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									                                                       Gilbert Lutheran Church
                                                           In Christ, we care, we pray, we serve.

                                                                  February 2011


        135 School St., P.O. Box 270
        Gilbert, Iowa 50105
        Church Office 515-233-2421

       Worship Schedule                               PRAYERS:
                                                                 THOUGHTS & PRAYERS

Sunday Worship      8:15 AM                           Rita Barron (Susie Brause’s mother), Chris
                    10:45 AM                          Covell, Phil Fellers (Tina Swart’s father), Joan
Education Hour      9:30 AM                           Jacobs (Jean Bremer’s mother), Barb Jorgensen
Staffed Nursery Sunday mornings                       (mother of Colleen Jones), Sonny Petersen, Bob
                                                      Schumer, Ida Williams (Michelle Watson’s
We celebrate Holy Communion on the 1st & 3rd          mother) and Kylie Zeigler.
Sundays of the month and special occasions.
                                                      CONTINUING PRAYERS:
                                                      Bob Beyer (Mary Vannoy's brother), Helen
Staff:                                                Bremer (Larry's mother), Barb Cook (Mary
     Thomas Prochnow, Pastor                         Vannoy's sister), Pat Fellers (Tina Swart's                             mother), Aaron Filipi (Julia Ridpath's nephew),
       Cell # 515-291-3265                            Bobbie Jo Frerichs, Michelle Hanson (Adrian
     Cathy Daharsh, Pastor                           Lucas' niece), Joan Jacobs (mother of Jean                           Bremer), Laurence & Betty Jolly (Betty Upstill's
       Cell # 515-450-7531                            parents), Joyce Lauridsen, Steve Nissen, Henry
     Theresa Willis                                  Roth (Pam Vandenberg's grandfather), Margie                          Scott, Mark Swart (John Swart's brother), Tera
       Church Office 515-233-2421                     White (Renee Kayser's niece)
     Judy Fitz, Nursery Attendant
     Dan Wright, Custodian                                          IN THE MILITARY
We are a congregation of the ELCA.                    Please keep Danny Schmidt & Zach Dalaba in
                                                      your prayers. Danny is serving in Afghanistan
Gilbert Lutheran Church was established in            and the son of Dan & Chris Schmidt. Zach is
1881. We are a warm, welcoming community of           Christina (Wright) Dalaba’s husband.
caring people providing opportunities for growth
in faith and service to others.
                                                      For updates to the prayer list, please
            Come and join us in                       contact the church office at 515-233-2421
             faith & fellowship
If you prefer to receive this newsletter via email,
please send a request to
             PASTOR’S NOTES                            ever before. What a wonderful sign of God’s
                 God is With Us                        hope and transformation in our church!
20                                                     Worship is the core of our life together. We
  But just when he had resolved to do this, an
angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream           continue to find ways to engage more individuals
and said, “Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid      in leadership roles. The people responsible for
to take Mary as your wife, for the child conceived     Worship have done an excellent job of
in her is from the Holy Spirit. 21She will bear a      organizing     worship     responsibilities  while
son, and you are to name him Jesus, for he will        continuing to look for gifted people to share their
save his people from their sins.” 22All this took      time and talents in worship. We saw Emily
place to fulfill what had been spoken by the Lord      Worthington leave us after serving as organist
through the prophet: 23“Look, the virgin shall         and pianist, but we are grateful for all the
conceive and bear a son, and they shall name           wonderful individuals who have stepped up to
him Emmanuel,” which means, “God is with us.”          share in the ministry of music while we pursue
                                                       new worship leadership. I would like to
God is with us. God guides and encourages us.          personally thank Peggy Jobe, Sharon Prochnow,
As Christ walks with us in our ministry together, I    Joel Kruckenberg, Dennis Henderson, Denise
find it exciting to think that we are a part of a      Henderson, Sharon Morricel and others for their
bigger picture which is God’s care and concern         willingness to help enhance our music ministry.
for the world. And because God’s care and
concern has to do with transforming and bringing       I appreciate of all those who work so hard to
us into things that are not yet, living in Christ is   keep our church organized and clean and
always a great adventure and many times an             welcoming to the community. Theresa Willis, our
unexpected one.                                        office manager, has been an excellent addition
                                                       to the staff of GLC. She comes to us with much
God has guided us and encouraged us                    expertise in computers and writing. She is warm
throughout the year and we have seen some              and welcoming and intelligent. Her skills meet
unexpected and amazing transformations. Our            the needs of our congregation and we are
year has not always been easy but I see God’s          thankful for her gifts. Judy Fitz and Dan Wright
work even in the difficult times.                      continue to be very reliable and dedicated staff
We celebrated a wonderful group of new families        members as nursery supervisor and custodian.
joining our congregation. These families joined        Many of you do not see Theresa, Judy or Dan
this church because Gilbert Lutheran Church            often but they are all important members of our
(GLC) is a warm and friendly and inviting place        staff and contribute to the ministry of our church.
committed to sharing the gospel with all people.       A special thank you goes to Pastor Tom and his
They appreciate that we are intergenerational          continued openness to team ministry and his big
and that we offer activities for all generations.      heart for the ministry of GLC. He has been
They enjoy the variety we have in worship and          steadfast, flexible and faithful throughout this
our strong education programs. Many of our new         year filled with many adventures. Especially, I
congregation members have been invited by you          want to give a huge thank you to all of you who
to come and see our church, so thanks for your         keep your eyes fixed on Christ and who have
efforts to welcome and evangelize our                  been open to new and fresh ways to sense
congregation to our community.                         God’s Spirit working in this place. It is wonderful
Education is a very important part of our life         to do ministry with you.
together as a congregation. Vacation Bible             God is with us. I believe that as we enter into
School (VBS) was a great adventure this year. A        this next year we need to remember and trust
decision was made to change the date of VBS            that God is with us in everything we do.
and to lead the program without help from
Riverside Bible Camp. This was a big                   May God’s peace, love and joy be ours,
undertaking, which turned out to be extremely
successful as we had more children attend than
               Tapestry of Grace                     poverty and hunger, as workers caring out the
                                                     work of TLC from GLC, as students of the Bible,
Recently in conversations I have had with            as worshippers together.
people who are not members of our church, I          This tapestry of grace has been evident in the
have heard our church referred to as “very           commitment and service of several people who
caring” and “kid-friendly”. They are right! We are   will no longer be on the Congregational Council,
called to a place of welcome, a place to rest our    but whose diligence and perseverance I have so
cares, a place to call home – and a place for        appreciated. Thank you Deb Metz in
action.                                              Congregational Life, Betty Upstill in Secondary
It was 50 years ago this month that President        Education, Jef Hadaway in Property, and Tina
Kennedy gave a call to action in his memorable       Swart in Worship. So many thanks need to go to
inaugural address. I take great liberty in           David Dougherty who has guided us as
rephrasing what he said as our call to action,       president these past two years in times of
“We dare not forget today what has been passed       celebration and also challenges, and to Weldon
onto us. Let the word go forth at this time and      Abarr who has stepped forward not only as vice-
from this place to all who are in need - both        president but also in some roles as president
within our congregation and beyond, that             because of David’s increasing responsibilities at
because of what God has done for us in Christ,       work.
we as God’s people will reach out in proven          A year and a half ago we added to the tapestry
ways and in new and exciting ways to bring           of grace by calling Pastor Cathy Daharsh. She
healing, restoration, hope and promise to all.”      was just the right person at the right time and
This past fall the congregational task force came    has added to my joy in serving God here at
up with a new Mission Statement:                     GLC. Our new office manager, Theresa Willis,
 In Christ, we care, we pray, we serve. What a       adds so much to the team ministry along with
beautiful, succinct, call to action.                 Judy Fitz, our nursery attendant, and Dan
                                                     Wright, our custodian.
In Christ – the basis for everything we do, Christ
is IN US.                                            I look forward to 2011 to bear witness to this
                                                     tapestry of grace as we care, we pray, we serve.
We care – because we know how God has
cared for us; how Christ IN US cares for others;     We are all one body together – Romans 12
                                                     In Christ’s peace,
We pray – called to do God’s work we need to
                                                     Pastor Tom
talk to Christ IN US for guidance
We serve – Christ IN US calls us to be His
hands, His feet, His visits to the sick, His
casseroles to the needy, His rides to doctor’s
appointments, etc. We, who are imperfect, have
been woven together IN CHRIST so that we are
a tapestry of God’s grace through caring,
praying and serving.
We are a tapestry of grace not only in our
church, but through our involvement in our
community, in NAMI, in the Red Cross, at Mary
Greeley Medical Center, in the Boys and Girls
Club of Ames, in ACCESS, in the Lions, at ISU,
in Habitat for Humanity, etc.
We are a tapestry of grace as we are involved
as Sunday School teachers, as musicians, as
piano players, singers, bell ringers; as workers
building homes, as workers walking to overcome
         CONGREGATIONAL LIFE                                                  THANK YOU
                 WITH SYMPATHY                            Gilbert Lutheran Church:
                We offer our prayers for God’s peace      We want to express our deepest gratitude and
                to the families who have lost loved       heartfelt thanks for the food donation and Christmas
                ones this past month.                     gifts. The kids were so excited!
              Bill Lambert, of Dayton, Iowa,              It is truly a blessing to have the care and support of
              husband of Cari Lambert, died on            the church family through difficult times.
December 31st. Funeral services were held on
Tuesday, January 4th in Lanyon, Iowa.                     Times are difficult for many and the smallest gift has
                                                          such great impact.
Tom Eness, Paul Eness’s uncle, died December 31st
at his home. Funeral services were held on Monday,        Thank you again!
January 3rd in Ontario, Wisconsin.                        The “Family in need”
Bud Reilly, father-in-law of Kim Reilly, died Saturday,                      THANK YOU
January 1st at Bethany Manor. The funeral service                                    Thank You, GLC!
was held on Friday, January 7th at St. Cecilia
Catholic Church.                                                            Thank you to everyone who
Ann Rickerl, mother of Dave Rickerl and sister of                           donated to the Souper Bowl of
Sonny Peterson, died Sunday, January 2nd. Funeral         Caring. Your donations of canned goods and money
services were held at St. Cecilia Catholic Church on      will be given to the Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry
Thursday, January 6th.                                    in Story City. Together we raised $211 dollars and
                                                          brought together five full baskets of food which will
Steve Adolphson died Wednesday, January 5th at            go to those in need. Thank you so much for your
Mary Greeley Medical Center in Ames, IA. Funeral          generosity!
services were held on Saturday, January 8th at                       AGING ISSUES AND SERVICES
Gilbert Lutheran. He is survived by his wife, Deb;
children, Tayler, Nicole, and Justin; brothers, Richard   Bethany Life Communities and Gilbert Lutheran
and Kenneth; and many friends and family.                 Church are sponsoring a 5 week seminar here at
                                                          GLC dealing with end of life issues. We will be
Catherine Osterhaus, grandmother of Emily Olson,          meeting on Tuesdays from 7:00 to 8:00 PM.
died on Thursday, January 13th at home surrounded
                                                               February 8     Caregiver Stress / Alzheimer’s Disease
by her family. Services were held on Monday,
January 17 at St. Columbkille’s Catholic Church in             February 15    Wellness / Illness Prevention / Nutrition
Dubuque with burial in Mount Olivet Cemetery, Key              February 22    Continuum of Care and Services
West, Iowa.                                                    March 1        Medical Directives / Financial Planning
                                                               March 8        Death and Dying
Rose Marie Jaquis, mother of Bob Jaquis, died on          There is a sign-up sheet in the narthex. If you have
Monday, January 24th. Services were held on               any questions, please contact Pastor Tom.
Monday, January 28 at the Marion Avenue Baptist               INTERESTED IN JOINING OUR CHURCH?
Church in Washington. Burial is in Grundy Center
                                                          If you would like more information about joining
Cemetery in Grundy Center.
                                                          Gilbert Lutheran Church, please give us a call or e-
                 NEW BAPTISM
           We rejoice with Crayton Wayne Foth as he
                                                          We will be starting new member classes again on
           receives the sacrament of holy baptism
                                                          Tuesday, February 22nd at 6:30 PM, with another
           January 16. He was born on February 8,
                                                          class on February 27th at 9:30 and a New Member
           2010 at Wright Medical Center in Clarion.
                                                          Welcome on Sunday, March 6th.
           He is the son of Clint and Mollie Foth of
Goldfield; Clint is an operator at the Corn LP ethanol    These classes will also be an opportunity to discover
plant in Goldfield and Mollie works at the Northwest      what the chief tenants of our faith are and how our
bank in Humboldt. Crayton's sponsors are                  congregation is organized to do ministry.
Mackenzie and Mark Groteluschen.
                    NEW ADDRESS
Martha Wissink, mother of Jackie Olson, is now living
at Bethany Manor in room North-1.
                     CTIM 2011                            help assemble the packages on February 9th. Please
          Called Together in Mission XX                   also consider donating shoe boxes for packaging or
                                                          small items such as pencils, gum, candy, et cetera.
Plan now to attend the 2011 Called Together in            There will be a box in the Shalom Room for
Mission (CTIM) on March 12, 2011 at First Lutheran
                                                                     PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY
Church in Cedar Rapids, IA. This year CTIM
welcomes The Rev. Dr. Benjamin Stewart, the               This group meets the last Monday of each month at
Gordon A. Braatz Assistant Professor of Worship,          6:30 PM. Members can learn from and encourage
Dean of the Chapel at Lutheran School of Theology         one another regarding the techniques of knitting and
at Chicago (LSTC). Dr. Stewart’s keynote will be          crocheting. Beautiful shawls are made to be given to
followed by a Bible study he is preparing based on        those in need of comfort and caring. Contact Judy
Psalm 104. In the afternoon, attendees will have the      Larsen at 515-291-4282 with questions.
opportunity to attend to attend workshops on                           WORSHIP VOLUNTEERS
subjects ranging from expressing one’s faith through
the arts to learning about what are the best              Thank you for volunteering to assist with worship.
resources to use for youth ministries and bible           Using this format, we can get more people involved
studies to a workshop on the liturgical year led by Dr.   and be sure that everyone is doing exactly what they
Stewart. The event will conclude with worship,            want to do. Included later in the newsletter is the full
Bishop Michael Burk preaching and presiding. For          schedule for this month.
more information please see the synod website:            This is a new process, so if you have any questions             or comments, feel free to call or email. Thank you for
           THRIVENT CHOICE DOLLARS                        helping us make this work, and thank you for your
All 2010 Choice Dollars must be designated by             help every week in church.
March 31, 2011. If you have not designated your           If you would like to volunteer, please fill out the form
dollars, or want to see what still remains for your       online at or let the
2010      allocation,   please      go    online    to    church office know. We are also looking for OR call Thrivent 1-800-       volunteers to do special music during worship. If you
847-4836. Choice Dollars can be designated to GLC         play an instrument or sing and would like to share
or other eligible non-profit Lutheran organizations of    your talents on Sunday morning, email or call
your choice. If you have further questions, please        Theresa at or 515-233-2421.
contact Pam Abarr at 432-8869.                                     DAILY DEVOTIONAL BOOKLETS
                                                          GLC provides resources for daily devotions. The two
Mixed Choir                                               that we provide free are:
      Mixed choir meets at 7:00 PM on Wednesday
      evenings. If you are interested in joining,                Christ in Our Home
      please speak with Sharon Prochnow or                       My Devotions
      Peggy Jobe. There is no meeting February 2.         Christ in Our Homes is a daily devotion based on the
Men’s Choir                                               Scripture reading, a short meditation, prayer and a
      Men’s choir meets between services on               prayer concern. They are a great way to begin each
      Sundays at 9:45 AM. Anyone interested in            day or end each day. This devotional booklet is for
      joining is encouraged to come and check it          three months.
      out. If you have any questions, please see          My Devotions is intended for young Christians or for
      Joel Kruckenberg.                                   families to read with their children. It begins with a
Bell Choir                                                Scripture lesson, a short meditation, a question
       Bell choir usually meets at 8:00 PM on             which one can discuss or write into a journal, and
       Wednesday evenings. They will meet at 7:30         prayer. It too is a wonderful way to help your
       PM on February 2. Anyone interested in             children, or yourself, begin each day and stay
       joining is welcome to come, and should speak       focused on our lives as Christians. This devotional
       with Dennis Henderson for more information.        booklet is for three months. Please pick up a copy in
          VALENTINE CARE PACKAGES                         the Shalom Room.

Parents and Grandparents, if you have a student
away at college consider sending their address for a
care package. We will be sending them a Valentine’s
Day care package from GLC. 7th and 8th graders will
            CHILDREN & YOUTH                                             CONFIRMATION CAMP
          SUNDAY SCHOOL SCHEDULE                              2011 Confirmation Camp At Lakeside Lutheran
February 6     Bible Story: The Woman at the Well            Sunday, June 19 evening - Friday, June 24 noon
February 13    Bible Story: The Woman at the Well                For students completing grades 6th - 8th
February 20    Bible Story: The Woman at the Well          Last year we introduced confirmation students to the
February 27    Bible Story: Jesus Feeds 5,000              wonderful experience of Confirmation Camp. Both
                  CONFIRMATION                             Pastor Tom and Pastor Cathy coordinated the week
Pizza                                                      along with other pastors throughout Iowa and the
Pizza is served at 6:00 PM each Wednesday. The             Lakeside Lutheran camp counselors. We encourage
cost is $1/slice, including a salad and drink.             confirmation students who have completed 6th - 8th
                                                           grade to participate in at least one summer
7th & 8th Grade Schedule                                   confirmation camp. If your son or daughter did not
February 2 The Ten Commandments                            attend last year's camp, we encourage you to sign
February 9 College Care Packages                           them up for this year's camp in June. GLC will cover
February 16 The Lord’s Prayer                              $100 of the cost. Scholarships are available upon
February 23 The Lord’s Prayer                              requests. For more information about the camp, visit
9th Grade Schedule                                         the website at:
February 9 Class Meeting                          
February 23 Class Meeting                                                    YOUTH GROUP
                                                           On Wednesday evenings from 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM
The High School Youth traveling to Appalachia for a        high school youth will gather for games, food,
mission trip this summer will be holding a Pancake         fellowship, and service projects in the Youth Room at
Breakfast on Sunday, February 20th from 9:00-10:30         GLC.
AM. They will be serving pancakes, sausage, milk,                       CINNAMON ROLLS BACK
juice, and coffee. A free-will offering will be taken at
the breakfast. The proceeds from the offering will go      Our high school youth will begin selling cinnamon
towards the expenses of the mission trip. Please feel      rolls every other Sunday, between services, on the
free to contact Pastor Cathy (515-450-7531) or Pam         1st and 3rd Sunday of each month. We ask for a free
Vandenberg (515-231-9441) with any questions.              will donation for the rolls. The money raised will be
           HIGH SCHOOL MISSION TRIP                        used toward our youth mission trip, to Appalachia,
                                                           Summer 2011.
The High School youth will be traveling to Kentucky
from July 1, 2011 through July 10, 2011. The group
                                                                       ADULT EDUCATION
will be helping the people of Appalachia with home                  ADULT EDUCATION COURSES
improvements and other forms of ministry. Our trip is      God’s Will for Life – Book of Faith
coordinated through Appalachia Service Projects.           Sunday Mornings
We will work on a variety of projects to improve the          9:30 AM – Fellowship Hall
housing in Appalachia.                                        We will be studying from the Gospel of Mark:
                                                                 God’s will for life.
We will require a $100 deposit by February 1, 2011,
to secure your spot on the trip. Fundraising               Shalom Time
opportunities are planned to help defray the cost of       Sunday Mornings
the trip. Please feel free to contact Pam Vandenberg          9:30 AM – Shalom Room at the couches
232-6668 or Pastor Cathy with any questions.                  An all inclusive group –
                   YOUTH SKI TRIP                                Devotions and Conversations
All Middle and High School Youth are invited to            Discussion Group
GLC’s annual Ski Trips on Friday, February 11.             Sunday Mornings
You must turn in completed registration and                   9:30 AM – Classroom next to the church office.
medical release forms (plus a $25 non-refundable              All parents are welcome –
deposit) by Sunday, February 6. Full payment is                   A time to talk and pray about issues that
due on February 11.                                               families and adults face
                                                           Men’s Bible Study
If you have any questions, please contact Delayne
Stokke at 451-0647.                                        Thursday Mornings
                                                              7:00 AM – Shalom Room
   A discussion of the Scripture Lessons for the          GLC will provide assistance. That organization is the
   upcoming Sunday. We use Seasons of the Spirit          Guyana Mission Network out of Reformation
   material.                                              Lutheran Church in St. Paul, MN. If you wish to send
                                                          greetings to Pastor Inshanally, his email address is:
Women’s Bible Study                             
1st & 3rd Wednesday Mornings – Shalom Room
                                                          The first $40.00 of loose change and any
    9:30 – 11:30 AM
                                                          additional designated funds in the month of
                                                          February will be donated to the Guyana Mission
Upon request, we are again offering the study “How        Network.
Lutherans Interpret the Bible.” You are invited to                  HEAVENLY NIGHT GALA 2011
explore Lutheran ways of interpreting the Bible
                                                                        Heavenly Night Gala IV
through a seven video series lead by Mark Allen
                                                                      Saturday, February 26, 2011
Powell, a seminary professor at Trinity Lutheran in
Ohio. Through Powell’s meaningful discussions you         Presented by the Friends of Riverside Lutheran Bible
will discover answers to questions you have always        Camp and sponsored in part by Thrivent Financial for
had about the Bible. Powell presents a range of           Lutherans, Riverside Lutheran Bible Camp will hold a
options for interpreting the Bible in a particularly      gala event on Saturday, February 26. Doors open at
Lutheran way. In viewing all these seven sessions,        6:00 PM with horse d’oeuvres. Music will be
Powell will also answer questions you have never          performed by a live orchestra for both listening and
through about.                                            dancing, with silent and live auctions. Dinner will be
                                                          at 7:00 PM. Black tie is optional and the cost is $100
With busy lives we are going to offer two study times.
                                                          per plate. Tickets are available at 515-292-7531. For
You are still welcome to join at any time. One study
                                                          more      information     you      can    email      at
will be on Mondays at 6:00 – 7:00 PM, ending
February 21, and the other study will be on
Saturdays at 9:00 – 10:00 PM, ending February 26.                    Riverside Lutheran Bible Camp
Let us know if you will need childcare. You can sign                      3001 Riverside Road
up online at or at                           Story City, IA
                  GLC BOOK CLUB                                    LUTHERAN SERVICES OF IOWA
For our next reading adventure, we have chosen                        PARENTS: LIFE’S LEADERS
Andrew Woodrell’s novel, “Winter’s Bone.” The             Parents: role models, healers, supporters, volunteers
setting is In the poverty-stricken hills of the Ozarks.   and leaders. February has been named National
It’s a story of how people survive in the worst of        Parent Leadership Month. It is an opportunity to
circumstances.                                            publicly recognize and honor parents for their
                                                          leadership roles in their homes and communities. By
We will next meet on February 13 at 6:30 PM with
                                                          recognizing parent leadership we have the power to
Sharon & David Berryhill being hosts. If you wish to
                                                          strengthen families, prevent child abuse and neglect,
join, please contact Tom or Sharon Prochnow.
                                                          and build strong communities.
Everyone is welcomed.
             SOCIAL CONCERNS                              LSI recognizes the importance of programs that work
            FEBRUARY COMMUNITY &                          to assist parents by fostering great parenting skills in
               WORLD OUTREACH                             order for families to be successful. LSI's early
                                                          childhood programs and family-centered services
             Guyana Mission Network                       help build the skills that make parents great
Since the 1980s, GLC has supported Pastor Errol           examples and leaders for their children through
Inshanally, who serves the St. John Parish in             education and the promotion of positive parenting.
Wiiliamsburg, Corentyne, Guyana, by providing             Your support of LSI allows us to continue to strive to
supplies and financial assistance. Pastor Inshanally      build and support safe families across Iowa. Your
is president of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in        partnership in our ministry of providing service to all
Guyana, duties including being the acting Pastor at       through the love of Jesus Christ is a key to bringing a
Ebenezer Lutheran Church in New Amsterdam.                source of hope and creating faces of joy to families in
Guyana is one of the poorest countries in South           your community.
America. Most pastors receive less than $100/month        For more information on ways LSI provides hope to
in salary. There is always a great need for Bibles. A     Iowa's   most     vulnerable  populations,   visit
new organization has been set up through which  
       HOPES PROGRAM HELPS MOTHER                                            SIMPLY GIVING
Rosa joined HOPES, a free and voluntary early                             Another Way to Give
childhood program, in 2007 when her son Elias was
born. LSI visits the family regularly in their home to    Dear Members of GLC,
bring information on child development, parenting,
community resources and more.
                                                          I would like you to consider participating in Simply
When Rosa joined the HOPES program, she already           Giving which is designed to simplify weekly giving in
had many positive parenting skills. However, like         our congregation. Weldon mentioned the program
many LSI clients, she struggled with larger barriers      during the Annual Meeting, and this letter and the
that seemed out of her control.                           forms on the following pages explain a little more
                                                          about it. I use it myself. With everything else I have to
Transportation was one of Rosa's biggest
                                                          do, I find it a simple, efficient way to give to the
nightmares. Because Rosa did not have a driver's
license, she would have to walk her other son,
Miguel, an hour each way from her house to his local
                                                          Electronic Giving will enable every household or
school, no matter the weather. She also had to bring
                                                          individual to make their church offering using
Elias and Maribel with her.
                                                          electronic funds transfer (EFT). You may already be
Rosa's LSI worker helped take her to driving lessons,     using EFT to pay your mortgage, car payment or
and Rosa eventually earned her license. This opened       insurance premium through an automatic withdrawal
doors for Rosa to use other community resources,          from your checking or savings account.
which is an important part of HOPES.
                                                          There is no cost to you for this giving option. If you
LSI also helped Rosa access child care and referred
                                                          are currently giving on a weekly basis, you will no
her for help when Rosa was struggling with
                                                          longer need to write out 52 checks a year or prepare
                                                          52 envelopes. And, when travel, illness or other
 "LSI helps me make connections," Rosa said. "My          circumstances prevent you from attending services,
support worker sees a situation and gives me options      this program will allow your weekly offerings to
I can choose. She was my transportation to these          continue on an uninterrupted basis.
things. We spent a lot of time together."
Rosa enrolled Elias in Head Start this fall to continue   To participate in electronic giving, please complete
moving toward a bright future. Because HOPES ends         and return the Simply Giving authorization form and
at age four, LSI encourages families to involve their     give it to Theresa in our church office or put it in Joel
children in early childhood education. Elias will have    Kruckenberg's mailbox. Include a voided check if
a great start leading up to kindergarten.                 you want your offering to come out of your checking
                                                          account. Authorization forms and additional
"It's a great time to say thank you to everyone," Rosa    information are available from the church office.
said. "It has been so helpful to me and my kids. I talk
to many other parents who are in the program, and         It is important to note that if you want to increase or
they say the same thing. They are all really grateful."   decrease your giving you just need to fill out another
           CHURCH BASEMENT LADIES 2                       form and hand it in. For special offering in church,
                                   Last Call              you can still put that money in the offering plate in
                                                          church and that still will be recorded in your yearly
                         We have a few seats left         giving to the church.
                         on the bus! Thrivent
                         member and guests - be           Thank you for considering another way of giving. If
                         sure you don't get left          you have any further questions, you can talk to Joel
                         out! Sunday March 20th           Kruckenberg or Pam Abarr.
                         the bus will leave Bethesda
                         for the afternoon matinee at     Pastor Cathy
                         Hoyt Sherman Place in Des
                         Moines. Cost is $50 for the
play ticket and bus ride. We have reserved the best
seats in the house!

Call Rod or Ingrid Place at 292-7513 now to reserve
your place.
                                                    Member Enrollment and Authorization Form
                                                            Return completed enrollment form to the Lutheran congregation,
                                                            school, or institution benefiting from your giving.

 Complete this section for            ALL ENROLLMENTS (Please print in black ink)
 Check the appropriate box:                        Last Name                                                  First Name                                      M.I.
         New enrollment/authorization   *          Mailing Address
         Change in bank account   *                City                                                       State                                Zip
         Change in authorized amount               Home Telephone #                                           Work Telephone #
 Donations/payments should be taken from:                                         REQUIRED:
         Checking (attach a voided check)                                         I authorize Thrivent Financial for Lutherans and Vanco Services, LLC to
                                                                                  automatically withdraw donations/payments from my account. I have attached a
         Savings (attach a savings deposit slip)
                                                                                  voided check or savings deposit slip. This authority will remain in effect until I give
                                                                                  reasonable notification to terminate the authorization.
 Routing Number _________________________________________
                  Valid Routing # must start with 0, 1, 2, or 3
                                                                                  Account Holder Signature ______________________________________
 Account Number _________________________________________                         Date ________________________


 Complete this section for Lutheran                CONGREGATION DONATIONS
 Congregation Name:                                                                       Street Address:
 City:                                                                                    State:                                            Zip:
 Church Fund Designations:                                Amount Per Donation:            Frequency of Donation: (Please check only one)
       _________General/Operating_________ $____________                                           Weekly on Monday
       _________Building_______________ __ $____________                                           Weekly on Friday
       _________Evangelism/Outreach___ ___ $____________                                           Semi-monthly (transferred on 1st and 15th of each month)
       _________________________________ $____________                                             Monthly on the 1st
       _________________________________ $____________                                             Monthly on the 15th

                  TOTAL DONATION AMOUNT $___________ (minimum $5)
                                                                                          Date of First Donation ______________________________
 Note: The total amount will be transferred based on the frequency selected.

 Complete this section for Lutheran                SCHOOL TUITION PAYMENTS
School Name:                                                                              Street Address:
 City:                                                                                    State:                                            Zip:

 (a)     Total annual tuition for all family members $______________
                                                                                          Date of First Payment __________________
 (b)     Number of payments (see below)                      ______________
                                                                                          Date of Last Payment __________________
 (c)     Amount of each payment (a b)                     $_____________
 Contact your school for information on:
   • Payment duration options (e.g. 10 months or 12 months)
   • Date the first and last payments are due • Date that
   monthly transaction must occur

 Complete this section for Lutheran                INSTITUTION DONATIONS
Institution Name                                                                          Street Address
 City                                                                                     State                                             Zip
 Date of Donation: (Please check only one)
                                                                                          Date of First Donation __________________
         Monthly on the 1st
                                                                                          Date of Last Donation __________________
         Monthly on the 15th
                                                                                          Note: To have your donation given continuously until you notify us to
 Amount of monthly donation           $__________________ (minimum $5)                    change or stop it, please write "CONT" in the Date of Last Donation.


Congregation / Institution Code                                                  Envelope / Student / Participant Number_________                  Verifier Initials______
                                 A simple choice; a generous response
The Simply Giving® Program                                           How do I participate?
Through Simply Giving , your offerings or tuition payments are       First make sure the institution you wish to benefit is enrolled in
made through a pre-authorized withdrawal from your bank              Simply Giving®. Then complete the form on the reverse side and
account. You determine the frequency of your automatic               return it to the congregation or institution that will benefit from
donation - weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly - the option is          your giving.
yours. Note: The date the monthly tuition payment is
transferred from your account to the school account is
predetermined by the school. Your donation or payment is                ENROLLMENT INSTRUCTIONS:
deposited into the recipient's bank account on the same day it is
withdrawn from your account.                                            1.   Using black ink, complete the personal information
                                                                             section including name, address and telephone
Benefits to you and                                                         numbers.
  Your Congregation                                                     2.   Indicate whether this is a new enrollment/authorization,
  Simply Giving® is a reliable, safe way to move your                        a change in amount, or a change in bank account.
  stewardship plan into action. It allows you to share your             3.   Indicate the account type, routing number and account
  donations through planned giving and activates your                        number. Attach a voided check or savings deposit slip
  generosity into ongoing stewardship. Because your donation                 to the enrollment form for a new enrollment or change in
  is given consistently, you won't need to play "catch-up" at                bank account.
  year-end or worry about forgotten checkbooks or missed
  Sunday offerings. But you're not the only one that benefits.          4.   Sign and date the Account Holder Signature
  Your congregation benefits from steady, more predictable                   section.
  revenues throughout the year, more efficient bookkeeping,                  Complete the appropriate section with the institution
  and greater confidence in meeting its financial commitments.
                                                                             name and address that will benefit from your giving.
  Your School
                                                                             For Your Lutheran Congregation Offering:
  This program is also a convenient way to pay tuition at a                   • Designate which fund(s) your donation should go to
  Lutheran school. Simply Giving® provides an easy, no-cost                      and the amount.
  way for the school to collect tuition, and allows the school to
  benefit from consistent cash flow. Your tuition payments are
                                                                              • Select the frequency of your offering.
  made to the school through a pre-authorized withdrawal from                For Your Lutheran School Tuition:
  your bank account and deposited on the same day into the                    • Calculate the amount of each monthly tuition
  school's bank account.                                                         payment.
  Your Favorite Lutheran Institution                                          • Determine the date of your first and last payment.
  You can also make convenient contributions to other Lutheran               For Your Lutheran Institution Donation:
  institutions through the Simply Giving® program. Because of                 • Select the date of the monthly donation transfer and
  your planned giving and ongoing stewardship, the institution                   the amount of each monthly donation.
  you support benefits from steady, more predictable revenues                 • Determine the date of your first and last donation.
  throughout the year. This helps the institution to better meet
                                                                        6.   Return the completed enrollment form to the
  its financial goals and development objectives.
                                                                             Lutheran congregation, school or institution
                                                                             benefiting from your giving.
Why does Thrivent Financial for Lutherans offer
the Simply Giving® program?
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans offers Simply Giving to further
its mission of serving Lutheran congregations and institutions.      PRIVACY / CONFIDENTIALITY: The Authorization Form on the
                                                                     back is seen b®y the nonprofit Lutheran organizations enrolled in
Who do I call if I have more questions about the                     Simply Giving as well as by the Vanco Services employees
Simply Giving® program?                                              who process it. In addition, participant name and address
Contact the institution benefiting from your giving. Your Thrivent   information may be provided to Thrivent Financial for Lutherans.
Financial representative may also be able to answer your             Participant information will not be shared with any other
questions.                                                           organizations.

How do I cancel or change my authorization?
Contact the institution benefiting from your giving.                 See reverse side for Authorization Form.
February Service Committee
            Joel & Cindy Kruckenberg (Chairs)
      Joel (515-460-2519) & Cindy (515-460-2518)

Kevin & Ruth Litchfield                 432-8441                  Chuck & Jackie Olson                  292-9605
Art & Nancy Bates                       232-4796                  Bob & Cari Hague                      451-3891
Don & Marcia Law                        290-4112                  Bob & Robin Jaquis                    232-4751
Doyle & Peggy Jobe                      231-8444                  Rich & Veronica Dark                  232-7742
Scott & Lisa Camp                       232-9151                  Brian & Melanie Wakefield             232-8511
Paul & Deb Sundberg                     451-6652                  Bonnie Jenison                        232-1938
Steve Gent                              233-2342                  Andrew & Laura Kautman                291-3614

February Birthdays
Staci Sniezek                02/01              Tristan Gibson            02/10           Kara Jacob                02/20
Jeff Taylor                  02/01              Kaitlin Kuntz             02/10           Kim Schwartz              02/20
Jim Clark                    02/02              Jim Stecker               02/10           Marcia Dahlstom           02/21
Jeff Edwards                 02/02              Vicky Strom               02/10           Christina Dalaba          02/21
Judy Fitz                    02/02              William Dodds             02/11           Ryan Giardino             02/21
Bridget Brennan              02/03              Andrea Hartman            02/11           Aaron Packer              02/21
Roger Gealow                 02/03              Kathleen Henryson         02/12           Tina Swart                02/21
Isabella Nelson              02/03              Aaron Daharsh             02/11           Christina Wright          02/21
Nathan Rippke                02/03              Sharon Popp               02/13           Coleen Jones              02/22
Derek Anderson               02/04              Jesse Voss                02/13           Steven Vannoy             02/22
Cari Hague                   02/04              Bradley Jordison          02/15           Kyla Briley               02/24
Lynn Henn                    02/04              Timothy Ordal             02/16           Gregory Wirth             02/24
Joseph Metzger               02/04              Anne Walden               02/16           Jeanie Gibson             02/25
Jay Edwards                  02/05              Matthew Boehme            02/17           Danny Jones               02/25
Deborah Adolphson            02/06              Gabriella Wakefield       02/17           Anthony Munoz             02/25
Gerry Hartman                02/06              Mendy Cook                02/18           Steve Nissen              02/25
Shawn Eggers                 02/07              Harold Ridpath            02/18           Jeffery Johnson           02/26
Mia Kautman                  02/07              Ethan Seiser              02/18           Chase Partlow             02/26
Anthony Olson                02/07              Pastor Cathy Daharsh      02/19           Lucille Watson            02/27
Dianne Draper                02/08              Michelle Gerstein         02/19           Douglas Eggers            02/28
Dylan Nelson                 02/09              Kimberly Giardino         02/19           JoEllen Walker            02/28
Trenton Spear                02/09              Jenifer Leiding           02/19
Robert Clark                 02/10              Jacquelyn Olson           02/19

February Anniversaries
Kevin Johnston & Angie Beyer-Johnston   02/07     2 Years        Jim & Kim Giardino                   02/23   26 Years
Jerry & Donna Holtan                    02/14     41 Years       Dan & Peggy Uthe                     02/23   37 Years
Paul & Lisa Zenor                       02/16     20 Years       Jim & Gail Stecker                   02/26   44 Years
Melissa Stenstrom-Toft                  02/17     15 Years       Delayne & Chris Stokke               02/28   24 Years
Neil & Kay Anderson                     02/20     40 Years       Mike & Elisa Gibson                  02/29   19 Years
Ray & Sandy Gress                       02/22     47 Years
Sun                       Mon                        Tue
                                                           February 2011    Wed                           Thurs                       Fri                      Sat
                                                     1                      2                             3                           4                        5
                                                     6:00 PM Prayer Group   9:30 AM Women’s Bible         7:00 AM Men’s Bible Study                            9:00 AM How Lutherans
                                                     6:30 PM TOPS                Study                                                                              Interpret the Bible
                                                                            6:00 PM Pizza
                                                                            6:30 PM 7th & 8th Grade
                                                                            7:00 PM Mixed Choir
                                                                            8:00 PM Bell Choir
                                                     Mission Sign-up Due         Youth Group
6                         7                          8                      9                             10                          11                       12
8:15 AM Worship           6:00 PM How Lutherans      6:00 PM Prayer Group   6:00 PM Pizza                 7:00 AM Men’s Bible Study                            9:00 AM How Lutherans
9:30 AM Education              Interpret the Bible   6:30 PM TOPS           6:30 PM 7th & 8th Grade                                                                 Interpret the Bible
9:45 AM Men’s Choir                                                              Confirmation
10:45 AM Worship                                                            7:00 PM Mixed Choir
                                                                                 9th Grade
                                                                                                                                        Junior High Ski Trip
                                                                            8:00 PM Bell Choir
      Ski Forms Due                                                              Youth Group
                                                                                                                                                    High School Ski Trip
13                        14                         15                     16                            17                          18                       19
8:15 AM Worship           6:00 PM How Lutherans      6:00 PM Prayer Group   9:30 AM Women’s Bible         7:00 AM Men’s Bible Study                            9:00 AM How Lutherans
9:30 AM Education              Interpret the Bible   6:30 PM TOPS                Study                                                                              Interpret the Bible
9:45 AM Men’s Choir       7:00 First Call Meeting                           6:00 PM Pizza
10:45 AM Worship                                                            6:30 PM 7th & 8th Grade
6:30 PM Book Club @                                                              Confirmation
    Berryhill Residence                                                     7:00 PM Mixed Choir
                                                                            8:00 PM Bell Choir
                                                                                 Youth Group
20                        21                         22                     23                            24                          25                       26
8:15 AM Worship           6:00 PM How Lutherans      6:00 PM Prayer Group   6:00 PM Pizza                 7:00 AM Men’s Bible Study                            9:00 AM How Lutherans
9:00 AM – 10:30 AM             Interpret the Bible   6:30 PM TOPS           6:30 PM 7th & 8th Grade                                                                 Interpret the Bible
    Pancake Breakfast                                                            Confirmation
9:30 AM Education                                                           7:00 PM Mixed Choir
9:45 AM Men’s Choir                                                              9th Grade
10:45 AM Worship                                                                 Confirmation
                                                                            8:00 PM Bell Choir
                                                                                 Youth Group
27                        28
8:15 AM Worship           5:30 PM Board of Primary
9:30 AM Education             Education
9:45 AM Men’s Choir       6:00 PM Board of Youth                                                      TLC Coordinators for February
10:45 AM Worship          6:30 PM Prayer Shawl                                                        1-15    Cindy Kruckenberg
                                                                                                      16-30   Dee Stenstrom
                   February Worship Schedule
                                    2/6                            2/13                               2/20                              2/27
                          8:15             10:45            8:15           10:45           8:15              10:45           8:15               10:45
                          Quinn                            Quinn            Lydia          Nikki                            Mitchell
                                          Eric Swart                                                     Abby Olson                         Abby Olson
                        Vandenberg                       Vandenberg        Heydlauf      Adolphson                          Daharsh
                                           Nathan                          Chelsea                                           Logan
                       Seth Breyfogle                    Connor Olson                   Riley Walker     Emily Olson                        Emily Olson
                                            Swart                          Brause                                          Litchfield
                           Joel             Tom            Dennis           Phyllis        Troy
                                                                                                          Tim Ordal      Deb Adolphson         Pam Abarr
                       Kruckenberg         Daharsh        Henderson         Athens       Buchman
                          Chad              Aaron          Denise                          Kristi
                                                                          Jim Athens                      Deb Ordal      Chad Christian    Weldon Abarr
                       Kruckenberg         Daharsh        Henderson                      Buchman
                          Kathy                                             Tom            Darsi           Sharon                              Jen
      Readers            Henryson
                                           Bill Scott   Larry Hameister
                                                                           Daharsh        Christian       Prochnow
                                                                                                                         Darsi Christian
                                             Scott                                         David
                       Sharon Popp                                                                           Art Bates
                                            Nelson                                        Berryhill
                                            Nancy                                         Sharon
                         Jon Popp                                                                        Nancy Bates
                                            Nelson                                        Berryhill
Communion Assistants                                          No Communion                                                       No Communion
                                          Charlotte                                        Daniel
                       Ron Peterson                                                                      Mary Rotto
                                           Keller                                         Hartman
                       Carol Peterson     Teri Nelson                                   Cindy Clark

     Altar Guild                                                Robin Jaquis (10:45) / Cindy Kruckenberg (8:15)

                                            Matt                             Jeff           Doug
                        Don Draper                       Danny Jones                                     Carol Lucas       Deb Metz        Kenzie Hosch
                                           Boehme                          Johnson        Larimore
                                                                             Sally         Mindi
                        Dee Draper        Cindy Clark    Colleen Jones                                   Adrian Lucas       Al Metz            Leta Jaquis
                                                                           Johnson        Larimore
                          Deb               Nancy                            Jerry        Dennis             Delayne        Daniel         Marcia Prior-
       Cantor           Adolphson          Peterson
                                                        Deb Adolphson
                                                                            Holtan       Henderson           Stokke        Hartman           Miller
Gilbert Lutheran Church
135 School St, PO Box 270
Gilbert, IA 50105
 (515) 233 - 2421

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