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A November newsletter                                                                              November 2010
October came and went and no
newsletter. But here we are in
November     with   a  baybeen

Since September many more
                                        Foodie families heart San Diego
fabulous family vacations were          There is so much for           Brockton Villa, La          Bird Rock Pizza, La Jolla.
shared: hitting the road in an Irish    families to do in San          Jolla: French toast &       Pizza pizza pizza.
motor home, hanging out in              Diego:             beaches,    amazing ocean views.
Hamburg, one toddler‟s Middle           SeaWorld, San Diego zoo                                    Ki's, Encinitas. Healthy,
Eastern adventure and a great           and not to mention             Good food to go:            organic food with ocean
family resort in Indian Wells,          Legoland. As Jeff puts it:                                 views.
California to name but a few.                                          The Cheese Shop, La
                                        „the little Lego motorcade
                                                                       Jolla Shores. Great place   Corvette Diner, Point
                                        with Lego Obama going
This newsletter features two cruise                                    to grab sandwiches when     Loma. 50's cafe with rock
                                        through Lego Washington
trips departing from the top and toe                                   going to La Jolla Shores.   „n' roll and delicious
                                        DC is pretty awesome.'
of the United States. There is also                                    Kids love the unique        shakes.
                                        Another big draw to the
a section on eating out as a family                                    selection of old-school
                                        city is the excellent choice                               A Carlsbad option:
in San Diego. Check out baybeen                                        candy.
                                        of places to eat out.
for many more trips.
                                                                       Phil's BBQ, Midway: so      Naked Café. Super
                                        Below       are      some                                  healthy and near the
Are you escaping the cold weather                                      good that the line is
                                        recommendations shared                                     beach.
this winter for some southern                                          always out the door!
                                        on baybeen and a few
hemisphere sunshine? Or perhaps
                                        more      places     kindly    Great Mexican places:       Date night!
embracing the season and hitting
                                        provided by my friend
the slopes? I‟d love to hear from                                                                  And if Mom and Dad
                                        Shannon, Mommy to 11           Bahia Don Bravo, La
you. Please share your trips here.                                                                 manage to leave the
                                        month old little Chloe and     Jolla. Two words: lobster
                                        a San        Diego local.      burrito.                    kids with a
Until the next newsletter…
                                        Linking to Yelp allows you                                 babysitter; Beaumont's,
Happy and safe travels,                 to check up to date            Casa Guadalajara, Old       Bird Rock.
                                        reviews.                       Town. Authentic Mexican
                                                                       food, servers in costume You can check out the full
                                        Most important meal of         and live music.          San Diego trips shared on
                                        the day:                                                baybeen here.
                                                                       Family dinner out:
                                        The Cottage, La Jolla.
                                        Super popular with long        Thai Pepper Cuisine,
                                        waits at weekends.             Serra Mesa. Kids love the
                                                                       mango sticky rice.

France     Germany        Ireland   Mexico   Spain, Canary Islands      United Arab Emirates    United States    United Kingdom
One family‟s Disney cruise adventure...                                                                                    Share your travel
Shared by Felicia                                          good things about this trip were Mexican
                                                           beaches with lovely warm water and attentive                    Please keep your trips
This cruise trip was with a three year old and departed
                                                                                                                           coming. You can share
from Los Angeles sailing along the Mexican Rivera on a     staff.                                                          here. It‟s very easy and
Disney cruise ship.
                                                                                                                           quick to do. The form is
                                                              “Everyone was very friendly and there
A Disney cruise tends to be more expensive                  seemed to be more wait staff than people!”
than other cruise lines. The question is do
you get the value for money? Felicia thought               Room for improvement?
it was “well worth it for a family friendly trip
                                              As can be expected the cabins were small.
and that it was perfect for kids.”                                                                                         Check out these new
                                              However, Felicia said that “everything was clean
                                                                                                                           trips on baybeen
Great things about this trip                  and you have the same person clean your room
                                                                                                                           Family resort in Puerto
                                              very day, provide those towel shaped animals and
                                                                                                                           Aventuras, Mexico
“The best - Disney characters can be seen all of course our guy was super friendly!”
 the time and it didn't feel crowded or rushed                                                                             Camping with a one year
                                                           The only other slight negative Felicia raised was               old and two year old in
           like it is at Disneyland.”                      the food. Whilst there was no problem in sourcing               Cornwall, UK
                                                           appropriate food for her child she suggests that
At the end of the trip the kids can get their              the food could be better on other cruise lines.                 A visit to Tramore, County
pillow case autographed by all the characters                                                                              Waterford, - the Sunny
which is an “awesome keepsake”. Other         For full trip details click here.                                            South of Ireland

                                    … another family‟s Alaskan cruise experience
Shared by Celine                                                            Room for improvement?
This cruise trip was with a one year old and two year old from Anchorage,
                                                                          The size of the cabin is often a concern for families taking a
Alaska to Vancouver, Canada on the Diamond Princess cruise ship.
                                                       cruise. Celine says it would have been a challenge to walk in the
“Everything was made for kids and everybody was really cabin with two cribs there. Fortunately they were travelling with
                                                       two sets of Grandparents and the older child slept in another
friendly and helpful to us, we felt truly special.”
                                                       cabin with Grandma and Grandpa.
Great things about this trip
                                                                     Another feature Celine would have liked was an indoor heated kid
The "fun zone" was amazing (I wish my kids‟ day care was as friendly pool although this was a “minor negative point”.
nice) and the staff working there were great. For three years old
                                                                     “The average cruise mates were 65 year old plus, and not too
and over it was really fun: parents could drop off their kids for as
                                                                     many young families.” If you want to meet families with young
long or as little as they wanted to, for free. The kids even had a
                                                                     children the Disney cruise is probably the way to go.
disco night! Our kids were not three years old yet but we could
come and play for as long as we wanted.
                                                                     Overall this was a successful trip.
                                                                     Celine couldn‟t believe the ratio of
“Warm milk was available in the blink of an eye!”
                                                                     staff to passengers and the facilities
                                                                     onboard were topnotch.
The food was excellent, high chairs and booster seats available,
and you could have warm milk in a blink of an eye (this was also
                                                                     For full trip details click here.
offered as a room service).

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