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									MarginMaker TM The Edge in Gaming Solutions
Company Overview
Established in 1995, Finsoft is a worldwide specialist software solutions provider and systems integrator.
Expertise originally perfected in Investment Banking was applied to the Betting and Gaming industry to
create MarginMaker TM, the world's leading enterprise-wide, real-time, transaction processing and risk
management platform for all major delivery channels and types of betting.

Following its 10 years of success, Finsoft was acquired in July 2007 by GTECH, a wholly owned subsidiary
of Lottomatica S.p.A. GTECH together with Lottomatica became a fully-integrated lottery operator and
gaming technology solutions provider with world-wide strength and industry-leading customer solutions.
They have over 6,000 employees in more than 50 countries.

Finsoft Solutions
Finsoft's systems offer the punter the opportunity to bet from the most convenient access channel
and for the bookmaker to monitor and manage the company's entire business from a global field-book
which ultimately leads to better service, higher margins and reduced costs.

Whether you are:

 ·   a large bookmaker with hundreds of shops, Call Centre, Internet,
     or e-gaming operation looking for a one-stop-shop platform,
 ·   an independent with either a single or small chain of shops or
 ·   a newcomer to the marketplace, looking for a reliable transaction
     processing and market making operation

We have a solution for you.
We employ skilled business and IT professionals with unrivalled experience of the bookmaking industry.
As a result, we don't just deliver software, but engineer and deliver the solution which is right for your
business - both now and in the future.

Our highly skilled analysts begin by helping you specify your requirements and advising the most efficient
way of implementing them using our experience and product suite.

Post-implementation, we will provide assistance and support your company's ongoing needs to ensure
that there is a lasting bond between your business and the technology.

MarginMaker TM Creates a significant competitive advantage:
 ·   Automated betting opportunties set-up facilitated by E-venue, a service based product allowing
     collaborative production and exchange of Betting Reference Data (a 'feed of feeds'). Single point of
     entry for both manually entered and imported data across multiple products, channels, globally
     based business units and partners. Provides the groundwork for efficient trading, risk management,
     and betting lifecycle management.

 ·   Any type, any sport, any channel, any model - MarginMaker supports fixed odds
     and spread betting on any sport, across all major channels (Call Centre, Retail, Internet),
     and any business model (betting, gaming, exchanges)

                  MarginMaker TM The Edge in Gaming Solutions
 ·   Single Account, Single Field-Book and Single Event Set-up across all channels -
     telephone and online punters can trade from a single account, from the most convenient
     channel; bookmakers can manage all channels from a single point of control

 · White labelling support and a stand-alone solution for affiliate management
 · Straight-Through Processing - MarginMaker is an end-to-end system, offering a paperless
     environment for the entire bookmaking trading process - from setting up betting opportunities
     to posting transactions to the ledger

 ·   Sophisticated Risk/Liability Control - a unique three-tier process to reduce exposure,
     increase profits and decrease dependence on expensive odds-compilers

 ·   Fast and ergonomic user interfaces - designed by bookmakers for bookmakers to
     optimally integrate with the business processes

 ·   Powerful Profitability Analysis - a specialised data warehouse with a set of
     slicing-and-dicing tools for comprehensive post-trade analysis

 ·   Overall Cost Reduction - all business processes are simplified and made more
     efficient ,allowing optimal use of staff

 ·   Investment banking grade technology - a robust, reliable, efficient, secure and scalable
     system with technological roots in investment banking, it provides a superior foundation
     for your business and enables you to grow at your pace

The overall effect is widening gross profit margins, especially in manually
intensive or price sensitive channels.

MarginMaker TM Benefits
Global Reach
MarginMaker's real-time data distribution throughout a single site and between sites ensures that
all the business information is where you want it and when you want it. This simplifies operations and
technology deployment for geographically dispersed businesses - global enterprises, or enterprises with
on-shore and off-shore components of the business.

Single System, Centralised Control
MarginMaker has been created to offer any sport via any channel for either anonymous or account-
based betting. In order to simplify management of such a complex system, powerful features were
introduced facilitating:

 ·   Single user ID across all account-based betting channels
 ·   Template-based, fast and efficient event set-up
 ·   Single field-book across all channels
 ·   Rules-based automatic risk control
 ·   Skills-based routed alerting system

                       MarginMaker TM The Edge in Gaming Solutions
Sophisticated Risk/Liability Control
Implemented as a three-tier process, the risk management sub-system functions as follows:

 ·   A real-time risk and P&L recalculation is performed as each new bet (single or multiple)
     is received or a price changes

 ·   This information is then automatically displayed to the traders monitoring the global field-book
     (for risk management action) and the bet processing engine (as input for validation of future bets)

 ·   Any change by the traders to the risk management parameters is immediately transmitted to all the
     participants in the process, including the bet processing engine, and is logged for audit trail purposes

The overall effect is that the trading enterprise has a tighter control over pricing and liability, which
inevitably results in higher profit margins. Some of our Internet clients recorded a gross profit margin
increase in excess of 2 percentage points.

Improved Decision Making
Tighter control over the real-time information flow means that more data and better quality information
is continually fed into the decision-making process. Additionally, the alert mechanism warns staff for
immediate action when an important event occurs, such as the book nearing its liability.
Finally, powerful data slicing-and-dicing tools provide more complex analysis

Overall Cost Reduction
A single system for all channels, as well as a simplified and more efficient business process
requiring less staff. A client reduced his event set-up team from eight to two full-time staff and
his shops' screen system studio staff from six to two. In the trading department, a trader with generalist
skills can typically take on the work of a more expensive odds-compiler.

Straight-Through Processing
MarginMaker supports the entire bookmaking process within a single, paperless environment. All key
business functions - marketing, trading, customer services, operations, accounting, IT - use the same
system, thus streamlining the workflows, reducing the number of supporting systems and eliminating
the need for dual keying - the prime source of inefficiencies and errors.

High Performance and Scalability
MarginMaker is an incredibly fast system which is capable of scaling to any volume of transactions and
not limiting revenue growth - one of our clients witnessed a seven-fold increase in turnover
within two years at no additional cost, no software changes and no issues!
MarginMaker has a proven record of handling major betting events such as the Grand
National, World Cup, Cheltenham priced by the UK's premier bookmakers.

During one such event, a Finsoft client recorded a peak volume of 218 bets per minute and a very low
processor utilisation on a 4-CPU Sun Microsystems installation. In an independently observed stress-test,
we recorded 1,700 bets per minute on a 2-CPU Dell configuration with SAN disks and 3,200 bets per
minute on a 4-CPU Dell configuration with SAN disks.

                  MarginMaker TM The Edge in Gaming Solutions
Security and Fraud Control
MarginMaker provides the security which is paramount for all bookmakers and punters:

 ·    A stringent authentication and authorisation model which controls access to final system functions
 ·    Full auditing, controls and reports to control fraud
 ·    Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to protect sensitive transaction data (eg credit card
      details) are encrypted during transmission over the Internet and are kept in an encrypted
      form in our database, preventing any unauthorised use of information
 ·   Independently validated security implementation
 ·   PCI compliant solution for storage of credit card data

Investment Banking Grade Technology
Following the best practices of the Investment Banking system design, MarginMaker employs best-of-
breed solutions in order to offer effective, sophisticated, robust and resilient electronic environment for
handling bets and payments.

MarginMaker draws its superior reliability from fault tolerance embedded in the architecture of the
system and from a careful selection of infrastructure components.
At the software level, fault tolerance is achieved by ensuring that each critical component has a back-up,
or is capable of instant restoration of service.
At the hardware level, solutions such as clustered database servers, redundant hardware, and load
balancers are used to ensure both the uptime and resilience during increased transaction volumes.

The system has been created to offer automated, trouble-free service for 24/7 operations aimed at
global markets.

System Architecture
The architecture of the system is based on these two tenets:

 ·   Central Betting System integrating all Betting Channels - the central site where the bookmaker
     produces all betting opportunities and manages the entire business. This principle applies to both
     trading and to managing customers and the business in general. It is from the Central Betting
     System that all betting channels - Call Centre (Tele-betting), On-Line (Internet Sportsbook) and
     Shops (Retail Betting) - get the betting opportunities and other content. All channels interact
     with the Central Betting System when servicing punters, and where the concept of the
     real-time estate-wide fieldbook is implemented.

 ·   Distributed System - the system is distributed, built with a federated structure,
     such that each of its nodes works:

     · in close collaboration with others allowing real-time distribution of information
       during normal operation

     · completely autonomously with full functionality in the case of
       failure of another node or communication lines between them

                        MarginMaker TM The Edge in Gaming Solutions
Central Betting System and Betting Channels

Figure 1: Shows the functional overview of the MarginMaker TM Platform

The Central Betting System (CBS) components are independent from the Betting Channels and allow for
a variety of deployment configurations. CBS caters for all major business domains in bookmaking and
interrelated business processes:

 ·   The Sales Channels, loosely segregated into direct and indirect channels. A direct channel (Internet,
     for instance) is one where the punter completes the process of placing the bet without any assistance.
     An indirect channel is one where an agent (Call Centre operator, for instance) assists the punter.

 ·   Channel Integration Layer with associated Product Systems - a lean, mean transaction machine,
     using user configurable rules and the latest liability information during the bet validation process

 ·   A generalised E-commerce sub-system which the Betting Engine interfaces in order to
     trigger the back-office processes such as Accounting, External Payments, Security,
     Online Auditing and Reconciliation

 ·   System Infrastructure, encompassing messaging, security and various configuration tools

                  MarginMaker TM The Edge in Gaming Solutions
Each of the processes outlined above is supported by a vertically integrated set of services and
applications, offering full operational support to the various business functions. Of particular value to the
bookmaker's business are the slicing-and dicing and content management sub-systems, such as :

 ·   Profitability Data Warehouse - a standard multi-dimensional data cube, populated
     as part of the end-of-day processing, compatible with MarginMaker's own as well
     as third-party data mining tools

 ·   Reporting Engine which generates standard daily reports in a variety of formats
     (PDF, HTML, DOC, XLS) and distributes them throughout the organisation

 ·   Content Management Framework - a subsystem which provides tools and interfaces
     for data dissemination throughout the enterprise or to external systems (Web, Teletext,
     shops screen system etc.)

Figure 2: World Till architecture

Retail Betting
MarginMaker TM automates the process of offering, capturing, translating and managing
bets taken in the retail environment. It can be supplied as a stand-alone system, in conjunction with the
MarginMaker Central Betting System (offering Call Centre and Internet operations) or as an extension of
non-Finsoft solutions at central sites.

STOS, Finsoft's Retail Display Screen System forms part of a fully integrated presentation solution,
allowing our customers to obtain the most complete package on the market from one supplier. This
concept enables the customer to use screens where they want rather than where the cables allow.

MarginMaker is able to provide a till system for any betting culture around the globe.
World Till enables the operator to reduce the initial cost of set up and infrastructure. The smaller
hardware footprint enables installation in even compact trading units such as kiosks, newsagents or
tobacconists. In keeping with the simplified set up the user interface is straightforward and comes with
the option to internationalise the working environment for each chosen market. The whole package
matches the offering of our Self Service Terminal (SST) described below.

                        MarginMaker TM The Edge in Gaming Solutions
Figure 3: STOS, Finsoft's Retail Display Screen System based on Digital Signal Processing technology

Self Service Terminal (SST) is an independent unit that customers can use within the retail environment.
Using the touch-screen interface, customers can browse betting opportunities currently on offer by the
bookmaker, create betting slips, define stakes, submit the bets and generate receipts for bets with a
unique barcode. Customers can introduce cash into the terminal using coins and banknote slots to
create a session balance which is used for placing bets. The session balance can also be increased by
adding funds from winning bet receipts. The client can claim the session balance (in part or in total) at
any time and receive the funds through a retail shop operator.

The system's top level features:
 ·   Entire estate connected into a single private network: using broadband as the primary
     communication channel and satellite as fallback, we achieve flexible and configurable (by
     shop/region and by particular information type) communication throughout the estate; use of the
     Intranet facility allows for messages and staff updates to be passed to all shops instantaneously
 ·   Sports betting based on automatic opportunity creation and pricing from a central site; not just
     horses, dogs and football, but any sports bets can be taken and automatically settled
 ·   Betting in-running - in-shop betting in running opportunities can be handled because
     of the high speed connection to the headquarters
 ·   Bet capturing versatility - bets can be taken from traditional hand-written slips, sophisticated
     sports coupons (printed in the shops), mark-sense tickets (including number bets), self-service
     terminals and using call-over

                 MarginMaker TM The Edge in Gaming Solutions
 ·   Field-book based real-time liability control with alerts; risk control enables monitoring
     and proactive management of positions and exposure for the entire estate, each particular shop
     or any level in between. Extensive alerting facilities to and from shops for both automatic
     risk-related alerts and for the manual 'instruction' or 'exceptions' alerts which are related
     to the business operation
 ·   Configurable specials and bonuses - concessions can be configured and applied on a per shop basis
 ·   Results Service - a full pricing and results service for all horseracing and many other sports is
     available for bookmakers who prefer a pricing feed
 ·   Automatic settlement in the shop - the system is capable of storing thousands of betting
     opportunities on all manner of sports and settling them in real time; there is no need to write
     down any results
 ·   Monitored Customers - individual punters can be tagged for identification
 ·   Comprehensive security measures both in the shop and at Headquarters - every slip from
     every shop can be sent back to the central database; all actions by all employees are plotted
     and produce an audit trail making all members of staff responsible for their actions
 ·   Payout from any shop
 ·   Full cash management
 ·   Standalone mode of operation - in case communication lines are down
 ·   Remote Access - a shop can dial in and enter bets for another site that was unable to
     manage either due to excess business or staff sickness
 ·   Staff attendance and time-keeping
 ·   Profitability Analysis - Sophisticated profitability analysis can provide information on a daily
     business by sport type/price type/betting opportunity or sport subsection (eg two year-old
     maidens/handicap hurdles/three mile chases); a database warehouse will allow you to breakdown
     your annual turnover by individual sports.

Content Provision
The MarginMaker TM Retail Betting platform makes use of data and content pumps from different trading
systems. These pumps can act as automated data feeds (similar to SIS) and allow events, betting
opportunities and prices to be set up once and then used everywhere. This facilitates considerable cost
savings as well as data quality improvements.

Interfaces to most major UK screen systems are also available so that clients can integrate with their
existing solutions and avoid dual keying.

Betting Products
Within MarginMaker, a betting opportunity is defined as any valid combination of other betting
opportunities. Consequently, the system supports cross-sport multiples and a huge range of bet
types, all of which are processed automatically.

The in-shop configurable settling engine also caters for bonuses, promotions, special offers, each-way
terms handling etc.

On-Line and Off-Line Shops
One of the benefits of the Finsoft solution is enabling the introduction of on-line shops and business
processes. On-line shops offer effective risk and exceptions/security control throughout the estate, as bets
and open positions are transmitted back to the Headquarters (HQ) once they are captured.

The On-Line Shop also offers:
 ·   A natural environment for the 24/7 operation in HQ
 ·   payout from any shop
 ·   pro-active management of shops operation

                       MarginMaker TM The Edge in Gaming Solutions
   The Finsoft solution also works in the off-line shops and offers different levels of functionality depending
   on the definition of the off-line mode of operation (ie how often can the dial-up on request be
   performed). When a shop is off-line, any existing satellite link may be used to push the betting offer to
   the shop, and in turn the shop can report back to the HQ in pre-configured modes chosen to suit
   different circumstances such as:

      ·    periodic transfer of all of the information and completing the daily cycle
      ·    on HQ's request, transfer of field-books, business positions or other information
      ·    on shop's request, whenever a trading, risk or security exception occurs which needs HQ's attention.

   Some features (such as payout from any shop or immediate view of the overall open positions for a
   book) are not available for the off-line shop.

   Shops Infrastructure
   The Finsoft solution is based on a client-server infrastructure in the shops featuring:

      ·    a Local Area Network connected to the HQ by a Virtual Private Network
           running over a broadband connection
      ·    A Shop Server
      ·    Any number of tills, self-service stations and price display terminals
      ·    A laser printer for printing sports coupons in the shop

   The Screen System and Tills Feeds
   The Screen System and Tills Feeds share the communication infrastructure (broadband as the primary
   line and satellite as backup), where the Tills Feed carries all of the available betting opportunity and the
   Screen System feed carries only a subset.

   Security Exceptions Control
   Essential in Retail Betting. Security exceptions collection and analysis process is available in HQ
   and in the shops. Additionally there are utilities for continuous and unobtrusive monitoring of each
   till in the estate.

   Figure 4: MarginMaker in Retail Betting
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Satellite Decoder

VPN Concentrator HQ
                                                    Shop Display Array                                   Shop Display Array

                                                                                                                               W2K Professional with 2x4 display cards
                      Internet              W2K Server with 2x4 display cards
                                            (Backup AD, Oracle StandBy Server)
                                                                                         Till Scanner                     Till Scanner                   Till Scanner

                                                                                                           Till Printer                  Till Printer                   Till Printer
                                                                                                 Till                           Till                            Till

                                      ADSL + ISDN
                                      VPN Router                                                                                                                                       Credit/Debit Card Payments

                                      Network printer
                                             Network printer
                                                                                                                                                        W2K Server (AD, Oracle and Backup Server)

                        POTN                                                     Self Service Terminal             Price Display Terminal

                                 MarginMaker TM The Edge in Gaming Solutions
Risk Control
Risk control in Retail Betting is a combination of manual actions, supported by a comprehensive set of
monitoring and management tools and automatic system actions based on the trading and risk
management business rules.

The shop level Risk Management is only a small part of the picture. The true benefit of these features lies
in the aggregation of the retail business within a single field-book at Headquarters, either on its own or
integrated within the overall business of the company (ie shops, Call Centre, web, Digital/Interactive TV).
The most important long-term benefit is that the intelligent Risk Control offers increased stake/payout
limits for the punters and therefore increased turnover for the bookmaker.

Profitability Analysis
Unlike business performance reporting, profitability analysis aims to detect areas of the business where
there is room for improvement. It drills down into analysis of specific types of betting such as Price Types,
Bet Types, Market Types, Event Types, In-Running betting etc.

The first step to proper profitability analysis is having less manual/empty bets (a typical MarginMaker
customer takes fewer than 5% of daily bets as manuals). The next step is defining the key betting
business properties and tracking them through time in order to get the final result.

Telephone Betting
MarginMaker's Call Centre module is a stand-alone system which implements the entire workflow of a
modern telebetting operation. It has been designed to offer efficient and streamlined service in a
dynamic, customer focused environment, where particular attention is paid to speed of completion
orders. The Call Centre module includes the following application groups:

 ·   Call Centre: the main application used for capturing bets and basic customer account actions
 ·   Content Manager: a utility for organizing the top level content
 ·   Bet Control: an application for viewing and modifying where appropriate the captured
     bets (viewing bet history, bet details, handling empty bets or bet capture exceptions;
     manual amendments/corrections, auditing etc.)
 ·   Customer Service: a central point for all account management, journals posting,
     contacts management and Free Bet campaigns
 ·   Payments Office: an application for refund authorisations (fraud screening), cancelling
     financial settlement instructions, journals posting etc.
 ·   Interactive Voice Recognition: MarginMaker fully supports IVR technology.

Internet Betting
MarginMaker’s module for on-line betting is one of the most advanced in the market today. The punters
benefit from a highly dynamic and quick-to-use site, while bookmakers enjoy an unparalleled level of
control over all aspects of the web presentation and trading. The system's Automatic Risk Control excels
in its ability to evaluate attempted bets against a range of sophisticated criteria in real-time.

The Internet's module key distinguishing features are:

 ·   Highly customisable and user-definable content management
 ·   One-Click-Away navigation through betting offers
 ·   Floating Betting Slip
 ·   Live content updates (for selected information automatically and without flickering)
 ·   Pluggable additional products (Games, Casinos, Bet Exchange, etc.)
 ·   Automatic Risk Control with an embedded re-offering process

                       MarginMaker TM The Edge in Gaming Solutions
Figure 5: WARP Architecture

WARP is the name for a completely new Sports Betting Internet Channel technology for the MarginMaker
platform. WARP is based on the Ajax framework and employs modular Lego-like components in order to
support rapid layout changes and distributed website development model.

Each component is responsible for managing the content of a specific portion of the website's real estate,
which makes Web pages more responsive due to content refresh requiring exchange of very small
amounts of data for just one component. This increases each Web page's interactivity, speed,
functionality, and usability.

Key Features
 ·   Compatible with existing deployments which can be WARP enhanced for a test drive.
 ·   Look, feel, and functionality, can now be customised. This enables you to have a unique
     looking website, at a lower cost and shorter time to market.
 ·   Speed of WARP on an existing infrastructure outperforms the traditional web channel implem-
     entation, both in terms of capacity (concurrent users per server) and speed of response that the
     punter experiences.
 ·   WARP includes an Integration platform allowing the independent extension of functionality
     either by the bookmaker or a third party.
 ·   Technically superior, scalable, more stable and operationally easier to manage
     (management and monitoring tools are embedded)
 ·   White Label partners are able to manage their own web sites without the bookmaker's
     involvement, including multiple languages per website.

Content Management System (CMS)
The look and feel, as well as certain functional aspects of the website are controlled by the Content
Manager using a specialised application to effect changes to any part of the site, but most importantly:

 ·   Betting Products list: The user can change entry names, content of each entry,
     order of entries, appearance of entries
 ·   In-Running Offer: The Content Manager decides when In-Running offers appear on the site
     and includes selecting the right ones and how they should be presented. System automatically
     maintains such offers depending on timing and tradability.

                 MarginMaker TM The Edge in Gaming Solutions
 ·   Early Prices Offer: Early prices appear on site whenever there are 'early birds' offered.
     This happens automatically (on home page and all racing pages). Its appearance is dictated by
     a configuration parameter.
 ·   Next Events Off: This section shows next events to come in 'off' order. Offers are divided into
     'Next-Off Groups'. These are fully customisable by the end-user (CMS application). Groups as well
     as their content. CMS also offers managing the number of entries within each of the groups.
     System automatically displays or removes entries using 'off' time and CMS settings.
     The content manager can also put one or more 'teasers' below the 'Next Off' list.
 ·   Top Offers (promoted offers): Section highlighting desired betting offers in a simple bullet-point
     list. Content manager decides whether this section will appear at all, as well as its content.
 ·   Highlights/Teasers: Lists 'Promoted Offers' offered to the Content Manager. Each of these is fully
     customisable by end-user and linked to a betting offer, picture or text teaser, editable within CMS.
 ·   Banners: Home site features a number of banners: those at the top area and those within the
     main area. Appearance of banners is managed within the CMS application. The system offers a
     number of pre-defined positions for a banner. The actual banner, its scheduling and other properties
     can be managed within CMS.

Marketing Facilities
Internet marketing requires quite specific functionality in a number of areas. MarginMaker supports these
within the Finsoft Internet Marketing Suite (FIMS), a stand-alone system which takes the feed of
transaction and Web usage information from MarginMaker and other systems in order to offer

 ·   Affiliate tracking and management
 ·   Outgoing XML price feeds
 ·   A web service offering betting interface to third parties
 ·   Exported betting slip for betting portals
 ·   Basic customer information export for mail shots
 ·   Sign-up promotions
 ·   Separates "free" balance from trading account
 ·   Ad Serving
 ·   Reporting, including:
     · Campaign performance
     · Affiliate Performance
     · Banner Performance

Online gaming is one of the fastest growing business lines in today's bookmaking world, and we can
offer you a fine suite of exciting games, all designed to be fully integrated with your betting platform.
Finsoft and their partners are constantly adding innovative and attractive virtual gaming products to an
existing catalogue of soft games.

Whether working alone, or with partners, Finsoft fronts development, maintenance and 24-hour support
for all the games offered. Based on a Games Room concept which provides a central control layer over
all games offered on a bookmaker's site, Finsoft's games platform offers numerous integration patterns,
use of software or hardware Random Number Generators and is capable of handling in excess of
100,000 bets per day.

                        MarginMaker TM The Edge in Gaming Solutions
Figure 6: a few games
from the Finsoft portfolio

Games Portfolio
Finsoft currently offer over 100 games, either their own or those developed with or licensed from partners.
All games feature a re-skinnable Flash based front end communicating with a single Game Manager
(also acting as a Games Room). The games can use a software or a hardware-based independently
certified Random Number Generator.

The portfolio includes:
 ·   Pool 42, Keno and Hi-Lo ball Games
 ·   Cards or dice based Hi-Lo ball Games
 ·   Blackjack variants
 ·   Derivatives of slot-based games

Service Delivery and Maintenance
Finsoft's working practice is about creating a partnership relationship with the client. Our staff work with
you to scope the project from analysing your requirements right through to production roll-out and support.

Once a full understanding of the requirements has been established, a dedicated project team is
assigned to your business working in tandem with your specialists until the solution is rolled out after
which our Product and Services department is ready to assist on a 24/7 basis.

The Maintenance team is proactively improving the product and providing you with bug fixes and regular
updates. The Support team is helping with day-to-day routine of looking after the system. Both these
services work on standard Service Levels Agreements tailored to your particular needs and environment.

                  MarginMaker TM The Edge in Gaming Solutions
Key Customers
Our list of clients and partners features some of the best known names in the bookmaking industry;

Ascot Sports:        (MarginMaker Internet) SE Asian facing on-line bookmaker
Bet365:              (MarginMaker Games Room) One of the worlds leading internet bookmaking
                     businesses has benefited from our Games Room for several years.
Betfred:             (MarginMaker Internet, Call Centre, EPoS and Games Room)
                     The UK's largest independent bookmaker measured by shops and growing
                     rapidly, Betfred initially decided to use MarginMaker for their internet and
                     call centre business. They have now standardised completely on Finsoft
                     technology and are in the process of rolling out the EPoS solution across
                     their entire estate of over 700 shops.
Better:              (MarginMaker EPoS) Ian Hogg's innovative new bookmaker will be rolling
                     out our EPoS technology across their estate of 20+ shops in the coming weeks.
BGBet:               (MarginMaker Internet, call centre and gamesroom) Well known bookmakers
                     and price provider Brian Goodyear use MarginMaker to run their own website,
                     and growing 'White Label' business.
Boylesports:         (MarginMaker Internet, Call Centre, EPoS and Games Room)
                     Ireland's largest independent bookmaker runs its entire business on Finsoft's
                     technology. A rapidly expanding business, which is now enjoying the operational
                     benefits of the industry's leading platform.
Chisholm Bookmakers: (MarginMaker EPoS) Highly respected Independent North East bookmakers
                     who run their estate of 50+ shops using Margin Maker's EPoS system.
Corbett Bookmakers: (MarginMaker EPoS) A new Finsoft customer, Chester based Corbett's
                     will soon be rolling out our EPoS solution across their estate of 60 shops.
Meridian:            (MarginMaker EPoS) Serbia’s largest independent bookmaker uses MarginMaker
                     EPoS throughout it’s estate.
Paddy Power:         (MarginMaker EPoS) Ireland’s best-known bookmaker uses MarginMaker
                     EPoS throughout their estate of UK and Irish betting shops.
Pagebet:             (MarginMaker Internet, Call Centre, EPoS and Games Room) Another new
                     addition to the Finsoft family, Durham based Pagebet will be rolling out
                     MarginMaker across their estate of shops in addition to our Call Centre,
                     Internet and Games Room.
Singapore Pools:     (MarginMaker Internet and Call Centre) A WLA member and Singapore's
                     only licensed lottery and sports betting provider, Singapore Pools uses
                     MarginMaker for its Internet and Call Centre business.
Sportingbet:         (MarginMaker Internet) The worlds largest online operator uses
                     MarginMaker for their European and Asian business, incorporating 40+
                     sites in over 25 languages.
Sporting Index:      (MarginMaker Internet and Call Centre)
                     The market leader in sports spread betting has used
                     Finsoft technology since 1999.
Stan James:          (MarginMaker Internet, Call Centre, EPoS and Games Room)
                     One of the UK's largest operators is using Finsoft technology throughout its
                     business, and their business volumes have grown seven-fold
                     since the introduction of MarginMaker.
William Hill:        (European Retail & Internet) One of the world's largest bookmakers,
                     William Hill will be utilising MarginMaker in order to roll out their new joint
                     venture betting shop estates in Spain and Italy,
                     as well as using MarginMaker to run their new Italian website.

                      MarginMaker TM The Edge in Gaming Solutions
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