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Rotating Wind Power Tower of Dubai - Amazing building Architecture by kaushal312

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Rotating Wind Power Tower of Dubai - Amazing building Architecture

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									Rotating Wind Power Tower of Dubai
Generate Power 10 times more than it require Powered entirely by sun and wind energy Solar panels mounted at the roof & wall Highly earthquake resistant Attracted Design

DUBAI has been acting as a centre of attraction for tourists for many years. Architectural Wonders of dubai are not unknown to the world. Some are famous for the heights, some of them are famous for their shape or innovative design. Here is another proposed design of a Rotating Wind power tower, to be constructed very soon. This self-sufficient, sun and wind powered design is making headlines and buzz once again as the Italian-Israeli architect has just released the latest design for his twirling tower, and construction is set to begin this month!

This Dynamic Architecture building is given name of Rotating Tower as the floors would be capable of rotating around a central axis. It can stay in motion continously. And at a touch of the button, this building can change it's shape. It is claimed as highly earthquake resistant building, since every floor rotates individually.

This whole building is to be first fabricated in a factory, and later mounted at the place. Each floor, made up of 12 individual units, complete with plumbing, electric connections, air conditioning, etc., will be fabricated. These modular units will be fitted on the concrete core or spine of the building at the central tower.

This building will have total 59 floors. and the amazing thing about it , the building will be powered entirely by sun and wind energy. The architect claims that the building will generate 10 times more energy than required to power it, thus making it a positive energy building. There will be solar panels mounted at the roof to get solar energy and total of 48 wind turbines between the rotating floors invisible from front. Each wind turbine will be capable of producing 0.3 megawatt of electric power. So total 1,200,000 kilowatt-hours of energy is estimated to be produced in a year.

Thanks & Regards, Kaushal Patel,

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