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                          PURCHASE COLLEGE AND PLAYER

          This Contract/Code of Conduct has been established by the Division of Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics and the
Intercollegiate Athletic Board for all athletes representing Purchase College. These rules and regulations establish values and govern
all actions pertaining to the active members of the Intercollegiate Athletics Program.

The Purchase College Athletic Program Philosophy is:
    •    Based upon a commitment to the program, a regular schedule of training, and quality competition
    •    Intended to develop the full potential of all athletes, both as an individual and as a team member and athlete
    •    Focused on recognizing that success is primarily the by-product of one’s personal attitude toward training and
    •    Based upon good sportsmanship, respect for team members and coaches, dedication, strong work ethic and
         team work

What Purchase College Requires of All Players:
    •    Organize your schedules to accommodate both academic work and sports participation
    •    Remain in excellent physical condition year-round
    •    Attend all training sessions with a mindset to improve as a player
    •    Arrive early so as to be fully-prepared for the start of training or competition
    •    Inform your professors at least one week in advance that you may miss classes due to
        scheduled competitions and that you will be responsible for submitting any work due on the
         missed day prior to the competition and will make up any work or assignment missed from that day
    •    Provide your coach with advance notification of any scheduled event you plan to miss
    •    Wear your training gear and uniform with pride and always look professional
    •    Recognize that your first responsibility as a student athlete is to meet and exceed expectations in
        the classroom. Your academic performance is a reflection not just of you, but of your team, the
        Athletic Program and Purchase College
    •    Maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA; attend classes on time with work completed and prepared to actively contribute.
         Student/Athletes will comply with mandatory attendance and study sessions if communicated at the beginning of
         each season
    •    Base academic success, not upon maintaining eligibility, but on graduating as
        individuals who both benefited from and contributed to the Purchase College experience
    •    Work with the Intercollegiate Athletic Academic Advisor as soon as academic difficulty or problems
    •    Participate in Community Service opportunities whenever possible as offered by the athletic program or the
         College throughout the year.

Purchase College Also Requires:
    •    The best personal behavior and sportsmanship before, during and after competition.
    •    Your friends and parents accept the same behavioral standard when attending competitions
    •    The player respects the role of the coach(es) and accepts the outcome of the many tough decisions made
         regarding field positions, starting line-up, substitution patterns and the like
    •    The player accepts the calls as made by officials during competitions and informs friends and family that only
         positive comments directed towards coaches, players and other spectators will be tolerated
         It is the responsibility of each athlete to refrain from participating in any physical or verbal altercation
         with an opposing player, fan coach, scorekeeper or official before, during, or after a contest, scrim-
         mage or practice. Involvement in such an altercation will result in a meeting with the Athletic
         Director within 72 hours of the incident and may result in a minimum of one (1) game suspension
         and/or referral to the Campus Judicial Officer. Depending on the severity of the involvement, more
         severe sanctions may be enforced.
                        PURCHASE COLLEGE AND PLAYER
      Athletes must be fully matriculated students in a degree seeking program, carrying a minimum of twelve
      (12) credits. Athletes may not be on academic probation. In the case of a student-athlete being placed on
      disciplinary probation by the College, the athlete’s case will be reviewed by the Director and Assistant Director of
      Athletics. If the charges warrant action by the Athletic Department, the student-athlete could forfeit some or all
      of his or her participation on a team or teams they are a part of.

      Before they are allowed to practice or compete in a game each athlete must have a current medical exam on file
      in both the health office and the athletic department. Each athlete is responsible for his/her own medical exam.
      Appointments are not guaranteed at the Health Service office.

      All athletes are responsible for carrying their own primary medical insurance. Purchase College and the
      Athletic Program are not responsible for reimbursement of any medical expenses suffered while participating in
      the Athletic Program. Athletes should check their insurance coverage to be sure they are covered for sports
      related injuries. Medical Insurance is available through the Health Service Office, if needed. In addition, the
      Athletic Program carries a secondary medical policy on Athletes, which covers medical costs above their personal
      medical insurance.

      The use and/or abuse of alcohol, illegal drugs, performance enhancing drugs or tobacco will not be allowed
      by members of the Athletic Program.

      The team shall travel together under the supervision of the coach. Travel by personal vehicle must be
      requested in writing on an “Athletic Travel Release Form” 24 hours before departure time and approved by the
      coach and the athletic director. The Division of Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics is not responsible
      for travel costs/and or any damage to any vehicle or person while traveling to or returning from a contest in a
      personal vehicle.

      All practices or contests are mandatory unless otherwise discussed and approved by the coach in advance.
      If an athlete is injured, he/she should see the trainer during practice for rehabilitation. Injured athletes are
      expected to travel with the team. Notification of conflicts should be discussed with the coach. It is the
      responsibility of the athlete to also discuss the conflict with his/her academic instructor.

      Practice gear and uniforms must be washed by the athletic department and not by the athlete. All equipment
      must be returned at the end of the season.

      All injuries should be reported to the Coach and Trainer immediately.
      Athletes and Coaches are responsible for seeing that the Contract/Code of Conduct is upheld. Failure to follow
      the Contract/Code of Conduct will result in disciplinary actions by the Coach, the Athletic Director or the Campus
      Judicial Process.

The following signature confirms that you have a clear understanding of the Philosophy and
Requirements of the Purchase College Athletic Program. Even more importantly, your signature
represent your mutual commitment to adhere to the Philosophy and Requirements expressed in this
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