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The members of the committee are


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									Vol. 30

                     NEWS FROM THE FIELD
     SEROLOGIC TESTS FOR SYPHILIS                              AND WELFARE NAMED
MORE than five years ago the Com-                    A COMMITTEE         to co6rdinate the
       mittee on Evaluation of Sero-                       health and public welfare efforts
diagnostic Tests for Syphilis, in co-                of four government agencies in behalf
operation with the United States Public              of the national defense program has
Health Service, conducted a study to                 been announced by Harriett Elliott,
evaluate original serologic tests for                member of the U. S. Defense Com-
syphilis or modifications thereof in the             mission in charge of consumer protec-
United States. The results of this                   tion.
study were published shortly after the                  The members of the committee are;
investigation was completed.'                           Thomas Parran, M.D., Surgeon General of
   Consideration is now being given by               the U. S. Public Health Service, public healtb
the committee to the organization of a               and medical problems; Katherine Lenroot,
second evaluation study of original                  Chief of the Children's Bureau, Department of
serologic tests for syphilis or modifica-            Labor, child welfare; Arthur J. Altmeyer,
                                                     Chairman, Social Security Board, social se-
tions thereof within the next year. If               curity and welfare; M. L. Wilson, Ph.D.,
the need for an investigation of this                Director, Extension Service, Department of
kind seems to justify the cost, invita-              Agriculture, nutrition problems.
tions will be extended to the authors                  The appointment of Gay Shepperson of
of such serologic tests who reside in the            Atlanta, Ga., as an assistant to work with
                                                     the coordinators on problems of health and
United States, or who may be able to                 welfare, is also announced; Miss Shepperson
participate by the designation of a                  was WPA State Administrator for Georgia.
serologist who will represent them in                  According to Commissioner Elliott,
this country. The second evaluation                  the committee will emphasize the im-
study will be conducted utilizing meth-              portance of maintaining and improving
ods comparable to those employed in                  the standards of health and welfare to
the first study.2                                    the end that citizens may be physically
   Serologists who have an original sero-            prepared for their responsibilities.
logic test for syphilis or an original
modification thereof and who desire to               NATIONAL CITIZENS COMMITTEE OF THE
participate in the second evaluation                      WHITE HOUSE CONFERENCE
study should submit their applications                               ORGANIZED
not later than October 1, 1940. The
applications must be accompanied by a                 A NATIONAL Citizens Committee
complete description of the technic of                     of the White House Conference
the author's serologic test or modifica-             on Children in a Democracy has been
tion. All correspondence should be                   organized in accordance with the
directed to the Surgeon General, United              recommendations adopted by the Con-
States Public Health Service, Washing-               ference at its closing session on Janu-
ton, D. C.                                           ary 20, 1940. Frances Perkins, Chair-
                                                     man of the Conference and Secretary
                 REFERENCES                          of Labor, appointed an Organizing
  1. Ven. Dis. Inform., Washington. June, 16:189,
1935. JA.M.A., Chicago. June 8, 104:2083, 1935.
                                                     Committee consisting of Homer Folks,
  2. J.A.M.A., Chicago.   Dec. 1, 103:1705, .1934.   Chairman, William G. Carr, Mrs. Saidie
 1152            AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH                      Sept., 1940
Orr Dunbar, Rev. Bryan J. McEnte-           HARVARD UNIVERSITY AND AMERICAN
gart, and Henry F. Helmholz, M.D.             RED CROSS ESTABLISH WARTIME
   At its organization meeting the                HOSPITAL IN ENGLAND
National Citizens Committee adopted        THE American Red Cross and
objectives of cooperation with official        Harvard University announced on
agencies, dissemination of information     August 18 the establishment of a 100
about the conference and its recom-        bed hospital in England for the study
mendations, stimulation and aid in the     and treatment of communicable dis-
development of state follow-up pro-        eases under wartime conditions. The
grams, and the consideration of the        President of Harvard University an-
special needs of children growing out      nounced also the formation of a
of emergency conditions.                   Harvard Public Health Unit for field
   The present committee consists of       and laboratory work in epidemiology
25 persons with Marshall Field, Chair-     in Great Britain. The funds for the
man, Homer Folks, Vice-Chairman, M.        hospital and the unit will be provided
0. Bousfield, M.D., Secretary, and         by the American Red Cross and Har-
James E. West, Treasurer. Head-            vard will furnish the medical staff.
quarters of the Committee are at Room         According to the announcement the
710, 105 E. 22nd Street, New York,         purpose of the undertaking will be to
N. Y. Miss H. Ida Curry is Acting          acquire information relating to the con-
Director.                                  trol of influenza and other diseases
                                           under unusual or wartime conditions,
       ON SOCIAL WORK, 1940
                                           and the organization of temporary
                                           mobile hospitals.
THE 1940 New York State Confer-               Dr. John E. Gordon, Professor of
     ence on Social Work will be held in   Preventive Medicine and Epidemiology
New York City, at the Hotel Pennsyl-       in the Harvard Medical School, and Dr.
vania, October 8-1 1, inclusive, pre-      John R. Mote of Boston are already in
ceded on the 7th and 8th by the usual      England at the invitation of Hon.
Conference Institutes. The Reverend        Malcolm MacDonald, British Minister
Bryan J. McEntegart, Director of the       of Health.
Division of Children, Catholic Charities
of the Archdiocese of New York, is         ASHFORD AWARD IN TROPICAL MEDICINE
president of the Conference this year.
The central theme of the Conference     AT the annual meeting of the Ameri-
will be "The Child," but all main             can Society of Tropical Medicine
divisions of social and welfare work    held recently in Memphis, Tenn., the
will be represented.                    Bailey K. Ashford Award in Tropical
   Registration may be made and full    Medicine was established by Eli Lilly
information obtained by writing to      & Co. to be awarded in alternate years
Mary B. Holsinger, Executive Secre-     for a total of three times. The award
tary of the Conference, Box 1740,       will be $1,000 and a bronze medal
Albany, N. Y.                           suitably engraved. An additional
                                        amount of $150 or as much thereof as
  IDAHO PUBLIC HEALTH ASSOCIATION       may be necessary is available toward
   WILL HOLD FIRST ANNUAL MEETING       traveling expenses for the recipient of
 I Tis announced that the first annual the award.
    meeting of the Idaho Public Health     It will be given biennially in recog-
Association will be held at Twin Falls, nition of demonstrated research in the
Idaho, September 9-10.                  field of tropical *medicine, taking into
 Vol. 30                     NEWS FROM THE FIELD                                 1153
 consideration independence of thought           HESBACHER, recently appointed to
 and originality. The investigator must          the staff of the U. S. Marine Hos-
 be a citizen of the United States and           pital in Detroit, Mich., who served
 less than 35 years of age on January 1          as Director of the health unit for
 of the year in which the award is made.        a year.
 The recipient must not be associated DR. GEORGE E. FRENCH has retired
 with a commercial laboratory and need          after 3 7 years as Health Officer of
 not be a member of the American So-            Elyria, Ohio.
 ciety of Tropical Medicine. All nomi- MILLARD C. HANSON, M.D., DR.P.H.,*
 nations must be in the hands of the            Health Director of Toledo, Ohio,
 secretary of the Society at least 60 days      since April, 1937, has resigned to be-
 before the dates of the annual meeting         come Director of a syphilis control
 when the award is being made.                  program in Pittsburgh.
                                            T. M. KOPPA, M.D., C.P.H.,t of the
       DEATH OF A. J. DOUGLAS, M.D.             Bureau of Epidemiology, Michigan
  DR. A. J. DOUGLAS, for many years             State Department of Health, Lansing,
        Health Officer of Winnipeg,             has been appointed Director of the
 Canada, died on June 30, 1940, less            Tuberculosis Division of that Bureau.
 than a month after he had attended a           He succeeds ARTHUR W. NEWITT,
 meeting of the Medical Faculty of              M.D., C.P.H.t
 Manitoba Medical College, which HAROLD A. ROBINSON, M.D.,t of
 honored him with four other retired            Elyria, Ohio, has been appointed
 members by the presentation of a              Health Officer of Elyria, succeeding
bronze plaque in recognition of his long        DR. GEORGE E. FRENCH, who has
service on the Faculty.                        retired.
    Dr. Douglas was born in Ekfrid,
Ontario, and was a graduate of Mani-                       Eastern States
toba Medical College. After a year as DR. HOWARD S. ALLEN, of Woodbury,
interne in Winnipeg General Hospital           Conn., has been appointed Health
he took postgraduate work in London.           Officer of Bethlehem.
He was granted the honorary degree of DR. JAMES SAMUEL BINKLEY, of New
LL.D. by his alma mater in 1937. He            York, N. Y., has been appointed
became Winnipeg's first full-time med-         Assistant Managing Director of the
ical officer of health at the age of 26,       American Society for the Control of
and served for 40 years. When he took          Cancer, effective June J.
up his work in 1900, typhoid fever was ALFRED L. BURGDORF, C.P.H., M.D.,t
epidemic in Winnipeg.                          of Hartford, Conn., has been ap-
                                               pointed Health Officer of Hartford,
              PERSONALS                        to succeed Benjamin G. Horning,
             Central States                   M.D., M.P.H.,* who has resigned to
REAVES W. DECROW,t of Columbus,
                                              join the staff of the American Public
                                              Health Association under the Com-
   Ohio, has been appointed Health            mittee on Administrative Practice.
   Officer of Clinton County.              BRUNO F. W. GEBHARD, M.D.,t for-
DR. LINDSEY J. ERVIN, Director of the         merly Technical Consultant for the
  Venereal Disease Service at Broad-          medical public health exhibits at the
  lawns General Hospital, Des Moines,
  Iowa, has been named temporary              New York World's Fair in connection
  director of the Polk County Health         * Fellow A.P.H.A.
  Unit. He succeeds DR. EDWIN N.             t Member A.P.H.A.
1154            AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH                   Sept.} 1940
  with the American Museum of             W. Va., for many years Health
  Health, has been appointed Director     Officer of Kanawha County, has been
  of the Cleveland Health Museum and      given charge of a newly established
  Associate of the Western Reserve        public health unit in Dade County,
  University in Health Education.         Fla., with headquarters in Miami.
  Dr. Gebhard was formerly the FRANK V. CHAPPELL, M.D., has
  Curator of the German Hygiene           resigned as Director of the Bu-
  Museum in Dresden.                      reau of Local Health Service of the
ALBERT D. KAISER, M.D.,t of Roches-       Florida State Board of Health, to
  ter, N. Y., has been appointed by       accept the position of Director of
  Governor Lehman to be a member          the Pinellas County Health Depart-
  of the temporary legislative com-       ment.
  mission to formulate a long range AUBREY Y. COVINGTON, M.D.,t of
  health program, succeeding the late     Morganfield, Ky., has resigned as
  DR. THOMAS P. FARMER, of Syracuse.      Health Officer of Union County, to
DR. FRANCIS BRAE RAFFERTY, of             take a similar post in Scott County,
  Willimantic, Conn., has been ap-        with headquarters in Georgetown.
  pointed Health Officer of Lebanon.      He succeeds CARL M. GAMBILL,
                                          M.D.,t who has joined the staff of
             Southern States              the Kentucky State Health Depart-
NORMAN G. ANGSTADT, M.D.,t of             ment.
  Fayetteville, W. Va., recently Health GEORGE B. DAVIS, M.D.,t of Glasgow,
  Officer of Hancock and Wetzel Coun-     Ky., recently Health Officer of
  ties, has been appointed Health         Barren County, has been appointed
  Officer of Fayette County. He suc-      to a similar position in Hart County,
  ceeds LEON A. DICKERSON, M.D.,t         with headquarters at Horse Cove.
  who resigned to join the staff of the HAROLD M. ERICKSON, M.D.,t of The
  State Health Department.                Dalles, Ore., has been appointed
HIRAM J. BUSH, M.D.,t of the U. S.        Director of the Division of Maternal
  Public Health Service, has been         and Child Health in the Oregon State
  named Director of the Henry R.          Board of Health, to succeed GEORGE
  Carter Memorial Laboratory for          D. CARLYLE THOMPSON, M.D.,t of
  Malarial Research, Savannah, Ga.        Portland, who resigned to take a
  He succeeds THOMAS H. D. GRIF-          position with the U. S. Children's
  FITTS, Sr. Surgeon,t recently trans-    Bureau.
  ferred to Puerto Rico as Chief DR. RosCOE FAULKNER, of Trenton,
  Quarantine Officer. DR. CHARLES M.      Tenn., has been appointed Health
  McGILL has been Acting Director of      Officer of Williamson County, to suc-
  the laboratory since Dr. Griffitts'     ceed DON C. PETERSON, M.D.,* of
  departure.                              Franklin, who has been appointed
BENJAMIN F. BYRD, M.D.,t of Nash-         Director of Vital Statistics in the
  ville, Tenn., has been appointed        State Health Department.
  Medical Director of the National ALFRED H. FLETCHER,* Sanitary En-
  Life and Accident Insurance Com-        gineer of the Department of Health,
  pany, Nashville, to succeed the late    Memphis, Tenn., has been appointed
  DR. RUFUS E. FORT.                      Associate in Sanitary Engineering, at
TURNER E. CATO, M.D.,t of Charleston,     the School of Hygiene and Public
                                          Health of the Johns Hopkins Uni-
   Fellow A.P.H.A.                        versity, Baltimore, Md., effective
 t Member A.P.H.A.                        August 15. Mr. Fletcher has served
Vol. 30                   NEWS FROM THE FIELD                               1155
  with the International Health             gional Medical Director of the South-
  Division of the Rockefeller Founda-       western Health Region.
  tion and with the U. S. Public Health   GEORGE E. RILEY, M.D., C.P.H.,t of
  Service before he joined the staff in     Jackson, Miss., Director of Malaria
  Memphis. Mr. Fletcher will be as-         Control Work in the Mississippi State
  sociated with DR. ABEL WOLMAN,            Health Department, has been named
  Professor of Sanitary Engineering.        in charge of Pike County.
L. J. HANCHETT, M.D., Acting Direc-       DR. CLYDE F. Ross, of Richmond, Va.,
  tor of the Bureau of Venereal Dis-        has been appointed Venereal Disease
  ease Control of the Florida State         Control Officer of Richmond, suc-
  Board of Health, has been appointed       ceeding DR. FRANCIS W. UPSHUR.
  Director of the Bureau of Local         EDWIN H. SCHORER, M.D., DR.P.H.,*
  Health Service.                           resigned as Director of Health of
TASWELL PAUL HANEY, JR., M.D.,*             Kansas City, Mo., effective May 23.
  who has been on leave of absefice the   DR. DONALD B. THURBER, of Louisville,
  past year from his position as Direc-     Ky., has been appointed Health
  tor of the Pike County Health De-         Officer of Nicholas County, with
  partment, McComb, Miss., has been         headquarters at Carlisle, succeeding
  appointed Director of Maternal Hy-        DR. JAMES W. SCUDDER, who has
  giene and Child Welfare of the            been appointed to the staff of the
  Mississippi State Board of Health.        Western State Hospital, Hopkinsville.
DR. GEORGE W. JACKSON, of Western         CHARLES L. WILLIAMS, M.D.,t Assist-
  State Hospital, has been appointed        ant Surgeon General, U. S. Public
  Health Officer of Bedford County,         Health Service, will have charge of
  Tenn.                                     the newly established health district
LESTER M. PETRIE, M.D.,t has been           unit with headquarters in New Or-
  transferred from the Southwestern         leans to supervise public health
  Health Region, Albany, Ga., to the        service work in Texas, Louisiana,
  Northeastern Health Region, Gaines-       Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Missis-
  ville.                                    sippi, and Tennessee.
WILLIAM H. PICKETT, M.D.,* of Clear-      DR. DAVID B. WILSON, of McComb,
  water, Fla., has resigned as Director     Miss., who has been Acting Director
  of the Health Department of               of the Pike County health unit,
  Pinellas County. He has been ap-          has accepted a position with the
  pointed Assistant State Health            U. S. Public Health Service.
  Officer, with the Florida Department
  at Jacksonville.                                     Western States
ALBERT M. PRICE, M.D.,t head of the       FRANK J. BAILEY, M.D.,t who for-
  Division of Communicable Diseases         merly served as Health Officer of Red
  in the State Department of Health,        Bluff, Calif., has again been ap-
  Charleston, W. Va., has been ap-          pointed to the position, succeeding
  pointed Health Officer of Kanawha         DR. RUSSELL G. FREY.
  County, to succeed TURNER E. CATO,      BERTRAM P. BROWN, M.D., of Los
  M.D.,t who was recently appointed         Angeles, has been appointed Director
                                            of the California State Department
  Health Officer of Dade County, Fla.       of Public Health, to succeed WALTER
GUY V. RICE, M.D.,t of Jesup, Ga., has      M. DICKIE, M.D., PH.D.,t of San
  resigned as Commissioner of Health        Francisco.
  in Wayne County, and will succeed
                                           * Fellow A.P.H.A.
  LESTER M. PETRIE, M.D.,t as Re-          t Member A.P.H.A.
1156                   AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH                Sept., 1940
HORACE DELIEN, M.D.,t Special Phy-         GEORGE M. STEVENS, M.D.,* Epidemi-
  sician in Tuberculosis Control, has        ologist of the Department of Health
  been assigned to duty in the office of     of the City of Los Angeles, Calif., is
  the District Medical Director, U. S.       retiring.
  Indian Service, San Francisco, to
  assume direction of tuberculosis con-                    DEATHS
  trol activities among the Indian popu-   DR. S. ADOLPHUS KNOPF, of New York,
  lation of California. Dr. DeLien has       N. Y., died July 15, at the age of
  recently completed one year of edu-        82. He was active or honorary
  cational experience at the Henry           officer of many important tubercu-
  Phipps Institute of Philadelphia,          losis associations, and was the author
  previous to which he was in charge         of many books and pamphlets on
  of the Indian Service Sanatorium at        tuberculosis.
  Fort Bidwell, Calif. (now discon-        CHARLES F. MEBUS,t of Glenside, Pa.,
  tinued). Dr. DeLien's activities will      emitient engineer and former Presi-
  be extended to include tuberculosis        dent of Abington Township Board
  control among Indians in Nevada and        of Commissioners, died June 28, at
  Utah in the near future.                   the age of 75.
CRANFORD H. DOUTHIRT, M.D.,t of            CHARLES F. NASSAU, M.D., Sc.D.,t of
  Santa Fe, N. M., has been appointed        Philadelphia, Pa., former Health
  Health Officer of the State of New         Commissioner, died on August 11.
  Mexico, succeeding EDWIN B. GOD-         DAVID RIESMAN, M.D., Sc.D., LL.D..
  FREY, M.D.,t resigned.                     of Philadelphia, Pa., died recently.
Guy S. MILLBURY, D.D.S.,* who since          He was Emeritus Professor of Medi-
  1914 has been Dean of the Univer-          cine and Professor of the History
  sity of California College of Den-         of Medicine at the Universitv ot
  tistry, San Francisco, retired as of       Pennsylvania.
  July 1, and will live- at Los Gatos,     DR. JOSEPH W. SCHERESCHEWSKY, of
  Calif. Dr. Millbury is immediate           Atlanta, Ga., died recently. He was
  Past President of the Western Branch       particularly active in cancer research
  American Public Health Association.        and in the establishment of state
                                             cancer clinics and organized the
 *   Fellow A.P.H.A.
                                             long-range cancer control program of
 t Member A.P.H.A.                           Georgia.

                        CONFERENCES AND DATES
American Association of Public Health   Hotel, Detroit, Mich. October 8-11.
  Dentists. Cleveland, Ohio. Septem- American Dental Association. Cleve-
  ber 8-9.                              land, Ohio. September 9-13.
American College of Physicians-25th American Dietetic Association - 23rd
  Annual Session. Statler Hotel, Bos-   Annual Convention. Pennsylvania
  ton, Mass. April 21-25, 1941.         Hotel, New York, N. Y. October
American Association of State Highway   20-24.
  Officials. Seattle, Wash. September American Education Week (20th an-
  15-19.                                nual observance), November 10-16.
American Association of State Regis-    Theme: " Education for the Com-
  tration Executives. Detroit-Leland    mon Defense."
Vol. 30                      NEWS FROM THE FIELD                                1157
American Hospital Association. Boston,            West Virginia Section - Prichard
   Mass. September 16-20.                            Hotel, Huntington, W. Va. Oc-
American Public Health Association                   tober 24-26.
   -69th Annual Meeting. Book-                    North Carolina Section-Sir Walter
   Cadillac Hotel, Statler Hotel,                    Raleigh Hotel, Raleigh, N. C.
   Detroit, Mich. October 8-11.                      October 28-30.
American Public Works Association.                Four States Section-Hotel Dupont,
   Detroit, Mich. September 30-Octo-                 Wilmington, Del. November 7-8.
   ber 2.                                         Minnesota Section-St. Paul Hotel,
American School Health Association.                  St. Paul, Minn. November 7-8.
   Book-Cadillac Hotel and Hotel                  Missouri Valley Section-Hotel Fon-
   Statler, Detroit, Mich. October                   tenelle, Omaha, Nebr. November
   7-11.                                             13-15.
American Social Hygiene Association.           Arizona Sewage and Waterworks Asso-
   Book-Cadillac Hotel, Detroit, Mich.            ciation - Fall Meeting. Safford,
   October 6.                                     Ariz. October 4-6.
American Society of Civil Engineers--          Association of Women in Public Health.
   Fall Meeting. Cincinnati, Ohio.                Hotel Statler, Detroit, Mich. Oc-
   October 16-18.                                 tober 9.
American Water Works Association:              Association of American Medical Col-
   Virginia Section-Monroe Hall, Uni-             leges. Ann Arbor, Mich. October
      versity of Virginia, Charlottesville,       28-30.
      Va. September 5-6.                       Canadian Public Health Association-
   Michigan Section - University of               29th Annual Meeting. Winnipeg,
      Michigan Union, Ann Arbor, Mich.            Man. September 23-28.
      September 11-13.                        Civil Service Assembly of the United
   Rocky Mountain Section - Cosmo-               States and Canada. Cleveland, Ohio.
      politan Hotel, Denver, Colo.               September 30-October 4.
     September 16-1 7.                        Dairy Industries Supply Association.
  Western Pennsylvania Section -                 Atlantic City, N. J. October 21-26.
     Castleton Hotel, New Castle, Pa.         Federation of Sewage Works Associa-
     September 18-20.                            tions-First Annual Convention, in
  New York Section-Hotel Commo-                  conjunction with the 1940 Annual
     dore, New York, N. Y. Septem-               Meeting of the Central States Sewage
     ber 25.                                     Works Association. Hotel Sherman,
  Wisconsin Section - Hotel Mani-                Chicago, Ill. October 3-5.
      towoc, Manitowoc, Wis. October          Florida Public Health Association.
     14-16.                                      Tampa, Fla. December 5-7.
  Southwest Section - Mayo Hotel,             Government Research Association.
     Tulsa, Okla. October 14-17.                 Princeton, N. J. September 4-7.
  New Jersey Section-Madison Hotel,           Idaho Public Health Association First
     Atlantic City, N. J. October                Annual Meeting. Twin Falls, Idaho.
     18-19.                                      September 9-10.
  Kentucky-Tennessee Section - La-            Indiana State Medical Association.
     fayette Hotel, Lexington, Ky.               French Lick Springs Hotel, French
     October 21-23.                              Lick, Ind. October 29-31.
  California Section--Los Angeles Bilt-       Institute on Science and the Nation's
     more Hotel, Los Angeles, Calif.             Food. Wellesley College, Wellesley,
     October 23-26.                              Mass. October 24-26.
 1158            AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH                      Sept., 1940
 International Association of Milk Sani-        ing. Hotel Berkeley-Carteret, As-
    tarians. Joint Meeting with the New        bury Park, N. J. November 15-16.
    York State Association of Dairy and     New York State Conference on Social
    Milk Inspectors.       Hotel Penn-         Work. Hotel Pennsylvania, New
    sylvania, New York, N. Y. October          York, N. Y. October 8-11.
     17-19.                                 Pacific Coast Plumbing Inspectors As-
 International City Managers' Associa-         sociation- Ith Annual Convention.
    tion. Colorado Springs, Colo. Sep-         Sainte Clare Hotel, San Jose, Calif.
    tember 23-26.                              October 10-12.
 International Society for Crippled         Pan-American Congress of Ophthal-
    Children. Asheville, N. C. October         mology. Hotel Cleveland, Cleve-
    6-9.                                       land, Ohio. October 11-12.
 International Society of Medical Health    Society of American Bacteriologists.
    Officers. Hotel Statler, Detroit,          St. Louis, Mo. December.
    Mich. October 6.                        State Directors of Health Education.
 Interstate Post-Graduate Medical As-          Book-Cadillac Hotel, Detroit, Mich.
    sembly. Cleveland, Ohio. October           October 7.
    13-19.                                  State Directors of Local Health Serv-
 Michigan Public Health Association.           ices. Book-Cadillac Hotel, Detroit,
    Book-Cadillac Hotel and Hotel              Mich. October 10.
    Statler, Detroit, Mich. October        State Directors of Public Health Nurs-
    7-11.                                      ing. Book-Cadillac Hotel, Detroit,
Michigan Society for Mental Hygiene,          Mich. October 7.
    Inc.-Annual Conference. Grand          Symposium on Industrial Health, under
    Rapids, Mich. October 10-12.              the sponsorship of the Department of
 Municipal Public Health Engineers.            Preventive Medicine, Medical Col-
    Hotel Statler, Detroit, Mich. Oc-         lege of Virginia. Baruch Auditorium
    tober 6-8.                                in the Egyptian Building, Medical
National Association of Public School         College, Richmond, Va. September
    Business Officials. Detroit, Mich.         12-13.
   October 14-18.                          Texas Public Health Association. Fort
National Chemical Exposition-spon-            Worth, Tex. September 30-October 2.
   sored by the Chicago Section of the     Tri-State Conference of Food and
   American Chemical Society. Stevens         Health Officials. Pittsburgh, Pa.
   Hotel, Chicago, Ill. December 11-15.       October.
National Organization for Public Health    United States Conference of Mayors-
   Nursing. Hotel Statler, Detroit,           1940 Annual Conference. Waldorf-
   Mich. October 7.                           Astoria Hotel, New York, N. Y.
National Pest Control Association-            September 19-21.
   8th Convention. Indianapolis, Ind.      University of Chicago, Chicago, Ill.
   October 28-30.                             Fiftieth Anniversary Year: October
National Recreation Congress-25th.            1, 1940-September, 1941.
   Statler Hotel, Cleveland, Ohio.         University of Pennsylvania: Bicenten-
   September 30-October 4.                    nial Conference-Fine Arts, Humani-
National Restaurant Association. Chi-         ties, Medical Sciences, Natural
   cago, Ill. October 7-11.                   Sciences, Religion, Social Sciences.
National Safety Council. Chicago, Ill.        University of Pennsylvania, Phila-
   October 7-11.                              delphia, Pa. September 16-20.
New Jersey Health and Sanitary As-         West Virginia Public Health Associa-
   sociation, Inc. 66th Annual Meet-          tion. Morgan Hotel, Morgantown,
                                RELIABLE          ADVERTISEMENTS                                           XV

  W. Va. October 31, November 1-2.
Western Governmental Research As-
  sociation.   Los Angeles, Calif.
  October 24-26.
Pan American Congress of Tubercu-
  losis-Fifth. Buenos Aires, and
  Cordoba, Argentina. October 13-17.

  Health officials in negotiation
  with or contemplating nego-
  tiation with Roy R. AVERILL
  in regard to pest control are
  invited to consult with the                               WHY ALUMINUM
  American Public Health Asso-                             FOR MILK HOODS?
  ciation Office, 50 West 50th                               A sensible question! And there are
    Street, New York, N. Y.                                sensible answers:
                                                           Because Aluminum is non-porous, non-
                                                           fibrous; affords no breeding place for germs.
                                                           Because Aluminum is a nontoxic metal,
                                                           harmless to man and harmless to milk.
 HOW PIN POINT BACTERIA                                    Because Aluminum is waterproof, odor-
     WERE TRACED TO                                        proof and tasteproof.
 A BAD CASE OF MILKSTONE                                   Because Aluminum can be made into a
                                                           hood that not only covers the pouring lip
IT DIDN'T take the Diversey D-Man long to spot             but also seals the bottle so securely that
the difficulty in this dairy plant ... simply a bad        the usual paper disc may be dispensed with.
case of milkstone. But how to get rid of the
milkstone? Again the D-Man had the answer                  Because Aluminum Hoods are strong
... made possible by Diversey Research.                    enough to withstand common methods of
Milkstone has long been a bug-a-boo, not only
                                                           icing cases.
because the contamination varies so greatly, but             Over 400 dairies serving more than 1500
also because of the inevitable tendency of                 communities are successfully using Alseco
"effective" cleaners to corrode equipment.                 Aluminum Hoods. Several have used them
Diversey chemists spent years on the problem,              continuously for ten years. We will gladly
actually studied and analyzed hundreds of cases            supply a list of dairies and cities if you
of milkstone, ultimately developed not one but             wish to make any inquiries about the per-
two milkstone removers. One or the other...
PEPTEX or DICOLOID          will solve any milk-           formance of these hoods. Aluminum Seal
                                                           Co., 1359 Third Ave., New Kensington,Pa.

stone problem without injury to equipment.
  Send for free booklet, "Milkstone Control"
                                                                Trd                     MrU.,S.Pa..Ef,
                       The Diversey Corporation
                          53 W. Jackson Blvd.,
                               Chicaso, 111.
                        DIVERSEY SERVICE
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