Product Life Reliability Data by epd16379


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									                       Process Audit Preparation "Turtle Diagram" Product/Process Design
                         With What?                                                                 With Who?

                      IT hard- & software                                                         FMEA Team
                    Product Design skills                                                Multidisciplinary - APQP Team
                  Prototypes - ECR - SCUT                                                      Customer contacts
                Competitor product analysis                                              Design suppliers / contractors
        Laboratories - Measuring & Testing equipment                                       Training dept or external
                  Error proofing technique
                  Technological awareness

             Inputs                                            Process                                               Outputs
    Customer requirements
Customer special characteristics                       Product / Process design                      Verified & validated design, meeting
                                                            Design planning                                 customer requirements
   Design input requirements
 Avery manufacturing feasibility                             Design activity
 Competitor analysis / field data                            Design output
      Acceptance criteria

                       How?                             (Support Processes)                        What Results?

              Design & Process FMEA                     Sales process                      Design process objectives
             Design reviews & records                    IT processes                      Adherence to timing plans
          Product safety & Confidentiality            Human Resources                 Cost as planned ? & Cost reductions
                   Change control                    Laboratory processes                FMEA Severity/RPN reduction
             Quality planning process                  Warranty process           Targets for quality, life, reliability & durability
             Product approval process               Communication process                      Internal audit results
           Document & records control              Product approval process                   Customer satisfaction
           Corrective/ preventive action            Manufacturing process                      Management Review
      Analysis of data & Rejected product test          Quality support                P(P)AP approval from customers

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