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									                                        Excel exercise: Profit & Loss
                    Create a spreadsheet using the following information:

   You have been asked to prepare a spreadsheet for the company you work for to show the
profit and loss figure for the last financial year. The profit and loss should be shown as dollars
and as a percentage.

1)    Enter the raw data below, applying as many presentation Features (Font, Font Size, Font
      Color, Number Formats and Color, Cell Shading, Text Rotation, etc) to it as you wish.
2)    Apply appropriate number formats to your numbers.
3)    Center your spreadsheet horizontally on the page
4)    Give your spreadsheet an appropriate title and center it across your spreadsheet.
5)    Select the best page orientation for your spreadsheet.
6)    Adjust the column width and row height to suit the layout you have selected.
7)    Create formulas to calculate the profit / loss as a currency for each month.
8)    Create formulas to calculate the profit / loss as a percentage for each month.
9)    Create formulas to calculate the Annual Totals for the Income, expenditure, and profit / loss.
10)   Create a formula to calculate the profit / loss for the whole year.
11)   Setup an appropriate header for this spreadsheet.
12)   Setup a page number for this spreadsheet and place it in the footer.
                           Month             Income           Costs
                           March          1,441,259.99      302,410.45
                           April          2,771,163.98      211,499.10
                           May            2,981,533.00      291,370.25
                           June           3,431,774.00      451,440.18
                           July           3,761,631.70      401,530.25
                           August         2,431,658.06      361,490.55
                           September      2,211,781.00      366,369.42
                           October        1,199,821.54      111,420.29
                           November       1,222,333.82      116,611.81
                           December       2,322,537.22      181,577.63
                           January          912,650.00      111,423.98
                           February         997,623.00      100,598.12

 The following is an example of how your spreadsheet should look; make sure you format your
columns using all of the column titles you see below. Feel free to try different color combinations.

 The following graphic shows examples of the formulas you need to complete the spreadsheet.

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