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United Presbyterian Church of Harrodsburg_ Kentucky


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									United Presbyterian Church of Harrodsburg, Kentucky
             Presbytery of Transylvania
               Synod of Living Waters
            Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

            2008 Annual Report
           (Presented February 8, 2009)

              326 South Main Street,
              Harrodsburg, KY 40330
                  (859) 734-4710
Church Office Email: upcharrodsburg@bellsouth.net
 Church Website: http://www.upcharrodsburg.org

                CHURCH STAFF
  Rev. Andy Wing             Co-Pastor
         Cell phone          (859) 612-2316
         Office e-mail upcpastor@bellsouth.net
         Home e-mail wingap1@yahoo.com
  Rev. Stephanie Wing        Co-Pastor
         Cell phone          (859) 612-2317
         Office e-mail upcpastor@bellsouth.net
         Home e-mail sorgewing@gmail.com
  Susan Shewmaker            Organist / Music Director
  Bobbi Rightmyer            Church Secretary
  Pat Alexander              Treasurer / Bookkeeper
  Dorothy Shuman             Supervisor of Nursery
  J. L. Devine               Custodian
                            REPORT OF THE SESSION
                                      2008 Annual Report

The Session continued in 2008 under the leadership of Dr. Arthur J. DeYoung as Moderator.
The building of community progressed with preaching and teaching. In the spring the church
celebrated 75 years of being “United” before it was fashionable. In the fall of this year we
celebrated 225 years since the founding of the church in the Harrodsburg area.

The Pastor Nominating Committee continued it’s work in spite of the tornado in February that
knocked out the corner of the Academy and did extensive damage to the Academy and church
buildings. In August, the Academy reopened after six months of repairs.

Dr. DeYoung announced he was moving to Cynthiana in November, and Jackie Lindberg
again was there to fill the gap. It was not long thereafter that the PNC announced the choice of
a clergy couple being asked to serve as Co – Pastors. A new phase in the life of this church
began on November 23rd with the Call of Andy and Stephanie Wing.

Membership: Active Members 12/31/07                                  181
                             By transfer                      1 (Morgan Lewis)
                             By reaffirmation                 2 (Michael Rockas, Nick Lewis)

                    Total                                            184

                                  By death                      2
                                  By inactive action           39
                    Total active members – 12/31/08           143

      New Members:                3
      Baptized children:          2

      Transfer to the Church Triumphant: Thomas I. Moore, April 7, 2008
                                         Margaret H. Weber, October 31, 2008

David C. Weber
Clerk of Session

Board of Trustees: All elders of legal age are Trustees. The work of that body is conducted
in, and as a part of, the Session

              NECROLOGY REPORT
                     2008 Annual Report

Thomas Irving Moore                            April 7, 2008

Margaret Huddleston Weber                      October 31, 2008

     From the depths I call to you,
            Lord, listen to my cry for help!
     Listen compassionately
            to my pleading!

     If you never overlooked our sins,
            Lord, could anyone survive?
     But you do forgive us:
            and for that we revere you.

     I wait for the Lord, my soul waits,
             I rely on God’s promise.
     My soul relies on the Lord
             more than a watchman on the coming of dawn.

     Let Israel rely on the Lord
             as much as a watchman on the dawn!
     For it is with the Lord that mercy is to be found,
             and a generous redemption.
     It is God who redeems Israel
             from all its sins.                         Psalm 130

Lord Jesus Christ, our Good Shepherd,
In the waters of baptism you give us birth,
     and at your table you nourish us with heavenly food.
In your goodness and mercy,
     lead us along safe paths beyond the terrors of evil and
     death, to your house where we may live securely

                          PERSONNEL COMMITTEE
                                    2008 Annual Report

The Personnel Committee consists of the Clerk of Session as chair, and the Chairs of the
Standing committees of the Session. In 2008 these were David Weber, chair, Irene Mitchell,
Pat Davis, David Berry, Howard Howells, Sr. and David Bradshaw.

The committee meets as needed to advertise and interview new staff for the church, to seek
interim Pastors as needed, and to review and make recommendation to the Session for matters
related to salary and benefits of staff of the church, both Clergy and non-clergy.

In 2008, the committee met only a very few times due to the stability of staff and our
recommendations for salary increases and bonus’ were severely limited due to the tightness of
funds and the economy.

David C. Weber, Chair.

                                       2007 Annual Report

A brief summary has to include tribute to Tom Moore, leader of the Pathfinders class for 30 years, who
passed away. Without him as the mast of the historic ship of that men’s class, it struggled for a few
months with temporary teachers, before sinking into the waves. In the future, we hope to either
reinstate the class for our octogenarian men or find another model for a new generation. We ended the
year with three Sunday School classes: an adult Bible study format led by Pat Rockas; a workshop
rotation model for ages K-5 with shared teaching by five people; and a discussion group for youth led
by Reverend Jack Lindberg.

January       Carrie Shewmaker continued the Children’s Church program begun in the
              fall of 2007 by Irene Mitchell.

Februrary     We disbanded the Children’s Church program because of conflicts with
              attendance. Dorothy, who managed the nursery, welcomed the
              elementary-aged children who preferred coming to her instead of staying
              for the remaining part of the service after the Children’s Time half-way
              through the weekly service. Interim Minister Art DeYoung and his wife
              provided additional children’s storybooks donated by Maxwell Street
              Presbyterian in Lexington. These were placed in the nursery and in the
              activity bags in the sanctuary.

March         No new activity.

April         The Easter Egg Hunt, open to the community, was attended by eight
              children. We had three prize eggs, one for each of three age groups.
              Lizzie and Savannah Prigmore, ages 6 and 8, generously gave a visiting
              child with autism one of their prize eggs.
              We retired the Bunny costume, which had aged beyond beauty.
              The Easter Sunday Brunch prior to the service was well attended.

May           We recognized Sunday School teachers with a donation to Komen
              breast cancer research in their honor. We gave gifts to three graduates.

June          At the early 4th of July party on June 26, we had sign-ups for assisting
              with the children’s workshop rotation classes to begin in August.

July          Irene Mitchell helped with VBS at the Methodist Church. Grandchildren
              of two members attended VBS. Several of our children were sick or
              away at camp. Tyler Garrett attended Camp Burnamwood.

August        August 30 was Rally Day, with new classes introduced for children and
              youth and a potluck after the service. During the fall our teachers
              included: Irene Mitchell, David Lynn, Shirley Howe, and Sherrie
              Prigmore, with technical assistance from David Bradshaw.

September     The theme for the K-5 class was “young David.”
              9/9 Irene Mitchell attended Presbytery at Burnamwood.

October       The theme for the K-5 class was “Christ as shepherd.”
              10/26 The K-5 class baked cookies for college students.

November      The theme for the K-5 class was “gratitude.”

December      Carrie Shewmaker led the K-5 class for Christmas, helping
              the children write testimonials for the program on December 14.
              The participants were Lizzie Prigmore, Savannah Prigmore, and
              Tyler Garret. It was an inspiring and beautiful presentation.

              We welcomed our new co-pastors, Andy and Stephanie Wing.
              Informally, we began conversations about the direction for
              Christian Education in 2009.

Respectfully submitted,
Irene Mitchell, Chair

                             KATE RIKER CIRCLE
                                       2008 Report

The Kate Riker Circle meets at 10:30 am on the first Monday of each month – September
through June in the Fellowship Hall (dining area). This is a Bible Study group with a
devotional, a business session and prayer concerns.

The Horizon Bible Study for 2008-2009 is “Jubilee! Luke’s Gospel for the Poor” by Dale
Lindsay Morgan. The study is given by a volunteer member each month and is open for

Average attendance each month is 12. Members participated in the following:

    Attended Holy Week Services and provided food.
    Attended the Spring and Fall Gathering of Presbyterian Women.
    Collected clothing and toys for infants in Mission Projects overseas.
    Contributed items for the Mitten Tree, which were taken to Breathitt County.
    Made donations to Mercer County Pride Center.
    Subscribed to Horizon Magazine for Church Office.
    Volunteered for community events.
    Volunteered for Christian Life Center
    Donated red, white and blue canned goods for Christian Life Center.
    Contributed to Birthday Offering and Thank Offering
    Participated in planning the 225th Anniversary Celebration.
    Updated the Memorial Book for the 225th Celebration.
    Enjoyed potluck lunch at the home of Mary Mitchell Gravely.
    Enjoyed touring the reconstructed Cardwell/Opera House at 201 S. East Main Street in
    Enjoyed a trip to Renfro Valley Music Hall to see The Christmas Show.

Kate Riker Financial Statement on December 31, 2008:

       Cash in Bank                    $ 753.47
       General Fund                    $ 317.44
       Memorial Fund                   $ 336.78
       Needy Family Fund               $ 99.25

Donations made to Mercer County Pride Center (for needy children):

       12-2-2008                 $ 381.00
       12-15-2008                $ 205.00
       12-17-2008                $ 70.00
             Total               $ 656.00

Celebrated the life of Margaret Weber, a Circle member, in a Memorial Service on November
8, 2008.

Respectfully submitted,

Louise Dean, Chair
Pat Carpenter, Vice Chair
Ruth Young, Secretary
Jane Adrian, Treasurer

January 12, 2009

                              Evangelism and Outreach
                                     2008 Annual Report

Committee Members:
    Sue Sullivan, Gwen Wickliffe, Nadine White, Henry Grall, Margaret Knapp

Margaret Knapp continues to set up the Sunday morning fellowship coffee, providing juice,
coffee and donuts. Gwen Wickliffe helps clean it all up.

We decided not to advertise in the Harrodsburg Herald but when we have a new pastor to print
a laminated bookmark for motels and hotels and other advertising opportunities.

Nadine White profiles new members for our newsletter.

Gwen updates our “All Saints” bulletin board in the conference room and the upstairs boards in
the hall.

We promoted the four church offerings: One Great Hour of Sharing, Pentecost, Peacemaking
and Joy gift as well as the Fifth Sunday offering for Bellewood. We oversee the Hunger
Offering the fourth Sunday of the month.

Gwen maintains the church pew racks, visitor cards and offering envelopes.

Lee Russell sends cards to the members who are ill or on the prayer list.

We organized with help from the Kate Riker Circle a food drive.

We organized events for the church; such as the talent show, ping-pong Sunday, Chili cook-
off, early 4th of July picnic and other fellowship events.

We are responsible for budgeted mission giving items.

Sue Sullivan is chairman of the kitchen committee.

We worked with the Worship Committee on Seder Service on Maundy Thursday.

It is my suggestion to try and have something every month to get acquainted and share the
fellowship. Maybe we could get three new people not on the committee to do the planning for
just one month.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Davis, Chair

                            PROPERTY COMMITTEE
                                     2008 Annual Report

Property Committee meetings were held on the first Monday of each month
and were regularly attended by the following individuals:
      David Berry                 Howard Howells           Jo Holbrook
      Jane Adrian                 Butch Woodard            Gordon Woodard
      Dick Knapp                  Harold Davis             Jean Buchanan

Items which were reported as needing attention from the last annual report
were the needed repairs to the Academy roof, parking lot sealing and
striping, and repairs to roof over the Sunday School Classrooms. Repairs to
the Academy roof were completed during Calendar Year 2008 but was
delayed due to damage sustained during the storm of 5 February. The
surface of the parking lot has been sealed and striped. This includes the area
around the Academy. A new roof has been installed over the Sunday School

On 5 February 2008 a major storm hit the Harrodsburg area and caused
extensive damage to the sanctuary. Repairs to the sanctuary were completed
during CY2008 to include the new roof over the classroom area and a new
roof over the main part of the building. Problems with leaks continue to
occur but the roofing contractor, Bowling Roofing of Lancaster, is prompt
about answering calls for assistance. Structural damage to the sanctuary was
sustained but all repairs were completed by Arrow Contracting.
The academy was severely damaged by the storm of 5 February and the
building was unusable for 6 months. The building was repaired by Arrow
Contracting and tenants returned on 1 August.

All of the storm damage was covered by insurance to include loss of income
due to the absence of tenants.

Items needing attention at the close of CY2008 include attention to the roof
of the sanctuary. During heavy rain storms leaks continue to occur over the
classroom area and the main sanctuary. This problem has been brought to
the attention of Bowling Roofing and they are working the issue. Mr. Ernie
Bowling reported that the leaks over the south wall of the sanctuary were
caused by a “cap” coming off one of the chimneys and damaging the bricks.
Bowling is in the process of making repairs.

Arrow Contracting has been tasked to make “tuck point” repairs to the
exterior walls of the Academy. As of this report the work has not started.
Cecil Brothers & Yeager Construction has been tasked to replace the steps
and walk to the north front door of the sanctuary. This work also has not
begun but will start as soon as the weather improves. Mr. Cecil indicated
that 48 hours of warm weather was needed for the concrete to cure.
It was observed while Bowling Contracting personnel were on site making
roof repairs that the down spout for the steeple gutter had rotted away
causing the run off from the steeple to splash down uncontrolled on the
classroom roof. This could lead to some of the leaking problems in this
area. It recommended that this be attended to, which could include a new
gutter with a new down spout that takes the water to the edge of the roof.
No contractor has been contacted regarding this issue.

Floor tile repairs need to be completed in the front entrance hall and tile
need to be replaced in the rear entrance. Butch Woodard has taken the lead
on this issue. Howard Howells is trying to find some excess tiles at the

There is some siding missing from the west end of the classroom area of the
sanctuary. Arrow Contracting has been tasked with making repairs.
Mold and mildew was discovered in the women’s restroom on the first floor.
Butch Woodard cleaned the affected areas but no determination has been
made as to the cause.

David W. Berry
Property Committee

                        Stewardship & Finance Committee
                                     2008 Annual Report

The Stewardship and Finance Committee meets monthly on the second Tuesday of the month.
In addition to working with the Treasurer, the committee seeks to manage the income of the
church and plans the fall pledge drive along with the annual budget.

In 2008 the monthly income and expenses were such that the checkbook balance most months
ended at about $100.00 – 200.00. In spite of the added expense of the insurance deductible, we
were able to make all repairs of the damage from the tornado in February, and finished the year
with a balance of $6,586.89 in the General Fund. With careful spending by each of the Session
Committees, we ended the year with Income of $127,334.33, and expense of $121,218.95. The
2008 expense budget was $141,830.00.

Pledges increased to 48 units for 2009 and we entered 2009 with a budget about the same as
last year but expenses are expected to be closer to the budgeted amounts, due to the addition of
a called Co-Pastor couple.

The budget and income of this church depends entirely upon the giving of members since we
do not have a large number of weekly or seasonable visitors and we do not have groups paying
to use the church property. If we cannot meet the payroll we must use funds from reserves
such as income from the sale of the Manse to Rev. and Elaine Tarry.

Income from the Academy us used, where possible, to meet monthly payments on the loan
from remodeling and to build a reserve for unforeseen maintenance. It is not available for use
by the church.

Members of the committee in 2008 were: Howard Howells, Sr., Chair, Pat Alexander, Louise
Dean, Richard Howe, Opal Lee Taylor and David Weber.

With the blessings of Almighty God and His efforts in this congregation, we will meet the
challenges of this budget in 2009.

Howard H. Howells

                               United Presbyterian Church
                                      326 South Main Street
                                         Harrodsburg, KY 40330

                                                                   September 29, 2008

TO:            Members and Friends of United Presbyterian Church

FROM:          The Session

The year 2009 will bring many new things – including new Pastoral leadership for the congregation.

Now is the time for us to think about the financial commitment which each of us will make to our
congregation for the coming year (2009).

The Session and the 6 committees of the congregation have been hard at work determining a budget
for the coming year. Each of the committees has made reductions in their 2009 budget requests,
except for the Personnel Committee that has included an increase of 1% for all current staff. In
addition, the Pastor Nominating Committee has met with the Session to share what it sees as being
needed as a compensation package for new Pastoral leadership. All of this is reflected in the enclosed
budget for 2009.

Please study the enclosed budget to see where changes have been made. If you have questions, contact
any member of the Session. Some changes include: stopping a weekly ad in the local newspaper, the
purchase of fewer books for the Library, less building maintenance (in light of all the work done
following the tornado), communion wine being donated rather than purchased by the church, replacing
a monetary contribution with donations of non-perishable food collected by the congregation to the
Christian Life Center (that idea is welcomed by the Center), and an increase in supplies for fellowship
dinners (how we love to eat!).

The enclosed budget shows a total of $146,641. This is 3.3% over 2008. The 3.3% represents $4,810.
The 2008 budget had a deficit of $17,053. These 2 figures combined, for a total of $21,863, is the
amount by which we must increase our income. There are approximately 60 giving units in the
congregation. Some of these give by way of a pledge, some by way of non-pledge gifts. An increase
of $7.00 per week from ALL giving units will enable us to meet our goal of a balanced budget for
2009. Some people can give more than that, while some can give less. Together, we can meet the
challenge before us.

Next week you will receive a pledge card in the mail. Pledge Sunday will be October 12th. Please mail
your pledge card to the Church Office by that date, or bring it to worship so that we can dedicate our
gifts to God.

We hope that you will prayerfully consider your financial commitment to our congregation. We are
counting on you for the year 2009.

                                  By the Numbers

2009 PROPOSED ANNUAL BUDGET                   2009     2008
                                            Proposed   Budget
Easter & Christmas Party                    $ 125      $ 125
Gift & Awards                               $ 100      $ 100
Resources / Library Supplies                $ 200      $ 300
Sunday School Literature                    $ 750      $ 800
Supplies for Sunday School                  $ 200      $ 200
Vacation Bible School                       $    75    $    75
                                 TOTAL      $ 1,450    $ 1,600

Advertising                                 $ 500      $ 2,000
Fellowship Dinners, Kitchen, Supplies       $ 1,200    $ 1,000
Designated Mission (Burnamwood)             $ 200      $ 200
Designated Mission (Local)
      Habitat for Humanity                  $ 200      $ 200
      Assistance to Individuals             $ 100      $ 100
      Project Graduation (Mercer/Burgin)    $ 100      $ 100
      Senior Citizens                       $ 200      $ 200
      Christian Life Center                 $     0    $ 200
Undesignated Mission (Benevolence)          $ 2,500    $ 2,500
                                 TOTAL      $ 5,000    $ 6,500

Church Utilities                            $11,500    $11,500
Equipment Repair & Maintenance              $ 3,500    $ 4,000
Insurance                                   $ 6,500    $ 6,500
Telephone                                   $ 2,400    $ 2,400
Termite / Pest Control                      $ 400      $ 400
                                 TOTAL      $24,300    $24,800

Church Officer Material                     $ 250      $ 300
Office Supplies                             $ 3,000    $ 3,000
Per Capita Apportionment                    $ 5,996    $ 6,022
       $33.31 / 180
Postage / Newsletter                        $ 1,100    $ 1,100
Treasurer’s Expenses                        $ 200      $ 200
                                 TOTAL      $10,546    $10,622

Board of Pensions                        $12,127    $12,127
Books / Continuing Education             $ 750      $ 1,000
Salary / Housing                         $50,000    $38,500
Social Security Allowance                $ 3,192    $ 2,942
Travel Allowance                         $ 3,000    $ 3,000
Moving Allowance                         $      0   $ 5,000
                                TOTAL    $ 69,069   $ 62,569

Custodian                                $ 7,393    $ 7,320
Employer Social Security                 $ 2,358    $ 2,334
Nursery Attendants                       $ 2,029    $ 2,009
Organist / Choir Director                $ 10,608   $ 10,503
Secretary                                $ 7,090    $ 7,020
Treasurer / Bookkeeper                   $ 4,598    $ 4,553
Christmas Gifts                          $    350   $      0
                                TOTAL    $ 34,426   $ 33,739

Choir Supplies                           $ 300      $   300
Copyright Licensing Agreement            $ 100      $   100
Guest Minister                           $ 800      $   800
Guest Organist                           $ 200      $   200
Laundry                                  $    50    $   100
Wine                                     $     0    $   100
Worship Supplies                         $ 400      $   400
                                TOTAL    $ 1,850    $ 2,000

                    TOTAL BUDGET 2008 $146,641      $141,830

                                    Restricted Funds
                                     2008 Annual Report

1102 – Ann O. Moore Fund
        The total amount in the fund is available to assist persons within the community who
are in financial need. Expenditures are to be coordinated by the Pastor with the Director of the
Christian Life Center, in consultation with Tom Moore.

1103 – Jan Hylen Fund
      The total amount in the fund is available to support the Youth Ministry of the
congregation. Expenditures are to be coordinated by the Christian Education Committee.

1105 – Coleman Duke Flower Fund
       The total amount in the fund is available to provide Christmas and Easter flowers for the
sanctuary, in memory of members of the Coleman family. Expenditures are to be coordinated
by the Flower and/or Worship Committees.

1106 – Gertrude Reed Brown Trust Fund
        The total amount in the fund is available to assist persons within the community who
are in financial need. Expenditures are to be coordinated by the Pastor with the Director of the
Christian Life Center, in consultation with Gertrude Reed.

1107 – Pastor Housing Reserves
       An amount equal to the Housing Allowance paid to the Pastor annually (as set forth in
the Terms of Call) will be deposited into this account each year from the reserve account(s)
holding the proceeds of the sale of the Manse. Each month an amount equal to the Housing
Allowance paid to the Pastor will be drawn down into the General Fund checking account.

1112 – Flower Fund
       The total amount in the fund is available to provide flowers for worship services in the
sanctuary and/or flowers for special occasions, i.e. receptions or dinners. Expenditures are to
be coordinated by the Flower and/or Worship Committees.

1113 – Music/Choir Fund
       The total amount in the fund is available to provide special music (including guest
musicians), supplies or equipment to the music program of the congregation. Expenditures are
to be made by the Worship Committee working with the Director of Music.

1116 – Marilynn Hanson Flower Fund
       The total amount in the fund is available to provide flowers/plantings for the Academy
property. Expenditures are to be coordinated by the Flower and/or Property Committees.

1101 – Memorial Trust Fund (Principle, June 30, 2007 $15,662.34) (interest $822.28)
      Only the interest from this fund can be used – the principle is to be preserved.
Expenditures are to be for special one-time expenditures not covered in the annual budget and

are to be coordinated by the Stewardship and Finance Committee upon requests from the
standing Committees of the Session, and approved by the Session.

       Undesignated gifts to the church in memory of a deceased person will be used in the
following manner:
             Undesignated gifts in memory of a particular member of the congregation will be
accumulated for 90 days. At that time a family member will discuss an appropriate use of the
funds with the Pastor and/or representative of the Stewardship and Finance Committee. Any
funds not expended for a particular purpose will be added to the Memorial Trust Fund.
             All other undesignated memorial funds which are received will be added to the
Memorial Trust Fund.

1200 - Bill Dean Music Fund (Principle, June 30, 2007 $4,273.07) (interest $231.48)
       Only the interest from this fund will normally be used. The available funds will be used
to provide special music programs which will be of particular interest to children and their
parents (i.e. to sponsor a touring children’s choir concert, or other program). Expenditures are
to be coordinated by the Worship Committee working with the Director of Music.
       The principle of the fund may be used to support the replacement of the sanctuary organ
or piano if and when that becomes necessary.

1300 – Certificate of Deposit (Manse proceeds) (Principle, June 30, 2007 $70,737.52)
      The income from this fund is to be used to reduce the indebtedness of the Academy
mortgage. The principle of the fund is to be used to support fund #1107.

1400 – Certificate of Deposit (Manse proceeds) (Principle, June 30, 2007 $9,910.78)
      The income from this fund is to be used to reduce the indebtedness of the Academy
mortgage. The principle of the fund is to be used to support fund #1107.

1500 – New Covenant Growth Fund (Principle, June 30, 2007 $8,860.00)
       This fund was begun with gifts from members of the Dedman family and others, with
the hope that it would grow into an endowment for the congregation. Only the income will be
used in support of the General Fund checking account.

                    THE ACADEMY -- Financial Report
                                   2008 Annual Report
Balance, 1/1/08                                                     7,973.78
     Rents                                           13,850.00
     Security deposits                                1,150.00
     From Pastor Housing Reserve Fund                15,435.32
     Congregational contributions                       560.00
     Misc.                                              705.17     31,700.49

       Utilities:   Electricity                        453.18
                    Water                            1,111.35
        Maint./Repairs/Roofing                       17,843.55
       Property tax                                  2,222.84
       Insurance                                     3,391.00
        Loan payments: Prin.                           603.82
                        Int.                         9,442.67
                        Prop. tax escrow              399.50       (35,467.91)
Balance 12/31/08                                                     4,206.36


     Insurance money rec’d for repairs        244,127.42
     Interest earned                              793.86
     Congregational gifts                       5,292.38

     Cost of repairs: Academy                 156,621.92
                      Church                   92,481.15

     Academy also received $16,200.00 for loss of rental income.

                          TREASURER’S REPORT
                                  2008 Annual Report

Balance 1/1/08                                                       2,929.62
      Pledges                                     110,811.00
      Loose Offering                                1,874.28
      Sunday School                                   433.72
      NOW Account Interest                             20.67
      New Covenant Growth Fund Dividend               177.56
      Per Capita Apport.                              495.55
     Transferred from Pastor Housing Reserve       10,000.00
     From Foundation                                  730.00
     Misc.                                            333.44        124,876.22

            Christian Education Committee               1,045.49
            Evangelism and Outreach                     5,193.94
     Property                                          21,743.97
            Stewardship and Finance                    91,809.38
     Worship                                             1,426.17   (121,218.95)
Balance 12/31/08                                                       6,586.89

     One Great Hour of Sharing   615.15
      Pentecost                  116.00
      Hunger                   1,331.48
     Bellewood/Buckhorn          379.00
     Peacemaking                 190.00
     Joy Gift                    346.54

Balance 1/1/08                                                       78.19
      Interest Income                                                  .36
      Expenditures: Local needs                                     (78.55)
Balance 1/1/08                                                   1,864.96
      Interest Income                                               40.67
     Disbursed: camp fee                                         (120.00)
Balance 12/31/08                                                1,785.63

Balance 1/1/08                                                   234.19
      Interest Income                                             66.04
      CD                                                       4,598.27

     Disbursed: musicians for 225th Anniv. service             (600.00)
Balance 12/31/08                                               4298.50

Balance 1/1/08                                                  434.45
      Interest Income                                             9.33
      Expend: poinsettias                                       (15.00)
Balance 12/31/08                                                428.78

Balance 1/1/08                                                2,278.12
      Interest Earned                                            32.31

      Expend: Local needs                                    (1,342.64)
Balance 12/31/08                                                967.79

Balance 1/1/08                                               1,723.52
      Interest earned                                        1,033.36
      CD proceeds                                           70,738.49

      Disbursed:   Transferred to gen. fund     10,000.00
                   Academy roof                19,602.38    (29,602.38)
Balance 12/31/08                                             43,892.99
Balance 1/1/08                                                 1,799.23
      Interest earned                                              26.19
      Contributions                                              675.50
      Disbursed                                               (1,678.34)
Balance 12/31/08                                                 822.58

Balance 1/1/08                                                   323.98
      Interest earned                                              6.42
      Contribution                                               700.00
      Disbursed                                                (557.86)
Balance 12/31/08                                                 472.54

Balance 1/1/08                                                     274.86
      Interest earned                                                6.02
Balance 12/31/08                                                   280.88

Balance 1/1/08                                               11,490.30
      Interest income                                            336.40
      Contributions (memorial gifts)                           3,619.75
     CD proceeds                                               4,598.27
Balance 12/31/08                                             20,044.72

Matured 3/16/08                                                         9,196.54
       deposited in Memorial Trust Fund                                (4,598.27)
       deposited in Bill Dean Music Fund                               (4,958.27)

  1. (matured 2/20/08)                                                 70,738.49
        deposited in Pastor Housing Reserve Fund                      (70,738.49)

   2. (matures 3/16/08) (cashed CD 1/24/08 to Academy account to
            go toward roofing expense   9,800.58)

Deposited to Endowment Fund in 1998 and 1999                 7,060.00
Additional deposits to Endow. Fund in 2000                   1,800.00
             Total deposits                                  8,860.00

New Covenant Funds year-end statement shows current value:   6,781.91
     (Dividends received in 2008 to general fund: 177.56)

                                Worship Committee
                                  2008 Annual Report

The Worship Committee sends special thanks to:

      Susan Shewmaker – Organist and Music Director for all the inspiring music and the
            Choir members.

      Sue Saufley Sullivan – Chair of Flower Committee for the weekly flower arrangements,
            decorating the church at Easter and especially Christmas

      Marilyn Allen, Mary Baxter, David Bradshaw, Jo Holbrook, Pat Rockas, Dorothy
            Shuman and Ruth Young – setting up and cleaning up for the communion

      David Bradshaw – getting the volunteers to greet each Sunday

      David Bradshaw – candle lighting and changing duties

Communion was served eleven times during regular Sunday church services. Christian
Education and Worship Committees worked together on planning the caroling December 14th.

Respectively submitted,

David Bradshaw, Chair

Committee Members:
    Marilyn Allen
    Mary Baxter
    Jo Holbrook
    David Lynn
    Pat Rockas
    Susan Shewmaker
    Ruth Young

                             FLOWER COMMITTEE
                                    2008 Annual Report

The flower committee is responsible for the flowers each Sunday in the Sanctuary. Several
times during the year there will be memorial flowers placed in memory of a loved one, these
are usually given by a member of the congregation. On Easter, lilies are given in memory and
placed in the Sanctuary along with the other Easter decorations. At Christmas, the Church is
decorated with poinsettias, living greens, wreaths, Christmon tree and etc. The flower
committee for both of these large events is so extensive, that I am afraid of leaving someone's
name off. However, without each and every person, this huge job would not get done, and I
thank each and everyone.

Respectfully submitted,

Sue Saufley Sullivan

Committee Members:

      Mary Baxter
      Pat Davis
      Logan Dedman
      Margaret Fitzgerald
      Conchita & Henry Grall
      Gordon & Beverly Woodard
      Jo Holbrook
      Janette Johnson
      Jackie Lindberg
      Nancy & Bill Lively
      David Lynn
      Sue Saufley Sullivan
      Elaine Tarry

                                     2008 Annual Report

In 2008 the Foundation decided to try to meet at least bi-monthly in an effort to better
understand and study the Foundation assets and evaluate the investing goals and objectives.
Even with 10 members and a quorum being six, there were times when there were not enough
to conduct business.

The Foundation had representatives of the Presbyterian Church USA and of local fund
managers to explain and answer questions about the different funds.

The drop of the market in the second half of 2008 has reduced the value of the assets with the
exception of a bond fund account that was called near yearend with no loss of value.

The Foundation will seek to preserve and increase the value and amount of assets in future
times for the benefit of the church.

Officers of the Foundation in 2008 were: Howard Howells, Sr., Jim Baxter, Treasurer and
David Weber, Secretary.

Expenditures in 2008:
     Fund Balances as of December 31, 2008:

      Farmers Investment Group
            Heritage Cash Trust                                      $ 46,994.56
            FHLMC Medium Term Note                                   called 12-30-08
                   6% due 11/15/2020                                 _________
                         Total                                       $ 46,994.56

      New Covenant Mutual Funds
             New Covenant Balance Growth Fund                          50,680.33
             Berryman-New Covenant Balance Growth                      27,419.39
                           Total                                       78,099.72

      Total balances of Presbyterian Church Foundation               $125,094.28

Members of the Foundation

Class of 2008                      Class of 2009                     Class of 2010
Bob Baughman                       Helen Dedman                      David Weber
Gordon Woodard                     David Lynn                        Jane Adrian

Class of 2011                      Class of 2012
Jim Baxter                         Margaret Knapp
Howard Howells, Sr.                Howard Howells, Jr.

                          Report from the Co- Pastors
                                      February 2009

As your new Co-Pastors, much of 2008 remains a mystery to us, in more ways than one.
We can’t reflect on much of what happened in the life of the congregation over the past
year, but we can reflect on the call process that brought us together. As we sat with the
Committee on Ministry and some members from the PNC on November 20th, it was
amazing to hear us each tell our stories of the search, from the standpoint as Co-Pastors
Elect and from the PNC standpoint. None of us had any idea a year ago that this is where
we would be, and yet we can each see how little steps prepared us to come to this place,
preparing the church to call two young, not-yet-ordained Co-Pastors, and preparing the
two of us to come to this lovely place in central Kentucky. But here we are, and on all
sides, we are certain that the Holy Spirit was at work in each step of the process.

The Holy Spirit has also been at work in this congregation, preparing you all for where
God is calling us to go, and calling us to grow. At the annual Session Retreat on January
17th, we reflected on some of the places where we would like to grow, and realized that
our biggest goals could be summed up as “Sharing our Testimony.” As a church, we
want to communicate well with both members and potential visitors. We want to reach
out to members who are no longer active, as well. We want to share our testimony
through better communication and outreach, as well by continuing our testimony in
action, through caring for all of the various needs of our members, our community, and
the world.

Nationally, we are in a time of economic recession and uncertainty. In times like these,
change of any kind can be especially disconcerting. But it is also times like these that we
feel especially that we can’t rely on our own self-sufficiency, individually or as a church.
This uncertainty can bring with it a kind of freedom, as we are more ready to “Let go and
let God,” to stop trying to do things our way under our own control and finally see God’s
providence and provision in our lives. We just might be in for a few surprises, to be
reminded that it has always been the Spirit who is at work among us, and to find that we
can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. So let us go boldly into 2009,
Sharing our Testimony as a church, and inviting anyone we know to join us in this
journey, to experience the power and work of the Holy Spirit.

Peace in Christ,
Andy and Stephanie


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