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									Scholarships for Graduating Seni ors -_
Applications available (2/7) at (click Our Programs and College Scholarships)

Marcus A. Foster Educational Institute and its 14 partners of companies, businesses, organizations,
families and indi vi duals provi de 80-100 scholarships annually ranging from $1000 to $5000 to
graduating seniors. The partner scholarshi ps are: The Clorox Company; Port of Oakland;
Chil dren’s Hos pital Nursing; Oakland Educati on Association; KTVU; WestEd; Jack and Jill;
Cornell C. Maier; AA Batarse; Nguyen Family, Davi d S. Way; Edith J ames Johnson; Henry
Gardner; and Phoebe John.

Applications are available online February 7 at (click Our Programs and College
Due date for submi ttal of applicati ons is March 14, 2007

Applications will also be mailed to all eligible seniors of Oakland’s public schools.

Ronald McDonald Scholarship
Open to all seniors
DUE: February 15, 2007 programs/rmhc_scholarshi p_ program.html

Straight forward Media
Many links for various scholarshi ps
http:// www.straightforwardmedi ps/index.php

Car Donors Scholarships
Open to all seniors
DUE: March 15, 2007
http:// arship.html

Lapiz Family Scholarship
Asian Pacific Fund
Open to chil d of a farm worker who is going to a UC
DUE: March 30, 2007
http:// www.asianpaci
(click on scholarshi p/awards tab)

Yuchengo Memorial Journalis m Scholarships
Asian Pacific Fund
For Fili pino students attending a B ay Area College going into Journalism
Due: March 30, 2007
http:// www.asianpaci
(click on scholarshi p/awards tab)

UCLA Alu mni Scholarships (there are 2 separate scholarships posted below)
$4,000 - $15,000 in Alumni Scholarshi ps Available
The scholarshi p application postmark deadline is Feb. 21.

2007-08 Dr. Ralph J. Bunche Alumni Scholarship.
This scholarshi p recognizes and supports students from historicall y underrepresented backgrounds
who add to the di versity of the UCLA community.

Freshman Alu mn i Scholarship
These scholarshi ps recognize students who have demonstrated strong leadershi p in extracurricul ar
school and communi ty acti vities.

Students may be eligi ble to appl y for both the Dr. Ralph J. Bunche and Freshman Alumni
Scholarships however, they can recei ve only one award.
Both award amounts range from $4,000 to $15,000 and are pai d out over four years. You are
required to provi de 30 hours of service annually to UCLA and the Alumni Association in order to
renew for the second-,third- and fourth-year of your schol arship.

If you have any questions, please call 310-825-0947.
http:// www.UCLAl yScholarshi ps?email=H1PO

Achievement Award Program (TAAP)
UC Berkeley Scholarship
$23,000 over four years
Deadline: February 15, 2006
A schol arship and support program for first-year and new transfer students to Cal.

Appl y online:

Please also see website for more details on TAAP and other scholarshi p opportunities: ps

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