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					    Network News
                                                    20 July 2009


ABC – A Fleet on the move                                              Get in Get out with a Fare Change
                                                                       The most hassle-free Fare Change in
                                                                       years took place at Stratacom starting
ABC Taxis are growing on the North Shore and beyond.
                                                                       on Sunday 5 July 2009.
After the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), bookings on the
North Side of Sydney are growing again. Along with the
                                                                       Taximeters, such as the Novax Leda
beautiful scenery and villages of the North Shore, we can
                                                                       and Europa/Cabcharge models are
understand the demand to join ABC Taxis.
                                                                       now able to be pre-programmed well
                                                                       before the commencement date.
CCN is running a radio advertising campaign to support
                                                                       This has dramatically decreased the
growth over the coming months.
                                                                       amount of taxis that require manual
                                                                       updates and need to be brought off the
Phil Montgomery, an ABC operator, says that the local
                                                                       road. Other than the momentary rush
North Shore work he does on a day-to-day basis is
                                                                       periods, it was hassle-free.
extremely rewarding. He gets to know a lot of his clients
on a personal level making his daily jobs interesting.
                                                                       Stratacom will continue to provide new
                                                                       fare labels and fare change services
If you would like to join and
                                                                       throughout the following weeks, so
become an ABC Taxi Fleet
                                                                       please feel free to drop by and get your
member, please contact
                                                                       fare updated or pick up your fare labels
administration on 02 9020
                                                                       if you haven’t already done so.

                                                              Taxis Combined Silver Service ABC Taxis       Computer Cabs
           Yellow Cabs   South Western Cabs   Zero200 - Wheel Chair Accessible Taxis 131 008 Taxi Sydney   Newcastle Taxis
Out of Area Quotes Refreshed                    NSW Roads & Transport New Superagency
Out of area components for fare quotes has      NSW Premier Nathan Rees announced the
become increasingly competitive in the taxi     most significant shake-up of the delivery of
and transport industry.                         transport services in NSW history.
                                                A new superagency, NSW Transport and
The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) has           Infrastructure, would take control of all
affected the quantity and competitiveness       transport and roads coordination, policy and
of the out-of-area business in the industry.    planning functions.
Competing networks have started quoting
aggressively to gain this business stream.      NSW Transport and Infrastructure will take
In addition, users of out-of-area taxi          the lead on all policy and planning functions
transport are searching for better prices       of the Ministry of Transport, RailCorp, Roads
and are considering other transport industry    and Traffic Authority, State Transit Authority,
providers.                                      Sydney Ferries, the Public Transport Ticketing
                                                Corporation and Waterways.
To acquire more of this business, the CCN
fleets out-of-area quotes will be refreshed.    The agency will be responsible for the
Refreshing the out-of-area quotes will result   following functions:
in drivers receiving additional jobs and
revenues.                                           ● Transport coordination;
                                                    ● Transport services;
The rate changes will make CCN fleets               ● Transport infrastructure and asset
competitive when compared with other taxi             management; and
networks and alternative transport modes.           ● Transport policy and planning.

The CCN Network staff will gladly assist you
with a quote for out-of-area taxi transport.
                                                New Workers Compensation Premium
                                                CCN has worked closely with the NSW

Stolen Taxi Plates
                                                Taxi Council to introduce additional forms
                                                which will undoubtedly assist those who
                                                previously found it difficult to complete and
A recent incident involving a Premier Cabs      submit their estimates and actuals every
operator resulted in five taxi plates being     year.
stolen. The plates were taken during change
over, a 30 minute period when the vehicles      These forms, which are available from Taxi
were not monitored.                             Training Australia, make it easier for you
                                                by outlining a step-by-step guide to lodging
If you are leaving the vehicle unattended       your Workers Compensation.
after your shift make sure it is
maintained especially if you                    Pick up your copy today from CCN
are not changing over on a                      Alexandria, Moorebank or Newcastle Taxi
secure base.                                    base.

Changes to the RTA Demerit Points Scheme
From 1 July 2009, the following demerit point
system will apply for unrestricted license

    • 1 to 10kmh over the speed limit will      Good luck and well done!
    attract one demerit point and an $84 fine
                                                By now most of our difficult training has
                                                been completed. Training distances should
    • 11 to 20kmh over the speed limit will     be reducing daily and weekly all the way to
    attract three demerit points and a $197     a week’s rest before the event. This is an
    fine                                        important part of preparation for a successful
                                                finish. It will improve your performance and
    • 21 to 30kmh over the speed limit will     experience on the day. One or two short
    attract four demerit points and a $338      walks (3km maximum) in the week prior is in
    fine                                        order. Resting up the week before will save
                                                energy for the 14km journey and prevent
                                                injury prior to the event.
    • 31 to 45kmh will result in a three
    month suspension, five demerit points       The Cabcharge team members have been
    and a $647 fine                             entered at no cost to themselves and will
                                                wear a sponsored shirt so that they can
    • Over 45kmh will result in a six month     be identified. They also have sponsored
    suspension, six demerit points and          inflatable beach balls. The balls are inflated
    a $1,744 fine                               while waiting for the start of the event. Once
                                                inflated, they are tossed around to alleviate
                                                boredom and reduce anxiety leading up to
School zone offences will continue to incur     the start.
1 extra demerit point and an additional fine
level.                                          Do wear an old jumper or top to keep warm
                                                before the race. This item of clothing is
Demerit Points Enquiries: You can enquire       thrown to the side just before the start. The
about the demerit points currently on your      clothing is collected and donated to charity
driver's license or request a copy of your      after the event.
driving record.
                                                We wish all the participants good luck and
                                                well done.


    • By calling the
    RTA on 13 22 13

                                                                                     Network News 3
In The know
Catapult moving South Western forward            United Towing
Installation of the Catapult dispatch system     United towing is CCN’s official towing
in South Western Taxis has been completed        service for Taxis in our fleet.
and drivers are now reaping the benefits of
the system.                                      Gary and his team offer a round-the-clock,
                                                 24 hour, 7 day a week towing in the Sydney
Werner Munzberg, a South Western Cabs            Metropolitan.
operator has been using Catapult for many
weeks now and has the following comments.        If you break down or have an accident,
                                                 contact the radio room monitor at the
“After a few minor issues, the system overall    Network and have them arrange the tow for
is working well. I now receive more work         you. United Towing are able to take the car
closer to where I am, at any given time          to wherever you want it to go. The charges
which means I am vacant less. The offload        all go into your M7 account so the driver
procedure has improved over the weeks. It           does not need to pay cash on the spot,
is now working very well”                                                    saving time and
“I am seeing overall Taxi services improving
for my customers”.

                                     Police News
                                     Police are investigating an ATM attack in Neutral Bay.

                                           The attack happened at the National Australia Bank
                                                ATM, 183 Military Rd, Neutral Bay between
                                                 1am and 3am on Wednesday 4th February

                                                If any driver was in the vicinity from 1 am to 3
                                                 am, please contact Valdis in customer service
                                                    on 9020 2000. Drivers may have seen the
                                                     offender/s and car/s used in the attack in
                                                      the area leading up to the incident. The
                                                      actual explosion occurred at 3 am.

                                                                                 WATS News
Newcastle News                                   WATS News
The move by Administration Staff to the Call     A reminder to lodge M50 Dockets separately
Centre Building has been completed. With         from all other dockets. Dockets beginning
all Staff on the one site, procedures have       with 08 attract the $8.47 Incentive (drop) fee
been streamlined.                                if lodged correctly.

                                                 Please follow the correct loading, securing
Silver Service Newcastle grows                   and unloading procedure when picking up a
                                                 passenger. The procedure is taught in every
With Silver Service in Newcastle proving         WATs training course and must be followed
to be a success in Premium Taxi Services,        to potential negligence claims.
Newcastle Taxis are looking into expanding
the fleet further.

If you are interested in moving your car
over to Silver Service, please contact John
Woods on 4940 5955.

Newcastle Taxis Radio Advertising.               TCS demonstrates new WAT vehicle to
Newcastle Taxis is advertising on Radio          the North Coast
stations 102.9 KO FM and 103.7 2NUR FM.
The message is book your cab at Newcastle        The North Coast
Taxis, which results in more jobs for drivers.   Taxi Council meeting
Listen out for the advertisements next time      was convened at the
you are on the road!                             Mecure Centro Hotel,
                                                 Port Macquarie, over the weekend of 27/28
                                                 June 2009. The meeting was well attended
                                                 by 31 members of the NSW Country Taxi
                                                 Operators’ Association. Taxis Combined
                                                 Services (TCS) attended, demonstrating a
                                                 new Wheelchair Accessible Taxi.

                                                          WATs Training Schedule
                                                  Day              Date             Time
                                                  Wednesday        19-Aug-09        0745-1630
                                                  Thursday         20-Aug-09        0745-1630
                                                  Wednesday        26-Aug-09        0745-1630
                                                  Thursday         27-Aug-09        0745-1630
                                                   Course times and dates are subject to change
                                                   please contact NSW Taxi Council on 9332 1266 to
                                                   check on WATs course information

                                                                                               Network News 5
Taxi Training Australia
                                                        Course times and dates are subject to
    Taxi Training Australia Schedule for August 2009    change please contact TTA on 9020 2726
                                                        to check on course information
    Day          Date         Time         Location        Course
    Monday       03-Aug-09    1400-1600    Alexandria      Executive Training
    Monday       03-Aug-09    1000-1700    Moorebank       Taxicare Plus training
    Monday       03-Aug-09    1800-2000    Moorebank       New Driver Intro Night
    Tuesday      04-Aug-09    1130-1230    Alexandria      Catapult training
    Tuesday      04-Aug-09    1230-1530    Alexandria      Radio Training
    Tuesday      04-Aug-09    1200-1330    Moorebank       Catapult Training
    Tuesday      04-Aug-09    1330-1630    Moorebank       Radio Training
    Wednesday    05-Aug-09    1000-1800    Moorebank       Taxicare Plus training
    Thursday     06-Aug-09    1200-1330    Moorebank       Catapult Training
    Thursday     06-Aug-09    1330-1630    Moorebank       Radio Training
    Friday       07-Aug-09    1000-1800    Moorebank       Taxicare Plus training
    Monday       10-Aug-09    1000-1200    Alexandria      Executive Training
    Monday       10-Aug-09    1000-1800    Moorebank       Taxicare Plus training
    Tuesday      11-Aug-09    1130-1230    Alexandria      Catapult training
    Tuesday      11-Aug-09    1230-1530    Alexandria      Radio Training
    Tuesday      11-Aug-09    1200-1330    Moorebank       Catapult Training
    Tuesday      11-Aug-09    1330-1630    Moorebank       Radio Training
    Wednesday    12-Aug-09    1000-1800    Moorebank       Taxicare Plus training
    Thursday     13-Aug-09    1200-1330    Moorebank       Catapult Training
    Thursday     13-Aug-09    1330-1630    Moorebank       Radio Training
    Friday       14-Aug-09    1000-1800    Moorebank       Taxicare Plus training
    Monday       17-Aug-09    1400-1600    Alexandria      Executive Training
    Monday       17-Aug-09    1000-1700    Moorebank       Taxicare Plus training
    Monday       17-Aug-09    1800-2000    Moorebank       New Driver Intro Night
    Tuesday      18-Aug-09    1130-1230    Alexandria      Catapult training
    Tuesday      18-Aug-09    1230-1530    Alexandria      Radio Training
    Tuesday      18-Aug-09    1200-1330    Moorebank       Catapult Training
    Tuesday      18-Aug-09    1330-1630    Moorebank       Radio Training
    Thursday     20-Aug-09    1200-1330    Moorebank       Catapult Training
    Thursday     20-Aug-09    1330-1630    Moorebank       Radio Training
    Friday       21-Aug-09    1000-1800    Moorebank       Taxicare Plus training
    Monday       24-Aug-09    1000-1200    Alexandria      Executive Training
    Monday       24-Aug-09    1000-1800    Moorebank       Taxicare Plus training
    Tuesday      25-Aug-09    1130-1230    Alexandria      Catapult training
    Tuesday      25-Aug-09    1230-1530    Alexandria      Radio Training
    Tuesday      25-Aug-09    1200-1330    Moorebank       Catapult Training
    Tuesday      25-Aug-09    1330-1630    Moorebank       Radio Training
    Thursday     27-Aug-09    1200-1330    Moorebank       Catapult Training
    Thursday     27-Aug-09    1330-1630    Moorebank       Radio Training
    Friday       28-Aug-09    1000-1800    Moorebank       Taxicare Plus training
    Monday       31-Aug-09    1400-1600    Alexandria      Executive Training
    Monday       31-Aug-09    1000-1700    Moorebank       Taxicare Plus training
    Monday       31-Aug-09    1800-2000    Moorebank       New Driver Intro Night

Using Ranks                                     Private insurance at Competitive Prices
Ranks are filling up with more taxis. Here      CCN has sourced a private home and
are a couple of reminders regarding rank        motor vehicle insurance product from
use from the Passenger Transport Act and        Allianz Australia. The pricing is competitive.
CCN by-laws.                                    Although it is only available for insurance
                                                purchased online.
You can be fined if you sit and ply for hire
anywhere except at a designated rank (you       Log on to
cannot be parked behind or opposite the

rank unless it is a specified feeder rank)
                                                         Click onto either Private Vehicle or
You must be for hire when you are on a                   Household insurance
rank (no parking the car at a rank while

you go for lunch or are waiting for a private
passenger)                                               Follow the prompts to obtain your
                                                         quote and information
You cannot refuse a passenger at the rank

because you do not like where they are                   Fast and easy. Obtain a quote,
going. This does not stop you from refusing              information, or apply online for
a fare for a legal reason eg drunk or                    all your private and household
dangerous passengers.                                    insurance.

It is against By-Laws to log onto a rank if     All you have to do is go to
you are not physically on the rank. You will
be suspended from all radio work.
                                                CabSure is proud to bring you this offer and
                Although it is tempting to      will continue to search for more deals to
                just wait at a rank, please     benefit you.
                 consider other options.
                 Remember that even a
                 small fare is better than no   Get more with CabSure
                  fare at all.
                                                CabSure are offering competitive deals
                                                on your CTP and comprehensive Taxi

                                                Now, if you take out a Supa Taxi Insurance
                                                comprehensive policy you will receive a
                                                family pass to any Hoyts cinema.

                                                Family includes tickets for two adults and
                                                two children. Tickets are unrestricted. Offer
                                                valid until 31 December 2009.

                                                                                 AFSL 238155

                                                                                     Network News 7
Profile of Service

TDOTY July Nominees - Congratulations
                     Driver of the Month - Kamal Vinod
                     Kamal had a distraught young lady who needed to go from Luna
                     Park to Gosford. The young lady wanted to stay on the phone to
                     her mother for the trip home as she was upset and intoxicated,
                     however the girl’s phone died. Kamal offered his phone to the
                     passenger so she could continue to stay in contact with her
                     mother and feel safe.

                     The girl’s mother wanted to nominate Kamal for any awards
                     program that runs for Taxi Drivers as he was kind and

                     Radioworker of the Month - Salar Nasseraddin
                     Salar Nasseraddin is this Months winner after completing 289
                     Radio jobs for the month of June.

                     0200 driver of the Month - Mounir Haidar
                     Mounir has an outstanding record for accepting wheelchairs work
                     from the Zero200 radio as well as an impressive customer service
                     record. Well deserved recognition for a great WATs driver.

                                                                             Profile of Service
Staff Focus – Europa
Europa are a Research and Development Technology Department focusing specifically
on Taxi Technology. Products such as EFTPOS and dispatch systems are just a few
technologies that Europa continue to improve with their expertise.

Advancing CCN's technological edge as Taxi fleets means that Europa is developing
innovative ways to keep us ahead of the competition. They even export products to the USA
and assist in developing solutions for some of Australia’s big four banks.

   pictured from left to right: Brenden Frost, Jacek Sobocinski, Jim Crispin, Peter Kelly, Ray Schiarizza,
  John Young,David Douglas, David Tinyou, Morteza Zadeh, Leigh McCulloch, Tom Pecar, Arnel Roulet,
                                                                                              Tom Coggio

                                                                                    pictured: Verna Bryson
Star Award – Verna Bryson
Verna has had numerous nominations from
staff members all complimenting Verna in her
daily work. Below are but a few examples
from colleagues of Verna’s excellent service.

 “I am still fairly new to dayshift but it helps
to have someone like Verna working on your
shift. She pounds her way through the calls
without much fuss”.

Verna is also one of the highest call takers
each week. All of these aspects make Verna
a very deserving Star Award winner for June.

                                                                                                Network News 9
Cabbie Food Review – Siagon Express
Vietnamese Food

      77 Lyons Rd, Drummoyne (cnr Tranmere)

A quaint shop front on Lyons Road offers
traditional Vietnamese food cooked to

Saigon Express may be small in size but
makes up for it with taste. The Pho soup
(Vietnamese beef noodle soup) was the
highlight with every flavour coming through.

The service was prompt and friendly. Pricing
of each dish was affordable with prices from
$7 for an entrée and from $10 for a main

Parking is available at the front or in one of
the side streets so it is easy to take a break
and get some takeaway.

Rating star(1 star being poor and 5 being excellent)

Service:     Very Friendly
Taste:     Perfect
Quantity:    The right amount
Price:    Very affordable
Speed of Service:    Prompt

Offers & Discounts

           Network News 11
General Enquiries                                  Taxi Bookings
Combined Communications Network                    Taxis Combined
9 - 13 O’Riordan Street, Alexandria NSW 2015       Phone: 133 300
Locked Bag 8000, Strawberry Hills NSW 2012         Book Online:
Phone: 9020 2000 Fax: 9020 2111
Web:                          Silver Service
Email:                  Phone: 133 100
                                                   Book Online:
Moorebank Office
331 Newbridge Road, Moorebank NSW 2170             South Western Cabs
Phone: 9602 7670 Fax: 9601 2115                    Phone: 132 788
                                                   Book Online:
Newcastle Taxis
3 - 7 Chaucer Street, Hamilton NSW 2303            ABC Taxis
Phone: 4940 5955 Fax: 4940 5656                    Phone: 132 522
Web:                     Book Online:
                                                   Yellow Cabs
CabSure                                            Phone: 131 924
Phone: 9020 2525
Fax: 9020 2550                                     Computer Cabs
Email:                    Phone: 133 422

Customer Service                                   Zero200 - Wheelchair Accessible Taxis
Phone: 9020 2728                                   Phone: 8332 0200
Regulation Compliance
Phone: 9020 2815                                   131 008 Taxis Sydney
                                                   Phone: 131 008
Phone: 9020 2420                                   Newcastle Taxis
                                                   Phone: 133 300
Taxi Training Australia                            Book Online:
Phone: 9020 2726

TCS Smash Repairs
9 - 13 Bourke Road, Alexandria NSW 2015
Phone: 9698 2177

The CCN Sydney Uniform Shop
Phone: 9020 2249
Fax: 9020 2275

Zero200 - Wheelchair Accessible Taxis
Phone: 9020 2822

 Close-off Dates
 20 July        17 Aug         Sept 14

 Oct 12         Nov 9          Dec 7

                                               Network News DRIVER AND OPERATOR NEWSLETTER

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