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									                                An Overview of
              Bellinger's Professional Grounds Maintenance, Inc.
                                        November, 2008

Christine Bowman and Randy Bellinger founded Bellinger’s Professional Grounds Maintenance,
Inc. in 1978, after graduating from Purdue University. They began without any additional
employees and concentrated exclusively on the grounds maintenance business. From those
beginnings Bellinger's Professional Grounds Maintenance, Inc. has grown into a business with
four divisions and a full-time staff of ten dedicated professionals.

The Grounds Maintenance Division is truly full service in scope. The GM Division is equipped to
handle all of a client’s landscape maintenance needs and work closely with the client
representative to achieve job satisfaction.

The Landscape Division focuses on commercial and residential design/build projects. Our
Landscape Architect will use plants, hard-scape elements, water features and outdoor lighting to
create beautiful and unique effects for each client’s property.

The third component of Bellinger's Professional Grounds Maintenance, Inc. is the Nursery
Division. We grow many species of ornamental, shade and evergreen trees and a select group of
shrubs and ornamental grasses at our two Tippecanoe County nurseries.

In 2004 we created Bellinger’s Tree Care, LLC to oversee the tree consulting and tree health care
services that we have always provided along with large tree pruning and removal. We can now
care for your large trees from the roots upward to the highest branch in the tree. The Arborist
Division includes our tree transplanting service. We are equipped to transplant trees up to ten
inches in diameter.

Thank you for taking time to familiarize yourself with Bellinger's Professional Grounds
Maintenance, Inc.

Christine Bowman – Owner & Operations Coordinator, Certified Arborist
Randy Bellinger – Owner - Bellinger’s & Director of Golf - Coyote Crossing
Josh Gilmore – Landscape Architect/Div. Manager
Jeff Freel – Arborist Division Manager, Certified Arborist
Greg Gilman – Manager,Indiana Accredited Horticulturalist, Pesticide Applicator
Deborah Pruitt – Office Manager

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