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      C e n t r a l C at h o l i C h i g h S C h o o l

hoMeCoMing/reUnion WeeKenD 2007
                     Fall 2007
             Emblem                                                      in the
             Central CatholiC high SChool

Central Catholic high School is an independent Catholic
co-educational secondary school in lawrence, Massachusetts.
it has been under the direction of the Marist Brothers since
1935. Central Catholic admits academically qualified students
without regard to race, color or ethnic origin.

                         PreSiDent                                                                   President’s Circle
                   Br. rene D. roy, FMS, ’59
                         PrinCiPal                                                                   Dinner
                    David M. DeFillippo ’66                                                                                  School

                  BoarD oF DireCtorS
                     John F. Shaw iii
      Vice Chairman
    thomas M. Burkardt

                                       Past Chairman
                                    Paul J. MacDonald ’81

                                      Provincial Superior
                                                                  golf Classic,
                                                                     Dinner &
                                                                                                                                  Alumni Profile
   Dennis a. Conlin ’78             Br. John W. Klein, FMS

         Treasurer                  Executive Committee

  Patrick B. Maraghy ’64              Members-at-Large
                                  atty. robert C. autieri ’72
                                      gino J. Baroni ’74

                                                                                     alumni    St. Mary’s
    heather D. annaloro              ronald t. Maheu ’60
 atty. Matthew a. Caffrey          Dennis t. McCarthy ’70                            Scrapbook      news
      Kathy a. (Coady)                 arthur h. richter
          Callahan ’70SM          atty. laurence J. rossi ’64

Br. Benjamin Consigli, FMS        Br. thomas Schady, FMS
Br. John l. Cummings, FMS           george h. Schruender

     Craig D. Divino ’69          Dr. Silvia Castro Shannon

     gary J. gallant ’75          Julia isabel Perez Silverio
     Steven J. Kurek ’79
     Br. thomas P. long,
                                   Christopher J. Sullivan
                                      John F. Sullivan, Jr.
            FMS, ’73               atty. Joseph J. Wadland        reunion                                              & Class
                                                                     2007                                              notes           homecoming
              The Emblem is a publication of
          the Office of Institutional Advancement
            Editor                      Editorial Board           nominations being accepted for the
                                                                     2008 athletic hall of Fame
       Julianne Bloise            Br. rene D. roy, FMS, ’59
                                       Molly Bresnahan
         Contributors                   Jeanne r. Burns
action images Photography            Dennis a. Conlin ’78
angie Beaulieu Photography               leo F. McCue             the next induction to the Central Catholic high
Mark lawrence Photography           Michael W. Morris ’59         School hall of Fame is on Saturday, november 15th. if
Frank J. leone, Jr. Photography   Karen e. Moynihan ’69SM
                                       James W. Pannos            you would like to nominate someone, please contact
   Comments and suggestions may be sent to Editor Julianne        Director of athletics Peter Paladino at 978-682-0260
 Bloise at 978-682-0260 ext. 625 or
                                                                  ext. 640 or for a
                                                                  nomination form. Deadline is March 31st.
    oFFiCe oF inStitUtional aDvanCeMent
                    Molly Bresnahan
                                                                  eligiBilitY reQUireMentS:
Manager of Alumni Relations Manager of Public Relations           Athletes who graduated        Coaches shall be selected
    & Special Events              & External Affairs              before 2003 and made a        based on their performance
   Jennifer M. Plouffe             Julianne Bloise                significant contribution to   in relationships to individu-   Administrators will be
                                                                  the school’s history. they    als, teams and school suc-      chosen on the basis of their
  Administrative Assistant        Manager of Individual Giving                                                                  long-term contributions to
    Shirley l. rogers                 Michael randall             will be chosen on the basis   cess. a key factor will be
                                                                  of performance, ability,      his/her promotion of sound      the athletic Department.
 Development Coordinator                   Volunteer              integrity, sportsmanship,     educational values.
   Phaedra D’ambrosio                Joseph P. Dussault ’49       character, contributions to
                                                                  the team(s) and the school
                                                                  and post-Central life.
eMBleM Fall 2007                                                                                  FroM the PreSiDent         1

                              FroM the PreSiDent

Dear Alumni and Friends,

         he tradition of building has always been part
         of “the Marist Way.” When St. Marcellin
         Champagnat recruited the first two Marist
candidates, he borrowed money, bought a run-
down cottage, repaired it himself and even built the
furniture before moving them in on January 2, 1817.
the handmade table still exists in that house, now a                 again, over the summer of 2007 the building tradition
revered “Champagnat Country” pilgrimage stop, and                    continued in like manner, with even some of the same
has become a symbol for St. Marcellin’s efforts to                   key players: gino Baroni ’74 and John ostrowski.
build community. What greater image can there be for                 The expanded parking lot and new softball field in
community, than a “family” gathered around a table?                  front of Memorial gymnasium add a whole new
his most striking furtherance of the building tradition              perspective to the front of our school. new red pavers
is the massive Hermitage, a five-story edifice built of              grace the concrete courtyard in the front entrance,
stone hewn by himself and the early brothers from                    and renovated concrete stairs (50th reunion gift from
cliffs near St. etienne in Southern France.                          the Class of 1957) enhance the hampshire Street
                                                                     entrance. the Memorial gymnasium lobby was
american Marists inherited the work ethic of St.                     given a museum-like atmosphere with the addition
Marcellin, as well as the practical money-saving                     of a series of photos telling the story of Central’s first
method of “do-it-yourself” construction. So it was,                  “homes,” as well as a large, striking photo of the old
when Br. Johannes and other Marists were an integral                 armory, Central’s home court until 1949, bringing
part of the construction of the 99 auburn Street                     back fond memories of the ’40s. Biographies of
Central Catholic; Br. nilus vincent and armies of                    the veterans in whose honor the gymnasium was
Marist “monks” who built our Memorial gymnasium,                     erected hang below the bronze plaque above the ticket
and Br. Denis herman, who oversaw the construction                   booth, and a new plaque honoring the revered Br.
of the hampshire Street building. Br. thomas P. long                 leo vincent hangs next to his portrait. a new print
played an active role in the expansion of Central with               of St. Marcellin among youth replaces a faded print.
its new South Wing, but by that time, the work itself                Finally, the Board of Directors enjoys a new Board
was done by professional firms and supervised by                     Room three flights up in the Gymnasium, where once
several Central friends who became our contemporary                  Br. tom long ’73 served as president. all of this in
Brs. Johannes, nilus and Denis.                                      one summer! hopes of acquiring land for athletic
                                                                     fields suggest that the building tradition will continue.

                                                                     As the first table built by St. Marcellin brought the
                                                                     Marist Family together, so too do these improvements
                                                                     unite a host of people, making it possible for more to
                                                                     understand, enjoy and benefit from Central Catholic.

                                                                     god be with you.

                                                                     Br. rene D. roy, FMS, ’59
   This painting by the artist Goyo hangs in a school in Chamberi,
   Spain. It represents the Marist Brothers’ building efforts.       President
       2         PhilanthroPY at Central CatholiC                                           eMBleM Fall 2007

    President’s Circle appreciation
    thursday, october 18th
    indian ridge Country Club, andover Ma
    the generosity of individual, corporate and foundation
    benefactors makes it possible for Central Catholic to educate
    hundreds of students every year and fulfill its mission.
    Donations in the 2006-2007 fiscal year helped offset
    operating costs, provide financial assistance, make building
    improvements and enhance academic and extracurricular
    programs. none of this would be possible without the annual
    gifts of so many alumni, parents, community leaders and
    friends who give at the President’s Circle level.
             Students Darren M. Berrigan ’08 and Christine
    M. Blain ’08 spoke to guests about the benefits of a Central
    Catholic education. Musical entertainment was provided by
    Matthew J. Joyal ’08 on the piano and Ryan W.
    Schmidt ’08 on the guitar. Br. Rene D. Roy, FMS, ’59,
    President, and John F. Shaw III, Chairman of the Board of
    Directors, thanked all those in attendance for their loyalty and
    gifts to Central Catholic and its students.



Photos 1, 7 and 9 were provided courtesy of Frank J. leone Jr. and The Eagle-Tribune

 eMBleM Fall 2007        PhilanthroPY at Central CatholiC                             3

Dinner for Philanthropic leaders



                                  SCeneS FroM the Dinner:
                                  1. Br. Rene D. Roy, FMS, ’59, President, and Molly
                                  Bresnahan, Director of Institutional Advancement, greet
                                  guests, from left, Rose Strocchio, Darren A. Shaw ’01 and
                                  CCHS board member Arthur H. Richter.
                                  2. From left, Gina Ferrante chats with G. Thomas (’50) and
                    5.     4.     Marie Catalano, and Jeffery Ferrante.
                                  3. CCHS board member George Schruender, left, jokes
                                  with Business Manager Daniel Cargill.
                                  4. Christine M. Sullivan ’03 and her date, Casey DiBene-
                                  detto, smile for the cameras.
                                  5. CCHS parents Mary Graffeo, left, and Mary Lou Kurek
                                  say hello.
                                  6. Lillian and Frank Serio, Jr. were among the many
                                  people in attendance.
                                  7. Student speakers for the evening were Darren M.
                                  Berrigan ’08, left, and Christine M. Blain ’08, and the music
                                  was provided by Matthew J. Joyal ’08, on the piano and
                                  Ryan W. Schmidt ’08 on guitar.
                                  8. Enjoying the evening are, from left, John and Judy
                                  Bucciarelli and Michael Graffeo.
                                  9. Albert C. Peterson ’50, left, catches up with his fellow
                                  alumni James J. (’51) and Jacqui Lewis and John C.
                                  Housianitis ’77, who is a CCHS history teacher.
4       SChool liFe                                             eMBleM Fall 2007

     Class of 2011: living a legacy
    legacies are as much a part of         claim that a parent, grandparent, or
    our school’s tradition as singing      both are among Central Catholic and
    the alma Mater. the above photo        St. Mary’s alumni. as we welcome
    contains some of the members of        all freshmen and their parents, we
    the Class of 2011 with their parents   look forward to having them as part
    and/or grandparents. More than 80      of the growing CChS Family for
    students in the freshman class can     many generations to come.
          ol ook
       ho apb
    eMBleM Fall 2007                                                                                                                    SChool liFe                   5

     Sc cr
        S                                                                          Cleaning the Spicket Riv

Something’s up in Sa

                                                                                 On September 15th, clos
                                                                                                         e to 50 students, above,
                                                                                to help remove trash fro                          gave up their Saturday
                                                                                                         m the Spicket River dur                           morning
                                                                                Cleanup. The citywide clea                         ing the 6th Annual Spicke
                                                                                                            nup, sponsored by Ground                         t River
                                                                           sh   700 volunteers remove mo                                 work Lawrence, saw a tota
                                                  from her senior Engli                                    re than 17 tons of debris                                 l of
                          n and some students                                   Shown below left are Ker                              and 200 tires from the Spi
    Mrs. Ashleigh Brow                              we en to Salem, MA to                                 ri Ann Martin ’09 (left)                               cket.
                          weekend before Hallo                                  below right are Christoph                           and Adrianny Mendez ’09
    class took a trip the                . To set the mood an
                                                                d gain the                                er Pelonzi ’09 (left) and                            , and
    take in a rea ding of The Crucible             up visited the Salem
                                                                                                                                    Corey J. Keefe ’08.
                            of the play, the gro
    historical perspective           burying ground and
                                                             a haunted
    Wax Mu    seum, the historical             ts who took the trip
                           ding. The studen
     house before the rea                          , Er ic Guerrero ’08,
                           Regina A. Riccio ’08
     front row from left,                  C. Boulay ’08 and Ka
                                                                    sey R.
     Sabrina E.  Sanchez, ’08 Michelle             ck M. McGettrick ’08
                            row from left, Patri
     Cook ’08; and, back                              Baron  e ’08, Alexander
                            otti ’08, Alexandra C.
      Christopher A. Gigli                        or ’08.
      I. Cummings ’08   and Ryan M. O’Conn

Getting oriented

                                                                                      ers ‘            Hope’
                                                                           Giving oth                                                 O n Septemb
                                                                                                                                                                 e than 50
                                                                                                                                                    er 30 , mor ouse
                                                                                                                                                               us H
                                                                                                                                                  elped Lazar al Hike
                                                                                                                                      students h             Annu
                                                                                                                                                   with its
                                                                                                                                      Ministries                    errimack
                                                                                                                                                       raiser at M he
                                                                                                                                       for Hope fund           over. T
                                                                                                                                                   North And                 d
                                                                                                                                       College in                and food an
                                                                                                                                                    rved water
The 350 members of the Class of 2011                                                                                                    students se erever organizers
                                         spent September                                                                                             wh
7th at Camp Marist in Ossipee, NH gettin                                                                                                helped out                   e are
                                             g to know one                                                                                             . Shown her M.
another a little better. About 30 stude                                                                                                  needed them             Julie
                                        nts from the Class                                                                                            from left,
of 2008 helped show them the ropes. The                                                                                                  volunteers, hary R. Borrelli ’10
the Class of 2011 singing the Alma Mate
                                            day ended with
                                                                                                                                          Ratte ’10, Zac          le ’10.
                                           r for the first time.                                                                                      ne P. Retel
Shown here with their new medals are                                                                                                      and Adrien
                                         freshmen, from left,
Nahir D. Vega ’11, Courtney A. Williams
                                            ’11 and Michael
C. Vitulli ’11.
    6          alUMni in aCtion                                                                            eMBleM Fall 2007

                                                      2007 golf Classic,
                                                      Dinner & auction
                                               raises $64,000 for scholarships
                                               Monday, July 30th
                                               haverhill Country Club, haverhill Ma
                                               two alumni, who have dedicated more than a century of service to Central
                                               Catholic, were honored during the 2007 golf Classic, Dinner and auction:
                                               Albert C. Peterson ’50 and Francis J. MacDonald ’53.
                                                       More than 160 golfers took part in the event, which raised $64,000
                                               for the Montagne Project. the Montagne Scholarship program provides
                                               tuition assistance to deserving youths from the inner city, so they may reap the
                                               benefits of a Central Catholic education.
                                                       During the evening reception, players and friends bid on numerous
                                               auction items and bought raffle tickets. Prizes for both included:
                                                           •	 tickets and round-trip airfare to a World Series game
Heather Annaloro tees off during the morning               •	 a catered dinner for 10 at the home of The Next Food Network
                                                               Star and CChS alumnus Thomas C. Grella ’91
                                                           •	 Pre-season and regular season new england Patriots tickets
                                                           •	 green Monster seats at a Boston red Sox game
                                                           •	 tickets to the Deutsche Bank golf Championship
                                                           •	 a weekend getaway for 10 in Jackson, nh
                                                           •	 a catered dinner for 8 from the Party Connection
                                                           •	 tee-times with golf carts at several exclusive private golf
                                                               courses throughout the region
                                                           •	 numerous autographed sports items
                                                           •	 golf packages to private courses

                                                                             Save the Date!
                                                    2008 Golf Classic w Monday, July 28th w Haverhill Country Club
Auctioneers George H. Schruender, left, and
Laurence J. Rossi ’64 get the bids rolling!

q Student Body President Kabir A. Oshodi ’08
laughs with the crowd during his speech.

                                                 u From left,
                                                 Craig D.
                                                 Divino ’69,
                                                 Mary Jane
                                                 Meghan Walsh
                                                 and Craig
                                                 Wesley Divino
                                                 smile for the
eMBleM Fall 2007                                                                                                       alUMni in aCtion               7

                                                                                                   t Honorees Albert. C. Peterson ’50 and
                                                                                                   Francis J. MacDonald ’53 pose for a photo with their
                                                                                                   friends and family members, from left, Ronald J.
                                                                                                   Peck ’86, Albert C. Peterson ’50, Francis L. “Bucky”
                                                                                                   Poole ’52 , Francis J. “Chip” MacDonald, Jr. ’83,
                                                                                                   Br. Rick Carey, Francis J. MacDonald ’53, Nina
                                                                                                   MacDonald, Eric MacDonald, Paul J. MacDonald ’81
                                                                                                   and Michael MacDonald.

                                                                                                            golD SPonSor – $10,000
                                                                                                              Demoulas Foundation

                                                                                                            Silver SPonSor – $5,000
                                                                                                                  nancy Peterson
                                                                                                               albert C. Peterson ’50

                                                                                                           BronZe SPonSor – $2,500
                                                                                                           albert Peterson Charitable trust
                                                                                                                the Peterson Family

                                                                                                            lUnCh SPonSor – $2,500
                                                                                                                texas roadhouse

                                                                                                            Dinner SPonSor – $2,500
                                                                                                              Sheehan’s towing, llC
                                                                                                              (robert M. Sheehan ’82)

                                                                                                           PUtting SPonSor – $1,500
                                                               Brothers Michael, left, and Fran-            iannazzi electrical Services
From left, Rick Spracklin, Rick Blain, Kevin Shea and          cis “Chip” MacDonald, Jr. ’83
Robert C. Carberry ’66 take a break at the 1st hole.           ride their Segways on the course.
                                                                                                             (William J. iannazzi, ’71)

                                                                                                           Cart SPonSor – $1,000
u From left, John E.                                                                                              enterprise Bank
Cuddy ’79, Stephen A.
                                                                                                             J.F. Shaw Company, inc.
Daly ’79, Anthony J.
Fabrizio ’79 and the Rev.                                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. James lewis ’51
John W. Delaney ’79                                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. MacDonald ’53
smile for the cameras.                                                                                          ronald Maheu ’60
q Posing for a photo                                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Maraghy ’64
are, from left, Victor L.                                                                                     Morris, rossi & hayes
Hatem ’46, G. Thomas
Catalano ’50, Dennis
                                                                                                           north andover realty Corp.
T. McCarthy ’70 and                                                                                         Francis “Bucky” Poole ’52
Michael Michaud.                                                                                           george & ellen Schruender
                                                                                                                   tD Banknorth
                                                                                                       trombly Motor Coach Services, inc.
                                                              WinnerS                                               veritas Bank
                                                                  First Gross
                                                           tom Burkardt, Mike ebert,                         in-KinD DonationS
                                                             neil Kelly, Brian Kelly                    Kenoza vending (hy DerBogosian)
                                                                   First Net                            optimum Sportswear (Paul Farnum)
                                                           Jim Pannos, greg Danisch,                      re/MaX Preferred – Methuen
                                                        Doug Starkweather, John lonergan                     (Steven a. Fisichelli ’79)

A Special Thanks …
to all the members of the golf Committee. the tournament would not have been a success without their help: Chairman
Lawrence J. Rossi ’64, and members Dennis A. Conlin ’78, Stephen A. Daly ’79, Steven A. Fisichelli ’79, Joseph A. Hadad ’77,
Steven J. Kurek ’79, Francis J. MacDonald ’53, Albert C. Peterson ’50, Jonathan J. Rossi ’97, George H. Schruender,
Ryan Schruender ’02, John A. Solomon ’76 and Daniel “Terry” O’Sullivan.
       8        alUMni in aCtion                                                                        eMBleM Fall 2007

       after 21 years of traveling the globe
       for the FBi, Warren t. Bamford ’76
                  is home again
         the life of Warren T. Bamford ’76 sounds like the
         plot of a Hollywood action film.
                   in his 21 years with the FBi, Warren has
         traveled across the globe and back, battling everything
         from white-collar crime to terrorism. now the Special
         Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Boston Field Office, his
         resume reads like the lines of a movie script:
         •	 investigator of bank fraud and embezzlement
              cases in Washington, DC
         •	 Sniper on the national hostage rescue team in
              virginia, dealing with national crisis situations,
              including the standoffs in Waco, tX and ruby
              ridge, iD.
         •	 SWat team leader in new haven, Ct.                                                              Photo courtesy of the FBI
         •	 Manager of the national gang violence task
              Forces and Programs in hartford, Ct and                      they were also hard workers, Warren said, and he
              Baltimore, MD.                                          followed their example by getting a job his freshman
         •	 assistant Section Chief of Domestic                       year as a stockboy at the Bon Marche department store
              Counterterrorism investigations in Washington, DC.      in downtown lowell. in his later years he worked at
         •	 assistant Special agent in Charge of the Critical         Scott’s jewelry store in lowell.
              incident response group in virginia, overseeing              “i worked after school to pay part of my (CChS)
              crisis management and negotiations nationwide.          tuition,” said Warren. “the tuition back then was
         •	 Special agent in Charge of the los angeles, Ca Field      $650 a year and i think i made $30 a week.”
              Office’s Counterterrorism and Intelligence Division.         he said going to Central Catholic was worth all
              “it’s a typical career for those in the management      the hard work.
         program,” Warren said. “i always knew i wanted to be              “The friends that I made here and the influence
         in law enforcement.”                                         that i had really kept me on the right path,” Warren
              his job has taken him around the world, from            said. “i liked it here.”
                                    afghanistan to greece for the          that is part of the reason he and his wife of 25
                                    2004 olympics – but it isn’t      years, Tricia, are so pleased their youngest son,
                                    always glamorous.                 Timothy W. Bamford ’11, is attending Central
                                        “Unfortunately, most of the   Catholic.
                                    places i go there isn’t a whole        “With my job and the many times we’ve moved i
                                    lot of fun because you’re         never thought one of my sons would be here,” Warren
                                    waiting for something bad to      said. “the atmosphere here is so great. We’re so
                                    happen,” he said.                 pleased.”
                                        a lowell, Ma native, both          after graduating from Central Catholic in 1976
                                    of his parents were lowell        and St. anselm College in 1980, Warren spent six
                                    Police Officers and served as     years in the Marine Corps before joining the FBi. he
Warren T. Bamford ’76 with his son  the role models for his career    and his wife, tricia have three sons — John, who is
Timothy W. Bamford ’11 and Br. Rene
D. Roy, FMS, ’59, President.        choice.                           in law school; Daniel, a college junior; and tim.
    eMBleM Fall 2007                                                                                                      alUMni in aCtion                   9

   In the Gator Pit


  Anthony R. Fragala ’48 watches the game with his                                                                   Arthur J. Hamel ’48 (left) greets classmate
  grandson, Jeffrey Marsh.                                                                                           William E. Hart ’48.
                                                                Alice Hart ’48SM, left, talks
On August 16th,
                                                                with Elizabeth Shea and
50 Alumni,
                                                                Raymond Sheehan ’43.
their families
and friends
gathered at                                                     A jolly time was had by
the Lowell                                                      all at the Tally-Ho 13
Spinners Gator                                                  Reunion at the
Pit to enjoy                                                    Ashworth-by-the-Sea
a barbecue                                                      Hotel in Hampton, NH
before watch-                                                   on June 27th. More than
ing the game.                                                   62 alumni from Central
The event,                                                      Catholic, St. Mary’s and
organized by                                                    Lawrence High attended.
the Alumni                                                      The annual event is
Council, is an     Sheila and Richard J. McDonald ’59           hosted by William E.            Maggie and William T. O’Donnell ’51, seated in front, smile for the
annual favorite.   enjoy the game.                              Hart ’48.                       cameras along with Barbara and Nick Young

  Humanitarian effort                                                Giving the gift of ‘Hope’
                                                                                                                                         For the first time as part of
                                                                                                                                         Team CCHS, Alumni Council
                                                                                                                                         members and their families
                                                                                                                                         and friends raised money and
                                                                                                                                         walked in Lazarus House’s
                                                                                                                                         Hike for Hope on September
                                                                                                                                         30th at Merrimack College
                                                                                                                                         in North Andover. The team
                                                                                                                                         included, back row, from
                                                                                                                                         left, Anthony R. Fragala ’48,
                                                                                                                                         Kami Buntin ’90SM and her
                                                                                                                                         friend Eric Crawford. In the
                                                                                                                                         middle row are members of
                                                                                                                                         Tony’s family, from left, sister
                                                                                                                                         Rose (Fragala) Arraj, grand-
                                                                                                                                         daughter Rose Fragala, son
                                                                                                                                         Jim Fragala, daughter Julie
  Alumni Council members, from left, Stephen A. Daly ’79,                                                                                Marsh and daughter-in-law
  Kami Buntin ’90SM and Anthony R. Fragala ’48, helped                                                                                   Lyn Fragala. In the front row,
  build a house with Habitat for Humanity in Lawrence on                                                                                 from left, are Tony’s grand-
  June 30th. The Alumni Council organizes volunteer projects                                                                             daughter Amy Pinkham and
  periodically. If you would like to join the Council or find                                                                            daughter Maria Pinkham,
  out more about helping out with a project, contact Jennifer                                                                            and grandsons Patrick
  Plouffe, Manager of Alumni Relations & Special Events, at                                                                              Fragala, David Marsh and or 978-682-0260 ext. 638.                                                                                 Jeffrey Marsh.
10      St. MarY’S                                                                               eMBleM Fall 2007

the Bells of
                                            St. Mary’s
                                    Class of 1957
                                    50th golden anniversary
                                    Close to 25 alumnae from the Class of 1957 gathered for their 50th re-
                                    union on September 22nd at David’s tavern in the garrison inn in new-
                                    buryport, Ma. the group gathered for Mass at St. Mary’s Church on
                                    hampshire Street to begin the evening, with many people coming from
                                    as far away as California and Florida to reminisce and catch up with old
                                    friends. the ladies ended the night by singing the St. Mary’s alma Mater.
                                    the reunion Committee consisted of Cynthia (Homsey) Ryan, ’57SM,
                                    Carol (Jones) Regan ’57SM, Teresa (Callahan) Praetz ’57SM, Ann
                                    (Kilcoyne) Ferrara ’57SM, Camille (Courtemanche) Roberge ’57SM,
                                    Nancy (Bernhard) Wrenn ’57SM, Connie (Rogers) Choquette ’57SM,
                                    Marion Saracusa ’57SM, Roberta (Rokous) Alicata ’57SM and Elizabeth
                                    (Burke) Wells ’57SM.

Checking in with the Class of 1956
the active alumnae from the Class     ’56SM, Grace Lagana ’56SM,
of 1956 gathered in ogunquit,         Patricia Foley ’56SM, Joyce
Maine at the end of September for     (Deluca) Marcin ’56SM, Betty
their annual getaway weekend.         (Hannigan) Cronin ’56SM, Jane
the 24 women stayed at the            (Sullivan) Heggarty ’56SM, Joan
Mariner hotel and capped off the      (Broadhurst) Cataldo ’56SM,
weekend with lobster dinners at       Marie (Bellanti) Rosati ’56SM,
Barnacle Billy’s. Ann (Olivera)       Maryellen (Quinn)
Barr ’56SM – who traveled all         McCabe ’56SM, Anna Cristaldi
the way from California to be         ’56SM, Angela (Cristaldi) Nagy
with her classmates – especially      ’56SM and Tina (Butck)
enjoyed her fresh Maine lobster,      Mahoney ’56SM.
which she hadn’t tasted for quite              in December the ladies
                                                                             Ann (Olivera) Barr ’56SM enjoys her lobster.
some time. Joining ann at the         had their annual Christmas Party
event were Marilyn (McCarthy)         and Yankee Swap at trattoria          1956 are welcome to take part
Ralph ’56SM, Rita (Cormier)           Amalfi in Salem, NH.                  in their gatherings and submit
Janulewicz ’56SM, Josie (Patti)                Class representative         information for Class notes. She
Unis ’56SM, Maureen (Kneeland)        Marilyn (McCarthy) Ralph              may be contacted by email at
Souma ’56SM, Marion Saracuza          said all members of the Class of
eMBleM Fall 2007                                                                                                         St. MarY’S        11

                                                                                    Blue and gold guild
                                                                   thank you to all alumnae who have joined the Blue and
                                                                gold guild through donations to the annual Fund! if you are
                                                                interested in supporting the mission of Central Catholic high
                                                                School, please contact Director of institutional advancement
                                                                         Molly Bresnahan at 978-682-0260 ext. 632,

                                         Scenes from reunion 2007
                                                                                                                  Many alumnae
                                                                                                                  from St. Mary’s
                                                                                                                  participated in
                                                                                                                  reunion 2007 on
                                                                                                                  october 6th. More
                                                                                                                  photos and story
                                                                                                                  on pages 16-19.

                                                                                                                  anticipating your
Ruth (Stabile) Turner ’62SM, left, and Mary (Blazevich) Gobush ’62SM
look over some class photographs from the early 1960s.
                                                                            Karen (Aberizk) Layous ’77SM
                                                                            reminisces with a classmate.
                                                                                                                  reunion in 2008?
                                                                                                                  reunion classes from
                                                                                                                  St. Mary’s and Central
                                                                                                                  Catholic will be celebrating
                                                                                                                  their milestones on
                                                                                                                  october 10th and 11th
                                                                                                                  during homecoming/
                                                                                                                  reunion Weekend. all
                                                                                                                  alumnae from any class
                                                                                                                  are welcome to attend.
                                                                                                                  if you are interested in
                                                                                                                  attending or joining the
                                                                                                                  reunion Committee,
                                                                                                                  contact Manager of alumni
                                                                                                                  relations & Special events
                                                                                                                  Jennifer Plouffe at
Members of the Class of 1962 at Reunion 2007 include, front row from left, Ruth (Stabile) Turner ’62SM, Phyllis   978-682-0260 ext. 638,
(Sardella) Thomas ’62SM, Connie (DeNaro) Doucette ’62SM, Marilyn (Sapka) Schifano ’62SM and Mary (Blazevich)
Gobush ’62SM; and, back row from left, Patricia Riley ’62SM, Jackie (Greska) Cassidy ’62SM, Georgianna
                                                                                                                  or jplouffe@
Saba ’62SM; Maura Dufault ’62SM, Mary Ellen (McCarthy) Morris ’62SM, Patricia (Zahn) Izzi ’62SM, Maryann
Hatem ’62SM, Admarose (Shaheen) Bennett ’62SM and Anne Marie (Hannigan) Pilot ’62SM.
       12          alUMni in aCtion                                                                                                eMBleM Fall 2007

             hoMeCoMing 2007
homecoming Football game
Friday, october 5th
veterans Memorial Stadium, lawrence Ma
Central Catholic raiders: 7
Billerica indians: 21
taking advantage of unseasonably balmy weather, hundreds of alumni
donned their Raider T-shirts and flocked to the Annual Homecoming
Football game. at halftime, alums enjoyed refreshments while catching
up with friends, classmates and teachers. as is a Central tradition, the
game kicked off a weekend of student and alumni activities.

Making a play are, from left, Michael R. Smith ’08,
Shain Jowett ’09 and Michael R. Leavitt, ’ 08.

                                                         Varsity Football Head Coach Chuck           Br. Rene D. Roy, FMS, ’59, President, high-fives Francesca S.
                                                         Adamopoulos motivates his players.          Leone ’08 and Alexander P. Landry ’08, who painted his torso
                                                                                                     Raider Red & Blue for the occasion.

Cheerleaders Justina M. Alfano ’08, left, and Julia A.   Curtis M. Davis ’08 takes a breather on
Buresh ’08 relax before the game.                        the sidelines.

                                                         u Parents Guild volunteers David DiZazzo,
                                                         left, and Jack Roy sell CCHS Spiritwear.
       eMBleM Fall 2007                                                                                                             alUMni in aCtion               13

Alumni from the Class of 2007, from left, Lauren T. Xenakis ’07, Abigail R.           Posing for a photo are, from left, Wayne A. DeLuca ’84, Julie and Peter M. Ciaraldi ’80,
Sullivan ’07 and Patricia B. Letayf ’07, take a water break at halftime.              and David G. DeLuca ’80.

Friends G. Thomas Catalano ’50, left, and             Michael M. Goolkasian ’82, left, greets Principal      Central Catholic Board members Robert C. Autieri ’72, left,
Albert C. Peterson ’50 catch up at halftime.          David M. DeFillippo ’66.                               and Dennis A. Conlin ’78 share a laugh.

  raider night at the Claddagh
  Friday, october 5th
  Claddagh Pub & restaurant, lawrence Ma
 alumni of all decades
                                               u Elizabeth
 from Central Catholic                         Duhamel ’01,
 and St. Mary’s headed                         left, and
                                               Christina M.
 to the Claddagh, in what                      Doherty ’01
 is fast becoming a fun                        say hello.
 post-homecoming game
                                                                                                             Classmates pose for a photo, from left, Sidney B. Wong ’97,
Friends from the Class of 1967 include, from left, Thomas J. Hoye ’67, John “Shane” Watson ’67,              Michael D. Zappala ’97 and Joseph D. Vitale, Jr. ’97.
James F. Lanigan, III ’67, Kevin T. Petrillo ’67, Matthew J. D’Agostino ’67, Kenneth J. Hajjar ’67,
Victor J. Piekarski ’67 and Timothy M. Scanlon ’67.
                                                                                                          u St. Mary
                                                                                                          alumnae at
                                                                                                          the event
                                                                                                          from left,
                                                                                                          Ford ’92SM,
                                                                                                          Mondo ’92SM
                                                                                                          and Lisa
                                                                                                          Fluet ’92SM.
    14          alUMni in aCtion                                                                                eMBleM Fall 2007

         reUnion 2007
the Main event Dinner-Dance
                                                                                      lose to 100 Central Catholic and St. Mary’s
Saturday, october 6th                                                                 alumni from 7 decades gathered to visit with
Wyndham hotel ~ andover, Ma                                                           old friends and share memories at the Main
                                                                                      event Dinner-Dance, the marquee event of
                                                                          homecoming/reunion 2007.
                                                                                  alumni — some coming from as far away as
                                                                          California — spent the evening looking over yearbooks,
                                                                          catching up with classmates they hadn’t seen in a number
                                                                          of years and dancing the night away.
                                                                                  the festivities began earlier in the day with class
                                                                          tours of Central Catholic, a seminar on the benefits of
                                                                          planned giving, and an alumni Mass in CChS’ Carney
                                                                          Family Chapel, before culminating with dinner and
                                                                          dancing at the Wyndham hotel.
                                                                                  This was the first time Central Catholic and
                                                                          St. Mary’s held an all-inclusive reunion as part of
                                                                          homecoming/reunion Weekend 2007.
                                                                                  We look forward to seeing you at reunion 2008
                                                                          and The Main Event Dinner-Dance on Saturday,
                                                                          october 11th. We will be celebrating the alumni with
                                                                          class anniversary years ending in 3s and 8s.
CLASS OF 1947: Classmates of Dr. Armand R. Girouard ’47
were jealous of his “CCHS ’47” baseball hat. Looking on is his wife,
Mary Girouard.

                                                                                  Save the Date!
                                                           2008 Golf Classic w Monday, July 28TH w Haverhill Country Club

    CLASS OF 1997:
    Classmates, from left, Laura
    (Champagne) Hutchins ’97,
    Sarah (White) Laflamme ’97
    and Patrice Howell ’97 smile
    for the cameras.
      eMBleM Fall 2007                                                                                                        alUMni in aCtion            15

CLASS OF 1977: CCHS History teacher John C. Housianitis ’77, right, chats                   CLASS OF 2002: Jared A. Smith ’02, left,        chats with History
with classmate James R. Chandler, Jr. ’77 and his wife, Mia.                                teacher Leo F. McCue.

      From left, Rick Spracklin, Rick Blain, Kevin Shea and
      Robert C. Carberry ’66 take a break at the 1st hole.

      u From left, John E.
      Cuddy ’79, Stephen A.
      Daly ’79, Anthony J.
      Fabrizio ’79 and the Rev.
      John W. Delaney ’79
      smile for the cameras.
      q Posing for a photo
      are, from left, Victor L.
      Hatem ’46, G. Thomas
      Catalano ’50, Dennis
      T. McCarthy ’70 and
      Michael Michaud.
                                                                            CLASS OF 1962, ST. MARY’S: Georgianna Saba ’62                  , left, and Jackie

                                                                            (Greska) Cassidy ’62 embrace as they greet each other. FOR MORE ST. MARY’S

                                                                            REUNION PHOTOS, PLEASE SEE PAGE 11.

CLASS OF 1982: Michael J. Lafond ’82, left, and Joseph
W. Gemmell, III ’82 look over their yearbook.

               u CLASSES OF 1960 & 1967: Smiling, from
               left, are Carmen Iannuccilli ’60, John “Shane” Watson ’67,
               Kevin T. Petrillo ’67, Arlene Hajjar ’67SM and Kenneth J.
               Hajjar ’67.

         More photos, next page
   16         alUMni in aCtion                                                                                           eMBleM Fall 2007

                                                                                                                reUnion 2007

                                                                     u CLASSES OF
                                                                     1987 & 1997:
                                                                     Heather Jones and
                                                                     Timothy A. Beaulieu ’97,
                                                                     left, chat with Maureen
                                                                     and James T. Demers ’87.

                                                                     u CLASS OF
                                                                     1997: Jessica and
                                                                     Peter G. Buckley ’97
                                                                     smile for the cameras.

CLASS OF 1967: Atty. Peter J. Caruso ’67, left, and James F.
Lanigan, III ’67 talk before dinner.

CLASS OF 1947: Joseph F. Caffrey ’47, left, talks              CLASS OF 1982: Classmates and their wives pose for a photo, from left, Paula and
                                                               Christopher C. George ’82, Donna and John A. McMorrow, Jr. ’82, Christy and John M.
with Br. Rene D. Roy, FMS, ’59, President.
                                                               Shaheen ’82, and Andree and Atty. Todd R. Johnson ’82.
eMBleM Fall 2007                                                                alUMni in aCtion                  17

reUnion 2007

                              CLASS OF 1982: Kevin M. Magner ’82, left, shows John J. Gagnon ’82 and his guest,
                              Nicola Philp a photo from the 1982 Florentian.

                                                                                 t CLASSES OF
                                                                                 1959 &1997:
                                                                                 Br. Rene D. Roy, FMS, ’59,
                                                                                 President, talks with, from
                                                                                 left, Eric W. Cerullo ’97,
                                                                                 Keith J. Foisy ’97 and
                                                                                 Jonathan R. Lemire ’97.

   OF 1949, 1955
   & 1957: Chatting
   at their table are, from
   left, John J. Regan ’57
   and his wife, Jayne;
   sisters Irene (Paquette)
   Bourque ’55SM and
   Blanche (Paquette)
   Caron ’57SM , and Wil-
   liam M. Simpson, Sr. ’49
   and his guest, Barbara
18                                                                                                            eMBleM Fall 2007

Faculty &
                                                                                        this section contains news and notes
                                                                                        from the faculty and staff of Central
                                                                                        Catholic high School. if you have any
                                                                                        updates or information on past or present

Staff notes
                                                                                        faculty and staff, please contact the
                                                                                        Emblem by either emailing srogers@
                                                                              , calling 978-682-0260
                                                                                        ext. 635, or mailing correspondence to the
                                                                                        school address, attn: the Emblem.

Several of Central Catholic’s school
leaders took part in last summer’s 2007                                                                          Math teacher Jarrod S.
Marist leadership institute, July 22nd-                                                                          Brown ’98 and English
27th at the Stella Maris retreat Center                                                                          and Drama teacher
                                                                                                                 Ashleigh L. Ward ’00 were
in long Branch, nJ: School President
                                                                                                                 married on September
Br. Rene D. Roy, FMS, ’59, Principal                                                                             1st at St. James Church
David M. DeFillippo ’66, associate                                                                               in Haverhill, MA. A
Dean of Students Doreen Keller, vice                                                                             reception, attended by
                                                                                                                 many CCHS alumni
Principal Jeanne Burns, and Dean of
                                                                                                                 and faculty, followed at
Studies Christopher Sullivan. the                                                                                DiBurro’s function halls,
purpose of the institute is to assist                                                                            also in Haverhill.
educators in integrating and promoting
the Marist/Champagnat heritage in
their personal and professional lives
and to become catalysts for future
development of this heritage within
their educational ministries. the Central   Sully Grella ’92 was named an                   the article describes Karen’s design
team joined leaders from other Marist       “inspirational teacher” by Denison              and implementation of a multi-faceted
high Schools across the country.            University for pushing students beyond          research project for her advancement
                                            the limits they believed were previously        Placement english class. The English
                                            insurmountable and showing students             Journal is published by the national
                                            the excitement of learning and ideas.           Council of teachers of english.

                                            Gregg Gurry and his wife, leslie,               varsity volleyball Coach Gannon
                                            celebrated the marriage of their                Paris was named Merrimack valley
                                            daughter, Kate, on october 20th.                Conference volleyball Coach of the
                                            Math teacher
                                            Michael Leal                                                              Jennifer
 Dean of Studies Christopher Sullivan and
 Dean of Students Doreen Keller attended    ’94 and his                                                               Plouffe,
 the 2007 Marist Leadership Institute,      wife, Maureen,                                                            Manager
 July 22nd-27th in Long Branch, NJ.         are the proud                                                             of alumni
english teacher Lisa Cenca was              parents of a boy,                                                         relations and
selected to be a presenter at the new       Joseph, born on                                                           Special events,
england association of teachers of          December 16th.                                                            and her husband,
english Conference in november. her                                                                                   Jesse, welcomed
                                            an article        Joseph Leal was born                                    daughter
presentation was titled, “Study Skills:                       December 16th.
helping all Students to achieve.”           written by                                      Addyson Yvette Plouffe    addyson Yvette
                                                                                            was born November 14th.
                                            english                                                                   into the world on
Carol Cultrera, Math Chairwoman,            Department Chairwoman Karen E.                                            november 14th.
was nominated as an outstanding math        Moynihan ’69SM was published in
teacher by the ge Star Foundation.          the September issue of The English              Former faculty member Melanie Ryan
Central will receive a $500 grant from      Journal. titled, “a Collectibles Project:       and her husband, Chris, welcomed
ge in recognition of Carol’s award.         engaging Students in authentic                  the arrival of a girl, Morgan rose on
                                            Multimodal research and Writing,”               December 18th.
eMBleM Fall 2007                                                                                                                    19

                                             Class notes
Class Rep: Margaret (Kennedy)

Class Rep needed
                                                                                                       Some of the members of the
                                                                                                       Class of 1948 gather regularly
1942                                                                                                   for lunch at the Chateau res-
Class Rep needed                                                                                       taurant in Andover, MA. They
                                                                                                       include, kneeling from left, Joe
                                                                                                       LaPlante, Tony Fragala, and
1943 **Reunion Class**                                                                                 Charlie Riley; and, standing
Class Rep: Dr. Thomas F. Carney                                                                        from left, Jay Tanzer, John
Your 65th reunion is approaching and                                                                   Sangermano, Joe Menowske,
                                                                                                       Frank Foderaro, Bill Carney,
will be celebrated during homecoming/                                                                  Bill Hart, Art Hamel, and
reunion Weekend 2008 on october                                                                        Vinny O’Connell.
10th and 11th! if you are interested in
playing a leadership role in planning      1950                                          1955
the festivities, please contact Jennifer   Class Rep: Joseph G. Indoccio                 Class Rep: John A. Mele, meleplaya@
Plouffe, 978-682-0260 ext. 638;            Class Rep: G. Thomas Catalano,                                     Paul R. Wennik was inducted into
                                                                                         the University of Massachusetts hall
1944                                       1951                                          of Fame in october. Paul is only the
Class Rep needed                           Class Rep: Roland E. Theberge,                6th baseball player to earn the honor.
                                                         the talented left-handed pitcher was
1945                                                                                     selected as an all-new england pitcher
Class Rep needed                           1952                                          in the early 1960s, but has worked
                                           Class Rep: John R. White, Js2124@             tirelessly since graduating in 1962
1946                                                                as a fundraiser and volunteer for the
Class Rep needed                           Thomas J. Davies, Jr., is a retired air       school. he was honored by the UMass
                                           Force captain and has just adopted 3          alumni association in 1992 for his
1947                                       Korean amer-asian children.                   distinguished service. Paul was also
Class Rep: John T. McNally,                                                              a marketing executive for Polygram                           1953 **Reunion Class**                        records, and is credited with helping
                                           Class Rep: Francis J. MacDonald,              shape the careers of Bon Jovi and John
1948 **Reunion Class**                               Mellencamp, to name a few.
Class Rep: Anthony R. Fragala,             Class Rep: G. Joseph Shaheen, joe-                                     1956
Your 60th reunion is approaching and       Your 55th reunion is approaching and          Class Rep: Vincent F. Riviezzo,
will be celebrated during homecoming/      will be celebrated during homecoming/
reunion Weekend 2008 on october            reunion Weekend 2008 on october               Class Rep: Marilyn (McCarthy)
10th and 11th! if you are interested in    10th and 11th! if you are interested in       RalphSM ,
playing a leadership role in planning      playing a leadership role in planning         Frank A. Coppola and his wife, elaine,
the festivities, please contact Jennifer   the festivities, please contact Jennifer      celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary
Plouffe, 978-682-0260 ext. 638;            Plouffe, 978-682-0260 ext. 638;               surrounded by family and friends at the                     andover Country Club this fall.
J. Arthur Brien was honored for his        Francis J. MacDonald and his wife,
work in social justice at the Merrimack    nina (Santagati) MacDonald, celebrated        1957
valley People for Peace. Previously, he    50 years of marriage on october 6th. the      Class Rep needed
also received the award for excellence     couple have four sons – James ’76, Francis
in Social Justice actions from the new     “Chip” Jr. ’83, Paul ’81, and Michael – and   1958 **50th Reunion:
england Conference of the United           10 grandchildren: anne ’06, Christopher       Golden Anniversary**
Methodist Church at gordon College.        ’07, Sarah ’10, eric, Caroline, Megan,        Class Rep needed
                                           James Jr., Michael Jr., Daniel, and Katlyn.   Your 50th reunion is approaching and will
1949                                                                                     be celebrated during graduation Week,
Class Rep: Joseph P. Dussault,             1954                                          May 21st-24th, and during homecoming/                        Class Rep: Atty. Richard P. Consoli,          reunion Weekend 2008 on october
                                                         10th and 11th! if you are interested in
20         ClaSS noteS                                                                                         eMBleM Fall 2007

playing a leadership role in planning           auditorium as an usher. … Maura               as a visiting professor of history at
the festivities, please contact Molly           (Lynch) DufaultSM has a bachelor of           Plymouth State University in new
Bresnahan, 978-682-0260 ext. 632;               science degree in Physical therapy from       hampshire this fall, before turning his                 St. louis University and a master of          attention to attitash Mountain where
Shirley A. (Davies) LynchSM was                 science degree in applied Management          he was “working” as a ski instructor.
honolulu, hawaii’s outstanding Senior           from lesley College. She is employed          Please send him your news and he will
nominee, chosen by the city’s mayor.            as a senior physical therapist at lowell      be sure to forward it on for inclusion in
She is treasurer of the Kokua Council           general hospital. Maura is a member           the Emblem. … Maureen (O’Connor)
for Senior advocacy, treasurer of the           of the andover Choral Society and its         RobertsSM is relishing her life in
aarP Chapter 60, and a tax aide for the         Board of Directors. … Patricia (Grimley)      retirement after 30 years of rewarding
Waikiki aarP.                                   MirisolaSM graduated from the registered      service as a teacher and assistant
                                                nursing program at the lawrence               principal. She and her husband, alan,
1959                                            general hospital School of nursing and        enjoy spending time with their children
Class Rep needed                                received her bachelor of science degree in    and grandchildren, although they also
Ronald H. Lafond retired on labor               Psychology/Sociology from new england         like to head north to their condominium
Day after 43 years working for the              College. She is married with 3 children and   in Waterville valley, nh. … Richard
Departments of the air Force and army.          9 grandchildren.                              J. Raymond retired last year after 39
                                                                                              years of service with raytheon, where
1960                                            1963 **Reunion Class**                        he served as product assurance manager
Class Rep needed                                Class Rep: Anthony R. Deluca, tdl46@          on a wide variety of projects, including
                                                                      the Patriot Missile System. he also
1961                                            Your 45th reunion is approaching and          earned the Department of the army’s
Class Rep: Robert L Veilleux,                   will be celebrated during homecoming/         outstanding Civilian Service Medal                          reunion Weekend 2008 on october               for his contributions during Desert
                                                10th and 11th! if you are interested in       Storm/Desert Shield. he and his wife,
1962                                            playing a leadership role in planning         Susan, now split their time between
Class Rep: Jacqueline Greska                    the festivities, please contact Jennifer      hampstead, nh and the villages in
CassidySM,                Plouffe, 978-682-0260 ext. 638;               Florida where they enjoy spending time
Lorraine (Aufiero) DelandySM is now                    with their children and grandchildren and
a grandmother of 5 with the birth of twin       Anthony R. DeLuca joined the ranks            mastering the game of golf.
granddaughters, haley and Molly, who            of the retired last spring after 34 years
were born two months ago. lorraine              as a professor of european history            1964
volunteers at the lowell Memorial               and he is loving it. he taught 2 courses      Class Rep: Kenneth Gabriel

                                                                                              Class Rep needed
  100 years of marriage, and counting                                                         1966
                                                                                              Class Rep needed

G. Thomas (’50) and Marie
Catalano, left, and Sebastian                                                                 Class Rep needed
“Ned” (’48) and Nancy
Catalano celebrated their                                                                     1968 **Reunion Class**
50th wedding anniversaries
during the summer of 2007.
                                                                                              Class Rep: James M. Giarrusso,
                                                                                              Class Rep: John Giarrusso,
Brothers Sebastian “ned” Catalano ’48 and g. thomas Catalano ’50 marked mile-                 Your 40th reunion is approaching and
stones this summer: each celebrated 50 years of wedded bliss to their sweethearts.            will be celebrated during homecoming/
                                                                                              reunion Weekend 2008 on october
ned (’48) and nancy (guzzardi)              tom (’50) and Marie (galvagna)                    10th and 11th! if you are interested in
Catalano were married on June 9th,          Catalano were married on august 11th,             playing a leadership role in planning
1957. they have 3 children — gina,          1957. they have 4 children — thomas,              the festivities, please contact Jennifer
John and lisa — and 4 grandchildren:        Barbara, Catherine and Claudia — and              Plouffe, 978-682-0260 ext. 638;
Brian Sweeney ’03, tara Sweeney ’05,        8 grandchildren: andrew Scott ’08,      
rachael Palmisano ’08 and Matthew           Stephanie Scott, alex Catalano, Zoe
Palmisano ’10.                              Catalano, andria hey, nathan hey,                 1969
                                            Carly Buck and aidan Buck.                        Class Rep needed
eMBleM Fall 2007                                                                                          ClaSS noteS              21

                                                                                            hall of Fame. in attendance at the
1970                                                                                        induction ceremony were several
Class Rep needed                                                                            Central Catholic alumni and employees
                                                                                            that are also members of the hall of
1971                                                                                        Fame, including Michael W. Morris
Class Rep: Richard A. Holak,                                                                ’59, Laurence J. Rossi ’64, David                                                                         Fazio ’83, Central Board of Directors
Joseph F. Endyke is a partner at                                                            member Arthur H. Richter and Central
national Sales associates in lawrence’s                                                     Business Manager Daniel J. Cargill.
riverfront industrial Park, a company
that recycles computer tapes, thereby       Francis J. MacDonald ’53 and his wife, Nina     1983 **25th Reunion:
keeping toxic chemicals out of landfills.   (Santagati) MacDonald, celebrated 50 years of   Silver Anniversary**
the company has grown to more than          marriage on October 6th.                        Class Rep: Francis “Chip”
$5 million in sales annually.                                                               MacDonald Jr., chip.macdonald@
1972                                        1978 **Reunion Class**                          Your 25th reunion is approaching and
Class Rep: Atty. Robert C. Autieri,         Class Rep: Dennis A. Conlin,                    will be celebrated during homecoming/                                         reunion Weekend 2008 on october
                                            Your 30th reunion is approaching and            10th and 11th! if you are interested in
1973 **Reunion Class**                      will be celebrated during homecoming/           playing a leadership role in planning
Class Rep needed                            reunion Weekend in october! if you are          the festivities, please contact Jennifer
Your 35th reunion is approaching and        interested in playing a leadership role in      Plouffe, 978-682-0260 ext. 638;
will be celebrated during homecoming/       planning the festivities, please contact
reunion Weekend 2008 on october             Molly Bresnahan, 978-682-0260 ext.
10th and 11th! if you are interested in     632;            1984
playing a leadership role in planning       Dr. Michael E. Henry is now Chief               Class Rep: Wayne A. DeLuca,
the festivities, please contact Jennifer    of Psychiatry at Mclean hospital in   
Plouffe, 978-682-0260 ext. 638;             Belmont, Ma and Caritas holy Family               hospital in Methuen, Ma.                        1985
                                                                                            Class Rep: Christine (Found)
1974                                        1979
                                            Class Rep: Stephen A. Daly,                     DunnSM,
Class Rep: Gino J. Baroni, gino.                                                            Charlotte Fullerton SM was part of                
                                            Class Rep: Steven J. Kurek,                     the creative team that won a Daytime
Class Rep: Janice (Solomon)                                                                 emmy award for the animated children’s
SolomonSM, jsolomon@lawrence.k12. 
                                                                                            television series Tutenstein, which airs                                                                                       on the Discovery Channel. Charlotte
                                            Class Rep needed                                wrote 2 of the 13 award-winning episodes
1975                                                                                        and this is her 1st Daytime emmy win.
Class Rep: Atty. Kenneth J.                                                                 She previously worked at Fox Kids
Butterworth,               1981
                                            Class Rep needed                                network and has been a freelance writer
Class Rep: Gary J. Gallant, gary.                                                           and producer for the Kids WB, Disney                          Donald Ganim has been elected
                                            to serve a 1-year term as president             Channel, aBC Family, F/X, toon Disney,
                                            of the Massachusetts Society of                 Soapnet and many others.
1976                                        anesthesiologists. he serves as chief
                                            of anesthesia at northeast health               1986
Class Rep: Joseph S. DiSalvo,                                                               Class Rep needed                      Systems, which includes Beverly
                                            hospital, addison gilbert hospital              Michael Erard has published Um:
Mark A. Simione has been promoted                                                           Slips, Stumbles and Verbal Blunders,
to senior vice president and chief          and the Surgery Day Care Centre of
                                            Beverly hospital, all in northeast              and What They Mean, a book that
financial and administrative officer at                                                     is described as “a work of applied
Noblis, a national nonprofit science,       Massachusetts. … Joseph J. Serwatka
                                            married Pamela roeger on July 22. he            blunderology.” it attempts to explain
technology and strategy organization.                                                       how and why people get upset when
he is a summa cum laude graduate of         is a self-employed civil engineer.
                                                                                            public figures’ speech doesn’t seem to
Merrimack College in north andover,                                                         match the public’s expectations. the
Ma, where he earned a bachelor of           1982
                                            Class Rep: John M. Shaheen,                     work also includes the many hilarious
science degree in accounting/Finance.                                                       slip-ups made by people in all walks of
                                            Robert M. Sheehan has been inducted             life – from politicians to professional
1977                                                                                        public speakers.
Class Rep: John C. Housianitis,             into the lawrence Boys & girls Club
22        ClaSS noteS                                                                                      eMBleM Fall 2007

                                              been studying simultaneously with           playing a leadership role in planning
1987                                          Shorin-ryu. in 2006 he established          the festivities, please contact Jennifer
Class Rep: Jonathan P. Beauchesne,            Peaceful heart traditional Karate-Do        Plouffe, 978-682-0260 ext. 638;                   as a sole proprietorship to provide high-
                                              quality traditional karate programs to      Melanie A. (Morley) FoleySM and
1988 **Reunion Class**                        schools, health clubs and community         her husband, Kevin, became the proud
Class Rep: Mark T. Duquette, mark_            organizations. … Matthew Rodriguez          parents of a daughter, Maeve grace,                            is the new hampshire state director         in July. Maeve joins big sister Keira
Your 20th reunion is approaching and          for the campaign of Democratic              Meghan, 3. … Radhames Nova was
will be celebrated during homecoming/         presidential hopeful Barack obama.          inducted into the lawrence Boys &
reunion Weekend 2008 on october               Matthew is responsible for setting          girls Club hall of Fame. his sister,
10th and 11th! if you are interested in       up the candidate’s trips to the state,      raquel was also inducted, and is the
playing a leadership role in planning         attendance at town meetings, scheduling     first female Hall of Famer in the Club’s
the festivities, please contact Jennifer      home events and organizing media            history. … Francis C. Tasca has
Plouffe, 978-682-0260 ext. 638;               opportunities. he oversees obama’s          opened his own business, Checkered                 entire campaign in the granite State.       Flag indoor Karting, in haverhill.
                                                                                          he is co-owner and vice president of
1989                                          1991                                        operations. … Michael F. Wall married
Class Rep: Robin Ard SM,                      Class Rep needed                            Kelly Flaherty in october of 2006 at                             Sahdi M. Asmar and his wife, Josiane,       Merrimack College in north andover,
Class Rep: Lorraine (Garcia) Mojica           became the proud parents of a daughter,     Ma. a reception followed at atkinson
   ,                   Kaya alexia, in September. … Jeremy         Country Club in atkinson, nh. the
Sean M. Judge graduated from the United       F. Brooks married Carrie Ditullio in        couple honeymooned in aruba and
States air Command and Staff College          May. he received a bachelor of science      live in Methuen, Ma. groomsmen
in Montgomery, ala., with a master’s          degree from Keene State College in          were Brian D. Wall ’94 and Patrick
degree in strategic military operations. he   new hampshire and a master’s degree         J. Flaherty ’99, brother of the bride.
received the Dean’s research award in         from the University of new haven            Michael is a Science teacher at Dracut
military history for 2007. he graduated       in Connecticut. he is a captain in the      high School in Dracut, Ma and Kelly
with a grade point average of 3.84. he was    army reserves, stationed at al-asad         is a laboratory technician at Quest
chosen by his superior officers to enroll     airbase, north of Baghdad, iraq. Prior      Diagnostics, a national company.
in another master’s degree program at         to serving in iraq, he worked at the
this college renowned for strategic air and   trauma intensive Care Unit of Beth          1994
space operations, which he is currently       israel Deaconess hospital in Boston.        Class Rep: James C. Riviezzo, james_
                                              1992                                        Michael R. Crafts and Kerra
1990                                          Class Rep: Michael T. Torrisi,              hendrigan were married in January.
                                                         Michael is a sales manager for g.h.
Class Rep: Kami Buntin SM,                               Class Rep: Sinead Cassidy SM,               Berlin lubricants in hartford, Ct. ...
Joseph R. Olefirowicz, while on a                          R. Derek Desharnais and his wife are
visit to the area, gave an organ concert      Central Catholic teachers Sully Grella      the proud parents of a son, andrew.
at our lady of the holy rosary                and Michael D. Leal ’94 led the             … Central Catholic teachers Michael
Church in lawrence, Ma. he went               varsity Boys Spring track team to the       D. Leal and Sully Grella’92 led the
to germany after graduating from              Merrimack valley Conference crown           varsity Boys Spring track team to the
ithaca College in new York and has            and a serious run at the eastern Mass.      Merrimack valley Conference crown
been there for 13 years. his career           Division 2 title. ... Cheryl MasonSM        and a serious run at the eastern Mass.
highlights include work on a 2004             married Benjamin Pratt in July. Cheryl      Division 2 title. Michael and his wife,
network television production of “a           received her master’s degree in biology     Maureen, welcomed their first child,
Christmas Carol.” he returns this year        from roger Williams University in rhode     Joseph. … John M. Pelletier became
to austria, where he will conduct at          island. She is a 4th-grade teacher at the   engaged to Colleen e. howe. an april
the vienna voksoper, one of the largest       russell Street School in littleton, Ma.     wedding is planned. John, a graduate
opera houses in europe. … Thomas                                                          of new hampshire University, is a
S. Pierog began training in traditional       1993 **Reunion Class**                      mechanical designer for Chemineer,
okinawan Karate-Do in 2000 at the             Class Rep: Frank Morris, fcmorris@          inc., a national company.
house of the Sarr. in March 2004 he 
was awarded his first-degree Black            Your 15th reunion is approaching and        1995
Belt in Shorin-ryu Karate-Do. he              will be celebrated during homecoming/       Class Rep: Eric A. Larnard,
received his first-degree Black Belt in       reunion Weekend 2008 on october   
goju-ryu Karate-Do, which he had              10th and 11th! if you are interested in     Class Rep: Jason M. Ball, jayball77@
eMBleM Fall 2007                                                                                          ClaSS noteS             23                                                                                     Class Rep needed
Sean T. Martin married Maria gizza in                                                       Mark T. Sinacori has been a page
September. the wedding party included                                                       at CBS in los angeles for several
alumni Timothy J. Martin ’93, Kevin                                                         months. he has worked on shows
M. Martin ’98, John J. Melia ’95,                                                           such as The Tyra Banks Show, The
Patrick J. Walsh ’95, Robert C.                                                             Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson,
Bowman ’93, Eric A. Larnard ’95,                                                            Real Time with Bill Maher, and many
Michael J. Balsamo ’93, Christopher                                                         others. he also worked Bob Barker’s
J. Boyd ’94 and Steven M. Hatem ’95.                                                        final Dollar Spectacular, Bob Barker’s
Sean and Maria are grads of Merrimack                                                       50th Year in Television Celebration,
College in north andover, Ma.                                                               and Bob Barker’s final episode of
                                                                                            The Price is Right. … Scot Hazelton
1996                                                                                        played professional basketball for
Class Rep: Joel L. Boutin                   Michael F. Wall ’94 married Kelly Flaherty in   the Sodertalje Kings in Sweden last
                                            October of 2006.                                                                        winter. Since returning to the states,
Class Rep: Michael J. Armano,               Worcester, Ma and Brad is working               he has played for Cape Cod in the                  toward his MBa at Suffolk University            aBa and taught science at the oliver
                                            in Boston. he recently joined                   School in lawrence, Ma. he is now
1997                                        associated industries of Massachusetts          playing in the famed rucker league in
Class Rep: Jonathan J. Rossi,               as associate vice president for                 Harlem, NY, the Springfield Pro-Am                          government affairs. Prior to joining            league, the Boston Premier league
Michael A. Trovato has been hired as        aiM, he served as community liaison             as well as leagues in nashua, nh and
interim basketball coach at haverhill       for former lowell Congressman Martin            narragansett, ri. … John J. Vitulli has
high School. he has done coaching           Meehan. ... Erin L. Keleher married             graduated from Merrimack College in
for the aaU, was an assistant coach at      Geoffrey Mackay ’97 in november.                north andover, Ma.
Brooks School in north andover, Ma          Fellow Central alumni attending were
and was the varsity assistant at Woburn     Jeffrey S. Kucukistipanoglu, Karen              2001
high School. he is an 8th-grade teacher     A. (Wilkie) Berrios, Angela I Kulesza,          Class Rep needed
at the Parthum Middle School in             William D. Kern, Jennifer (Donahue)             Mark J. Alaimo married Meredith
lawrence, Ma. … Brian M. Wozniak            Manning, Alyssa J. Abraham and                  M. Carter in July. Eric M. Alaimo
and his wife, Kate, are the proud parents   David W. Lemay ... Chad Perrone’s               ’02 served as best man. Mark received
of a son, Brendan, born on october 1st.     summer included a weekly “residency”            his bachelor of science degree in
                                            at the Paradise lounge in Boston. he            accountancy and his master of science
1998 **Reunion Class**                      receives regular airplay of his song,           degree in Financial Planning from
Class Rep: Angela I. Kulesza, angela.       “What i’ve Become” on WBoS’s                    Bentley College in rhode island. …                           Boston Music Sundays. he has begun              Katherine E. Burke became engaged
Class Rep: Andrew P. Nikonchuk,             work on his second album, tentatively           to Derek nicho. he is an associate for              scheduled for release in late Winter/           Sullivan Bille group in tewksbury,
Your 10th reunion is approaching and        early Spring.                                   Ma, and the wedding is set for May.
will be celebrated during homecoming/                                                       Katherine graduated from Saint anselm
reunion Weekend 2008 on october             1999                                            College in new hampshire with a
10th and 11th! if you are interested in     Class Rep: John P. Muldoon, John.               bachelor of arts degree in Psychology
playing a leadership role in planning                            and is currently enrolled in the Masters
the festivities, please contact Jennifer    Class Rep: Richard P. O’Donnell,                of elementary education Program at
Plouffe, 978-682-0260 ext. 638;                                Southern new hampshire University.               James R. Kelley is working as an                … Leo Lamontagne was awarded an
Paul J. Barbagallo and his wife             immigration enforcement agent for the           emmy for outstanding achievement
welcomed a new baby boy, Paul iii.          U.S. Department of homeland Security            for on Camera Performance by the tv
… Bradley A. MacDougall married             in Phoenix, ariz. … Alexander J.                academy. he is dancing professionally
Kristen M. Foley in July. Kevin M.          Koutroubas has been brought on as a             with the Jump rhythm Jazz Project in
Martin ’98 served as best man. also         partner by lobbyist Dick Bouley. he is          Chicago. a television documentary was
in attendance were Brad G. Dubiel,          vice president of government affairs in         made about his company and members
Alyssa J. Abraham, Shaun P.                 Concord, nh. … Steven J. Murphy                 performed throughout the piece. the
O’Brien, Neil P. Perry ’75, Matthew         and his wife, Julie, are the proud parents      documentary received 4 emmys. leo
Perry ’09, Susan Downer ’87SM               of a son, Matthew. Matthew joins his            recently became engaged to Jaema
and Central Catholic teacher Chuck          brother, Daniel, 3.                             Berry. they met while studying at
Adamopoulos. Brad and Kristen are                                                           northwestern University in illinois.
graduates of assumption College in          2000                                            … Angela L. Lucier married ryan
24        ClaSS noteS                                                                                                eMBleM Fall 2007

Dowd in September. Maid of honor
was classmate Sara E. Vienneau.
angela, a graduate of Babson College
in Massachusetts, is a buyer for Bae
Systems, a national company. …
Stephen M. Traynor graduated from
Plymouth State University in Plymouth,
nh, in 2006 with a degree in athletic
training. he had an internship with the
Boston red Sox. after spring training,
he was assigned to the Portland Seadogs,    Capt. David J. Beaudoin ’00 married Stephanie Williams in July 2006 and the couple renewed their
the AA affiliate of the Red Sox.            vows in July 2007 in New York in front of family and friends. Central Catholic and St. Mary’s alumni
                                            at the New York reception were, front row from left, Robert T. Faucher ’58, Kathy (Gaidis) Beaudoin
                                            ’73SM, John S. Beaudoin ’73, Kelli Lynn Carberry ’02, Kaitlin A. Beaudoin ’05, Jennifer A. Sullivan
2002                                        ’05, groom David J. Beaudoin ’00 and William J. Holtham ’65; second row from left, James F. Scully
Class Rep: Michael P. Burkardt,             ’65, Ellen (Shumsky) Guerin ’73SM, Joanne (Gaidis) Chase ’69SM, Todd M. Beaudoin ’02, Patrick G.                      Dooling ’00, Paul M. Giarratano ’00, Francis I. Carandang ’00, Jarret J. Marcoux ’00 and Guy Berube
                                            ’60; and, back row from left, Michael J. Dunn ’97, Thomas M. Ferris ’73 and Joseph M. Ponte ’00.
Class Rep: Kelli Lynn Carberry,                       Systems. … Nathan F. Johnston                        win against Merrimack College in north
Matthew M. Duhamel graduated                and Melanie Lafleur were married                     andover, Ma during the fall. … Meghan
magna cum laude from northeastern           in September. he graduated from                      K. Sullivan was named to the Dean’s list
University in Boston with a bachelor        northern essex Community College                     at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut.
of science degree in athletic training/     in haverhill and is a new hampshire
Sports Medicine. his served his             State Police Officer. … William R.                   2005
clinical rotations in Massachusetts at      Paquin earned a bachelor of science                  Class Rep needed
Milton academy, harvard University,         degree from Bridgewater State College                Jason R. Fielding, a football
northeastern University and three           in Massachusetts, receiving dual                     player at Westfield State College in
seasons with the new england Patriots.      degrees in aviation Management and                   Massachusetts, was ranked this fall as
he will be furthering his graduate school   Flight training operations with a                    the nation’s top Division 3 tackler. With
studies at Boston University. … Joseph      minor in Finance. in addition to being               141 tackles in 9 games, he averaged
Wyrwa graduated from Merrimack              on the Dean’s list every semester,                   15.7 tackles a game. ... Ashleigh M.
College in north andover, Ma.               he graduated cum laude and earned                    George was named to the Dean’s list at
                                            numerous scholarships and grants.                    Quinnipiac University in Connecticut.
2003 **Reunion Class**                      William also studied abroad in China
Class Rep: Amanda L. Angell,                and alaska, and toured Japan. he                     2006                    has earned multiple pilot licenses                   Class Rep needed
Your 5th reunion is approaching and         and has been a member of the Delta                   Carlos M. Brown was named little east
will be celebrated during homecoming/       Connection academy national Flight                   Conference Men’s Basketball Player
reunion Weekend 2008 on october             team for 3 years, and its team captain               of the Week. he is a sophomore guard
10th and 11th! if you are interested in     for 2 years. as a member of the                      at rhode island College. … Rita Rose
playing a leadership role in planning       Bridgewater State College flight team,               Holak, a Behavioral neurocience major
the festivities, please contact Jennifer    he was ranked 3rd in the country as a                at Connecticut College, has earned the
Plouffe, 978-682-0260 ext. 638;             flight instructor and now trains pilots              prestigious Women’s Basketball Coaches               at King Aviation in Mansfield, MA. He                award for outstanding performance
Jenna L. Cusak was named a                  is working toward a master of science                on and off the court. She is a Dean’s
Presidential Scholar at Merrimack           degree in engineering technology at                  list student pursuing a degree in
College in north andover, Ma. She           Bridgewater State.                                   medicine. rita also has many community
is a liberal arts major. … Christopher                                                           leadership roles, including being a
F. Dowd graduated from Bryant               2004                                                 Peer educator and Co-Chairwoman of
University in rhode island with             Class Rep needed                                     Fundraising for habitat for humanity,
a bachelor of science degree in             Noelia Bare received a gates                         also serving as its Co-President. She
Business administration/Marketing.          Millennium Scholarship, worth $32,000,               is also a hospital volunteer, involved
… Nathan J. Fragala, a business             for a second time. She is a senior at                with the Special olympics, girl Scouts
major, graduated from Merrimack             Merrimack College in north andover,                  and serves as a coach at a summer
College in north andover, Ma.               Ma and is majoring in english and                    basketball camp. … Kristen A. Meyers
Casey Grange graduated from Bryant          Mathematics. … Jay R. Stahl, a senior                is participating in the Bates College
University in rhode island with a           at Bryant University in rhode island and             Junior Semester abroad program. She is
bachelor of science degree in Business      member of its football team, picked up 6             a biology major studying at the national
administration/Computer information         tackles in a come-from-behind overtime               University of ireland in galway, ireland.
     eMBleM Fall 2007                                                                                                                     25

     in Memoriam
     the following members of the Central Catholic Family are recently deceased.
     We ask that you keep them and their families in your thoughts and prayers.
     Dorothy M. ash ’33SM                                 John J. Dziadosz ’61
     Mary (Casey) Seed ’34SM                              edmund J. ryan ’62
     Mary (riordan) Crafton ’35SM                         Kenneth F. graham ’63
     genevieve C. (Cantillon) Murphy ’36SM                thomas t. Perry ’63
     theodora e. george ’37SM                             thomas W. veilleux ’65
     anne (haynes) Perkins ’37SM                          gerald M. Faro ’68
     Madeline (Morin) turcott ’40SM                       Christine Burke-goodson ’69SM
     raymond l. Marino ’43                                Marguerite (Scuto) richard ’69SM
     M. Winifred (Finneran) Bolis ’44SM                   John t. Pavlenkov, Jr. ’69
     Jean (Champion) roche ’44SM                          Joseph F. Manduca ’71
     Marjorie a. (lagasse) Sabbagh ’44SM                  William F. hoffman ’90
     John J. Smith Sr. ’44                                Benjamin t. Chapman ’93
     eileen (golding) legere ’46SM                        lino Brosco ’94
     Joseph C. Sexton ’46                                 ryan M. Bourque ’08
     Dorice (Shorten) Coco ’47SM                          Sr. Doris gallant, SCiM, former Central Catholic Librarian
     richard D. Jukins ’50                                leo McCue, Sr., father of History teacher Leo McCue
     Joseph F. Sirois ’50                                 Marcos Sanchez, father of Sabrina Sanchez ’08
     Mary g. (incropera) Consoli ’51SM                    henry Dion, father of Kenneth G. ’77 and grandfather of Timothy ’04,
     Francis J. DeBruyckere ’53                                    Christopher H. ’07 and Kyle A. Dion ’10
     Frederick a. Spires ’53                              Br. Dennis Caverly, FMS, former Central Catholic teacher
     Paul J. Sutton ’53                                   thomas J. Finneran, father of Thomas A. ’85, Robert E. ’88, Sean P. ’91,
     Francis M. Moran ’55                                          Brendan ’93, Edward H. ’96 and Neil J. Finneran ’97
     horace J. Coco ’56                                   virginia McCord, mother of Sarah ’06
     James F. Falco ’56                                   Joseph a. lynch, grandfather of Theresa M. (Black) Taft ’00 and April S. Black ’03
     Francis D. Shyne ’56                                 Krystyna tkaczyk, mother of Katherine Tkaczyk ’09
     vincent a. Doyle, Jr. ’57                            Michael a. Quintana, Sr., father of Michael ’83 and Francisco Quintana ’84
     robert J. Catarius ’58                               Bernice Fleming, wife of former Board member F. Brendan Fleming and
     richard M. nolet ’59                                          grandmother of Rita ’06 and Ricky Holak ’08
     Kevin F. McCarthy ’60

 Florida Receptions for Alumni,              2008 Calendar of events                                                      oCtoBer
      Grandparents & Friends                  CCHS Class of 1958 50th Reunion Celebration                               Weekend 2008
   WEST COAST: MarCh 12th                    WeDneSDaY, MaY 21St-SatUrDaY, MaY 24th                             FriDaY, oCtoBer 10th &
Wildcat run golf Club, esterio, Fl           Contact Molly Bresnahan, Director of Institutional                SatUrDaY, oCtoBer 11th
   EAST COAST: MarCh 13th                       Advancement, at 978-682-0260 ext. 632, or                    Activities include the Homecoming
Boca Country Club, Boca raton, Fl     for details                      Football Game, tours of Central
   If you find yourself in Florida,                                                                           Catholic and a dinner-dance. For
  contact Molly Bresnahan if you                    Class of 2008 Baccalaureate Mass                          details, contact Jennifer Plouffe at
        would like to join us                        7:00PM thUrSDaY, MaY 22nD                               978-682-0260 ext. 638 or jplouffe@
                                             St. Mary of the assumption Church, lawrence Ma                  
Spring Musical, Beauty and the Beast                  Class of 2008 Commencement                                       noveMBer
    thUrSDaY, aPril 10th -                             7:00PM FriDaY, MaY 23rD                                    2008 Central Catholic
     SatUrDaY, aPril 12th                             Memorial gymnasium, CChS                               Athletic Hall of Fame Induction
 rogers Memorial theatre, CChS                                                                                SatUrDaY, noveMBer 15th
                                                                  JUlY                                         Memorial gymnasium, CChS
              MaY                                 2008 Golf Classic, Dinner & Auction                          For a nomination form, please
         Spring Concert                                   MonDaY, JUlY 28th                                  contact Director of Athletics Peter
    7:00PM FriDaY, MaY 9th                      haverhill Country Club, haverhill, Ma                        Paladino at 978-682-0260 ext. 640
 rogers Memorial theatre, CChS          For details, contact Jennifer Plouffe at 978-682-0260 ext.           or
Performance by the Chorus and Band                 638 or                               before March 31st
Save the date for the Main event
hoMeCoMing/reUnion WeeKenD 2008
 the 2nd Annual Homecoming/Reunion Weekend is Friday, October                   CCHS & St. Mary’s
10th and Saturday, October 11th. last year’s event was a big success and
  all alumni from Central Catholic and St. Mary’s are welcome to attend          Reunion Classes
this special 2-day event. the weekend kicks off on Friday, October 10th                    1943
  with the Homecoming Football Game at lawrence’s veterans Memo-                           1948
  rial Stadium. after cheering the raiders to victory, join fellow alums at                1953
   the Claddagh Pub & restaurant in lawrence for Raider Night at the                       1958
Claddagh 2008 to share memories and fun. on Saturday, October 11th,           CCHS 50th Reunion May 21st- 24th
we invite you and your guest to our Reunion 2008 celebration. Join your                    1963
 classmates for Mass at 4:00pm in CChS’ Carney Family Chapel, then at                      1968
  The Main Event Dinner-Dance beginning at 6:00pm at the Wyndham                           1973
 hotel in andover, Ma. rooms at the hotel will be available at a reduced                   1978
 rate for those who wish to stay overnight; be sure to mention the Central                 1983
                Catholic reunion when making a reservation.                            25th Reunion
 For further details, or to join the Reunion Committee, contact Jennifer                   1993
   Plouffe at 978-682-0260 ext. 638 or                       1998
    We look forward to seeing you in october!                                              2003

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