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									                                                                                          November 2007

                                   Fundraising News
                                                Greater New York Chapter
                                            Association of Fundraising Professionals
                                                  The Attorney General’s Office and Me:
Dear Colleagues,
                                                           A Cautionary Tale
                                                                            by Meg Sheridan
    The Greater
New York Chapter
of the Association
of Fundraising                                         everal years ago, as a newcomer to consulting, I was unaware that I
Professionals will
join with nearly 100
other chapters in the United States and
                                                  S    was required to register with the New York State Attorney General’s
                                                       Office as a professional fundraiser. I learned of the requirement from
                                                  a speaker at a seminar who cautioned that registering would trigger the
Canada to celebrate National Philanthropy         $800 annual fee retroactive to the day the first consulting agreement was
Day (NPD). NPD is a special day set aside         signed. I was willing to comply with the law but was not eager to pay
in November to recognize the great contri-        back fees.
butions of philanthropy—and those people          I went on line to the Charities Bureau website (
active in the philanthropic community—            home.html), completed form CHAR 014, attached copies of current
to the enrichment of our world. The cele-         contracts, attached a check for $800, and sent it off to Albany. Admittedly,
bration provides an opportunity to reflect        I left some dates blank.
on the meaning of giving and the positive         Within days I received a frosty call from an official from the Attorney
outcomes of our charitable society at the         General’s Office, who accused me of perjury and was vague about what
international, national and local level.          the consequences might be unless I submitted revised copies of my con-
The board of directors of the Greater New         tracts forthwith. I was more than a little rattled. Lucky for me my original
York Chapter and its 900 plus members             client (whose contract determined the date I was required to register) was
take this special opportunity to show             a faith based organization whose contracts turned out to be exempt from
appreciation to philanthropists and leaders       registration. I was not liable for any back fees.
in our community.
                                                  Eager to share my lesson with fellow professional fundraising consultants,
    The Greater New York Chapter’s                I reached out to the Attorney General’s Office in writing this article.
celebration of NPD will take place at             Repeated requests to both the Albany and New York offices did not yield
the Rainbow Room on November 13 and               an interview. Here are some of the questions I wanted to ask:
we are pleased to present a conversation          Other than to raise revenue for the state, what is the purpose of asking
with John C. Whitehead, Chairman,                 the professional fund raiser to register? According to the website, both
Goldman Sachs Foundation and                      donors and beneficiaries need to be protected from possible unscrupu-
Lesley Stahl, 60 MINUTES, CBS News                lous practices in the solicitation and management of charitable assets.
Correspondent. The conversation will              Laws have been in existence for years—the non-profits must register as
focus on Mr. Whitehead’s philanthropic            well—and the Attorney General’s Office is charged with oversight. Fair
endeavors and the current state of philan-        enough, but does it cost the state $800 to maintain the fundraiser’s
thropy in New York City and beyond.               name? Every year?

    At the 2007 luncheon we will honor            Many fundraising professionals are not registered because they are
                                                  unaware of the requirements, and they have been in business for
more than 20 individuals who are leading
                                                  several years. If they register now, they are fearful they will be
philanthropists. These outstanding indi-
                                                  required to pay thousands in fees for prior years. Therefore, they
viduals will be inducted into the Honor           don’t register. Has the Attorney General’s Office ever considered an
Roll of Philanthropy joining other non-           amnesty program, like the IRS does, in order to encourage compliance?
profit leaders from previous National             Good question! In my conversation about my own application, the
Philanthropy Day celebrations in New              Attorney General’s Office said it was necessary to pay back registration
York City.                                                                                                  (continued on page
                                                  fees in order to make it fair to the professionals who have been paying 5)
                          continued on page 2                                                                continued on page 4
                                                         President’s Message continued from page 1
 Greater New York Chapter, AFP
                                                             The Greater New York City Chapter of the Association of Fundraising
 PRESIDENT                                               Professionals is pleased to present this special celebration dedicated to the
   Patricia A. Moran, CFRE
     Fordham University
                                                         American tradition of giving and helping make our community, New York
                                                         City, a better place to live and work.
                                                             I hope you will join us at the Rainbow Room on Tuesday, November
   John W. Hicks
     J.C. Geever, inc.                                   13 to celebrate National Philanthropy Day 2007.

 VICE PRESIDENTS                                             Sincerely,
   Myles B. Amend
     Trinity School
   Cynthia D. Cendoma                                    Patricia A. Moran, CFRE
     CASA                                                Fordham University
 Fund Raising Day in New York
   Peggy J. Mathieu, CFRE
     The Salvation Army
 Governance and Public Policy                                                To register for
   Linda C. Hartley
     Hartley Consulting, Inc.                                    AFP Greater New York Chapter events
 Member Services
   John C. Hughes                                                  please go to:
 Professional Advancement
   Cathy J. Sharp
     Greenwich House, Inc.
                                                         BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP
   Yvonne C. Ervin, CFRE                                  Q. The cost of professional development can really add up! Every
     Hazelden New York                                    book, seminar, and networking luncheon I'm interested in carries a
                                                          hefty fee. Isn't anything free around here?!
   Miriam Capua
     The Graduate Center/CUNY                             A. Free. It’s a concept rarely found around our stomping grounds. With
                                                          New York ranking among the most expensive cities in the world, budgets are
                                                          tough to stick to-especially for “non-essentials” like professional development.

                                                          But, as a member of AFP, you have access to several inexpensive professional
   Gregory L. Boroff, CAE, CFRE
     Food Bank For New York City
                                                          development opportunities each year that focus on topics ranging from proposal
                                                          writing to direct mail to gala events. And don’t forget about our members-only

                                                          brown bag breakfasts and lunches! Did we mention they’re free!
   Alyson J. Tufts, CFRE
     The Foundation Center
   Sheila Stanford
     The Stanford Group, Inc.
   Dianne Armstrong, CFRE          Martin I. Kagan
   Patricia A. Balsamini, CFRE     Carrie H. Marsh
   Adrienne D. Capps, CFRE         Jane B. O’Connell
                                                                Greater New York Chapter
   Nancy Carmichael                Poonam Prasad
   Pat DeSibio                     Pamela Richard               Association of Fundraising Professionals
   Lanie Dommu                     Ellen Rudley                 211 West 56th Street, Suite 7J
   Mary I. Fiore                   Inkyung (Inky) Song          New York, New York 10019
   Deborah Hays                    Stephanie Thomas             tel 212/582-8565  fax 212/582-8492
   William J. Horan                                             email   website
 Honorary Director
   Penny Stoil                                                  THE NEW YORK FUNDRAISER is e-published 12 times a year by the

 Association Management                                         Communications Committee of the Greater New York Chapter of the
   The E/M Management Group, Inc.                               Association of Fundraising Professionals
   Sharon G. Epstein
   Fran Morris                                                  EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Myles B. Amend
                                                                EDITORIAL CONSULTANT
 Editorial Consultant and Graphic Designer
                                                                and GRAPHIC DESIGNER: Dorri Olds
   Dorri Olds

Fundraising News • November, 2007                                                                                                        2
               CALENDAR OF EVENTS • 2007

    NOVEMBER                                                        DECEMBER
    7/Wed      Brown Bag Round Table                                6/Thurs   Workshop
               “Writing Your Organization’s Case Statement”                   “Planned Giving for Everyone: Who’s In and Who’s Out?”
               American Heart Association                                     The Princeton Club, 15 West 43rd Street
               122 East 42nd Street, 18th Floor                               (between 5th and 6th Avenues)
               12:30 – 2:00 PM                                                8:00 – 11:00 AM

    13/Tues    National Philanthropy Day                            11/Tues   Audio Conference
               A Conversation with John C. Whitehead,                         “Navigating Beyond ‘No’: The Nuances of Negotiation
               Chairman, Goldman-Sachs Foundation and                         for Major and Planned Gifts”
               Lesley Stahl, 60 MINUTES, CBS news correspondent               Presenters: Pat Moline, CFRE, CFP and
               The Rainbow Room                                               Bradley R. Shafer, J.D.
               30 Rockefeller Plaza, 65th Floor                               The Foundation Center, 79 Fifth Avenue
               11:30 AM – 2:00 PM                                             (between 15th and 16th Streets)
                                                                              1:00 – 2:30 PM

                    Dates, Speakers and/or Topics may be changed due to availability.
                    Please check for updates on our website:

                            REGISTER TODAY!
              Planned Giving for Everyone: Who’s in and Who’s Out?
              Thursday, December 6, 2007 • 8:00–11:00 AM
                    Lorri M. Greif, CFRE, President, Breakthrough Philanthropy, Inc.
                               Mark L. Hefter, JD, LLM (Taxation), CPA,
                    National Director of Planned Giving, American Technion Society
    This interactive workshop will present the upside and downside of planned giving programs; which
    organizations should participate (or not) and at what level. EVERY ORGANIZATION that is considering
    a program, floundering with one, or too confused to even try should attend this session. Also to be covered
    are the basic types of planned gifts and how they can be used. Register Online:

                         The Princeton Club, 15 West 43rd Street (between 5th and 6th Avenues)

Fundraising News • November, 2007                                                                                                      3
The Attorney General’s Office and Me continued from page 1

the fees each year as required, and it should not be thought                         WORKSHOP
of as a punitive measure, but one that leveled the playing
field. Wouldn’t it be better, though, to encourage compli-                         Career Develpment
ance? Further, one would think if the Attorney General’s
Office was genuinely interested in encouraging compliance,                              Wednesday,
it would have granted an interview to this author who
writing on the topic for the AFP chapter newsletter.                                  November 7, 2007
Does the Attorney General’s Office make a distinction
between fundraising professionals who receive money                           5:30 pm Presentation and Q&A
(and then turn it over to the charity) and those who
act as facilitators between the donor and the charity                         6:30 pm Networking and Reception
(a grant writer, for example)? Are they both treated
the same in the eyes of the Attorney General? It appears                                       PRESENTERS:
the Attorney General’s Office makes no distinction. The
registration requirement and fees are the same for both.                               Ira Madin, Vice President,
One could respectfully argue that it is difficult for the                           Professionals for NonProfits and
professional fundraiser, who never actually touches the                       Cathy Wasserman, Job Coach for Nonprofits
check that is transmitted from the donor to the charity,
to abscond with said check.
                                                                              Join us for this fun and informative program
What are the benefits of registering? The Attorney General’s                  designed for new fundraising professionals.
Office requires the professional fund raiser to submit                        There are many paths to choose as you plan
copies of all contracts each year. This does require the
fundraiser to be disciplined with the contracts and may                       your career. Listen to a presentation by expe-
actually provide an opportunity to renegotiate the terms.                     rienced development professionals on career
Otherwise, the professional fundraiser gains the personal                     paths and choices available to you in the field
satisfaction of knowing she is in compliance with the law,                    of fundraising. Participants will have the
and can sleep better at night, knowing that somewhere,
somehow, her $800 is protecting the citizens of New York.
                                                                              opportunity to ask questions as well as net-
                                                                              work with your fundraising colleagues.
If you have any further questions or comments on this
article", please email us at                                         The Foundation Center
Meg Sheridan is the principal of Crossroads, which provides research,                       79 Fifth Avnue
grant writing, and strategic planning services to non-profit organizations.         (between 15th and 16th Streets)
She is registered with the Attorney General’s Office as a fundraising

                                              SAVE THE DATE!

                                            FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2008

Fundraising News • November, 2007                                                                                               4
                                                 NYC Metro Area Events Planner
    The Greater New York Chapter of AFP provides this free service to fundraisers planning special events and
    benefits taking place in New York City. Its purpose is to help avoid conflict and competition. Please post
    your event online or check the calendar before you schedule your event by going to:
    and clicking on the NYC metro Area Events Planner on the left side. Events are listed as they are received.

Date       Organization                                       Event                                                     Location
 11/5      Learning Leaders, Inc.                             50th Anniversary Dinner                                   Stuyvesant High School
 11/5      NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases                    Founders Gala                                             Waldorf–Astoria
11/07      WBGO Jazz 88                                       Dinner                                                    Hudson Theatre at Millennium
 11/7      WITNESS                                            Third Annual Focus for Change Dinner & Concert            Grand Ballroom at Manhattan Center Studios
 11/8      Fractured Atlas                                    2007 Fractured Atlas Benefit                              West Side Loft
11/11      Long Island Children’s Museum                      5th Annual Friends Around the World Festibal              Long Island Children’s Museum
11/12      New York Academy of Sciences                       Dinner                                                    tba
11/12      Puerto Rican LDEF                                  Dinner                                                    Grand Hyatt
11/13      AFP, Greater New York Chapter                      National Philanthropy Day Luncheon                        The Rainbow Room
11/13      Legal Momentum                                     Dinner                                                    Grand Hyatt
11/15      Brooklyn Arts Council, Inc.                        Cabaret                                                   The Caroline Ladd Pratt House
11/15      Brooklyn Museum                                    Modernism Benefit Preview                                 Park Avenue Armory
11/15      Little Baby Face Foundation                        5th Annual Believe in Miracles Reception/Silent Auction   Cipriani 23rd Street
11/15      South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corp      SoBRO 35th Anniversary Gala and Silent Auction            NY Hilton
11/19      Ohr Torah Stone Institutions of Israel             Annual Dinner                                             tba
11/27      French Institute Alliance Francaise                2007 Trophee des Arts Award Gala                          Gotham Hall
 12/3      Inner-City Scholarship Fund                        31st Annual Award Dinner                                  Waldorf–Astoria
 12/9      Yeshiva University                                 Hanukkah Dinner                                           Waldorf–Astoria
12/10      National Academy Foundation                        Dinner                                                    Gotham Hall

  2/2      St. Philip's Academy                               Snow Ball                                                 The Yale Club
 2/20      Henry Street Settlement                            The Art Show                                              Park Avenue Armory
  3/9      Metropolitan Opera                                 On Stage At The Met                                       Metropolitan Opera
 3/11      The Conference Board                               Dinner                                                    Cipriani Wall Street
 3/26      New York Academy of Medicine                       Dinner                                                    The Pierre
  4/7      Carnegie Hall                                      Dinner                                                    Waldorf–Astoria
 4/16      Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO), Inc.   Annual Award Dinner                                       Waldorf–Astoria
 4/18      Marine Corps Scholarship Fund                      Leatherneck Ball                                          New York Hilton
 4/30      The Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America, NY    15th Annual Women of Distinction Luncheon                 Waldorf–Astoria
  5/6      Inner-City Scholarship Fund                        FRIENDS Gala                                              Cipriani 42nd Street
 5/15      Rainforest Alliance                                18th Annual Gala                                          American Museum of Natural History
 5/21      New York Botanical Garden                          Dinner                                                    New York Botanical Garden
  6/9      The Battery Conservancy                            Spring Gala                                               Battery Park

Fundraising News • November, 2007                                                                                                                              5
                           Welcome New Members!
                                                     (as of October 31, 2007)
             David Aabo                                                   Jacqueline M. Lunsford
             President, WAVES for Development                             Database, Fountain House
             Jaime-Faye Bean                                              Robyn Marks
             Senior Manager, Major Gifts, ASPCA                           Director of Special Events,
                                                                          Fountain House
             Elizabeth Anne Boehmler
             Director of Special Projects,                                Kathryn L. Miele
             “I Have A Dream” Foundation                                  Major Gifts Officer, EngenderHealth
             Barbara S. Brown                                             Thomas Tod Monaghan
             Managing Director, BSBSearch                                 Development Associate,
                                                                          Covenant House New York
             Meridith Burkus
             Development Associate,                                       Deborah Morant
             New York Junior League                                       Director of Development, Laurel House
             John G. Byrne                                                Eileen Niedzwiecki
             Vice President,                                              Director of Development,
             National Audubon Society                                     National Pastoral Life Center
             Cynthia Caplin                                               Donna Rossi
                                                                          Recruiter, Permanent Division,
             Katie Cecil
                                                                          Professionals for NonProfits
             Individual Giving Officer,
             National Center for Learning Disabilities                    Andrew Rubinstein
             Maria T. Costa                                               National Manager,
             Director of Development,                                     Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
             Foundation Fighting Blindness                                Emma Savadier
             Erik Detiger                                                 Ronit Segal
             Deputy Director of Development,                              Associate Director of Annual Giving,
             International Center for Transitional Justice                Yeshiva University
             Terry Gach                                                   Harriet Shohet
             VP Institutional Advancement,                                Recruiter, Permanent Division,
             Trudeau Institute                                            Professionals for NonProfits
             Thomas Galyean, Jr.                                          Andrew Suhl
             Senior Director Corporate & Foundation                       President, Salt and Pepper Media
             Relations, Stony Brook University                            Elizabeth Vega
             Angelia Paige Garvich                                        National Walk Operations Manager,
             Director of Major Gifts,                                     Alliance for Lupus Research
             American Cancer Society                                      Elizabeth B. Wagner
             Sara Greenhouse                                              Senior Account Execuitve,
             Development Assistant,                                       J. C. Geever, Inc.
             The Community Theatre                                        Anne Wicks
             Susan Herr                                                   Vice President, Individual Giving,
             Founder, PhilanthroMedia                                     Teach For America
             Ashley Lahoud                                                Jessica Ziegler
             Development Associate,                                       Director of Development, United
             New York Presbyterian Hospital                               Neighborhood Houses of New York
Fundraising News • November, 2007                                                                                 6
                                           More for the Money with
                                           Your AFP Membership!

The Greater New York Chapter

When you join or renew AFP membership, you gain access to the benefits provided by IAFP and to
the benefits of membership in your local chapter.

Whether you are just entering the fundraising profession or are a seasoned veteran, the Greater New York
Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals has opportunities you cannot afford to ignore.

No other organization can offer you the wide variety of services to broaden your knowledge, help you
network with other professionals, and keep you informed about the latest developments in the field.

The Greater New York Chapter, with nearly 1,000 members, represents the full spectrum of nonprofit
organizations—hospitals and health agencies, colleges and universities, civic, cultural and advocacy organizations,
religious institutions, social welfare agencies, and consulting firms.

Membership does have its privileges—and the Greater New York Chapter of AFP is proud to announce an
ever-growing list of extraordinary member benefits:

  # Discounts to Fundraising Day in New York, courses, workshops, and a myriad of other exciting
    educational events.

  # Free admission to members-only events like roundtables and resume clinics.

  # Free subscriptions to our award winning electronic newsletter and topical email updates.

  # Exclusive access to local Job Opportunity listings.

  # Members-only area of Chapter Web site: which includes the newest jobs listings
    and a monthly updated Membership Directory.

Philanthropy does matter—and, through your membership in Greater New York Chapter of AFP you can
help to make a difference—in your career, the nonprofit sector, and society—every day of the year!

If you would like additional information about joining the Greater New York Chapter of AFP or renewing
your membership, please call the Chapter office at 212-582-8565 any business day, or visit us on the Web at

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