Dirt Doctor's DIRT April 2006 by wulinqing


									                  The Ten                                   Analyzing NAIS
                  Commandments of                           A Summary of how
                  Nutrition                                 NAIS affects Your Civil
                  Simple rules for                          Liberties.
                  achieving true health.

I have to admit to being a little nervous   all but one of the advertisers that have
as I opened my mic to do the first          supported me on radio, banner ads
show at KSKY. Doing something for           and in the DIRT have joined me at the
16 years at one place creates a             new place. All of this support is
comfort level that is powerful. The         important, because without listeners
status quo- it is a significant force. As   and advertisers - there's no show! I
you probably know, I have never been        have already received significant
afraid of change, but the unknown           interest from other stations where The
affects even the most cavalier of us.       Dirt Doctor radio show will soon be
KSKY made it easy with the staff doing      broadcast as the syndication part of
the technical work and top                  the plan. Being able to help more
management being there in person for        people is exciting.
the opening show. Everyone was
extremely helpful.

Although WBAP and Disney were
excellent companies to work with,
KSKY, the Salem Radio Network and
Dirt Doctor, Inc. have a similar vision,
and this new partnership is taking a
major step into converting the world to
organics. KSKY is already investing
considerable time and money in to
marketing and promoting The Dirt
Doctor radio show, so do not be
surprised if you see my mug around
more than you would like.

I am greatly flattered that so many of
you were concerned about my
                                            Hope you enjoy this month’s edition of
whereabouts. I hope you all
                                            the DIRT. If you have any suggestions,
understand that due to contractual
                                            bring 'em on.
restrictions, my staff and I could not do
or say anything until literally a few
days before the agreement was

I am obviously delighted that so many
of you have followed me to my new
radio home. I am equally pleased that
Consider the following: “Do you           Our food sources, even the best organic
know of any industry, other than the      quality, are not what it used to be.
Health Care Industry, that says           Anyone familiar with organic practices
(with a straight face) and gets away      understands the basic concepts of soil
with it: ‘The quality of the materials    depletion through repetitive use. Our soils
that go into building our products is     are devoid of much of the rich nutrient
irrelevant and the quality of the         base it once had. One great example is
materials that are used to maintain       iodine. Iodine is typically supplied to the
the operation of our products are         soil by the ocean trade winds. Iodine,
also irrelevant’? If we consider the      found in sea water, was picked up as
human body as the “product” of the        moisture by the trade winds, blown inland
Health Care Industry, this is             and deposited in the earth’s soil via rain.
certainly the message that is             Since the increase in pollutants in the
conveyed to all of us.” - Dr. Janet       waters, iodine is not readily extracted for
Lang                                      the seas, and thus is not carried inland to
                                          the soil. The soil is then Iodine depleted
This seems like a very bold               and the food grown in that soil is likewise.
statement; however, it is absolutely      Iodine is the primary nutrient for the
true. Healthcare is the only industry     thyroid gland and its deficiency in human
that could get away with such an          diet is evident by the mass of people with
outlandish claim. Yet we as               clinically diagnosed and subclincial
Americans, for the most part, have        hypothyroidism. Point in case, the farther
bought into this thinking as the          inland from the sea, the more cases of
gospel truth. It is no wonder that we     hypothyroidism is documented. This is
are the sickest nation in the world,      known in healthcare as the “Goiter-belt”
consuming more healthcare than            better known as Middle America.
any other industrialized nation, with
the lowest overall “health” of any        Pesticides play another huge role the
modernized population.                    escalation of deficiency and hormonal
                                          imbalance. Pesticides mimic estrogen in
If we are to really be “healthy”, then    the human system. It is widely known and
we must first begin to understand         accepted by conventional medical
the basic physiological principles of     standards that many tumors are
human function. The body’s                stimulated by estrogen. Yet we as a
composition is, in fact, largely          country turn a blind eye to the facts and
water, with solid portions                pesticides are used without fear on the
comprising ¾ protein and ¼ fat            majority of food produced in this country.
which also contain several pounds         We all need to be buying from the organic
of minerals and tiny amounts of           producers of food and products.
carbohydrates. Why is it then that
the food pyramid instructs us to eat      So, if we are to be truly healthy, what do
high grain, high carbohydrate,            we do? The following are the ten things I
moderate protein and low fat? It is       tell my patients, friends and family about
because the accepted thinking is          living a REAL healthy lifestyle:
that the materials we use to build
the body is irrelevant and that the       1. If it's not like God made it, don’t eat it.
majority of traditional health care
providers have little, if any, training   2. If you can’t read and understand the
in the true physiology of nutrition.
ingredients, don’t eat it.

3. If it is made or processed by a
publicly traded company, don’t
buy it and certainly, don’t eat it.

4. If it is not organic, don’t eat it.

5. If you take vitamins, take real
whole food supplements, not
synthetic vitamins made in a lab.

6. FDA approved does not mean it
is safe.

7. Do a liver/colon cleanse at least
twice a year.

8. Look for the source of your
health problems and cure it, rather
than taking a drug for the

9. Eat real Sea Salt in liberal
quantities (must not be processed
in any way).

10. Go on vacation at least once a

I am amazed that we as a people
lived for thousands of years
without chlorinated water,
pesticide ladened food and
genetically altered food. The truth
is, those really were “the good ol’
days”. I hope this gives you some
insight into real healthy living and
that you do your investigation to
unlock your key to health. Have a
healthy and prosperous month.

  Sea Salt
  A healthy, active lifestyle
  demands a sufficient,
  reasonable salt intake. Life is
  closely dependent upon the
  presence of sodium. Natural
  sea salt is a source of 21
  essential and 30 accessory
  minerals that are essential to
  our health.
                                                                                 help blend the edge of the water feature
                                                                                 into the rest of the yard. A nice piece of
                                                                                 wood scavenged from a forest becomes a
                                                                                 fallen tree, crossing your stream. Add
                                                                                 some moss gathered from your backyard
                                                                                 or a nearby wooded area in shady, moist
OK, so you’d love the sound of          evaporates. An automatic fill valve      (not wet) areas around the waterfall.
flowing water in your backyard,         can take care of that little chore for   Where conditions are right for it, it will
but you just don’t have the space       you, so it truly becomes a               soon start to spread its soft green carpet,
for a pond. Maybe you’ve already        maintenance-free water feature.          really helping to complete a look of
devoted much of your yard to a                                                   permanence, like this waterfall has been
pool and want to add a natural          The secret to the magic                  here forever.
looking waterfall behind it. Or         disappearing water trick is that
                                        hidden inside the rock and gravel        The individual components of the system
you’re just not ‘pond people’, but
                                        that fill the basin are a couple of      can be used to help create other types of
you’d like a waterfall in your yard
                                        pieces known as a micro-Snorkel          disappearing water features as well. For
for the birds to play in and drink
                                        vault and a micro-Centipede              instance, you can install the snorkel and
from. Perhaps you prefer the
                                        module. The micro-Snorkel houses         centipede units into the rock-filled
organic look of water flowing over
                                        the pump and check valve and, if         reservoir. An urn or drilled polished
natural stone as opposed to the
                                        you choose, the automatic fill valve.    fountain stone can then be installed and
static cold look of a polished rock
                                        The micro-Centipede module is            surrounded by smooth decorative beach
fountain. You want a natural water
                                        basically a manifold with large slits    pebbles or polished river rock. The water
feature, but you have toddlers in
                                        in the sides to allow water to reach     from these fountains is circulated the
the house or a baby on the way.
                                        the pump. These slits provide a way      same way as the pond-less waterfall, only
Or you want something that looks
                                        for water to pass without clogging,      using smaller pumps. The pumps are still
natural for the front yard water
                                        like older homemade systems using        easily accessible through the snorkel
feature. The solution to all these
                                        PVC pipe with holes drilled in it.       vault if you need to change one out, and
situations could be a ‘pond-less’
                                        The water flows through the flexible     the water never has a problem reaching
water feature. A waterfall or
                                        pipe up to the top of the waterfall. I   the pump. These types of fountains are
stream or combination of the two
                                        use a Biofalls unit to start my          popular in simpler and more formal
can be built so that at the base of
                                        waterfall just as if I was building a    gardens that aren’t trying to capture the
the water feature, the moving
                                        pond. Once the water flows out of        natural look, such as in a Japanese
water, disappears magically into
                                        the hidden Biofalls, it passes over      garden.
the ground.
                                        the natural stone of the waterfall/
                                                                                 Almost any garden cries out for moving
Pond-less water features still re-      stream area and disappears again
                                                                                 water. From a simple stream out of a
circulate water from a reservoir        into the bed of gravel.
                                                                                 bamboo pole in a meditation garden to
dug at their base, but instead of
                                        Like an organic pond, the pond-less      the largest aquatic landscape full of
the reservoir being a pond, this
                                        system uses no chemicals to stay         waterfalls, bridges and streams, the
one is dug deeper, filled with rock
                                        clean and clear. The same                human spirit desires to be around water.
and graveled over on top so that
                                        beneficial bacteria will colonize on     There’s something inherent in our nature
you can actually walk right out into
                                        the rocks and gravel of the system       that draws us to the endless sound of
it- and even add plants to it.
                                        and eventually starve out excess         moving water. The sight of water flowing
There’s no water to step or fall
                                        nutrients that may try to feed an        in a landscape will invariably draw people
into, so it’s perfectly safe for
                                        algae bloom. Since it’s all-natural,     to investigate the area. We can’t help but
toddlers. Birds can splash around
                                        you can plant bog plants and             be drawn to it. Water is the source of all
in it and your pet can drink from it.
                                        marginal aquatics within the             life on our planet and to feel that pull back
And, unlike a pond, you can turn it
                                        waterfall or stream itself and also in   to that source is only natural.
off when you’re not watching it or
when you go on vacation. There’s        the bed of gravel to help naturalize
also no maintenance involved with       the area. Using plants that will grow
the pond-less system other than         in or out of water along the edges of
topping off the water level when it     your pond-less water feature will
                                                                               government database. The form of ID will
                                                                               most likely be a tag or microchip
                                                                               containing a Radio Frequency
                                                                               Identification Device, designed to be read
                                                                               from a distance. (Plan, p. 10; Standards,
                                                                               pp. 6, 12, 20, 27-28.) While the agencies
                                                                               claim that poultry and swine will get
                                                                               “group numbers,” most small farmers and
                                                                               companion-animal owners do not keep
For several years, the USDA has        • violate the religious freedom of      animals in ways that would qualify.
been working with the largest-         Americans whose beliefs make it
scale animal industry companies        impossible for them to comply.          3. Animal tracking: The owner will be
and manufacturers of                                                           required to report to the government
microchipping systems to develop       • cost the American economy far         within 24 hours: every time a tag is
a mandatory “National Animal           more than it will deliver.              applied, a tag is lost or replaced, an
Identification System” (“NAIS”).                                               animal is killed or dies (whether at a
USDA has publicized NAIS within        The NAIS
                                                                               slaughterhouse or on the farm or ranch),
the large-scale livestock producer                                             or an animal is missing. Reports would
                                       On April 25, 2005, the USDA
community, but you and your                                                    also have to be filed every time an animal
                                       released “Draft Program
fellow citizens may not have                                                   goes onto or off of a premises or
                                       Standards” (“Standards”) and a
heard of it. Even now, when the                                                commingles with animals from other
                                       “Draft Strategic Plan” (“Plan”)
Texas Animal Health Commission                                                 premises, such as during a trail ride or
                                       concerning the NAIS. USDA claims
has proposed regulations to begin                                              moving cattle to a different leased
                                       the Plan is authorized under the
implementation of NAIS, many of                                                property. (Standards, pp. 12-13, 17-21.)
                                       Animal Health Protection Act of
those who will be affected are still
                                       2002, but the Act did not authorize
unaware.                                                                       The USDA will exercise “enforcement”
                                       individual animal identification or
                                                                               against livestock farmers who don’t
                                       intrastate tracking. Since then, two
If fully adopted and implemented,                                              comply. (Standards, p. 7; Plan, p. 17.)
                                       Congresses have tried and failed to
the likely outcome of NAIS is that                                             There are no exceptions; under the
                                       pass legislation that would support
animal ownership increasingly will                                             USDA plan, livestock owners will be
                                       a mandatory electronic tracking
be limited to large entities who                                               forced to register and report even if they
                                       system for individual head of
can afford to comply and who are                                               raise animals only for their own food or
                                       livestock. USDA is operating
willing to accept the governmental                                             keep horses for draft or for transportation.
                                       without authority from Congress.
intrusion. Yet this program will do
virtually nothing to safeguard                                                 The proposed Texas regulations to
                                       Currently, the NAIS Plan provides:
animal health, its alleged purpose.                                            implement the first stage -- mandatory
Rather, NAIS will do all of the        1. Premises registration:               premises registration -- provide for fines
following:                             Every person who owns even one          of up to $1,000 per day and a Class C
                                       horse, cow, pig, chicken, sheep,        misdemeanor.

• drive small producers and their      goat, deer, elk, bison or virtually
                                                                               The Negative Effects
supporting suppliers (feed stores,     any livestock animal, will be forced
auction houses, local                  to register their home in a             • Eradication of Independent Farms
slaughterhouses) out of existence.     government database under a 7-           and Ranches – People with just a few
                                       digit “premises ID number,”             meat animals or 40-cow dairies are
• make people abandon raising          including owner’s name, address,        already living on the edge financially. The
animals for their own food and as      and telephone number, keyed to          NAIS will force many of them to give up
pets.                                  Global Positioning System               farming. Indeed, even many of our larger
                                       coordinates. (Standards, pp. 3-4,       farms have narrow profit margins and
• invade Americans’ personal           10-12; Plan, p. 5.)                     cannot absorb the costs in both money
privacy to a degree never before                                               and time that the NAIS will impose.
tolerated.                             2. Animal identification:
                                       Every animal will be assigned a 15-     • Loss of the True Security of Local
• deprive Americans of their           digit ID number, also to be kept in a   Foods
property rights.
– The NAIS is touted by the            stop raising animals by humane
USDA as a way to make our food         standards.                                 • Contact your state representative,
supply “secure” against diseases                                                  senator, and the Governor, asking that
or terrorism. But real food security   • Burden on Religious Freedom –            they enact legislation limiting the TAHC’s
comes from a diversified, local        Many adherents of plain (and other)        authority to a voluntary program only.
food supply. The NAIS will             faiths raise their own food animals
actually undermine our security by     and use animals in farming and             • Contact your Congressman and the
increasing the consolidation of        transportation because their beliefs       Texas Senators, telling them that
livestock ownership into the hands     require them to live this way. Such        Congress needs to take action to
of a few large entities.               people obviously cannot comply             explicitly limit USDA’s authority.
                                       with the USDA’s computerized,
• Destruction of Personal              technology-dependent system. The           • Spread the word about what the
Property Rights – Legally,             NAIS will force these people to            government is doing .
livestock animals are a form of        violate their religious beliefs.
personal property. The NAIS plan                                                  For more information, contact Judith
refers to a “national herd” (Plan,     • Extraordinary Costs without Value        McGeary at jmcgeary@att.net. A more in-
p.8), which clearly indicates the      – The NAIS will cost far more than it      depth discussion of the NAIS and the
government’s vision: private           will deliver. NAIS does nothing to         proposed Texas regulations can be found
ownership rights will be               address the causes of disease. An          here: http://www.dirtdoctor.com/
destroyed, and no one will be          effective disease control program          view_question.php?id=1436
allowed to birth, hatch, own, or       must be designed based on the
transfer any head of livestock         species and disease involved, and
without government permission.         how the disease is transmitted. One
We can take our shotguns and           system, even if it was useful for one
walk over our neighbor’s property,     species and one disease, will not fit
but if children ride their ponies to   all. And the technological problems
their neighbors, or a farmer gives     with the tagging equipment and the
a couple chickens to a neighbor,       size of the database are
that will have to be registered with   overwhelming. If the government
the government.                        cannot track aliens with expired
                                                                                    There is a close relationship
                                       visas, how will it track the millions of
                                                                                    between earthworms and roots of
• Extreme Damage to Personal           animals in this country?
                                                                                    dandelions. Dandelion roots and
Privacy — It is unprecedented for                                                   earthworms aerate the soil. The
the United States government to        Proposed Regulations in Texas:               roots grow 2 to 3 feet deeper.
conduct large-scale computer-
aided surveillance of its citizens     HB 1361 authorized the Texas                 When dandelions die and the roots
simply because they own a              Animal Health Commission to adopt            decompose, earthworms can move
common type of property. The           regulations “consistent with” the            even more freely in the shaft left
NAIS would actually subject the        NAIS. In December, the TAHC                  behind and eat the decayed roots.
owner of a chicken to far more         proposed regulations that would              Dandelions are not in competition
surveillance than the owner of a       implement mandatory premises                 with grass for nutrients, since their
gun.                                   registration, including imposing a           roots draw materials from a deeper
                                       $20 biennial tax. While the agency           level then shallow grass roots.
• Insult to Animal Welfare – The       has tabled the regulations for now,
                                       nothing stops it from approving the          Dandelions were originally brought
NAIS treats animals as if they
                                       regulations at a later meeting.              to North America for medicinal and
were cans of peas with a bar
                                                                                    food use, often cultivated as a salad
code. Many people who raise
                                                                                    green or to make dandelion wine.
animals do so because they are         What You Can Do:
very troubled by industrial-scale                                                   Its flowers are a significant source
production of chickens, cattle,        It is not too late to stop this problem
                                                                                    of pollen and nectar for bees and
sheep, and pigs. These people          if everyone makes their voices
                                                                                    other insects.
will be forced either to sacrifice     heard!
their personal privacy to
government surveillance, or to
                                                                                   and dead plant and animal material.
                                                                                   Bacteria will decompose the fallen
                                                                                   organic materials and recycle the nitrogen
                                                                                   back to nitrate form for reuse by plants. In
                                                                                   the process, some of the nitrogen will be
It doesn't get much more natural          elements; nitrogen gas simply does       converted into nitrogen gas and return to
than nitrogen. Nitrogen gas (N2)          not participate in any chemical          the atmosphere, completing the cycle
spewed forth from the bowels of           reactions at room temperature or         from atmosphere to soil and back again.
the young hot planet Earth 5              even at the higher temperatures
                                                                                   Until the 20th century, farmers seeking to
billion years ago to become a             found in small fires. Before life can
                                                                                   provide sufficient nitrogen to their crops
defining element of the                   make use of atmospheric nitrogen it
                                                                                   dug cover crops, manures or compost
atmosphere. Nitrogen comprises            must be "fixed" (a rather confusing
                                                                                   into their soils and relied upon soil
78 percent of the gasses that swirl       term for the process of breaking
                                                                                   microbes to make the nitrogen in these
invisibly around us and permeates         nitrogen atoms apart), so that the
                                                                                   materials available to plants' roots.
our very essence.                         nitrogen atoms can combine with
                                          atoms of different elements.             Then, in 1909, German physical chemist
Nitrogen is a part of all living cells.                                            Fritz Haber developed a high-
It is a building block of amino           Only two natural phenomena can           temperature, high-pressure process to fix
acids and nucleic acids, the stuff        make this fix: lightning and bacteria.   atmospheric nitrogen in his lab. Another
of proteins and genes. Nitrogen is        Lightning's powerful flashes cleave      German chemist, Carl Bosch, soon
essential to metabolic processes          the bonds of nitrogen molecules in       expanded Haber's process to a factory
involved in the synthesis and             the surrounding air. Set free, the       scale. Known as the Haber-Bosch
transfer of energy. It is a part of       nitrogen atoms combine with              process, industrial fixation of nitrogen
chlorophyll, the green pigment in         oxygen and rain upon the Earth as        combines atmospheric nitrogen and
plants that enables                       nitrates (NO3-) -- a form of nitrogen    hydrogen into ammonia, the basis for all
photosynthesis. Nitrogen speeds           that plants can absorb. Lightning        synthetic nitrogen fertilizers. Natural gas
plant growth, increases seed and          contributes about 10 million metric      is most often the source of the hydrogen.
fruit production, and improves the        tons of total fixed nitrogen per year
quality of leaf and forage crops.         for use by plants and animals.           Imagine the power now vested in
                                                                                   humankind. With the ability to fix our own
But it is its very nature that            A few types of bacteria generate         nitrogen we could free ourselves from
caused the National Organic               enough energy by oxidizing or            dependence upon lightning and microbial
Program to ban most forms of              "burning" carbohydrates to fix           masses and ramp up agricultural
nitrogen fertilizer from use on           atmospheric nitrogen as well. The        productivity to feed a hungry world.
certified organic farms, deeming it       most familiar of these is rhizobium,     Perhaps the human species could yet
unsustainable and damaging to             which forms symbiotic relationships      outwit the Malthusian math that predicted
the environment.                          with members of the legume plant         that population growth would always
                                          family. The bacteria convert             outstrip our ability to increase food
                                          molecules of nitrogen trapped in air     production. Indeed, so marvelous was
The reason why it is banned                                                        this alchemy that both Haber and Bosch
stems from a quirk of evolution.          pockets in the soil into ammonia
                                          (NH3), which other types of bacteria     were awarded the Nobel Prize for
Life emerged and refined itself                                                    chemistry.
beneath a canopy of nitrogen gas,         then convert into nitrates. Scientists
yet few organisms can secure the          estimate that microorganisms add
                                                                                   Imagine now, just a little less than 100
nitrogen they need for healthy            approximately 140 million metric
                                                                                   years later and as world hunger continues
growth from the atmosphere.               tons of fixed nitrogen to the soil
                                                                                   to rise, asking farmers to stop using
                                          every year.
                                                                                   industrially fixed nitrogen. It's a wonder
Triple chemical bonds between                                                      that the organic movement ever got off
the two atoms of the gaseous N2           Once fixed nitrogen has been taken       the ground.
molecule render atmospheric               up by plant roots, it can pass up the
nitrogen inert or incapable of            food chain to animals until it returns   The National Organics Program, which
linking with atoms of other               to the soil embedded in excretions
regulates the use of the organic      environmental damage done when
label in the United States,           we pump enormous quantities of           When oxidized nitrogen rises to the
prohibits the use of synthetic        nitrates into the natural atmospheric    midlevel atmosphere, it serves as a
substances unless their use is        and biological cycling of nitrogen.      greenhouse gas, contributing to global
specifically allowed via exemption,   Overuse of nitrogen fertilizers are a    warming. In the upper atmosphere,
an exemption not granted for          primary cause of "dead zones" in         oxidized nitrogen destroys ozone. Holes
synthetic nitrogen fertilizer.        coastal waters because nitrates are      in the stratospheric ozone permit more
                                      highly soluble; any nitrates not         ultraviolet light to reach the Earth's
                                      taken up by plant roots move             surface, increasing the incidence of skin
The reasons why synthetic
                                      quickly down through the root zone       cancers.
nitrogen fertilizers are prohibited
                                      and enter ground water. When
are so important that they alone
                                      nitrate-laden rivers enter bays and
should set off a stampede to the                                               Finally, oxidized nitrogen also contributes
                                      estuaries, the excess nitrogen can
nearest organic farmer's market.                                               to acid rain, reacting with water in the
                                      cause larger than normal algae
                                                                               atmosphere to form acidic compounds.
                                      blooms. Decomposing algae draws
Reason No. 1 is that synthetic                                                 When the compounds rain on or wash
                                      oxygen from the water. Too large a
nitrogen fertilizers are not                                                   into lakes and rivers, they jeopardize fish,
                                      drawdown of oxygen renders the
sustainable. Building an                                                       plant and bacteria populations that are
                                      water incapable of supporting most
agricultural system based upon                                                 sensitive to changes in water pH. As it
                                      aquatic fish and animal life;
industrially fixed nitrogen makes                                              percolates through the soil, acid rain
                                      anything that cannot swim or crawl
our ability to feed ourselves                                                  leaches nutrients such as calcium,
                                      out of the dead zone suffocates.
dependent upon a non-renewable                                                 magnesium and potassium out of the root
                                      The Mississippi River fertilizes a
fossil fuel and upon the wisdom,                                               zone and mobilizes aluminum, which
                                      dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico
benevolence and cooperation of                                                 inhibits root growth.
                                      that fluctuates in size from 3,000 to
heads of state and multinational      8,000 square miles.
petroleum companies.                                                           Far more than an arbitrary distinction
                                                                               between natural and synthetic, the
                                      Nitrates may create a dead zone of
Remember that natural gas is a                                                 National Organic Program's ban on
                                      sorts on the land as well.
key component of the Haber-                                                    industrially fixed nitrogen is key to
                                      Epidemiological studies have linked
Bosch process and accounts for                                                 creating agricultural systems that don't
                                      nitrates in drinking water to
70 to 90 percent of the cost of                                                depend upon increasingly scarce fossil
                                      reproductive problems and bladder
nitrogen fertilizer production.                                                fuels and that don't degrade the
                                      and ovarian cancer. When nitrate-
Natural gas is found either                                                    environment. Nitrogen is natural: an
                                      contaminated well water is mixed
dissolved in crude oil or as a gas                                             integral part of the systems of life on
                                      with infant formula and fed to
cap above reservoirs of oil. Due to                                            Earth. As such, artificially ramping up its
                                      babies, the infants can suffer from
the high cost of shipping natural                                              availability jeopardizes the integrity of
                                      methemoglobinemia, or blue baby
gas, fertilizer plants are located                                             these very systems.
                                      syndrome. The nitrates decrease
where the gas is relatively           the oxygen-carrying capacity of
abundant and cheap. Venezuela,        infant's blood, causing them to
Trinidad and Argentina are big        develop a peculiar blue-gray skin
producers. So are Russia, China       color and to become lethargic and
and the Persian Gulf countries.       irritable. If the condition is not          Organic Fertilizers
According to the Fertilizer           treated rapidly, it can quickly
Institute, the United States was      progress to coma or death.                  Apply an organic fertilizer to all turf
the largest importer of nitrogen                                                  and planting beds in early spring at
fertilizers in 2002, importing 6.6                                                20 lbs/1000 sq. ft. Repeat every 60
                                      If you're feeling a need to take a          to 90 days during the growing
million metric tons of nitrogen or
                                      deep breath, don't. Oxidized forms          season if greater response is
slightly over half of its total
                                      of nitrogen -- often released when          needed. Three applications per year
nitrogen fertilizer needs
                                      fertilizer is applied -- contribute to      is normal. One of the many
(approximately 12 million tons per
                                      the formation of smog. Smog                 advantages of the natural organic
                                      increases the incidence of asthma           program is that fertilizer can be
                                      and chronic respiratory diseases,           applied any month of the year.
Synthetic nitrogen fertilizers also   and can worsen viral infections.
fail to pass muster because of the
                                                                                  reproductive cycles. "Little is known about
                                                                                  how the conditions here in North Texas
                                                                                  affect the process”, Engler said. "Phorid
                                                                                  flies are not social insects, even though
Entomologists have achieved             decapitates the ant. It then completes    they will congregate next to a mound in
another milestone in the war            its development in the fire ant's head    order to produce offspring. They don't live
against the red imported fire ant.      and emerges from there fully grown.       together as a unit. They kind of do their
This month phorid flies, a natural      If it's a female, it will mate and then   own thing, so just getting a population
enemy of fire ants, were found on       start the whole process over again.       established was very exciting. A lot of
the county line between Denton          The entire process takes about one        sweat, stings and tears went into
and Wise counties.                      month."                                   collecting the ants, so finally getting some
                                                                                  payoff from that was fantastic!"
The first population of the fire        The red imported fire ant is originally
                                        from South America, where it has a        Another release of phorid flies will
ant's natural enemy in North                                                      probably happen next year, Engler said.
Texas, this colony is also the          number of natural enemies and is not
                                        considered to be a serious pest. It       "This will not only decrease the fire ant
northernmost establishment of a                                                   populations, but it will also keep many of
phorid fly population in Texas to       gained entry to the U.S. via cargo
                                        ships unloading in a port at Mobile,      the worker ants from foraging for food,"
date. The same phorid fly                                                         she said. "The phorid fly basically stalks
species, P. curvatis, was found in      Ala. in the late 1920s to early 1930s.
                                        With no natural enemies, the ants         the worker ants to lay their eggs, which
Oklahoma after a release and has                                                  prompts the ants to hide. If they're hiding,
since crossed the Texas/                quickly spread. Today, they infest the
                                        Eastern two-thirds of                     they're not taking food back into the
Oklahoma state line.                                                              colony. That hurts the colony and also
                                        Texas and many other Southern
                                        states.                                   benefits the native ant species, because
This milestone didn't occur                                                       there's more food for them. The native
naturally or by accident. In the fall                                             ant species are far less aggressive and
of 2004, Texas Cooperative                                                        harmful. So there's a positive domino
Extension entomologists Kim                                                       effect." Engler hopes the phorid fly
Engler and Dr. Bart Drees, with                                                   population will spread in a 1 to 2 mile
help from local Master Gardeners                                                  radius from its original population by next
and Master Naturalists, spent                                                     year. "This is one of the most rewarding
three weeks collecting fire ants.                                                 projects I've worked on so far, because
                                                                                  it's a biological approach to controlling fire
The ants were then shipped to                                                     ants, and we had the success of getting a
Gainesville, Fla., for one week.                                                  phorid fly population established," she
The U.S. Department of                                                            said.
Agriculture's Animal and Plant
Health Inspection Service                                                         http://agnews.tamu.edu/
deposited the ants into chambers
that also contained phorid flies.
Over the course of that week, the       Other phorid fly populations in Texas
female flies laid their eggs inside     have been established near Vidor in
the thoracic region of the fire         Orange County, Caldwell in Burleson
ants. The ants were then flown          County, Austin in Travis County and
back to North Texas and re-             in Polk County. But the population
released into the colonies from         discovered in North Texas means the
which they were originally              fire ant's enemy may spread to whole
collected.                              new areas. It also means a new
                                        opportunity for researchers to study
"This parasitic fly lays its eggs       how cold temperatures and drought
inside a fire ant worker," Engler       affect the phorid fly's life and
said. "The larvae eats its way into
the head capsule and eventually
Parasitic Wasp

This little wasp is a classic example
of a beneficial insect in that is not
widely known but extremely helpful
in controlling insect pests.
                                         per 1000 sq. ft. might be the best       the soil and plants properly. After building
                                         first step. Then in a few weeks,         the soil into a healthy, biologically active
                                         apply an organic fertilizer that is a    condition, the pests can be controlled
                                         blend of natural materials or use        primarily with food products. Insect pests
                                         corn gluten meal, which is the           can be repelled with garlic-pepper tea
                                         natural "weed and feed" product.         and the diseases can be neutralized with
                                         These also go out at the 20 lb. rate.    cornmeal juice sprayed on the plants.
                                         The reason we fertilize earlier in the   Cornmeal in the soil will help with the soil-
                                         year is that the organic fertilizers     borne pathogens. Spray aerated compost
Q: Is there anything I can plant         feed the soil, rather than force         tea on the plants monthly and mix the
around my home (such as herbs)           feeding the plants. Building the soil    pest control materials in the same spray if
that will discourage bugs (mainly        in late winter with organic products     needed. The details of this method are
ants)? I live in Central Florida. T.     stimulates the growth of helpful soil    under the Fruit and Pecan Tree Program
T., Orlando                              microbes, which provide the true         on the Home page of www.dirtdoctor.
                                         natural fertility. The trees need to     com. Grasshoppers can be controlled
A: A plant called tansy repels ants      have the entire Sick Tree Treatment      with plant oil products such as eco-
very well. It's covered in our Herbs     applied. It can be found in detail on    exempt or Bioganics or kaolin clay
for Texas book. There’s a couple         the DirtDoctor.com home page.            products such as Surround Wp.
of negatives about this beautiful
fern-like plant. First, it tends to be   Q: I am from Afghanistan. I am           Q: About four years ago, I decided to
allelopatic to other nearby plants.      presently living in Washington DC. I     plant a Texas ash on your
Second, to repel ants, the foliage       planted a vineyard in my farmland.       recommendation. I haven't had any issue
needs to be cut up, crushed and          Each year I am spending a lot of         with the tree, but I was looking at a
sprinkled around the area where          money on the vineyard, but at the        picture of a Texas ash on your website
ants are a problem.                      end of the year, I am at a loss. I       today, and it doesn't look like the tree I
                                         planted the vineyard 10 years ago.       planted. I bought it from a local nursery
Q: I recently bought a house in          The main problems the vineyard is        and it was labeled Texas ash. When I
Fort Worth and really want to use        facing are as follows:                   planted it, I planted it too deep, and I
organics.                                1- After pruning the plants do not       have since attempted to expose the root
First Question: the yard is in           catch enough grapes.                     flare. Also, I've heard you mention urea
poor condition, I guess I should         2- Each year the canes, stems and        on your show, noting that it is not organic,
start fertilizing. When should I         leaves of the grape plants face          but that you don't have a big problem with
start this? What kind of fertilizer      fungal attack.                           it. I have noticed that the Garden-Ville 9-1-
should I use?                            3- When the weather is hot, there is     1 fertilizer I have been using contains
Second Question: I have two              an attack of grasshoppers on the         urea, but the other Garden-Ville varieties
cedar trees in the center of the         grape plants.                            do not. I've been pleased with the results
back yard. They are about 12' tall,                                               of the Garden-Ville V 9-1-1. Is there a
and they look malnourished. I            Before winter arrives, I gave the        disadvantage to using urea? B.S., Little
would love to save these trees. If       garden urea. I irrigate the vineyard     Elm
you can point me and the right           on time. I spray sulfur on the grape
direction, I would appreciate it.        plants, but it does not work. I would    A: Sorry, but the tree looks like an
Also I have a budget issue, so I         appreciate a reply. Thanks. A.O.,        Arizona ash. Urea is the best of the
really would prefer to do it all         Washington, DC                           synthetic fertilizers and will not do
myself. I am not afraid to get my
                                                                                  significant damage unless overused, but I
hands dirty. R.D., Fort Worth
                                         A: The key to successful fruit           would use the pure organic fertilizers
                                         production is healthy soil and happy     instead, they are just better.
A: One of the big differences            plants. That comes about by using
between the toxic chemical               compost and organic fertilizers          Q: I got your organic gardening book for
approach and the natural organic         instead of urea and other synthetic      Christmas. Unfortunately, I started my
method is that we do the first           fertilizers, and by using natural pest   organic garden in October. I have very
major fertilization right after the      control products rather than the         good creek bottom soil and reddish brown
first of the year. Since you have        chemical poisons. Synthetic              sandy loam. I scraped off the grass and
done nothing yet, applying dry           fertilizers are not capable of feeding
molasses immediately at 20 lbs.
tilled 6" deep. Then I went to the     A: Cryptomeria is a good tree and
cowshed and got a pickup load of       seems to be fairly well adapted in      5. Spray the trees and soil with Garrett
very old finely powdered cow           Dallas, but none that I know of have    Juice along with garlic tea in the spring as
manure and sand mix (80%               been in place for very long. Winter     the foliage emerges.
manure). I applied this mix to my      hardiness might be a concern,
garden 3'' deep and tilled it in. My   although it is rated for zones 5 – 9.
                                                                               Next time place a 12" layer of shredded
garden is 15' x 45'. After reading     Dallas is in zone 7.
                                                                               tree trimmings on the ground before the
your book, I now see that I put
                                                                               equipment starts to work the area.
down too much manure. I added          Q: All the recent warm winter
25# molasses on Christmas day.         weather has tricked our daffodils
Am I sunk? How forgiving is cow                                                Q: I just bought a new house, got a
                                       into beginning their blooming cycle.    couple of your books and immediately
manure? P.H., Arlington                The familiar peaking of their foliage   found that the two trees in my front yard
                                       through the mulch in our beds has       are planted too deep. They've been there
A: You'll be OK. Buy some zeolite      already begun. Is there anything we     about 4 months or so. Should I see about
and apply at least 40 pounds to        can do to trick them into staying       pull to pulling, putting soil under them and
this area. Zeolite is a natural        dormant a bit longer? M.C.,             replanting? I dug out a depression around
material that does a great job of      Rockwall                                them that exposed their flare. One is
tying up excess nutrients, but                                                 about a foot and a half too deep and the
allowing them to be released and       A: Just add a little more shredded      other is in about 10 inches too deep. I
used later as needed.                  cedar around the plants and don't       hadn't seen anything addressing what to
                                       worry. There's nothing else you can     do when they've been planted wrong so
Q: Is there any native plant (to       do, but the bulbs will probably be      recently. R.E., Anna
Texas) that grows as fast, or close    fine.
to it, and provides the privacy that
bamboo does? I would control           Q: I have three large, old (30 - 40
bamboo, but I'm afraid my              years) post oaks where the
neighbors would not. N.M., Dallas      equipment operators had to drive
                                       near the trees. The soil is heavy
A: The eastern red cedar is the        sandy clay. Obviously, the soil now
closest to filling your needs. It’s    is very dry. What can I do to
evergreen, fairly fast growing and     minimize the effect of the
is relatively maintenance free.        equipment? S.A., Decatur

Q: Can trees take in water             A: Since you said "had", I assume
through their leaves? D.K., Keller     the damage has already been
                                       done. The Sick Tree Treatment is
A: Yes, it is how foliar feeding       now in order. I have revised it some
works and how sprayed-on               and here is the most current specs:
herbicides get into plants.
Because of their foliar structure      1. Aerate the root zone. This is
and waxy coatings, conifers take       especially important in the
in less water this way than            compacted areas.
hardwoods. The amount of water         2. Apply 1/2 " of compost to the
that enters through the foliage is     entire root zone.
very small compared to what            3. Apply the following amendments
enters through the roots of trees.     per 1000 sq ft.: lava sand at 80-100
Trees cannot live without roots.       lbs., expanded shale at 150-200
                                       lbs., horticultural cornmeal at 20      A: Having the company that planted
                                       lbs., dry molasses at                   them return and replant the trees at the
Q: I would like your opinion on the    20 lbs. and Texas greensand at 40-      proper height is what should happen.
Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria            50 lbs.                                 Next best option is to hire a company to
japonica) versus the Eastern red.      4. Mulch all bare areas with            lift them and reset them properly. The last
What do you know about this            shredded native cedar.                  choice
particular tree? M.K., Dallas
is to hire an arborist with an air        being in place for a while and having
spade to blow away the soil that is       become crowded. As with the               in stress. Peaches aren't native in Dallas,
on the flare and trunks of the            cuttings in the house, environmental      so we are dealing with relatively ill-
trees. Just leave the hole open           change can affect color.                  adapted plants in the first place. Spray
and the flare will grow and                                                         the trees with compost tea or the entire
eventually fill it up. Additionally, no                                             Garrett Juice formula before bud breaks,
matter which route you take,                                                        then again after the flowers have fallen.
remove the staking and guying                                                       Spray and apply dry organic products.
from the trees. Trees need some                                                     This approach stimulates healthy,
movement of the trunk to develop                                                    biologically active soil and healthy
trunk size and strength. If the                                                     vigorous plants that have the ability to
trees have weak roots and won't                                                     repel pests. The flavor of the fruit will be
stand up when the staking is                                                        better as well. If worms persist for
removed, they should be removed                                                     whatever reason, they can be killed with
and replaced with quality trees                                                     biological sprays that contain Bacillus
that will stand without guy wires.                                                  thuringiensis (Bt). Other pests can be
                                                                                    repelled by spraying garlic-pepper tea.
                                          Q: I recently moved into a home in
Q: Recently my mom passed
                                          East Texas with a back yard pool.
away, and she had asked me to             We have a beautiful back yard with        Q: I have relocated and retired to Florida.
give a cutting of her Japanese            crepe myrtles all around the pool. I      I have been accepted into the Master
quince plant to her doctor as a           learned to hate our pool last summer      Gardener program for the county I reside,
thank you for his 'services.' After a     because of the tremendous clean-up        and I am going to work very hard to
few days, the pinkish red blooms          effort required to keep the blooms        convert more and more people to the
still were very beautiful. There          from plugging the pool pump. These        "natural way". I cannot find horticultural
were many unopened buds on the            are beautiful mature trees that           corn meal. How does it differ from the
stems, and I thought this would           provide much needed shade. Is             corn meal that is used for feed? Can I get
yield still more beautiful blossoms       there anything I can do to these 3        dry corn kernels and just grind them in a
in the days to come. I was right,         trees to prevent them from blooming,      blender and get the same thing as
but the buds bloomed into white           yet continue to provide shade or do       horticultural corn meal? I have located a
blossoms, not pink. This single           you have another idea? S.P.,              nearby feed and seed store, and am
branch exhibited both red & white         Gladewater                                working on getting them to bring in more
blooms at the same time and is                                                      of the products you recommend as good
still growing today. I took this to       A: No, there isn't any way to keep        sources of working on natural gardening.
mean that my mom's passing                them from blooming - short of             So far, the attempts are not working. Can
reflected the changing of the             hacking them back every time the          you provide me with a list of products and
guard! None of the other blooms           buds start to form. Of course this will   your resource so that I will be able to
on her quince shrubs in the               ruin the shape, character and health      provide this material to my new gardening
garden exhibit this characteristic!       of the trees. Moving the trees is the     friends. S.D., Pace, Florida
Even the very branch from which I         only thing that can be done to
cut the 'mutant' sprig was and is         prevent the flowers from the pool.
now blooming only red! What is                                                      A: Grinding your own corn will work fine.
going on? This is beyond anything                                                   Some people have used popcorn. The
                                          Q: My peaches, 9 out of 10, always
I have seen. G.B, Dallas                                                            local feed stores should be able to get
                                          have a small white or tan worm in
                                                                                    whole ground corn. Ask them if they are
                                          them. I have been told that to
                                                                                    testing for afflotoxin. It can be very
A: The simple explanation is that         prevent this, the trees must be
                                                                                    dangerous. The other product (general
flowers rarely have the same              sprayed. Please indicate when the
                                                                                    and specific) that I recommend can be
intense color indoors as cuttings         trees should be sprayed and with
                                                                                    purchased mail order from several
as do the mother plants outdoors.         what? P.M., Dallas
                                                                                    companies. Some of them are listed on
Going all the way to white is not                                                   DirtDoctor.com.
                                          A: Fruit trees do need to be sprayed,
as common, but flowers can
                                          but not with toxic chemical
change color. It even happens                                                       Q: I am trying to carve a vegetable and
                                          pesticides. The reason fruit trees
outdoors sometimes. Blue irises,                                                    flower garden from our coastal Bermuda
                                          have worms or other insect and
for example, change to white after
                                          disease pests is that the plants are
pasture. Do I need to dig with a
rototiller and try to get all of the
sprigs out? Does that stir up more
seeds? Do I need to scrape the
weeds and then cover with black
cloth? I don't know how to get
started. C.H., Desdemona

                                         The following article is just one of     Two quick and easy new tests for
A: Tilling the Bermudagrass first        the many reasons Roundup and             glyphosate resistance have been
would be a big mistake. That             other glyphosate products should         developed that can be used individually
drives the pieces of Bermuda             be severely restricted or banned         or together. The first relies on direct
stems down into the ground, and          completely. Monsanto's sales of          observation of damage to whole leaves
they will then grow giving you a         glyphosate have expanded                 dipped into a glyphosate-based mixture.
severe weed problem forever. The         approximately 20% each year              The other requires specialized lab
grass must be scraped off at a           through the 1990s, accounting for        equipment to measure metabolite levels
depth of 2" before amendments            67% of the company's total sales as      in leaf tissue samples, because
are added and tilling is done.           of 200l. EPA estimates glyphosate        glyphosate inhibits plants’ amino acid
Cloth and plastics are                   use in the U.S. is 103-113 million       metabolism in what’s known as the
unnecessary wastes of money              pounds annually. For more about          shikimic acid pathway.
and in most cases cause                  the concerns and dangers of these
problems.                                products, check out the following
                                                                                  Dale L. Shaner, USDA-ARS Water
                                         page of the website:
                                                                                  Management Research Unit, Fort Collins,
Q: I would like your input on                                                     Colorado; phone (970) 492-7414.
using native low maintenance
grass for a yard. The soil is rocky
black clay. D.G., Crowley                org_research.php?id=60                   Clifford H. Koger III, Crop Genetic and
                                                                                  Production Research Unit, Stoneville,
                                                                                  Mississippi; phone (662) 686-5290.
A: If it is full sun, buffalo grass is   All plant types - including grasses,
by far the best choice.                  broadleaves, sedges, and perennial
                                         and woody plants - succumb to            "Science Update" was published in the
                                         applications of glyphosate. By           January 2006 issue of Agricultural
Q: I just removed four flowering         planting glyphosate-resistant crops,     Research magazine
pears, 8 inch at base, and I need        growers have been able to apply
to replace them with something to        this useful herbicide to kill a wide
create privacy on back patio. I          array of weeds. But in 2000,
have a four foot space between           horseweed (Conyza canadensis)
my patio and back 6 ft. fence. The                                                  Vinegar – The Organic Herbicide
                                         became the first weed species
patio is about 12 ft. of concrete.       known to develop resistance to
What plants might work?                                                             The best choice for herbicide use is
                                         glyphosate in cropland where               10% white vinegar made from grain
Foundation people advised to             glyphosate-resistant soybeans had
remove trees. R.W., Flower                                                          alcohol. It should be used full
                                         been grown. Now glyphosate-                strength. Visit DirtDoctor.com or
Mound                                    resistant horseweed biotypes have          click here for the recipe.
                                         been confirmed in 13 states east of
A: First of all, plants are not a        the Mississippi.
problem for the foundation if
normal, common sense watering            It’s important that growers know
is done. If you want evergreen           whether the horseweed they
shrubs, take a look at Nellie R.         observe in their fields is a resistant
Stevens holly, lusterleaf holly and      type. This would enable them to
abelia.                                  switch to an effective herbicide and
                                         thereby reduce spread of the
                                         resistant weed while protecting their
                                                                                Pecan Tree Program. The latest version
                                                                                is on the home page of DirtDoctor.com.
                                                                                • Aphids: Spray a water blast followed by
                                                                                release of ladybugs. Add 1-2 oz. of
                                                                                molasses for better results.
                                                                                • Black spot on roses: Garrett Juice plus
                                                                                garlic tea. See Rose Program also
                                                                                molasses/orange oil drench.
PLANT*:                                shrubs such as azaleas, spire,           • Fire Ants and beneficial nematodes.
                                       flowering quince, and forsythia          Treat mound with Spinosad or drench
• Turf grass from plugs, solid sod,    immediately after bloom.                 with a mound drench mixture of orange
sprigs, or seed.                       • Mums, fall asters, Mexican bush        oil, molasses and compost tea.
• Roses from containers.               sage and other fall blooming             • Remove the plant stress that brought
• Container-grown fruit and            perennials.                              the pest on, in the first place or they will
pecan trees.                           • Pick-prune hedges (or light            be back.
• Warm-season flowers                  shearing if you must) to be wider at
including: (for sun) periwinkles,      the bottom of the plant for better       ODD JOBS:
cosmos, portulaca, copper leaf,        light and thicker growth.
begonias, marigolds, zinnias,          • Spent blooms from roses.               • Mow weekly and leave clippings on the
lantana; (for shade) caladiums,        • Thin peach fruit to 5” apart, plums    lawn.
coleus, impatiens, begonias and        to 4” apart, apples and pears to 1       • Turn compost pile.
nicotiana.                             per cluster.                             • Continue to add new vegetative
• Tropical plants such as hibiscus,                                             matter and manure to existing and
pentas, firebush and purple            WATER:                                   additional compost piles.
fountain grass.                                                                 • Mulch all bare soil.
• Summer herbs: continue to            • All planting areas deeply but          • Feed and water the birds!
plant.                                 infrequently during dry periods.
• Warm-season vegetables,              • Potted plants as needed. Add           * Planting recommendations based on
including melons, okra, southern       Garrett Juice or aerated compost         North Texas climate. Check with your
peas, corn, squash, sweet              tea per gallon of water.                 local nurseries and extension service for
potatoes, beans, cucumbers,                                                     specific varieties and timing in your area.
eggplant, and tomatoes.                PEST CONTROL:
• Summer/fall-flowering perennials.
                                       • Release green lacewings for
• Herb-garden plants in beds,
                                       control of thrips in roses, glads,
pots, and hanging baskets.
                                       other flowers.
FERTILIZE:                             • Snails, slugs, pill bugs: spray
                                       garlic/pepper tea, or dust around
• Summer-flowering shrubs and          plants with cedar flakes, hot
roses.                                 pepper, and natural diatomaceous
• Spray all plant foliage with         earth mulch plants with pine
aerated compost tea or Garrett         needles. Spray plant oil products if
Juice. Add garlic tea if minor         necessary.
insect or disease problems exist.      • Release trichogramma wasps
• Apply Garrett Juice to the soil as   for pecan casebearers and other
a root stimulator monthly to newly     caterpillar pests.
planted trees and shrubs.              • Ticks, fleas, and chiggers: natural
• Treat chlorotic plants with Texas    diatomaceous earths when weather
greensand or the entire Sick Tree      is dry and apply beneficial
Treatment.                             nematodes anytime. Spray plant oil
                                       products if necessary.
PRUNE:                                 • Treat peaches and plums and
                                       other fruit with the Organic Fruit and
• Spring-blooming vines and
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                                      Leaf type: simple

                                      Leaf margin: serrate; spiny

                                      Leaf venation: pinnate

                                      Leaf blade length: 4 to 8 inches
Broad-leaved evergreen shrub or
                                      Fall color: no fall color change.
small tree that can reach 40 feet
in height with a 20 – 25-foot
spread, but is usually seen at half   Flowers: yellowish white with
that size. It is a broadleaf          pleasant fragrances in spring.
evergreen with six-inch long,
glossy, dark green and leathery
leaves with serrated margins.
New shoots droop under the
weight of the emerging leaves
creating a full-crowned, round or
slightly pyramidal canopy.
Inconspicuous yellowish-white
spring flowers and small, brick red
berries (on female plants only) in
dense clusters through the winter.
Male and female plants must be
planted to ensure production of
the berries.

Scientific name: Ilex latifolia

Pronunciation: EYE-lecks lat-ih-

Common name: Lusterleaf Holly

Family: Aquifoliaceae
                                      Fruit: round, fleshy, brick red,
                                      attracts birds.
USDA hardiness zones: 7
through 9, can also be grown in       Location: shade/part sun
warmer areas.
                                      Soil tolerances: clay, loam, sand,
Origin: not native to North           slightly alkaline or acidic if well
America.                              drained.
Uses: planters, espaliers, hedges,
                                      Drought tolerance: moderately high.
medium size tree.

Height: 20 – 25 feet                  Note: Lusterleaf holly contrasts well
                                      with other plants and is a striking
                                      specimen plant on its own. The
Spread: 15 – 25 feet                  cultivar 'Wirt L. Winn' is known for its
                                      excellent form and foliage color.
Leaf arrangement: alternate
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                                       to plant, mark off the area according     of the leaf will grow into a branch with a
                                       to the width the bushes will grow.        new rose. This is called dead heading.
                                       Allow plenty of room. Remove all
                                       plants growing in this area. Break
                                       up the soil to a depth of 6 to 8
                                       inches. Add at least 3 inches of
Dear Big Sprout,                       compost and about 3 inches of
                                       expanded shale. Break up the soil
                                       again while turning the compost and
I want to plant a rose bush. My        expanded shale into the soil. This
mother said she saw you on             addition will bring the soil above the
television discussing roses that       surrounding soil which will help with
are easy to grow, but she did not      drainage.
understand which ones. Please
share this information with us so
we can plant a rose bush.              Step Three: Select roses according
                                       to your taste for color. Also consider
                                       the size the rose bushes will grow
Dear Little Sprout,                                                              Step Six: Prune off any branches that
                                       so you have the room. If you can
                                                                                 have grown in the way of people at any
                                       only grow one rose bush, I will
                                                                                 time. Prune the branch back to a point to
                                       recommend Maggie (5 feet tall and
Rose bushes are beautiful in the                                                 where you want the new branch to grow.
                                       5 feet wide). I recommend Knock
landscape. Most rose bushes will                                                 Roses bloom on new growth. So once a
                                       Out (6 feet tall by 5 feet wide) for a
flower all summer. Rose bushes                                                   year, prune rose bushes to encourage
                                       red, Belinda’s Dream (5 feet tall and
do have a reputation for being                                                   new branches and remove old branches
                                       5 feet wide) for a pink and Sea
difficult to grow. The key to                                                    that will not flower as well as new
                                       Foam (8 feet tall and 5 feet wide) for
successful rose growing is good                                                  branches. Prune rose bushes any time
                                       a white. My Belinda’s Dream was
sunlight, air circulation, good soil                                             after Valentine’s Day and before the
                                       still flowering until just before
drainage, soil preparation, plant                                                spring growth. Remove any dead, dying,
                                       Christmas. My Knock Out is
selection and care.                                                              cracked or crowded branches. Reduce
                                       flowering now.
                                                                                 the height of branches by about 1/3 to
                                                                                 encourage new growth and keep the rose
Step One: Look at your
                                       Step Four: Plant the rose bush in         bush a manageable size.
landscape to find a place to plant
                                       the prepared soil. Water the area to
rose bushes that receives 6 to 10
                                       settle the soil around the roots.
hours of full sun, has air                                                       I hope this encourages you to plant a rose
                                       Place at least 2 inches of mulch
circulation and where the soil will                                              bush. It gives me so much pleasure to cut
                                       over the soil. Keep adding to the
drain. Rose bushes like to have a                                                my rose flowers and make a bouquet for
                                       mulch layer as the mulch
gently breeze blow through and                                                   my husband or a friend. If you have any
around the branches. Do not plant                                                questions, call the Extension office, 817-
roses close to a fence or building.                                              884-1944 or e-mail me at
Move several feet away from any        Step Five: Care for the rose bush         d-woodson@tamu.edu.
structure that will shade or block     by watering as needed. Water early
air flow. Water the area to see if     in the day and do not splash water
the soil will drain. Full sun is       on the foliage. Wet foliage promotes
important to produce more              fungus diseases. Fertilize in the
beautiful roses. Good air              spring after the rose bush starts
circulation is important for disease   growing and again in the late
control. Good drainage will assure     summer to promote the fall flowers.
the roots receive plenty of air        Some rose growers think the fall
which is important for good root       flowers are the prettiest. Cut roses
growth.                                off the plant to enjoy in your home
                                       or to give to friends. Cut off any rose
Step Two: Once you determine           faded on the bush right above a leaf
                                       with five leaflets. The bud in the axil
how many rose bushes you want
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