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									Organization/Individual Name     Grant Number        Request

The Black Women Playwrights' GroupAEP-7178-04-2009             $15,000.00

Mary Beth Bowen                  AEP-7171-04-2009               $5,000.00

Capitol Hill Arts Workshop       AEP-7159-11-2009              $10,000.00

Center for Inspired Teaching     AEP-7161-14-2009              $30,000.00

Centro Nia                       AEP-7198-14-2009              $30,000.00

City Arts, Inc.                  AEP-7165-05-2009              $30,000.00
CityDance Ensemble           AEP-7166-11-2009    $30,000.00

DC Scores                    AEP-7201-10D-2009   $30,000.00

Dumbarton Concerts, Inc.     AEP-7170-14-2009    $30,000.00

The Ellington Fund           AEP-7177-02F-2009   $30,000.00

Folger Shakespeare Library   AEP-7124-14-2009    $30,000.00

Ford's Theatre Society       AEP-7172-04-2009    $30,000.00
Alexandra Huttinger                 AEP-7160-05-2009     $4,991.06

Interstages, Inc.                   AEP-7181-02-2009    $30,000.00

John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts          $20,000.00

Joy of Motion Dance Center, Inc.    AEP-7182-01-2009    $30,000.00

Assane Konte                        AEP-7158-01-2009     $4,000.00

Latin American Youth Center, Inc.   AEP-7184-14-2009    $30,000.00
National Building Museum            AEP-7185-14-2009      $27,370.00

National Building Museum            AEP-7143-14-2009      $30,000.00

New Community for Children          AEP-7146-11-2009      $27,999.00

The Patricia M. Sitar Center for the Arts                 $30,000.00

PEN/Faulkner Foundation             AEP-7148-10A-2009     $30,000.00

The Phillips Collection             AEP-7149-05-2009      $30,000.00

Laurie Seigel                       AEP-7169-07C-2009      $5,000.00

The Selma M. Levine School of Music AEP-7139-02-2009      $30,000.00
The Shakespeare Theatre             AEP-7152-04E-2009   $30,000.00

Marc S. Spiegel                     AEP-7163-11-2009     $5,000.00

Step Afrika! USA, Inc.              AEP-7190-01-2009    $30,000.00

The Theatre Lab School of the Dramatic Arts             $30,000.00

Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz   AEP-7117-02F-2009   $30,000.00

Trustees of the Corcoran Gallery of Art                 $30,000.00

Turning the Page                    AEP-7119-08-2009    $30,000.00

The Washington Ballet               AEP-7128-01-2009    $30,000.00

The Washington Ballet               AEP-7128-01-2009    $30,000.00

Washington Drama Society, Inc.      AEP-7130-04-2009    $22,600.00
The Washington National Opera      AEP-7131-02C-2009   $30,000.00

The Washington Theatre Awards Society                  $30,000.00

Washington Youth Choir             AEP-7135-02C-2009   $30,000.00

Woolly Mammoth Theater Company AEP-7136-04A-2009        $7,500.00

Young Playwrights' Theatre, Inc.   AEP-7137-10C-2009   $30,000.00
Project Ward   Applicant Ward   Description
5              5                The funds will support the
                                Chinatown Project, an after-school
                                program that celebrates the multi-
                                generational Asian-American
                                experience through writing plays.

3              3                The funds will support Reader's
                                Theatre at Janney Elementary
                                School, which gives students in
                                grades 4-5 opportunities to write,
                                rehearse and perform a curriculum-
                                based script while students in
                                grades PreK-3 dramatize a script
                                based on a storybook.

6              6                The funds will suipport the Capitol
                                Hill Arts Workshop's Youth Arts
                                Program, which offers arts learning
                                opportunities to children between
                                the ages of 5 and 12.

1              1                The funds will support the Inspired
                                Teaching Institute: The Art of
                                Teaching, which is a year-long, arts-
                                based professional development
                                program for DC public school
1,2,4          1                The funds will support phase three
                                of the Bilingual Early Childhood
                                Drama/Literacy Project, which
                                builds language skills, literacy
                                development and creative skills in
                                young children through creative
                                dramatic play and deepens the
                                creative teacher-craft of early
                                childhood educators.

1-4, 6-8       1                The funds will support the Urban
                                Arts Mentoring Program, which
                                trains students in the creation of
                                public art.
2,4,6,7,8   2   The funds will support a 24-week
                after school dance and literacy
                program that will convene twice a
                week at six District elementary and
                public schools and which will give
                the students two public
                performance opportunities.

1,2, 4-8    2   The funds will support "Power of
                Poetry," an after-school creative
                writing program in 23 elementary
                and middle schools that teaches
                students to write and perform
1,4,7,8     2   The funds will support "Dancing
                with Books," which links literacy
                with the arts through an innovative
                program reaching children and
                teachers in the District's low-income
                early childcare centers.

2           2   The funds will support "Paying Your
                Dues," an extracurricular jazz
                program that pairs emerging jazz
                musicians with nationally-renowned
6           6   The funds will support the
                Shakespeare Steps Out performance-
                based educational program in DCPS

2           2   The funds will support "History on
                Foot," a professionally acted,
                scripted walking tour and theatrical
                experience that introduces
                participants to key facts about the
                Civil War, Washington, DC and the
                assassination of President Lincoln.
6     6   The funds will support a program to
          help young people in my community
          develop the inner resources and
          skills needed to not only cope with
          their social environments, but also
          effectively change them through the
          art of printmaking.

7     8   The funds will support "Connecting
          to History Through Music," a
          portion of Interstages' after-school
          youth development program for
          middle school-aged girls in Ward 7.

All   2   The funds will support the Kennedy
          Center/District of Columbia
          Partnership Schools Initiative, which
          brings together teachers,
          administrators, artists, students and
          parents in integrating arts education
          into classrooms across Washington,

6     3   The funds will support Motion
          Express, which provides free dance
          classes in creative movement, hip
          hop, West African and other styles
          of dance to students from pre-K
          through 12th grade.

5     5   The funds will support an artist-in-
          residence program at River Terrace
          Elementary School. Project will
          include presenting and instructing
          students in traditional African dance
          principles, vocabulary and

1,4   1   The funds will support training in
          fine arts, media and humanities for
          225 youth, ages 11 through 18,
          through which they will receive
          mentoring and opportunities to
          exhibit their work.
5,6,7         6             The funds will support "Investigating
                            Where We Live," a summer
                            photography project that gives 30
                            middle school students an
                            opportunity to explore the history
                            and culture of DC neighborhoods
                            and which will culminate in an
                            exhibition of their artwork.

4,5,6,8       6             The funds will support the
                            CityVision program, which
                            empowers low-income middle
                            school students to use the design
                            process to solve problems they
                            identify in local communities.

2             2             The funds will support a project
                            based learning program that will
                            culminate in a gallery exhibition.

1             1             The funds will support the Sitar Arts
                            Center's Instrumental Music
                            Education Project.
6             6             The funds will support the
                            PEN/Faulkner Writers in Schools
                            program that brings nationally
                            known writers into urban public
2             2             The funds will support the Arts Links
                            Literacy program that porvides art
                            integrated curricala and programs
                            to underserved students, teachers
                            and families in DCPS.

Unavailable   Unavailable   The funds will support the new
                            Watkins Art Elementary art teacher,
                            the students, faculty and parents to
                            continue to develop the fused glass
                            component of the curriculum.

3             3             The funds will support free Early
                            Childhood Music classes at five
                            locations in neglected DC areas.
6     6   The funds will support the Text
          Alive! Curriculum-enhancement
          program for DC teachers and
3     3   The funds will support a series of 10-
          16 age-appropriate performances of
          the original one-man play "Einstein
          Alive!" in DC Public Schools.

All   2   The funds will support the
          continuation of Step Afrika's
          collection of arts education
          programs, including "Step Up to
          College," "Forward Steps," "Summer
          Steps with Step Afrika" and "Project
          My Time."
2     2   The funds will support the intensive
          theatre education programs,
          including acting camps, music
          theatre institutes, and Life Stories
          Outreach for Incarcerated and At-
          Risk Youth, training and enrollment
          of 594 children and teens.

3     3   The funds will support the Jazz in
          the Classroom program.
2     2   The funds will support the award
          winning youth outreach program.

2     2   The funds will support a
          photography and writing program in
          twenty five DCPS classrooms.

3     3   The funds will support the
          Washington Ballet @ THEARC, a
          satellite campus providing dance
          training to residents of Southeast
3     3   The funds will support Dance DC
          which combines pre-ballet training
          with language arts in DC public
6     6   The funds will support the Voices of
          Now after school program for SW
          middle school students.
2   2   The funds will support DCPS Opera
        Partnership which integrates the
        arts into DCPS content standards
        and culminates in special
        performances at the Kennedy

3   3   The funds will support the Legacy
        Project which introduces at risk
        youth to the power of theatrical
2   2   The funds will support an after
        school music education and college
        prepatory program for DC area high
        school students.
6   6   The funds will support four
        semester long residencies at three
        DC public schools and after-school
        programs, teaching playwrighting
        and theatre skills to approximately
        fifty students.
1   1   The funds will support the In-School
        Playwrighting Program.
Work Sample
1 Play


3 CDs

1 CD

1 CD

1 CD of 20 Digital Images

5 Student Poems

1 DVD; 1 CD

2 DVDs

Teacher Handbook

1 CD
12 slides


2 Residency Plans



2 CDs
1 CD

1 cd with 20 images

1 cd

1 CD and 1 DVD

1 DVD and one handbook

1 cd

CD of images

Two Programs




1 dvd

1 cd

1 CD with 20 images


1 dvd

4 writing samples, 3 programs
1 dvd

1 dvd, 1 curriculum

Two DVD's

1 cd with ten images and two


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