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        For Burn
                 Pre-Rally 08
   Unbelievable that ALL of Us have been a Family for 13 years! And that we’ve banned together
once again to raise funds for Burn Survivors and Burn Organizations - raising $182,000 in 5 days
and covering 6 counties. Even with the economy is such a mess and a lot of uncertainty, every
volunteer of Quest was made to feel at home at every stop and it was truly a great feeling received
from the Fire Service. To make the 13th annual takes a lot of support and commitment from not only
volunteers, but also corporate, state and local sponsors as well. The California Highway Patrol has
been a super supporter for 13 years. Every year it is a real privilege to associate with each Officer
and Sgt. Many thanks for the years of support!

  Quest must also Thank and Appreciate the California State Firemen’s Assoc. and Antique Horse-Drawn Steamer. Firefighters Quest
was very fortunate to meet Dave Hubert and Barbara 6 years ago at the Annual Fox Studios Health Fair. Dave, Tom, and I started talking and
                                        look what an Association we have and for the CSFA to support Quest and its Mission by donating
                                        stops during the Rally so that Burn Survivors and Dignitaries can ride the Steamer. This Event in
                                        itself has become quite a public attention getter. The Steamer Team did 2 stops for Quest during
                                        Quest Rally 2009: Upland for lunch, and La Verne for the last stop and dinner on Monday. Thanks
                                        CSFA, Dave and Barbara Hubert, and every Member of the Steamer Team for your
                                        continuous support over the years. This 1 Team does over 60 shows a year and they seem to still
                                        have time for Quest.

                                           Thanks to the Fire Service support Quest has prevailed. A
                                        great deal of Thanks and Appreciation to every Fire Chief of
                                        the Departments that we visited during the week to allow
                                        Quest into their home for not only this year but for the last 13.
                                        Each volunteer of Quest appreciates your hospitality and
support. The Quest Rally started on Monday, June 1st and covered Riverside, High Desert, Inland
Empire, and Big Bear. On the first day Quest had 3 ground legs and a flight to Big Bear. The flight to
Big Bear was provided by another Great Sponsor – Mercy Air. Mr. Roy Cox, Bill Jones, and Mercy
Air have been a BIG piece of Quest’s success for 13 years. It seems that whatever Quest would like to
do, Mr. Cox and Bill                                      seem not too hesitant in delivering. What an awesome company and a huge
supporter of Quest and its                                Mission. Mr. Roy Cox is a huge part of this commitment Quest and is very much

     For the first time I                                  joined the Riverside Leg with Mike Matheson – Norco Fire as the Area
Coordinator. Mike was                                      not able to join us this year but Mike asked and Chris Fowler and Scott Carpenter
from March Fire stepped                                    in and did a great job running the Riverside Leg. This was the first year for Chris
and Scott to see this part                                 of Quest and volunteer at this level. Each of you did a Great Job and is very much
appreciated. It was a great                                morning and then we stopped at Chic-Fil-A for lunch. This was the 2nd year of
t h e i r sup p or t a n d                                 sponsoring the lunch. After lunch, Quest packed up and we started on the road to
meet up with the Inland                                    Empire leg at Upland with the March F.D. rig.

    On Tuesday, June 2nd,                                      we covered Orange County with Scott Stephens as the Area Coordinator for the
past 13 years. What great                                      commitment and support from Scott, even after a new family he stills finds the
time for others. Started in                                    Brea and thank you so much for the continental breakfast to start the day off.
Quest was also able to                                         visit and have lunch at Los Alamitos F.
D. which they have been                                        providing for the last 4 years. What a
great stop to see all the cool helo’s but this year I couldn’t pull any surprises with a Chinook cause
there wasn’t any. Somebody else got their request in first – Like the President a year earlier. Darn
It – could have been awesome, like a time before when I was instructed by the Executive Director
to work on getting a picture with 1 at a split second notice when arriving on the base. Will see
what I can do next year. SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE. At the end of the day, we stopped
at Orange County Fire Authority Sta. 33 at John Wayne Airport, and then on the road to Long
Beach to meet up with Andy Ruiz and the Fish-Off for dinner. Andy and the Fish-Off have been a
great supporter of Quest. Each year Andy gets more guys (fire brothers and friends) and more
boats and the donations keep rising. Quest wishes to thank each and every person that participates
on the Fish-Off for your support. The Burn Survivors and Burn Organizations are truly thankful
for your generosity.

                                    On the cover: Our caravan rolls into Laguna Beach, courtesy of the CHP
   On Wednesday, June 3rd we covered the San Gabriel Valley. This is lucky 13 cause
we had some rain showers. The first time in 13 years that we had some rain. Not
only at the golf tournament but also during the Rally now. What gives with this
weather? It got to a point where Quest provided weather data to the CHP motors. Quest
also found out that CHP’s don’t melt in the rain but they are real get-it-doners. The
rain was just ‘what the professionals’ call them “AM Showers”.
    Quest had lunch at my old stomping grounds Monterey Park Fire Sta. 61, catered
by Luminarias’ and put on by the Monterey Park FF’s Assoc. I had a great time
visiting with some old fire brothers and meeting a lot of new faces there. This was a
full and a great day. Each day is because we are able to meet and visit with great
people who open their hearts and arms for us at each stop, every day, 5 days, for
13 years. Come the end of the day, part of the ground team headed up to Santa Maria where we started the 4th day covering the Santa
Barbara County. Our lodging was reserved at the beautiful Santa Maria Inn. Sara San Juan, Sales Manager, and every employee was very
pleasant during our 1-night stay before heading off in the morning to a NEW STOP – Pismo Beach Fire Sta. 64 for the CCFCGT
check presentation.
   On Thursday, June 4th half of Quest covered the Ventura County area while the other covered the Santa Barbara County. We wish to
thank Myles Smith for 13 years as the Ventura County Area Coordinator. You have done a great job. To start off the day like every year,
we were very fortunate to have the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department/SAR Unit. We’d like to thank Captain Steve Giles and
                                                          Deputy Greg Chase (Ret.) for donating flying time to provide a flight for
                                                          Quest’s Ventura County Celebrity Rick Chambers. Rick, for 6 years, has
                                                          been a staple for Quest as our Celeb for Ventura County. Rick donates
                                                          countless hours and provides airtime as well for the public to see the good
                                                          that the fire service is doing in the community, for not only Ventura County
                                                          but for Southern California. Rick was able to bring his wife and daughter and
                                                          it was great to meet them. County Copter 7 flew Rick, his family, and Quest’s
                                                          Photographer George Guajardo who Myles was able to obtain from Scripp’s
                                                          Institute in Ventura. George did the presentation photos for Ventura County
                                                          and the dinner at Santa Barbara City Fire Dept’s Training Tower. George did
                                                          an outstanding job. Thank you to Myles and Charnell Smith for the
                                                          breakfast at Shield’s Park in Fillmore. By 3:30PM, the Ventura leg was off to
                                                          meet up with the Santa Barbara leg and the Hoffman’s at the Santa Barbara
                                                                Wish to also thank Howard Orr for 13 years as the Santa Barbara County
                                                             Area Coordinator, as well as Rick Pinal for those years as Howard’s
                                                             Assistant. Rick has been in charge of the schedules and the lower half of the
County. Great job by both of you. For the last 5 years, Mike Klusyk has helped out immensely in assisting with organizing the Santa
Barbara leg. This year, Howard was not able to join us so Mike stepped up and ran the leg with great support and assistance from Rick
Pinal. For the past 5 years, Engineer Olga Herrera from Santa Barbara City Fire has been very instrumental in obtaining a rig to join
the procession for the day. This year was the first time I was able to be part of the Santa Barbara leg and I have missed Olga and the
opportunity to express our thanks in person for the great support and assistance she has provided. Mike also had his hands full with a
reunion we planned with Montecito Fire and the Hoffman’s, who lived in Montecito and were burned in a Fire in 11/08. A special
presentation was made by the Grand Master Hai of Ching Hai International. Quest had a very special day with not only the meeting with
the Hoffman’s, but starting the day with an escort to Pismo Beach and Pismo Fire Sta. #64 in San Luis Obispo County for the check
presentation from the CCFCGT Golf Tournament by Greg Leptich, Founder and Director. We then traveled to Santa Maria Fire Sta. 4 for
breakfast, then to Guadalupe, Lompoc Fire, Santa Barbara County Fire/Santa Ynez, Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Dispatch, and the
Santa Barbara Pier; where we met up with the Hoffman’s, the Ventura Leg, and Joshua and Jeremy Pemberton of Twiin Productions.
When Joshua and Jeremy heard about the Hoffman’s being burned, the brothers
and founders of Twiin Productions held a benefit concert to raise funds for them
last Nov. 20th at the Stateside in Santa Barbara. Twiin Productions, with Bands
Iration and Still Time, raised $3,500. Then on May 29th, Twiin Productions had
another benefit concert ,and the bands Rebelution and Iration donated their
costs, raising $7,500 for the Hoffman’s. You might say that this was one good
reunion and a great union of everyone at a great dinner Sponsored by the
Santa Barbara City FF’s Assoc. The Santa Barbara City Firefighters did an
outstanding job on the dinner and welcoming us to their city along with the
Ventura County Leg and the escorts. This was the first time that Santa Barbara
City Firefighters sponsored a meal and THANKS SO MUCH FOR A
    It is always amazing how when Quest is on the Rally, sometimes we get some real awesome
phone calls. While on the Rally, I get a phone call from a representative of Ching Hai
International which I come to find out is an international organization that provides funds to
non-profit groups that heavily support the community, and raises funds for people injured in
disasters. This group wanted to meet up with us in Santa Barbara and make a donation to Quest
and our mission. Representatives of the Grand Master Hai came to the dinner and made a check
presentation of $11,000. What a surprise. This marked 4 days down and 1 to go for the Lucky
13th Annual.
    On the last and final day of the 13th Annual Quest Rally 2009, IT RAINED BUT TO A
POINT. See, when we met on Friday, June 5th at base, we had our LONG-TIME GOOD
FRIEND Dr. George Fischbeck with us. Where would Quest be if not for Dr. George? I don’t know but he has added so much
strength and endurance and caring to this organization. It is to great people like Dr. George (who has been raising funds for burn
                                                   survivors for over 25 years), Rick Chambers, Colleen Williams, Nancy Lopez, Bob
                                                   Banfield, and Kent Shocknek who have supported Quest over the years. Well we then
                                                   asked Dr. George to send a request for the rain to stop and wouldn’t you believe it
                                                   stopped raining. We found out that the CHP uniforms are not water-proof either.
                                                   Thanks Dr. George for the connections. The last day is always looked forward to
                                                   as the grand finale, cause we have not only the local departments, but also the great
                                                   welcome at Warner Bros. Studios and of course Galpin Ford. Each of these locations
                                                   put on a show that is so gratifying, to know that these 2 great companies care as well.
                                                   Fire Chief Don Biggs and his crew from Warner Bros. and Mr. and Mrs. Boeckmann,
                                                   Brad Boeckmann, Carolynn Chavez (my go-between), and Giovanni – The Chef for
                                                   the many years of superb meals. I personally enjoyed the chocolate- covered
                                                   marshmallows. YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM. Galpin Ford has supplied Quest
                                                   vans for logistics for 13 years and Quest is so indebted for your support.
                                                         I want to extend a great deal of thanks and appreciation to Ken Fuller of Gear
                                                   USA who has been a great supported of Quest over the Years. Ken and his crew
                                                   worked extremely hard to provide Quest with the Rally 2009 Event Shirt. Gear USA
donated not only their time but artwork for this shirt to show their caring for the Cause. They worked ‘til the wee small hours to get the
shirts done for us and WE are extremely thankful. It is devotion like this and
ALL our other sponsors that Quest is able to keep fording ahead and reach
13 and even 14. Hey.
    Hard to believe 13 years go by so quick and we are already geared for 14
– Aren’t WE PEOPLE!! Thanks so much to all the volunteers for taking
time away from family and friends to participate and lend a valuable hand.
To each and every Officer and Sgt. that assisted in the escort for a safe tour
MANY THANKS. To Mercy Air, Roy Cox, Bill Jones, Flight Crew for 13
years of support. To the CSFA, Dave Hubert, Barbara, and Team thanks
so much for the years of support. To all the Departments that support
Quest, Sponsors of meals and equipment, and to Dr. George Fischbeck
and Rick Chambers for a very memorable Rally 2009.

   Thanks to the Area Coordinators for their hard work:

   Pete Lawson – High Desert
   Mike Matheson, Chris Fowler, Scott Carpenter – Riverside
   Bill Buehler – Inland Empire
   Deanne Johanson – Big Bear
   Scott Stephens – Orange County
   Stu Stefani – San Gabriel Valley
   Stu Stefani/Jeff Howe – LA, and San Fernando Valley
   Howard Orr, Mike Klusyk, Rick Pinal – Santa Barbara County
   Myles Smith – Ventura County
   Conrad and Cat Batham—Catalina Island

   The Best to ALL for 2009.

   Scott French
   Rally 2009 Chairman

                                                                             All work while we play!
   California Highway                              Patrol

 The 13th Annual Quest Rally was               unbelievable and
being associated with the CHP                  made it that
more awesome. For 13 years, the                   CHP
has supported us even with budgets
and the economy. The Quest rally
would not be a success if not for the CHP and the great
personnel. Quest deals with 4 Divisions in its 1,250 mile Event
and many initial contacts who deal with obtaining the Officers
for the detail and going over the routes for maximum exposure     professionalism which I wish to mention – in the Coastal I want to
and most importantly the safety of all in the Event. Quest even   thank Sgt. Ploetz in Santa Maria, Officer Phillipe Hernandez in
had many Officers that request to be put on the detail when       Buellton, and Sgt’s Dave Robertson and Dave Prows in Santa
contacted. This is a great honor to know that the Sgt’s and       Barbara, and Officer Chip Erickson in Ventura; in Southern I wish
Officers look forward to our Event and associating with all the   to thank Sgt. Mark Garrett at Division and Sgt. A. J. Torres from
volunteers and Burn Survivors.                                    West Valley; in Border I wish to thank Officer Brian Habegger for
                                                                  all the ground work he does; in Inland I wish to thank Sgt. Tel
This year we collected $182,000 and the CHP were a big part of    Preszler and Officer Mario Lopez for the High Desert, Riverside,
this success. The Divisions we contact for the Event are:         Inland Empire and Big Bear. The crew that each of these Sgt’s and
Coastal, Southern, Border, and Inland. I wish to thank the        Officers obtained, like in past years, are the best and are great to
                                         Chief’s of each          associate with. Everyone is a great representation of the California
                                         Division for the great   Highway Patrol, and Quest is very lucky to have them each year.
                                         support and the          What would Quest do if not for the CHP?
                                         contacts inside the
                                         CHP      for     their   Thanks again to each and every one of you for your superb escort
                                         support          and     and Association this year. Look out for the 14th Annual Quest Rally -
                                                                  is that for real – 14 Years!

                                                                               Scott French
                                                                               2009 Rally Chairman
              Many Thanks to the CSFA

For 6 years, Dave Hubert, wife Barbara, and Dave’s CSFA
Horse-Drawn Steamer Team has supported Quest by providing the
Team during the week at specific stops. This year, even with over
60 events to attend, Dave and his crew always have time for
Firefighters Quest. I wish to send a special thank you to Kevin
Nida, President, in allowing the Steamer Team to join us. With all
these Events during the Year, Dave and Barbara seem to hold off
on their vacation for Quest. Each Member of the Team is a great
representation of the Horse-Drawn Steamer and we are very
honored to have them with us. This year, the stops were on
Monday in Upland for lunch and La Verne for Dinner.

I appreciate the CHP in their willingness to escort the Steamer and
to Dave for his ongoing support for Burn Survivors and Burn

                                                                      Dave and his Team expend a lot of time and energy for our Event
                                                                      and that Hails a Special Thank You. The Horse-Drawn Steamer is
                                                                      a great addition and is an attention getter at the stops for the public
                                                                      to see just what is going on. Each stop that the Steamer is used
                                                                      requires a 1 1/2 hr dress out and are staged a ½ mi out from
                                                                      destination for ease of horses and another 1 hr dress down. Dave
                                                                      and the CSFA donate their time and cost (which with Insurance is
                                                                      not cheap) to support Burn Survivors, Grant Program, Burn
                                                                      Centers and Burn Organizations.

                                                                      Thanks so much for all you do for Quest!
                       13th Annual Quest Rally, A Success!
  Often Times I’m asked how Quest has become so successful, and my reply is simple, great volunteers and compassionate donors
interested in helping others. As I look back on the recent Quest Rally, I am reminded of a great week with family and friends. All
sacrificed time from work, their family and friends joining together for the cause of helping others. While many were established
Quest volunteers, we had the honor of welcoming many new members to our family. Each participated with a happy greeting and a
smile on their face and each exhibited the spirit of volunteerism ready to work each and every day with the mission of Quest in their

  So with the 2009 Quest Rally in the history books, what an inspirational and rewarding week it was. I am honored to volunteer
with an organization that just 13 years ago was a small dream that involved hope and the ability to help others affected by burn
injuries. It is truly remarkable to see what Quest has become. Fast forward 13 years, the philosophy is still the same and the dream
has been nothing short of miraculous.

   During the week of June 1–5, 2009, the Quest Rally’s caravan of dedicated volunteers traveled nearly 1300 miles over a period of
five days collecting donations from agencies, organizations and individuals throughout California for burn survivors. Firefighters
participated from communities in Central and Southern California where many generous contributions were made. To our loyal
friends, we appreciate your continued support. At the end of the week, the Rally continued to prove to be a tremendous
demonstration that the fire service and our faithful Quest supporters continue their commitment to assist those that have been
affected by burn injuries.

  As those who traveled with us know, each day offered something new and provided memories that will last forever. The support
from area Fire Chiefs and the Firefighters Unions are much appreciated. The Mercy Air flights, the great support of Mr. Bert
Boeckmann and the Galpin family, The Walt Disney Company support and our family of friends from Warner Bros are special in
their own ways. Our friends from the California Highway Patrol and the visit to Fox Studios are some examples of highlights during
the week. The continued support from our states Military Bases (Fort Irwin, March and Los Alamitos) are unforgettable as was the
awesome site of Dave Hubert’s CSFA’s antique horse drawn steamer. The reunions with our brother and sister firefighters and the
opportunities to see friends from past as well as meeting new are all reasons for the Rally’s success and provide memories that will
not be forgotten.

  This year’s Rally once again included multiple Rally legs occurring throughout the week. The logistics involved to complete this
task were daunting, but occurred without a hitch. We always enjoy the participation of so many faithful departments and participants.
Completing the week at Galpin Ford as guests of the Boeckmann family is an honor and a great way to conclude the Rally. With the
help of our celebrity spokespersons Dr. George Fischbeck, & Rick Chambers, Quest collected nearly $182,000.00 in direct
donations. Quest is proud to announce the following organizations that will benefit from your contributions:

  Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation
  Arrowhead Medical Center - Burn Center
  Burn Institute - Inland Empire
  Children’s Burn Foundation
  Firefighters Burn Institute
  Fresno Community Burn Center
  Grossman Burn Center – Santa Ana
  Grossman Burn Center – Sherman Oaks
  International Association of Firefighters Burn Foundation
  Torrance Burn Center
  UCI Medical Center – Burn Center
  UCI Burn Foundation
  LA/USC Burn Center
  Individual Burn Survivors

  Once again, a very special thank you to all who volunteered with enthusiasm and for the sacrifices made in order to travel with the
Rally caravan for the cause of helping others. Thanks also to the Executive Board of Directors who provide the vision and direction
of the organization and the Area Coordinators who set the logistics plan and pull it together. To the road crew who make the dream a
reality, Quest wouldn’t exist without each of you and the purpose you serve. Special thanks to all who donate to the cause and
purpose of helping others. Many will benefit from our efforts and we can all stand proud of our mission and desire to help those
affected by burn injuries.

  Thank you once again for all you do for the burn community!

  Tom Propst
  Executive Director
    The "21st Annual World Burn Congress            burn victims... All who attended came back
(WBC)" is on the horizon. It will be held           home with an immense feeling of renewed
August 26-29 2009 in New York City. For those       spirits of being burn survivors, who have
of you who don't know what this is. It is an        found new life long friendships who continue
annual gathering for burn survivors, family         to thrive and give support to one another
members, and medical personnel, put together        whenever needed. We all feel indebted to
by The Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors,          Firefighters Quest, and will attend the 2009
that is held in a different city each year. Quest   Quest Rally to aid in the quest for burn
has given full and partial grants to survivors,     survivors. Here's a pic of me my fellow bs'er
family members and medical personnel who w/         pals at WBC last nights dinner & closing
out the generosity of the donations, would be       ceremonies.
unable to attend this life changing event. This
conference is a place to learn about new               Thank you,
techniques in burn care, reunite with old
friends and meet new one's. There are guest            Yolonda Hawkins
speakers, support groups, educational classes,           (burn survivor)
and a chance for all to share their stories
through open mic. At the 2008 conference
which was held in Raleigh North Carolina,
Quest was able to sponsor an astronomical 30
something bser's etc. from California to attend
the event. This changed the life of many who
thought that they lived alone in the world as
    “Lanesboro Lemonade”

With the help of our friends in the
neighborhood, we were able to
raise money for the Firefighters
Quest for Burn Survivors. So far
this summer we were able to raise
$44.81 by making and selling
lemonade. With the help of other
friends in the neighborhood we
also made snow cones and a bunch
of people gave tips for the charity.
We had so much fun doing this and
we can’t wait to do it again. Thank
you to all the kids in our Lanesboro
Neighborhood who emptied their
piggy banks who helped us raise
the money.
Organized and written by:
Nicole Stefani – Age 9
Brooke Dawson – Age 11
Hannah Bernstein – Age 9
Tyler Bernstein – Age 11
Contact:     Deanne Johanson, Administrative Assistant/Public Information Officer
Phone #:     (909) 585-2362
Cell #:      (909) 731-9881

      RELEASE DATE: June 1, 2009


BIG BEAR CITY, CA/July 29, 2009 – On June 1, 2009, the Fire Fighters Quest for Burn Survivors visited
the Big Bear Valley to collect donations. They arrived via a Mercy Air helicopter at Big Bear City Airport to
rally for donations. Awaiting the Quest team was Brian Grimes and his antique fire engine, and the crew
from Big Bear City Fire Department. The group then caravanned to visit each Big Bear Valley Fire Station
to collect donations. After visiting all the stations with over $2,000 worth of donations, they dined at the
Grizzly Manor, where Jayme Nordine treated them to lunch. With the generosity of each fire agency in Big
Bear Valley, the Quest will be able to provide assistance to men, women, and children that have been af-
fected by burn injuries. The Quest operates with a 100% volunteer staff.

Picture attached.

In front of Grizzly Manor with entire Quest Rally crew and Big Bear City Fire Department relay crew.

           # # #
                                                                Then came the long run to Chino Valley. We
                                                             fortunately arrived at their new Administrative
   GREETINGS FROM THE GREATER                                Headquarters with the help of our trusty scout, Tanto
          INLAND EMPIRE                                      Zlotorowicz. It seams the new HQ was on a street so
                                                             new, that it was not on the maps of any of our GPS units.
                                                                Next was the long trip to La Verne – but there was no
   The 2009 Quest is now complete and after more than        traffic on the freeway so we got there fast!!! Pulling off
one hundred stops, the amount collected for burn             the 210 FWY was great as the La Verne Police
survivors topped $182,000. We should all be very proud       Department had Foothill Blvd. set for a straight thru drive
of this accomplishment.                                      to meet the steamer. Once again a great procession to
                                                             their station for dinner with good friends.
   We were very excited to have the CSFA Steamer with
us in Upland and La Verne. The sight of them coming
up Second Street (Downtown Upland) with steam
pluming from the stack and Blaze running alongside was                  COMING EVENTS IN THE
awesome. Once again in La Verne, they led us down D
Street to Dinner at Headquarters. Individuals on the                      INLAND EMPIRE
street were awestruck to see the horse drawn steamer            With this year’s Car Show behind them, Rancho
with police and CHP escort followed by Fire Department       Cucamonga Firefighters are gearing up for the
Equipment and Quest vehicles. Thanks again to Dave &         inaugural “Never Forget Memorial Ball” on September
Barbara Hubert for the CSFA Steamer and horses.              11th. This formal dinner and dance will honor the FDNY
Tinkerbell was a little jealous of Blaze but got over it     heroes who lost their lives on September 11th as well as
quickly.                                                     those that died in the line of duty last year. Join us for
                                                             an evening of remembrance and tradition including the
  Once again a big THANK YOU to Sgt. Briggs and our          RCFD Color Guard and debut of the RCFD Pipes and
CHP escort for delivering us safely to our last stop at La   Drums band. Tickets will be available soon – call (909)
Verne. Well except for the front bumper of the Burbank       477-2770 for more information.
Suburban and the back bumper of the Galpin Van                  The 14th Annual Chino Firemen’s Muster will be held
which was not their fault. It had to happen as this was      on September 27, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Chino
our 13th year, so with that behind us in Rancho              Junior Fair Grounds. Events include fire explorer muster
Cucamonga, the rest of the Quest was without incident.       team competition, Chili cook off competition,
                                                             Entertainment, Food and craft vendors as well as
   Upland’s lunch and La Verne’s dinner were as usual –      a Bounce house and slides for the kids. For more
EXCELLENT!!! Thanks for all the hard work both of you        information, contact Massiel De Guevara at 909 902-
did to put on such great meals.                              5260.

    Rancho Cucamonga started out with a crash,                 Thanks again for all your help in another successful
followed by a generous donation from their 12th Annual       Quest!
Car Show. Almost 150 classic cars parked along the
grassy knoll and around the lake at Red Hill
Community Park to be judged by their peers in                  Bill Buehler and my sidekick Tinkerbell
more than a dozen categories. Classic oldies                   Inland Empire Coordinators
tunes livened up the festivities as visitors took part in
a pancake breakfast, opportunity drawings,
exhibitors and more.

   Lunch at Upland was followed by a late stop at Baldy
View Elementary School. Even though school was out
for the day, nearly 75 students stuck around for our

   Montclair was a fun stop pulling the entire Quest
parade of vehicles into the bay and behind the HQ
station. It was a tight fit but we managed.

   Ontario welcomed us back to their HQ, although
many of their engines and staff were on brush training. I
truly do not miss that at all.
   San Gabriel &
     San Fernando Valleys                                                  Orange County
    Thank you one and all for another successful “QUEST RALLY                 On June 2nd, The Firefighter's Quest made its 13th trip
2009”. It’s hard to believe that we have been doing this for 13 years      through Orange County. Multiple meetings, emails, and
now !!!. The donations collected for Wednesday June 3rd (San Gabriel)      countless phone calls finally came to fruition. Beginning with a
and Friday June 5th (San Fernando) were an OUTSTANDING                     hearty breakfast of Krispy Kreme doughnuts and coffee in Brea,
$66,255.00.                                                                we started the caravan through "God's Country". At lunchtime,
    This year The Rally traveled in the San Gabriel Valley on              the Los Alamitos Firefighters hosted an outstanding
Wednesday June 3th. The Rally made stops at The LA Firemen’s
Credit Union, Pasadena Fire, South Pasadena, San Marino, San                  All-American BBQ. At the end of the long day, Orange
Gabriel, and Alhambra. The Rally made a lunch stop at Monterey Park        County Fire Station 33 opened their doors to us for our final
Fire Station #61 with lunch provided from Luminaries’ Restaurant and       stop. The caravan then sped off to meet the Fish Off in Long
organized by Rick Burroughs and the crews at Fire Station #61.             Beach. Thank you to the entire Quest cast for keeping things
Monterey Park did a great job hosting and the volunteers were very         safe, on time, on track and relatively problem free. And, of
grateful. Thanks Rick & Luminaries’. On a second note Capt. Rick           course, a big round of applause goes to Officer Brian Habegger
Burroughs conducted a silent auction at Station 61 with baskets            and the CHP Officers from the Santa Ana Office. Even Orange
donated by Himself and his Wife Carmela. These Gift baskets alone          County rush hour traffic could not stop the Quest Caravan!
raised over $750. Thank You Rick and Carmela for all the work              During our productive day, donations were collected for Orange
involved in preparing these Gift Baskets, they were a giant hit.           County Burn Association, UCI Medical Center Burn Unit, and
    The Rally continued to Montebello, Downey, Santa Fe Springs,           Grossman Burn Center at Wet Med Santa Ana as well as the
Monrovia, Arcadia, and ended the day in Sierra Madre. I’d like to          Firefighters Quest for Burn Survivors.
thank all the Department Contacts for their help in organizing a
successful and smooth running day.                                              I would like to thank the following people who help make
    On Friday June 5th, The Quest Rally started with a stop at LA          the 2009 a incredible success:
City's’ Frank Hotchkin Training Facility, Fox Studios, Beverly Hills,
and Disney Studios. The Rally made there annual stop at Warner             Dan Gibson, Chris Lingwall and the Brea Firefighters
Brothers Studio Ranch for yet another outstanding Lunch. Thanks               Association
Chief Biggs and staff for another year of support. After lunch the Rally   Matt Nelson and the Orange City Firefighters Association
continued to Glendale Fire, Burbank Fire, Von’s Pavilions of Burbank       Jim Ramirez and the Anaheim Firefighters Association
and Burbank Airport Fire. After the Airport, the rally continued to        Randy Garcia and the Garden Grove Firefighters Association
Galpin Ford for a wonderful ending rally dinner provided by Mr.            Brad Canepa and the Los Alamitos Firefighters Association
Boeckmann of Galpin Ford in Van Nuys, who has been a great                 Keith Bateman and the Huntington Beach Firefighters
supporter of “Quest”.                                                         Association
    It’s always amazing to me how many volunteers show up for the          Chief Drake and the Huntington Beach Chief Officers
Friday Rally Day, word must be getting out about all the Fun & Food           Association
that day!!!!                                                               Joe Cucinotti and the Fountain Valley Firefighters Association
    I would like to give a special thanks to Sergeant A.J. Torres and      Ethan Poli and the Santa Ana Firefighters Association
Officer Kevin James of the California Highway Patrol for keeping us        Darren DeFluiter and the Costa Mesa Firefighters Association
safe and on time. Without the CHP’s support this event would               Carlos Medina and the Newport Beach Firefighters Association
probably not take place.                                                   Thomas Padden and the Laguna Beach Firefighters Association
    Thanks again to all your generosity and support. Working together      Hiddo Horlings, Robert Alvarado and the Orange County
we are making a difference in the lives of many burn survivors in             Professional Firefighters Association
California and throughout the United States.                               Orange County Fire Authority Assistant Chief Kramer,
                                                                           The Crew from OCFA Truck 4,
   Stu Stefani                                                             Dr. Marianne Cinat, Jennifer Todd from the UCI Burn Center
   San Gabriel / San Fernando Valley                                       Meredith Rattay from Grossman Western Medical Center, Santa
   Area Coordinator / Board Member                                            Ana
                                                                           California Highway Patrol Officers Habegger, Pangan, Burns,
                                                                              Rosenfelt, and the rest of the Santa Ana CHP Office.
                                                                           All the Firefighters Quest Volunteers…

                                                                           Please remember without you, none of this would be possible!

                                                                           Scott Stephens
                                                                           Orange County Coordinator
   Ventura County                                                                Riverside County
  Thanks to all who participated in the 2009 Quest Rally. It was yet          Well another Quest year has come and gone, I hear it was
another successful year with participation from most all county fire          very successful but I have to be honest, I didn't
agencies. The economy has hit all of us hard but that didn’t stop the         attend. My Asst. Coordinator Chris Fowler did the
donations from rolling in. Some were less and some were more but at           honors this year and although the Riverside County leg
the end of the day our goals were met and we had a great time to boot.        was short it was a good year. Chris started at his dept.
Next year we’re shooting for 100% participation again.                        (March FD) which had a breakfast, then it was off to
                                                                              Visterra Credit Union, Murrieta FD, Norco FD and Chik
  Thanks also go out to Capt. Steve Giles and Deputy Greg Chase and           Fil A for lunch. After lunch the Riverside Co. leg met
the Ventura County Sheriffs Air Unit who transported our celebrity            with the San Berdo leg and continued on to La Verne For
Rick Chambers and his wife and daughter to the start of the Rally in          dinner. This year Chris was able to secure the Moreno
Fillmore. The Sheriffs Union also donated a fat check to Quest. I saw         Valley Lowes Hardware as a contributor as well, Great
Chip Erickson from the CHP on a TC today and that reminded me to              job Bro. I know in these economic hard times it can be
thank the California Highway Patrol for all their efforts throughout the      stressful to try to compete with Quest years gone by. I
Rally keeping us safe and on time.                                            don't know what the final tally was for this year but I do
                                                                              know in Riverside Co. it wasn't our best year. So I sit
  This was the first time the Ventura County Rally traveled to Santa          and ask myself a few questions; How can we make a
Barbara for their BBQ and I hope it’s not the last. It’s great to cruise up   bigger difference? How can we possibly collect more
the coast and top off the Rally with cold sodas and hot food. We were         money with all the financial strife in our county, in our
also envious of several major donations made. Good job guys!                  state? I come up with a few ideas to pacify me but more
                                                                              importantly I think about all the people I'm surrounded
  Keep up the good work                                                       with in our Quest organization. All of you that have
                                                                              fulfilled the needs in the lives of so many people for over
Myles Smith                                                                   ten years. Although this really doesn't solve my
Area Coordinator                                                              problems with raising more money it does fill my heart
Ventura County                                                                with a richness that cannot be replaced
                                                                              monetarily. Sometimes the biggest differences can be
PS                                                                            made not in the amount of money willing to give or
Department coordinators- Drop a line to your Chiefs and thank them on         collect but in the willingness to give of ones self and
our behalf for allowing the use of department vehicles and personnel for      ones time. I reflect and thank God for all the really good
the Quest Rally. Make sure they get an invitation to the Golf                 years the Quest has had, for all the blessings he has given
Tournament in March.                                                          to all of us and for the possibilities in the years
                                                                              ahead. This is what makes me continue the good fight
                                                                              for the Firefighters Quest for Burn Survivors.

                                                                              Mike Matheson,
                                                                              Riverside County Coordinator

   High Desert
   High Desert – Day one of the Quest Rally took place in the High
Desert. We started out at San Bernardino County Fire Station 311 for
a continental breakfast, compliments of the San Bernardino County
Firefighters Association and a meet and greet with all the players for
the day. We had a driver’s safety briefing and then we headed out.               The Quest Report is published quarterly by
The second stop of the day was Apple Valley Fire. Thank you Chief
Qualls and the Apple Valley Firefighters for their continued support,
                                                                              Firefighters Quest for Burn Survivors, a
Chief Qualls allowed the use of an engine for the entire day. The next        charitable tax exempt corporation.
stop was a sad one for all of us. St. Mary’s Catholic School will be             For more information log onto our website
closing its doors after 50 years, the school has been a part of the
Firefighters Quest Rally for quite some time and has been a highlight         at, or call us at
stop for us, their smiling faces and cheers will truly be missed. Our         (866) WE QUEST.
final stop was San Bernardino County Station 2 in Devore. Special                We would like to thank all those who
thanks to Fire Chief Dennen and Division Chief Hultquist of County
Fire for their support and the San Bernardino County Sheriffs                 contributed to this issue, including photos by
Department for assisting in the escort of caravan and making it               Leonard Zlotorowicz, Elaine Rojas, Rick
another safe part of the rally.                                               McCarter, Edwin Leviste, and some we know we
   Pete Lawson                                                                are forgetting but appreciate just the same!
   High Desert Coordinator
   At the       Grossman Burn Center,                                              doing incredible things is all in a day’s
work. Through their tireless effort, our surgeons, nurses, and staff literally give people their lives back, by effecting
amazing cosmetic and functional restorations of seriously injured patients.

   Some of our success stories like the stories of Zubaida and Youssif are well known and have been the subject of
broad media coverage, but other stories are waiting to be told. So, embracing the “YouTube revolution” we have
embarked on a project to host archived Grossman Burn Center footage on a dedicated Grossman Burn Center
YouTube Channel.

   Over the coming weeks and months, we will roll out video segments that capture the essence of what we do every
day at the Grossman Burn Center. It is my hope that these videos will inspire you, lift your spirits, and remind you of
the amazing things that can be accomplished when a patient’s indomitable human spirit meets cutting edge technology
and surgical skill.

  If you are receiving this email, it is because you are, in one way or another, part of the extended “Grossman Burn
Center Family”—former patients, staff, friends, or colleagues.

   I’d like to ask for your help in making this video project a success by:

   1. Visiting the Grossman Burn Center YouTube Channel at:

   2. Sharing a link to the channel with friends and colleagues, and

   3. Subscribing to the channel (simply click the SUBSCRIBE button on the channel page) which will ensure that you
are notified as new videos become available.

   Also, if you are a Facebook user, we have rolled out a Facebook group in conjunction with the YouTube
project. Please stop by and join our group:

Best wishes,


     Restoring Lives Through Innovative Burn Care
Roy Forbes
Director of Business Development
Grossman Burn Centers
4910 Van Nuys Blvd., Suite 306
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
(818) 981-2050 work
(310) 770-1303 cell

               We’d like to again
               thank our sponsors for
               the Covert Coolers at
               our    recent      golf
               tournament. They were
               a big hit and we
               appreciate your support!
    Grants and Patient Assistance
American Burn Association Annual Conference
For nearly a decade, Firefighters Quest has supported professional staff from the local southern California burn centers to go to the
American Burn Association annual conference. 2009, the conference was held in San Antonio, Texas and it was a landmark year. In
addition to sponsoring one staff from each burn center, Quest hosted a meal for many in attendance from all those burn centers. On
that note, we are grateful for the participation of 6 burn centers and the collaboration of that evening.

I quote an attendee, Robert Clayton OTR/L from Torrance Burn Center in a letter he sent to us after the conference.
     “I wanted to thank you for the dinner at Paesanos on the River Walk. It was great getting to known more about the
     Firefighters Quest for Burn Survivors organization. In addition it was good to meet the other grant recipients from the 6
     burn units. Great Turnout! It helps getting to known other staff from the various burn units to increase connections and
     support in problem solving various issues that we face with burn survivors… Thank you so much for all your support”

Never before have all these burn center staff had the opportunity to sit down to a meal together in such a united manner. Quest can
be proud to be the sponsor of such an occasion, to follow its mission in supporting burn centers and survivors. Thank you all of you
who attended and made the evening the terrific occasion it was.

World Burn Congress
Soon this year’s Congress will be in full swing in New York City, New York on August 26th thru 29th. For a first ever time, the
burn survivors will visit the “big apple”. Quest has dedicated funds for a minimum of 20 people to go to this yearly conference.
Travel plans and seminar registrations are almost complete. We look forward to hearing about the inspirational moments that this
congress impresses on the many people in attendance.

Patient and Family Assistance
Quest is always active in supporting burn survivors and their families. This support is given in so many ways to so many different
individuals. Everyone’s needs are often just a little different that another. Thank you to burn center staff who are advocates for
those in need. You are our connection to the very people we all want to help. From therapy to a pair of shoes, keep your requests
coming so we can continue to fulfill our mission of supporting burn survivors.

                                                                      Elaine Rojas

     5th Annual Golf Tournament
                Benefiting the
  Firefighters Quest for Burn Survivors
      Location – Hesperia CC
      Date – September 14, 2009
          Check In 1000
       Shot Gun Start 1100
      Food/Beverages on Course and Afterwards
  Cost $100 per person / $400.00 per foursome                                Attendees from 6 local burn centers
Mail Entry to: Capt. Mark Wright, 14141 Coachella Rd                               meet for dinner at the
                  Apple Valley CA, 92307                                American Burn Conference in San Antonio Texas
Phone - 760-964-0973, Email -
         Field Limited to 144 players
          Firefighters Quest
          for Burn Survivors                       Battalion Chief’s Club
    2009 Levels of Giving Clubs                    $1,001.00-$5,000.00 in monetary donations
                   (1/1/09 – 8/4/09)               Appleby, Roy & Pat
                                                   Bear Valley Firemen’s Assoc. Inc.
                                                   Beverly Hills Firefighters
                                                   Burbank Firefighters
                                                   Burbank Glendale Pasadena Airport Authority Fire
Fire Chief’s Club                                     Department
$10,000.00 and above in monetary donations         Chino Valley Fire Foundation
                                                   FOX Group
Central Coast FF’s Charity Golf                    Glendale Firefighters Club
                                                   LaVerne Firefighters Assoc.
  Tournament                                       Los Angeles Firemen’s Credit Union
LA City / LA County Fishoff                        March Fire Dept. Assoc.
Supreme Master Ching Hai                           Montebello FF. Assoc.
                                                   Montecito Fireman’s Assoc.
  International Assoc.                             Oxnard Firefighters Assoc.
Walt Disney Studios Employees                      Pasadena Firefighters Assoc.
                                                   Rancho Cucamonga Prof. FF’s Assoc
                                                   San Bernardino City FF. Assoc.
                                                   San Marino Firefighters Assoc.
Deputy Chief’s Club                                Santa Barbara County Firefighters
$5,001.00-$9,999.00 in monetary donations          Santa Fe Springs City
                                                   Santa Fe Springs FF. Assoc.
Mt. High Resort                                    Upland Fire Foundation
                                                   Ventura City Firefighters Assoc.
Propst, Wallace

         Captain’s Club
         $501.00-$1,000.00 in monetary donations
                                                                  Engineer’s Club
                                                                  $251.00-$500.00 in monetary donations
         Arcadia Firefighters Assoc.
         Brea Firefighters Assoc.
                                                                  Alhambra Firefighters Assoc.
         Buehler, Bill & Lorrie
                                                                  Apple Valley Firefighters Assoc.
         Costa Mesa Firefighters Assoc.
                                                                  Baldy View Elementary School
         Davis, Joanne
                                                                  Big Bear Lake Prof. FF. Assoc.
         Downey Firefighters Assoc.
                                                                  Chino Valley Fire District
         Fischbeck, George & Susanne
                                                                  Fillmore Fire Department
         Fountain Valley FF’s Assoc.
                                                                  Huntington Beach Fireman’s Assoc.
         Fort Irwin Fire Dept.
                                                                  Huntington Beach Fire Mgmt Assoc.
         Frawley Family Foundation
                                                                  Monrovia Firefighters Assoc.
         Garden Grove Firefighters Assoc.
                                                                  Murrieta Firefighters Assoc.
         Laguna Beach FF’s / OCPFA
                                                                  North Shore Homeowners
         Lompoc Firefighters Assoc.
                                                                      Improvement Assoc.
         Montclair Firefighters Assoc.
                                                                  Orange City Firefighters Assoc.
         NBC Universal Employees F.C.U.
                                                                  Santa Barbara County Dispatch
         Orange County Prof. FF’s Assoc.
                                                                  Santa Maria Firefighters
         Ontario Firefighters Assoc.
                                                                  So. Pasadena FF’s Relief Fund
         San Gabriel City Firemen’s Assoc.
                                                                  Soto, Patricia & John
         Santa Ana Firemen’s Assoc.
                                                                  St. Mary’s Catholic School
         Santa Barbara City Firefighters
                                                                  Ventura County Dep. Sheriff’s Assoc
         Santa Paula Firefighters
                                                                  Ventura County Prof. FF’s Assoc.
         Sierra Madre Vol. FF’s Assoc., Inc
                                                                  Wray, John & Donna
         Stead, Bill & Carole
         Sterling USA, Inc.
                                                                   Sponsor’s Club
                                                                   Donations of In - Kind services
   Firefighter’s Club
   $51.00-$250.00 in monetary donations                            1-800 BoardUp
                                                                   Buehler, Bill & Lorrie
   Big Bear City Prof. FF. Assoc.                                  Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Firefighters
   Boothby, Robert                                                 Burbank Fire Department
   Competitive Edge, Inc.                                          Burbank Firefighters Assoc.
   Fairview Valley Fire, Inc.                                      Chick-fil-A / Corona
   Fawnskin Firemans Assoc.                                        CSFA Steamer Team – Dave Hubert
   Guadalupe Fire Dept. Assoc.                                     Dennis Bolton Enterprises, Inc.
   Hoonanian, Mania                                                Durban, Mark
   Huff, Kay                                                       Fairview Valley Fire Department
   Latta, Jon & Jessie                                             Galpin Ford
   McLaughlin, Thomas                                              Glendale Fire Department
   Montclair Police Officers Assoc.                                Glendale Firefighters Club
   Norco Firefighters Assoc.                                       Grizzly Manor / Big Bear – Jamie Nordine
   O’Malia, Mike & Deborah                                         LA City / LA County Fishoff - Andy Ruiz
   Potts, David & Jory                                             La Verne Firefighters
   Stram, Cheryl                                                   Los Alamitos Firefighters
   Ventura City Fire Mgmt.                                         Los Angeles City Fire Department
   Visterra Credit Union                                           Los Angeles Firemen’s Credit Union
   Voltz, Art                                                      Luminaries Restaurant
                                                                   March AFB Fire Department
                                                                   Mercy Air Services
                                                                   Mt. Baldy Fire Department—Chief Bill Stead
                                                                   Mt. High Resort
   Recruit Club                                                    Murrieta Fire Department
   $1.00 - $50.00 in monetary donations                            Orange County Fire Department
                                                                   Pasadena Fire Department
   Bourgeois, John & Geraldine                                     Pasadena Firefighters Assoc.
   Garcia, Charlie & Marilyn                                       San Bernardino City Firefighters Assoc.
   Jensen, Bill & Sue                                              San Bernardino County Firefighters
   Kazazian, Christina                                             Santa Barbara City Fire Department
   Kennedy, Nancy                                                  Santa Barbara City Firefighters Assoc.
   Nahaku, Letitia                                                 Santa Barbara County Fire Department
   O’Connor, Sean                                                  Santa Maria Firefighters Assoc.
   Pechkis, Robert & Betty                                         Santa Paula Firefighters
   Pies, David                                                     Smith, Myles & Charnell
                                                                   Soto Provisions
                                                                   Upland Firefighters Assoc.
                                                                   Ventura County Prof. FF’s Assoc.
                                                                   Walt Disney Studios VoluntEARS
                                                                   Warner Bros.

                                          Plastic Water Bottles for Burn Centers       Assistance Given (Individuals)
                                                  $1,955.43                                    $28,449.96

                                          Grants (ABA)              $9,769.52          TOTAL Disbursements
This is where QUEST Donations,                                                           1/1/2009 to 6/30/2009)
    funds raised, and Grants              Assistance Given to Burn Centers &
       have been disbursed                Foundations             $42,782.50                            $82,957.41
       from January 1, 2009               (Arrowhead, Alisa Ann, Children’s Burn,
      through June 30, 2009               Circle of Care, Community Hospital,
                                          FFBI, Fountain Gate, Inland Empire,                        It is not our intent to
                                          IAFF Burn, LAC/USC, Orange County                           overlook any of our
                                          Burn, Starlight Children’s, Torrance Burn,              benefactors. If you find an
                                          UCI,)                                                  error in our levels of giving
                                                                                                 report, please contact us so
                                                                                                    that we may correct it.
                                                                                                           Thank you!
Firefighters Quest for Burn Survivors                                 NONPROFIT ORG.
                                                                     U.S. POSTAGE PAID
1146 N Central Ave #398                                                GLENDALE, CA
                                                                     PERMIT NO. 01706
Glendale, CA 91202

           Printing services for the Quest Report are provided by:
                                                     (818) 982 1800

 August 29, 2009 Big Bear Air Show at the Big Bear
 Sept. 14th, 2009 San Bernardino County FF’s
       Charity Golf Tournament
 Sept. 27, 2009 March FD Softball tournament
 October 18, 2009 Recognition Celebration
 October 2009 Fox Studios Health fair
 Dec. 5, 2009 Burn Survivor Christmas Party –
       LAFD Sta. 88
 Feb. 19th, 2010 Mountain High Ski and Ride Day
 March 15th, 2010 FF’s Quest Charity Golf
       Tournament – Angeles National Golf Club
       (same location as last year)
 April 19th, 2010 – CCFCGT Charity Golf
       Tournament – Monarch Dunes, Nipomo, CA
 May 2010 Catalina Health Fair

         Burn Survivor Support Group
     1st and 3rd Thursdays each month
         1st floor conference room
           Sherman Oaks Hospital
                    7 PM