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      A          B           C         D        E          F            G            H           I         J       K        L

    Vendor                                              NAFTA         If yes,
     Part                   Item    SUS/REP Country of Compliant     NAFTA       Harmonized Hazardous      UN     ORMD
1   Number   Description   Status   number    Orgin      Y/N         Code/#        Code/#   Material Y/N Number    Y/N   MSDS Y/N

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      A             M             N        O          P       Q        R           S                T              U            V          W
             Product UPC Code                                               Unit of Measure
    Vendor     (Retail); must                                               per Unit (each,   Inner Pack Bar
     Part      include Check     Unit     Unit      Unit     Unit    Unit    gallons, pair,    Code, I2 of 5   Inner Pack   Inner Pack Inner Pack
1   Number          Digits      Weight   Length     Width   Height   Cube         etc.)          format         Quantity      Weight     Length

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      A          X          Y          Z          AA          AB           AC         AD         AE          AF         AG         AH            AI
                                              Master Pack
    Vendor                Inner              Non-Retail Bar Master       Master      Master                            Master   Pallet Bar
     Part    Inner Pack    Pack      Inner    Code; I2 of 5  Pack         Pack        Pack      Master     Master       Pack    Code, I2 of    Pallet
1   Number     Width      Height   Pack Cube    format      Quantity     Weight      Length   Pack Width Pack Height   Cube      5 format     Quantity

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      A        AJ       AK       AL       AM         AN           AO           AP           AQ            AR            AS             AT
    Vendor                                                    Suggested       Dealer     Distributor   Distributor   Distributor   Distributor
     Part    Pallet    Pallet   Pallet   Pallet                List Price    Price per    Price per    Quote per      Quantity    Quantity Price
1   Number   Weight   Length    Width    Height   Pallet Cube per Unit         Unit         Unit          Unit     Break Per Unit     Break

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      A         AU              AV          AW            AX
    Vendor    Quantity      Distributor
     Part    Break per     Quantity Price   MAP          MAP
1   Number      Unit           Break        Retail     Wholesale

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