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                                                                                              DUST On    the
What is the Mongol Rally?                         About Us
The Mongol Rally is about adventure, saving
the world and bringing much needed vehicles       Team Dust on the Throttle is comprised
to Mongolia.                                      of Danica and Jessica. We are public
                                                  servants by day and adventurers
                                                  whenever we can talk our bosses into
                                                                                               YOUR INVITATION TO A
Over 500 teams will depart from London, UK on
July 23, 2011 and make their way to Ulan          authorizing an extended holiday. Both         UNIQUE MARKETING
Bataar, Mongolia in 6 weeks. There is no          of us were looking for our next big             OPPORTUNITY
support along the way and each team is left to    adventure, and this seemed to fit the
their own wits, mechanical skills and smooth-     bill!
talking abilities as they navigate a small car
over 10,000 miles of inhospitable terrain. All    Are we insane? Why are we
vehicles must meet the requirements of the        doing this?
Mongolian government, because they will be
donated to charities once we arrive in the        Apart from what promises to be a
capital.                                          character-building experience (and a
                                                  chance for Danica to practice her
In addition, each team must raise at least        Russian language skills), we believe in
£1,000 pounds ($1,600 Can) for charity.           the principles of charity underlining the
                                                  Mongol Rally. We have various
Team Dust on the Throttle has chosen Plan         fundraising events planned between
Canada’s Because I’m a Girl Campaign and          now and July 2011 and we’ve chosen
the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation         worthwhile charities to receive our
as our official charities. These are both great   contributions.
organizations and we’re really excited to be                                                      Driving across 1/3 of
working with them.                                To us, this adventure brings new                 the planet to raise
                                                  meaning to “sustainable travel”.
                                                                                                   money for charity.
   twitter: @throttledust
   phone: (613) 789-5386
                                                          CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP
                                                A Unique Marketing Opportunity
                                                Undertaking this challenge will be, well, challenging! We would greatly benefit from your
                                                support to help us reach our objectives.
      With your logo on our car
      we’ll expose your brand to                Ways to contribute:
             18 countries!
                                                    •   Corporate Sponsorship – there are several levels of corporate sponsorship available
       Sponsorship Levels                               to complement your marketing needs
Swag for Grabs (In-kind Contribution)
                                                    •   In-kind Contribution – donate merchandise or gift certificates for a silent auction at
  •    your company name/logo on our
                                                        our fundraising event on April 7, 2011 @Yuk Yuk’s in Ottawa with 150+ guests

See you EU!                                         •   Charitable Donation – make a donation to one of our registered charities at
  •   $100 - $250                             
  •   your company name/logo on our
      website and Facebook page

Crossing the Caucasus
  •    $250 – $500
  •    your logo on our rally car
  •    your company name/logo on our
       website, Twitter and Facebook page

Understand’n the ‘Stans
  •   $500 - $1000
  •   premium rally car logo space
  •    your company name/logo featured at
       events, on our website, Twitter and       Contact the Team:
       Facebook page                             Danica Doucette-Preville
                                                 Jessica Dawson
Bataar or Bust!                                                                                       e-mail:
  •   $1000 +                                                                                         web:
  •   largest space on our rally car reserved
      for your logo
                                                 DUST ON THE THROTTLE                                 twitter: @throttledust
                                                                                                      phone: (613) 789-5386
  •   your company name/logo featured at all
      events, on our website, Twitter and
      Facebook page

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