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									               Dealing with flies during the summer

During the summer you want to be relaxing and enjoying your outdoor
environment, especially if you have a garden. An outdoor fly trap can help you
tackle flies and remove them, rather than repel.

The FlITrapis an affordable fly trap used across the world to kill flies. It can
capture and kill over 120,000 species and doesn’t use electricity. Instead the
outdoor fly trap uses fly bait, which can last up to two and a half months between
refills depending on your fly problem.

The FliTrap doesn’t use any electricity and will catch and kill flies 24/7 until
                           the fly bait runs out.

As the FliTrap doesn’t use electricity, this fly killer can provide you with more
options when deciding where to hang the lantern like device. The low
maintenance fly trap is easy to refill and being low maintenance it enables you to
get on with enjoyingthe summer.

                           Why capture and kill flies?

Flies carry thousands of harmful bacteria and also carry diseases. It isn’t simply a
case of flies being a nuisance and ruining a moment due to their presence. They
will attack your plants, vegetation and can impact your health. Flies vomit upon
food to soften thefood before consuming, and obviously you don’t want this
occurring to your food. You need fly control products to help you and the FliTrap
is an effective fly killer.

You can buy affordable fly bait refills online to extend the life of the fly trap.

Also flies bred extremely quickly and within a month their population can explode.
You can’t control how your neighbours deal with their fly issues, but you should
be prepared to tackle flies that enter your area. The FliTrap will catch the flies
and it won’t give them a second chance to cause problems.

How the FliTrap works:
1.     Position the outdoor fly trap in a key area outside.

2.     It will attract flies to the lantern like device via its fly bait.

3.     The flies will venture inside and then drown.

The flies can’t escape from the trap once they have entered. When the fly bait
runs out you can simple extend its life with affordable refills, which you can
purchase online.

Don’t let flies spoil your summer and purchase the FliTrap, an outdoor fly trap to
catch and kill flies.

Have a fly problem? Buy the FliTrap, an outdoor fly trap online today.

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