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									                              2008 Annual Report


1.   Metchosin Council ............................................................................. 2

2.   Report on 2007 Services and Operations ........................................... 3

3.   Progress Report on 2007 Objectives and Measures ........................... 5

4.   Statement of 2008 and 2009 Objectives and Measures ..................... 6

5.   Declarations and Disqualification of Council Members in 2007 ....... 7

6.   Value of 2008 Permissive Tax Exemptions ....................................... 7

7.   Audited Financial Statements 2007.................................................... 8

           District of Metchosin, 4450 Happy Valley Road, Victoria, BC V9C 3Z3
              telephone: 250.474.3167 fax: 250.474.6298
District of Metchosin                                                              2008 Annual Report
                                                                                         Page 2 of 28

                                      Metchosin Council

                                      Mayor John Ranns
                                 Councillor Colleen Brownlee*
                                   Councillor Bob Gramigna
                                 Councillor Kyara Kahakauwila
                                    Councillor Jo Mitchell
                                    Councillor John Webb*

                               Council Standing Committees
         Finance and Public Communications Committee Councillor Brownlee, chair
         Planning and Environment Committee          Councillor Gramigna, chair
         Parks and Recreation Committee              Councillor Mitchell, chair
         Highways and Public Works Committee         Councillor Kahakauwila, chair

* please see comments under General Government on following page

                  District of Metchosin, 4450 Happy Valley Road, Victoria, BC V9C 3Z3
                    telephone: 250.474.3167 fax: 250.474.6298
District of Metchosin                                                              2008 Annual Report
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Report on 2007 Services and Operations
       General Government

       In 2007, the Council lost member John Webb who passed away on March 17th. In May
       Colleen Brownlee was elected into the office of councillor by acclamation. Bilston
       Bridge on Metchosin Road was replaced. The Council adopted its regional context
       statement for the Regional Growth Strategy and stated its objection to a proposed
       amendment to the Regional Growth Strategy before the five year review. Council
       completed a park land exchange for Ferncliffe Trail, consented to changes to the Capital
       Region Emergency Services Telecommunications agreement, and declined a request to
       house a radiocommunications tower at the fire hall. The municipality also participated in
       the first of a proposed two phase restructure study to explore the impacts of incorporating
       the community of East Sooke within the Metchosin municipal boundary.

       The administration of the District of Metchosin changed little from 2006. The
       municipality continued to rely on contracted service providers for many professional
       services including financial reporting, land use planning, subdivision approval,
       transportation planning, and bylaw enforcement.

       Land Use Planning & Environmental Services

           Applications Received          2007           2006             2005

           Rezoning/OCP                   1              4                2
           Development Permit             5              0                2
           Development Variance           0              2                3
           Board of Variance              0               0               2

           Soil Deposit Permit            20              29              45
           Soil Removal Permit            0               0               0

           Tree Cutting Permit            11              1               13

           Subdivision                    4               1               14

       Land use planning activities in 2007 focused on the start up of the secondary suites
       review and the village vision review. Both these Council initiatives will continue into

                  District of Metchosin, 4450 Happy Valley Road, Victoria, BC V9C 3Z3
                    telephone: 250.474.3167 fax: 250.474.6298
District of Metchosin                                                              2008 Annual Report
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       Building Regulation Services

           Year         Building Permit          Building Permits        Number of
                        Revenue                  Issued                  New Homes
                        (Based on value of
           2007         $62,210                  111                     15
           2006         $72,077                  119                     17
           2005         $54,560                  110                     8

       Building regulation service issues permits and inspects construction for reasons of health
       and safety and to ensure that construction in the District complies with the BC Building
       Code and District bylaws. This service operates on a cost recovery basis. Building
       permit fees are meant to cover the costs of providing this service.

       Fire Protection Services

       The Metchosin Volunteer Fire Department provides six distinct services to the citizens of
       Metchosin: Fire Suppression, Fire Prevention, Fire & Life Safety Education, Rescue/First
       Responder Program, Fire Inspections, and Vehicle Rescue.

          Year      Total Call       Fires      First          Motor          Alarm     Assist
                    Outs                        Response       Vehicle        Bells     Other
                                                               Accidents                Agency
         2007       264 calls        87         87             45             31        14
         2006       366 calls                                  64
         2005       251 calls
         2004       201 calls
         2003       192 calls

       Major cost components include personnel costs, training, building maintenance and
       equipment maintenance. Although not included within the Fire Department’s budget,
       another major cost is the annual transfer to the Fire Equipment Replacement Reserve.

       Transportation and Road Maintenance

       This function includes road maintenance and planning, as well as bridge maintenance,
       street lighting and other expenditures related to the District’s road network. Road
       maintenance is provided by a single contractor.

       Works in 2007 included patching to Rocky Point Road, drainage works on Upper Park
       Terrace, deck replacement of Winter Road Bridge, and replacement of Bilston Bridge on
       Metchosin Road. In 2007, all municipal highways were inspected and data entered into
       a pavement management system used to develop a five year and long term road works

                  District of Metchosin, 4450 Happy Valley Road, Victoria, BC V9C 3Z3
                    telephone: 250.474.3167 fax: 250.474.6298
District of Metchosin                                                              2008 Annual Report
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       Community Parks & Municipal Grounds

       Community Parks are maintained by a dedicated group of volunteers, who are
       coordinated by Mr. Mark Atherton. In 2007, volunteers began construction of the Latoria
       Creek bridge between Park Drive and Duke Road, and undertook storm damage repairs in
       most parks in addition to regular maintenance. Parks volunteers were consulted on
       subdivision park dedication for Mt. Ash Estates, Farhill Road, Larbonne Trail, as well as
       orphan parks and trails.

       The Municipal grounds are utilized by community not for profit organizations, which
       operate the Metchosin Community House, the Barn Museum, the Metchosin Farmer’s
       Market, the equestrian riding ring, the cricket pitch, and the bike park.

       Bylaw Enforcement and Animal Control Services

       The municipality provides bylaw enforcement services on a complaint basis. The Chief
       Administrative Officer determines which files are forwarded to contracted bylaw
       enforcement services.

         Year    Contracted    Soil               Land Use       Noise        Unsightly    Fine
                 Services Cost Deposit            Bylaw          Bylaw        Premises     Revenue
         2007    $ 19,564.95   102.5 hrs          28.5 hrs       39.5 hrs     45.5 hrs     $ 1510
         2006    $ 8,582.29    12.5 hrs           2.5 hrs        40 hrs       14.5 hrs
         2005    $ 10,539.23   12.5 hrs           28.5 hrs       14 hrs       37 hrs

       Animal Control services are also contracted to the Capital Regional District. Fine
       revenue is collected by the CRD in lieu of payment for the service.

         Year      Patrol Hours              Fine Revenue                   Impounds/
                                             (to CRD)                       Tickets
         2007      639 hours                 $ 2461                         30
         2006                                $ 2103                         33
         2005                                $ 2627                         47

       Emergency Services and Search and Rescue

       Emergency Services includes the Metchosin Emergency Program, Search and Rescue,
       and other related community and volunteer based programs. The main focus of this
       department is emergency preparedness and public education.

       2007 Highlights included
       • The Emergency Operations Centre responded to a landslide on East Duke Road in
       • The Metchosin Emergency Plan was updated.

                  District of Metchosin, 4450 Happy Valley Road, Victoria, BC V9C 3Z3
                    telephone: 250.474.3167 fax: 250.474.6298
District of Metchosin                                                              2008 Annual Report
                                                                                         Page 6 of 28

       •   Tsunami information signs were procured and strategically erected along Metchosin's
       •   Three thousand sandbags were received from the Province and stored at the
           Emergency Operations Centre on the municipal grounds.
       •   Supplies were procured for five new First Aid Kits and stored in the EOC.
       •   Metchosin Emergency Preparedness participated with the Vancouver Island Health
           Authority's initiative to develop a GIS mapping system for Southern Vancouver
           Island. Metchosin now has access to that data base.
       •   Throughout the year the Neighbourhood Response Program Coordinator held several
           POD leader meetings. Also, he attended several Emergency Management Courses
           sponsored by the Province.
       •   Search and Rescue consists of 23 volunteers. Seven members completed a 70 hour
           in-house Ground Search and Rescue Course. There were nine call-outs in 2007.
           SAR received a new radio base station and six portable radios from PEP. Two
           members achieved certification as Critical Incident Stress (CIS) Counsellors.
       •   To improve radio capabilities a new node and antenna were procured for the
           Communication Group. The Federal Government supported this project by funding
           50% of the cost. The Communication Group tested the EOC radio systems weekly.
           Twenty POD leaders were provided with Emergency Kits which include a Family
           Radio (Talk About).
       •   Emergency Social Services (ESS) sponsored a Regional ESS Reception Center
           Course which was held in the Community House. Elizabeth Johnson joined the EP
           Committee as Deputy ESS Director.
       •   Emergency Preparedness chaired an ad hoc committee to review options for the
           Council's information in the event Metchosin decided to opt out of CREST.
       •   Community Storm Forum hosted by the Emergency Program and Fire Department in
           December 2007 to review the response to the 2006 winter storms


       The Policing budget consists of Metchosin’s share of West Shore RCMP services.
       Policing costs are not expected to increase until 2012, subject to the revised 2006 Federal
       Census figures which are expected to be published in Fall 2008. If Metchosin population
       is over 5000, Metchosin will become responsible for its police services on April 1, 2009.


       The District of Metchosin is a member of the West Shore Parks and Recreation Society
       which provides recreation services at the Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre facility.

       Library Services

       The District of Metchosin is a member of the Greater Victoria Public Library system
       which provides library services to Metchosin residents primarily from the Juan de Fuca

                  District of Metchosin, 4450 Happy Valley Road, Victoria, BC V9C 3Z3
                    telephone: 250.474.3167 fax: 250.474.6298
District of Metchosin                                                              2008 Annual Report
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Progress Report on 2007 Objectives and Measures

        Objectives                                                  Estimated           Current
                                                                    Completion          Status
        Secondary suites review
            • commence and complete review                          Fall 2007           Ongoing
            • consider bylaw amendments                             January 2008        ongoing
        Village centre review
            • commence and complete review                          2008                Ongoing
            • consider bylaw amendments                             Fall 2008
        Orphan parks
            • Review with PTASC                                     Spring 2007         Complete
            • draft parks registry to Parks & Rec Cmt               Summer 2007         Complete
            • dispose of designated parks                                               complete
        Burning regulations
            • educate to burn on good ventilation days              Spring 2007         complete
        Road improvements and road side trails
            • Budget funds for road improvements                    Spring 2007         Complete
            • develop plan and prepare for grant                    2007                Ongoing
            • apply for grant funding when available                                    ongoing
            • eliminate chip seal                                   2010                ongoing
        Soil deposit and removal regulations
            • establish contaminated sites protection               Spring 2007         Complete
            • impose fees and protection of highways                Fall 2007           ongoing
        Boundary Extension with East Sooke
            • engage consultant                                     Spring 2007         ongoing
            • complete study
            • referendum
        Tree protection
            • investigate protection of identified tree             Spring 2007         complete
            • amend Tree Management Bylaw
        Composting facility
            • apply for funding                                     Spring 2007         Complete
            • feasibility study to determine need for
               municipal and private use                                                Not complete
            • review and improve                                    Ongoing             Ongoing
        Public Works Yard acquisition
            • determine land acquisition costs and                  2007                Ongoing
        Fire Department vehicles
            • order new pumper truck for delivery in 2008           2008

                  District of Metchosin, 4450 Happy Valley Road, Victoria, BC V9C 3Z3
                    telephone: 250.474.3167 fax: 250.474.6298
District of Metchosin                                                              2008 Annual Report
                                                                                         Page 8 of 28

Statement of Objectives and Measures for 2008 and 2009
       Objectives                                                                Completion
       Secondary Suites Review
           •  consider bylaw amendment to increase size of suites                Fall 2008
              within dwelling
           • review issue of suites in accessory buildings                       2009
       Village Vision Official Community Plan Review
           • review land use designations in village area                        Spring 2008
           • review village development permit area                              Spring 2008
           • public process and bylaw amendment                                  Summer/Fall 2008
       Village Trail Construction
           • apply for funding                                                   Spring 2008
           • construct trails in village area                                    2009
       Road Improvements
           • establish five year plan                                            Spring 2008
           • apply for infrastructure funding when available                     Fall 2008
           • resurface Kangaroo Road with roadside trails (east end)             2009
           • replace Morrow Bridge (Kangaroo Road)                               2009
       Soil Deposit and Removal Regulation, adopt bylaw to establish
          fees once Ministerial approval received                                Fall 2008
       Boundary Restructure Study with East Sooke
           • request that Minister extend funding agreement to 2009              2008
           • complete study, pending funding                                     2009
           • referendum, pending funding                                         2009
       Malloch Road Water
           • apply for infrastructure funding when available                     Fall 2008
           • establish local area service if grant received                      2009
       Trail Network Master Plan
           •   apply for planning grant                                          Spring 2008
           •   develop Trail Network Master Plan                                 Fall 2008
       Community House Expansion & Repair
           •   apply for grant                                                   Spring 2008
           •   commence construction                                             Spring 2008
           •   complete construction                                             Fall 2008
       Public Works Yard Acquisition & Development
         • acquire property                                                      2009
         • investigating funding opportunities for development                   2009
       Website, develop new website                                              Fall 2008
       Fire Department Review
           • complete fire department review                                     Spring 2008
           • restructure reporting relationships                                 Spring 2008
           • hire career fire chief                                              Summer 2008
           • leadership and inspection certification                             2009
           • complete critical and high priorities of fire department review     2009
                  District of Metchosin, 4450 Happy Valley Road, Victoria, BC V9C 3Z3
                    telephone: 250.474.3167 fax: 250.474.6298
District of Metchosin                                                               2008 Annual Report
                                                                                          Page 9 of 28

Declarations of Council Member Disqualification
       In 2007, no council members or former council members were declared disqualified from
       holding office under section 111 of the Community Charter.

Value of 2008 Permissive Tax Exemptions

        Property                                                      Municipal          Total Tax
                                                                      Portion            Exemption

        Charitable, Philanthropic or other Not For
        Profit Corporations
           4401 William Head Road (Metchosin                          $ 1,027.66         $ 2,497.12
           Community Hall)

           1020 Malloch Road (BC SPCA)                                $ 5,157.92         $ 15,195.17

           Glinz Lake Road (Camp Thunderbird Society                  $ 21,466.70        $ 52,162.01

           3898 Metchosin Road (Boys & Girls Clubs of                 $ 10,280.55        $ 24,980.74
           Greater Victoria Foundation)

        Land & Buildings for Public Worship and Halls
          4125 Metchosin Road (Anglican Synod of the                  $ 5,559.61         $ 13,509.31
          Diocese of British Columbia)

        Senior’s Home, Hospitals, and Private Schools
           4075 Metchosin Road (Western Communities                   $ 2,649.87         $ 6,438.93
           Montessori Society)

          4354 Metchosin Road (Anglican Synod of the                  $ 1,499.36         $ 3,643.30
          Diocese of British Columbia)

                   District of Metchosin, 4450 Happy Valley Road, Victoria, BC V9C 3Z3
                     telephone: 250.474.3167 fax: 250.474.6298

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