Professional Home Inspection

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					                                  Professional Home Inspection

Stapled Folder with cover and Table of contents

Pages1-12- Report Pages. 13-22 Diagrams to explain report terms and glossary

2 copies (one paper, one on card stock)-each page has remarks section

1. Contract
2. Inspection Summary: hazards, concerns, repair/maintenance
3. Structure: building type, construction, foundation, floor/ceiling, walls, beams/columns, roof
    frame, structural damage/dampness, notes area
4. Exterior: siding, conditions of doors/siding/windows/veneer/trim, trim type, windows, doors,
    porch, walkways, driveway, retaining walls, fences, vegetation, electrical service
5. Roof and Drainage: roof type, leaks, chimney materials, gutters, roof covering, ventilation,
    chimney exterior, flashing, roof condition, skylights, surface drainage
6. Attic Insulation and Ventilation: access, sheathing, insulation type, ventilation type, vapor
    retarder, moistuer/water stains
7. Basement: walls, ceilings, floor—Crawlspace: floor, moisture
8. Plumbing: service to house (pipe type), interior pipe (type), drain/waste/sump, floor drains,
    water softener, washer, dryer, bathrooms, water heater
9. Electrical system; service entrance, branch circuit wiring, smoke detector, panel box, outlets,
    sub panel, GFCI
10. Heating System: fule, distribution system, heat exchange, humidifier, system type, oil tank
    location, air filters, fire places
11. Cooling system: type, condenser, power, distribution. Kitchen: cabinets/countertop, sink,
    floor(type) disposal, refrigerator, dishwasher, range/oven, microwave, exhaust
12. Interior Rooms: floors (type), walls (type), ceilings, doors, windows, steps/railings/stairs

Pages 13-22: Glossary of terms with explanatory drawings

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