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									                                  Resolution in appreciation of

                  THE UNiTED METHODiST CHUrCH
                       On the occasion of the centennial of the founding of
                                 Southern Methodist University

WHErEAS, The United Methodist Church was created through the union of The
Evangelical United Brethren Church and The Methodist Church on April 23, 1968, in
Dallas, Texas; and

WHErEAS, The Church’s founder, John Wesley, and his followers believed we should
“unite the pair so long disjoined, knowledge and vital piety,” and

WHErEAS, The Church has long stood as an advocate for education as a way to improve
individual lives and society in general; and

WHErEAS, The Church’s southern predecessor, The Methodist Episcopal Church,
South, led the drive to establish a new University west of the Mississippi river and to locate
it in Dallas, Texas; and

WHErEAS, As a result of the vision of the Church’s leadership and their commitment to
putting faith into action, SMU was created; and

WHErEAS, Since the founding of SMU the Church has remained a faithful and vigilant
steward of the University and its resources; and

WHErEAS, The Church remains committed to the transformation of the world through
combating the diseases of poverty; engaging in ministry with the poor; creating new places
for new people and revitalizing existing congregations; and developing principled Christian
leaders for the church and the world, ideals aligned with the mission of SMU.

rESOlVED, That the Board of Trustees of Southern Methodist University, on the
occasion of the one hundredth anniversary of SMU’s founding in 1911, expresses its
gratitude to the South Central Jurisdiction of The United Methodist Church for its
vision and century of support. in addition, the Board hereby resolves to recommit to
the partnership and friendship between the Church and the University and to the work
necessary to continue to provide future generations of students and faculty with resources
to better their lives and the world.

              Presented on this fifteenth day of April in the centennial year of
                     the University’s founding, two thousand and eleven

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