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									        IEEE Membership
       Its Mission. Its Benefits. The Organization

           WNC Section Meeting
            Thursday May 11
                       Jim Erickson
                         Jim Corr
                       Fred Orland
                      Bob Pettigrew
                        AJ Burke
                        Rick Taylor
                                             IEEE Vision /


To advance global prosperity by fostering technological
      innovation, enabling members' careers and
           promoting community worldwide.


   The IEEE promotes the engineering process of
     creating, developing, integrating, sharing, and
   applying knowledge about electro and information
      technologies and sciences for the benefit of
              humanity and the profession.
Today’s Discussion …

l   Benefits of IEEE Membership
l   Special Interest Memberships
l   IEEE—the Organization
              Benefits of
           IEEE Membership
                                                 The Value of IEEE

Knowledge ...
  staying current with the fast changing world of technology

Community …
  unparalleled networking opportunities, and the buying power
  into low, members-only rates on benefits and services

Profession …
  empowering members to build their careers, and giving back to

Other …
   insurance, financial, home & office and travel services
                                                   Member Benefits
Professional Networking

IEEE e-Mail Alias
    - immediate IEEE identity
    - virus protection and spam filtering
IEEE Sections, Student Branches, and
    Technical Chapters
    - local, face-to-face meetings
    - network with others in the local
    membership community
    - engage with others through informative
    technical meetings
    - recognition of accomplishments
Online Membership Directory           (4Q-2006)
    - network locally, nationally or worldwide
    w/ 370,000 peers
    - searchable, and personalized
    - opportunities that build leadership skills
    and networking opportunities
    - electing the leadership of IEEE
                                                 Member Benefits
    Member Discounts / Reduced Rates

      Membership paying for itself
        - as much as 50% off IEEE products
        - registration discounts on 350+
        conferences annually

      Additional Benefits (add-ons)… the power
         of volume purchasing*…

          Financial Services
          Insurance Services
          Home & Office Services
          Travel Services

*Benefits vary by country
                                              Member Benefits
Career Development & Recognition

   - recognizes the accomplishments of
   IEEE members
Continuing Education Partners Program
   - up to a 10% discount on online degree
Consultants Database
   - a service available for matching
   technical consultants with clients
IEEE Job Site, Career Alert
   - locate career opportunities easily and
   - a weekly email newsletter containing
   career advice
   - enhance your resume with an IEEE
Today’s Engineer
   - monthly webzine for U.S. members
   devoted to the issues affecting IEEE
   members’ careers
                                              Member Benefits
Career Development & Recognition


  IEEE sponsors more than 300 conferences and meetings and
   is involved in the technical program development of an
   additional 200 events around the world.

     Present and Publish
                                                Member Benefits
Staying Technically Current
IEEE Spectrum Magazine                      -
    Monthly, the award-winning IEEE
    Spectrum magazine explores the
    creation, application and implications
    of new technologies
The Institute Newsletter                  -
    Monthly (4 print, 8 online), newsworthy
    IEEE activities both in professional
    and technical areas
IEEE Potentials Magazine
    - 6 issues (online), the magazine for
    technology's rising, student
IEEE Xplore Digital Library
-   table-of-contents and abstracts (1.2-
    million documents)
What’s New @ IEEE
-   Monthly news digest, 10 topics to
    choose from

Additional Benefits (add-ons)…

   IEEE Member Digital Library
   Proceedings of the IEEE
   Conference Attendance at reduced
   IEEE Society Membership
                                             Member Benefits
Staying Technically Current

The IEEE is a leading developer of standards that underpin
  many of today’s technologies. Our standards are developed
  in a unique environment that builds consensus in an open
  process based on input from all interested parties. With
  nearly 1,300 standards either completed or under
  development, we are a central source of standardization in
  both traditional and emerging fields, particularly
  telecommunications, information technology and power
                                                Member Benefits
Staying Technically Current
Other Publications

  Ready Notes
     Publications for < $19.00 ea.
     Check it @
     Download publications for < $5.00 ea.
     Check it @
 Staying Technically Current                                      Member Benefits

                            IEEE Survey
•Publications are great
  –But way too expensive!
•IEEE Explore
  –Make IEEE Xplore part of the membership,‖ one member wrote. ―I would not use it
  often, but on occasion I would love to have access to articles in IEEE publications and
  conference proceedings. The free access could be limited, for example, to no more than
  five to 10 publications a month. Heavy users would pay for their extra burden on the
  –Another offered up the iTunes model of charging 99 cents a download. ―Offer dirt-cheap
  prices to download technical publications, so I could casually read them to broaden my
  technical skills. Right now I have to be darn certain a publication is going to be directly
  useful to consider buying it.‖
  –Last week: One month FREE trial!
                                                                                 Member Benefits
   Career Advice & Strategy
Career Navigator:
      •Career and Employment features
What’s NEW at IEEE                  ( )
      •Subscribe to these free monthly email updates
      •designed to provide you with the latest news regarding IEEE activities, industry trends, career
      development tips, and new IEEE product releases.

IEEE-USA’s Eye on Washington             bi-monthly at:

IEEE-USA Today’s Engineer (on-line)        monthly at;      ( )

Engineers’ Guide to Influencing Public Policy -- A collection of “how-to” advice and suggestions on
effective lobbying, which offers useful tips to help IEEE members advance the IEEE-USA Legislative Agenda and
influence public policy on issues of concern. WWW:
Government Fellowships -- Information on IEEE-USA's Congressional Fellowship and Engineering and
Diplomacy Fellow Programs, including announcements, qualifications, application deadlines and procedures, and
a listing of past Fellows.
                                                                                  Member Benefits
   Career Advice & Strategy

Washington Internships for Students of Engineering (WISE) -- Summer internships for third-fifth year
U.S. engineering students interested in studying how technology policy is made. IEEE-USA, the IEEE Technical
Activities Board, and the IEEE Life Member Committee co-sponsors IEEE participation in this multi-society
program. IEEE-USA hosts the official WISE home page. WWW:

Government Appointments -- IEEE-USA's Government Appointments page provides information on how
U.S. IEEE members seeking appointment to state and federal policy, regulatory, and advisory positions can obtain
the endorsement and assistance of IEEE-USA. WWW:

Employment and Career Strategies Forum – The IEEE-USA Employment & Careers Services Committee
welcomes you to the new virtual community where members can network and collaborate with one another on
employment and career strategies. This community will provide you with discussion groups, chat rooms and
resource files.
                                                                                     Member Benefits
   Career Advice & Strategy

Employment Assistance Page – A list of resources available to benefit U.S. IEEE members who are
unemployed or anticipating an involuntary career transition, including a host of on-line resources for career
planning and job search opportunities.

Employment and Career Strategies Forum – The IEEE-USA Employment & Careers Services Committee
welcomes you to the new virtual community where members can network and collaborate with one another on
employment and career strategies. This community will provide you with discussion groups, chat rooms and
resource files.

Consultants Services Page – A reference for IEEE members in the consulting field, this link is a library of
consulting news.
Entrepreneurs’ Resources – This resource for the aspiring entrepreneur provides contact information for local
IEEE Entrepreneur’s Networks, notices of useful IEEE publications, and links to on-line resources ranging from
investment capital sources to intellectual property protection.
                                                                                  Member Benefits
   Career Advice & Strategy
American Association of Engineering Societies – IEEE-USA coordinates IEEE’s involvement in the
American Association of Engineering Societies, a federation of over 20 engineering societies joined together to
enhance the engineering profession and the strength of its collective voice in Washington, DC. AAES also collects
and publishes engineering salary surveys and workforce data through its Engineering Workforce Commission.

IEEE Newsletters - Free        ( )

      IEEE Spectrum Career Alert                               (weekly)
      IEEE Spectrum Tech Alert                                 (biweekly)
      IEEE-USA's Eye on Washington                             (monthly)
      The Institute Online Alert                               (bimonthly)
      What's New for Libraries                                 (monthly)
      What's New for Students                                  (monthly)
      What's New in Circuits                                   (monthly)
      What's New in Communications                             (monthly)
      What's New in Computing                                  (monthly)
      What's New in Signal Processing                          (monthly)
      What's New in Power                                      (monthly)
      What's New in Wireless                                   (monthly)
                                       Member Benefits
IEEE Career and Employment Resources
                                                                   Member Benefits
IEEE Career and Employment Resources
Employment Navigator collects five million job leads from 160,000 Web sites and places
them in a single searchable database.
Provides tools for members to:
    •Quickly connect to hiring employers
    •Build and send effective resumes
    •Link to salary benchmarking and other career resources
    •Access to unpublished corporate job listings
    •Locate hard-to-find positions that never leave corporate Web sites; an estimated 30
    percent of jobs in the database
    •Assess the market for opportunities in your field (locally or nationally)
    •Identify potential new opportunities that match your skills
    •Identify who's hiring in your target location(s)
    •Time savings
Have access to features such as:
     •Job Search Tools
     •Resume Builder & Storage
     •Resume Blast
     •Job Description Look Up
     •Salary & Career Resources
Employment Navigator:    $ 50 for 6 months access.
                                                   Member Benefits
 IEEE Career and Employment Resources

Job Seekers
                                       Consultants & Entrepreneurs
   IEEE Job Site
                                       Consultants' Services
   IEEE-USA Employment Navigator       Entrepreneurs' Networks
   Computer Engineering/Science Jobs   IEEE Financial Programs
   Jobs for Women Engineers
   Jobs Outside the U.S.                Students
   Search IEEE Classified Ads          Jobs and Internships
   Career Info from IEEE Spectrum      Scholarships
   IEEE-USA Salary Service             IEEE Student Concourse
                                       Planning Your Career
   Plan & Manage Your Career
   U.S. Employer Database
   IEEE-USA Career Navigator
   IEEE-USA's Employment & Career
   Services Virtual Community
Employers & Recruiters
   IEEE Jobsite
   IEEE-USA Salary Database
   Find a Consultant
                                                       Member Benefits
IEEE Career and Employment Resources

Job Openings at IEEE
                                    Related Links
    NJ Operations Ctr - Full Time
    NJ Operations Ctr - Part-time       Licensure & Registration (US)
    Temporary & Summer Interns          Find a Technical Conference
    New York Openings                   Find a Technical Interest Area
    Washington DC & California          IEEE Education Resources &
    How to apply
                                    Other Career Resources
    Directions to NJ Operations
                                        IEEE Online Catalog and Store
    Employee Benefits                   Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
                                        Guide to Lifelong Employability
                                        IEEE-USA Today's Engineer
                                                                                                     Member Benefits
      IEEE Career and Employment Resources
IEEE JOB SITE                         ( )

Search Job listings:   ( Free to IEEE Members )
•Full time / Part time / Contract / Internship / Temporary

Create a Profile:
•The benefits of creating a profile are:

    Online Job Application and Resume Management tools
    Results of your job search can be e-mailed directly to you
    You can create folders to store jobs that interest you
    receive mailings from IEEE with special announcements of job opportunities,
new features, and/or job fair/networking events, etc.

Online Job Posting Options
OPTION 1 - If you need to post fewer than four jobs: Post a Job Now using your Credit Card Only $205 for 30 Days.
OPTION 2 - Create an Account with the IEEE Job Site to receive a price quote on a job posting package that's right for your hiring needs:
                                                             Member Benefits
IEEE Career and Employment Resources

(      )

IEEE-USA Salary Service...
The newest career-management tool for IEEE

To obtain free access to the Service, you just need to
complete or update your Salary Survey.
Click on this link to take the 2006 IEEE-USA Salary
                                                                 Member Benefits
IEEE Career and Employment Resources

CONSULTANTS            ( )

    Consultants Database
    Client Postings
    Fee survey – current rates for professional services
    Consultant Services
    Entrepreneurs' Village
    IEEE-USA Consultants Database Users' Group
•   IEEE-USA Salary Service, Member Version, Now Available Online

• WNC Local Consultants Network
     •Web site @
     • Membership $30 per year
                                                             Member Benefits
IEEE Career and Employment Resources

Products/Services     (links at )

 Salary Service
 Salary Survey
 Engineers Guide to Lifelong Employability
 Engineering Licensure
 Engineering Ethics
 P.E. Video & CD Rom
 Review Courses
 Professional Guidelines Series
 Other Publications
                                                                Member Benefits
IEEE Career and Employment Resources

                           What is Expert Now IEEE?

A Continuing Education Resource for Technical Professionals
Features the best of IEEE’s educational content delivered in one-hour long online
learning modules.

    The latest information on emerging technologies and seminal works
presented at the best of IEEE’s conference tutorials, short courses and
    Available 24x7 worldwide.

    ( )
                                                             Member Benefits
Career Development & Recognition
                      IEEE Life Membership
IEEE Life Membership
•  The member must be at least 65 years of age and has been a member of
   IEEE or one of its predecessor societies for such a period that the sum
   of his/her age and his/her years of membership equals or exceeds 100
Benefits of IEEE Life Membership
     Dues and regional assessments are waived for a Life member.
     For qualifying Life members, Society fees are waived.
•  Individuals may receive reduced member rates at IEEE sponsored
   conferences. The individual registration fee for retired members and for
   Life Members must be no more than that for Students."
•  Life Members continue to receive the same to other IEEE members,
   including IEEE Insurance Program.
•  Active Life Membership shall be reinstated, with no loss of continuity of
   membership upon notification that the Life Member confirms that the
   services/publication(s) and/or distribution of an election ballot are still
•  IEEE Life Member Affinity Groups.
•  Life Member Fund Grants.
   IEEE Life Member Newsletters - semi-annually.
                                                   Member Benefits
Career Development & Recognition

Professional Engineer (PE)

  IEEE is an Authorized Provider of CEUs through The
   International Association of Continuing Education and Training
   (IACE) and has adopted IACET guidelines and criteria for all
   its continuing professional development programs

   IEEE Offers P.E. Review CD-ROM to prepare for the exams
                     Benefits of Licensure
Regardless of the career path you choose to take, there are a number of
practical considerations concerning licensure of which you should be
Only a licensed engineer may prepare, sign and seal, and submit
engineering plans and drawings to a public authority for approval, or seal
engineering work for public and private clients.
Licensure for individuals who wish to pursue a career as a consulting
engineer or a private practitioner is not something that is merely
desirable; it is a legal requirement for those who are in responsible charge
of work, be they principals or employees.
Licensure for engineers in government has become increasingly
significant. Many federal, state, and municipal agencies require that
certain governmental engineering positions, particularly those considered
higher level and responsible positions, be filled only by licensed
professional engineers.
For those considering a career in education, many states have been
increasingly requiring that those individuals teaching engineering must be
licensed. Exemptions to state laws are under attack, and in the future,
those in education, as well as industry and government, may need to be
licensed to practice. Also, licensure helps educators prepare students for
their future in engineering
With the growing complexity and the increasing diversity of modern
construction processes and techniques, the engineer in construction must
readily be able to communicate and exchange ideas and views with other
licensed design engineers
                     Benefits of Licensure

For those pursuing careers in industry, licensure has recently taken on
increased meaning with heightened public attention concerning product
safety, environmental issues, and design defects. Employers have found it
advantageous to identify to the courts and the public those employees
who have met at least a minimum level of competence
Engineers in the military must have the credentials to stay with the service
in the face of downsizing or to make the transition to the private sector.
The scope of engineering practice is constantly changing, and engineering
activities that may be exempt today may eventually shift into a practice
area that one day requires a license (for example, research and
development may find practical application in the facilities
design/construction process, requiring the practitioner to be licensed).
State engineering boards are increasingly seeking and obtaining the
authority to impose civil penalties against unlicensed individuals who
unlawfully engage in the practice of engineering.
Engineers must adapt to a rapidly changing workplace-restructuring,
downsizing, outsourcing, privatization, and re-engineering. Engineers
should prepare to make the transition into a consulting relationship with
former employers and clients in the event of a corporate outsourcing and
respond if their corporation decides to bring design and engineering
services in-house. Only by becoming licensed can an engineer perform
the broad scope of engineering services within an area of competence as
defined under state law.
Borrowed from: NSPE @
                                     Member Benefits

    Education Activities

                    -enabling low-
                     cost student

- Introduction of
and technology
    to young
Volunteering & Giving Back to Society     Member Benefits

 •   Developing critical, non-technical
     skills that enable you to be more
                                              Member Benefits
          Bringing it all together… myIEEE™

Connect with your local
IEEE Section
Desktop navigation
w/personalized benefit
Society memberships
and conference
Latest news from IEEE
Spectrum, IEEE
Standards, and The
Direct and seamless
access into
membership account
Addition of online
membership directory
in 4Q-2006
           Special Interest
                                        Society Membership

IEEE Society membership         Subscriptions and online
   enhances the benefits of     content
   IEEE membership              Local technical chapters
                                Network w/ innovators,
39 Societies representing a     experts, and practitioners
   full spectrum of technical   Volunteering opportunities
   interests                       Technical committees
                                   Journal editors
                                Member-only rates on
                                additional publications
                                                    Society Membership

Aerospace & Electronic Systems         Instrumentation & Measurement
Antennas & Propagation                 Intelligent Transportation Systems
Broadcast Technology                   Lasers & Electro-Optics
Circuits & Systems                     Magnetics
Communications                         Microwave Theory & Techniques
Components, Packaging, &               Nuclear & Plasma Sciences
Manufacturing Technology               Oceanic Engineering
Computer                               Power Electronics
Computational Intelligence (formerly   Power Engineering
Neural Networks)                       Product Safety Engineering
Consumer Electronics                   Professional Communication
Control Systems                        Reliability
Dielectrics & Electrical Insulation    Robotics & Automation
Education                              Signal Processing
Electromagnetic Compatibility          Society on Social Implications of
Electron Devices                       Technology
Engineering in Medicine & Biology      Solid-State Circuits
Engineering Management                 Systems, Man, & Cybernetics
Geoscience & Remote Sensing            Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, & Frequency
Industrial Electronics                 Control
Industry Applications                  Vehicular Technology
Information Theory
                                               Society Committees
Power Engineering Society
                      Electric Machinery
          Energy Development & Power Generation
         Hydroelectric Power Subcommittee (EDPG)
        International Practices Subcommittee (EDPG)
                     Insulated Conductors
                  Nuclear Power Engineering
             Policy Development and Coordination
                 Power Engineering Education
     Power System Analysis, Computing and Economics
 Computing and Analytical Methods Subcommittee (PSACE)
   Distribution System Analysis Subcommittee (PSACE)
         Intelligent Systems Subcommittee (PSACE)
 Reliability, Risk and Probability Applications Subcommittee
          System Economics Subcommittee (PSACE
                                   Society Committees

Power System Communications
Power System Dynamic Performance
Power System Operations
Power System Planning and Implementation
Power System Relaying
Stationary Battery
Surge Protective Devices
Transmission & Distribution
   Capacitor Subcommittee (T&D)
   Distribution Subcommittee (T&D)
                        Committee Structure
Power System Relaying
B Advisory Committee
C Systems Protection Subcommittee
D Line Protection Subcommittee
H Communications Subcommittee
I Relaying Practices Subcommittee
J Rotating Machinery Subcommittee
K Substation Protection Subcommittee
                                                Working Groups
Relaying Practices Subcommittee
     I01 Understanding      Microprocessor-Based           Technology
     Applied to Relaying
     I02 Terminology Review

     I03 Microprocessor-Based Relay Firmware Control

     I04 IEC Standards Advisory

     I05 Trial-Use Standard         for   Low     Energy   Inputs   to
     Protective Relays
     I06 Revision   of     C37.90     -   Relay    Electrical   Power
     I07 Guide for the Application of Rogowski Coils used for
     Protective Relating Purposes
     I08 Application of Optical Sensor Systems

     I09 Revision of C37.105 - Standard for Qualifying Class
     1E Relays and Auxiliaries for Nuclear Power Plants
                                                  IEEE Standards

A standards program that serves    Individual Membership
                                      Unlimited balloting
   the global needs of industry,
                                      IEEE-SA news
   government, and the public.
                                      IEEE-SA Member Central
                                      Member discounts
Full range of standards services      Voting Rights, IEEE-SA
   to support standards               governance
   development job work.

                                   Corporate Membership
                                      Corporate Forum
                                      Corporate Advisory Group
                                      Online Community
                                      Complimentary Individual
                                      Voting Rights, IEEE-SA
                                                               IEEE Women in

                                       RECOGNIZES women's outstanding
Mission – to facilitate the            achievements in electrical and electronics
                                       engineering through IEEE Awards nominations.
   development of programs and
   activities that promote the entry   ORGANIZES receptions at major technical
   into and retention of women in      conferences to enhance networking and to
   engineering programs.               promote membership in WIE.

                                       ADVOCATES women in leadership roles in
An opportunity for members to          IEEE governance and career advancement for
   network at the local level.         women in the profession.

                                       PROVIDES assistance with the formation of new
90+ local groups worldwide             WIE Affinity Groups and supports ongoing

                                       PROMOTES IEEE Member Grade advancement
                                       for women to the grades of Senior Member and

                                       FACILITATES the development of programs
                                       and activities that promote the entry into and
                                       retention of women in engineering programs.

                                       ADMINISTERS the IEEE Student-Teacher and
                                       Research Engineer/Scientist (STAR) Program to
                                       mentor young women in junior and high schools.
Benefits of IEEE Membership                     IEEE—the Organization

   Keeps you technically current                   The world’s largest technical
   Grows your professional network locally         professional association
   and internationally                             Local and global
   Access to in-person technical forums            World-renowned standards body
   Members-only discounts—IEEE products,           Sponsors 350+ conferences annually
   conferences, and insurance coverage             Publisher of 1/3 of the world’s literature
   Provides tools for career development           on electro-technology
   and advancement                                 100+ years of heritage
   Developing critical, non-technical skills
   that enable you to be more effective
   Opportunities to volunteer, and give back
   to society

Special Interest Memberships

   Expands the scope and depth of your
   technical knowledge
   Extends your professional network                     Thank you!
                                                         Questions ?
   Influence the direction and application of
   technology through standards
   Promotes the entry into and retention of
   women in engineering programs

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