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Associated Skin Care Professionals

Education for today’s skin care professional

                                                                         2011 Media Kit

                                               Angie Parris-Raney, RMT
                                               Advertising Manager
                                               800-789-0411, ext. 641
                                               Fax: 866-607-5641

                                               Hannah Levy
                                               Advertising Coordinator
                                               800-789-0411, ext. 620
                                               Fax: 866-607-5641
                                                                                                                              2011 Circulation & Reader demographics
With more than 10,000 influential members, Associated Skin         ReAdeR deMogRAPHiCs
Care Professionals (ASCP) is the largest association serving the   Our membership is populated by successful
profession. Reach our members bimonthly through Skin Deep          estheticians and spa professionals who recognize
magazine, ASCP’s flagship publication.                             the value of investing in their careers. As the cream
                                                                   of the crop, Skin Deep readers are your ideal
CiRCuLATion                                                        target audience:*
• Published bimonthly
• Read by skin care professionals, students, and                   • 98% female
  skin care schools.                                               • Between the ages of 26 and 55
• 12,000+ print via membership each issue and trade                • Affluent and well educated
  show distribution.                                               • Looking for quality products to enhance their services
• 8,851+ digital via email subscription each issue.                *2006 ASCP survey
• The digital edition is archived on Ascpskincare.com,
  averaging 7,125+ unique visitors each month.                        Number of years in skin care
Each issue is also sent to leading esthetician schools—               profession:
putting this dynamic publication in the hands of students             1–2 years: 16%
before they make their buying decisions.                              3–4 years: 23%
                                                                      5–9 years: 29%
                                                                      10–14 years: 13%
    The number of estheticians                                        15–19 years: 8%
    graduating doubled                                                20 years or more: 11%
    between 2001 and 2005.                                            2009 Skin Deep Readership Survey
    2006 ASCP survey

2                                                                                              advertising@ascpskincare.com
ASCP knows the skin care profession and we know
that our readers look to Skin Deep as a trusted
source for product information. Complement your
print campaign with advertising in the digital edition.

1. WHen you AdveRTise in skin Deep
   MAgAzine WiTH Any size Ad, you
   AuToMATiCALLy ReCeive THese benefiTs:
     • One ad gets you in both the print and online
       digital editions. Purchase any size ad in the
       print edition and receive an ad of the same
       size for free in the digital edition.
     • All advertisers receive a free link to the
       advertisers website from the digital edition.
     • All advertisers receive a free link on Ascpskincare.com.

2. digiTAL ediTion bAnneR Ad sPonsoRsHiP*:

                                                                                            2011 digital options
$800 PeR issue soLd for 2011
• Emailed to 8,851+ subscribers
• Archived on Ascpskincare.com
• Highest click through stats
• Exclusive banner ad next to front cover of digital edition
• Two links in digital edition
• One link on Ascpskincare.com
• Special recognition in digital edition e-newsletter
• Video upgrade available for an additional $200

Banner Sponsorship Specs: Size should be 3.5” x
7” or 252 pixels x 504 pixels (you can build either
horizontal or vertical). Resolution: 72 dpi. RGB color.

Video Specs: File should be delivered in .FLV
or .WMV format. Ideal video length is
3 minutes or less.

                                                                                                              2011 editorial
Skin Deep is informative and visually appealing. Articles
address the latest developments in skin care treatments
and products, business and marketing, legislative news,
and advice from industry experts.

In every issue ...

business: Learn strategies for marketing, business manage-
ment, advertising, budgeting, client satisfaction, and quality
assurance from skilled business consultants.

Ask the expert: Hear from our panel of skin care authorities
as they field member questions.

inside the industry: Stay abreast of new legislation, safety
regulations, and industry updates.

new Products: Get connected with the latest developments
and advancements in skin care products.                          “I really enjoy your articles.
                                                                 The magazine is very informative,
Treatment and Trends: Learn the latest techniques and            it is an easy read but I learn
tips in skin care.
                                                                 something each time. Keep up
    Skin Deep readers use their magazine:                        the great work.”
                                                                 Skin Deep reader
    65% filed an item for future reference
    60% visited a website
    24% ordered a product or service
    2009 Skin Deep Readership Survey

4                                                                                   advertising@ascpskincare.com
ASCP’s interactive advanced education calendar offers you
the opportunity to advertise your continuing education
courses absolutely free for 2011.
                                                                                each continuing education listing includes:

                                                                                         Course name

                                                                                         Contact Information, including web link


                                                                                                                                    2011 online Advertising
                                                                                         Up to two categories

                                                                                         Course Dates

                                                                                         30-word description

                                                                                         CE providers who offer ASCP members
                                                                                         discounted rates will enjoy special pri-
                                                                                         ority listings and qualify for preferred
                                                                                         rates on this calendar in 2012.

                                                                                         Color photo
 • Advanced Education listings are FREE until January 1, 2012.

 You can add as many continuing education courses as you like. Plus, you can access your account
 any time to add courses or update listings.

 Visit this website to post your continuing education courses NOW! http://advertising.ascpskincare.com

 Please note: ASCP does not endorse or certify any continuing education
 programs posted on the ASCP CE Calendar. Courses are not required to
 obtain approval of state, region, or other certifying body. We note to all
 viewersthat it is their obligation to ensure classes meet individual CE requirements.

5                                                                                                       advertising@ascpskincare.com
                                                 When skin care professionals visit
                                                 www.ascpskincare.com, they can link
                                                 to a calendar and search courses by:




                                                 CE Providers offering ASCP
                                                 members discounted rates

                                                                                             2011 online Advertising
                                                 are highlighted in red.

    Visit this website to post your continuing
    education courses NOW!




6                                                                  advertising@ascpskincare.com
Make sure you advertise with
the largest massage and skin care
associations! We represent more than
75,000 Associated Bodywork & Massage
Professionals and more than 10,000
Associated Skin Care Professionals!

The Industry’s Comprehensive
Product & Services Website
Massagemarketplace.com, which averages 3,100 unique
visitors per month, serves as the most extensive listing of
suppliers to date and is the go-to website for massage
therapists and skin care professionals. Our unique, online
sign-up system provides a dynamic avenue in which you
can log into your account any time throughout the year
and update your ad, run monthly specials, or edit your

                                                                                                                       2011 online Advertising
product features.

reaches your target markets:
• Skin care professionals, spa owners, and employees
• Massage and esthetician schools and their students
• Massage therapists, bodyworkers, and somatic                Advertising Options
• Complementary and alternative medicine centers              eNhANCeD CATegory lISTINg: $295 Includes
                                                              logo, product photo, contact information, 125-word
                                                              description, and website address. Advertisers can
                                                              now access their online listing any time to change or
                                                              update their online ad. To purchase your Enhanced
                                                              Category Listing, visit www.advertising.abmp.com.
                                                              Additional Enhanced Category Listings are just

                                                              Free ChArT lISTINg: ALL INDUSTRY SUPPLIERS
                                                              WILL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO LIST THEIR
                                                              PRODUCTS AND SERVICES FOR FREE! To sign up for
                                                              your free listing, visit www.advertising.abmp.com
                                                              and select the Massage Marketplace Free Chart Listing.


Banner                                       Button
$100/month                                   $50/month

7                                                                                         advertising@ascpskincare.com
Advertising Contract

Contact _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Company Name ______________________________________________________________________________________

Billing Address _______________________________________________________________________________________

Phone _______________________________________________ Fax ___________________________________________

e-mail ___________________________________________ Website ___________________________________________

I agree to all terms and conditions as stated on this contract (see page 9 for details).

Signature__________________________________________________________ Date ____________________________

                                                                                                                                                          2011 display Advertising Contract
Notice of contract cancellation must be received in writing on or before the space-closing deadline. Notice of cancellation received after the deadline
will not be accepted and the advertiser will be held liable for payment. Payment must be received at materials–due deadline unless credit has been
approved. First-time advertisers must pre-pay the first insertion.

Please check specifications that apply:

Print                                                                  Digital
q Half Page                                                            Skin Deep Digital edition
q Full Page                                                            q Sponsorship $800 soLd for 2011
                                                                       q Video $150 per issue
q 2-Page Spread                                                        q Mp3 sample $75 per issue
q Inside Front Cover
q Inside Front Cover + page one                                        Online
                                                                       Banner/Skyscraper/Button Advertising (3-month minimum)
q Back Cover
q Inside Back Cover                                                    q Banner                                  q ASCP.com Advanced
                                                                       q Skyscraper                                   Education Calendar
                                                                       q Button                                  q    Massagemarketplace.com

                                                                                                                               ________ month to start
Advertising Rates (Four-color rates only)
 Inside Front Cover                              $1,125                                          1x                3x                6x
 Inside Front Cover + page one                   $1,650                      half Page           $600              $575              $510
 2–page Spread                                   $1,500                      Full Page           $900              $870              $800
 Back Cover                                      $1,280
 Inside Back Cover                               $1,110

Please place _______ (# of) insertions in the following issue(s).

Issue                                     Reservation Deadline                      Artwork Deadline                           In-Home
q January/February 2011                   September 28, 2010                        October 15, 2010                           December 23, 2010
q March/April 2011                        November 19, 2010                         December 10, 2010                          February 24, 2011
q May/June 2011                           January 24, 2011                          February 7, 2011                           April 21, 2011
q July/August 2011                        March 21, 2011                            April 8, 2011                              June 23, 2011
q September/October 2011                  May 16, 2011                              June 3, 2011                               August 25, 2011
q November/December 2011                  July 18, 2011                             August 5, 2011                             October 27, 2011

8                                                                                                                       advertising@ascpskincare.com
                                                                                                                          2011 specifications
Print Specifications                                            Online Specifications
Half page horizontal (no bleed) 7” x 4 15⁄ 16”                  banner: Size—775 pixels wide by 110 pixels high.
Half page vertical (no bleed) 3 7⁄ 16” x 10”                    skyscraper: Size—160 pixels wide by 600 pixels high.
Full page with bleed: 8 3⁄ 8” x 11 1⁄ 8”                        button: Size—160 pixels wide by 160 pixels high.
Live area: 7 3⁄ 4 ” x 10 3⁄ 8 ”
Spread with bleed: 16 3⁄ 4 ” x 11 1⁄ 8”                         digital edition banner sponsorship specs: Either
Spread trim size: 16 1⁄ 2” x 10 7⁄ 8 ”                          3.5” x 7” or 252 pixels x 504 pixels (you can build
Publication trim size: 8 1⁄ 4” x 10 7⁄ 8 ”                      either horizontal or vertical). Resolution: 72 dpi,
                                                                RGB color.
Electronic Files                                                Allowable file types are .gif (image, which may be
PDF files are the preferred artwork format. Adobe Acrobat       animated), .jpg (image) or .swf (Flash movie).
PDF files MUST be 300 DPI with all fonts and images embedded.   Optimal file size is less than 15k, which may not be
                                                                possible with animated .gif or .swf file. Static images
PRePARing foR ouTPuT:                                           sized larger or smaller may not render properly
• Include both screen and printer fonts (avoid True Type)       and, depending on assets used in creation, Flash
• Please supply a laser output at 100%                          movies may also not scale properly. RGB color.
• Double check images are CMYK or grayscale
  (no spot or RGB)                                              send AdveRTising MATeRiALs To:
• Graphics are saved as TIFF or EPS                             aparrisraney@ascpskincare.com
• Graphics are a resolution of 300 dpi or higher
• Line art resolution is 1200 dpi or higher

Submitting Files
FTP and e-mail are the preferred methods of submission.
FTP files can be loaded onto the ABMP FTP site, inside
the Advertising folder. Please compress your files to
secure the integrity of all elements by either stuffing or
zip. Using your web browser, you can access this site
at ftp://abmpftp@ftp.abmp.com./ Contact your sales
representative for further instructions on completing
this process. For e-mail submissions, send files to

9                                                                                            advertising@ascpskincare.com
                                                                                                                                    2011 Terms & Conditions
Payment                                                                 Conditions
There is a Net 15 payment policy on all invoices. All late              No conditions, printed or otherwise, appearing on
payments (those received later than 15 days after the invoice           the contract order or copy instructions that conflict
date) are subject to a 1.5% late fee charge on the total invoice        with the publisher’s policies will be binding on the
amount. Past-due accounts will be prohibited from advertising           publisher, unless specifically agreed to in writing by
until the past-due amount is paid in full. First-time advertisers       the publisher. Publisher reserves the right to place
must pre-pay the first insertion.                                       the word “advertisement” with any advertisement
                                                                        that, in the publisher’s opinion, resembles editorial
Cancellations                                                           matter. Publisher reserves right to refuse advertising
Notice of contract cancellation must be received in writing on or       deemed inappropriate. Publisher reserves the right
before the space closing deadline. Notice of cancellation received      to place a disclaimer with the advertisement.
after the deadline will not be accepted and the advertiser will be
held liable for payment.                                                All insertion orders are accepted subject to
                                                                        provisions of our current rate card.
Contract Policy
Advertiser assumes all responsibility for any claims forthcoming        On multiple insertions, the last ad run will be repeated
from their advertising and will protect the publisher from same.        unless notification is received by materials deadline.
Publisher is not responsible for errors in ad copy. All verbal in-
structions regarding contracts, insertions, or changes of any kind      Advertiser or agency must assume responsibility and
must be confirmed in writing by the advertiser. Publisher reserves      liability for any and all claims (including, without limita-
the right to refuse advertising for any reason. Publisher holds the     tions, claims or suits for libel, violation of right of privacy,
advertiser and/or its agency jointly and severally liable for such      plagiarism, and copyright infringement) which may arise as
monies as are due, and also for claims arising from the contents        a result of advertisements printed, and will indemnify and
of advertisements.                                                      save the publisher harmless against any claims, liabilities,
                                                                        damages, costs, or expenses (including attorney’s fees and
                                                                        court costs) arising therefrom.
All verbal instructions regarding contracts, insertions, or changes     Any and all alterations in copy will be charged to the
of any kind must be confirmed in writing by the advertiser prior        advertiser.
to reservation deadline. Publisher’s liability for any error will not
exceed 50% of the cost of the advertising space. Publisher shall
not be liable for any costs or damages if for any reason it fails to
publish an advertisement.

 10                                                                                                  advertising@ascpskincare.com

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