Alcohol Abuse

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					Alcohol Abuse

by Mere Widecan
  Taylor Jaros
                 I Can:
• Recognize the risks and behaviors that
  occur with alcohol consumption
• Name 3 detrimental effects of alcohol
  consumption (Physical or Mental)
• Define binge drinking
• List negative consequences to alcohol
  consumption (Trouble With Law
  Enforcement or Social)
       Essential Questions
• How old do you have to be to legally
  consume alcohol?
• Can consuming alcohol on one occasion
  be deadly?
• What is binge drinking?
     Is alcoholism a disease?
  • Yes, alcoholism is a disease. The craving that
    an alcoholic feels for alcohol can be as strong
    as the need for food or water. An alcoholic will
    continue to drink despite serious family,
    health, or legal problems.

• There are 100,000 deaths each year in the
  U.S. due to alcoholism.
            Binge Drinking
• Drinking alcoholic beverages with the
  primary intention of becoming intoxicated
  by heavy consumption of alcohol over a
  short period of time.
• About 90% of the alcohol consumed by
  youth under the age of 21 in the United
  States is in the form of binge drinks.
   How Alcohol Harms Your Body
• The heart can be affected by the vitamin
  deficiencies caused by a neglected diet. The
  pumping action of the heart is weakened.
  Heart failure can result from this.
• Alcohol contains sugar and other
  carbohydrates and so it is a form of energy.
  Heavy drinking can cause a serious weight
  problem due to alcohol's high carbohydrate
• Long term drinking may result in permanent
  brain damage, serious mental disorders and
  addiction to alcohol.
          Alcohol Poisoning
• Consequence of consuming large
  amounts of alcohol in a short period of
• Drinking too much too quickly can affect
  your breathing, heart rate and gag reflex
  and potentially lead to coma and death.
• You can go to Alcoholics Anonymous
• You can go to a rehab center
• The first step to treatment is admitting that
  you have a problem
            Drunk Driving
• There were 11,773 drunk driving deaths in
• 2008 showed a 9.7% decrease from 2007
  in alcohol-impaired driving deaths.
• Drunk driving deaths (11,773) accounted
  for 32% of the total amount of United
  States car accident deaths (37,261) in
              It’s the law
• The legal drinking age in the United
  States: you must be 21 years of age or
  older to legally consume alcohol.