Preparing for life at The University of Newcastle_ Australia by wulinqing


									    Preparing for life
 at The University of
Newcastle, Australia

                    MY START
Before Leaving Home:

   Apply for passport

   Arrange Student Visa

   Arrange for immunisations and/or
   medication from doctor

   Have your eyes tested and a dental

   Apply for a credit card and/or arrange
   sufficient funds

   Confirm overseas access to your funds
   with your home bank

   Make travel arrangements and purchase
   travel insurance

   Arrange accommodation (on campus,
   off campus, temporary accommodation)

   Arrange transport from airport to

   Advise International-Support@ of travel details

   Pack bags being sure to include the
   ■   This Handbook!
   ■   Important phone numbers and
       addresses – International Student
       Support, University Security and
       your accommodation provider.
   ■   Enough Australian currency for
       initial needs – food, phone calls,
       taxis, accommodation
   ■   Passport (plus a photocopy)
   ■   Letter of Offer and eCoE
   ■   Certified copies of qualifications
       and certificates
   ■   Travel insurance policy and 24/7
       phone number (should you
       encounter problems)
   ■   ID cards, Drivers License,
       Birth Certificate (or certified copy)

NOTE: Make sure you leave any
originals or copies of these documents
safely with family in your home country
in case of loss.
       Living in NEWCASTLE or the CENTRAL COAST
       A lively port city on a breathtaking stretch of Australia’s coastline, Newcastle boasts wonderful
       beaches, a low cost of living, a very favourable climate, a casual lifestyle, and it’s not far from
       Sydney, the capital of New South Wales.
       Its population of 350,000 supports a thriving business and commercial sector and an excellent
       network of leading health care and educational facilities. Newcastle offers all the usual city
       comforts, such as restaurants, cafes, parks and gardens, theatres, art galleries, shopping centres
       and nightclubs.
       Newcastle is also a popular tourist destination. A few kilometres south of the city is Australia’s
       largest seaboard lake, Lake Macquarie, scene of many national and international sailing events.
       Less than one hour’s drive to the north is the impressive harbour of Port Stephens, a popular
       centre for big game fishing, sailing, surfing, and sail-boarding. To the west are the internationally
       famous wineries of the Hunter Valley, many of them more than a century old; and, to the south is
       the beauty and beaches of the Central Coast.
       Nestled in a valley and with a rainforest creek flowing through it, the Central Coast campus located
       at Ourimbah is a living laboratory for environmental sustainability. Health and shopping facilities on
       the Central Coast compare favourably with those found in Newcastle and can be accessed via
       train or public bus.
       The University can accommodate almost 1,000 students on campus.

          NOTE: Those wishing to live on campus should make lodgement of their applications
          a priority as places are competitively sought and strict timelines apply.

                                                                   www. | 09
                                             The University of Newcastle can offer both
                                             on-campus and off-campus accommodation.
                                             When considering accommodation options
                                             you should note that not all programs are

                                             delivered on the University’s main campuses.
                                             If studying at the Newcastle School of
                                             Business; the Centre for Clinical
                                             Epidemiology and Biostatistics; or

                                   TO LIVE   Newcastle Conservatorium (Community
                                             Music), you may consider accommodation
                                             options which are located closer to the city
                                             centre, like Hamilton and the beach suburbs of
                                             Newcastle East, Merewether and Cooks Hill.

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If you want to stay close to the Callaghan        Students who pre-arrange long term              Students living either on or off-campus
campus, you could consider the suburbs of         accommodation will generally go straight into   can enjoy the social benefits of living with
Mayfield, Waratah, Wallsend and Jesmond.          this accommodation when they first arrive.      students from all around the world as well
One thing to keep in mind, though, is that        Others though, will need to spend some time     as with Australians.
Newcastle does not experience heavy traffic       in temporary accommodation while they find
conditions, so it is reasonable to find           somewhere more permanent to live.
accommodation a little further afield, as there
                                                  Do not despair if you are unable to make
are many public transport options available to
                                                  long-term accommodation arrangements
get you to your classes on time!
                                                  prior to your arrival. Staff in the
Students studying at the Central Coast            Accommodation Office and International
campus should make arrangements to                Student Support can guide you through
live on the Central Coast.                        this process when you arrive.

                                                                                                        www. | 11
12   | www.
Whether you have lived independently              For full details of online accommodation           Other costs for on campus
before or a new comer to the experience,          application procedures, please visit:              accommodation include:
it will help you to know how things are                       ■   AUD265 registration and enrolment charge;
done in Australia before you arrive.              accommodation/on-campus/howtoapply.html            ■   AUD80 orientation fee; and,
The following section of this document has        Applications will only be considered               ■   AUD400 damages deposit which is
been divided into areas covering various          and assessed once the applicant has                    refundable provided conditions of
accommodation options, including tips on          completed the 4-step application process               residence are met.
how to live independently.                        by the set deadline.
                                                                                                     If you are having trouble filling in the online
Living on Campus                                  Step 1. Go to:               Application Form then email the Halls staff
The University provides almost 1,000 beds in      service/accommodation/on-campus/                   and let them know the problem. Incomplete
five residences; Edwards Hall, Evatt House,       howtoapply.html and submit an online               applications will not be considered.
International House and a motel-type residence    Application Form. Please note only one
                                                                                                     Email: oncampusaccommodation@
called Barahineban on the Callaghan Campus        application per campus will be accepted.
plus Blue Gum House on the Central Coast          NOTE: Application closing dates:
Campus. You can choose between catered,                                                              The demand for on-campus accommodation
                                                  30 November for Semester 1 intake
semi-catered or self-catered accommodation.                                                          is always high and unfortunately there is no
                                                  31 May for Semester 2 intake.
                                                                                                     guarantee that you will get accommodation
The cost of on-campus accommodation               Step 2. Pay the $30 application fee via credit     on campus if you apply. We strongly
ranges from AUD133 – AUD245 per week,             card or bank draft.                                recommend that you apply early – your
depending on the type of accommodation                                                               application form needs to be submitted
required. On campus residents will be             Step 3. From
                                                                                                     before the application closing date and well
invoiced once per semester with an option         service/accommodation/on-campus/
                                                                                                     before you arrive in Newcastle.
of undertaking a payment plan if preferred.       howtoapply.html you need to complete an
                                                  online Personal Statement Form or download
If you are considering on-campus                  one in PDF format and then send the
accommodation you should make sure of             completed form to the college of first
the location of your program before applying.
Students studying at the Newcastle School of
                                                  preference. This is your opportunity to tell the
                                                  Halls why you would make a great resident –            TIP
Business, the Centre for Clinical Epidemiology    so don’t hold back – tell them all about
and Biostatistics or at Newcastle                 yourself and the great things you can do.
Conservatorium (Community Music) should                                                                  You should not assume that you have a
consider seeking off-campus accommodation         Step 4. Again, from              place reserved on campus unless you
as these programs are delivered away from the     service/accommodation/on-campus/                       have received confirmation of this from
main campus in the Central Business District      howtoapply.html download then submit two               the Hall of Residence. Contact details
and some operate under a trimester timetable      Referee Report Forms. These forms need to be           for the Residential Halls on Campus can
which does not fit the rental contracts offered   completed by your selected referees and then           be located at the back of this brochure.
in the on-campus accommodation.                   submitted to your first preference college.

                                                                                                            www. | 13
14   | www.
   1. Rental / character reference
   2. Bank statement
   3. Application

Living Off-Campus                                     with an average price of $290.00 and the cost        Rental Contracts
For students who do not wish to live                  of a 2 bedroom apartment is between                  In most cases, the landlord will require the
on-campus, the University offers assistance           $AUD170-$AUD500 per week with an                     tenant to sign a lease. A lease is a written
in finding off-campus accommodation. The              average of $250.00 per week.                         agreement between a tenant and a landlord that
University has a database of off-campus               For more information on rental properties            describes the responsibilities of each party.
accommodation where you will find a variety           through real estate agents go to www.domain.         This is a binding legal document that commits
of off-campus options. For information about or                      the student to a specific period of residency in
accommodation and access to the database
                                                      Sharing a house with others                          the unit.
go to
accommodation/off-campus                              Share accommodation is accommodation                 Security Deposits/Bond
                                                      owned by private providers who are people who        The owner or agent of an owner who has the
For general enquires about off-campus
                                                      live in the local community or is accommodation      right to rent you a property is called the landlord.
accommodation please email:
                                                      managed by real estate agents for landlords.                                                                    A landlord will ask you for money before you
                                                      You may be sharing with other students or with       move into an apartment. This is called a security
We advise that students arrive at least
                                                      the private provider.                                deposit or bond, and may amount to more than
2 to 3 weeks prior to the start of their studies
if they have not pre-arranged their long term         This generally consists of a single room             AU$1,000 dollars. The bond is usually set at
accommodation as finding somewhere to live            (furnished or unfurnished) in a house or             four weeks’ rent. A bond/”security deposit” is an
can be a competitive process.                         apartment. Facilities and expenses such as           amount of money that is supposed to guarantee
                                                      rent, electricity, gas, phone and bond are           that the tenant will care for the property. If the
Long-term Accommodation                                                                                    tenant does not care for the property or clean it
                                                      usually shared.
It is important to consider the full range of costs                                                        before leaving, the landlord has a legal right to
and responsibilities when looking for                 The cost of a room is between $AUD80-                keep the security deposit.
somewhere to live. Costs vary greatly                 $AUD180 per week with the average being
                                                      $AUD120 per week.                                    Otherwise, the landlord must return the
depending on the size, condition, and location
                                                                                                           security deposit within a month after the tenant
of the house/apartment. You may need to               Flatmates                                            leaves.
provide your own furniture, household linen and
kitchen utensils. There are also considerable         Flatmates refer to people who live together in the
                                                                                                           The Authority charged with holding security
upfront costs such as a bond and connection of        same house. The task of choosing a flatmate
                                                                                                           deposits in NSW is the Rental Bond Board.
utilities like water, telephone and electricity.      needs to be taken very seriously. The person or
                                                                                                           More information about Security Deposits/
You should make sure you have ready access            persons with whom you decide to live can affect
                                                                                                           Bonds can be found at the following website.
to this money to avoid missing out on your            the quality and productiveness of your
chosen accommodation.                                 international student experience in Australia.
                                                      When the moment comes for you to make your           home_owners/Renting_a_home/Bonds.html
Renting a house/apartment                             decision concerning flatmates, remember these
Most houses and apartments are available to           tips: don’t panic, take your time, and don’t
rent through real estate agents. When renting         compromise on important principles.
from real estate agents an application form
must be submitted along with references (in
                                                      Things to consider                                      TIP
English) and proof of financial capacity to pay       Whether you chose to rent an apartment on
the rent eg bank statement. Most of the               your own or share a house with others, the              Beware of internet scams when
properties are unfurnished. Before moving in a        following issues are likely to apply.                   paying for accommodation on-line.
lease agreement is signed, usually for a 6 or 12                                                              For more information go to:
month period. The cost of a 3 bedroom house                                                         
ranges from $AUD230-$AUD550 per week

                                                                                                                  www. | 15
Property Inspections                                  Inspecting a Potential Property                        Housekeeping
Most landlords will inspect the property with you     It’s a good idea to take notes of each property        Food:
on commencement of your tenancy. This is done         you inspect. As well as the address, rent, and         ■   Do you and your flatmates expect to
with a list of furniture and fittings in each room    agent take notes of the details:                           share the costs of buying food and share
of the property so that the two of you can agree      ■   Are there laundry facilities?                          in the preparation?
on the condition of the property at the               ■   Is there a telephone line already connected?       ■   Do you have specific food needs
commencement of the tenancy. You should note
                                                          Do the light fittings work?                             (allergies, preparation needs)?
on this document anything you notice during the       ■

inspection that is not already listed, and keep a     ■   Is the oven/ stove, gas or electrical?
                                                                                                             ■   If your needs are for halal and your flatmates
copy that has been signed by both of you. Once                                                                   are not, can you agree on respecting and
                                                      ■   Do the toilet and shower all work?
you are the tenant, the condition of these things                                                                upholding each other’s needs?
will be your responsibility. The inspection will be
                                                      ■   Is there damp or mould on the walls?
                                                                                                             Personal Habits and Individual Needs:
done again at the end of your tenancy and the         ■   Is there painting required?
final condition of the property may determine
                                                                                                             ■   How much privacy do you need?
                                                      ■   Is the place furnished?
the return of your full security deposit.                 What kind of furniture?
                                                                                                             ■   What hours do you usually sleep? Study?
                                                                                                                 Relax? Socialise? Shower? Wash clothing?
If this inspection is not suggested, you might        ■   What kind of heating/cooling is there?
suggest it yourself as a means of ensuring            ■   Is there an insect/ pest problem?                  Smoking and Drugs:
fair treatment for all parties involved.                                                                     ■   Do you prefer to have a smoker or
                                                      ■   Is it close to transport, shops, and campus?
Utilities                                                                                                        non-smoker as a flatmate?
                                                      ■   Will the area be noisy? Is it on a busy road?
Unless someone is already living in the dwelling,
                                                                                                             ■   Is a smoker alright as long as they
                                                      ■   Is there good security?
the new tenant must start utility services, such                                                                 smoke outside the residence?
                                                      ■   Will the landlord carry out any repairs
as telephone, electricity, and gas. This requires                                                            (Many rental agreements will forbid
                                                          before you move in?
contacting each individual company and                                                                       smoking inside the premises)
arranging for the services to be connected from       ■   How are repairs made once you live there,          ■   Clarify your stance on the use of
a specified date. The companies providing these           and who pays?
                                                                                                                 alcohol and/or illicit substances.
utilities also require a small security deposit. If   Bills and Expenses
someone has vacated the property before you,                                                                 Personality Traits and Communication:
contacting these utility companies for                Do you and your flatmates expect to share the          ■   How do you perceive yourself?
connection of services will ensure all previous       costs of buying toilet paper, cleaning supplies
                                                      etc. which are used by everyone?
                                                                                                             ■   How do others perceive you?
accounts have been finalised and paid for by
the previous tenant.
                                                                                                             ■   Do you enjoy being around a lot of
                                                      If you are answering an advertisement for a
                                                                                                                 people – or just a few friends?
Restrictions                                          flatmate; what does the rental price cover?
                                                      Does it include utilities, or are they split equally
                                                                                                             ■   Are you more comfortable by yourself?
The lease may contain restrictions, such as           when the accounts are due? Who will pay them           ■   What about overnight visitors?
not permitting animals or children to live in         and how will you all know they have been paid?
the dwelling. Ask the landlord about his/her
                                                                                                             ■   When conflicts arise, how do you go
particular requirements. Make sure that you           A small notebook which is signed by everyone               about resolving them?
know and understand these restrictions                who hands over their share of the costs and            ■   How do you behave when you’re
before signing the lease. If you do not obey          signed by the person the money is given to,                happy – angry? What are the things
the restrictions on the lease, the landlord can       is a good idea.                                            that bother you most?
ask you to leave.
                                                                                                             Please keep in mind that not everyone can be
                                                                                                             trusted! Follow your instincts and do not share
                                                                                                             with someone you do not trust.

16   | www.
Cleaning                                            Smoke Alarms
Some international students who come to
Australia have never had the need to do their
                                                    Smoke alarms are devices that detect smoke
                                                    and sound an alarm. Smoke alarms alert and           TIP
own shopping, cooking, and housecleaning. If        wake people allowing valuable time to get out
these activities are new to you, you will need      of a house during a fire. When you go to sleep,
                                                                                                         Flies, mosquitoes and cockroaches
to understand that in Australia unless you          your sense of smell also goes to sleep. If there
                                                                                                         are more active in the summer
choose to hire someone from a home                  is a fire, toxic fumes may overcome you before
                                                                                                         months. Wear insect repellent and
services company to do some of these things         you wake up. For your protection, a smoke
                                                                                                         clear away food scraps.
for you; these are the responsibility of each       alarm must be installed in your home.
individual and are a sign of personal
                                                    ONLY WORKING SMOKE
independence and becoming an adult. Most
                                                    ALARMS SAVE LIVES!
Australians, especially landlords and rental
agencies, believe it is very important for one’s    Once a month you should check the battery by
living environment to be kept clean. Our            pressing the test button on the smoke alarm. If
concern for cleanliness is evident when you         you cannot reach the button easily, use a broom
visit the supermarket, where many varieties of      handle to press the test button. Keep them
cleaning products are sold.                         clean. Dust and debris can interfere with their
                                                    operation, so vacuum over and around your
Disposal of Rubbish
                                                    smoke alarm regularly. Replace the batteries
Because insects such as ants and flies can be       yearly. Pick a public holiday or your birthday and
a problem, it is important for tenants to empty     replace the batteries each year on that day.
their rubbish every one to two days into the
wheelie bins provided outside your                  When the battery is low the smoke alarm will
accommodation. You will then put the wheelie        sound a short ‘BEEP’ every minute or so.
bin/s out on the footpath once a week to be         This is to alert you the battery is low and needs
collected by council rubbish trucks. The            replacing. If cooking and smoke sets off the
landlord can tell you about the way to dispose      alarm, do not disable it. Turn on the range fan,
of garbage particularly with regards to             open a window or wave a towel near the alarm.
recycling and the days your rubbish is collected.   Do not remove the batteries from your
Maintenance, Fixtures and Fittings                  smoke alarm or cover your smoke alarm to
                                                    prevent it from operating.
You will be expected to replace light globes and
keep fittings in your accommodation clean. If       (Source: Metropolitan Fire Brigade, Melbourne)
repairs or maintenance are required for
example; a blocked toilet, the landlord should
be consulted at the time. Generally, repairs will
be the responsibility of the owner/landlord,
unless caused by misuse of the item by the
tenant or their visitors.

                                                                                                           www. | 17
 Newcastle is Australia’s second oldest
 city; the second largest city in New South
 Wales and the sixth largest in Australia.
 Recent years have seen growth in the
 number of apartment blocks in the inner
                                              Beach and City Living – Newcastle
                                              If you want to live near the beach (even though
                                              it is 30 minutes by bus from the Callaghan
                                              Campus), the suburbs to look at are:
                                                                                                These suburbs are near the beaches, are close
                                                                                                to or in the city of Newcastle, and are within
                                                                                                walking distance of Darby Street, known for its
                                                                                                many cafes and restaurants. Shopping Centres
                                                                                                in this district include Market Town (Newcastle
                                              ■   Merewether
 city and a spread of suburbs to the west                                                       West) and Junction Fair (The Junction).
 and south of the city. The Callaghan         ■   Bar Beach
                                                                                                Maryville, Wickham and Carrington are within
 Campus is located to the west of the city    ■   Cooks Hill
                                                                                                the new Honeysuckle Development area,
 and the Newcastle School of Business,            Newcastle
                                                                                                which is within cycling or walking distance of
 Newcastle Conservatorium (Community
                                              ■   Newcastle East                                the city (approximately 20 to 25 minute walk to
 Music) and the Centre for Clinical
                                                  The Junction                                  centre of the city).
 Epidemiology and Biostatistics are           ■

 nested close to the coast on the eastern     ■   The Hill
 side of the city.

 18   | www.
Most of the above suburbs are within cycling   Shopping centres which are convenient             Living by the Lake
or walking distance of the City Campus         to these suburbs include: Mayfield,               Another option for you to consider is living in
(Newcastle School of Business) and are         Waratah Village, Stockland Jesmond                the suburbs around Lake Macquarie. There is a
close to train stations with connections to    and Wallsend Plaza.                               good bus service from such areas as
the Callaghan Campus.                                                                            Charlestown (11 km from Callaghan Campus)
                                               Wallsend, Lambton, Broadmeadow,
Hamilton is another popular suburb             Adamstown and Kotara are also suburbs which       and Warners Bay (13 km from Callaghan
and is halfway between the beaches             have good public transport and are not too far    Campus), and if you have a car it is only ten
and the University.                            from either the City or Callaghan campuses.       minutes to the beaches and the lake. However,
                                                                                                 this may not be the area of choice for some
Beaumont Street in Hamilton is popular         The University Accommodation office can           students as it is not close to the “hub” for those
because it is very cosmopolitan and has        assist you with finding a place to live. Go to:   who enjoy the night life.
many restaurants. There are two      
supermarkets in Hamilton, IGA and Aldi.        accommodation/index.html                          Find Out More
                                                                                                 NOTE: Maps of Newcastle can be found
Which suburbs are near to the
Callaghan Campus?
Suburbs within reasonable walking or cycling
distance of Callaghan Campus include:
                                                  TIP                                            There are many other suburbs within the
                                                                                                 Newcastle area which might suit your
■   Jesmond
                                                  It’s important to realise that Newcastle       requirements, so if possible you should come to
■   Birmingham Gardens                                                                           visit the area before making a decision. You can
                                                  does not generally have heavy traffic
■   Shortland                                     problems, so some areas a little               also find out more information about where
■   North Lambton                                 further afield are perfectly suitable.         suburbs are located in Newcastle, including
                                                  There are several public transport             maps and directions, using the websites: www.
■   Mayfield                                                                             and
                                                  options available, so you won’t need
■   Georgetown                                    to worry too much about making your
■   Waratah                                       classes on time!
■   Waratah West
■   Warabrook

                                                                                                       www. | 19
 CENTRAL COAST                                Most of the regions in Australia are very spread out. Although there is public
                                              transport, many local people living on the Central Coast rely on a car to get around
                                              more easily. Many students, who are looking for somewhere to live not too far from
                                              the campus, choose either Gosford or Tuggerah. The trains stop more often at these
                                              areas and they have major shopping centres. Some students do live at Ourimbah;
                                              where the campus is located, but there are no major shops and the trains stop less
                                              often at Ourimbah.

 20   | www.
Most students get to the Central Coast            wellknown Australian musicians and artists live   Find out More
campus by train and then it is about a 10-15      on the Central Coast because it is not too far    See map from this website: www.cctourism.
minute walk from the train station to the         from Sydney. Environmentally, the Central
campus. To give you some idea, it is              Coast is also very beautiful.
considered that you are living close to the                                                         There are other suburbs around the campus
                                                  The campus is situated in the suburb of           that might suit your requirements so it is
campus if it takes you between 15-20
                                                  Ourimbah and surrounding suburbs close            important to visit the area or stay in temporary
minutes to get there.
                                                  to shopping centres and transport are:            accommodation before making a final
A lot of students live about 25 to 30 minutes     ■   Gosford                                       decision about where to live.
away from the campus (unless they live in the         (about 10 minutes by train to Ourimbah)
on-campus residence). Although the beaches                                                          You can find out more information about
                                                  ■   Tuggerah                                      where suburbs are located on the Central
are reasonably close by car (maybe 15-25
                                                      (about 5 minutes by train to Ourimbah)        Coast, including maps and directions, using
minutes drive), it takes about 45 minutes to
one hour to get to a beach by public transport.   ■   Wyong                                         the website: and www.
                                                      (about 10 minutes by train to Ourimbah)
However, it is easy to get to Sydney from the
Central Coast. It is about one hour by train.     Other locations that are between                  The University Accommodation office can
                                                  5 and 15 minutes from the campus are:             assist you with finding a place to live. Go to:
Sydney has more employment opportunities                                                  
                                                  ■   Narara
as well as lots of activities and nightlife.                                                        accommodation/index.html
                                                  ■   Lisarow
Although the Central Coast may seem very          ■   Niagara Park
quiet, it has many diverse theatre and music
groups, as well as a great range of mainstream
and independent cinemas. Quite a few

                                                                                                          www. | 21
                                                    AUSTRALIAN FAMILY
Are you wanting to experience the Australian        What Can I Expect?                                   ■   21 meals per week. This generally
way of life first hand, and willing to try new      Australian families may be different from the            includes packed lunches during weekday
things? Why not try Homestay? Homestay is a         family you have been used to in your home
great way to learn about Australian culture and
                                                                                                         ■   Inclusion in family activities, outings
                                                    country. In Australia, people who care for each          and special events.
to practice your English, while making life long    other and live together in one house may be
friendships with an Australian family. If you are   considered to be a family, so an Australian
                                                                                                         ■   Students who choose Homestay
an easy going person who enjoys meeting new         family may be:                                           accommodation are transferred
people and can easily adapt to new                                                                           directly to their Homestay provider
                                                    ■   A couple with no children                            on arrival in Newcastle.
environments, then why not try Homestay?
                                                    ■   A single person
What is Homestay?                                                                                        Cost
                                                    ■   A couple with children
Homestay allows you to live as an active                                                                 There is a $195.00 administration fee
                                                    ■   A single person with children                    charged for each Homestay placement ,
member of an Australian family, and is a
popular choice of accommodation. All families       ■   An older couple whose family has                 which is to be paid to the University Cashier
who offer Homestay accommodation have                   grown and moved away                             within two weeks of arrival.
been approved as Homestay providers by              When you are considering Homestay,                   The Homestay accommodation fee is $200
University staff. As a member of a Homestay         remember you will be coming to live with a           for all meals, or $185 for 16 meals (no lunches
family you will experience Australian culture in    family which has customs, habits and rules. It is    Monday – Friday). You must pay for 2 weeks
the home. It is expected that as a Homestay         important that you understand and accept how         ($400) on arrival. This is non-refundable. You
student you will remain in Homestay for a           the family operates. It is not like living in your   should prepare to stay at least 4 weeks in
minimum of four weeks.                              own home or in a hotel.                              your Homestay.
In that time, you will experience the warm          You may find your host family’s house looks          After this time you can negotiate to stay longer
hospitality of our Homestay families, who will      very different from your own, your room is larger    or arrange alternative accommodation.
welcome you into their home as a gesture of         or smaller than you had imagined, and family
friendship. Just as you are eager to learn about    members relate differently to each other. All        How Can I Apply?
Australian culture, our Homestay families are       these things make Homestay a unique and              To apply download the Homestay
looking forward to learning all about your          special experience.                                  Application Form at:
country and culture.                                If you have a problem, try to talk to your 
                                                    Homestay family about it. They will want to help     international/student-support/arrival/
                                                    you resolve any issues quickly before they           homestay.html
                                                    become major problems.                               Email or Fax the Application Form
                                                    What Will I Be Provided With?                        to the Homestay Coordinator:
                                                    Your Homestay host will provide you with             T   +61 2 4921 6812
                                                    the following:                                       F   +61 2 4921 7016
                                                    ■   Your own furnished bedroom. All                  W
                                                        Homestay properties have been inspected              international/student-support/arrival/
                                                        and approved by the Homestay Co-                     homestay.html
                                                    ■   You will probably share a bathroom and
                                                        laundry facilities with the host family.

22   | www.
www. | 23
Students who are unable to organise
long term accommodation prior to
arriving in Newcastle generally
                                             Recommended options have been selected for
                                             the following reasons:
                                             ■   The proximity of the accommodation to
                                                                                              Services and facilities vary across
                                                                                              accommodation options. Higher price options
                                                                                              generally offer you greater quality and a wider
choose to stay somewhere temporarily             shops, restaurants, cafes or supermarkets.   range of facilities and services. To gain
(approximately 3 – 10 days) while they                                                        maximum value for money, you may wish to
                                             ■   The proximity of the accommodation in
source more permanent housing. For                                                            consider sharing a room in a moderate or
                                                 relation to public transport that connects
these students, we have put together                                                          higher priced option or asking for a weekly rate.
                                                 to the university.
a list of temporary accommodation
                                                 Value for money.                             Most accommodation providers require credit
to suit student needs and more               ■

                                                                                              card details to secure your booking and we
importantly student budgets!                 ■   The services and facilities on offer.
                                                                                              therefore recommend you make your
                                                                                              reservations directly with the provider.
                                                                                              au if you need help with this.)

24   | www.

                   SHARED OCCUPANCY
                   (NEWCASTLE ONLY)
                   Cost per guest per night is                           ■   Backpackers Newcastle www.
                   approximately $25 – $35.                         is an
                   These prices require students to share a room             established backpackers situated in
                   with 1 – 7 others, with lockable bathrooms                multicultural Hamilton and is close to
                   located on hallways. Bed linen is provided                cafes, shops and bars. It is approximately
                   which is usually included in the price, and we            15 minutes by train or 30 minutes by bus
                   advise you to bring your own towels. In                   to the Callaghan Campus
                   Australia, we call this style of accommodation        ■   Backpackers by the Beach www.
                   a ‘Backpacker’ or a ‘hostel’.                   * is close
                                                                             to beaches and facilities in the city. It
                   Facilities include lounge/common rooms,
                                                                             is 2 minutes walk from the Newcastle
                   kitchens with all cooking facilities and laundries.
                                                                             Beach YHA; and, approximately 15
                   Some locations have swimming pools and are                minutes by train or 40 minutes by
                   close to restaurants.                                     bus to the Callaghan Campus. Or 5
                                                                             minutes by bus or train to the Newcastle
                   For examples of this accommodation type visit:            School of Business and the Newcastle
                   ■   Newcastle Beach YHA*                   Conservatorium (Community Music).
                       is close to beaches and facilities in the
                       city. It is approximately 15 minutes by train     *These options require credit card details
                       or 40 minutes by bus to the Callaghan             for booking
                       Campus. Or 5 minutes by bus or train
                       to the Newcastle School of Business
                       and the Newcastle Conservatorium
                       (Community Music)

                                                                                www. | 25
26   | www.

                   SINGLE OR DOUBLE
                   OCCUPANCY (NEWCASTLE
                   AND CENTRAL COAST)
                   Cost per night starts from                         ■   Premier Hotel** is located in
                   approximately $45 per room.                            Broadmeadow and is approximately 15
                                                                          minutes by train or 20 minutes by bus to
                   Some rooms have ensuite bathrooms,
                                                                          both the Callaghan Campus and the city
                   while others require guests to share lockable
                                                                          precinct. Telephone (+61 2) 49623236
                   bathrooms located on hallways. Bed linen is
                   provided, and we advise you to bring your          ■   Stag and Hunter Hotel** is located in the
                   own towels.                                            busy shopping district of Mayfield and is
                                                                          approximately 10 minutes by bus to the
                   Facilities may include well equipped kitchens,         Callaghan Campus or 20 minutes by bus
                   some with dining and recreational rooms.               to the city. Telephone (+ 61 2) 49681205
                   Laundry facilities are generally also available.   Examples in the Central Coast include:
                   In Australia we call this style of                 ■   Gosford Hotel**
                   accommodation ‘budget hotels’ or ‘Pubs’.               is located 12 kilometres from the Central
                   Single or double rooms are usually available           Coast Campus in the largest business
                   upon request.                                          district on the Central Coast; and, is close
                                                                          to shops, train and bus stations.
                   Examples in Newcastle include:
                                                                      ■   Wombats Bed and Breakfast www.
                   ■   Newcastle Beach YHA (see above)           comprises older style
             *                                    lodgings within walking distance of Point
                   ■   Newcastle Backpackers (see above)                  Clare train station and 15 kilometres to
                                    the Central Coast Campus
                   ■   Backpackers by the Beach (see above)           ** These have restaurants/bars which sell
             *                 alcohol and which generally stay open late
                   ■   Northern Star Hotel** is located in the        at night.
                       centre of multicultural Hamilton and
                       close to shops, cafes and restaurants.
                       It is approximately 10 minutes by train or
                       25 minutes by bus to both the Callaghan
                       Campus and the city precinct. Telephone
                       (+61 2) 49611087 **

                                                                             www. | 27
                      MID-RANGE TEMPORARY

                                             (NEWCASTLE AND
                                             CENTRAL COAST)
                                             Cost per night starts at                          If you are travelling with a group of friends,
                                             approximately $80 per room.                       then you may consider the Jesmond Executive
                                                                                               Villas as it offers small apartment style
                                             This level of accommodation includes modest
                                                                                               accommodation on a temporary or long
                                             hotel/motels which provide en-suite
                                                                                               term basis.
                                             bathrooms and tea/coffer making facilities.
                                             They may also offer family rooms.                 ■   Jesmond Executive Villas www.
                                             In the Newcastle area:
                                                                                               On the Central Coast some options are:
                                             The suburb of Mayfield offers many mid-range
                                             motels which are in easy walking distance of      ■   Gosford Motor Inn www.gosfordmotorinn.
                                             shops and cafes and less than ten minutes    which is within walking distance of
                                             bus ride to the Callaghan Campus.                     the centre of Gosford and close to shops,
                                                                                                   restaurants and public transport.
                                             These include:                                    ■   Chittaway Motel is a modern motel 5
                                             ■   Hanbury Lodge                                     kilometres from the Central Coast Campus
                                                                and close to a small shopping centre.
                                             ■   Sovereign Motor Inn                               Travel to campus is by bus to Tuggerah
                                                                 train station and then by train to Ourimbah.
                                             ■   Best Western Travellers Motor Village         ■   Bermuda Motor Inn
                                                                           bermuda/ at North Gosford is an older
                                             ■   Hospitality Motor Inn (Comfort Inn)               style motel which is 8 kilometres from
                                                         the Campus and close to a small
                                                                                                   shopping centre.
                                             Similar motels are located at Hamilton and
                                             Wallsend. Both suburbs have good shops and
                                                                                               ■   Terranova Motel
                                             restaurants and are within a short bus ride to        au at Niagara Park is also an older style
                                             the University. You can also catch a train from       motel 7 kilometres to the Campus.
                                             Hamilton to either the Callaghan Campus or
                                             the Newcastle precinct.
                                             Motels in these suburbs include:
                                             ■   Tudor Motor Inn
                                             ■   Hotel Formula 1 Newcastle

28   | www.
www. | 29
                      UP MARKET TEMPORARY

                                             (NEWCASTLE AND
                                             CENTRAL COAST)
                                             Cost per night starts at                            Students studying at the Central Coast
                                             approximately $130 per room                         Campus may choose to stay at:
                                             These accommodation options offer students
                                                                                                 ■   The Willows Motor Inn*** www.thewillows.
                                             well appointed rooms with en-suite bathrooms.  which is located at North Gosford.
                                                                                                     This large motel is located 8 kilometres
                                             They are located either close to the city centre,       from the Central Coast Campus and close
                                             near local beaches or in popular parts of the           to a small shopping centre.
                                             city. Most will have swimming pools,
                                             recreational facilities, television in rooms,       *** These options are private hotels. They have
                                             videos, restaurant facilities, room service and     restaurants/bars which sell alcohol and which
                                             full laundry service. The accommodation in this     generally stay open late at night.
                                             price range tends to be in hotels/motels.
                                             Please note that guests are generally unable to
                                             cook their own food in these establishments,
                                             although most offer tea and coffee making
                                             facilities and toasters in rooms.
                                             These examples are all located in the city
                                             centre, with easy access to both bus and train
                                             transport to the Callaghan Campus:
                                             ■   Noahs on the Beach***
                                             ■   Apollo International***
                                             ■   Ibis Hotel***
                                             ■   Travelodge***
                                                 Telephone (+61 2) 4926 3777

30   | www.
www. | 31
BEFORE LEAVING                               1. Have a thorough medical and dental
                                                check-up. Ask your doctor to provide you
                                                with a letter detailing any relevant ongoing
                                                                                               3. Go online and open an Australian Bank
                                                                                                  Account. Presently, there are two banks
                                                                                                  operating on the Callaghan Campus, the
                                                medical conditions which may require              Commonwealth Bank and the Newcastle
                                                follow-up treatment while you are in              Permanent Building Society. You can open
                                                Australia. (Have it translated into English       your bank account on line and transfer money
                                                if necessary)                                     into it before you leave home. You simply
                                                                                                  prove your identity to the Bank when you
                                             2. Open a credit card account. Credit cards
                                                                                                  arrive to have ready access to your money.
                                                are not usually issued to overseas students
                                                in Australia.                          
                                                                                                 (Commonwealth Bank)
                                                                                                 (Newcastle Permanent Building Society)

32   | www.
4. Make photocopies of your passport, visa and
   any other important documents. Leave a set
   at home and put another set in your luggage.
5. Check which campus offers most of
   your courses to determine whether
   your destination is Newcastle or the
   Central Coast.
6. Organise your transport and accommodation
   (See pp46 and pp10).
7. Enquire about schooling or childcare for
   your children if they are travelling with you.

                                                    www. | 33
                                                 YOU SHOULD BRING
                                          Packing your bags                                    Clothing

TIP                                       Pack light and manageable bags and
                                          suitcases. Pack a change of clothes in your
                                                                                               On most campuses, local students usually
                                                                                               dress informally. Jeans or slacks with t-shirts
                                          hand luggage and limit liquids in hand luggage       or blouses, joggers or “running shoes” are
                                          to less than 100ml per container.                    almost standard dress. Shorts are often worn
SEASONAL CONSIDERATIONS                   Students are often surprised by how strict
                                                                                               during the summer months and sandals are
Summer in Australia is from December                                                           the most common footwear. It is acceptable
                                          Australian Customs Services and Quarantine
to February, autumn from March to May,                                                         for both men and women to wear shorts and
                                          can be. If you’re in doubt about whether your
winter from June to August, and spring                                                         sleeveless t-shirts. This is common during the
                                          goods are prohibited or not, declare it anyway
from September to November. For most                                                           hotter months.
                                          on the Incoming Passenger Card which you will
of the country the hottest months are     receive on the plane. Students have received         A sports coat or suit and tie for men and
January and February. If you arrive in    on the spot fines for not declaring items.           appropriate dress for women is necessary for
June or July, the coldest months of the                                                        some functions such as formal dinners, a
year, you may need to bring or buy        Baggage allowances flying into Australia will
                                                                                               graduation ceremony, student dances or balls.
winter clothing and blankets. You may     vary according to your carrier, flight class and
                                                                                               For festive occasions, you may want to bring
also need to purchase a heating           country of origin. Please check with your
                                                                                               traditional dress and accessories.
appliance once you arrive.                international carrier prior to departure.
                                          Checked luggage on domestic flights within           Other items you might need to include
                                          Australia is generally limited to 20kg plus one      (most can also be purchased in Australia)
                                          carry on bag (7kg). These limitations will           ■   alarm clock
                                          significantly limit the amount of things you can     ■   bath towels, bed sheets, pillow cases
                                          bring, especially if you will fly within Australia
                                          to get to your final destination. Therefore, it is   ■   dictionary (bilingual)
                                          essential to think the packing process through       ■   small sewing kit
                                          very carefully. You will be able to purchase         ■   music CDs or iPod
                                          most things upon arrival in Australia but the
                                          price may be higher than in your own country.
                                                                                               ■   sporting equipment
                                                                                               ■   toiletries
                                                                                               ■   scientific or graphics calculator
                                             Visit the Australian Quarantine                   ■   camera
                                             and Inspection Service (AQIS)
                                                                                               ■   micro recorder for lectures
                                             ■   Read “What can’t I take
                                                                                               ■   spare spectacles or contact lenses
                                                 into Australia?”                              ■   your optical prescription
                                             ■   And also let your family and                  ■   photos of friends and family
                                                 friends know “What can’t be                   ■   swimming costume
                                                 mailed to Australia?”                         ■   small gifts from home
                                                                                               ■   umbrella
36   | www.
Documents                                          ■   Your accommodation address.                      Internet Access
■   A valid passport.                              ■   Medical letter and any optical or                Students of the University of Newcastle are
■   Your Student Visa or entry permit, If              medical prescriptions you might need.            provided with a range of IT and Online Services
    you have applied on-line and obtained                                                               to assist with providing an innovative learning
                                                   ■   Rental and or character reference.               and teaching environment. Wireless internet
    an E Visa, please bring along a hard               (Landlords will want to know that you
    copy of the confirmation which states                                                                access is available to students from a number
                                                       are a reliable and responsible person;           of locations in Newcastle and the Central
    the visa expiry date.                              with sufficient access to funds; and,             Coast. Every enrolled student is issued their
■   Your letter of offer from the                      able to pay rent on time.)                       own computer account and dial-up access to
    University of Newcastle.
                                                   If you are travelling with your family you will      the internet through the University’s internet
■   A copy of your Overseas Student                need to include their documents as well. Keep        server. Some accommodation providers also
    Confirmation of Enrolment (COE).                all documents in your carry-on luggage. In case      offer Broadband access (usually at an
■   The receipt of your tuition deposit.           you lose the originals, make copies that can be      additional cost); while others will require
■   Certified copies of your academic               left behind with family and sent to you.             students to organise their own internet access.
    qualifications, English proficiency and if you                                                        If you are staying off-campus and want to
    are applying for credit for previous study     Bringing your own Computer                           investigate Broadband options, visit
    – details of course outlines, assessment       It is not necessary for you to bring your own
    method, contact hours, subject duration and    computer to Australia, although some students
    textbooks used.                                                                                     On this website, ADSL refers to Broadband
                                                   may prefer to do this. Bringing a PC or laptop
                                                                                                        accessed through the telephone lines and is
■   Evidence of sufficient funds to support         into Australia can be complicated. Items owned
                                                                                                        therefore limited to the one location while
    yourself during your study, for example        and used for more than 12 months prior to
                                                                                                        Mobile Broadband can be accessed almost
    a scholarship offer or bank statement.         arrival are allowed in tax-free. Proof of the date
■   Credit card.                                   of purchase and purchase price may be
                                                   required. Computers which are less than 12
■   Some form of identification such as             months old and over AU$400 may attract               Mobile Phones and Laptops
    Driver’s Licence, certified copies of           Goods and Services tax (GST) at a rate of 10%.       If you are considering bringing a mobile
    your Birth Certificate or ID card.              Consideration is given as to whether or not you      phone, laptop, or any communication devices
■   A certified English translation of your         intend to export the computer at the conclusion      we suggest that you visit the Australian
    vaccination records if you are doing           of your studies.                                     Communications and Media Authority
    Health related studies.                                                                    before making any
                                                   To satisfy the Customs Officer that you will be      purchases. Some students have brought in
■   Telephone numbers of the International         taking the computer out of Australia you should
    Student Support Unit (+61 2) 4921 8703,                                                             their own laptops with internal modems only
                                                   bring along a statutory declaration (a written       to discover that they were unable to use
    their emergency mobile (0408 485 664)          declaration witnessed by the certifying
    and the University Security Office                                                                   their modem in Australia. Any external or
                                                   authority in your country) stating that the          built-in modems must be Austel Approved
    (+61 2) 4921 5888.                             computer is for use during your studies in           in order to function in Australia.
■   Instructions on how you plan to get            Australia, and that you intend to take it back
    from Sydney International Airport to           with you when you complete your studies. You         Similarly, the SIM card from your home country
    your accommodation plus the                    may be required to give an undertaking under         may not operate in Australia. You may therefore
    telephone number of transport/                 Section 162 to this effect and provide a cash        need to purchase a replacement for the
    accommodation providers you may                security to Australia Customs upon arrival.          duration of your stay. SIM cards can be
    need to contact along the way.                                                                      purchased at most newsagencies and post
                                                                                                        offices, some convenience stores and petrol
                                                                                                        stations, as well as phone dealerships.
                                                                                                        You should also check with your cell/mobile
                                                                                                        phone service provider that your phone will
                                                                                                        accept an Australian SIM card.

    The standard voltage for electrical items
    in Australia is 240V. Electric plugs have
    three flat pins one of which is an earth
    pin. You may need to buy an adaptor or
    have the plugs changed when you arrive.

                                                                                                              www. | 37
                                              You will need to make sure you have enough funds to support you when you first
                                              arrive. It is recommended that you have approximately AU$1500 to AU$2000
                                              available for the first two to three weeks to pay for temporary accommodation and
                                              transport. You should bring most of this money as either Traveller’s Cheques or on an
                                              international credit card. Traveller’s cheques can be cashed at any bank or currency
                                              exchange in Australia.
                                              Please note that it is not safe to bring large sums of money with you! Lost credit cards or
                                              Traveller’s Cheques can be replaced, but very few travel insurance companies will replace
                                              lost or stolen cash. Do not ask someone you have just met to handle your cash for you or to
                                              take your cash to make payments for you. Not even someone who may indicate they are
                                              studying at the same education institution.
                                              Currency Exchange
                                              Only Australian currency can be used in Australia. If you have not brought some with you, you will
                                              need to arrange some as soon as possible after arrival. You can do this at the airport in Sydney or
                                              at any bank during business hours (Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm)
                                              There are no currency exchange facilities available in Newcastle other than those provided
                                              through local banks.

                                              Electronic Funds Transfer
                                              You can transfer money into Australia by electronic telegraph or telegraphic transfer at any
                                              time. This is a fast option and will take approximately 48 hours, but the bank will charge a fee
                                              on every transaction.

                                              Automatic Teller Machines (ATM’s)
                                              Automatic Teller Machines are located almost everywhere (including at the airport) and you
                                              can immediately withdraw cash from your overseas bank account at ATMs displaying the Cirrus
                                              Logo (if your ATM card has international access). Check this with your financial institution
                                              before leaving home.

                                              Credit Cards
                                              All major international credit cards are accepted in Australia but you must remember that
                                              repayments to many of these cards can only be made in the country where they were issued.
                                              Do not rely on being able to get a credit card once you arrive in Australia because this is very
                                              difficult due to credit and identification laws.

 38   | www.
Bread: $3-$4
Rice: $3 / kg
Milk: $1-$2 / litre
Potatoes: $3 / Kg
Chicken: $10 / Kg
Beef: $15 / Kg
Bus tickets: $34 / week
Phone calls (local): 50c
Cup of Coffee: $3.50
Take away meal: $10

                            www. | 39
40   | www.
                                                                                                         The University provides Health
                                                                                                         Services at both the Callaghan
                                                                                                         and Central Coast campuses.
                                                                                                         All consultations are confidential.

Students with a Disability                        Students needing support or adjustments must        The Australian Government requires all
The Disability Support Service provides           bring supporting medical documentation which        holders of a Student Visa to have OSHC for
practical assistance and advice to students       outlines their condition and the possible effects   the duration of their visa. The University will
with a disability or chronic illness.             on study. Information about documentation can       organise your first year’s cover and deduct
                                                  be found online at:           payment for this from your deposit. The cost
Eligible students may be provided with services
                                                  policy/000839.html                                  of one year’s health insurance cover in 2009
and support to minimise the barriers to study
                                                                                                      for a single student is AUD380. Students are
caused by their conditions. These can include:    The Disability Support Service can
                                                                                                      responsible for renewing their policy and
    Information and referral to access            be contacted via email at:
                                                                                                      ensuring its continuity for the duration of
    appropriate services;               
                                                                                                      their Student Visa.
                                                  or by phone; 61 2 49 215766.
■   Specific services including lecture support,
                                                                                                      If you come to Australia on a visa other than a
    note taking, scribes, advocacy ergonomic      Further information can be found online at:
                                                                                                      student visa and undertake a short course of
    furniture, exam adjustments, accessible
                                                                                                      study of three months duration or less you will
    formats for course work, training and         studentsupport
                                                                                                      not be eligible for OSHC. It is wise to purchase
    support in the use of specific equipment
                                                                                                      travel or private medical insurance in this case.
    or adaptive computer software, and            Health Insurance (OSHC)
    assistance with mobility around campus.       Overseas student health cover (OSHC) is             Students on certain scholarships and those
                                                  insurance that provides cover for the costs         with reciprocal health insurance arrangements
Students need to contact the Disability
                                                  of medical and hospital care which                  in their home country maybe exempt from this
Support Service before leaving their home
                                                  international students may need while in            requirement. For example, Swedish and
country to discuss their condition, the impact
                                                  Australia. OSHC also covers the cost of             Norwegian students are exempt from health
of the condition on study, and reasonable
                                                  emergency ambulance transport and most              cover as this is provided under the National
adjustments. Students with a disability
                                                  prescription drugs.                                 Health Insurance Scheme.
should also contact the Disability Support
Service as soon as they arrive on campus                                                              For health insurance above the basic OSHC
to arrange an appointment.                                                                            visit:

                                                                                                            www. | 41

 It is wise to be alert to your new environment and aware of risks to your personal
 safety and belongings where-ever you are in the world. The same applies in
 Newcastle and the Central Coast. While physical assaults and robbery are rare,
 they do happen and newcomers to the city should be vigilant.

 When you are out and about:                          Emergencies                                          Ambulance
 ■    Be alert to your surroundings and the           The Triple Zero (000) service is the quickest        Ambulances provide immediate medical
      people around you, especially if you are        way to get the right emergency service to            attention and emergency transportation to
      alone, it is dark or you are in an area where   help you. It should be used to contact Police,       hospital. Dial 000
      alcohol is being consumed.                      Fire or Ambulance services in life threatening
                                                                                                           On-campus Security
 ■    Whenever possible travel with a friend or as    or emergency situations only. Emergency
                                                      000 lines should not be used for general             The University’s Security Service operates
      part of a group.
                                                      medical assistance.                                  24hours a day, seven days a week. In an
 ■    Stay in well-lit areas as much as possible.                                                          emergency, Security staff can be contacted on
 ■    Walk confidently and at a steady pace.           Police                                               the following numbers:
 ■    Be wary of casual requests from strangers,      In Australia police protect people and               Newcastle 4921 5888
      like someone asking for a cigarette or          properties, detect and prevent crime, and
                                                                                                           Central Coast 4348 4222
      change – they could have ulterior motives.      preserve peace for everyone. They are not
                                                      connected to the military or politics. The           International Student Support also carries
 ■    Keep away from trouble – if you see any
                                                      police can help you feel safe. In a non-             a mobile phone which can be called in an
      trouble or suspect that it might be about to
                                                      emergency situation you can contact                  emergency. The number is 0408 485 664
      start – move away from the scene and alert
                                                      the Police on 131 444.                               (in Australia) or +614 084 85 664
      the police.
 ■    Be discrete with your cash and any              Fire
      electrical equipment you maybe carrying.        The fire brigade extinguishes fires, rescues
                                                      people from fires in cars and buildings, and helps
                                                      in situations where gas or chemicals become a
                                                      danger. As soon as a fire starts call 000 no            TIP
                                                      matter how small or large the fire may be.

                                                                                                              Attend orientation and learn
                                                                                                              how other students party safely!

 42   | www.
www. | 43

Budgeting and Part-time Work                    Bringing Family                                       ■   The effect on you and your studies if
Every student is responsible for his or her     Most Student Visas allow you to bring your family         your family is not happy in Australia;
own tuition and living expenses. Living         members to Australia as your dependants.              ■   Whether your children will adjust to school
expenses are calculated at approximately                                                                  in Australia;
                                                Family members include your spouse, and you
AUD14,500 per year. Part-time work                                                                    ■   Waiting lists for child care centres; and
                                                and your spouse’s dependent children.
opportunities are limited, and you should                                                             ■   Whether to come alone to Australia first
not rely on employment to supplement your       Rather than bringing family with you when
                                                                                                          and arrange things for your family, or to
living expenses while in Australia.             you first arrive, many students find it easier to
                                                                                                          all come at the same time.
                                                arrive first, settle into studies, find appropriate
Students bringing families should have
                                                accommodation, adjust to living in Australia          Child Care
sufficient funds to provide for themselves
                                                and then arrange for their family to join them.       You will need to arrange childcare for children
and their families.
                                                Issues to Consider                                    under five while you are at lectures and tutorials
As an international student holding a Student                                                         if you do not have a spouse to care for them in
Visa, the Australian Government allows you to   Before bringing your spouse or children to
                                                                                                      the family home. Callaghan Campus has three
work part-time for a maximum of 20 hours per    Australia, you will have to prove that you can
                                                                                                      childcare centres for daytime care. Other child
week during semester and unlimited hours        support them financially. The cost of
                                                                                                      care services exist in the community and may
during semester breaks and vacation periods.    supporting a family in Australia is very high.
                                                                                                      involve children being cared for in local
Dependant family members who have               You may have to consider and discuss many
                                                                                                      approved homes or formal childcare centres.
accompanied you to Australia may also apply     issues with your family.
for permission to work.                                                                               Demand for childcare services close to the
                                                ■   The cost of airfares for your family to
                                                                                                      University often exceeds availability and so
For more information, please visit:                 and from Australia;
                                                                                                      finding suitable care for your children requires              ■   Possible higher rent for a larger home;           patience and planning. So start making
working_while_studying/                         ■   Limited employment opportunities for              arrangements as early as possible.
                                                    your spouse;
                                                                                                      Many schools offer before – and after-school
                                                ■   Extra costs for food, schooling,                  care programs (usually 7:30am-8:45am and
                                                    childcare, clothing and health insurance;         3:30pm – 6:00pm). Children who need these
                                                                                                      programs must be registered with the school.

44   | www.
Schools                                               5. Fees are payable by international students    It is advisable that ALL enquiries
If you would like to bring your children to              at all NSW State schools unless you:          regarding entry to public schools
Australia with you, you must be aware of the            – Are in receipt of sponsorship from the       should be directed to:
following schooling issues:                               Australian Government (e.g. ADS, ALA,        NSW Department of
1. It is an immigration policy that school-age            Endeavour); or                               Education and Training
   dependants of international students                 – Hold an IPRS or approved non-                International Student Centre
   undertake formal schooling while they are              government scholarship. These                NSW Department of Education and Training
   in Australia.                                          scholarships must be approved by             Block W, 827-839 George Street
                                                          the NSW State government for the             Sydney NSW 2007
2. Children who have their fifth birthday before
                                                          dependants to be exempt from                 Australia
   the 1st April of that calendar year are eligible
                                                          school fees.                                 T +61 1300 302 456
   to start school.
                                                                                                       F +61 2 9212 6721
3. You may need to provisionally enrol your           6. You will be responsible for school fees
   child in a school before you leave your home          and other costs including school uniforms,
   country and you will normally have to pay the         lunches, excursions and stationery.
   school fees one semester in advance.                  School fees can cost about $5,000 per
                                                         child per year.
4. The school will issue an electronic
   Confirmation of Enrolment Form (eCoE)              7. When choosing the most appropriate school
   stating the program and its duration, so              for your child, it is best to ask questions
   that you can obtain the appropriate visa              about the school’s curriculum, size,
   for your child.                                       extra-curricular activities and the size of
                                                         individual classes.
                                                      8. You should also take into consideration the
                                                         distance from the school to your home and
                                                         the method of transport your children plan
                                                         to use when travelling to school.

                                                                                                            www. | 45
ARRIVAL                                      When to arrive                                      Detailed information about Orientation; where
                     TO AUSTRALIA

                                             The best date for you to arrive will be             to stay when you first arrive; and where to look
                                             influenced by where you will be living and          for permanent accommodation can be found
                                             what program you intend to study.                   on the university website. See the inside back
                                                                                                 page of this document for a list of handy URLs .
                                             If you are staying on-campus, the Halls of
                                             Residence will advise you of a suitable date        Once you have arrived in Australia, you should
                                             to arrive. However, if you are yet to obtain long   let your family and friends know that you have
                                             term accommodation it is recommended that           arrived safely.
                                             you arrive at least two weeks prior to your         On your Flight
                                             orientation as Newcastle and the Central
                                                                                                 Wear comfortable, layered clothing so that
                                             Coast have competitive rental accommodation
                                                                                                 you are able to make adjustments according
                                             markets and you will need to allow extra time
                                                                                                 to the local weather. Remember – if you are
                                             to find a suitable place to live.
                                                                                                 flying from a northern hemisphere winter into
                                             Orientation dates vary according to your            the Australian summer it will be very hot so
                                             academic timetable. Most students will be           wear light weight clothing underneath, and
                                             required to attend orientation in the week          have a pair of sandals or lighter shoes in your
                                             preceding the start of their academic programs.     hand luggage if you need cooler footwear.
                                             Some Faculties require students to attend a         Alternatively extra clothing may be required
                                             preliminary orientation. You will receive advice    on-hand if flying into the Australian winter
                                             about this if this applies to your program.         season. It is also a good idea to pack an extra
                                                                                                 set of clothes in your hand luggage in case
                                             ELICOS Orientation occurs during the first
                                                                                                 your baggage is delayed.
                                             week of each new program. It is okay to arrive
                                             the week before the ELICOS program if you           Entering the Country
                                             are staying in Homestay. On the other hand, if      Before landing in Australia passengers are
                                             you plan to live more independently and need        given an Incoming Passenger Card to fill in.
                                             to find somewhere to live after you get here,       This is a legal document. You must tick YES,
                                             you should plan to arrive at least two weeks        if you are carrying any food, plant material
                                             before the start of the ELICOS program.             including wooden souvenirs, or animal
                                                                                                 products. This includes fruit given to you during
                                                                                                 your flight. If you have items you don’t wish to
                                                                                                 declare, you can dispose of them in quarantine
                                                                                                 bins in the airport terminal. Don’t be afraid to
                                                TIP                                              ask airline staff if you have any questions.
                                                                                                 If you are carrying more than AU$10,000 in
                                                                                                 cash, you must also declare this on your
                                                It is important to ALWAYS let                    Incoming Passenger Card. It is strongly
                                                someone know where you are and                   recommended however, that you do not carry
                                                how to contact you by phone or by                large sums of cash but arrange travellers
                                                post. You will also need to advise               cheques or an electronic transfer of funds
                                                the university every time you                    into your Australian bank account once it has
                                                change your residential address                  been opened.
                                                while studying.

46   | www.
Australian Immigration                            Some products may require treatment to
When you first arrive in Australia you will be    make them safe. Items that are restricted
required to make your way through Australian      because of the risk of pests and disease will
Immigration (follow the signs for Arriving        be seized and destroyed by the Australian
Passengers as you leave the plane).               Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS).
Immigration Officers will ask to see your         For more detailed information about bringing
completed Incoming Passenger Card (given          in food, animals, plants, animal or plant
to you on the plane) along with your passport     materials or their derivatives visit www.daffa.
and student visa evidence. The Immigration
Officer will check your documents and may
ask you a few questions about your plans for      Detector Dogs
your stay in Australia.                           You may see a Quarantine Detector Dog at
                                                  the baggage carousel or while waiting in line
Baggage Claim
                                                  to pass through immigration, screening
Once you have passed through the                  luggage for drugs, food, plant material or
immigration checks you will move to               animal products. If you see a detector dog
baggage claim (follow the signs) and collect      working close to you, please place your bags
your luggage. Check that nothing is missing       on the floor for inspection. These dogs are
or damaged. If something is missing or            not dangerous to humans and are trained to
damaged go to the Baggage Counter and             detect odours.
advise them of your problem. Staff at the
Baggage Counter will help you to find your        Sometimes a dog will sit next to your bag if it
belongings or lodge a claim for damage.           sniffs a target odour. Sometimes dogs will
                                                  detect odours left from food you have had in
Australian Customs and Quarantine                 the bag previously. A quarantine officer may
Once you have your luggage you will go            ask about the contents of your bag and check
through Customs. Be careful about what            you are not carrying items that present a
you bring into Australia. Some items you          quarantine risk to Australia.
might bring from overseas can carry pests
and diseases that Australia does not have.
It is also illegal to carry drugs and weapons
into Australia.
You must declare ALL food, meat, fruit,
plants, seeds, wooden souvenirs, animal or
plant materials or their derivatives. Australia
has strict quarantine laws and tough
on-the-spot fines. Every piece of luggage is
now screened by quarantine officers, detector
dog teams and x-ray machines. If you fail to
declare or dispose of any quarantine items, or
make a false declaration, you will get caught.
In addition to on-the-spot fines, you could be
prosecuted and fined more than AU$60,000
and risk 10 years in prison. All international
mail is also screened.

                                                                                                    www. | 47
Most international students arrive in Australia at Sydney’s International Airport and then travel to Newcastle by air, train or bus.
Regardless of the method of travel between Sydney and Newcastle, all passengers arriving at Sydney International Airport must
collect their belongings from the luggage carousel and pass through Customs and Quarantine.

Choose one of the following options to             The time for the journey between Sydney            2. By Coach to the Central Coast –
get to your destination:                           and Newcastle is approximately 3 hours and            The University provides a free transport
                                                   varies depending on the number of stops the           service for students studying at the Central
1. By Coach to Newcastle You can book
                                                   coach makes en-route. This transport option           Coast campus. This service collects
   coach transfer from the Airport in Sydney
                                                   is a good idea if you have lots of luggage and        students from Sydney’s International
   to Newcastle online through Happy Cabby.
                                                   costs about AUD60 (Make sure that you                 Airport and transfers them to either their
   It is fast, easy to do; and, you will receive
                                                   have Australian currency). You must pay the           accommodation on the Central Coast or
   confirmation of your booking within 24
                                                   driver for this service.                              to the University campus at Ourimbah.
   hours of submitting your request.
                                                   There is no need to leave Sydney’s                   You must advise the University of your airport
     Just follow these simple steps:
                                                   International Airport building if you are            transport needs at least two weeks prior to
     – Go to           travelling by coach, as the driver will meet you     your arrival. You can do this by emailing
       unibooking and click on the “Student”       at the McDonald’s Restaurant next to the   
       button.                                     Krispy Kreme shop inside the terminal near
                                                                                                      3. By Rail to Newcastle and the
     – Enter your flight details and the address   Gates A and B. You should remain in this area
                                                                                                         Central Coast – There are regular trains
       you wish to be taken to in Newcastle.       while waiting for the coach driver to meet you.
                                                                                                         from Sydney’s International Airport to
     – Check your email one day later and                                                                Sydney’s Central Station, where you can
       obtain your booking confirmation number.                                                          change trains to go to Newcastle or
                                                                                                         Ourimbah on the Central Coast.
                                                                                                        The cost of travel between Sydney’s
                                                                                                        International Airport and Sydney’s Central
                                                                                                        Train Station is about AUD14.

48   | www.
                                                                                                     WHAT IF
                                                                                                     GO WRONG?
                                                                                                     Even the best made plans can go
                                                                                                     wrong. So if you find that your travel
                                                                                                     plans change en route, don’t panic. The
                                                                                                     International Student Support Unit will
                                                                                                     do its best to accommodate last minute
                                                                                                     changes to your arrival.
                                                                                                     Please help us if this applies to you
                                                                                                     by contacting the Unit’s Emergency
                                                                                                     Mobile Phone:
                                                                                                     + 61 408 485 664
                                                                                                     (if ringing internationally)
                                                                                                     0408 485 664
                                                                                                     (if ringing in Australia)
                                                                                                     If you are travelling by coach from
                                                                                                     Sydney to Newcastle you should
                                                                                                     also advise the Happy Cabby coach
                                                                                                     company if your arrival time changes.
                                                                                                     +61 2 4971 3991
                                                                                                     (if ringing internationally)
                                                                                                     2 4971 3991
                                                                                                     (if ringing in Australia)
                                                                                                     If unable to get through to the
                                                                                                     above contacts, simply telephone
                                                                                                     the University’s Security Service on
                                                                                                     (+61 2) 4921 5888 and explain your
                                                                                                     predicament. The University’s
                                                                                                     Security Service operates 24 hours
                                                                                                     a day; seven days a week and they
                                                                                                     will do their best to help you.

The journey to Newcastle can vary,                 Once you arrive at Newcastle or Ourimbah          flights leave from the Domestic Terminal
depending on the number of stations your           train stations, you will need to contact the      (T2). Transfers between airport terminals in
train stops at. As a general rule, the journey     hire car to advise them that you have arrived.    Sydney is possible by train, taxi or bus.
from Sydney Central Station to Newcastle             The University provides a free transport
Station takes about 2.5 hours. The train trip      (for pick-ups from Newcastle Train Station)       service to student’s accommodation when
from Central Station to Ourimbah Station                                                             they arrive in Newcastle by plane. Students
takes about 1.25 hours.                                                                              wishing to receive this service must email
                                                   au (for pick-ups from Central Coast Train
It costs approximately AUD15 one way               Stations)                                         International Student Support: International-
from Central Station to Newcastle and                                                       at least one
approximately AUD10 one way from                 4. By Air to Newcastle – Students who               week prior to their arrival. Staff will want to
Central Station to Ourimbah.                        choose to fly from Sydney to Newcastle           know the time and date of your arrival at
                                                    (approximately 30 minutes) should book           Newcastle Airport and the address to which
Train timetables can be found at
                                                    their domestic flight at the same time as they   you wish to be taken.
                                                    book their international flight. Newcastle
If you wish to be met at either Newcastle or                                                         (There is no airport close to Ourimbah so
                                                    airport at Williamtown is about 35 minutes
Ourimbah Train Stations and transported to                                                           students studying at this campus should
                                                    drive from Newcastle city centre or the
your accommodation free of charge, you will                                                          choose one of the other transport options.)
                                                    University. Aeropelican Jetstar, Virgin Blue
need to email International Student Support         and Qantas run flights to Williamtown. Most
at least one week prior to your arrival with
details of your travel and accommodation.

                                                                                                        www. | 49
50   | www.
It is not necessary to wait until the formal Orientation Program to introduce yourself
to us. Once you have checked into your accommodation and recovered from your
international journey, you can make your way to the International Office on the
Callaghan campus or to the Student Support Unit on the Ourimbah campus.

There is no heavy traffic congestion or           Orientation
over-crowding on public transport and hence       The University’s formal Orientation Program
this is generally the easiest way to get to the   is held before the beginning of each semester
campuses. Buses and trains are the most           (or trimester). The Orientation will provide
economical. Remember, you must pay the            information which will be useful to your
adult fare when purchasing your ticket. Train     adjustment to life and study in Australia.
tickets are purchased on the platform, while      It is an essential part of your studies at the
bus tickets can be obtained from the driver.      University and should not be missed.
Taxis are expensive – particularly if you are     You will also have the opportunity to take part
travelling long distances.                        in various social activities and excursions that
When you arrive on campus, you should             will widen your social network and help you
head to the Student HUB where you can             better understand the Australian culture
obtain your Student ID card. Enrolment            and environment.
at the University is then carried out online.
Information on how to enrol and what to
enrol in will be provided during Orientation.
                                                  SO, GET ORGANISED AND WE’LL
                                                  SEE YOU HERE IN NEWCASTLE.
                                                                                                     www. | 51
Our website is a great way to find out more about going to university,
the Newcastle region and a whole lot of other reasons why the University
of Newcastle is the right place for you.

Check out:

Some more handy websites for you to look at:
UoN accommodation Services
Temporary Accommodation – Newcastle
Temporary Accommodation – Central Coast
International Admissions
The University of Newcastle
Callaghan NSW 2308 Australia
T +61 2 4921 8867
F +61 2 4960 1766
International Student Support
The University of Newcastle
Callaghan NSW 2308 Australia
T +61 2 4921 5010
M 0408 485 664 (in Australia)
M +614 084 85 664 (Internationally).
F +61 2 4921 7061
Residential Halls on Campus
Accommodation Services
The University of Newcastle
Callaghan Campus
T +61 2 4924 1004
F +61 2 4924 1002
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