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Kentucky Restaurant Industry data Fact Sheet


Almost 1 in 10 working Americans are restaurant employees. State by State Restaurant Industry Data Report Fact Sheet

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Restaurant Industry at a Glance
Kentucky’s restaurants are an increasingly important part of the state’s economy. Restaurants are a key driver of employment in
Kentucky, and their sales generate tremendous tax revenues for the state. The contribution of Kentucky’s restaurants extends far beyond the jobs they create, the careers they build and the revenues they generate. America’s restaurants today are leaders in nutrition and healthy living, sustainability and social responsibility, and entrepreneurship and business opportunities. For more information visit

America’s Restaurants:

By the Numbers
Almost 1 in 10 working Americans are restaurant employees

Restaurants’ share of the food dollar is rising

Kentucky Restaurants by the Numbers
In 2007, there were 6,780 eating-and-drinking places in Kentucky.

JOBS Restaurant and Foodservice Employment 185,100 209,400
13.1% Job Growth by 2019 24,300 New Jobs 25% 1955 48.0% Present

Every $1 spent in Kentucky’s restaurants generates an additional $1.03 in sales for Kentucky’s economy. Each additional $1 million spent in Kentucky’s eatingand-drinking places generates an additional 29.1 jobs in Kentucky.



Annual industry sales exceed a half-trillion dollars
Restaurant-industry sales, in billions of current dollars $565.9 $379.0 $239.3 $119.6 $42.8
1970 1980 1990 2000 2009*

Restaurant jobs represent 10 percent of total employment in Kentucky.

In 2009, Kentucky’s restaurants will register $5.7 billion in sales.*
* projected

* projected Source: National Restaurant Association

Did you know?
I More than one out of four American adults got their first job in a restaurant. I Nearly half of all Americans have worked in a restaurant at some point in their working careers. I America’s eating-and-drinking places employ more minority managers than any other industry.

Sources: Figures are based on National Restaurant Association research and data from federal and state government agencies. See for more information

Kentucky’s Restaurants:
Impact by Congressional District
Cong. Dist. U.S. Representative Restaurant Restaurant Establishments* Employees*

1 2 3 4 5 6

Ed Whitfield (R) Brett Guthrie (R) John A. Yarmuth (D) Geoff Davis (R) Harold Rogers (R) Ben Chandler (D) TOTAL

1,082 968 1,533 1,136 772 1,288 6,780

21,972 19,661 31,142 23,080 15,677 26,168 137,700

* Estimates are for eating-and-drinking place establishments and employees in 2007. “Eating-and-drinking places” is a Census designation that represents about threefourths of all restaurant and foodservice employment. Source: National Restaurant Association, based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and U.S. Census Bureau.

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