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									WNBA: A Fast Start
WNBA Across the United States


   Portland?              Minneapolis?
                                 Detroit? New York?
                             Chicago? Calls Home?
Do YOU Know Where The WNBACleveland?
     Las Vegas? Denver?
                              Indianapolis? Washington DC?
Los Angeles?                           Charlotte?
               Phoenix?            Atlanta?

               San Antonio?Houston?
WNBA Across the United States
   The WNBA is located in 14 cities across
    the U.S.
   Although the teams’ locations seem
    scattered and without a pattern, years of
    market research is done to identify prime
    locations for WNBA teams.
   Today we will discuss how those teams
    were chosen and how to evaluate
    prospective cities.
Role of Marketing Research in the
WNBA Expansion

   Marketing Research is useful in
    determining which new cities to
    expand to and how to best target
    their audience.
Environmental Context

   With the success of the addition of
    women’s basketball to the Olympics
    in 1996, the WNBA appeared to be
    a profitable branch of professional
What is a Management Decision

   “Awww, Man, we have a problem
    here… What am I going to do? I
    need a Marketing Researcher!”
WNBA Management Decision Problem

   Which cities to expand to?
   Why?
   How do we reach our target
Which Cities to Expand to?

   The WNBA aims to have teams in
    cities with large populations of
    women, families, and children.
   The WNBA does not target heavily
    towards diehard male sports fans
    passing time between seasons.
Ladies’ Home Journal
   Top 100 Best Cities for Women
       -#7 Minneapolis, Minnesota
       -#13 Washington, D.C.
       -#20 Charlotte, North Carolina
       -#23 New York, New York
       -#25 Seattle, Washington
       -#26 Sacramento, California
       -#27 Los Angeles, California
       -#27 Hartford, Connecticut
        -#38 San Antonio, Texas
        -#41 Phoenix, Arizona
        -#48 Houston, Texas
        -#54 Cleveland, Ohio
        -#56 Detroit, Michigan
   Based on crime rates, educational
    achievements, child-care quality, presence
    of women in the local government,
    healthcare coverage, and the availability of
    well paying jobs and business
Center for Women’s Business

   The 10 largest metropolitan areas for
    women-owned firms as of 2002, based on
    an average of number of firms,
    employment of sales, are:
       #1   Los Angeles
       #3   New York
       #4   Washington D.C.
       #5   Houston
       #6   Detroit
   The 10 fastest growing metropolitan areas
    for women-owned businesses, based on an
    averaging of the percent growth in number
    of firms, employment and sales between
    1997 and 2002, are:
       #3 Phoenix
       #8 Houston and San Antonio
   The metropolitan areas with the greatest
    share of women-owned firms are:
       #3 Seattle
       #5 Washington D.C.
       #6 Minneapolis
       #10 Sacramento
     Graphical Model of the Selection

                 Selection of Expansion City

              Atlanta, Chicago,
                                           Other Cities

Selection Criteria

            Selection of City
Which city?

   Atlanta, Philadelphia, or Chicago?
Selection Criteria

30                                        Atlanta
20                                        Chicago
     % Female    % Family % Families w/
                Households children
                            under 18
Our Choice

   Chicago is the best choice for a
    WNBA expansion team because of
    the high percentages of women and
    of families with children under 18.
How do we reach our target market?

   Charities
   Promotions and Advertising
Charities- “WNBA Mind. Body. Spirit.”

   Because of the league’s strong emphasis
    on community and cause-related outreach
    programs, the WNBA is constantly
    improving conditions for women and
    children in their teams’ respected cities.
   All teams are involved with their own
    charities. Not only does this involvement
    affect their community, but it also
    positively impacts attendance at their
WNBA Community Partners
   Girl Scouts of the USA
   Girls, Inc.
   Amateur Athletic Union
   Boys and Girls Clubs of America
   National Recreation and Parks Association
   Police Athletic League
   Jewish Community Centers Association
   National Senior Games Association
   National Association of Female Executives
   State Games of America
WNBA and the Susan G. Komen
Breast Cancer Foundation

   Because of Edna Campbell, a player
    from the Sacramento Monarchs,
    and her struggle with breast cancer,
    the WNBA and the Susan G. Komen
    Foundation have teamed up to raise
    breast health awareness.
   Annual Breast Health Auction
   Provide public education about
    breast health and breast cancer
Read to Achieve
   Supported by WNBA and NBA teams
   Promotes the value of reading and
    online literacy
   Encourages families and adults to
    read regularly with young children
   Most extensive educational outreach
    initiative in the history of
    professional sports

   Pricing
       Under $20 for most seats
   Meal Deals
   Appearances and Concert Series
   Photo Days
   Birthday Plans
   Attire, Gifts, and Novelties

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