blanchard
                                                                 Medavie Blue Cross
Java CAPS: Key Messages
 • Open, pluggable platform
    > The two requirements for successful ecosystem innovation
 • Leveraging the strength of Sun
    > Extensive Sun software expertise (NetBeans, GlassFish) leveraged into
     Java CAPS
 • Master Data Management
    > Customer Data Integration – Service enabled
 • Strong ESB foundation
    > Full spectrum of support for integrating legacy, packaged apps through
     modern Web services
 • (R)Evolutionary
    > Backwards compatibility combined with major
 • Proven Business Integration Specialists
    > Extending integration leadership since 1989
SOA & Business Integration
CAPS and ESB Roadmap
                                             CY2008                                                       CY2009                            CY2010
                         Q1               Q2       Q3                               Q4                   H1     H2
                         J     F   M     A       M    J    J     A   S   O      N        D

                                                 SOA / Business Integration
  Java CAPS          •
                 Release 6
                                          Release 6
                                                                                                  R6U1          R6U2
                                                                                                                    •         •
                                                                                                                                         Project Andes
   ESB Suite                                                                                                                              Websynergy
                Early Access       OSS Re-Platform (GF/NB),                             Platform/system updates
                                       New MDM Suite                                                                                  Design-Time Registry
                   (beta)                                                                                                         Dynamically-Typed Languages,
                                         ESB Suite
                                     Extensible Platform
                                                                                      • • • •
                                                                                    • Component Releases •                          Declarative Programming,
                                                                                                                                     Lighter weight runtime,
                                                                                         Event Processing / EDA,                      OSGi (GlassFish v3)
                                                                                         XSLT, SQL, RSS, XMPP,
                                         Swift 2008 Cert
                                                                                    Data Mashup, Rules Engine, BAM ...

GlassFish ESB                                                                            v2
                                                                                             •                v2U1
                                                                                                                  •              v3
                                                                                    GlassFish v2                            GlassFish v3
                                                                                    Open ESB v2                             Open ESB v3

 Open Source                                 •                                      •                         •               •
                                   Open ESB v2 (final)
                                                                             Open ESB v3               Open ESB v3       Open ESB v3
                                                 Open ESB v3
                                                                              Project Fuji              Project Fuji        (final)
                                                                              (preview 2)               (preview 3)
                                                  Project Fuji
                                                  (preview 1)
                                             •                                  •                         •                   •
                                         Mural v1                          Mural v2                    Mural v2            Mural v2
                                          (final)                        ( preview 1)                 (preview 2)           (final)
Project Roadmap

                                                                             MDM R6           MDM R7
                                                                              ESB R6           ESB R7
                  Major Release        ICAN 5.0.x             CAPS 5.1       CAPS R6         CAPS R7*
                  IDE Platform         NetBeans v3           NetBeans v5    NetBeans v6     NetBeans v6.5
                  ESB Architecture        eGate                 eGate         JBI 1.0          JBI 2.0
                  Runtime Platform      SBYN IS              Sun AS 8.x    GF v2 / AS 9.x       GF v3

                                     * = subject to change
GlassFish ESB V2
  ●   Create entry-level product to CAPS product-chain
      ●   Binary created from subset of Open ESB components
          and supported only on GlassFish
      ●   Competitive with Mulesource and Apache ServiceMix
      ●   Limited platform and feature support (wrt. CAPS)

  ●   Launch in Nov'08 with market awareness campaign:
      ●   Web presence on,
          linking back to
      ●   Sales briefing and training update (web, email)
      ●   Google ads linking back from competition
Enhancing the Suites ...

  ●   Complex Event Processing
      ●   Timeframe: Nov 2009

  ●   Reinstating BAM through OEM
      ●   Timeframe: CAPS.Next, Q3FY09

  ●   HumanTask/WLM through community
      ●   Timeframe: TBD

  ●   WebSynergy-Portal Alignment
      ●   Timeframe: Q4FY09-Q1FY10
Project Mural and MDM.Next
  ●   Data Virtualization and Mashup
      ●   “Web applications or Web widgets that users create
          without coding to combine multiple data sources” -

  ●   Support for MySQL
      ●   Removing need for Oracle and MySQL
      ●   Oracle may still apply at high-end

  ●   Target: Q4FY09
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