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					Professional Portfolio Project

  Documenting Your Competencies
Managerial Accounting
   Identify the Benchmark or the Standard
   Measure Actual Performance
   Difference is a Performance Gap
   When the Performance Gap is measured
    in Dollars - Variance
   AICPA Core Competencies for those
    entering the Accounting Profession are
    the Externally Prepared Benchmarks (not
    just for accountants)
       Personal Competencies

 Professional Demeanor
 Problem Solving and Decision Making
 Interaction
 Leadership
 Communication
 Project Management
 Leverage Technology to Develop &
  Enhance Personal Competencies
Broad Business Perspectives
       Strategic/Critical Thinking
       Industry/Sector Perspective
       International/Global Perspective
       Resource Management
       Legal/Regulatory Perspective
       Marketing/Client Focus
       Leverage Technology to Develop
        & Enhance Broad Business
Functional Competencies
 Decision Modeling
 Risk Analysis
 Measurement
 Reporting
 Research
 Leverage Technology to Develop &
  Enhance Functional Competencies

Purpose A– To help students
   Gain an understanding of the
    competencies expected by
   How?
   AICPA Competencies for those
    entering the Accounting Profession
    as a Benchmark
Purpose B – Assist students
in Documenting their comp.
   How?
   Review the AICPA List of Competencies
   Students provide evidence through
    documentation or narrative of their
   Use items such as projects, papers,
    detailed job description, letter etc to
Purpose C – Help students Gain an
Understanding of their own Competencies

    How?
    Review the AICPA List of Competencies
    Each item included in Portfolio needs to
     be explained – detailing how it meets the
     competency or provides evidence of the
    See what they are missing
Purpose D – Help students
Plan & Document
 Students prepare a list of missing
  competencies and suggest how they
  will fulfill those competencies before
 Student recognize the importance of
  documentation and saving items
 Students make contact with
Purpose E – Assess Program

 I review the Summary of Missing
  Competencies to determine if items
  need to be added to the program
 Sometimes it is as simple as calling
  international project – “global”
     Notes on Successful
     Preparation of the Portfolio
   Detailed Job Descriptions
   Does not all come from the School of
   Everything needs to be explained –
   Can do it in a “table of contents” explaining
    how each artifact demonstrates
   Can use a page with each artifact to explain
    each item
   Where you have not kept items – at least
    talk about them.
More Notes
 Be Neat
 Do NOT use contractions
 Get Letters of Reference when you
 Do NOT use too many “IIIIII”s

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