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Name of Teacher:                                                                 Date:
Henry Weston                                                                     May 15, 2009
School:                                                                          School Year:
East Brunswick                                                                   2009 - 2010
Completing a Professional Development Plan
The Professional Development Plan for Teachers should include the professional development standard(s) which your
plan will address; linkages from individual goals to district, school, department or classroom improvement;
individual/specific goal(s); intended outcomes; proposed activities; potential evidence; timelines and resources. Please
refer to the following documents/website when completing your Professional Development Plan:
1. Professional Development Standards for NJ Educators:
2. New Jersey Professional Standards for Teachers and School Leaders:
Part I: Selecting a Professional Development Standard(s).
Based on a self assessment of the New Jersey Standards for Teachers and other sources the following standard(s) has
been selected as the focus of my Professional Development Plan (PDP):

11. Quality Teaching: Professional Development that improves the learning of all students deepens educators’ subject
    matter and pedagogical content knowledge, supports the use of research-based instructional strategies to assist
    students to meet and exceed the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and prepares them to use various
    assessments to modify and improve instruction.

Part II: District/School/Department/Classroom Linkages
I will enhance my knowledge and skills, dispositions and performance relative to this standard(s) as it relates to
district/school/department or classroom improvement needs in the following ways:

Incorporate math activities in my occupational lessons to assist students in meeting the math indicators on state

Part III: Specific Goals And Intended Outcomes
The specific goal(s) for my PDP and intended outcome(s) are:
                          GOAL(S)                                                        INTENDED OUTCOME(S)

Improve student achievement in mathematics on district                  There will be a 10% increase in my students’ passing
assessments by incorporating mathematic activities in the               scores on the math and CTE pre and post test.
occupational program
  Professional Development Plan (PDP) - Page 2 of 2                 Name of Teacher:
Part IV: My Plan - Guiding Questions: For the purpose of developing your Professional Development Plan (PDP) the
following guiding questions are provided to assist you in the process.
• What am I going to do to achieve my goals?
• What are the initial steps to begin my plan?
• What activities should I plan to achieve each of my goals?
• What resources will I need?
• How will I make the time to do what I plan?
• What evidence will I collect to demonstrate fulfillment of my plan and achievement of my professional development
• How will I organize my evidence?
• What are my timelines for professional development activities and outcomes (short and long-term)?
A. Activities: I will engage in the    Activities:
following activities for the stated
purposes:                              1. Administer a district developed pre test in mathematics and review data with
                                           CTE coordinators
                                       2. Create a minimum of 10 lessons using the Math and CTE model
                                       3. Demonstrate model lessons to Math and CTE coordinators
                                       4. Administer post-test and review data

B. Documentation: I will                      Evidence/ Documentation:
document my progress in enhancing
my skills and knowledge,                      1. Lesson plans and mathematics activities
dispositions and performance with             2. Minutes of meetings with Math and CTE coordinators
the following evidence and/or

C. Timeline and Benchmarks:                   Timeline:                                 Benchmarks:
Implementation of my Professional
Development Plan (PDP) will be in             October 2009 – May 2010                   Lesson Calendar guidelines
accordance with my timeline and
applicable benchmarks.

D. Resources: The following                   List Resources:
resources may be used for the
implementation of my Professional             Math and CTE E-Board
Development Plan (PDP).

Part V: This Professional Development Plan was mutually developed and agreed upon by:

 Teacher Signature:                                                                      Date

 Principal/Supervisor Signature:                                                         Date

Part VI: Progress:           Henry Weston                       :
                            Name of Teacher
_____ has made acceptable progress in completing the Professional Development Plan.

_____ has not made acceptable progress in completing the Professional Development Plan and therefore, amended timelines and
benchmarks will be incorporated in next school year’s PDP along with new identified standards, goals and activities.

                                                                                                        Principal/Supervisor Signature
I-PD 08-09
May 2009 PD Teacher Model

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