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					                                                                                                               Product Order Form
                                                                                                        For assistance call 1-800-37-PHOTO

Your Information                                                              Payment Information
 Name (First and Last)           ________________________________
             Company             ________________________________                Visa
              Address            ________________________________                MasterCard            Card #: ____________________________
                                                                                 AMEX                  Expiration Date: _____/_______ (m/y)
                  City           ________________________________
      State/ Province            ________________________________                Discover
             Zip Code            ________________________________
              Country            ________________________________                Check
    Phone (Required)             ________________________________                Money Order           Number: _______________________
                  Fax            ________________________________                Purchase Order
               E-Mail            ________________________________

          ProShow Gold                                                                                                  Qty             Total

                  ProShow Gold (Download Only)                                                $69.95               __________        __________
                  ProShow Gold (Download + Box)                                               $79.95 + s & h       __________        __________
                  ProShow Gold Upgrade (Download Only)                                        $44.95               __________        __________
                  ProShow Gold Upgrade (Download + Box)                                       $54.95 + s & h       __________        __________

          ProShow Producer
                  ProShow Producer (Download Only)                                            $249.95              __________        __________
                  ProShow Producer (Download + Box)                                           $269.95 + s & h      __________        __________
                  ProShow Producer Upgrade (Download Only)                                    $89.95               __________        __________
                  ProShow Producer Upgrade (Download + Box)                                   $109.95 + s & h      __________        __________
                  ProShow Producer Upgrade from Gold (Download Only)                          $199.95              __________        __________
                  ProShow Producer Upgrade from Gold (Download +Box)                          $219.95 + s & h      __________        __________

          ProShow StylePacks
                  StylePacks (Download):                   ______________________________     $19.95               __________        __________
                  StylePacks (On DVD):                     ______________________________     $19.95 + s & h       __________        __________

          ProShow Workshop DVDs
                  Workshops (List Titles):                ______________________________      $24.95 + s & h       __________        __________

                   Other Product (List):                  ______________________________      $__________          __________        __________
          *If 'Other Product' requires shipping, please
          add this to the total.

          Mail or Fax to:                                 Shipping Rates:
                                                                                                                    Sub Total        __________
          Photodex Corporation                            US                 $6.95                        Shipping & Handling        __________
          11100 Metric Blvd STE 400                       Canada/Mexico      $13.95            Sales Tax (TX Residents Only 8.25%)   __________
          Austin, TX 78758                                International      $14.95
          Fax: 512-452-6825
          *All prices are in US dollars ($)
                                                                                                                    Total Order      __________
                                                                                                Order Form Instructions
                                                                                                For assistance call 1-800-37-PHOTO

Instructions for Mail / Fax Order Form
Most orders are easily completed online or by phone. If you are unable to use either of these methods, or otherwise have a need
to mail or fax your order, complete this order form and send it along with your payment. Please complete the entire form including
the calculation of your total.

Step 1 : Your Information

In the first section, enter your information. Please complete all applicable fields. Fields listed in bold are required. Please note
that a phone number is required for all orders. If you do not complete all required fields, we may be unable to complete your
order. If you do not provide an email address, we will not be able to email your receipt or registration keys, so please allow
additional time for confirmation and delivery of your product.

 Product registrations will be issued to the person listed in this section. Registration keys are unique to each person, and are not

Step 2: Payment Information

In the second section, select how you will pay for your order. Check the appropriate box, and enter the required information.

For Credit Card Orders: Check the box for the type of card you are using. Enter the credit card number along with the expiration
date. Expiration dates should be entered as month/year (ex: 10/2014). Be sure to double check the number.

For Checks, Money Orders, or Purchase Orders: Check the box for the type of payment you are using. For all types, enter the
number associated with your payment in the space provided. For checks, enter the check number. For money orders, enter the
money order number. For purchase orders, enter the PO number. Include the check, money order, or purchase order with your
order form.

When you provide a check as payment, you authorize us either to use information from your check to make a one-time
electronic fund transfer from your account or to process the payment as a check transaction. When we use information from
your check to make an electronic fund transfer, funds may be withdrawn from your account as soon as the same day we receive
your payment, and you will not receive your check back from your financial institution.

Step 3: Products

Next, select the product(s) you’d like to order. The most common products are listed. Check each product you would like to order.
In the Qty column, enter the number of copies you would like to purchase. In the Total column, enter the total for that product
(price x qty).

Many products will be listed twice, once for Download Only and once with a box. Download Only products are available
electronically. Nothing is sent to you. (You will download the product from our website, and use a registration key to activate it.) If
you would like to receive a box or a disk with your purchase, check the item which contains a box. Additional shipping and handling
charges (s & h) will apply.

For MediaSource, Workshop and StylePack Titles: These products contain multiple titles. In the space provided, enter the name of
the title you would like to purchase.

If the desired product does not appear, check the box for Other, enter the name of the product and the unit price in the space
                                                                                                 Order Form Instructions
                                                                                                 For assistance call 1-800-37-PHOTO

Pricing for Site License and Special Price Orders: If your order is for a site license or other method that includes special pricing,
cross out the normal price and enter the adjusted unit price to the left of the original. Please note we will verify that you are
eligible for the price listed before the order is processed. Please allow additional processing time for special price orders.

Step 4: Totals

In the bottom right corner, you will need to total out your order.

Sub Total: Add the total of each item to get the Sub Total.

Shipping Charges: If any of the products you are purchasing have ‘s & h’ listed next to their price, you must add shipping to your
total. Consult the following chart to get your price. (Charges are per order, not per product). If ordering more than three items or
units, contact Photodex at 1-800-37-PHOTO for pricing. Prices are for standard shipping. For faster shipping options, contact
Photodex at 1-800-37-PHOTO.

         Destination                          1-3 Units or Products                    4+ Units or Products
         United States                        $6.95                                    Call Photodex
         Canada / Mexico                      $13.95                                   Call Photodex
         International / Anywhere Else        $14.95                                   Call Photodex

Sales Tax: Apply sales tax only if you are located in Texas. For Texas residents, multiply the total price, including shipping, by 8.25%.
Total all these items together to get the total price. If you believe your purchase may be tax exempt, please contact Photodex at 1-
800-37-PHOTO for assistance.

Total: Add the sub total, shipping & handling, and tax charges together to get your total.

Step 5: Send Us Your Order

Send your completed order form, along with payment, to:

         Photodex Corporation
         11100 Metric Blvd STE 400
         Austin, TX 78758

To fax your order, please fax it to:

         Fax: 512-452-6825

If you fax an order that pays by check or money order, your order will not be processed until payment is received. Please send a
copy of your order with your payment to assist us with processing.

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