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									                                       CONTRACT FOR EXHIBIT SPACE
                                  8th Annual Fall Home & Remodeling Show
                                           October 15-16-17, 2010
                        Larimer County Fairgrounds, 1 National Bank Exhibit Hall, Loveland, CO
To: MILE HIGH PRODUCTIONS, LLC                                                            Contract Date: ______________________

RESERVE FOR THE USE OF: ______________________________________________________
►Exhibit Space #:                   Dimensions:                  Sq. Ft.
►Total Rental: $                                               Enclosed is check/credit card payment for 
  *The above exhibit space(s) subject to the conditions of the attached Rules and Regulations
                                                                                           **CREDIT CARD PAYMENT OPTIONS**
MAKE PAYMENT (U.S. Funds Only) TO:
MILE HIGH PRODUCTIONS, LLC or           Fax with credit                         MC     VISA      DISCOVER       AMEX       (circle one)
4215 Independence Dr.                   card payment to:
Loveland, CO 80538                      (970) 669-3017                          Card # _____________________________________Exp. Date __/__

  PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY SIGNED CONTRACT                                        Card Holder Name
    1. 50% Down Payment required with contract                                  (Print clearly):_____________________________________________
    2. Balance Due September 24, 2010
                                                                                Billing Address ____________________________________________

DEADLINE:                                                                       City___________________________ State _______ Zip___________
To avoid losing your option on exhibit space, please return
signed contract within 10 days of contract date.                                Signature _________________________________ Date ___________

NOTICE must be received in writing at MILE HIGH PRODUCTIONS, LLC (4215 Independence Dr., Loveland, CO 80538),
BEFORE August 1, 2010. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS AFTER THIS TIME. A $100 processing fee will be retained
on ALL cancellations regardless of the date.


Company official authorized to contract for exhibit space:
Name: _____________________________________________________ Phone: ________________________
Company: __________________________________________________ Fax:      ________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________ Cell:    ________________________
City/State/Zip: _________________________ email: _____________________________________________

Please list product lines in spaces below. Only products and/or services listed may be exhibited.
1.                               2.                       3.                     4.
   Sign and return this original copy, keep one copy for your files. Upon acceptance, a fully executed copy will be returned for
your file. Return of this contract to you, executed by MHP official verifies commitment of space.
   We hereby acknowledge that we have read and initialed the attached Rules and Regulations of this contract; it is agreed that
these Rules and Regulations are part of this contract and no agreement other than those contained herein shall be binding upon
the parties unless in writing and signed by an official of MILE HIGH PRODUCTIONS, LLC.

►_______________________________________                                   ►________________
   Signature of Exhibitor                                                   Date

Accepted by Mile High Productions, LLC (MHP):

   _______________________________________                                  ________________
   MHP Official Signature                                                    Date

                                       DO NOT WRITE BELOW THIS LINE
Payment             ________     ________ ________ Badges Allowed: 3                                Contact Information:
Balance Due         ________     ________ ________ Booth Prices:                                     Ann Ellis
Date Paid           ________     ________ ________ 10 x 10 ………….. $565.00                            970-669-3004 (office)
Check #             ________     ________ ________ 10 x 10 (end) ……. $615.00                         303-883-5801 (cell)
                                                   Each addt’l space … $495.00
EXHIBITOR RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR CONTRACTED EXHIBIT SPACE                                                    19.   Any special carpentry, wiring, electricity drainage connection, steam, gas or water
(Please read carefully and save for reference)                                                                        connection shall be installed at the Exhibitor's expense.
Rules and regulations governing the show have been briefly written to advise Exhibitors of their                20.   Crepe Paper is Absolutely Forbidden, even if fire proofed. All cloth over one yard must
rights, restrictions and requirements. Any changes to the rules and regulations must be made in                       be fire proofed by order of the fire department. All structural work, such as standards,
                                                                                                                      display racks, shelving, must meet the approval of the show management.
written form prior to the show.
                                                                                                                21.   All flammable materials such as trees, draping, bunting, etc. must be fireproofed.
                                                                                                                22.   NO screws or nails may be driven into the floor. (Only double-faced cloth tape is permitted
        1.      EXHIBIT HOURS. Exhibitor shall maintain a responsible person(s) in the leased space at                on building floor.) NO damage of any kind may be done to the booth structures or to any
                all times during designated exhibit hours. Exhibitor shall be responsible for the conduct of          part of the building. Exhibitors will be held responsible for damages.
                all employees, visitors, agents or guests of Exhibitor in or around the leased space.           23.   All situations (matters) not covered in these rules and regulations are subject to the
                Exhibitor shall cause all such guests, visitors, employees or agents of Exhibitor to be               decision of show management and ALL Exhibitors are to recognize that the show
                familiar with all Rules and Regulations of show.                                                      management is to be held harmless for any act of abnormality and for all activities within
        2.      Many promotional items may be used in your display area --pencils, pens, rulers, etc. --              the actual Exhibitor's booth and acts performed by the Exhibitor and her/his
                however, no peanuts and popcorn may be given out.                                                     representatives.
        3.      Subletting of space is strictly prohibited. Two or more companies may not exhibit in a          24.   The decision of the show management must be accepted as final in any disagreement
                single space unless approved by MHP show management.                                                  between Exhibitors or in the decision to remove from the show any Exhibitor or his/her
        4.      Exhibitor sales of food and beverages for consumption in the exhibit buildings shall                  representative(s) performing any act or practice that, in the opinion of the show
                be made only with the permission of the building concessionaire.                                      management, is objectionable.
        5.      MHP reserves the right to restrict the Exhibitor's use of sound and other devices, which        25.   LIABILITY. Although a guard is on duty at the facility, neither MHP, nor the FACILITY in
                may interfere with the best interest of the entire show. The use of sound equipment, such             which the exhibits are held can or wil be responsible for damage to, loss, or theft of
                as microphones, televisions, VCRs and DVD players, will be permitted where appropriate                property belonging to any Exhibitor, his/her employees, agents, business invitees, visitors
                to the display, provided the sound is maintained at not more than a conversation level.               or guests. Each Exhibitor is expected to carry his/her own appropriate insurance. Small
        6.      Smoking is subject to building regulations.                                                           and valuable exhibit material should be packed away each night. Exhibitor agrees to
        7.      Exhibitors causing offensive odors or smoke must provide a vent for exhaust to the                    protect, save and hold MHP and/or any person, organization or corporation for whom MHP
                outside of the facility.                                                                              contracts to serve as show management and/or the facility forever harmless for any
        8.      All still photography and video of any show exhibit staff and/or exhibit staff taken by an            damages or charges imposed for violations of any law or ordinance, whether occasioned
                agent of MHP wil remain the property of MHP for use in promoting the current or future                by the negligence of the Exhibitors or those holding under the Exhibitor, except for any
                events or for use for any other purpose.                                                              damages or charges directly caused by the negligence of any of the foregoing indemnified
        9.      Exhibitor may not solicit names for any drawing where a cash purchase is required in                  persons or entities, as well as to strictly comply with the applicable terms and conditions
                order to win.                                                                                         contained in the contract agreement between the facility and MHP regarding the exhibition
        10.     An Exhibitor conducting a FREE DRAWING in the show must, prior to the opening of the                  premises; and, further, Exhibitor shall at all times protect, indemnify, save and hold MHP
                show, notify a member of show management about the drawing and the gifts to be                        and/or any person, organization or corporation for whom MHP contracts to serve as show
                awarded and, after the show's closing, notify the show management to whom the prizes                  management and/or the facility forever harmless against and from any losses,
                are being awarded.                                                                                    costs(including attorney's fees, damage, liability, or expense arising from or out of or by
        11.     Exhibitor must not obstruct the view of adjoining exhibitor(s) space, nor permit such exhibit         reason of any accident or bodily injury or other occurrence to any person or persons,
                to be placed or operated in any manner objectionable or offensive, in the reasonable                  including the Exhibitor, its agents, business invitees, employees, which arises from or out
                opinion of MHP, to the adjacent or surrounding exhibitors or the show as a whole. NO                  of or by reason of said Exhibitor's occupancy and use of the exhibition premises or a part
                special signs, shelving, partitions or apparatus, etc. may extend more than 8'above the               thereof, except for those matters directly caused by the negligence of the foregoing
                floor in a booth without the permission of MHP show management. No similar material                   indemnified person or entities.
                should extend above a side rail on a booth over 36" except to the point half way in the         26.   Electrical cords must be three-wire with ground.
                booth to the back wall line. No tacks or pins in draping, walls, posts, etc. are permitted.
                                                                                                                27.   PROOF of LIABILITY INSURANCE is required for all Exhibitors showing
        12.     All Aisles Must Be Kept Clear of Exhibits. Demonstrations, interviews, distribution of
                                                                                                                      minimum liability coverage of $500,000 to include: bodily injury, property
                literature, etc. must be made inside of the exhibitor's space. No canvassing, solicitation of
                business or conference in the interest of business, except by exhibiting firms, is allowed.
                                                                                                                      damage, and personal injury. A Certificate of Insurance naming Mile High
        13.     The starting of vehicle engines shall be permitted during Move-In and Move-Out ONLY.                  Productions, LLC as the certificate holder and additional insured with a 30-day
                The battery of each vehicle shall be disconnected at all times. NO Propane, Butane or                 notice of cancellation is required to be on file at MHP no later than 30 days
                other Flammable fuel tanks are allowed unless never previously fil ed. All vehic les are              prior to the event.
                open for inspection by the Fire Marshal at any time. All vehicles must be free of snow and      28.   Mile High Productions, LLC or the facility where the products are exhibited (inside/outside)
                ice before Move-In. One-fourth tank, not to exceed 4 gallons of gasoline, will be permitted           accepts no responsibility for the inclement weather conditions or other acts of Nature and
                in gasoline tanks in vehicles used in exhibits.                                                       can make no refunds for loss of display time caused by same, or by acts of terrorism.
        14.     The Show Management reserves the right to refuse displays that would detract from the
                dignity of the show.
        15.     Exhibitors are to have booth set up and ready by show opening unless prior approval is                **** Initial __________                                Date ________________
                given to the Exhibitor by show management.
        16.     ALL exhibits Must Remain intact until the close of the show.                                                        MILE HIGH PRODUCTIONS, LLC
        17.     All labor necessary in setting up or removing exhibits must be supplied by the Exhibitor                   4215 Independence Drive Loveland, Colorado 80538
                and must comply with building regulations.
        18.     Exhibitor must drape the back of unsightly structures if exposed to view, at the Exhibitor's

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