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					   St. David’s Foundation
        Hospice Care

    Annual Newsletter

Midnight Stars Walk
  Be a Star for the Night
                                                  in the

              Registered Charity Number:1010576
Welcome to our Annual Newsletter. I hope you enjoy reading about
all the exciting events that have occurred over the past year and
those which are planned for the forthcoming months.

We have paid tribute, in this edition, to some of the fantastic fundraising that has taken
place, but we realise that this is a snapshot of all the money that is raised and donated to
St. David’s Foundation Hospice Care. Without you all we could not provide so much care
to so many who need us.

Over the past year we have cared for a record number of patients and their families. It is
important to emphasise that all our supporters, through their wonderful efforts, have helped
us in achieving this.

We have such an exciting year ahead, with our new Caerphilly day hospice opening at
Ysbyty Ystrad Fawr Hospital in October 2011 and with the building of our new day hospice
centre and outreach chemotherapy clinic in Newport (see more next page). Both buildings
will enable us to continue to develop and extend our services, and it will also mark a new
era for St. David’s Foundation Hospice Care.

 I was devastated when told that my wife s cancer was too advanced and further treatment
Recently I received a letter from a relative of a patient we had cared for and they said:

was pointless, and asked the doctors if I could have her home. The day she came home a
nurse from St. David s arrived and co-ordinated everything, carers came three times a day
and a St. David s nurse came every night and stayed until morning. The support I had
was incredible. I was amazed at the care and support that we as a family received.
My wife lived at home for sixteen days surrounded by our three children, her friends
and relations and also by her beloved dog.

This is what makes our care so special and so important. I would like to take this opportunity to
thank everyone: staff; volunteers; and supporters; who continue to be dedicated to our vital work.

With grateful thanks

Mrs Emma Saysell,
Chief Executive/Director of Nursing

                          St. David’s Foundation Hospice Care
                          Cambrian House, St John’s Road, Newport NP19 8GR.
                          Tel: 01633 271364/270980 e-mail:

2   St. David’s Foundation Newsletter 2011
New Build - Newport
The new Day Hospice and Outreach Chemotherapy Clinic will mark an exciting new era
for St. David’s Foundation Hospice Care. It will mean that patients living in Newport
will have a dedicated day hospice for their community, which will provide:

> Chemotherapy clinics
> Complementary therapies
> Art therapy
> Carers groups
> Family support services
> Bereavement groups
> Welfare benefit clinics
> Consultant in Palliative
  Medicine clinics
> Children’s support services,
  including the Unicorn Project.
  (Appropriate safeguarding policies
  are in place and anyone working
  with children is CRB checked)
> Breathing retraining
> Multi-faith room and
  chaplaincy service

                                                          It is with grateful thanks
                                                           to the Welsh Assembly
                                                           Government, Newport City
                                                            Council and individual
                                                            donors that we have
                                                            been able to start this
                                                             inspiring project.

                                                         St. David’s Foundation Newsletter 2011
During 2010-11:

2,044 patients were referred to
St. David’s Foundation Hospice Care.

                                                       1,006 patients, on average, were
                                                       being cared for each day.

Hospice at Home nurses
provided care to 640 patients.

Charity of the Year
Many thanks to all those who chose to         • Aspiration Training – their staff took part
support St. David’s Foundation Hospice          in our Abseil and held a ‘Come Dine
Care as their charity of the year for 2010,     with Me’ evening.
and to those who are supporting us over
the next year. Some great events have         • Whitehead Building Supplies – staff
been organised to raise funds for us.           joined us for many
                                                events and actively
• Cwrt Bleddyn Hotel and Spa supported          support us all
  the Super Draw Celebration and organised      through the year.
  a Murder Mystery Evening for 2011.

4   St. David’s Foundation Newsletter 2011
Day Hospice
Day Hospices are an important part of             with a
the services that we provide. Illness can         company
isolate people from their work colleagues         called
and severely disrupt social activities.           Rubicon and the pilot
People attending Day Hospice experience           was so successful we are now hoping to
new hobbies, gain valuable advice and             raise funds to continue. We also tried some
support, and generally benefit from               adapted Yoga classes, and hope to be able
having others to talk to who are sharing          to start offering them this spring and summer.
similar circumstances.
                                                  CREATIVE LIVING GROUP
Angela Canellas Parish talks a little about       Following an extremely successful launch of
activities at our 3 Day Hospices in               our Creative Living Group in 2010 we are now
Panteg, Ystrad Mynach and Brecon:                 in the midst of a second Creative Living
                                                  Group. This group is run differently to Day
SILLY SUMMER DAY                                  Hospice and is purely art- based with some
At Day Hospice we try to ensure we have a         added ‘Get Well, Feel Better’ elements included.
few ‘funny’ days throughout the year, a special
activity day every 3 or 4 months when we          Working with funding provided by the
have an excuse to make a special effort and       Riverfront and Newport City Council we are
dress up and make and adapt costumes to           undergoing a 16 week programme of
wear. This year we did a ‘Silly Summer Day’,      different art technique classes, with the view
and anything went!!! Everyone fully embraced      to having an exhibition in the Riverfront in the
the day and made a real effort to ‘out-silly’     early autumn with all the art pieces the
the staff.                                        patients have created.

VOCAL EXPRESSION                                  The first session was with local artist
Starting this month we will offer vocal           Stephanie Roberts and we created some
expression sessions. We have trialled this in     amazing ceramic pieces, we are now in the
another group and it was very beneficial and      middle of creating self-portraits in pop-art
really good fun. We even discovered that we       style and will then be doing felt making and
could all sing! You never know, you may see       memory books in the next few months.
a St. David’s Foundation Choir on X Factor by
                         the end of 2011!!!!!     The idea behind this group is that art is
                                                  extremely therapeutic. Creating something
                         MOVEMENT AND             individual and unique allows self-expression
                         DANCE SESSIONS           in a safe environment. The group have
                         We piloted some          really gelled and support each other,
                         movement and             regularly meeting outside their time at
                         dance sessions           Creative Living sessions.
                                                                 St. David’s Foundation Newsletter 2011
Support for all the Family
We know that as well as affecting your health, a life-threatening illness can have an effect
on other areas of life.

Our social workers and welfare rights
advisors are experienced in
supporting people with the changing
financial, practical, social and
emotional aspects of illness.

The Family Support Team
can help with:
> Identifying potential benefits
  available to patients and carers,
> Completing complicated claims
> Resolving housing difficulties,
> Learning to cope with loss
  and change.

Carers Groups
As well as supporting patients the Family Support Team offer Carers group meetings where
carers can meet, get information and support, and develop ways to cope with the practical
and emotional demands of being a carer. We can also provide respite care to help carers
attend carers meetings.

 The support I got was phenomenal. I ve made some good friends….It was good to
know I wasn t alone.

Bereavement Care
There can be times following bereavement when there is a need to talk to someone other than
family and friends. St. David’s Foundation provides bereavement support to families and
carers of patients we have nursed. Our bereavement team can provide confidential support
on an individual, or group, basis.

    You were my backbone when I lost my husband for which I shall ever be grateful.

6   St. David’s Foundation Newsletter 2011
Unicorn Project
Children and Young Persons                       > Children as
Support Services                                   young as 2
                                                   years and
Last November our Unicorn Project featured
on the One Show as part of the build up to
                                                   into teenage

BBC Children in Need. The short film showed
                                                   years benefit
                                                 > It may not be the illness or
how the project helps the children of our          loss of a parent but of a
patients come to terms with the illness and/or     Grandparent/Aunt/Stepmother
loss of a loved one.

                                                    This year we celebrated the Unicorn
                                                  Elaine Robinson, of the Unicorn Team, said
The Unicorn Project is
a hands-on practical                               Project s first year with a Tea Party
                                                    at Belle Vue Parc. It was the first
delivery of support

                                                    year of the Unicorn Project s
that is provided

                                                     involvement with children and young
through one to one

                                                     people. With the help of volunteers and
sessions at home

                                                      entertainment from Gwent Music and
and in the school

                                                      Young Venture Players, we had the
environment. In the

                                                 ingredients for a great day. The children
short time the Unicorn

                                                 enjoyed decorating their chosen horse shoe,
Project has been operating, over 80 children

                                                 painting, basketball practice and making
have been supported and more than 20

                                                 a birthday card to remember.
schools across Gwent are embracing this
service as a way of receiving specialist
pre and post bereavement support for
Children and Young People.

The initial contact is with the parents/or
carer where we discuss how the support
can help. By talking openly about the
diagnosis and what the prognosis is,
followed by how much they have shared
with the children we can then make realistic
suggestions of what support they need.
The aim is to help the adults think about
how the children are reacting to the changes
within the family environment.

All children can access the help they need to
manage the impact of death on their lives

                                                               St. David’s Foundation Newsletter 2011
Education is an important aspect of the
work of the Hospice – our Education
Department organises training courses
(for internal and external staff), mentors
students and maintains vital links
with universities.

Over the last five years, 151 District Nurses
from Newport, Torfaen, Caerphilly and
Monmouthshire have attended the Palliative
and End of Life Care Course run by our
Education Department. We also provide           This is supported by the Gwent
education for Social Services and 30 Home       Contributory Fund and the Gray family is
Carers have benefited from our specialist       pleased that Trevor’s legacy will go on to
training this year.                             help the professional development of
                                                nurses while also making people’s lives
In 2008 the Trevor Gray Scholarship was         as comfortable as possible.

                                                 I feel this placement has impacted on my
recommenced which enables Registered

                                                present clinical practice because I now see
Nurses from acute hospitals within Gwent
to develop their knowledge and skills in
community palliative and end of life care.      palliative patients as a whole i.e. patients
St. David’s Foundation has successfully         in hospital, and the multi-disciplinary
taken 4 students from various local hospitals   team required in the community for
                                                discharge to be successful.
who have completed the scholarship.

                                                Sian Stratton said We continually update
                                                Head of Education/Lecturer Practitioner

                                                our courses to ensure staff are working to
                                                their highest level and maintain high
                                                quality patient care. We also have
                                                Dr Duncan our Palliative Care Consultant
                                                who is involved in facilitating workshops for
                                                our Clinical Nurse Specialists and Hospice
                                                at Home Nurses.

                                                 Informed, interactive, compact and very
                                                District Nurse Student Comment:

                                                interesting. Very well put together.

8   St. David’s Foundation Newsletter 2011
Usk House
St. David’s Foundation Hospice Care and Usk House Day Hospice
merged in September 2010. This means we now have a day
hospice in Brecon, Powys. Usk House offers a regular meeting
place with the support of complementary therapy, and other
vital services.

Usk House enjoys a very successful partnership with the local
branch of Morrisons, who have recently made a £5,000 donation.
Their staff are delighted to be supporting a local charity, and have
been very helpful in publicising the work carried out by the hospice.                   Usk House

Donate a Share Scheme
Gwent stockbroker supports St. David’s              could add up to an important and
Foundation’s share donation scheme.                 appreciable source of charitable income
                                                    for St. David’s Foundation.”
Newport stockbrokers
Redmayne-Bentley                                    How the system works: Any shares donated
have linked with us to                              to St. David’s will either be assimilated into
launch a novel shares donation scheme.              our existing portfolio or alternatively, will be
                                                    grouped together with other shares and sold
Redmayne-Bentley, of Bridge Street, has             at a preferential rate using our local broker,
set up a free share donation service in             Redmayne-Bentley. We would welcome
association with St. David’s Foundation.            donations of any
                                                    shares, large or
Daniel O’Connell, of Redmayne-Bentley,              small, old or new.
said: “Relatives can sometimes find on the          Our partners at
death of a loved one that they are left with a      Redmayne-Bentley
few shares of low value that are not worth          offer those
selling or that there are a few oddments of         considering this
shares left over from corporate actions.”           course of action
                                                    the opportunity to           Dan iel O’C onnell from
                                                                                  Redmayne -Be ntley
“These few shares may not be worth a                discuss options and
great deal on their own but when grouped            answer any queries that they may have
together with share donations from others           about donating stocks and shares.

                   For more information contact Daniel O’Connell on 01633 246179
       Daniel.O’ or Kris Broome at St. David’s Foundation on 01633 271364 or visit our website:

                                                                    St. David’s Foundation Newsletter 2011
Community Fundraising
Community fundraising is one of the most effective
ways of supporting the Hospice, because it
enables you to raise vital funds as well as raising
awareness about the work we do. What’s more,
it looks like fun!                                                                Caer leon pens ioners went all yello w

These are just a small selection of pictures
from local Community fundraising events
taken over the last year.

                                                                                                          is e money
                                                                                       oi r sa ng to ra
                                                                 Caer ph ill y Ch

                                                      C o le g G wen                                          David Willi ams an d
      Laura Payne - Kilimanjaro Trek                                   t Stu de n ts
                                                                                                              M aire Be ardmo re
                                                                                                              clim be d Be n Ne vis

                           ai sted
          M r No rm an Pl
                               wor k!
        32 ye ars vo lun ta ry                                    Roge r Gamb arini (righ t) orga nises
                                                                  Golf Days to mak e fundraisi ng fun

            Debbie Ling (lef t) - demons
                                         trated how
             to make the mos t of your
                                                                                                            nie Ashmead
                                                                                       Sk y Di vi ng Mela
10   St. David’s Foundation Newsletter 2011
                           3 Peaks of Wales
                                  St. David’s Foundation Hospice Care

            Climb the 3 peaks of Wales in one day

                                 Saturday 2 July 2011
           Mount Snowdon - Cadair Idris - Pen-y-Fan

                                                    Sponsored by

                                         St. David’s Foundation Hospice Care
                                   For further information, please call 01633 271364,
                                         or visit
Registered Charity No. 1010576
                     3 Peaks of Wales 2011 Registration Form
Are you up to the challenge? We invite you to join us as we climb the 3 Peaks of Wales: Snowdon, Cadair Idris and
Pen-y-Fan in one day.
> The Routes are designed for those with a moderate/good level of fitness.
> Teams are made up of 5 people (We are looking for 4 walkers and 1 driver).
> Registration will take place on the evening of Friday 1st July in Snowdonia with an early start on Saturday.
> There is an entry fee of £25.00 (non-refundable) per team and we are asking each team to raise a minimum sponsorship of
     £500.00 to help fund our free hospice service.
> Entry is restricted to people who are 14 years of age or over.
> On receipt of this entry form St. David’s Foundation will issue sponsor forms and an event pack.
> If you are interested, please complete the registration form below, and return it to: 3 Peaks of Wales 2011,
     Fundraising Department, St. David’s Foundation Hospice Care, Cambrian House, St. John’s Road, Newport. NP19 8GR
> If you require any further information, please contact us on 01633 271364, email
     or visit our website

                               Sponsor online:
  Where did you hear about this event?

                                                                                                                                                                 SDF378 designed and produced by Basics 01633 882260
 Why is the team taking part?

 Team Name          (if applicable)                                                      Representing     (Org.Group/Club if applicable)

 Team Manager           Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms      First Name                                                       Surname



 Telephone                                                                                    Mobile


= I enclose a cheque for £25.00 (made payable to St. David’s Foundation)
      Please debit my debit/credit card

Card Type                    VISA                                  MASTERCARD                          DELTA                      MAESTRO
Card No.
Valid from                                                         Exp
Issue No.    (where given)                             Security No. (last 3 digits on back of card)

Alternatively, to make a payment over the telephone, please call 01633 271364.
Please read and sign: I understand that this is a sponsored event and will endeavour to raise sponsorship to support the work of St. David’s Foundation.
I certify that I release St. David’s Foundation Hospice Care, and their agents, officials and volunteers for any injury / loss caused through my participation
in this event. I take part entirely at my own risk. I agree that I should seek medical advice from my general practitioner if I am in any doubt as to my
physical ability to participate in this event.
  Signed:                                                                                                                                   Date:   /   / 2011
Parent / Guardian if child is under 16 (minimum age 14)
  Signed:                                                                                                                                   Date:   /   / 2011
St. David’s Foundation values your support and promises to respect your privacy. The data we gather and hold is
managed in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998). If you do not wish to receive any mail items from us,
please tick
                                                                                                                     Donor Number
                                                                                                                            for internal use only
Join our lottery                                                     Registered Charity No. 1010576’ve got to be in it to win it.
   St. David’s Fo
       Weekly Lott

  First prize
  £500 Second Prize                  £1
  £250 Third Prize                   per    Drawn
                                     week   every
  £50 Fourth Prize                          Friday
  Plus a further 30 prizes of £10!

                                                     Designed by
                                                                                              Kingsway Cen tre Gro tto
       The Knight s Tem pla r                              Usk Ope n Garden s

                                                                                                     Tes co Ex pre ss

                                           Gib ralt ar Care Vill age had
                                              love ly fun dra ising day

 Steve Theaker cycled 700
  miles through the roads
 and hills of Rioja country

                                                                                           Lucie No rr is did
                                                                                         sp on so re d m ile
                                                                                                             sw im

                                                 Litt le Geo rge Mu rph y
                                                   clim bed Pen Y Fan

              Pauls Walk
Held annually to help raise funds for us

                                                                                                            tion bak ed cak es
                                                                                We ste rn Power Dist ribu

                                                   Alchemy Wealth
                                ly picn ic        Management packed               Ris ca Top Club had
   Fairoak Nurser y held a love                                                                         a gre at night ou t
                                                     bags all day

                                                                                St. David’s Foundation Newsletter 2011
Community Fundraising
 The 500 mile
bike ride
                                                It was laughter
                                                and banter all
provided a                                      the way at the
great                                           pantomime            Mu rde r Myste ry Eve nin
                                                themed Murder

for me to raise
                                                Mystery Evening put on by

funds whilst
                                                Dai Laughing Productions to raise funds.

at the same
                        Pau l Sch anzer
                                                 In honour of
time undertake something of a personal
                                                Phil, and in
challenge for myself - Paul Schanzer
                                                recognition for
                                                the excellent care
Del Baker Memorial Trial. It is the wish of
                                                and support Phil
the Baker family that all the money raised
                                                and his family
is going to the St. David s Hospice Care
                                                received from
                                                                         Ne wp ort Drag on s

                                                The St. David s
A sheepdog trial in memory of Del Baker.                                     Sc oo ter Club

                                                Foundation, we held a dance.
                                                - Newport Dragons Scooter Club

                                                 I chose The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
                                                because it showed the effect your actions and
                Del Baker Memoria l Trial       relationships had on other people. I said
                                                I d like to give the books to St. David s
                                                Foundation Hospice Care. Chris Peggie
Wales Dads v England Dads football match,
held every year since 2009.

                                                Rus (in red on
                                                the right) from
                                                Exert Gym in
                                                raised £1442
             Wales Dads v England Dads          by running for                Eve rt Fit ne ss
                                                24 hours on
 Great idea from a member of staff to replace   a treadmill.

traditional Christmas cards we send to each
                                                 Our walk went well, about 25/30 people
other with a greener alternative that also
                                                turned up and it stayed dry.
benefits St. David s Foundation.
                                                - Steve Bower, Charity Dog Walk
Gabrielle Ward – RCN

12   St. David’s Foundation Newsletter 2011
Partnerships/Special Occasions
The Lottery Partnerships continue to grow, providing a valuable
                                                                                 Wet la nd s Wal k
source of income for all those involved.

Partnership working has expanded to events too. We have done several events with
Newport City Council 5 for Life Healthy Living Festivals, and partnership working with the
Celtic Manor Resort has been very beneficial. Last summer our supporters enjoyed a walk
in the Rhymney Valley with Caerphilly County Council and in March this year we did a walk in
conjunction with the RSPB at the Gwent Wetlands.

North to South Wales Bike Ride
On April 4th 2011, an ambitious team of 17       mainly due to the rotten
intrepid businessmen packed up their suits       weather, with driving,
and briefcases and donned their helmets,         freezing rain and 40mph
elbow pads and to some people’s horror,          head winds. Add to this
some pretty tight fitting lycra.                 the 4,900 feet that we
                                                 climbed on day two, the            James Eme ry
                                                 road closures due to
                                                 landslides and dynamite blasting , the
They embarked on an epic challenge to cycle

                                                 blowouts, and general bike maintenance
260 miles from north to south Wales in just

                                                 issues and it gave us a severe test. The upside
four days. They were determined to cross

                                                 was that, following these arduous days, and
that all important finish line because it was

                                                 with the introduction of some sunshine, the
for some great charities including 50% funds

Organiser of the Ride said, Why did I take       final 2 days were lovely, providing some of
for St. David’s Foundation. James Emery,

part in the challenge? …because it was my        the nicest riding we ve all experienced.
bright ?! idea. Also either suffering from       Ultimately, the feeling of intense satisfaction
the longest mid-life crisis in history been      at finishing what was a definite test of our
ongoing since my early twenties or I see it as   mental and physical strength was worth
a way to stave off the impending expanding       every mile. At the end of the event, we were
forties waistline.                               fitter albeit fit to drop for a week or so ,
                                                 had seen our beautiful country in a unique
Facts about the challenge: 17 Men – 4 Days       way, had raised a lot of money for very
                                                 worthwhile causes, and had made 17
                                                 fantastic friends through the shared
– 260 Miles Time in saddle: 29.05 hrs

                                                 experience. I think everybody should do it.
Total ascent climbed: 12,432ft

Was it all that you expected? It was
everything and more to be honest. It was         We are considering all
actually far more of a challenge than any of     options for a further
us thought, at least on the first two days,      challenge in 2012/2013!
                                                             St. David’s Foundation Newsletter 2011
Many thanks for your support!

The Lottery is continuing to
provide an important and reliable
source of income, ensuring
that we can plan for the future.
The number of players taking part
in the lottery has increased over
the past year, raising even more
money to support the Foundation.

This year’s Lottery Super Draw was drawn by Mr Robin Hall
of Kymin Financial Services, on March 25th. The winner          Big M ac s Who lly So
                                                                                      ul Ba nd
was Mrs C. of Cwmbran, who was extremely pleased to
win and has supported St. David’s Foundation for a good number of years.

The Super Draw Celebration was held at the Cwrt Bleddyn Hotel and Spa for the second year
in a row. Entertainment was provided by Big Mac’s Wholly Soul Band, and a great time was
had by all those who attended.

Big Raffles
Winter Prize Draw was just the ticket!
We would like to thank all supporters of our BIG raffles, our second
Winter Draw was a great success with the following winning Numbers.
Prize No.    Prize              Area      Ticket No.   Prize No.     Prize             Area        Ticket No.
1st Prize:   £5,000             Usk          050276    6th Prize:    Music Selection   Pontypool      011994
2nd Prize:   Hamper             Pontypool    012494    7th Prize:    Film Selection    Abercarn       035042
3rd Prize:   Film Selection     Risca        036158    8th Prize:    Music Selection   Abertillery    046869
4th Prize:   Film Selection     Blackwood     05532    9th Prize:    Music Selection   Chepstow       174966
5th Prize:   Music Selection    Cwmbran      121056    10th Prize:   Film Selection    Newport        112108
Super Draw was one to remember!

1st Prize: £5,000, Cwmbran, Ticket No. 100398
2nd Prize: Remote Control Mini Car, Cwmbran, Ticket No. 049623
3rd Prize: Selection of Wine, Chepstow, Ticket No. 116180

If you would like to volunteer to sell tickets for our raffles in your Community or work place, please
contact Tina on 01633 271364, or visit our website.

14   St. David’s Foundation Newsletter 2011
                                                    POWYS                30
                                                                                                   1                                12
Retail                                                                         BLAENAU
                                                                   11           GWENT                       MONMOUTHSHIRE
Over the last year the number of                                                            2
                                                                  MERTHYR                        18      24
retail shops that we have increased                                 TYDFIL
                                                                              20                 TORFAEN
                                                    RHONDDA                                         14
from 28 to 30.                                       CYNON

 The shops, which are staffed by some
                                                                                                   26                                     7
                                                      TAFF                   CAERPHILLY                                                 28

65 employees and 200 volunteers, play
                                                                                                 15     29 9                   25   6
                                                                                                     10         21
                                                                                   4                        5

a vital part in the fundraising drive
                                                                                                    16        NEWPORT

for St. David s. When we opened a new

outlet at Clytha in Newport, we were
pleased to have been able to open one in
                                                  1. Abergavenny              11. Merthyr Tydfil            21. Caerleon Village

such a prominent position. The shop is
                                                  2. Abertillery              12. Monmouth                  22. Malpas

on a busy thoroughfare with on-street
                                                  3. Blackwood                13. Newbridge                 23. Pontypridd
                                                  4. Caerphilly               14. Pontypool                 24. Usk

parking and it is close to the fabulous
                                                  5. Caerleon Road            15. Risca                     25. Magor

new railway station building.
                                                  6. Caldicot                 16. Skinner Street            26. Cwmbran Town Centre
                                                  7. Chepstow                 17. Maindee                   27. Crickhowell
                                                  8. Cwmbran                  18. Blaenavon                 28. Bulwark
                                                  9. Emlyn Walk               19. Aberdare                  29. Clytha Road
                                                  10. Handpost                20. Bargoed                   30. Brecon
All of our shops support community
initiatives, Usk shop won a bronze award          Retail Gift Aid
in the Usk in Bloom competition for their         For the financial year 2010/2011 the retail
hanging baskets, and a Gold award for their       gift aid scheme has signed up nearly 22,000
window display. They were also chosen as          donors and sold 202,000 gift aided items.
charity of the year by Usk in Bloom who           This has resulted in raising much needed
presented them with a Cheque for £750.            funds for the benefit of our patients.

In Cwmbran, our shop took 1st prize in            Since the implementation of the Gift Aid
Cwmbran shopping’s Christmas window               scheme in September 2007, the shops have
as best commercial Christmas window               sold over ½ million gift aided items and also
and won a hamper which was donated to             nearly matched that figure in pounds too –
the Salvation Army for the homeless.              raising approximately £½ million in the 3½
                                                  years it has been running.
Don’t forget, it’s not all about clothes, books   Unfortunately, by law, we have to write to
and bric-a-brac – some of our shops also          our customers asking them if they would
stock white goods and furniture.                  like the money returned that their donated
                                                  items have raised. By requesting this money,
To donate items, simply drop them off at          St. David’s Foundation does not benefit
your local shop, or for larger items we offer     from either the sale of the goods or the
a collection service, just ring 01633 271364      gift aid raised for that sale.
for more details.

                                                                         St. David’s Foundation Newsletter 2011
Fundraising Events
Every year we put together a diverse             DRAGON
programme of organised events to appeal          BOAT RACE
to as many as possible, and we are               AND
pleased to say that thousands of people          MONMOUTH
                                                                            Mo nmout h Raf t Rac e
supported us by walking, climbing, rowing,       RAFT RACE
cycling and more, raising money to help.         Both these team events are
                                                 great fun for the team members and their

 I came on
MIDNIGHT STARS WALK                              families. Monmouth Raft Race has been

the Star
                                                 held almost every year for nearly 50 years!
                                                 We have been very lucky to have been
Walk,                                            chosen by the Monmouth Rotary Club as
together                                         their benefiting charity for the last few years.

with 8
                                                 26 June 2011 Dragon Boat Race
other ladies
                                                 4 September 2011 Monmouth Raft Race
                    Midnight Sta rs Wa lke rs!
I recruited
from the Penarth area. Just wanted to say
how much we enjoyed it and how brilliantly
it was really looked after
everybody so well! - Janet Jones.

This was our first Midnight Stars Walk and it
was a great success. The ladies, dressed in                         Dragon Boat

sparking outfits, lit up the night sky as they
walked for 8 miles around Cwmbran.               ROAD TRIP
                                                 Something a little different, our Annual Road
                                                 Trip is becoming a firm favourite in the Event
                                                 Calendar. Some come to show off their
                                                 motors, others to just enjoy the spectacle
                                                 and the drive.

                                                 17 July 2011
                                      Re sort
               Th e Ce ltic M an or              Annual Road

8 July 2011 This year’s midnight challenge
                                                 Trip – This
                                                 year from
is to ‘Walk the Course’ – 8 miles around         Pontypool -
the prestigious Twenty Ten Celtic Golf Course    Where will
at the Celtic Manor Resort.                      we take you
                                                 this year??
                                                                                  Road Trip

16   St. David’s Foundation Newsletter 2011
IT’S A KNOCKOUT                                      TWILIGHT WALK
This is as much fun as you will ever have with       These events are for the community to come
water and foam. Teams compete against                together to celebrate the lives of loved ones.
each other in
all guaranteed
to get you a
good soaking.
Last year’s                                            Twilight Walk
team winners
were ‘Hands             It’s a Kno cko ut            The Twilight
On’ from                                             Walk is within
Bassaleg.                                            the wonderful
28 August 2011 Will your team be our                 around                    Tw ilight Wal k
winners for 2011?                                    Tredegar House,
                                                     and as the sun is setting
BIKE RIDES                                           and our musicians play soft music you
We currently organise 2 annual Bike Rides, in        may hang a message to your loved one
Spring and in Autumn. Both are very popular,         on our memory tree.
especially as they are suitable for all abilities.
Last October we were thrilled to be joined           24 September 2011 Join us at Tredegar
by the teachers and pupils of year 9 from            House for the Twilight Walk.
Croesyceiliog Comprehensive School.
                                                     LIGHT UP A LIFE SERVICES
                                                     The Light up a Life Services take place in
                                                     churches throughout Gwent. Each is a
                                                     moving and uplifting tribute to your loved
                                                     ones. Candles
                                                     are lit and
                                                     entered into a
                  Bik e Rides                        book of

9 October 2011
                                                     Throughout                     Light up a Lif e
Blaenavon to Cwmcarn Bike Ride. 22 miles,
mostly along the lovely canal towpath.

     These are just a selection of organised Fundraising Events, please refer to our website for a
    full list -, or contact us for more information on 01633 271364.

                                                                  St. David’s Foundation Newsletter 2011
Zumba Class Challenge
Tapping into the amazing popularity of          Kim Brockhurst, Amanda Ellis,
Zumba Fitness classes, we organised             Richard Leyshon and Alyson Acreman
our very own Zumba Class Challenge,             worked their socks off to put together an
and attempted to set a Guinness                 exciting routine for the hour long class.
World Record for the largest class.             On the day we had 612 participants and
                                                are awaiting verification of the record from
Zumba Fitness is an energetic dance             Guinness World Records. We are extremely
routine set to Latin American music.            grateful to everyone who donated their
The moves are similar to Salsa and Rumba        time and resources to help us, and to the
dancing, and excellent for fitness and          wonderful participants and their sponsors.
mobility. The Celtic Manor Resort kindly        It was a great event, and we hope to hold
donated the venue, and 4 Zumba Instructors      something similar soon.

Fundraising - Why get involved?
                                                 I really don t know how to thank you all
                                                for the support you gave my family, for
Every time you make a donation, play our

                                                the kindness and for the genuine caring
lottery, buy or donate to our shops, or

                                                attitude of your staff. This is just a small
participate in a fundraising event your

                                                gesture from us to thank you. Pontypool
money goes towards providing care for
patients with life threatening illnesses.
This care enables them to be at home            Home Run 10k participant

                                                 It was an absolute pleasure to support you
with their loved ones around them.

 I want to raise funds for St. David s, in      and do please keep me on file for future
gratitude for the care my father and the rest   events Marshal – Midnight Stars Walk
of the family received, during and after his
illness Cardiff Half Marathon Runner             You guys don t hear it enough, but I
                                                would just like to share my gratitude for
 I enjoyed the event and made it even better    the help the foundation gave my Grandad,
knowing the funds raised are going to a         my family and to all the many other
good cause. Zumba Participant                   families that you help, thanks Runner,

 You have made a very sad event bearable
                                                Bath Half Marathon

and I feel confident that my mother will
continue to be supported by the bereavement
                                                Raising money can be great fun and very

care team. As a way of thanking everyone,
                                                rewarding when it is for a good cause, and

I have obtained a place in the Cardiff Half-
                                                knowing that your efforts are benefitting

Marathon in October and will be running to
                                                people in your community gives you a

raise funds for the St. David s Foundation.
                                                great sense of purpose.

18   St. David’s Foundation Newsletter 2011
Event Calendar
  8 May, Severn Bridge Walk           28 August, It’s a Knockout              9 October, Bike Ride
This popular annual event          Best fun you will ever have          Cycle approximately 26 miles
regularly sees over 100            with water and foam.                 from Big Pit in Blaenavon
participants in fancy dress        Teams compete against                to Cwmcarn. This event is
walking five miles over to         each other in a series of            great for all the family.
England and back!                  whacky games.                        Cycle at your own pace,

                                       4 September, Monmouth
Great views.                                                            it’s not a race.

 18 May, Office Visions Golf Day            Charity Raft Race              19 October, Fashion Show
Roger Gambarini invites            Now in it’s 46th year. Can           Building on the success of
companies from all over            your team build a raft and           last year’s event, we are
South Wales to take part in        sail it for 6.5 miles down the       holding another Fashion
this well organised and            river Wye from Monmouth?             Show in the Congress
established four ball event.       Always a good fun event              Theatre in Cwmbran. Once

  26 June, Dragon Boat Race
                                   for participants and                 again we are fortunate to be
                                   spectators alike.                    joined by renowned Hair

                                     17 & 18 September, Abseil
Crews of 10-14 plus their                                               Stylist Phillip Mungeam.

                                       the Transporter Bridge               29 October, Canal Walk
drummer compete on the
River Wye in Monmouth.

    2 July, 3 Peaks of Wales
                                   Take the plunge off                  Come and join us for a
                                   Newport’s iconic bridge.             sponsored 22 mile walk from

                                     24 September, Twilight Walk
Take on three of the highest                                            Abergavenny to Brecon
mountains in Wales – in one                                             along the canal towpath.

                                                                              30 October, Castle to
day! Mount Snowdon, Cadair         Walk with us around the

                                                                                  Castle Walk
Idris and Pen-y-Fan. Teams         beautiful grounds at
of four, plus one driver.          Tredegar House as the sun

  8 July, Midnight Stars Walk
                                   is setting. Remember and             Starting from Abergavenny
                                   celebrate the lives of your          Castle, the walk picks up the
Walk the Course! This year         loved ones.                          historical Mon. Brecon canal

                                           24 September,
our Stars will walk the Twenty                                          towpath and meanders all

                                         Snowdon Challenge
Ten Course at the Celtic                                                the way down to Newport.
Manor Resort – venue of                                                 This sponsored walk is
the Ryder Cup 2010.                Climb with us to the top             around 26 miles.

       10 July, Zip Slide                                                  19 November, Annual Ball
                                   of our national landmark.
                                   Enjoy stunning scenery
Slide down from the                and you can visit the new            Join us for a Black Tie
Transporter Bridge.                café near the top for a              Celebration Ball and enjoy a

    17 July, Road Trip 2011
                                   well-earned cuppa.                   fabulous four course dinner

                                       30 September, Golf Day
                                                                        and live entertainment.
A treat for all motoring fans.
Join us for a trip around          St Pierre Hotel and Country
Gwent’s scenic lanes               Club. 18 holes, with evening
and countryside.                   dinner and entertainment.

    Further information about all of these events (and others ) and on-line entries are available on
                our website or ring us on 01633 271364

                                                                    St. David’s Foundation Newsletter 2011
                St. David’s Foundation Hospice Care

Summer Dates for Your Diary
  Severn        Party      Office Visions             Dragon         3 Peaks          Midnight
Bridge Walk     Night       Golf Day                 Boat Race       of Wales         Stars Walk
  8 May         14 May        18 May                     26 June        2 July          8 July

 Chepstow       Bassaleg   Cardiff Golf Club             Monmouth        Wales        Celtic Manor

  Road           It’s a        Raft                    Abseil         Twilight        Snowdon
  Trip         Knockout        Race                  Transporter       Walk           Challenge
  17 July      28 August      4 Sept                 17 & 18 Sept      24 Sept         24 Sept

   Gwent        Newport      Monmouth                      Newport   Tredegar House   North Wales

Charity          Bike        Fashion                       Canal      Castles          Annual
Golf Day         Ride         Show                         Walk        Walk              Ball
 30 Sept         9 Oct        19 Oct                       29 Oct      30 Oct          19 Nov
 Chepstow      Blaenavon      Cwmbran                       Brecon   Abergavenny      Celtic Manor

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