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									                                                 TYSON F NUSS
353 North Court Avenue                                                             
Tucson, Arizona 85701                                                              
      SUMMARY I aim to extend my experience in Web design & expand my expertise with interface usability &
              effective information presentation, seeking largely autonomous duties & responsibilities that will
              fully engage & challenge my intellect, demanding a balance of rational analysis & deduction with
              creative insight & aesthetic discernment.
    STRENGTHS               Experienced in Macintosh, Windows & BSD/Linux/Unix operating systems;
                            Thorough working knowledge of HTML & CSS formatting languages & standards, with
                             experienced focus on the efficient & effective use thereof;
                            Flexible & well-developed acumen in critical, analytic & abstract reasoning, integrated
                             with creative talent for exceptional problem-solving insight & organizational ingenuity;
                            Discerning & keen attention to fine detail & subtle nuance;
                            An amiably gracious, well-spoken & diplomatic demeanor — courteous, conscientious,
                             calming & congenial;
                            Functions as a catalyst who facilitates, stimulates & accelerates efficient team progress
                             while personally remaining reliably consistent & stable.
    EDUCATION University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, 1994.
                  3.46 GPA, National Merit Scholar, College of Letters & Science Dean's Honor List in four
                    upperclassman semesters;
                  Extracurricular activities included FOCUS (Freshman Orientation Committee for
                    University Students, orientation counselor 1991-1994) & using the Internet;
                  Elective course subjects included: microcomputer applications; symbolic logic;
                    linguistics; human communication & technology; conflict resolution; economics; creative
                    writing; music theory & synthesis; history & theory of design, of art & of architecture.
    EXPERIENCE The River Internet Access Co, Tucson, AZ
                  Webmaster, 9/2000–10/2002:
                      Development of, updates to & maintenance of The River's corporate websites for the
                         general public, for subscribers & for staff;
                      Expert technical advisor for all Web-related issues (HTML, CSS, DNS, SSL, graphics,
                         interface design & usability);
                      Trained & experienced in MS FrontPage, Photoshop & other relevant software;
                      Training module leader for new Sales & Business Services Group staff;
                      Co-presenter/-instructor at Personal Web Page Seminars for subscribers;
                      Expert advisor/consultant on Internet-related technologies & concepts;
                      Training & supervision of WebTech support staff;
                      Escalation/overflow fulfillment of WebTech support duties (see below).
                         WebTech, 12/1999–9/2000:
                             Technical support for clients of business hosting services;
                             Troubleshooting & resolving issues with website & DNS hosting;
                             HTML coding, graphics manipulation, search engine optimization
                               & troubleshooting for web hosting clients' websites;
                             Migration of websites from other hosts;
                             Feedback & outreach to business clients via email & telephone;
                             On-location & in-house technical support & client software training.
         Web Design & Consulting, Tucson, AZ, 1/2003–present
                  Sole Proprietor
                  FedEx Kinko's, Tucson, AZ, 5/2005–present
                  Retail Consultant & Project Coordinator:
                       Consult with clients & process orders for production jobs;
                       Produce assigned jobs according to order instructions;
                       Quality control evaluation and packaging of completed job orders;
                       Accept, process & pack customers' FedEx air-express & ground shipments;
                       Assist & advise customers using self-serve copiers, computers, & other equipment;
                       Pickup & deliver production print/copy job orders;
                       Customer service & cashiering.

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