SUPPLIER REQUEST FOR DEVIATION WAIVER Ref Procedure 13 4 Forward Preferred method is email by jgi91246


Product Waiver Form document sample

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									                                     SUPPLIER REQUEST FOR DEVIATION/WAIVER
                                                        (Ref. Procedure 13-4)

Forward       Preferred method is email.       Champion Aerospace LLC                           Champion Aerospace Use
requests      Email requests to:               1230 Old Norris Road - Liberty, SC 29657
to:          Attn: Purchasing Fax # (864) 843-5470          Control #:
                                                 Waiver (authorization to ship
Date:                                                                                          Deviation (prior to manufacture)
                                                 nonconforming material)
Supplier                                             Supplier Code                                         Drawing
                                                                                     PO #
Name                                                 (Refer to PO)                                         Rev
                                                    Phone #                                   Fax #
Part                                                Part                                      Qty
Number                                              Description                               Nonconforming
Drawing or Specification Requirement                               Deviation/Nonconformance (waiver)

Reason for deviation/root cause of nonconformance (waiver)

Long term recommendation/corrective action (waiver)

Corrective action effective date

NOTE: Copy of approved requests must accompany shipment of parts. Approval to ship parts prior to
disposition must be obtained in writing by the purchasing agent (include approval letter and waiver request
with shipment).
                                              CHAMPION AEROSPACE USE ONLY
End Item #:
MRB Disposition                    Approved           Denied                Conditional (see conditions below)

Product Engineering                                                                    Date
Quality Assurance                                                                      Date
Mfg. Engineering                                                                       Date
Customer                                                                               Date

FORM 113008       02/09                             Dist:       Original – M RB File
                                                                Copy - Pu rchasing

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