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The Chief General Manager,
O/o CGMT-Gujarat Telecom Circle,
Navrangpura, Ahmedabad.
Earlier Ref.Letter No: (1a) SNEA/Guj/08-09/02b2-09 dated: 13 /02 /2009.

Letter No:   SNEA/Guj/08-09/05a09                        dated: 04 /05 /2009.

Subject: Request for taking necessary corrective actions on the issues of frequent failure of ERP (2) Closing
of Sahaj Server – affecting entire day to day working of Account & finance, CSCs, related to franchisees,

Respected sir,
                     In connection of above cited subject, it is our submission that in the month of April-09
due to frequently failure of ERP and “SAHAJ” have created panic & state of fear amongst our field officers &
CSC staff who are totally dependent on ERP for carrying out their day to day activities apart from lot of harm
to the BSNL. In this regard we have made thorough assessment on whole issues and based on this we are
submitting our views for initiating necessary corrective actions to avoid such incidence in future.
(1) Since last one month it is observed that our ERP system is going down very often and since couple of
weak it was completely down. This has severely affected our entire sales and distribution network through
CSC, franchisee, DSAs etc and not only that our internal operation also is completely collapsed. We have
come to know that it is due to “storage failure”. We request your good self to bestow your kind attention to
resolve the issue at the earliest with appropriate solution of long run.
(2) Secondly we have come to know that IT wing has issued one circular informing all SSAs that “Sahaj”
system will be closed from 20:00 Hrs of 25th April 2009. Sir, “Sahaj” system is used by our CSC counter
officials while selling our products to customer and which is completely comfortable & convenient to them
and with which they are doing the sales activities very effectively & promptly.
         We are having two servers, (I) ERP server and (II) Sahaj server. If we close down the Sahaj server,
then our complete inventory management which is right now online will come back to the earlier status of
maintaining stock by manual & registers and very purpose of ERP will be lost. Even in certain cases on CSC
counter we are not able to sell post paid connections, issue receipts to customers after taking deposits. This
is a very petty situation. That is due to reason of less storage capacity compare to requirement of large data
storage, and optimum utilization of memory.
         While now a days in the market, terabytes data storage is available, and back up of the data can be
taken as per our requirement. For easy understanding of both of the present scenario, it is very clear that
if “Sahaj” server is shut down then the changed scenario will be in the reverse direction & schematically
shown below.
         Hence we request your good self to kindly address the issue with proper long run solution of
necessary expansion and maintance of the software, instead of decision to close the Sahaj server.
Consequently this hasty decision should be immediately stopped in the over all interest of organization and
smooth maintenance of our customer service.
(3)Various activities are in operation in ERP system e.g. temporary advance, submission of leave, MM
/inventory related activities, transfer of recharge vouchers, SIM cards, Sancharnet cards etc. Practically it will
be not possible to carry out all activity by the officer concerned in the field units. Hence to get the job done
from subordinates, presently the available user accounts of concern Incharge are being used in sharing with
others. This practice is not healthy permently.Because in case of any misuse / untoward activities it will not
be possible to fix the officials who actually have carried out the job. Thus there are possibilities of facing
consequence by innocent. In this regard we further suggest that.
In the given user account further hierarchical sub-usernames may be created for subordinate staff so that
each official / officer can work independently and even traceable in case of any controversy and issue of
accountability may arise.
In continuation to that we can ask the vendor to allow us for our required simultaneous login equal to as
many authorized licensees purchased by Gujarat Circle in ERP.
(4) Necessary persuasion with GUVNL and our IT wing for centrally and advance payments of electricity
bills, are to be implemented at an earliest in line of our several discussions.
Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

(B.G.Patel).Circle President SNEA (I)-Gujarat.                   (A.N.Bhavsar) Circle Secretary SNEA (I)-Gujarat.

Copy to :(1) The General Manager (Finance) Gujarat Telecom Circle for information and N/A Please.
      Present scenario

        Inventory of                       C.O.                       Counter clerk
        recharge                           distributes the            sells the
        coupons, ITC                       products to                product in
        cards, SIM                         counter clerks             “Sahaj”
        cards, Call                        in ERP.
        now cards,
        cards etc. is
        transferred to
        Officer by                                                    Data from “Sahaj”
        CAO(VAS),                                                     server about sales
        CMTS wing in                                                  done by counters
        ERP.                                                          is transferred to
                                                                      ERP by a process.

Sahaj server closed scenario:
     Inventory of                    C.O. will                  Counter clerk
     recharge                        distribute the             will enter data
     coupons, ITC                    products to                in his register
     cards, SIM                      counter clerks             and will sell
     cards, Call                     manually by                the product by
     now cards,                      making entry               manually
     Sancharnet                      in to registers.           deleting the
     cards etc. is                                              products in
     transferred to                                             their own
     Commercial                                                 registers.
     Officer by
     CMTS wing in
                                C.O after                    In the evening,
                                collecting data              counter clerk will
                                from all CSC clerk           inform C.O about
                                will make data               sales done.
                                entry in ERP about
                                total sales done.

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