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									                                       EXHIBIT A


Position Title:               Medical Director, Vascular Lab

Reports To:                   SJHVI President

Administrative Oversight:     VP, HVI

Position Overview

Medical Director, in collaboration with Administrative staff, is responsible for providing
medical and operational direction to the Vascular Lab. Responsibilities include providing
input for planning, development, implementation and evaluation of processes necessary
to ensure optimal patient care. The Medical Director supports the mission of Saint
Joseph’s Hospital and embodies the core values of the Mercy Philosophy.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

Patient Care Management/ Operations

 1. Responsible for advising Administrative leadership regarding the professional care
    of patients treated in the Vascular Lab in accordance with recognized national
    standards as well as accrediting bodies, governmental agencies and
    Hospital/Medical Staff Bylaws requirements.

 2. Assists in the development of and makes recommendations with respect to
    procedures and follow-up care in the Vascular Lab to ensure that patients and staff
    are maintained in a safe environment. Monitors environmental conditions of
    workspace personnel and makes recommendations on resource requirements for
    clinical procedures.

 3. Works with Administration and other hospital staff and consultants to develop
    specific initiatives for improving operational performance in the Vascular Lab,
    including but not limited to scheduling, start times, turnover times, product
    utilization, staffing, etc., and then oversees the implementation of those initiatives.

 4. Assists in the development, implementation, and monitoring of emergency response
    procedures where applicable.

 5. In conjunction with Administration and CHE, routinely reviews all products in lab;
    works with Administration and other physicians to create methodologies of
 6. Works with Administration to review and develop policies for vendor access to the
    Vascular Lab.

 7. Co-leads monthly operations meeting (with Administration) to review operational
    performance and to discuss current issues affecting Vascular Lab operations.

 8. Participates in the process to determine qualifications and level of competence
    required for hospital personnel who provide patient care services in the Vascular

 9. Meets with new staff as part of their orientation process.

 10. Commits to being available for staff concerns regarding physician practice issues.

 11. Meets regularly, as requested, with Administrative leadership for the Vascular Lab
     to review operations, budget, financial performance, staffing, volumes and other
     current issues.

 12. Assists Administrative leadership for the Vascular Lab in establishing efficient and
     fair scheduling of procedures and timely interpretation and reporting of studies.

 13. Assists management with constant readiness for JCAHO and other regulatory

 14. Invests time to become an objective, unbiased expert on different facets and options
     associated with vascular lab equipment and technology. Works proactively with
     Administration and collaborates with the SJHVI Medical Directors for Vascular
     Services to provide expertise and guidance as it relates to new technology in the
     field of vascular procedures.

 15. Works in collaboration with the Medical Staff credentialing process to ensure that
     appropriate credentialing criteria are established for existing and new diagnostic
     invasive procedures, and to ensure that appropriate training and education are
     required for all physicians working in the Vascular Lab.


 16. Participates in the development of general policies relative to the operation of the
     Vascular Lab.

 17. Responsible for physician compliance with all hospital and Vascular Lab policies,
     procedures and standards relating to Vascular Lab operations.

 18. Assists in the annual review of current policies and procedures, and makes
     recommendations for change or additions as needed.
Planning and Program Development

 19. In conjunction with administration, is responsible for developing a three-year
     capital equipment plan.

 20. Provides input to Administration with regard to budget and capital planning, and
     with regard to forecasting volumes, clinical revenues, operating costs, and capital

 21. Assists in business plan development for new services as necessary.

 22. Participates in marketing development as it relates to the Vascular Lab.

 23. Works to ensure that all physicians providing services in The Program are aligned
     under a common vision and common set of policies and procedures, regardless of
     group affiliation.

 24. Provides talks to SJHA staff and referring physicians in the region to maintain and
     increase awareness of SJHVI capabilities relative to The Program.

Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement

 25. In conjunction with, the President of SJHVI, works to establish and support a multi-
     disciplinary approach to quality assurance for vascular laboratory.

 26. Establishes a quality review process to ensure that regular periodic reviews of a
     specified number of cases are performed for each physician reading study results in
     The Program and ensures that this process meets applicable accreditation standards.
     Periodically reviews the process to ensure that it is functioning as intended.

 27. Reviews current SJHA credentialing standards and benchmarks these with other
     organizations to determine any changes that may be needed in SJHA current
     standards, and recommends the same to the SJHA Medical Staff.

 28. Establishes a process to ensure that all physicians who are providing services in The
     Program meet SJHA credentialing standards.

 29. Reviews the information systems that are utilized to provide the data necessary to
     conduct quality assurance and quality improvement activities, including
     measurement and reporting of outcomes, and ensures that SJHA is aware of any
     deficiencies and/or needed improvements.
 30. Reviews the data capture, transmission and storage requirements of The Program
     and recommends changes as appropriate.

 31. Works with administration and the hospital’s IT department to ensure HIPAA
     compliance within The Program.

 32. Works with Administration to achieve and maintain ICAVL accreditation.


 33. Promotes a collaborative environment with management, physicians and staff.

 34. Assures that Medical Staff interacts with Hospital Staff in a professional and
     appropriate manner in order to achieve the objectives of the Hospital and SJHVI.

 35. Effectively addresses inappropriate behavior on the part of physicians, including
     repeated non-compliance by physicians with rules, guidelines, standards, etc.
     established for the safe, efficient and effective operation of the Vascular Lab..

Professional Education and Development

 36. Identifies educational needs for physicians and staff and participates in teaching and

 37. Remains current with the latest trends and attends at least one outside conference
     per year pertaining to the clinical area of noninvasive vascular procedures.


 38. Serves as liaison to the Vascular Surgery section in order to communicate relevant
     information related to the Vascular Lab.

 39. In collaboration with SJRI Medical Advisory Board for Clinical Research and/or
     CV Research Medical Director, provides guidance as it relates to vascular research.


Education/Licensure/Certification/Other Requirements:

The Medical Director must be a licensed physician in the State of Georgia; certified by
the American Board of Surgery in Vascular Surgery; in good standing on the SJHA
Active Medical Staff, with privileges in Vascular Surgery; and a Fellow in SJHVI.

The Medical Director must have extensive experience working in the SJHA vascular
laboratory, and must be familiar with the other groups and physicians working in that
environment, and must be held in high regard by those physicians and by the SJHA
Administrative staff.

Other Qualities

Medical Director should be temperate in disposition and capable of being fair and

Medical Director should demonstrate respect for professional colleagues, regardless of
what group they belong to, and for members of SJHA administration and Vascular Lab

Medical Director should be able to work collaboratively and cooperatively with other
physicians and administrative and technical staff.

Medical Director should have the strength of character and leadership skills to be able to
enforce the policies and procedures of the Vascular Lab with other physicians and to
ensure that the Vascular Lab is operated in a fair and effective manner.

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