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     ^ VERYBODY is talking about peace. And                                                     antipathy of the Bolshevist government
         a good thing, too. . We have had            ARTHUR S. MAXWELL                          toward Great Britain and America. Already
     ^ enough of 'war. Certainly no one                            London                       serious disorders have taken place in some
         wants another. Eight years have                                                        of China's most important cities where the
passed since the last shot was fired in the     ahead of us. Would to God it might be!          Western nations are most strongly repre-
Great War. There have been a few war            No one dislikes contention and bloodshed        sented. Antiforeign riots are occurring
scares since, and a little blood-letting here   more than we, nor does anyone more ve-          with increasing frequency and intensity.
and there; but, on the whole, we seem to        hemently deplore thex wastage and the folly     As we write, the newspapers are full of an
have been moving toward a more settled          of war. Nevertheless we feel constrained        urgent appeal which has just reached Par-
state of affairs, at least temporarily.         to admit some misgivings concerning the         liament for immediate reenforcements for
   Nineteen twenty-six was a notable year       present and the promised peace.                 the British naval forces in the Far East in
for peace. The Locarno Pact and the sub-                                                        view of expected serious developments.
sequent welcome of Germany into the               The fact is that the present semblance of
                                                peace does not bear close examination. We          What is brewing in those regions no man
League of Nations are evidence enough of                                                        can tell; but it seems to us that the stage is
the new will for peace that seems to have       are not looking for trouble, but it is always
                                                best to face facts, however uninviting they     being set for some terrible calamity, the
come into the hearts of men. History books                                                       magnitude of which we have not as yet
will tell our children that these events        may appear. And if we will take time to
                                                think around the world and to consider           dreamed. When four hundred million
formed the real close of the Great War.                                                          people arm themselves with modern weap-
   We rejoice at this return of the dove of     carefully conditions in various countries, we
                                                shall certainly be jogged out of our com-        ons of destruction, there is no telling to
peace to mankind. Overwrought and weary                                                          what ghastly lengths they may go. China
with prolonged strife and turmoil, driven       placency and compelled to admit-that the
                                                prophets of peace are speculating at a big       to-day is one of the world's danger spots, a
well-nigh to desperation by staggering tax-                                                      human volcano, bubbling, boiling, splutter-
ation and the perplexities of depreciated       risk.
                                                              THE FAR EAST
                                                                                                 ing, the ferocity, of whose eruption may
currencies,, the nations need, above all                                                         shake the whole world.
things, a period of rest. No greater ma-          Take China, for instance. What a muddle
terial boon could come to the world just        and a mess of militarism we see there!                 WHERE MUSSOLINI REIGNS
now than a few years of quietness and           Perhaps it doesn't matter much, some cal-         Turn to Italy. An enigma, to be sure, but
mutual confidence among its peoples. With       lous people will say, so long as the people     the mailed foot of Europe in very truth.
all the scientific knowledge that man now       over there are fighting among themselves.       We are not supposed to know much about
possesses, such a time of peace would see       Perhaps so; but suppose, as seems quite         Italy, for Mussolini has installed a strict
developments for his well-being and for .the    possible, the huge opposing armies should       censorship of the news. But neither Mus-
improvement of his conditions of labor as       unite and seek a common enemy in one of         solini nor his censors can stop the sound of
 would tempt him to think that the long-        the Western nations. It is common knowl-        his saber-rattling from crossing the Alps.
 hoped-for millennium had begun.                edge that the Southern, and until now the       We admit that Mussolini has done much
   Many voices are proclaiming to-day that      victorious, army'is in sympathy with Mos-       good for his country by rescuing it from
such an era of prosperity and peace is just     cow ; and everybody is aware of the intense                   (Continued on page It)
     VOL. 34, NO. 7                                                                                          FEBR'UARY is, 1927
                JLr e SEVENTH-DAY
                              EFORE me lie two                     Do they offer the people of God "the devil
                      B        little tracts which
                               contend that
                               when Seventh-
                      day Adventists say that
                                                                               for a Saviour"!
                      the "scapegoat" of Leviti-
                      cus 16 represents Satan,
                                                       MILTON                              CHARL                      E S          W        I L C O X
                      they make Satan their                                                                            Christ, by His death on the cross,
                       Sa_viour. Clifton L.                                                                            reconciled man and God, and is
                      Fowler, Dean of the                                                                              the only being in the universe
                      Denver Bible Institute                                                                           who could make an atonement
                                                                                                                              for the sins of men.
and editor of Grace and Truth, is the author
of one of these. His title is, "Will Satan
 Bear Our Sins? or Seventh-day Adventism
Exposed." He says:
   "Seventh-day Adventism is guilty of tear-
ing Jesus from His exalted position as our
sin bearer, and actually placing the devil
upon that pinnacle. Seventh-day Adventism
is the wicked religion which teaches that                                                                   •?Ai_
Satan is the final sin bearer for the people           by good men centuries ago. Note                                mon, Rosenmuller, Gesenius, Witsius,
of God."                                               the following from standard                                     Meyer, Alting, Hengstenberg, and
   He quotes, in' proof of the statement,              works:                                                         Vaihinger are cited. "These writers
from certain Seventh-day Adventist books,                  1. Sanford's Cyclopedia of Re-                             hold that the view in question best
such as "Daniel and the Revelation," page              ligious Knowledge briefly sums up                              preserves the contrast between the
756 (page 823, edition 1907) ; "Bible Read-            the various views as follows:                                  two goats—one for Jehovah, and one
ings for the Home Circle," page 241; "The                  "Azazel is a transliteration of                            for, the great adversary, Azazel—the
Great Controversy," page 658; "Patriarchs              the Hebrew word translated in the                              latter a being as well as the former.
and Prophets," page 358. His last words,               authorized version (Leviticus 16:                              . . . The goat [scapegoat] . . . was no
quoted from "Patriarchs and Prophets," are             8, sq.) scapegoat. There has been                              sacrifice, but rather a witness that the
in italic capitals, "Satan, who will bear the          much discussion regarding the                                           accepted sacrifice had been
final penalty;" and then he exclaims, "There           meaning of the term. Some take                                          made."'— Vol. 9, article,
it stands in all its hideous blasphemy. Satan          it to be the name of a region, 'the                                     "Scapegoat."
shall bear the final penalty for sin."                 desert,' others of a person to whom                                        The same article quotes
   Again: "Seventh-day^ Adventism offers               the goat was sent. The latter                                           Vaihinger as saying of the
the people of God the devil for a Saviour."            opinion is favored by the" best                                         sins, "that Azazel, the
                                                      scholars, and they hold that ref-                                        abominable, the sinner from
      FAILS TO TELL WHOLE STORY                       erence is made to Satan.. The goat'                                      the beginning (John 8: 44), is
   Mr. Fowler fails to note the many, many            that was sent away typified the re^                           the one from whom they have pro-
statements in these books which exalt Jesus            moving of the guilt of the people."                          ceeded, and to whom they must again
Christ, the antitypical "Lamb of God, that                2. The International Standard                             with abhorrence be sent back, after the
taketh away the sin of the world" ("beareth            Bible Encyclopedia, under article                            solemn atonement and absolution of
the sin of the world," margin). John 1: 29,            "Azazel," after noting various views,                        the congregation have been accom-
A. R. V. If the.reader is interested to know           says: "Some interpret this word as                          plished."
what this people have taught regarding                 referring to a demon of the wilder-
                                                      ness, . . . and explain the term as 'one                         5. Kitto's Cyclopedia of Biblical
Jesus and our sins, we refer him to the very                                                                        Literature • (article," "Goat, scape"),
books from which Mr. Fowler quotes. (See              who has separated himself from God,'
                                                      or 'he who has separated himself,' or                        after a statement in reference to the
"Daniel and the Revelation," pages 407,                                                                            choice of each of the two goats,—for
457-8, 864-870, edition 1907; "Bible Read-             'he who misleads others.' ... In later
                                                      times the word Azasel was by many                            Jehovah, and m for Azazel,— declares:
ings," pages 110-114, edition 1914; "Great                                                                          "Now, in respect to language, there can
Controversy," pages 18, 19, 665, 678; "Pa-            Jews and also by Christian theolo-
                                                      gians, such. as Origen, regarded as                          be no objection to interpreting Azazel
triarchs and Prophets," pages 63, 64). These                                                                       as meaning Satan."
references could be greatly extended. All             that Satan himself who had fallen
these works teach that our only hope of               away from 'God."                                                6. Hengstenberg is cited as holding
salvation from sin is in Jesus Christ alone,              3. The New Schaff-Herzog Reli-                           to the same opinion, as in the follow-
and these critics easily could have learned it.       gious Encyclopedia says: "The con-                           ing: "a. The manner in which the
   This article is written to explain "the            trast between 'for Yaweh' [Jehovah], and               phrase 'for Azazel' is contrasted with 'for
scapegoat" of Leviticus 16, and especially             'for Azazel' . . . favors the interpretation          Jehovah,' necessarily requires that Azazel
verse 10, where in the common version it              of Azazel as a proper noun, and a reference            should denote a personal existence, and, if
reads that the scapegoat was to be "pre-              to Satan suggests itself."                             so, only Satan can be intended.
sented alive before the Lord, to make an                  4. McClintock and Strong's Biblical,                  "b. If by Azazel, Satan is not meant, there
atonement with him."                                  Theological, and Ecclesiastical Cyclopedia,            is no ground for the lots that were cast.
                                                      after referring to other views, as noted in            We can then see no reason why the decision
WHAT WELL-KNOWN AUTHORITIES SAY                       our first quotation from Sanford, says:                was referred to God; why the high priest
   Because of this expression, the writers of             "But there is still another class of writers       did not simply assign one goat for a sin
these tracts, and others, contend that, the           who are disposed to claim for the word a               offering, and' the other for sending away
scapegoat is a symbol of Christ, not Satan.           more distinctly personal existence, and who            into the desert. -The circumstance that lots
Seventh-day Adventists, and others, teach             would refer it directly to Satan. This view            are cast, implies that Jehovah is made the
that the scapegoat, or the word translated            is certainly of high antiquity, and is ex-             antagonist of a personal existence, with re-
scapegoat in our common version, is a sym-            pressed in the reading of the Septuagint,              spect to which it is designed to exalt the
bol of Satan, not of Christ. Is this true?            apopompaios, which means, not scapegoat,               unlimited power of Jehovah, and to exclude
are they alone in this?                               pr sent away, but the turner away, the                 all equality of this being with Jehovah.
   Let me first say that this latter view, sb         averter. ... It was very common with the                  "c. Azazel, as a word of /comparatively
strongly condemned, did not originate with            rabbins, as in later times it has the support          unfrequent formation, and only used here,
Seventh-day Adventists, but was advocated             of many authorities." And Spenser, Am-                 is best fitted for the designation of Satan."

Vol. 54                                          SIGNS of the TIMES, FEBRUARY 15, 1927                                                                     No. 7
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                                            in section 1103, Act of October 3. 1917, and authorized September 18, '1918.
     Page Two                                                                                                                   SIGNS of the TIMES
ADVENTISTS Blasphemers?
   7. Fausset's Bible Cyclopedia (article,            on the word of God. Will Mr. Fowler say              The "once in the year" was the great Day,
"Atonement, Day of") says, "Many think                these men are guilty of blasphemy? of             of Atonement of Leviticus 16,—the service'
Azazel to be the devil, to whom, as the               "abominable falsehood"? We do not need            that completed the yearly round. (Leviticus
source of sin, 'the entirely separate one,'           to take the space to quote Mr.' Fowler's          16:34.)
the scapegoat, with its load of sin, . . . was        utter perversion of truth. Let us study              d. Those ancient priests were "many in
sent."                                                briefly the text and the types and antitypes.     number, because that by death they are
   8. Smith's Bible Dictionary (under                                                                   hindered from continuing; but He [Christ,
                                                            THE CHAPTER IN QUESTION
"Atonement, Day of"), after referring                                                                   the great Antitype], because He abideth
to different theories, says: "Others who                 1. The sixteenth chapter of Leviticus is       forever, hath His priesthood unchange-
have studied the subject most closely take            instruction regarding services on the great      able;" "who needeth not daily, like those
Azazel for a personal being."                         Day of Atonement, the closing day of the          high priests, to offer up1* sacrifices, first for
   9. The International Bible Dictionary              Hebrew religious year. Only on this day           His own sins, and then for the sins of the
 (article, "Atonement, Day of") : "Many               does the high priest enter into the most holy     people; for this He did ONCE FOR ALL,
modern scholars agree that it [Azazel]                place, the holy of holies, in the very .pres-     when He offered up Himself." Hebrews
designates the personal being to whom the             ence of the glorious Shekinah, the sacred         7: 23, 24, 27, A. R. V.
goat was sent, probably Satan."                       ark which inclosed the transgressed law,             Each high priest, therefore, in the an-
   10. The Bible Commentary, by Bishops               the mercy seat above, and the cherubim.           cient Hebrew sanctuary, in his yearly round
and other clergy of the Anglican Church,                 2. Before atonement is made for God's          of service, was a type of the entire service
edited by F. C. Cook, M. A., Canon of                 people, the priest must make atonement for        of Jesus "once for all". -as High Priest.
Exeter, says : "The greater number of critics         himself and his house, with a bullock for a        (See this set forth in Hebrews 9MI-I4,
are however inclined to take Azazel as the            sin offering and a ram for a burnt offering—      23-28.)
name of an'evil spirit . . . Origen expressly         cleansing and consecration. .This ceremony                THE DAY OF ATONEMENT '
says that Azazel denoted the devil."                  was no part of the typical Day of Atone-
   From this plethora of witnesses, among             ment services; rather it prepared the priest      e. The closing work' of the year for
whom are devoted Bible students and able              to minister in the solemn rites that followed. the ancient priest, as above noted,
scholars, it-can easily be seen that the idea         If the high priest had been sinless, this pre- was on the great Day of, Atonement. It
that the "scapegoat"—"Azazel"—refers to               liminary service would not have been made.     was a yearly judgment' day for God's
Satan, is.not exclusively a Seventh-day Ad-            (See Hebrews 5:3.)                            Israel. • Every one who did not take part in
ventist teaching; that it did not originate                                                          those solemn services was cut off. (Leviti-
with them; that it has been held by many                     DAY OF ATONEMENT SERVICES               cus 23:28-30.) Through the year the sins
others even for centuries. The charge of                 3. For the important typical services of of the people were in figure transferred
blasphemy must therefore also be laid to              that great day, two he goats were brought through their offerings and the ministry of
the door of men to whom Christian scholar-            before the Lord at the door of the sanc- the priest to the sanctuary. On the Day of
 ship owes much, men who were devout,                 tuary, and one ram for a burnt offering. Atonement—at-one-ment—the high priest,
 earnest believers in Christ Jesus and His            Aaron, the high priest, under divine in- bearing the blood of the goat "for Jehovah,"
vicarious sacrifice, apart from which all our         struction, "cast lots upon the two goats; one confesses these sins at the mercy seat, over
hopes of-salvation and immortality are vain;          lot for Jehovah, and the other lot for the transgressed holy law of God, where he
 against such men as the devoted orthodox             Azazel. And Aaron shall present the goat sprinkles the blood of the goat, and there
 Protestant scholar, Ernest Wilhelm Heng-             upon which the lot fell for Jehovah, and makes atonement for the holy place "be-
 stenberg, who believed in a religion based           offer him for a sin offering. But the goat, cause of the uncleannesses of the children of
                                                      on which the lot fell for Azazel, shall be set Israel, and because of their transgressions,
                                                      alive before Jehovah, to make atonement even all their sins: and so shall he do for
                                                      for him, to send him away for Azazel into the tent of meeting, that dwelleth with them
                                                      the wilderness." Leviticus 16: 5-10, A. R. V. in the midst of their uncleannesses." Le-
                                                      The margin reads, to make atonement v viticus 16: 16, 18, 19. Atonement must be
                                                      "over," or "with" him.                         made for everything defiled by sin, that
                                                                                                      God's people may be at one with Him. The
                                                         a. The thought of the text is not one goat ram for the burnt offering stood for re-
                                                      for Jehovah and the other goat for the newed consecration for the new year.
                                                      scapegoat. Azazel does not mean goat. The         /. Then in his own person the priest lays
                                                      fact that the two expressions are parallel both hands upon the head of the live goat
                                                      clearly shows that two persons are meant,- that God chose "for Azazel," and confesses
                                                      "for Jehovah," "for Azazel." The first over him all the iniquities and sins of the
                                                      name is of a person; so also is the second. children of Israel, and" then sends him away
                                                      If one meant a person, "for Jehovah," and by the hand of one in readiness; and the
                                                      the other a goat, there would have been a goat shall bear upon him all their iniquities
                                                      limiting adjective, "for Jehovah," "for the unto a solitary land; and he shall let go
                                                      scapegoat.". But it does not so read. It the goat in the wilderness; and the logical
                                                      is "for Jehovah," "for Azazel."                 conclusion is that to Israel it is_the last of
                                                          b. If both goats were offerings for the him, and of sin once connected with them.
                                                       sins of the people, if both typified Jesus,      g. It is abundantly taught in the word of
                                                       what need was there that lots should be God that little Israel was a faint type of'all
                                                       cast, and God decide? The priest needed God's faithful people, the true Israel of God
                                                      not to discriminate. But he did, or, rather, who shall enter the gates of the eternal
                                                       God did; lots were cast; God must decide. city; that the ancient day of at-ofle-ment,
                                                       "The lot is cast into the lap; but the whole the yearly judgment day, is a type of God's
                                                       disposing thereof is of Jehovah." Proverbs great closing work of the gospel, His day
                                                       16:33.' . v              ,                     of judgment, •which involves the whole
                                                          c. The ancient priests served that which world. The vital purpose of the great
                                                       is a "copy and shadow of the heavenly "mystery of His will," the gospel, is in "the
                                                       things." Hebrews 8:5, A. R. V. Each of fullness of the times, to sum up all things
                                                       those high priests in his yearly round. of in Christ, the things in the heavens, and
                                                       service .was a type of the priestly ministry the things upon the earth." Ephesians I:
                                                       of our Lord Jesus Christ. In that sanctuary 9, 10.                      • . "             .   .
                                                       of old the priests went "in continually           This work must involve the, cleansing of
                                                        [daily] into the first tabernacle [the holy the heavenly sanctuary,, where all sins are
                                                       place], accomplishing the services; but into remembered and recorded, "with better sac-
                                                       the second [the holy of holies] the high rifices" than those .which the earthly sanc-
    Satan, the originator of sin and the father        priest alone, once in the year, not without tuary knew (Hebrews 9:23); and this is
    of evil, will be made to sense the enormity        blood, which he offereth for himself, and prophetically, predicted as taking place in
    of the tragedy he has brought into the uni-
    verse, when he is sent off, like the scapegoat,     for the errors of the people." (See He- the last days; at the -end of the 2,300 days,
                   to bear the guilt.                   brews 9: 1-7.)                                or years, of Daniel 8: 14, dating from a vital
lor FEBRUARY 15, 1927                                                                                                                    Page Three
  ministry in the earthly sanctuary. The clos-      Every soul of earth who has sinned has         bring you to the Master of life. Yield all
  ing of God's work for sinful man, of com- not sinned alone. "Drawn away by his own               to Him willingly, gladly, and dwell with
  paratively short but not stated time, there ' lust, and enticed;" yes, but the enticer is        Him in that sinless land where righteousness
  begins. This period, and there is none more "the old serpent, he that is called the devil        is regnant forever.
  important, is known in the Scriptures as and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world."
  "the time of the end," "the hour of His He did the enticing. (See James 1: 13-15;
 judgment," the cleansing of the sanctuary Revelation 12: 9.)                                                 PEACE PERILS
  when "is finished the mystery of God,"—           The man who breaks company with the                        (Continued from page 1)
  finished in heaven by our great High Priest; devil and gives himself by faith to Christ          threatened anarchy; but the fervid national-
 on earth, by the proclamation of His great finds in Him at-one-ment in the washing                ism and militarism which this demigod of
  threefold gospel message. (Revelation 10: away of his sins, in the regeneration of life.         the Italians preaches to his people is sowing
 7; 14:6-10; see "Great Judgment Day," by But for every sin he committed, the devil is             dragons' teeth for a harvest of horror in
  Shuler; "Hour of God's Judgment," by also guilty. He has not repented. Nay,                      the days to come. Moreover, Mussolini's
  Haynes.)                                       more, he works with indomitable energy to         alliance with the Roman Catholic Church,
              PROBATION CLOSED                   enchain again in sin the freed soul. When         his suppression of political minorities, his
                                                 that soul came to Christ and confessed his        intolerance of religious liberty, his opposi-
    Then God's work for sinful man is over. sins, he was free in Christ, but the senior            tion to freedom of speech and of the press,
 Then it is that our great High Priest lays partner in the firm of sin was still guilty of         all point to the coming of an hour of crisis.
 aside His sacerdotal robes, places upon the those sins confessed. He has not repented,            The will and the conscience of man can not
 antitypical Azazel, "the devil and Satan," nor confessed, nor sued for pardon. The                for long be thus repressed, and all history
 the sins from the sanctuary, and by a mighty sin is still active and evil. The hardened           teaches that the abuse of power by an auto-
 angel in readiness binds him and casts him criminal may induce the boy to commit                  crat is followed in due time by an irresist-
 into the desolate land of this sin-cursed crime. The boy repents, and, pardoned by                ible and overwhelming reaction.
 earth, in its utter desolation, for a thousand the governor, is one with the state, but the
 years (Isaiah 24:1-3, 22; Revelation 20:                                                                         THE BALKANS
 1-3), where he and his demons can behold crime is still held and cherished by the old               At the moment, Italy holds Europe's most
 and meditate upon the ruin they have criminal; and justice demands punishment.                    dangerous possibilities, but the perils of
 wrought. The desolation of Palestine dur- So never can there be absolute at-one-ment              peace are by no means confined there.
 ing her seventy years' captivity until the in God's universe till the author and lover of         Greece is never more than a few months
 land enjoyed her sabbaths, is a faint type sin perishes in the glory of God.                      off a revolution, and the other Balkan states,
 of the desolated earth. (See 2 Chronicles         The first and blessed part of the at-one-       with all their petty jealousies and quarrels,
 36.)                                            ment is the saving of the souls who in Christ     form a perpetual source of danger to the
    God's children are in heaven sitting with break from sin. The last and necessary part          rest of the Continent. One can never for-
 Him in judgment, that they forever may is when at-one-ment is completed by the                    get that from these regions came the spark
 know His eternal justice and the fullness destruction of sin and all identified with              that lit the powder barrels of the world in
 of His mercy.. (See I Corinthians 6: 1-3; sin. And the last to perish will be Azazel;             1914.
 Revelation 20:4-6; 19: i, 2.) In the work the at-one-ment of the universe will be com-                               SPAIN
 that Satan and his minions attempt after pleted by the extirpation of the last of sin                Beneath the seemingly placid surface of
 the resurrection of the impenitent dead, in his destruction.                                      affairs in Spain runs a strong, deep under-
 they demonstrate forever, in their effort         The righteous Son of God became sin for         current of discontent.' There also a Catholic
 to overthrow God's government, the right- us, died in our behalf, that we might be                dictator in the saddle means an almost com-
 eousness of the divine sentence. There is made the righteousness of God in Him; and               plete absence of religious liberty and free-
 only malice, but no repentance.                 He and His live forevermore. But all who          dom of speech. Strict censorship prevents
        THE END—THE AT-ONE-MENT                  are not His perish forever with their sin.        the full truth from being known, but news
                                                 They have chosen sin instead of Christ and        enough leaks out to let the world know that
    Then, in the presence of the ineffable, righteousness and life; and finished sin is            there are advanced minds that are revolting
transcendent, and, to sinners, unbearable, death. (James i: 15.)
                                                                                                   against oppression. Quite recently a serious
glory of God and of His Son Jesus Christ,                                                          defection in the army became public, and
 sin, iniquity, all evil, and all who have         Reader, there is a volume in this article.
                                                                                                   later still a more widespread plot to over-
identified themselves with sin—angels and Much has been taken for granted in your
men—perish forever: "who shall be pun- knowledge of God's word. vlf you do not                     throw the dictatorship was discovered in
                                                                                                   the Pyrenees. Turbulent times are ahead
ished with everlasting destruction from the know, study the words of life. Let them
                                                                                                   for that country; and we must not be sur-
presence of the Lord, and from the glory
of His power." 2 Thessalonians 1:9-                                                                prised^ if its affairs become increasingly
And His presence is everywhere. (Psalm                                                             dangerous to its neighbors.
139: 1-12; Jeremiah 23: 24.) They have by                         Maranatha                                          MEXICO
choice identified themselves with all sin,                                                           An unusual picture, -reminiscent of the
                                                                 EUGENE ROWELL
and with sin they perish, themselves sin.                                                          Middle Ages, presents itself in Mexico.
    The problem of sin is settled. It is the           I dreamed that over Bethlehem
                                                         Once more the angels sang.               There President Calles is fighting the battle
one evil thing that broke unity in God's uni-          And all the starry midnight sky            of his life against all the might of the
verse. It is the one evil thing that de-                 With heavenly music rang.                Catholic Church. This courageous man,
manded the infinite price and-sacrifice of the         But now came down a sweeter strain
                                                         Than in that song of old,                confident that Catholicism has been the
life of God's beloved Son. God's great                 And angels struck with happier hands       curse of his country, has resolved that the
heart would have saved all. Christ's love                More joyous harps of gold.               laws which have been made to break Rome's
and sacrifice covered all. But Infinite Love                                                      grip on the land shall be maintained. It is
                                                       No longer now they sang the Child
can-not force acceptance. Love can not be                Born to a way of pain,'                  one of the most notable conflicts of the
coerced.A God's loyal, everlasting ones are            But of the King all glorious               century, and much will depend upon the out-
willing lovers of God. But Infinite Love                 In heaven and earth to reign.            come. More is involved than appears on
does all that it can do to win from sin's              His name in every angel voice
                                                         Welled forth divinely grand              the surface. Mexico certainly should be
bondage its slaves.                                    As "Maranatha," sang the host,             labeled "dangerous."
    God's written number will be saved. His              "The Lord is near at hand."
                                                                                                                THE OUTLOOK
original plan will be complete. The char-              Then human lips caught up the strain,—
acters written in the book of life in the                Lips that liad long been dumb,—             Not a very promising situation. Admitted.
beginning will all come home according to             Where breaking hearts had, waited long       It would, of course, be easy to ignore these
His purpose, and all who take themselves                 The promised King to come.                danger spots and congratulate ourselves
                                                      From India's midnight towers they sang,
out of that purpose shall perish.              '         And from the Western strand.              upon the more pleasing prospects in other
                                                      "Maranatha, maranatha,                       directions. But that would not remove
          PARTNERSHIP IN SIN                           The Lord is near at hand."                  them. They are there; and at any moment
   The at-one-menr could have been com-                                                            any one of them might cause a catastrophe
                                                      Sing on, O heavenly choir, sing on,
pleted without the destruction of souls.                That anthem of the sky,                    that would involve the world.
Every angel and human being could have                Till every broken heart is healed              Frankly, the world is not safe enough yet
let Christ Jesus cleanse away all sin and               And every tear is dry.                     for people to be talking glibly about the
                                                      And sing it, sing it, sons of men.
make them one with Him. But they would                  In every clime and land,                   millennium. It is neither safe for democ-
not come to Him that they might have life.            "Maranatha, hallelujah,                      racy nor for autocracy. Its potentialities
They chose their own way, that of sin; and              The Lord is near at hand."               ' for evil are still incalculable. At any mo-
in choosing sin, they chose death. (Prov-                                                          ment our air castles of world peace may be
erbs 8: 35, 36.)                                                                                              (Continued on pnge li)
    Page Four                                                                                                      SIGNS of the TIMES
Lighting the Dark Continent
        :ICA is no longer the great "Dark                 NATHANIEL C. WILSON                         offerings to the spirits; he had only one
         Continent" of a few years ago. She                 Seventh-day Adventist Missionary in       wife; he read a new Book. All these things
         has unwrapped her folds of dark-                   \        Northern Rhodesia                seemed very strange to them. But he was
          ness before the advance of the ex-                                                          careful not to make trouble, and tried to be
plorer, the missionary, and the settler. A                                                            helpful. Soon these heathen people began
modern schoolboy expressed the popular               of the inland lakes, from sections of which      to see that this stranger was a better man
conception of a generation ago regarding             the white man still knows little, are coming     in every way than they were. Some began
Africa, when he wrote: "Africa is a large            repeated calls for Christian teachers.           to inquire as to the reason, and to their sur-
country, chiefly composed of sand and ele-                                                            prise they found that he was serving a
phants; the center of which was uninhabited                      THE STORY OF JACOB
                                                                                                      Master who was revealed in a Book which
until that wicked man Stanley filled it up             Several years ago an ordinary heathen          he had. And, naturally, they were curious;
with towns and villages."                            boy, now known as Jacob, came to Rusangu         so he read to them from the Bible. Many
  What a contrast to our knowledge of                Mission. It seemed hard for him to learn.        became interested in his belief, and, as he
Africa to-day! People generally have a               He didn't seem quite as bright as his fel-       had occasion, he talked about his friend,
keen interest in this continent. Thousands           low students. However, he was a faithful         Jesus, to groups gathered around the fires
have been here to see for themselves, while          boy. He listened carefully to his teachers;      in the evening. It wasn't long until there
countless other thousands are in daily touch         he enjoyed the meetings held in the chapel;      were enough Christians in this village for
with the affairs of this great country by            he loved the great Book of the missionary—       a church, and he became their preacher. A
means of the cable and the newspaper.                the Bible. And early in his stay he learned      few months ago, a group of fifty of these
  As recently as 1851, Captain Smyth, presi-         to love God. He learned that it was foolish      new Christians walked to Musofu Mission,
dent of the Royal Geographical Society,              to worship spirits; he gave up strong drink,     a distance of one hundred forty miles, for
                                                                                                      a general meeting.
                                                                                                         Christianity has just as strong, a gripping
                                                                                                      and a holding power out here in Central
                                                                                                      Africa as it has anywhere in the world.
                                                                                                        ^A few years ago—years well within our
                                                                                                      memory—Africa was known as the "dark-
                                                                                                      est spot on earth." Africa has been labeled
                                                                                                      the "Dark Continent," and justly, too. She
                                                                                                      is still deathly dark in many regions. But
                                                                                                      the gospel is clearing up these dark spots.
                                                                                                      The Light of the world has appeared in
                                                                                                      Africa to clear away the heavy clouds of
                                                                                                      sin and superstition and vice; and where
                                                                                                       sin has done its worst, the light is breaking
                                                                                                       forth with the greatest brilliancy. And this
                                                                                                      Light will continue to shine until "the king-
                                                                                                      doms of this world are become the kingdoms
                                                                                                       of our Lord, and of His Christ; and He
                                                                                                       shall reign forever and ever."

                                                                                                      ' WHEN FOUNDATIONS GIVE
      A baptismal scene at Rusangu Mission. Two foreign missionaries and one native minister             ALMOST all foundations give way sooner
      can be seen in the water with the candidates. To the left above is Missionary Wilson, acting
                                             as choir leader.                                         or later. Great money fortunes seem as
                                                                                                      though they would last forever; they do
said regarding Africa, "All beyond the               and turned away from the many evil cus-          last year after year, and then in some
coast is still a blank on our maps." But             toms which have bound his people for mil-        financial panic they are swept away over- .
now children at school are as familiar with          lenniums. He went back to his tribe a            night. Of a publishing house that was one
the size, the inhabitants, the history, and          changed boy,—transformed by the mighty           of the greatest in America a generation ago,
the possibilities of Africa as of any conti-         power of Christianity. He told his people        another publisher said to a friend; "Nothing
nent.                                                of the wonderful things he had learned and       could send that house to the wall." It was
   In Africa, history has not moved along            found in Christianity. An interest was           only a few years after that that this great
at a uniform rate. For centuries it moved            aroused. An hour each day was set apart          publishing conc'ern failed. Men place their
with the pace of a snail; while during the            for Bible study. All the village came to-       whole reliance on character; and character
past half century it has sped along with the         gether at this time, and Jacob read to them.     goes.
stride of an elephant.                               As a result, the village life became better.        Suppose any and every human foundation
   Africa holds boundless possibilities in            Many of the people stopped stealing and         upon which we have been resting does give
store. Doors of opportunity are open on              drinking and worshiping spirits and practic-      way?—There is a sure and wonderful an-
all sides. Men of all classes and callings,          ing their degrading vices.                        swer which the Christian can make. It is in
men of all nationalities, have been pouring             Recently Missionary Robinson visited          a bit of verse that has been blessed to many:
in through these open doors, some to make a           these people as the first white missionary to   "Be like the.bird, that, halting in her flight,
fortune and return, others to seek and to             their village. Much to his surprise, he          Rests on boughs too slight,
find a'home.                                                                                           Feels them give way beneath her feet, yet sings,
                                                      found what might be termed a Christian           Knowing she hath wings."
   Why this great awakening in Africa dur-            village; an ideal village in many ways. No
ing the past half century, particularly dur-          white man had ever preached to these              Isaiah knew this secret, when he sang:
ing the past two decades? Why all the ex-             people, but still he found here nearly an       "They that wait upon the Lord shall . . .
plorations? Why so great a sacrifice in               entire village banded together as a church      mount up with wings as eagles." The re-
 effort, money, and life during recent years?         and holding regular services,—trans'formed      deemed sinner knows the secret, and sings
These are pertinent questions.                        by the Christian life of a humble boy and       that blessed gospel hymn, "He lifted me."
   To the Bible student the answer is ob-             the power of the gospel.                        Shattered human hopes need never discour-.
vious. This great change has come in or-                                                              age or dismay those who are "risen with
 der that "this gospel of the kingdom" may                        BECAME A PREACHER                   Christ, . . . where Christ sitteth on the
 "be preached in all the world for a witness            Two years ago a Christian native made         right hand of God."—Sunday School Times.
 unto all nations," in' preparation for the           his home in a large village on the Congo
 second advent of Christ.                             border. The people did not welcome him             LEARN to commit thy daily acts to God.
   And the gospel story is going to Africa's          very heartily at first. He was so different      So shall the dry, everyday duties of com-
 sons by leaps and bounds. From away back             from themselves. He didn't use tobacco;          mon life be steps to heaven, and lift thy
 on the Portuguese border, from the shores            he didn't drink strong liquor; he made no        heart thither.—Edward B. Pusey.
for FEBRUARY 15,             1927                                                                                                         Page Five
            Faith in CHRIST
             HE New Testament has much to say
             about justification. It is really a
             new-covenant doctrine. It belongs to                   IRWIN,H.
             Christian experience, and .every
    Christian has the divine right to claim jus-                    EVANS
    tification as his own through faith in Christ.
    The apostle Paul speaks often in his writ-
    ings concerning this condition. One can not       own justifier, and in that his own Saviour.
    read his epistles to the Romans and the           For if justification can be obtained by
    Galatians without the impression coming to        works, man needs no sin offering, and
    him continually that one must be justified, .     Christ died in vain. But since justification
    or he fails utterly to possess what is his by     is not dependent on works, but is wrought
    divine promise.                                   by faith, all mankind is placed under eternal       The sinner can not in the least part justify
       The natural heart seeks justification by       obligation to the Lord for this inestimable         himself before 'God. But full justification
    works. One of the difficult things the Chris-     gift.                                               may be obtained through our vicarious sac-
    tian has to learn is that justification does                                                                      rifice, Jesus Christ.
                                                          JUSTIFICATION AN ACT OF GOD
    not come from his own merit, but is wholly
                                                         Justification is an act of God performed
    a gift of God through faith. This was as                                                           they? No, in nowise: for we before laid to
                                                      in behalf of a sinner who has no way to
    hard for the early church to accept as it is                                                       the charge both of Jews and Greeks, that
                                                      undo sin. The law of God demands perfect
    difficult now. Again and again Paul re-                                                            they are all under sin; as it is written, There
                                                      obedience. Perfect obedience would keep a
    peated the ground on which the sinner is                                                           is none righteous, no, not one; there is none
                                                      man where he would be righteous, and
    justified, and repeatedly recounted to the                                                         that understandeth, there is none^bhat seek-
                                                      would have no need of a Saviour as far as
    early converts the great truth -that works                                                         eth after God; they have all turned aside,
                                                      his own personal acts are concerned. For
    do not count in justification. In his letter                                                       they are together become unprofitable;
                                                      the law .of God is a perfect law. It is holy,
    to the Romans he says: "We reckon there-                                                           there is none that doeth good, no, not so
                                                      just, and righteous. Now when-a man per-
    fore that a man is justified by. faith apart      fectly obeys a holy law, so there is no short-   much as one: their throat is an open
    from the works of the law." Romans 3:                                                              sepulcher; with their tongues they have
                                                      age in what he does to meet the fullest de-
•   28. "Because by the works of the law shall                                                         used deceit: the poison of asps is under
                                                      mands of that law, he needs no justifica-
    no flesh be justified in His sight; for through                                                    their lips: whose mouth is full of cursing
                                                      tion. The difficulty is that man has never
    the law cometh the knowledge of sin." Ro-                                                          and bitterness: their feet are swift to shed
                                                      rendered this obedience to the law of God.
    mans 3:20. And again, writing to the                                                               blood; • destruction and misery are in their
                                                      Only one being in human flesh has ever
    Galatians, he says: "Knowing that a man is                                                         ways; and the way of peace have they not
                                                      rendered this perfect obedience, and that is
    not justified by the works of the law but                                                          known: there is no fear of God before their
                                                      Christ. He obeyed that law. His obedience
    through faith in Jesus Christ, even we be-                                                         eyes. Now we know that what things soever
                                                      became His righteousness. He alone is the
    lieved on Christ Jesus, that we might be                                                           the law saith, it speaketh to them that are
                                                      sinless One; all others have disobeyed and
    justified by faith in Christ, and not by the                                                       under the law; that every mouth may be
                                                      come short. Paul wrote to the church at
    works of the law: because by the works of                                                          stopped, and all the world may be brought
                                                      Rome: "What then? are we better than
    the law shall no flesh be justified." Gala-                                                        under the judgment of God: because by the
    tians 2: 16.                   *                                                                   works of the law shall no flesh be justified
       The prophet Isaiah, emphasizing the same                                                        in His sight; for through the law cometh
    truth, says: "For we are all Jsecome as one                                                        the knowledge of sin." Romans 3:9-20.
    that is unclean, and all our righteousnesses                Two Great Errors                       This is also stressed all through the epistle
    are as t a polluted garment: and we all do            f~T'HERE are two errors                      to the Galatians.
    fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the
    wind, take us away. And there is none that             J- against which the children                           A WAY OF ESCAPE,
    calleth upon Thy name, that stirreth up               of God—particularly those                       "It was possible for Adam, .before the
    himself to take hold of Thee; for Thou                who have just come to trust in               fall, to form a righteous character by obedi-
    hast hid Thy face from us, and hast con-              His grace—especially need to                 ence to God's law. But he failed to do this,
    sumed us by means of our iniquities."                 guard. The first . . . is that of            and because of his sin our natures are
    Isaiah 64: 6, 7.                                      looking to their own ^vorks,                 fallen, and we can not make ourselves
                                                                                                       righteous. Since we -are sinful, unholy, we
                     BEWARE!                              trusting to anything they can,               can not perfectly obey a holy law. We have
       "There are two errors against which the            do, to bring themselves into                 no righteousness of our own with which to
    children of God—particularly those who                harmony with God.' He who                    meet the claims of the law of God. But
    have just come,to trust in His grace—es-              is trying to become holy by his              Christ has made a way of escape for us.
    pecially need to guard. The first ... is that         own works in keeping the law,                He lived on earth amid trials and tempta-
    of looking to their own works, trusting to            is attempting an impossibility.              tions such as we have to meet. He lived a
    anything they can do, to bring themselves             All that man can do without                  sinless life. He died for us, and now. He
    into harmony with God. He who is trying               Christ is polluted with selfish-             offers to take our sins and give us His
    to become holy by his own works in keeping                                                         righteousness. If you give yourself to
    the law, is attempting an impossibility. All          ness and sin. It is the grace of             Him, and accept Him as your Saviour, then,'
    that man can do without Christ is polluted            Christ alone, through faith,                 sinful as your life may have been, for His
    with selfishness and sin. It is the grace of          that can make us holy.                       sake you are accounted righteous. Christ's
    Christ alone", through faith, that can make              "The opposite and no less                 character stands in place of your character,
    us holy.                                              dangerous error is, that belief              and you are accepted before God just as if
       "The opposite and no less dangerous error          in Christ releases men from                  you had not sinned."—"Steps to- Christ,"
    is, that belief in Christ releases men from           keeping the law of God; that                 page 67.
    keeping the law of God; that since by faith                                                           Sin is the transgression of the law, and
    alone we become partakers of the grace of
                                                          since by faith alone we become               is not imputed where there is no law. Now
    Christ, our works have nothing to do with             partakers of the grace of                    when man has sinned, there is nothing
,   our redemption."—"Steps to Christ," 'pages            Christ, our works have noth-                 that he can do to overcome this transgres-
    64, 65- •                                             ing to do with our redemp- .                 sion. Future obedience does not atone for
       If justification could be obtained through         tion."                                       the wrong. If the law says, "Thou shalt not
    works, every man' would have something                                                             steal," and a man steals a thousand dollars,
    of which to boast He would thus be his                                                             and then turns around and steals no more,
        Page Six                                                                                                         SIGNS of the TIMES
would his obedience atone for his sin? No,         ceived by faith. But obedience is the fruit can come freely forth, and embrace and fqr-
for it was his duty not to steal in the first      of faith."—"Steps to Christ," page 66.         give sinful men. That fact is the very
place, and all his subsequent obedience only          The Lord lays on Christ all the sins of     center of the revelation of God in Christ,
meets the demands of the law, and there is         the repentant soul. Isaiah 'suggested this the very secret of His power. He has died.
never any surplus to overcome the former           when he said, "Jehovah hath laid on Him Voluntarily and of His own love, as well as
theft. There is no way that sin can be             the iniquity of us all." Isaiah 53: 6. This is in obedience to the Father's loving will, He
atoned for by any future act af obedience          exactly what the Lord does. He take's the has borne the consequences of the sin which
on man's part. If the sinner is ever justi-        sinner's' guilt, 'which demands death, and He had never shared."—"The Doctrine of
fied, another than himself must do the             places it upon Christ, His only-begotten Christ," pases 54, 55.
justifying. God only can justify that sinner.      Son. The sinless One tasted death for every      There is more to justification than mere
Thus it is that the Scriptures set-forth that      man. "He was wounded for our transgres- , forgiveness. There is also the imputation
the Lord becomes the justifier of the sinner,      sions, He was bruised for our iniquities;      of righteousness. The sinful life which we
and in the fullness of joy over his deliver-       the chastisement of our peace was upon lived in disobedience and rebellion was so
ance 'he exclaims, "Who shall lay anything         Him; and with His stripes we are healed." evil that nothing of it can be allowed to sur-
to the charge of Gqd's elect? It is God that       Isaiah 53 '• 5. Thus our sins, when repented vive. Everything we did before conversion
justifieth.". Romans 8:33. "For the Lord           of, are laid on Christ. He becomes the sin was selfish and wrong, it was not done out
Jehovah will help me; therefore have I not         bearer. The penalty of transgression is met of love to Christ; therefore it displeased
been confounded: therefore have I set my           in the death of our Saviour.                   God,, and was rebellion -against Him. It
face like a flint, and I know that I shall not.       "He gave/ Himself for our sins. He came must all be repudiated, for all our acts that
be put to shame. He is near that-justifieth        to a world steeped in.wickedness, seething we counted good and righteous were only
me; who will contend with me ? let us stand        with rebellion against God, hating Him be- as "filthy rags," "a polluted garment." So
up together: who is mine adversary? let            cause it hated the Father that sent Him, -when our sins are taken from us, we have
him come near to me." Isaiah" 5017, 8.             sure to say as soon as it saw Him, 'We will    nothing left. Then the Lord, in the height
                                                   not have .this man to reign over us.' Not and depth of His love, takes the obedience
                                                   therefore by way of incarnation and reve- of His Son, and imputes that obedience to
   Thus the good Lord takes the poor sinner        lation alone, as it might have been for. an us. Our sins are more than forgiven; they
who is hopelessly involved in ruin by sin,         innocent race; but by way of sacrifice, as a are forgotten, cast into the depths of the
and by His own goodness and mercy, justi-          victim on the altar of expiation, 'a lamb sea, removed as far from us as the east is
fies him. As presented in the New Testa-           led to the slaughter,1 He gave Himself up      from the west, and the Lord imputes to us
ment, justification means that, regardless of       for us all.                                   the holy, righteous life of Jesus. You are
what one has done, he is forgiven, cleansed,          "Christ's death has so met the require- to believe with all your heart in this justifi-
and made righteous when he comes to the            ments of the divine law that the divine love                t'Continued on 'page 12) .
Saviour of sinners for cleansing and pardon.
He is made righteous by having imputed to
him the righteousness of Christ.
   It is necessary, therefore, for every sinner
to have a justifier, other than himself, who
stands for the law in all its majestic per-
fection, approving it, obeying it, but who
pities the sinner and is capable of justifying
the guilty man. This the Godhead alone
can do. Angels can not do it, man can not
do it; but the Godhead only. Thus there is
no other name under heaven whereby we
can be saved.
   "The word 'justification,' alike in religious
and in common parlance, is a word con-
nected with law. It has to do with acquittal,                     MY FAVORITE TEX.-a-
vindication, acceptance before a judgment
seat. To use a technical term, it is a forensic
word, a word of the law, courts (which in                  "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide
old Rome stood in the forum). In-regard                    under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of Jehovah, He is
to 'us men and our salvation' it stands re-                     my refuge and my fortress; my God, in whom I trust." •
lated not so much, -not so directly, to our                                     Psalm pj; i, 2, A.. R. V.
need of spiritual revolution, amendment,
purification, holiness, as to our need of get-                                          LEMUEL E. ESTEB
ting, somehow—in spite of our guilt, . our
liability, our debt, our deserved condemna-                 VERY lover of the Book 'has his after time throughout a period of
tion—a sentence of acquittal, a sentence of
acceptance, at the judgment seat of a holy
God. Not that it has nothing to do with our
                                                      E      favorite text even though every months, helped me to think of God.
                                                             yerse of its treasured store speaks Those nights filled with watching,—peer-
                                                      to' the hearts of men. The first two ing into the darkness for those foes lurk-
inward spiritual purification. It has intense         verses of the ninety-first psalm especially ing out there in the blackness waiting to
and vital relations that way. But they are            appeal to me.                               deal our destruction; the sudden turning •
not direct relations. The direct concern of .            It was back in the days of the World of night into day as the flares went
justification is with man's need of a divine          War, and I was leaving home to join         screeching heavenward; and again the
deliverance, not from the power of his sin,           the forces of my country. My life Was vigil watch through the long rainy night
but from its guilt."—"The Doctrine of                 held fast in the grip of the world, and I, with nothing to do but wait and think,
 Christ," pages 105, 106.                             did not care for the Book, and felt, no gave one time to think of. God. It was
    "So we have nothing in ourselves of               need of the Saviour's loving care. This on such a night, while waiting for the
 which to boast. We have no ground for                was one of my mother's favorite texts,      dawn to break before the zero hour '
 self-exaltation. Our only ground of hope             and was marked in the Bible she packed should usher in one of the great offensive
 is in the righteousness of Christ imputed to         among my belongjngs. It was the thing drives of the war, that I recognized that
 us, and in that wrought by His Spirit work-          I least desired; yet out there on the my life was a spared monument of God's,
 ing in and through us."—"Steps to Christ,"            front, where millions of men were locked protecting care. The conviction of the
 page 68.                                             in deadly conflict, it became the treasure many times my life had been miracu-
JUSTIFICATION COMES THROUGH F.AITH                     of my life.                                lously protected, caused my heart to cry
                                                          A quick change from the gay univer- out, "He is my refuge and my fortress:
   When the sinner repents of his sins he              sity throng, where life is lived in reck-   My God; in Him will I trust;" and there
 feels helpless, broken, and dependent. He             less abandon in quest of the thrills and in that shell hole, as the full meaning of
 sees the inefficacy of works, and, knowing-           pleasures, to an experience with destruc- this text was shed upon my darkened
 that he is lost and without help, he casts            tion playing havoc on every side can not heart, it helped me give myself to God
 himself upon the mercy of God. He con-                but change one's perspective. To go on and to -His service. ,
 fesses his fajth in Jesus Christ as his only          the front with two hundred fifty com- •       It will do that for any traveler in life
 hope, and because of this faith God accepts           rades in your company and come out with     who lets Jesus speak to his heart of His
 the poor sinner and justifies him. "We do             from thirty to one hundred men time . loving care.
 not earn salvation by our obedience; for
 salvation is the free gift of God, to be re-
 for FEBRUARY 15, 1927                                                                                                           Page Seven
                                  of the
     EOPLE speak of the Jewish Sab-               The third and last part
bath, the Christian Sabbath, the Mo-
hammedan Sabbath, the Continental                 of the reply to Dr.
Sabbath, the civil Sabbath, and various           Macartney on the
other sabbaths. In reality, there is but          Christian Sabbath
one genuine—the Sabbath of Jehovah.
All others are spurious. And, Brother
Fundamentalist, in so vital a matter we
can not countenance conjecture or tra-
                                             ROY FRANKLIN
dition. The inerrant Word, must be
our guide. God's Sabbath must be our
   On the foundation of creation's story    our country established a national In-
rests the entire Bible narrative. Evo-      dependence Day. Even so the Creator
lution and Inspiration are wholly in-       of the heavens and the earth "hath
compatible. A few moments' clear            made His wonderful works to be re-
thinking should convince anyone that        membered ;" His "memorial," the Sab-
if evolution were a fact, the Bible were    bath, is to endure "throughout all gen-
but a myth; and, conversely, since the      erations." Psalm 111:4; I 35 :I 3-
Bible bears its'own authorized creden-         Twenty-five centuries elapse and,
tials of genuineness, the evolutionary      amid dazzling splendor, God's perfect
hypothesis is but a fable,—unscientific,    standard of righteousness is delivered
and without foundation.                     from Mount Sinai. In the fourth pre-               Courtesy Canadian National Railways
  NO SABBATH FOR EVOLUTIONISTS              cept of that law, are these words: "Re-     The reason and the basis for the seventh-day Sab-
                                            member the Sabbath day, to keep it          bath is the fact that in six days God created the
   The evolutionist can give no valid       holy. . . . For in six days the Lord        heavens and the earth, and rested the seventh day,
reason why he should keep the seventh       made heaven and earth, the sea, and
                                                                                        and set it apart as a memorial of His creative
                                                                                        power. Above is a glimpse of Margaree. Valley,
day, the first day, or any other day as     all that in them is, and rested the sev-                Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.
the Sabbath. If ages upon ages were         enth day, wherefore the Lord blessed
employed in the formation of our globe      the Sabbath day, and hallowed it."
and the development of plant and ani-                                                   handiwork." Psalm 19: i. Man needs
                                            Exodus 20: 8-11.                            a Sabbath to impress upon him more
mal life, then the fall of our first par-
ents from the original Paradise is ab-         CREATION REASON FOR SABBATH              vividly the great spiritual values of
surd, and the sacrifice of Christ irrele-       The reason given is both potent and     life. "The beauty that clothes the
vant and unnecessary; Then the whole         beautiful. Because the heavenly            earth is a token of God's love. We may
Bible were but a piece of human handi-       Father employed the first six days of      behold it in the everlasting hills, in the
craft, with no divine sanctions against      the first week in the work of creation,    lofty trees, in the opening, buds and
idolatry or murder, with no supreme          so man is allotted the same period for     the delicate flowers. All speak to us
law guarding the sanctity of holy wed-       labor. Likewise, on each recurring         of God. The Sabbath, ever pointing to
lock or the Sabbath. But, thank God,         seventh day, he is to cease from his or-   Him who made them all, bids men open
we are not left to be tossed about amid      dinary toils, and commemorate the          the great book of nature, and trace
such uncertainties and chaos, for the        Creator's rest.                            therein the wisdom, the power, and the
Christian has an anchor that holds              Not because of physical weariness       love of the Creator." Had the Sabbath
steadfast and secure.                        did the Infinite rest. "Hast thou not      always been sacredly observed, there
   The marriage institution, the week,       known? hast thou not heard, that the       could never have been an atheist,-or an
and the Sabbath all originated at crea-     'everlasting God, the-Lord, the Creator     idolater, a Sadducee, or a Modernist.
tion, and have been preserved and            of the ends of the earth, fainteth not,            CHRIST WAS THE CREATOR
brought down to us from that early           neither is weary ?" Isaiah 40: 28. The      - As mentioned in our last article, Dr.
time. The first week consisted of seven      Sabbath was ordained as a day of           Clarence E. Macartney,, popular Fun-
literal days, and was measured off by        spiritual rest and refreshing. It was      damentalist clergyman of Philadelphia,
the Creator as a pattern for all suc-       committed to the father and represent-      waives aside consideration of the Bible
cessive weeks to the end of time. The       ative of the human family, that he and      Sabbath with the remark that "the
six days of labor completed, God saw        his posterity might ever reflect upon the   great thing about Christianity is Jesus
that everything made was "very good."        evidences of omnipotent power, wis-        Christ." To be sure, the doctor's dec-
He therefore "rested on the seventh         dom, and goodness. Its observance was       laration is altogether true; but remem-
day from all His work which He had          to be in grateful tribute to God, our       ber this: any orthodox Jew during the ,
made. And God blessed the seventh            rightful Sovereign. As "a perpetual        past thirty-five hundred years would
day, and sanctified it: because that in     covenant," as a sign of loyalty between     assert with equal confidence that "the
it He had rested from all His work           God and His people, the Sabbath was        great thing about our religion is the
which God created and made." Gene-          to remain unchangeable and eternal.         Messiah." However, Messiah "came
sis 2:2, 3.                                  (Exodus 31: 12-17.)                        unto His own, and His own received
   To keep in lively memory their              "The heavens declare the glory of        Him not." John i:n. Solemn ques-
blood-bought freedom, the fathers of        God; and the firmament showeth His          tion; If Christ should come to-day,
    Page Eight                                                                                            SIGNS of the TIMES
                                                                                      first public, utterances was the state-
                                                                                      ment, "Think not that I am come to
                                                                                      destroy the law." On the contrary, He
                                                                                      said: "Lo, I come: in the volume of the
                                                                                      book it is written of Me, I delight to do
                                                                                      Thy will, O My God: yea, Thy law is
                                                                                      within My heart." His whole life, was
                                                                                      a fulfillment of the prophecy: "The
                                                                                      Lord is well pleased for His righteous-
                                                                                      ness' sake; He will magnify the,law,
                                                                                      and make it honorable." Matthew
                                                                                      5 : 17; Psalm 40: 7, 8; Isaiah 42: 21.
                                                                                         By example and precept Christ ever
                                                                                      honored the Sabbath of the command-
                                                                                      ment (Luke 4: 16); and in one of His
                                                                                      final sermons He bade the disciples
                                                                                      pray that their flight from Jerusalem,
                                                                                      which was to occur nearly forty years
                                                                                      later, should not cause them to dese-
                                                                                      crate the holy Sabbath hours. (Mat-
                                                                                      thew 24: 20.) In observing creation's
                                                                                      memorial, the apostles followed in the
                                                                                       footsteps of their Master, and never
                                                                                      by word or act hinted that there was to
                                                                                      be any change in the day of rest.
                                                                                           FIRST DAY NOT COMMANDED
                                                                                         Eight times only is the first day of
                                                                                      the week mentioned in the New Testa-
                                                                                      ment. Six of these are in connection
                                                                                      with Christ's resurrection; another oc-
                                                                                      curs in the record of a farewell meet-
                                                                                      ing held by Paul on what is now
                                                                                      termed "Saturday evening" (see
                                                                                      Conybeare and Howson's "Life and
                                                                                      Epistles of the Apostle Paul," page
                                                                                      520); while the last of the series
                                                                                      simply requests that on the first day of
                                                                                      the week each of the church members
how many, even among professed Fun-        How eminently fitting, therefore, at       "lay by him in store,, as God hath pros-
damentalists, would recognize and wel-     the time of His first advent, for Him      pered him." I Corinthians 16:1, 2.
come Him ?                                 to make the announcement: "The Son         This was not an offering for the
   Somehow many have the idea that         of man is Lord also of the Sabbath"!       church, but a gift to the poor; and the
God the Father is the central figure of    Mark 2: 28.                 *              language suggests, not a religious
the Old Testament, and that Christ is         Christ had established it in the be-    gathering or a meeting of any kind,
the theme of the New.. Read with us        ginning as a day of joyous praise and      but a reckoning of accounts and a little
a few scriptures: "In the beginning        spiritual service; but the Jews had        "community chest" fund in each home.
was the Word, and the Word was with        buried it beneath a mass of austere tra-
God, and the Word was God. The                                                           Regarding the seventh-day Sabbath,
                                           ditions and burdensome exactions.          the teaching of both the Old Testament
same was in the beginning with God.        Who was better qualified than the Lord
All things were made by Him; and                                                      and the New is unanimous. Patriarchs
                                           of the Sabbath, to resurrect it and to     and prophets, Christ and His apostles,
without Him was not anything made          exalt it again before the world as a day
that was made." John i : 1-3.                                                         alike revered the command: "Six days
                                           of joy and gladness, a day of physical      shalt thou labor, and do all thy work:
   Speaking of "His dear Son" another      and spiritual rejuvenation? Both by
text declares: "Who is the image of the                                               but the seventh day is the Sabbath of
                                           creation and by redemption it is verily    the Lord thy God." Not until the pass-
invisible God, the first-born of every     "the 'Lord's day."
creature: for by Him were all things                                                   ing of several centuries after Christ
created, that are in heaven, and that            CHRIST GAVE SABBATH LAW               did the observance of Sunday, together
are in earth, visible and invisible,          Again, the Bible informs us that         with numerous other errors, creep into
whether they be thrones, or dominions,     Christ was the leader of ancient Israel,    the Christian church. This apostasy,
or principalities, or powers: all things   the head of the church in the wilder-       which displaced "the Sabbath of the
were created by Him, and for Him."         ness ; that it was He who descended in      Lord" and introduced many abomin-
Colossians i: 15-17. The Saviour           majesty upon Mount Sinai and pro-           able heresies, was explicitly foretold by
Himself prayed: "And now, O Father,        claimed the law of Ten Command-             the inspired writers. (Daniel 7:25;
glorify Thou Me with Thine own self        ments in the hearing of the vast multi-     2 Thessalonians 2 : 3-7.)
with the glory which I had with Thee       tude. (i Corinthians 10: 4, 9; Acts 7:              GOD DOES NOT CHANGE
before the world was." John 17:5.          37, 38; Hebrews 12:24-26.) Truly,             Man may change, does change; but
 (See also Hebrews 1:1-3.)                 when the Book declares that Christ "is     our Lord declares, "I change not."
   This testimony is clear. The Father     before all things, and by Him all things   Malachi 3 : 6. With Him there "is no
and the Son shared together in the         consist," this would include the law       variableness, neither shadow of turn-
 glory and honor of universal sov-         which is a part of "all things."           ing" (James i: 17); and the law, in-
ereignty. They counseled together at          Can we conceive of Christ abolishing    cluding the Sabbath, is but a reflection
the time of creation: "Let Us make         the law that He Himself had pro-           of His own character. In all ages the
man in Our image, after Our likeness."     claimed ? Never; we love and adore         Sabbath has been the believer's sign or
 Genesis i: 26. Christ made the world      Him because He is "Jesus Christ the        banner of loyalty. Can we imagine a
 in six days. Christ rested on the sev-    same yesterday, and to-day, and for-       citizen of our country trailing and
 enth. He blessed and sanctified it.       ever." Hebrews 13:8. Among His                         (Continued on page le)
for FEE R.U A R Y 15, 1927                                                                                             Page Nine
                                     The "SIGNS" QUESTION CORNER
                                                       Conducted by WILLIAM G. WIRTH, 5447 EL VERANO AVENUE,
                                                                       EAGLE ROCK, CALIFORNIA

                                       If you have any questions in your mind regarding Bible doctrine arid Christian living, or on other subjects
                                       apropos to the field of the "Signs of the Times," write them out and send them to the Editors, or preferably,
                                                            direct to Professor Wirth. Inclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.

THE LOST BOOKS OF THE                              faith. The fact is that there are actually            CHRIST IN THE SANCTUARY
                                                   many, many more of these extra-Biblical,
 BIBLE; ELIAS AND ELIJAH                           supposedly Scriptural books, called also                Electa Reuss, BouldeK, Colorado, takes us
  William Neese, Garden City, Texas, in-           apocryphal books, than are listed in the              to task for teaching that Christ did not
quires about the apocryphal books of the           recent "Lost Books." Divine Providence                enter .'into "the most holy place" in the
Old Testament and the so-called "Lost              has done the selecting for us, and we can             heavenly sanctuary until 1844, quoting He-
Books of the Bible."                               rest content in that fact. Archaeologists             brews o: 8; 10: 19-21 to prove that He went
  He also wishes to know about the two             are turning up more and more of these                 at once into the most holy place. She also ,
names Elias and Elijah, and where he can           apocryphal books, some of them purporting             wishes to know when it was that Christ
obtain an account of the lives of the twelve       to be written by the Bible writers them-              made atonement for sin. Besides the answer
apostles.                                          selves. This, however, proves nothing; for
                                                                                                         given here, we have a very conclusive article
                                                   as anyone knows who has studied the canon
   One asks where there may be obtained            of the Scriptures, scores of books claiming           on this subject by Milton C. Wilcox in the
certain apocryphal books of the Old Testa-         to be divinely inspired, and so a part of the         "Signs" for February 15,
ment, such as the Wisdom of Solomon. The           Bible, are pseudepigraphical; that is, they
publishers of the Oxford Bible put out             pretend to be written | by some Scriptural               According to the Greek of Hebrews 9 :
these 'noncanonical books in a single volume.      writer, such as Moses or Isaiah, but are              8; 10: 19-21, and so given in the American
   Many are perplexed these days over the          gross deceptions. Therefore, they have been           Revised Version, Christ did not enter when
so-called "Lost Books of the Bible" which          rej ected.                                            He ascended to heaven into th'e most holy
are being advertised, and for which so much,                                                             place of the heavenly - sanctuary, but into
is being claimed from the Scriptural point        • There is one real Value to be gained from            the "holy place," meaning that He began His
of view. Let no one be disturbed or de-            these pseudo-Scriptural books, and that is,           work in the first apartment where He would
                                                   they do help us to get an idea of the history         antitypica'lly be expected to begin His min-
ceived regarding this matter. This is simply
                                                   and the historical background of the Bible            istration.
another of the Modernistic endeavors to cast
                                                   times. Asx to their authority as divine in-
doubt and discredit on the word of God as                                                                  .The "right hand of God" in Hebrews 10:
                                                   spiration, however, they are nil. -
it now stands, and to make it appear that                                                                12 ; 12 : 2 means that Christ returned to His
the Old and New Testaments as we now                 Elias and Elijah are names referring to             position as next to the Father, as being the
have them are not the sole, complete, su-          the same Old-Testament ' prophet, Elias               Son of God, which He had before He came
preme Scriptural authority for our faith,          simply being the New Testament form of                to this . earth as man. Place is not at all
but that other books which might properly          Elijah.                                               to be emphasized in these scriptures. (Read
be classed with the books of the Old and             For good popular accounts of the lives of           Hebrews i : 3, 4.) When we say that Dawes
New Testaments have been left out of the           the various twelve apostles, any good Bible           is at the right hand of Coolidge, this dr?s
Bible, or at least that they are of equal in-      dictionary or encyclopedia will give this in-         not mean that he is always placed next t~o
spiration with the books of the Bible.             formation ; also the Schaff-Herzog Religious          Coolidge, but merely that he is next to t''
   A few words as to how the canon of the          Encyclopedia, These can be found in any               President in position and office.
Scriptures was made up will be in place.           up-to-date public library.                               Hebrews 6: 19, 20, in recording that our
As the various writers, under divine inspira-                                                            Lord entered "into that which is within the
tion, wrote their books, the Holy Spirit, ever                        . "666"                            veil," affirms that He began His work in the
directing and superintending the church of                                                               first apartment of the heavenly sanctuary.
God, caused the individuals and congrega-           Paul Schalla, Cheney, Kansas, asks for
                                                                                                         The fact that .Hebrews 9 : 3 shows there i:
tions making up the universal church to ac-       an explanation of Revelation 13: 18.
                                                                                                         a "second veil," proves conclusively the
cept these writings as the word of God.                                                                  first veil at the entrance of the first apart-
                                                     The "beast" in Revelation 13: 18 refers to
Thus it was that the Bible was a growth,                                                                 ment, in which apartment Christ would
and was not the product of one man or any         the ecclesiastical power brought to view in
                                                  the first part of the chapter, the papacy.             naturally begin His work.
company of men at any one time. The books •
were accepted one after another, and so at        The mention of "man" shows that this                      Seventh-day Adventists take the position
various times. Toward the close of the            power revolves around one dominating hu-               that the blood of Jesus Christ, and that
period during which the Old Testament             man being, who is the head of-the apostasy             blood alone, atones for our sins. The fact
books were written, and after the Babylon-        and controls it, that is, the pope. The num-           that on the day of atonement, under the old
ian captivity, Ezra, Nehemiah, and their          ber "six hundred and sixty and six" refers             dispensation (see Leviticus 16), the sanc-
colaborers put these accepted books into one      to the numerical values of the various Latin           tuary was cleansed from the sins transferred
collection, and it is from this that our pres-    letters making up the title of the pope as it          to it by the blood of the sacrifices offered
ent Old Testament is made up.                     appears on his triple crown." This title is            during the year, does not at all lessen this
   The canon of the New Testament follows         Vicarius filii del; and the numerical values           glorious truth of forgiveness through
the same general plan. Early in the Chris-        of those letters that have a number value' in          Christ's shed blood in our behalf. This • was
tian era, and not because of action taken by      the title are as follows: V-5, I-i, C-ioo, I-i,        already done for the individual believer.
various church councils,' as is erroneously       U-S, I-i, L-SO, I-i, I-i, D-SOO, I-i, making a         The same holds true for the antitypical day
supposed, the books as we now have them           total of 666.                                          of atonement, when Christ began His work
in the New Testament were accepted by the                                                                in 'the second apartment of the heavenly
believers and used as their spiritual rule of                     CANTICLES                              sanctuary, to judge His people, and thus to
conduct, which is what the word canon                                                                    cleanse the heavenly sanctuary of the sins.
                                                    Frances Michelson of Racine, Wisconsin,              committed to it; by forgiveness already
means. It is • true that the Councils of          says she has found a Bible reference reading
Laodicea and Carthage, toward the close of                                                               granted to His people. The "cleansing"
                                                  "Canticles 6: w," but can not find that book           refers only to the final disposition of sin.
the 4th century A. D., did publish lists of the   in her Bible.
New Testament books; but all these councils                                                                 From Leviticus 16 it is plain that the
did was to ratify what the general sense of         The Biblical abbreviation Cant., 'meaning            service on the day of atonement took place
Christianity had already received as of di-       Canticles, is another title for the book of            in the second apartment of the sanctuary.
vine inspiration.                                 the Old Testament called in our English                Hebrews 9: 12 does not refer to the second
   As the Bible is distinctly God's book, we      Bible, the Song of Songs, and popularly                apartment, but to the beginning of the entire
may safely leave it to Him to see that there      known as "The Song "of Solomon." In the                sanctuary service, and so in the first apart-
are in the Old and New Testaments just the        Latin Vulgate the title of this book is                ment. It is to this beginning sanctuary serv-
books, and only the books, that He would          "Canticum Canticorum," whence, in English,             ice in heaven that Hebrews 6: 19, 20 also
have us accept as the rule (canon) of our         we get the word Canticles.                             refers. .
     Page Ten                                                                                                               SIGNS of the TIMES
T        HE pertinent question of the dis-
         ciples 'concerning the time of
         the end found a sympathetic re-
sponse in the Saviour. Scripture                CHRIST'S
                                                                                       ye take heed, as unto a light that
                                                                                       shineth in a dark place, until the. day
                                                                                       dawn, and the Day-Star arise in your
                                                                                       hearts: knowing this first, that no"
records: "And Jesus answered and                                                       prophecy of the Scripture is of any
said unto them." There was no indif-                                                   private interpretation. For the proph-
ferent hesitation on the part of Jesus.                FRANK                           ecy came not in old time by the will of
We find no subtle excuses. He makes                                                    man: but holy men of God spake as
no plausible explanations, seeking to
calm their fervent questionings and
make them believe that their question
                                                ANSWER                                 they were moved by the Holy Ghost."
                                                                                       2 Peter i: 16, 19-21.
                                                                                          Friend, turn on the searchlight of
was an unimportant one. I wonder                                                       God's prophetic truth. Be not of those
how many of the representatives of                                                     who are endeavoring to pierce the
Christ to-day, those who stand as wit-                  THE SECOND IN
                                                        THE SERIES ON                  darkness with fear and trembling, be-
nesses for Him, would seek to turn                      MATTHEW                        cause they know nothing of the times
aside from answering such a pertinent                   TWENTY-FOUR                    and the seasons. Thank.God for the
question. . How many leaders in the                                                    prophetic light of Christ's words con-
Christian church to-day seek to allay          FREDERICK LEE                           tained in this wonderful chapter.
the fears of all who desire to know                                                    Study'them. Give heed to them.
something concerning the end of the
                                                                                              THE ANSWER IS FOR ALL
world and the second coming of
Christ ?                                     eousness. We read of His many acts             Christ answered His disciples in
    This is a question that arises in the    of destruction from the dim dawn of        order that all might know the time of
heart of every man who has a sense of        history; but He has always sent His        His second coming. Every one who
an impending judgment. It is a legiti-       messengers before Him, "rising up be-      desires salvation, every,one who pro-
mate one. Christ encouraged such             times, and sending; because He had         fesses the name of Christ and has
inquiries by the directness of His reply     compassion on His people." 2 Chron-        learned to know and love Jesus should
to the disciples. He had been waiting        icles 36: 15.                              be longing to see the One who is their
 for such a question, and. He was ready         Before the Flood, God sent "a           "door of hope." Without the second
with His answer. The answer, how-            preacher of righteousness" in the per-     coming of Christ, this earth will never •
ever, was not for His disciples alone,       son of Noah • before the destruction of    know the cessation of sin and destruc-
but for those especially who should live     Sodom and Gomorrah He sent His             tion. Rivers of blood will flow on,
 in the time when the things which He        angels; in the time of the deliverance     becoming wider and deeper. Men will
mentioned should be fulfilled.               of Israel from Egypt, He sent ^His         continue to weep because of the pain
                                             servant Moses; when the Jews were          and agony that shall be theirs. The
               SPECIFIC SIGNS                delivered from Babylon, He sent the        tread of the murderer will be heard in
    The chapter opens with the ques-         prophets of the Lord, Haggai and           the night, and the march of the regi-
tion of the disciples; it continues with     Zechariah, who gave timely messages        ments of war will shake the earth.
 the reply of Christ. Herein are re-         of warning; before the coming of the           But in the blessed hope and the
vealed the signs that should take place      Messiah, John the Baptist was sent to      glorious appearing of the great God,
 doWii to the very end of time. At the       prepare the way of the Lord. Since         and'.our Saviour, Jesus Christ, we find
 clo"? of the prophetic words of this        God has in all times sent warning signs    the anchor of our souls. Though earth'
 rH'jiteis Christ said, "Then shall ap-      and messages in order that His people      winds may buffet, and sin's waves dash,
 , 'cii the sign of the Son of man in        might escape the coming destruction,       and roar, we know our Master jvill
 heaven: and then shall all the tribes of    will He not do much more in the end        soon come and sp'eak peace to this
 the earth mourn, and they shall see the     of time, when the whole earth shall be     troubled world. Then the rose shall
 Son of man coming in the clouds of          filled with desolation?                    no more know the thorn. Nothing
 heaven with power and great glory.                                                     shall mar the beauty of the earth. Our
 And He shall send His angels with a                                                    cup of joy and gladness shall be full,
 great sound of a trumpet, and they                                                     and none shall take it away. Then
 shall gather together His elect from                                                   shall it be said, "Behold, the tabernacle
 the four winds, from one end of heaven                                                'of God is with men, and He will dwell
 to the other;"                                                                         with them, and they shall be His people,
    Thereon through the chapter follow                                                  and God Himself shall be with them,
words of exhortation. "Therefore be                                                     and be their God. And God shall wipe
 ye also ready: for in such an hour as                                                  away all tears from their eyes; and
 ye think not the Son of man cometh."                                                   there shall be no more death, neither
 "When ye shall see all these things,                                                   sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there
 know that it is near, even at the doors."                                              be . any morq pain: for the former
•Verses 44, 33.                                                                         things are passed away." Revelation
    So clearly and so directly did Christ                                               21: 3, 4-
 point 'out the signs that should, mark                                                     It was concerning the time of these
 the end of time that no man who seeks                                                  things that the disciples desired to
 to know of His second coming need                                                      know. How good God is to reveal
 mistake it or have it overtake him un-                                                 this through His Son, Jesus! After
 awares. It is in the purpose of God                                                     studying the words of Christ, given in
 that all men should know concerning                                                    answer to the question of the disciples,
 the time of His visitation. He desires                                                 we may surely know that we are now
 that all! men prepare to meet Him.            We need not follow the distraught         living in the time when all these things
 "Surely the Lord God will do nothing,       predictions of fanatical men. We need      shall be fulfilled. It will not be long
 but He revealeth His, secret unto His       not look unto the interpretations of        before the child of God will look up
 servants the prophets." Amos 3 : 7.         false spirits. "We have not followed       *and say, "Lo. this is our God ; we have
     From ancient times God has done         cunningly devised fables, when we           waited for Him, and He will save us:
  this. Sinners have first been given op-    made known unto you the power and           this is the Lord; we have waited for
  portunity to repent before God sent        coming of our Lord Jesus Christ."           Him, we will be glad and rejoice in His
  forth His works of judgment. God is        "We have also a more sure word of           salvation." Isaiah 25 : 9.
  just, as well as the upholder of right-    prophecy; whereunto ye do well that                (Continued two weeks hence)
' for FEBRUARY 15,       1927                                                                                        Page Eleven
    THE SABBATH OF THE                           which it desires, and be compelled to live      schemes is battling against forces which he
      FUNDAMENTALIST                             in fear of on-coming disasters.                 does not understand, which he can never
            (Continued from page 9)
                                                    Of course, if we' could get the whole        control, and which must ultimately over-
                                                 world converted to Christ, all would be         whelm him.
trampling on the Stars and Stripes, and          well. But what man in his right senses            The approaching divine intervention in
at the.same time stoutly asserting his           ever expects that will happen? It never         human affairs is part of an eternal purpose,
virile Americanism? But what shall               will happen. Our Lord said so. The gos-         the culmination of a plan whose beginning,
we say of him who proclaims, "Christ             pel, He affirmed, would be preached in all      complexity, and magnitude are beyond our
 is all! I do not even need His precepts         the world as a witness, and then, He said,      ken. It is bound to come, for it belongs to
                                                 "the end" would come. (Matthew 24: 14.)         those awful realities of the spiritual world
 or His example."
                                                    Just what He meant by "the end" has          that move majestically onward to their ap-
    Fundamentalist friends, it matters
                                                 been a subject of debate by theologians ever    pointed end.
not how long the church has strayed              since; but if we are to take Bible state-         Such divine intervention, moreover, is the
.from the path of right. To have been            ments at their face value, then it simply       world's only hope for enduring peace. As
wrong for seventeen hundred years                means the time when He, personally, will        to its effect upon ourselves, that will depend
 does not now clean the slate, absolve           return, and, amid gigantic scenes on the        entirely upon our personal attitude toward
the guilty, and transform error into             earth and in the heavens, close up the          the "invisible "things" of the Spirit. And
truth. We must sweep away the ac-                world's history, raise the dead, and take His   when the day comes in which they are re-
 cumulated rubbish of centuries, and             people away. If you want a text for it, here    vealed to mortal eyes, and when we sense
                                                 is one. There are several others quite          their terrible impact upon our souls, we
take our stand upon the unshaken word            similar:
of God.                                                                                          shall be at rest only if we have, made our
                                                    "The Lord Himself shall descend from         peace with God.
    We must join the noble company of            heaven with a shout, with the voice of the
 Fundamentalists who have stood val-             Archangel, and with the trump of God: and
iantly for the truth of God in past              the dead in Christ shall rise first: then we
 ages. Abraham, Moses, Daniel,                   which are alive and remain shall be caught        JUSTIFICATION BY FAITH
 Stephen, and Paul were of the true              up together with them in the clouds, to meet             IN CHRIST
 "apostolic line;" and we, as their privi-       the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be                (Continued from page °7)
                                                 with the Lord." I Thessalonians 4: 16, 17.
leged successors, "should earnestly                 To the average man that sounds unprac-       cation which comes to you personally be­
 contend for the faith which was once            tical. He would rather see the world's          cause you believe:
 delivered unto the saints." No matter           troubles cured by a league of nations or a        When we are justified, we are made pre-
 how costly the price of loyalty, let us         world court. In other words, he would           sentable to the family in heaven. We be-
live with Jesus Christ, magnifying His           rather see the job through himself. But he      come spiritual beings, all our guilt is re-
 law, and honoring His Sabbath; for,             can not do it. The heart of man, as Jere-       moved, and we are clothed in robes of right-
addressing those that keep His "Sab-             miah says, is too deceitful; too desperately    eousness of Christ's own weaving. Then it
                                                 wicked. (Jeremiah 17:9.) Behind all the         is that the Christian can break forth with
 baths and choose the things that please"        world's sorrows is sin, the deep problem of     song: "I will greatly rejoice in Jehovah,
 Him, His promise reads, "Even unto              its origin, the mysterious history of the       my soul shall be joyful in my God; for He
them will I give in Mine house and               universe, and the silent but • tremendous       hath clothed me with the garments of sal-
 within My walls a place and a name              struggle between light and darkness, right      vation, He hath covered me with the robe
better than of sons and of daughters:            and wrong, Christ and Satan, that has pro-      of righteousness, as a bridegroom decketh
 I will give them an everlasting name,           ceeded through untold ages. No; the man         himself with a garland, and as a bride
that shall not be cut off." Isaiah               who would put the world right by man-made       adorneth herself with her jewels." Isaiah
                                                                                                 61: 10.
                                                                                                    Then there comes into the soul a peace, a
    Christ Himself extends the welcome,                                                          joy, a quietness, such as the prophet de-
and we gladly accept. And there, with
                                                    Don't return
                                                                                                 scribed : "Then justice shall dwell in the
that rapturous throng of unsullied                                                               wilderness; and righteousness shall abide
 Fundamentalists, "from one new moon                                                             in the fruitful field. And the work of right-
 to another, and from one Sabbath to
                                                    the paper —
                                                                                                 eousness shall be peace; and the effect of
another," we will come to worship be-                                                            righteousness, quietness and confidence for-
 fore the Lord. (See Isaiah 66:23;                                                               ever. And My people shall abide in a peace-
Revelation 22:14.)                                                                               able habitation, and in safe dwellings, and in
                                                       I  F you are receiving the
                                                           "Signs of the Times" with-
                                                       out having subscribed for it, do
                                                                                                 quiet resting places." Isaiah 32: 16-18.
                                                                                                    "Then the redeemed will be welcomed to
                                                                                                 the home that Jesus is preparing for them.
           PEACE PERILS                                not ask to have the paper
                                                       stopped for fear that you will            There their companions will not be the vile
            (Continued from page 4)                                                              of earth, liars, idolaters, the impure, t and
                                                       finally be billed for it. You
bombed and blown to bits by the hellish                are NOT receiving the "Signs"             unbelieving; but they will associate with
hate that springs from unregenerate hearts.            through any advertising pro-              those who have overcome Satan, and
   Truly the gospel, with its message of love,         gram of the publishers; for               through divine grace have formed perfect
has softened men's hearts and brought in its           papers are mailed only when               characters. Every sinful tendency, every
train man's greatest blessings. Institutions           subscriptions are paid in ad-             imperfection, that afflicts them here, has
                                                       vance. Some friend, who has               been removed by the blood of Christ, and
for the sick, the poor, and the outcast, have          found the "Signs" of personal
followed in the path of the messengers of              value and who wants you also to           the excellence and brightness of His glory,
God. Slavery and kindred evils have been               become acquainted with it, has            far exceeding the brightness of the sun, is
abolished under governments swayed by                  probably sent in a subscription           imparted to them. And the moral beauty,
Christian principles. The present spirit of            for you, and has failed to in-            the perfection of His character, shines
conciliation among the nations has doubtless           form you of the fact.                     through them, in worth far exceeding this
been inspired by men in touch with God.                   Therefore, let us repeat, the          outward splendor. They are without fault
Nevertheless we all know that, despite all             publishers are not going to send          before the great white throne, sharing the
                                                       you a bill, for it has already            dignity and the privileges of the angels.
the good that has been done, all the millions          been paid. We do, however, in-
that have been spent upon the propagation              vite your earnest attention to              "In view of the glorious inheritance that
of the gospel, there are but a comparative             the discussions on prophecy and           may be his, 'what shall a man give in ex-
few who have experienced the new birth                 Bible doctrine, and of Christian          change for his soul?' [Matthew 16:26.]
that is so vitally necessary to the victorious         experience and duty, which are            He may be poor, yet he possesses in him-
life. In the aggregate, they might total,              set forth in the "Signs of the            self a wealth and dignity that the world
perchance, thousands, even hundreds of                 Times;" and if any questions              could never bestow. The soul redeemed and
thousands, but all together they would ap-,            come to your mind as you read,            cleansed from sin, with all its noble powers
pear but an insignificant remnant compared             upon which you wish further
                                                       light, be most free to pass your          dedicated to the service of God, is of sur-
with the vast hordes of those "that know               queries on to the Editors. They           passing worth; and there is joy in heaven in
not God, and that obey not the gospel of our           will be glad to hear from you.            the presence of God and the holy angels
Lord Jesus Christ." 2 Thessalonians 1: 8.                                                        over one soul redeemed, a joy that is ex-
And' so long as this numerical disparity ex-                                                     pressed in songs of holy triumph."—"Steps
ists, so long will the world lack the peace                                                      to Christ," pages 131, 132.
     Page Twelve                                                                                                   SIGNS of the TIMES"
                                                                                                   the word "sacrifice" has been supplied by
                                                                                                   the translators, to be read in connection
                                                                                                   with "daily," we have omitted the use of
                                                                                                   the word. The word translated "daily" in
                                                                                                   our Authorized Version is the Hebrew
                                                                                                   word, "hatamid," and means "continual."
                                                                                                   This same word is used in the original of
                                                                                                   Daniel 11:31; 12:11. There are also nine-
                                                                                                   teen other passages in the Old Testament
                                                                                                   where this word is found, and in every one
                                                                                                   the word has a direct reference to some por-
                                                                                                   tion of the work connected with the earthly
                                                                                                   sanctuary service. Examples of the word
                                                                                                      1. In Numbers 4:7, "The continual
                                                                                                      2. In Numbers 4: 16, "The daily meat of-
                                                                                                   fering." In Nehemiah 10: 33, "The contin-
                                                                                                   ual meat offering."
                                                                                                      3. In Numbers 28: 10, "The continual
                                                                                                   burnt offering." See also verses 23, 24, 31;
                                                                                                   and chapter 29: u, 16, 19, 22, 28, 34, 38;
                                                                                                   Nehemiah 10: 33. In Numbers 29: 6, "The
                                                                                                   daily burnt offering."
                                                                                                         THE CONTINUAL MEDIATION
                                                                                                        The translators of the Revised Version
                                                                                                   have used the word "continual" in the place
                                                                                                   of "daily," but with it have supplied the
                                                                                                   words "burnt offering." But this rendering,
                                                                                                   as does the Authorized Version, also places
                                                                                                    a restriction upon the word "continual."
                                                                                                    The word is not limited to a "daily sacri-
                                                                                                    fice," to a "continual burnt offering," or to a
                                                                                                    "continual meat offering." The very fact
                                                                                                    that there is no word connected with "con-
                                                                                                    tinual" or "daily" in the original text shows
                                                                                                    that this word includes all the work and
                                                                                                    truths of the sanctuary that are in anywise
                                                                                                    continual. Thus this word is always used
                                                                                                    in reference to the service and the worship
                                                                                                   .of Jehovah.
                                                                                                        The word "tamid" which also means
                                                                                                    "continual," or "perpetual," is found in the
                                                                                                    following texts:
                                                                                                        1. "A continual burnt offering." Exodus .
                                                                                                    29: 42; Numbers 28: 3, 6; Ezra 3:5; Eze-
                                                                                                    kiel 46: 15.
                                                                                                        2. "A meat offering perpetual." Leviticus
                                                                                                    6: 20.
                                                                                                        3. "A perpetual incense." Exodus 30: 8.
                                                                                                        4. "The continual shewbread." 2 Chroni-
                                                                                                    cles 2: 4.
              The high altar in St. Peter's Cathedral, Rome. By its system of human
                                                                                                        This word carries the thought of' con-
              priestly mediation, the papacy has taken away the mediatorial office of               tinuance or perpetuity, and usually is used
                                               Christ.                                              in reference to the worship of Jehovah.
                                                                                                        In previous articles we have' seen that all
                                                                                                     the sacrifices and all the ceremonies of the
                                                                                                     earthly sanctuary pointed to the death and
                                                                                                     mediation of Jesus Christ. The "daily," or

   Tearing the Heart Out                                                                             "continual burnt offering;" the "daily," or
                                                                                                     "continual meat offering;" and the "con-
                                                                                                     tinual bread," all pointed to Christ. These

        of the Gospel                                                                                things, being typical, passed away by limi-
                                                                                                     tation at the cross, for there type met anti-
                                                                                                     type and the shadow met its substance; but
                                                                                                     the truths which these types prefigured' re-
                  The "little horn" takes away the mediatorial                                       mained. Therefore, whatever truths are
                                                                                                     found in the typical services that are of con-
                        power and office of Jesus Christ.                                            tinual, or perpetual, value in the use of the
                                                                                                     divine worship of God must be that which
                   L.      E R V I N                 W      RIGHT                                    is comprehended in the word "daily," or
                                                                                                     "continual." The great, outstanding fea-
                                                                                                     tures, or truths, of the divine worship of
   "ONG before the Modernist began his             daily . . . was taken away, and the place of      God are:
       war against the blood atonement, an-        His sanctuary cast down. . . . And it cast            1. Christ was "made like unto His
       other power in this world had, so           down the truth to the ground; and it prac-         brethren, that He might be a merciful and
        far as it is possible in human purpose     ticed, and prospered." Daniel 8: n, 12,            faithful high priest in things pertaining to
and intent, made the gospel anaemic. This          margin.                                            God, to make reconciliation for the sins of
power did more than any Modernist has yet             In a previous article we have seen that         the people." Hebrews 2: 17. The truth that
done; it thought to tear the very heart out        the "little horn" is a symbol of Rome in           God took upon Himself sinful flesh (Ro-
of the gospel—and it well-nigh succeeded.          both its pagan and its papal phase, but that       mans 8:3) is the first step in the salvation
  This power is the object of prophecy, and        the symbol particularly met its greatest ful-      of man, and is of "continual" value.
is called the "little horn." This "little          fillment in papal Rome.                               2. Christ "offered one sacrifice for sins
horn," says the prophecy, was to magnify              But what does the prophecy mean when it         forever." Hebrews 10: 12. He needed "not
himself "even against the Prince of the            says that it took away from Christ "the            daily, as those high priests, to offer up
host [Christ Himself], and from Him the            daily" ? What is meant by "the daily" ? As         sacrifice, first for His own sins, and then
for FEBRUARY 15.            1927                                                                                                 Page Thirteen
 for the people's: for this He did once, when       be the shadow and figure of the Catholic
 He offered up Himself." Hebrews 7: 27.             Church alone. In the Jewish system there is
 Not that "He should offer Himself often,          one visible head, Moses,- continuing to live
 . . . but now once in the end of the world        on in the sovereign pontiffs, the successive             THE     WORLD'S   PROPHETIC    WEEKLY
 hath He appeared to put away sin by the           high priests, who sat in his chair. This
 sacrifice of Himself." Hebrews 9:25,'26.          head presides over a complete hierarchy, to                Advocating a return to the simple
                                                                                                              gospel of Christ, and a preparation
 The vicarious death of Christ which was           which entire obedience is due under the                    for His imminent second appearing
 "once" (Hebrews 10:10) is essentially of          severest penalties. These priests teach with
 permanent, or "continual," value.                 authority, explain the law, preserve the                                   EDITORS
    3. Christ is a "high priest, who is set on     traditions, maintain the practice of morality,      A. O. TAIT        A. L. BAKER *       F. D. NICHOL
 the right hand of the throne of the Majesty       pray, and offer sacrifices,—in a word gov-                         CIRCULATION MANAGER
                                                                                                                          J. E. FERREN
 in the heavens; a minister of the sanctuary,      ern the religious society. In these features
 and-of the true tabernacle, which the Lord        who can not recognize Jesus Christ still            Vol. 54, No. 7                   February 15, 1927
 pitched, and not man." "Wherefore He is           living for the government of the Catholic                        Mountain View,' California
 able also to save them to the uttermost that      Church in Peter and his successors, the
 come unto God by Him, seeing He ever              Roman pontiffs presiding over the whole                      •   SUBSCRIPTION RATES
liveth to make intercession for them."             ecclesiastical hierarchy, over the authority,       In United States:
 Hebrews 8:1, 2; 7:25. The mediation of            the consecration, and the functions of the             Single copy, one year ................... .$1.50
                                                   priests of the new law? If Christ is come              Clubs of five or more to one address, each .. 1.25
 Christ as the "one mediator between God                                                               To Canada and other countries taking extra postage:
and men" (i Timothy 2:5) is positively of          'not to destroy the law, but to carry it to           .Single copy, one year ................... .$2.00
permanent, or "continual," value.                  perfection,' all that is imperfect in the syn-         Clubs of five or more to one address, each .. 1.50-
                                                   agogue ought to be perfect in the church:              Please make all checks and money orders payable -
    4. Christ "condemned sin in the flesh : that                                                       to "Signs of the Times," Mountain View, California.
                                                   high priesthood, sacraments, sacrifices, etc.,
the righteousness of the law might be ful-
                                                   etc. This perfection of the law we perceive                     NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS
filled in us," for "by the deeds of the law
                                                   throughout the Catholic system."—"Catho­              .Expiration. All issues for the month^ named on
there shall no flesh be justified in His
sight." But we are "justified freely by His        lic Doctrine as Defined by the Council of           the v top line of your address label are included in
                                                                                                      -your subscription. Unless renewed in advance, the
grace through the redemption that is in            Trent," by Rev. A. Nampon, S. J., page 62.          paper stops at expiration date.
                                                                                                          Change of address. Please give both old and
Christ Jesus." "Therefore we conclude that               SINFUL MEN CAN NOT MEDIATE                    new address.
a' man is justified by faith without the deeds                                                            No papers are sent except on paid subscriptions,
                                                      Such an admission at once brands Rome            so persons receiving the "Signs of the Times" with-
of the law,"' hence, "the righteousness of         with the sin of sinful men taking away the          out haying subscribed may feel perfectly free to
God which is by faith of Jesus Christ unto                                                             accept it.
                                                   mediatorial work of Christ, which is based
all and upon all them that believe." Romans        on His sinlessness, and casting down the
8:3, 4; 3:20, 24, 28, 22. Justification by         heavenly sanctuary as far as it is possible
faith in Christ alone is absolutely of the         for finite man to accomplish in the realm of        Christianity the very foundation for
most permanent and "continual" value.                                                                  Christ's mediation. God had to partake of
                                                   human practice, although not in divine
   5. Christ, who is our high priest "is holy,                                                         our sinful flesh before He could become the
                                                   reality, and setting up the Roman Catholic
harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners,                                                            "daysman," who can lay His hand upon
                                                   Church and her services as the antitype of
and made higher than the heavens." He-                                                                 both God and man, and thus bind us to the
                                                   the earthly sanctuary and its services.
brews 7: 26. Upon this basic fact of the ab-                                                           throne of God. (Romans 8:3; Job 9: 33.)
solute sinlessness of Christ lies the per-           The Christ of Catholicism is separated
                                                   from the human race by what they call a                While Rome does not repudiate the sac-
manent and "continual" value of His media-                                                             rifice of Christ in words, yet she has in-
tion.                                     •"       "perfect human nature," and which, accord-
                                                                                                       vented "the sacrifice of the Mass" to take
                                                   ing to their claim, was without the "stain
   6. Christ's representative on earth is the                                                          its place, and in so doing declares the sacri-
                                                   of original sin." The Christ of Catholicism
Holy Spirit. The Spirit has pleaded with                                                               fice on the cross is inadequate and incapable
man from the days of the antediluvians.            is not the Christ of the Bible, and their           of accomplishing the purpose for which
 (Genesis 6:3;: Peter 3: 18-20.) "It is the        substitution takes away from the heart of           Christ died. Such a doctrine diametrically
Spirit that makes effectual what has been                                                              opposes the truth that Christ's death was
wrought out by the world's Redeemer." The                                                              once for all, and takes away the true service
Spirit is the "regenerating agent, and with-                                                          "and mediation of Christ.
out this the sacrifice of Christ would have                                                             And while the Bible teaches that the only
been of no avail." Thus the work of the                                                               mediator between God and man is "the man
Holy Spirit in connection with the sacrifice                                                          Christ Jesus," Romanism takes away the
and mediation of Christ is of the highest                                                             mediation of Christ by substituting a coun-
permanent and,"continual" value.                                                                      terfeit mediation. The priesthood of Christ
   These great, outstanding truths constitute                                                         in the heavenly sanctuary has been usurped
the very essence, or heart, of the gospel of                                                          by the priesthood of finite men and by Mary,
Jesus Christ.                                                                                         designated "the mother of God." In pre-
  A BARRIER BETWEEN GOD AND MAN                                                                       senting Mary as the mediatrix between God
   When the pope of Rome claimed he was                                                               and men, Romanism presents a way of sal-
the vicar or representative of Christ on                                                              vation unknown in all the Bible. It has been
earth, he usurped the place of the Spirit of                                                          justly named Mariolatry, for it is idolatry.
God. It is through Christ that we "have                                                               Romanism substitutes for the true forgive-
access by one Spirit unto the Father"                                                                 ness of sins which any man may obtain di-
 (Ephesians 2: 18), but the papacy thrust in               THOUSANDS                                  rectly through Jesus Christ at the throne of
                                                                                                      grace a counterfeit absolution and a coun-
a barrier between Christ and the sinner in
                                                     of boys and girls are spending many pleas-       terfeit forgiveness when the priest says,
the claim that the pope is Christ's vicar.           ant hours with "Elephant Tales," the 1927
Thus, this part of the "continual" was taken         "Our Little Friend" premium.                     "Ego te absolve." (I absolve you.)
away. In this usurpation we see the means               A delightful combination of an attractively       Romanism says that the "sacraments are
of taking away the entire work of Christ             illustrated book of twenty true stories about     amongst the means of obtaining s'alvation
and the casting down of the heavenly                 the biggest animal, and the children's own        and righteousness," and thus takes away
sanctuary. The mediatorial work of Christ,           weekly for fifty-two long weeks, for only
                                                     $1.25 ($1.50 in Canada and other countries        this part of the "continual," or true service
founded upon His incarnation,, sinlessness,          requiring additional postage on papers).          of'God, as it is in Jesus Christ. Salvation
and death, and the regenerating work of the                                                           .by works is the keynote of the whole papal
                                                        Make that boy or girl happy by sending
Spirit combining into one, make the center           for this ideal combination to-day. Just clip      system, and in this substitution for justi-
of Christianity. Satan therefore attacked            this ad.; write the name on the slip below,       fication by faith the vitals of Christianity*
the canter and interposed a human system             and attach your money order. Address,             are torn asunder. All false religions are
of mediation by a human priesthood, thus             "Our Little Friend," Mountain View, Cali-
                                                     fornia.                                           alike, in this respect,—that the forgiveness
tearing the very heart out of the gospel.                                                              of sin and man's justification are dependent
   The papacy claims/that she is the fulfill-        Name _                                            not upon the power of divine grace apart
ment of the Levitical typical system, that                                                             from "any "exterior, ceremonial, pious, or
she is the typical system perfected. Thus                                                              charitable works,' works of obedience or
writes one representative of Rome: *                                                                   penance, and good moral acts whatever,"
   "It is only necessary to run over the books                                                         but upon some work of the flesh, either
of the Old Testament ... to establish the                                                              wholly or in part, at the will of a human
fact that the Jewish church . . . can in fact                                                          priesthood or the map himself.
    Eage Fourteen                                                                                                        SIGNS of the TIMES
                                                                                   Do YOU WANT
                                                                                          ID you know that there is a chain of sanitari-
                                                                                        )  ums stretching from the Atlantic to the
                                                                                           Pacific where the most advanced scientific
                                                                                   methods are employed to restore health? Hydro-
                                                                                   therapy, that is, water treatments, are featured.
                                                                                   Particular attention is also given to correct diet.                    -

                                                                                   The policy of these institutions is not simply to
                                                                                   treat the patient for his present affliction, but to
                                                                                   point out the way whereby he may keep well.
                                                                                      A post card to the sanitarium nearest you will
                                                                                   bring full information.

  FLORIDA SANITARIUM                     IOWA SANITARIUM                        WABASH VALLEY                        PARADISE VALLEY
   Orlando, Florida                        Nevada, Iowa                            SANITARIUM                           SANITARIUM
                                                                                 Lafayette, Indiana                   National City, California
                                         WALLA WALLA                                                                    (Near San Diego)
   Hinsdale, Illinois                       SANITARIUM
                                          College Place, Washington             NEW ENGLAND
                                                                                    SANITARIUM AND                   ST. HELENA SANITARIUM
  LOMA LINDA SANITARIUM                                                           . HOSPITAL                           Sanitarium, California
   Loma Linda, California                WASHINGTON SANITARIUM                   Melrose, Massachusetts
     (Near Riverside)                                                                                                    (Near San Francisco)
                                          Takoma Park, D. C.                        (Near Boston)

  In These Sanitariums Health Is Contagious

     "The little bear seemed to
                                                                                        A NEW BOOK
  be nearly dead, but the keep­
  ers worked with it all night,                                                         Just from the Press
  and by morning it,was crying
  like a newborn puppyf Be­
  cause it apparently had been
  raised from the dead, the tiny
  bear was given the name of *l
                                                                                T    HIS splendid book contains true stories of actual
                                                                                    contact with animals, some wild and some domesti-
                                                                                cated. What child is not interested in animal life
                                                                                and stories of the same? All told, there are in this
                                     BABY BEARS GROWN TALL                      book thirty-three highly instructive and fascinating
                                                                                chapters, or stories, with many illustrations. Parents
                                                                                are continually calling for suitable bedtime stories. You
          Few of us are gifted story-tellers. Es-                               have them in this book. An appropriate jacket in three
       pecially do we find it accommo-                             colors is also an interesting feature.
       date our thought and speech to small chil-
       dren. Why not read the stories. You will
       find thirty-three of them in this'book.                                            "Annie Roonie was a great swimmer. She
                                                                                       enjoyed the old .water hole as much as did
                                                                                      ""the boys. Once when they were in a boat,
                                                                                       she followed for three miles down the river,
                                                                                       her pretty head just showing above the sur­
                                                                                       face of the water."
  One hundred twenty pages, cloth bind-
      ing, postpaid,.. .......................

                                   Address our representative nearest you, or

                                   MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA                                                                ANNIE ROONIE

for FEBRUARY          15. 1927                                                                                                            Page Fifteen
                           The NEWS in REVIEW
                                           WISE IS HE WHO ALLOWS THE LIGHT OF GOD'S
                                           WORD TO ILLUMINATE THE NEWS OF THE DAY

       Educated Criminals                             We would not have half the juvenile
                                                   crime in the land to-day if thousands of
                                                                                                      the worship and service of Jehovah, the
                                                                                                      true God. No amount of this world's

T     HE district attorney of New York
      City recently declared: "Our mod-
      ern criminals do not lack academic
education. Many have had the benefits
                                                   our homes had not quit functioning, ex-
                                                   cept as boarding and rooming houses.
                                                   The home has long ceased to be a re-
                                                   ligious, cultural, recreational, and educa-
                                                                                                      wisdom and education can make up the
                                                                                                      lack of a knowledge of God and His
                                                                                                      will; and the man who builds a character
                                                                                                      without God as the corner stone is build-
of a high school and college training.             tional institution. It is not the center of        ing with rubbish.
What we need to-day for the young is               life any more; it is merely a filling and
more home life and more religion."                 service station. Parents have shifted the
   This declaration runs quite contrary to
the view now in great vogue in socio-
                                                   responsibility of the character building
                                                   of their children to the day school, the
                                                                                                                 What Men Buy
logical circles. Increasingly do we hear
that the crimes are being committed by
men and boys who are mentally inferior,
who border on the moron class, who
                                                   movies, and the dance floor. .
                                                      And it is a notorious fact that millions
                                                   of our youth are coming to maturity with
                                                   little or no religious training and convic-
                                                                                                      R     ECENTLY the Waukegan, Illinois,
                                                                                                             Chamber of Commerce, sent out a
                                                                                                             dollar bill,, and traced its history
                                                                                                      for two weeks as it went from hand to
have been educationally and culturally             tions. Thousands of families are non-              hand in the city. They found that it ex-
neglected. We are told that if only                churchgoers. And many of those who                 changed owners thirty times during the
criminals were given a chance to de-               do attend church get only the high-                fortnight for the following purposes:
velop intellectually, they would cease to          sounding but empty teachings of Mod-                  Ten times for tobacco and cigarettes.
be criminals.                                      ernism. The Bible, which is the char-                 Five times for salary.
   Those who are allied with the very              acter builder preeminent, they more often             Three times for candy.
liberal movement in religion and the               hear derided than lauded. The teachers                Three times for meals.
problems of society deify education.               in the schools tell them that modern sci-            Twice for men's furnishings.
Their panacea for all the ills of the in-          ence has proved the Bible wrong in many               Twice for shaves.
dividual and of society is education.              places and hopelessly out of date in                  Once for bacon.
According to their idea, if every one              others. The young'people logically con-               Once for tooth paste.
could go to the university long enough             clude that if the Bible is partially in er-           Once for washing powder.
to get a Ph. D. degree, the world would            ror and an antique, its moral precepts are            Once for automobile accessories.
at once enter the haloed millennial state.         of little interest to them.                          Once for garters.
   But our criminal class are not near-               The words of Scripture, "The fear of              The "filthy weed" consumed one third
imbeciles ; nor are they illiterate. Far           Jehovah is the beginning of knowledge,"            of that dollar's itinerary; and never once
from it. Take the inmates of any large             stand, however, as an eternal truth. The           did that dollar serve for charity or be-
penal institution, and they compare                marginal reading is, "The fear of Jeho-            nevolence or for God and His cause in
favorably, so far as brains and ability are        vah is the chief part of knowledge."               the earth. Never once did it buy a book
concerned, with a cross section of the             Both are right. A seeking after and a              or a piece of music or any of the finer
American people taken anywhere from                love for God is not only the foundation            things of life. Its whole time was taken
Boston to San Francisco.                           of knowledge, but also its chief part.             up with catering to appetite and buying
   The district attorney is exactly right          And the great trouble with our civiliza-           the material things of life.
in his opinion when he says that our               tion to-day is that it has substituted                Is that dollar's history representative
great need is ''more home life and more            pleasure, money-getting, Modernism, a              of the way we use all the means God has
religion."                                         "science, falsely so called," et cetera, for       intrusted to us?                       B.

Herbert Photo
         Six of the new armored motor cycles with which the New York Police Department is equipping its bandit squad. This thick army
         plate renders the pursuing officer absolutely immune to any bandit's bullets.- Because of the increase of crime and criminality, our
                         city Police Departments are adopting more and more the methods and equipments of regular soldiers.

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